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If anyone had told Naruto Uzumaki a few years ago when he was knee deep in ANBU that he would be living in a house with two young, very beautiful women from his original class, he would've laughed.

Granted he used to laugh more back then along with being loud, he hadn't yet reached the depths of cynicism he was in now. For a long time he'd been under the impression that if he became Hokage he'd earn the respect of people and be accepted as someone important, someone who'd be loved; watching the Old Man getting treated like God's righteous man by the people instilled that belief in him.

Along the way he lost an eye, grew older, lost comrades, became stronger, killed, maimed, kidnapped, tortured, and did so many more things that becoming Hokage seemed taxing to him. He was one shinobi, the Hokage oversaw all of them—the borders, the trade, the Feudal Lord, the village, all the civilians. The more he thought about it, the more he became intimidated at such responsibility. The hat was heavier than it seemed. Kakashi Hatake had made him see the benefit of the way of the ninja: finish your missions, get paid, relax until the next, repeat. Good times! He was going to die one day, he'd come close a few times too. This made him all the more cherish the comforts he enjoyed.

Then things changed. Again.

Now here he was engaged to a sweetheart of a girl who never treated him badly when they were younger (her becoming a bombshell helped), teaching a team of genin, living with two pretty girls and a massive headache as he prepared the plans for Kiri. It would have to wait until the Chūnin Exams were over. He hadn't told his team about the exams coming up in a few weeks, he'd let that be a surprise.

First he needed to evaluate them, assess their skills and see the fallout. Being the dutiful sensei he was, he did what any good teacher would do: beat the shit out of his team. And talk down on them.

Hinata was lying on the grass with several cuts on her arms and legs, nothing too fatal. Ino was draped in mud and dust as she could barely get up from the tree she rested against. Sakura was tired, gasping and trying to crawl away from him as he held her by the ankle, his foot on the side of her face. He wasn't trying to kill them, just motivating them through nefarious means. If it worked with a loudmouthed orange wearing brat like him, why wouldn't it work on them.

"This is usually the part where people get killed," he removed his foot and went to sit on one of the wooden posts. He stared at his apparently lifeless cell members. "Well come on now. Get up. We've got more training to do."

"This isn't training," Sakura mumbled. She tried to get up, but she fell. Naruto noticed how bubbly her ass looked in that moment. Well that wasn't the only thing he noticed. Sakura had been off ever since Wave. At first he assumed it was the usual 'Oh God! I killed someone!' trauma, but according to the clone he left outside—just in case something went south—Sakura's movements were clunky, ill-timed and half-assed. He knew she could move faster, react better and counter whatever that fool was doing with the mace. Yet she did not. The girl had potential, and he didn't want her to squander it.

Hell, all of them had potential.

"Of course it's training," Naruto drank a bottle of chilled water and sighed peacefully. He could feel their eyes focusing on it, craving for it. "I used to train this way. In fact, I lost one of my eyes during such a session. I mean I considered it a mission."

"What?" Ino got up, tired and clutching her left arm. She went over to Hinata whom she helped to get up, the two of them then helped Sakura up. At least their teamwork was on point. "What the hell sort of training is that?! I don't want to lose my precious eyes!"

"I still remember it like yesterday." Naruto closed his eyes in blissful nostalgia. "I was ten years old. It was just me against one man. He was throwing his shuriken in tandem. They deflected off of each other. Fire rose from the sides, burning the woods and making the trees fall down. He was cutting off my path and vantage points. Then came the explosive tags that slammed me from coast to coast, the razor wires that cut through my skin, the kunai which dug into my leg. And then came the hand to hand lesson. I was getting bitch-slapped. He was stronger than me, blocked every hit. Faster too. If I made a plan to get to him, by that time he'd already have a counter to it. It was bullshit."

"What did you do?" Hinata asked as all three of them were sitting against each other, supporting themselves. Naruto Uzumaki smiled in remembrance.

"He tried to slam me into the ground, I found my chance right then as I whipped my head back and skullbashed his nose." Naruto could still hear the bones cracking. "Sure I got a concussion, but so did he, and he wasn't expecting that. Then I rushed him. The most satisfying punches of my life. Then when I finally cornered him, it happened."

"What happened?" Ino asked and he could tell all three of them were invested into the story. Now he would tell them the tragic tale of how his eye was taken from him.

"I slipped on the last wire," Naruto raised a finger and proudly puffed his chest out, "and there was a shuriken on the ground that pierced my eye." The girls cringed, but their jaws hung wide open.

"WHAT?!" Sakura had a loud voice. A very loud one. "YOU SLIPPED ON A WIRE?! AFTER ALL THAT!"

"Yeah," Naruto laughed a bit as he scratched the back of his head. "There's another lesson, my ragtag bunch of genin. Be careful even when you're careful."

"Sensei," Hinata started. "You're very...weird."

"Understatement of the year," Ino backed her up.

"Absolutely nuts," Sakura added a cherry to the top.

Naruto felt his eyebrow twitch at that comment. Sure. He was odd. The heiress with a stutter who had absolutely zero confidence, a girl who used a clan jutsu for phantom sex, and a girl who squandered her potential to fangirl over a broken teen with an unhinged dream. Yes, he was the ODD one here. Ungrateful students.

"Hey, genin," Naruto smiled. "Guess what?"

"What?" Sakura asked. He looked at her with a vicious gleam in his eye. Sakura trembled. "What, sensei?"

"Time for round 2."

"No," Ino said, before she could run away she and her teammates were surrounded by smoke. Nine solid clones of Naruto appeared and the genin team felt cornered.

"Now we're going to learn what to do and what not to do when you're ambushed by larger numbers." Naruto sat back and brought out a cup of instant ramen. "Let me ask you this: Would you prefer if they used weapons or not?"

Being carried like a princess was every girl's dream.

Being carried in the same manner with bruises all over your body, blood clots settling in, mud so deep in your nose that all you could smell was mother earth herself and clothes being tattered in places was no girl's dream. In fact, Sakura could damn well say it was never anyone's dream. She and her teammates had been pounded into the ground by the clones. One of the clones employed hand to hand, one of them decided to play the long game by shooting shuriken at high speeds and the last one was trying to kill them with a kunai.

All the while their sensei was smoothly relaxing as he went about having ramen, a cup of green tea and reading a book.

"Asshole," Sakura groaned out as the clone carrying her to the hospital snickered a bit. Ino and Hinata were given the option as well, they chose to go to their clan compounds for treatment. Well, at least my license has this covered. Being a kunoichi had its perks. It wasn't long before she was getting attended to. The clone was still there and he was clarifying to the attendant what happened to her.

In detail.

"So then I decided to punch her in the gut. Twice," the clone proudly fired away. "I mean I even gave her a second to dodge."

"Uzumaki-san," the doctor spoke, "I appreciate that you're trying to strengthen your genin, but holding a bit back wouldn't hurt. They are still genin."

"She's right," Sakura felt so glad someone agreed with her. The attendant then brought her hands hovering over Sakura's stomach. Then she watched with rapt attention as a green hue emerged. It glowed dimly, comforting like warm sunshine on a winter morning. Slowly it soothed over her skin, the pain dulled more and more and Sakura felt…

"Better?" the female attendant asked and Sakura nodded.

"What did you do?"

"Magic," Naruto's clone eerily spoke as he waved his fingers. "She's a witch who was born in the woods. Raised in a hall of mirrors, took part in secret org—"

The attendant sighed deeply and looked at Sakura with a raised brow. Almost as if she was surprised in a disappointing way. "Iryo Ninjutsu."


"Yes," she explained. "You seem like a fish out of water. Didn't you study about this?"

"We did," Sakura felt embarrassed as her cheeks reddened a bit. "But it was never a major topic. Combat and stealth were focused upon more."

"Along with a few other things I'm sure," the doctor frowned and narrowing her eyes at the chart. "Do you have a history of malnourishment?"

"What? No." Sakura immediately put that thought down.



"Drug abuse?" The clone was not helping. The attendant was still looking at her waiting for an answer.

"Of course not!"

"Your muscle structure, stable as it is, appears to be weak. You're quite nimble, but not in the positive way. Given how much stress goes over your body and the amount of calories you burn on a regular basis, you should eat more to gain more muscle mass."

"I'm on a diet."

Naruto Uzumaki sighed as the doctor looked at her with almost an annoyed look. "A kunoichi who does all those drills, does heavy cardio rotation work, goes into battle is on a diet? You do realize that your figure will stay in shape regardless of the diet."

"If I do that then…" Sakura's words died in her mouth. Her precious Sasuke. She'd done it all for her. Ever since the rumor of Sasuke liking petite girls with long hair went around, she did as much as she could. Sometimes getting into arguments with her parents, sometimes murdering a friendship, all for him.

"You done, doc?" Her sensei chose the right time to talk. For once he said something right.

"Yes. Here," she ripped out a prescription and handed it to him. "Do keep my words in mind." As she left Naruto sighed a bit.

"Say what you will about Dr. Kagura," he said, "she's pretty spot on with her diagnosis all the time. Even if she comes off as a prude."

"You know her?"

"Yeah," the jōnin pointed at his patch, "she's the one who worked this. Let me tell you: the hospital is in good hands with the way things are going. Though it would be nice to have more hands on deck." Her sensei accompanied her as she went to buy the meds, and surprisingly decided to escort her as she went home. She didn't complain, neither did she talk much. Her mind was focused on two things: medical ninjutsu and Sasuke-kun.

"Hey, Sakura," the clone said. "You okay?"

"Sensei," she said with a deadpan, "you tried to kill me today."

"Not true. If I tried you'd be in a coma at the very least. Trust me, I may seem lazy, but I assure you killing is one of the few activities I am very good at."

Activities, she remembered how Kurenai Yuhi and Anko Mitarashi were frankly arguing over him at the baths. There was also the fact that during the celebrations after Gato was declared dead, her sensei was missing along with the red eyed jōnin. She didn't need to guess what they were doing. Thoughts of that lead back to thoughts of Sasuke and Inari's mother.

How could they do that? She was a mother! She probably seduced Sasuke-kun. That had to be it! It wasn't like Sasuke-kun to be so…into someone like that.

"You got a mean face there, genin," the clone pointed out. "Something on your mind?"


"You need to learn to lie better. I'm not even kidding. If you get interrogated you're gonna crack."

Sakura looked down. Her sensei had been asking that question for a number of days. Ever since the trip back from Wave. He'd been talking with her, consoling her in his own unique way, trying to ease off the burden of blood soaked guilt. She appreciated it.

"Iryō ninjutsu," she spoke half the truth. "I didn't know it worked so quickly."

"Iryō ninjutsu is a lifesaver, pun intended." It was one of those rare moments where a look of wisdom settled on Naruto's face. "I can count more than a dozen occasions where teams made it back home in one piece due to Iryō-nin. In times of war, medical corps are valued the most. If they die, there's no one to heal the soldiers. No means of letting the war dogs loose on the field again."

"Sounds like we pride them a lot, sensei."

"We fucking should," Naruto said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Every cell should have a medic with them, most teams here follow that standard. And being an Iryō shinobi isn't easy either. You'd need great amounts of chakra control to properly utilize the healing process. You don't believe me, look up the history books. Tsunade Senju is the reason why every nation decided to adopt her system."

"Tsunade of the Sannin?"

"The very same. Strongest woman in the world and at the forefront of medical jutsu. Her right hand gets you out of the hospital, the left puts you in it."

"Have you met her?" Sakura felt excited.

"Only once," Naruto pointed out. "She said I looked too flaky, so I called her a hag. One moment I'm drinking tea, the next moment I'm on the ground with a massive concussion. Unnecessarily violent."

Sakura snickered before laughing a bit.

Her sensei, who'd been torturing her and the team for so long had been decked. Oh how this soothed her soul. She stopped after realizing she was laughing too loud and people were looking at them. Strangely enough they weren't all looks that told her to control herself. Some of the eyes that landed on them seemed less than favorable. More than once she'd seen at least a few people almost glare at them. Then of course there were the women who couldn't look away from her sensei like he was a piece of meat.

Sakura herself saw the appeal: wild hair, exotic eye and the appeal of a man who'd been through shit.

Soon enough she arrived home and was going to knock the door when her sensei handed her a book.


"…I'm not reading porn."

"This isn't porn."

"I don't believe you, sensei."

"It's a narrative of how medical jutsu became frontier stuff," Sakura took the book and squinted at her sensei.

"Were you planning something like this all along?"

"Duh, you don't have a signature skill of your own," he sighed as Sakura looked insulted. Damn right she was insulted! She didn't graduate to wear a white dress and be a soothing sight. "I can't be assed enough for your improvement if you don't put in effort. I just happen to think someone with your talents can do better in this field."

"But I don't want to be a nurse!" Sakura almost shouted. "I'm a kunoichi."

"Funny. I could've sworn you were planning to be Sasuke's wife instead of a kunoichi from day one." Sakura wanted to lash out, give the blond bastard a piece of her mind, but no words came to mind. Only that same image played in her head.

The clone disappeared into smoke and Sakura rushed back into her room—her eyes filled with fire.

She'd always been nervous about everything. Staying with her Sensei-kun helped deflate that a bit, along with lots of sex, and getting her first kill had thrown her off the rails a bit. For that, her sensei helped her both mentally and VERY physically. Now, however, this was a situation she didn't plan to find herself in. That didn't mean she wasn't enjoying herself.

"Ooh~ Look at her go." A woman moaned as Hinata's lavender eyes watched the purple haired woman being shaken to her core. Naruto's clone buried himself deep inside her as one other clone plowed her own hole. Naruto had gone out to meet the Hokage for some errand. He said he couldn't just leave them like this.

Anko Mitarashi, special jōnin, torture specialist was apparently another one of Naruto's concubines. Initially, she called them whores. Tsume Inuzuka, Kurenai Yuhi, Anko Mitarashi, a few names among the many her Sensei-kun, fiancé and future husband rutted with. All of them were concubines. Hinata didn't like some of the rules when it come to certain bloodlines, but things were what they were.

There were certain things society valued, especially one that consisted of glorifying ninja who were capable of mass destruction. Hinata lived in this world, large and boundless as her love for Naruto was, no matter how vicious her envy rose, she knew it was inevitable. She'd have to live with Naruto, sharing him with others.

Such was the law.

"Oh fuck yes! Now bring her closer to meeeeee~"

Hinata did not expect this however. Like a cannon ball Anko had come crashing into the compound and introductions went as well as they could. The only satisfaction she'd gotten out of all this was the look of shock on Anko's face when Naruto broke the news about them being engaged. The jōnin seemed to not believe at first, later showing disbelief before laughing it off.

As long as Naruto was open for fucking, Anko did not have problems. To showcase that point, Anko had brazenly stripped down to her underwear and put on a show for them both. Her dance was mysterious, alluring and above all it made Hinata look at a woman's body quite frankly in a way she shouldn't. No sooner than that, Anko had straddled Naruto in front of her! Oh the anger that jolted up inside Hinata. It made her pounce on her Sensei-kun as both of them began to do their best to make the blond lose it.

Stating that he had something too important he couldn't ignore at the Hokage's office, Naruto proceeded to make two clones before leaving. Hinata didn't mind. The clone was still her Sensei-kun. Soon after, they were done with the play and now here they were, two women being fucked in near distance.

Honestly, watching Anko being fucked like that excited her. She didn't know why.

"Yes, ma'am," the clones responded as the two Leaf kunoichi were being fucked on all fours. Hinata's face inches away from Anko's as both of sported blushes. Their hips slamming against the clones' pelvis. Their cocks shoved deep into them, stretching their inner walls as the thrusts came faster and harder. Anko had drool falling out of her mouth as she looked at the Hyuga heiress.

"Isn't this great?" The jōnin's words were slurry as if she were in a trance. Hinata herself was in one. She squirmed when she felt the clone land a hard spank on her ass. The other clone did the same to Anko. Soon enough as if a competition rose, the clones kept spanking the girls. Hinata felt her cheeks grow enflamed and each slap made her like it more.

"More." Hinata moaned out. Her body craved more of this.

"Don't stop, Daddy!" Anko's was less subtle.

Hinata felt a sense of deep pleasure rising as she was being watched. This woman in front of her was beautiful and bold and brimming was being turned into mush. Hinata didn't know when it'd happened but their faces were very close now and all of a sudden Anko's tongue sneakily gave her lips a lick and Hinata shivered a bit. The clones looked at each other and stopped, picking up the girls, their cocks still buried inside them.

Upright now, Hinata watched as the clone carrying Anko came closer and closer until her breasts collided against Anko's own, their bodies heating against each other, Anko's arms pulled her in for a kiss.

Hinata wanted to resist but it was too much. Her stiffened nipples bristled itself against Anko's as the clone began to fuck her again as the one with Anko did the same. She was kissing her back now. Tongues warred as she felt Anko desperately cling to her, moaning and breathing hotly into her mouth. Her inner walls contracting around the cock inside her as she enjoyed the sweet release. All of it was a haze.

She was lying down now, the clone beneath her as she turned her head to give him a kiss.

She felt a weight on top of her. Anko was lying on top of her and the jōnin wasted no time in invading Hinata's mouth again. She didn't hold back either as she kissed back. Breasts clashed, tongues warred and cocks pounded away, as the heiress of the famed Hyuga clan realized what a sow she'd become. Anko's hands slithered down her creamy skin, her fingernail sharply rapping against her clit, her other hand pinching hard at her nipple, swelling it from pink to red.

Hinata let loose as she felt something inside her explode.

The clone let loose inside her as she felt his hot jizz fill her up, her own sweet release coming at the same time and feeling Anko's soft body rest on her own made her feel a carnal desire she never thought of. The clone pulled out as spunk oozed out of her slit. Anko looked at her and gave her a sly smile as the woman slowly crawled down to her nether region. She felt the woman's tongue nib at her slit, rubbing up and down against her already sensitive flesh. She raised her head, looking down as Anko was slurping like it were a treat. The jōnin gobbled up the juice, her mouth filled with the thick creamy seed as Anko crawled up on top of her again.

Cheeks reddened, she tried to shy away as Anko's face hovered over hers and Hinata knew what she wanted to do. The woman smiled knowingly.

"No," she murmured and felt Anko's hand carefully grasping her breast. Rubbing it and massaging it the way she wanted it to. She moaned and felt a small drop of something warm on her lip. White and creamy, she licked her lips clean. The smile grew ever wider. "Okay," she gave in and opened her mouth. Anko kissed her, her tongue coated with yummy Sensei-kun juice as she swallowed what she got.

"That was so hot," one of the clones said as his member grew erect again. The other one nodded, not with his head though.

"Well boys," Anko said as she scooted over from Hinata to her side, raising her leg high. "You know where to go. What about you girly?"

Hinata feeling a bit brazen, got down on all fours, her face lying against the ground as she doubted herself for a moment. Then her hands reached around to grab her asscheeks and widen them. Her pucker was twitching with excitement. Shame only fueled her lust.

"Oh my."

Her body was enflamed.

Her fingers, soft and wet. Her snatch drenched and stinging. Sin on her mind as eyes she watched it all. It was so wrong.

She'd come back from her house, recovered and rejuvenated, to the Uzumaki Compound. When she'd set foot in the place for the first time she was astounded that this existed. A little bit of heaven secluded away from the village's heart, home to a clan that was kin to the founders and more importantly the house of someone who she began to dream of in ways that did not go well with her heart.

For days she'd been watching him, each day bringing her closer to losing it and flat out admit that she'd been attracted to him.

But she didn't. Ino Yamanaka was resilient, it was only when she went to sleep at night that by instinct her hands would reach below and so easily rub at her muff and make her think of Naruto Uzumaki twisting her legs, spearing his cock inside her and making her feel that exhilaration. She'd notice how Hinata would disappear sometimes into her room, she didn't question it as the jōnin was always around. Or she thought it until today.

She'd watched it all. Anko Mitarashi, torturer and special jōnin, all over her teammate while both of them were pleasured by her sensei. Senseis. Clones. Hinata, the shy girl, the quiet one was so…wild. She seemed another person as she so eagerly gave into temptation, carnally enjoying not only what their sensei was giving her, but getting it on with another woman. It was so taboo. It was so bold. And it excited her. Ino did not know why.

The erotic sight made her feel more…she couldn't describe it. Whatever sparks of lust that started with sneaking peaks at Naruto and Kurenai in the forest, had been growing larger and larger and this fanned a flame of passion inside her she could not contain. Making the hand sign once more she decided who to pick. Hinata was the easier choice. She stopped. That was her teammate. It was so wrong and-

"Again? Really?"

Ino's heart stopped. A chill ran down her spine as the words came as a soft whisper. He's behind me. She felt a hand on her shoulder, she felt the strength and power in it.

"For someone who's obsessed with Sasuke, you sure do like taking a swing around every now and then in someone else's body." He made her turn. Ino looked at him nervously. Naruto Uzumaki suddenly seemed much taller now almost as if he towered over her. His blue eye looked down at her. Like a thief caught red handed.


"You're horny," her sensei said casually. His hand slid from her shoulder to her hand. Holding it by the wrist he brought her hand closer to her face, her fingers a whisker away from her lips. "Or is this from attempting water jutsu?"

"No," she said. Her heart was beating faster. She opened her mouth to give a futile excuse, only to taste her own fingers. He forced his way in and she let him. Tasting her own juices, her tongue submissively swirled around the fingers, as he tried to push in deeper. Her head leaned backwards, she realized she was up against the wall. His other hand made its way to her hip, giving it a squeeze before rubbing her midriff. She liked the way his hands adored her. He released her hand and a trail of drool fell from her lips on to her top, he removed his hand from her stomach as well. That's it?

"Tell me something: how long have you been dreaming about me fucking you instead of your dear Sasuke-kun?" Naruto Uzumaki leaned in close to her face. His lips dangerously close to hers as she felt hot inside. Something deep within her burned. "Well?"

What happened next was something she could never understand, but to her it felt right. She went in, her lips claiming her sensei's as she felt elated at the touch. He pushed her against the wall as her hands wrapped around the back of his head, her fingers tightly gripping his hair as her tongue met his. His coarse hands which treated her roughly like a ragdoll in the morning settled on her hips once more, squeezing them before going back to fondling her buttocks. She moaned into his mouth and after a while the kiss broke.

"You know when your father dropped you here, I'm sure he didn't have these plans." Her sensei now pressed his thumb against her lips. She parted her lips and sucked on it. "Wow, you're way too horny to horny to even think what you're doing right now." She didn't care. She needed this. She needed him. Now.

"Please," it was all she could say before she felt his hand invade the hem of her shorts. He rubbed her labia through her wet panties. She gasped at his touch and bit on his thumb once more.

"Oh I aim to please."

Growing up in isolation, Naruto Uzumaki craved to have people around him. When he was alone, he'd make clones to hang out with them and play cards, engage in conversations with his inner selves. Leaving behind clones at home was a natural thing for him, out of both habit and being in ANBU made him become a tad bit eerie to being spied upon. He'd left two clones to attend to Hinata and Anko for their, well, needs. He left two more; one inside the house, one outside. The one outside had popped. Sometimes those clones of his had a mind of their own, and one them decided it was a good idea to tap Inoichi's daughter. Inoichi was sitting a few seats away from him at this very moment while his clone was doing God knows what with his precious daughter.

It's pretty obvious, boy, the Fox almost giggled. He's defiling her.

Can you not speak normally?

Very well. He I,s as you said, tapping that.

"You seem distracted," Kakashi told him from the side. "Worried?"

"Who doesn't worry?" Naruto was gritting his teeth. He knew what the girl wanted, but what he didn't know was that this was how it was going down. The clone must've gotten horny seeing those other two having fun.

"Are there any questions?" The Hokage asked, his voice stern. Danzo of course seemed to have one.

"What benefits will we reap out of this deal? Aiding them could easily backfire on us." Ever the cautious War Hawk, the Jinchūriki couldn't blame the many eyed geezer for this. Interfering in other villages' matters was a violation of the non-aggression pact the Hidden Villages had made back in the day, dating all the way back to the Second Hokage's days.

"Kirigakure promises to aid us during situations of war, and trade deals will be made with them," Sarutobi eased his friend. "Surely you wouldn't want to miss the chance to leverage a major village into a deal that benefits us."

"I see the rewards, Hiruzen," Danzo Shimura's tone was factual, but it carried the air of distrust too. "I also see the risks. Spies roam everywhere in the nations, regardless of whether they're at peace or war. I should know."

"Of course you would," the Hokage seemed to voice his thoughts perfectly. "That is why I plan to send a small unit to aid them."

"Forgive me for saying this Lord Hokage," Shikaku Nara, their strategist began, "but the risks outweigh the rewards at the moment. Perhaps we should reconsider. Maybe aid them in non-direct manners. Should Kumo or Iwa find out, they'll want to make a issue out of this."

"Do you all place that little faith in me?" The Hokage stood up. His pipe burned as he filled the air with smoke. His advisors knew now not to speak a word further. "Every decision I've ever made was for the Village. Every single day since the first war, since I put on this hat, I knew every order I make, every life I take and every life that shinobi of my own throw away are for the village. I even forewent the death of my older son to keep the peace. Do you still doubt me?" Silence was the answer and the Hokage nodded.

"Who do you plan to send?" Shikaku Nara said after lightly muttering his famous line under his breath.

"I'll leave that up to the leader of the squad I plan to send." He looked at Naruto Uzumaki with a confident smile. All eyes were on him.

Yare yare dazé.

Enjoy it while it lasts, wank pheasants.

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