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Shinobi were assassins. Murderers, who lurked in the shadows, became one with the darkness. Living lethal weapons they were –every single one. Tales of bloodthirsty shinobi were told to children at night, to make them fear such people.

"This is bullshit!"

Naruto raised a brow at Ino's yell. The gorgeous blond girl was a mess; her hair disheveled, face covered with dirt, hands polished with earth. Her teammates were in the same boat. Pulling out weeds out of a field was tiring, and not the funny kind of weed either.

"No, this is a mission," the young jōnin didn't look away from his book. Jiraiya's first book was so much better than his other ones. "It's been one month since we began. I honestly thought you'd be used to it by now."

"This is not what I graduated for," the blonde continued. "I worked hard for years to become a shinobi, and-"

"Make Sasuke notice you."

"Yeah and- Wait!" she tried to retort, but her sensei shook his head.

"I honestly think I've been easy on you lot." Naruto stood up. The book closed, he put it in his pouch where it would remain safe. Looking at the three genin, he could tell they were working hard. Aside from the clear dirt stains on their clothes, the glistening sheens of sweat on their figures and ragged breathing served as proof. He thought maybe some buildup teamwork would help, which it did. Sakura and Ino had small japes, nothing too worrying though. On pen and paper, they were damn near perfect. However, underneath the underneath, Naruto saw a different story.

Hinata was still withdrawn, Ino prideful as ever, Sakura the least energetic of them. Not to mention, the arguments they had over Sasuke Uchiha. Times like those where when Naruto silently lit a candle in his mind, praying for the lone survivor of the extinct clan to brace himself. The Uchiha boy would no doubt fall under the CRA, like him, and would have to take at least three wives. In his opinion, the system was fucked up and a shitty sham for lonely dudes getting harems. At least, Sasuke will have two eager volunteers.

Sakura gulped. This was easy? The pinkette remembered their everyday training: laps around Training Ground Six, dodging projectiles, followed by hours and hours of heavy labor, and some ridiculous tasks, which were labeled as missions. One thing, she quickly learned was to not piss of their sensei, all of them did. She remembered the first time she complained about her being too tired. Never had she feared explosive tags as she did that day. "Sensei, you can't be serious."

"I am," the Uzumaki said, rubbing his chin in deep thought. Maybe it's time to initiate the second part. Of course, he was doing this for their good. High sex-drive wielding fellow he may be, but they were genin –his genin. Teen soldiers who would one day become naturally honed killers one day. "After we're done with missions, go back home and ask your parents about Phase Two."

Ino, regretting her actions, gained her voice first. Nervously, she began, "What's Phase Two?"

"That would be a spoiler." The jōnin waved his hands. "Now go back to work, this field isn't going to fix itself."

Through it all, Hinata said nothing. One month she'd been with Naruto-kun, seeing him every single day. Each night she would dream of him and her, ever since reading about a particular trait about some Uzumaki. Very naughty dreams, they only increased after she saw him sleeping so cutely one day! Not to mention, her Sensei-kun (a term she came up with in a dream no less) was a slave driver. Day in, day out he'd make them all so tired she barely could say anything to the boy she had a major crush on since forever.

"You're daydreaming again," Naruto stood in front of her and the girl 'eep'd', backing away a dozen feet all red-faced. "I sometimes wonder what goes through your head, Hinata."

"I-It's nothing!" Hinata blurted too loudly. "A-Ah, I was too loud. Sorry!" Hinata heard Ino snickering from the side, Sakura sighed and Naruto shook his head whether from amusement or disappointment she did not know. She just felt deeply embarrassed.

Naruto went back to watching them all and pondered how much of a shitstorm laid in store for him. Hiashi will agree, no doubt. No man however cold would want to brand his daughter with the mark of slavery, and he is a reasonable dude from the talks I had. The main problem lied with Sakura and Ino's parents. While the former's would probably agree, Inoichi may or may not. The man liked to dote on his daughter far too much. Quietly he went back to reading his book, the day would be long and interesting.

"WHAT!" Mebuki cringed at the volume of her daughter's shriek. Kizashi wasn't home otherwise he would have laughed at her energetic scream. "You can't be serious? I'm not going to live with sensei!"

"I know it sounds strange," Even suspicious her mother added in her mind, but still trusted the man. "But you're not the only one who was given that chance. Uzumaki-san doesn't like the way any of the team members were progressing."

"Well I'll work harder, but there's no way I'll be living with him," Sakura closed the argument, crossing her arms. Besides, what would Sasuke-kun think if he heard I was living with sensei? He'd think I was in love with him and would forget about me. Sensei was cute, no scratch that her sensei was handsome but no Sasuke Uchiha. The latter looked like a prince, carved out of stone by aristocratic gods. "And I doubt anyone else will agree too."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Sakura finished. "I don't know why you're insisting on it, Mom."

"Maybe because I saw you the other day," Mebuki began, her eyes narrowed. "Ino and Hinata didn't look that tired. You on the other hand looked like were about to keel over."

"That's nothing," Sakura denied. "I have lower chakra reserves, even sensei said that. It's not like we're a clan or something."

"You shouldn't think that way, Sakura." Mebuki shook her head. "You don't have to be from a clan to be a good shinobi."

"But Sasuke-kun-"

"Is he the Fourth Hokage?" Mebuki spoke, Sakura said nothing. "Minato and I were in the same class. He graduated way before any of us, the youngest until… Nevermind. The point is, he didn't come from a clan and yet he became the Yellow Flash." Slowly the gears in her head turned. Blond hair, blue eyes, skills at a young age that made a person of her daughter's age a jōnin and his last name was… Uzumaki. Kushina you sly bitch. She found herself both happy and a bit jealous. The tomboy got the hottie. That is priceless. All of the redhead's talk about not being married to someone 'flaky' was hilarious.

"Mom, are you okay?" Sakura spoke. "You were smiling."

"Nothing, dear," Mebuki giggled a bit. "Do as you will, but remember this: if you don't improve you'll have to move in with your sensei."

"Hai, hai." Sakura went back to her room, tired, sweaty and angry. Maybe I could, she thought naughtily, reaching for her desk and grabbing the small six-inch portable shaft she bought. I haven't thought of Sasuke-kun like that lately. But today… Sakura locked the door and slid off her pants, never mind her dirty state.

"That's stupid," Ino threw her opinion as fact. Her parents sat before her and she frowned heavily. Her features seemed cruel. "What the heck is our sensei thinking?"

"Think of it as a training trip," Ino's mother, Kasumi, replied very calmly. Her husband was sitting beside her as they finished dinner. Inoichi was glad his daughter refused. He'd heard tales of Naruto Uzumaki, and his high-sex drive. A lot of kunoichi talked about it, it was almost searing to his ears –a father's ears. "Besides, you're still in the village. You can come here anytime you want."

"But why I would move in with him?" Ino asked. She didn't find this the least bit amusing. First off, Sasuke-kun would be pissed. Secondly, it would look so wrong. "Don't you see the controversy in all this? Moving in with sensei? People would say its favoritism, plus we're girls! That's just asking for gossip."

Kasumi looked at her husband, Inoichi sighed. He honestly wondered who wore the real pants in their relationship sometimes. "Choza and I moved in with our sensei a long time ago. The two of us were rather… weaker than he thought and went through months of rigorous training." And torture.

"Wait, wait. Weak? You?" Ino couldn't believe the words her father had just said.

"That's right," Inoichi continued, his wife seemingly approving him telling the tales of his more shameful days. Good God that smirk is sexy, he thought as his wife sent him a barely noticeable sly look. He smiled and continued. "Yes, very weak. Shikaku was supposed to move in, but he was too lazy. Said packing all his things were troublesome."

"Typical," Ino shook her head disapprovingly, glad that there was no slacker in their team. Well they did have Sakura, but she got tired really quickly every time. Even more than her. "Who was your sensei again? I forgot."

"You never asked him that before," Kasumi replied. "You were too busy being fabulous for a boy who never notices you."


"The three of us," Inoichi cut in. Smart his daughter may be, but Kasumi's wit was sharper than every kunai on his person. "The three of us were taught by the White Fang, Sakumo Hatake."

"Hatake?" Ino's ears perked up. A swoon returned. "That's the same name Sasuke-kun's sensei has."

"Yes, Kakashi is his son," no sooner than the words left his mouth, his daughter's blabber began. Inoichi did not want his daughter to move in with a man whose sex-drive was known a bit too publicly. Then again, his daughter was all but grown-up; sixteen, flowered, beautiful, and a kunoichi who knew better. He couldn't even say anything about her lifestyle. Part of him wanted her to move in, part of him refused on every count.

"Well, I have to go now." Ino said goodnight and left, leaving the two of them alone.

"You could've said something," Kasumi began.

"She'll learn soon enough."

"Oh and I'm just throwing this out there," his wife spoke. "I prefer Naruto over Sasuke any day."

"Kasumi that's unfair. You know how broken both of them are."

"I know," Kasumi continued. "But that doesn't change the fact that Sasuke is more unstable. I don't want my daughter getting close to someone like that."

"But you'd let her get close to a former ANBU?"

"He's seen what lies beyond, and he's still here. In one piece, despite the burden he has." Kasumi pointed out. "And he got over them by his own accord."

This was perhaps the longest walk she'd taken. The road was clean, free of stones and only the sounds of birds chirped in the trees towering over them. Her father walked beside her, solemn faced and calm. He had told her of Phase Two: moving in with Sensei-kun! Oh how her heart beat in a delightful rhythm. However, joyful as it was, Hinata was hesitant.

Moving in meant leaving the Compound; leaving the Compound meant being away from her family and the Branch side. Her dream to help them slipped away further. She thought she'd be labeled with the bird cage seal, or worse exiled from the clan. Thankfully, her father explained how the Elders agreed to it since Naruto had informed them of his methods the day he took his team in officially, which was a little over a month ago.

Finally she saw her destination, her new home. The Uzumaki compound when compared to the Hyuga's wasn't that impressive. Theirs was larger, nearly endless if she was to be honest. This place was certainly big, she did not mean to undermine, but it was lacking compared to her home. Still, considering her father told her he lived alone it was more than enough, and very sad. She could see a couple of families settling down here, perhaps fifteen of them –which was by no means a small number. The most striking thing about the entire area before her was the general cleanliness of it, not to mention the spiraling design which she saw on the jackets of flak jackets.

"Don't take another step," Hiashi Hyuga warned her and she complied. He brought forth a small piece of paper and it glowed. Then something before her, in the open gates, cracked like glass yet made no noise. "Come, Hinata."

As they strode forward, Hinata asked, "What was that Father?"

"An old sealing technique," he did not look at her. "Had you taken another step forward, you would've probably lost a limb, or electrocuted."

Hinata shivered , not believing the lengths Naruto-kun would go to protect his home. They finally arrived at the door of the large house and before they could knock the door opened. Naruto stood in shorts and a V-neck, his muscles gleaming with sweat as Hinata felt her face, and another place, grow hot at the sight.

"I see you're not clothed properly," Hiashi noted.

"I see you're still a prick."

The Hyuga girl gasped at the words and noticed her father's stern face darken. "How long will you keep disrespecting me?"

"As long as you keep enslaving people."

"I told you I'm having trouble removing it," Hiashi's words shocked Hinata. "The Elders are unmoving in their decision. You don't expect me to get rid of it that easily."

"The Elders are the problem," Naruto continued. "Just get them in one place, I'll take care of the rest. Old people do die like flies nowadays."


"I was kidding and- Wait a minute." Naruto narrowed his eyes at her, smirking a bit. "'Naruto-kun'?" Hiashi, what've you been teaching your daughter?"

"I meant Sensei-kun!"

"Okay, that was cute," Naruto pointed at her with a smile, it was so radiant.

"Hinata," her father's words were like ice and she straightened in fear. The heiress couldn't believe how much she had, crudely speaking, fucked up. Her sensei heard it, her father heard it, she heard it out loud. "I've agreed to let Hinata move in."

"Oh, I thought you came here to get some ice-cream and cookies –which I will not give to you."

"Enough," Hiashi faced his daughter. "Hinata, I am allowing this for a number of reasons. I know that Uzumaki will be able to make you stronger. Two," he paused, for the first time in years she saw her father looking sad. "You are heiress no longer. If I let you stay at home for another week, I fear the elders would've labeled you with the seal."

Hinata tried, she truly tried to hold back the tears yet the squeezed out of her all-seeing eyes. A pang sheared her chest. She felt worthless. Then, she felt a warm hand on her head, her father's hand. Hiashi hugged her, and she returned it, crying. How long had it been since he held her like this?

"I'm sorry, my child," her father spoke. His tone was grief stricken. "I failed you, and I can never face your mother again. I had no choice."

"I-I understand, father," she bawled out. Naruto felt a bit touched at the scene. He wondered if his own parents would dote on him like this. One thing was certain though, Hinata Hyuga was god damned sweetheart.

She shouldn't be a kunoichi.

More words played out between parent and child, Naruto found his mind drifting.

No longer, he stood in the compound. Instead it snowed everywhere. He was smaller, younger, louder –innocent to his core. Had his bloody red scarf, he adored the hell out of it. A bunch of bullies bothering a young girl of his age, cute little thing she was. He tried to defend her, to be the hero and got beaten for it. Instead of scorning him like the rest, she thanked him, then he ran off to God knows where. The Academy he saw her there, the one who never glared at him, never spoke ill of him, always smiling and turning red. Naruto smacked himself mentally for his bad memory.

"Falling in love, are we?" the voice was deep. The scene disappeared. Now he stood on a wasteland. Dark clouds hovered above, water dried up below, the air stank of death. "Been a while, Naruto."

"Kyūbi," he looked at the large gates holding the beast back. "You haven't talked in a while."

"I've been bored," the beast yawned. "So reverting back to your old-self huh? Never expected that from you. Then again, you were better without all that blood on your hands."

"I'm a shinobi," he walked forward to the cage. "Getting blood on my hands is part of the resume."

"Indeed. See, that's the thing I like about you. No bullshit sugarcoating with you around. Straight to the point regarding humans."

"Not all men are evil, Kyūbi," Naruto admitted, sitting down. "I just simply acknowledge that I'm a very flawed, very dark person with a gift for murdering people."

Kyūbi's laugh echoed throughout and it unnerved him. "Oh brat, how interesting you became. I'm sure your parents would be very proud of you right now."

"I don't think they'd want me to be this way," Naruto replied. "Then again I'll never know. Thanks to you."

"You lock me in a cage and you expect me to smile?" the jaws of Kyūbi neared the cage. The smell was coming from its mouth. "Go, we'll speak later. Your girlfriend is waiting."

"I hope that's clear to you, Uzumaki." Hiashi finished whatever he said and Naruto nodded.


"I'm leaving my daughter in your hands," Naruto didn't miss the underlying tone in those words. Hinata probably didn't and blushed at her own perception. "Take care of her."

"I will," Naruto looked at her, deciding to mess with her a bit. "I'm her Sensei-kun after all."

Hinata could only hide her face. A part of her was wondering why her Father wasn't doing anything to stop it. Then he left and the sixteen year old felt odd watching him go, despite the fact that they could visit each other all the time.

"We need to talk," Naruto told her. "When I'm training you, you'll call me sensei."


"Or you can call me Sensei-kun. That's a… that's a nice name, not going to lie."

"… Hai." Naruto held back a chortle.

"Right now, I'm not teaching you so you'll call me Naruto, or you whatever you want. Except Foxy-kun," he offered her his hand. "Welcome to the Uzumaki compound."

Four days, four days it had been since she moved into the Compound, and Hinata was slowly going nuts.

She was an innocent one, one with manners and nobility. But she too was a teen who worked very hard all day, and got very little time to let out her tensions. On top of that, watching a shirtless, muscled, hot Naruto every morning working out with sweat glistening his arms, chest, abs and MMMM every day affected her hormones.

During their team meetings she did her best, her teammates would hammer away with questions and she would answer honestly: sensei gave her no extra-training than them, no favoritism, just more advice in general, changed her diet to her suiting and never, NEVER, did anything inappropriate. Naruto Uzumaki was a freaking gentleman and she was getting mad!

She had read a book about the Uzumaki clan in her clan's library, old as the bones of the Elders it was. Read how the Uzumaki Clan had an old ritual, one that boosted the natural stamina and chakra of another person through… physical contact. At first she thought it to be a jest. With each recounted tale, her cheeks grew redder, her mind more perverse and the heat between her legs greater.

She had dreams, dreams of a man with blond hair, blue eyes, kissing her, touching her, mounting her, fucking her 'till she could move no more. It was so wrong, yet with him there it felt so right. With that in mind, she braved herself. The dishes had been taken care of. Stars shone brightly and encouraged her. The book told her that only a select few Uzumaki were compatible, so if it failed… she'd have to work harder.

Her Byakugan saw Naruto sitting by himself on the couch and dozing off. Sneakily, with the stealth training their sensei had been teaching them she stood a bit away from him. She braced herself.

Rat -Monkey - Tiger - Bird - Dog - Bird - Tiger - Horse

Conjoining her thumbs and fingers, she looked at Naruto and bit herself. His eyes snapped open immediately and two circles formed under them. Naruto tried to jump, but failed and looked at her with betrayal in his eyes.

"Do you know what you just did?"

"H-Hai," Hinata continued not afraid of the way he slowly stalked towards her. "I can now get some of your chakra through," she grew red, "y-you know..."

"You foolish girl," he grabbed her by the shoulder and shook her gently. "How do you know about this technique? Who taught you?"

"I read it in a book."

Naruto sighed and leaned back into the couch. Rubbing his head. "Why would you bind yourself to me?"

"Uh, what?" she muttered unintelligibly.

"You bound yourself to me," Naruto continued. "That jutsu doesn't just make me give you chakra, expanding your coils and stamina, it makes you my . . . it makes you my paramour."

"What do you mean, sensei?"

"Silly girl, didn't that book tell you everything?" Naruto asked and she shook her head. "You're bound to me now. Sexually speaking, no man can ever satisfy you again. All you've done is made yourself a glorified consensual sex-slave. It's a forbidden jutsu even among the Uzumaki clan, our bodies are highly active."

Hinata… didn't mind. She knew what her sensei said, and recognized his words. He was overplaying it a bit, but she understood the gist: no man could ever satisfy her. Only him, just him alone. The book didn't mention that and she was glad.

"Well, go ahead," Naruto said. "You can leave now. Because sooner or later, the jutsu will act up and you'll come to me. Go."



"I said no," Hinata came forward, tears finally forming. Her heart no longer feeling afraid. "I don't regret doing this, because now I can say this freely. I can get it off my chest."

"Say what now, dattebayo?"

"I love you."

Naruto stood speechless. He'd spend years recognizing the truth from the lies. Desperately, he tried to search for hints of deceit. Trying to found excuses that the jutsu made her say this. It wasn't, the jutsu wouldn't drive her mad for sex until at least 2 weeks. The teen walked forward and he saw the hot tears running down her cheeks. It looked so wrong.

"Why?" he asked, confused.

"Because I do," Hinata continued. "I've… I've liked you for a long time and seeing you after so many years, after thinking you ran away or worse dead," she choked, "I just couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to say those words ever since you came back, N-Naruto-kun. I just couldn't. I'm a coward."

She cried and Naruto reluctantly hugged her, taking her into his lap. I'm getting fucking softer. The girl bawled into his chest and he let her, stroking her long midnight blue hair fragrant with lavender.

"D-Do you hate me?"

"No," Naruto felt her tightening the hold. "Why would I? You were the first person who smiled at me. I just . . . I just didn't know you liked me that way. Now you've gone and done this, I don't know what to say."

"I love you." Again, those words so unconditionally said, each word so heavy to his heart and ears.

"Why though?" Naruto asked making her look up. "I've never been nice to you."

"You were my goal," Hinata didn't look away. "For a long time, you've always been my goal. I wanted to abolish the Bird Cage Seal and every time I lost hope, I found you cheering me on. Like you did once at the academy, and the day we met."

Naruto chuckled. A lifetime ago. "That's silly."

"I… I know."

"And cute." She blushed. He cupped her cheeks. "Girl, I really don't deserve you. If you go away now, just stay out of my sight for four weeks the jutsu's effect will break, granted you'll act crazy in the meantime."

"No!" she almost shouted. "I will never leave you again! I'll never let you leave too."

I don't deserve this. He felt like a dick, the girl was wearing baggy clothes but he could feel her large breasts, her wide hips, her rich thighs against his as they sat on the couch. The heat on his crotch did not go unmissed. "Then you know what comes next."


"Very well, then," Naruto made her look into his eyes. "Do you, Hinata Hyuga, take me, Naruto Uzumaki, as your husband?"


"It's the only way to lessen the effects of the bind. And I'm not letting any girl becoming a mind-washed slave to me. Not now, not ever," Naruto explained. "Otherwise, you'll be turning into a cum-starved slut. Being a fiancé is better." Somehow it seemed inevitable; he would take a bride one day, Hinata was more likely to be one of them once he thought about it. She blushed and stammered and shook. Naruto made notes to find every piece of Uzumaki parchment outside his house and burn them all. Stuff like that in the wrong hands was dangerous. "Well?"

Hinata cried tears of joy. One of her dreams was coming true. Too soon, but it was. "I do."

*Lemon starts*

No sooner than she finished, she found her lips on his. It was gentle, the first kiss she placed upon his lips, almost as if she were asking him a question. After a few seconds they parted, staring only into each other's eyes, hers held an emotion so raw and pure he grew entranced. She whimpered when their lips parted, but he went to kiss away her tears and she sighed happily. She leaned in to kiss him again, a little harder this time. He opened his mouth to let out a soft moan, and Hinata seized the opportunity to dart her tongue and swirl it around his, kissing him with a hunger she never knew, it matched the one he felt in his bones; her tongue traced the seam of his bottom lip and then slipped inside his mouth to tangle with his own.

Hinata's hands roamed his chest and grabbed his hair, Naruto wasted no time in matching her fervor, bringing his own hands to feel up her ass. It was better than he'd imagined—and boy, did he grope many asses—fuller, so smooth to the touch even over the fabric of her pants. Their passion was furious, and Hinata could feel her panties starting to get wet. What is that feeling? she wondered to herself. She had not experienced it before, and worried something might be wrong with her. In a flash he took her to the bedroom, pushing her against the soft mattress and took off his shirt. Hinata's hands trembled a bit, tracing all the scars and hardened muscles. His body a witness to the horrors she had never seen.

"Are you nervous?" Naruto asked kissing her forehead. Such an innocent and pure-hearted girl, he . . . he was useless against her.

"Yes," she answered, rubbing her hips against his. Even through his pants she felt something large and hot and hard. She'd been given lessons before, lots of them, but her nerves remained wracked. Still, she went forward kissing him again, grabbed his hands and placed them on her hips. Slowly, he lifted her baggy shirt. Her hips were wide for her age; her belly was smooth and toned, though not skinny, he lifted the shirt over her head. A dark blue bra restrained her breasts, her very full, very round, very beautiful breasts. Unclipping it and throwing it away they perked up and jiggled. He grazed his thumb over one of her nipples, and took the other into his mouth. Hinata tilted her head back and let out a moan. Her hand worked on her own volition, the heat inside was unbearable as she took off her pants and her milky thighs sweated; her crevice was damp with sweet honey.

When Naruto took his own pants off, he never wore boxers inside his house, Hinata felt something long and hard, thick and fleshy, warm and strong rub against her thighs. She shivered with each touch and Naruto lifted his mouth from her now hardened budding pink nipples. She gasped a bit at the size of it. Her thighs rose up a bit to rub more against the hardened cock and she felt her throat dry up.

"Oh right," Naruto spoke, "it's your first time."


"I'll be gentle," he kissed her lightly. "I promise." Naruto was holding himself back; the sight before him was mouth-watering as he rubbed her clit over her panties before taking them off. His fingers met her wetness. He sucked at her neck, leaving marks in the ivory skin, as his fingers gathered the moisture to circle languidly around her clit. She moaned, and Naruto savored the delicious sound.

"Naruto-kun," she sighed when he brought two fingers down to her entrance and slipped inside. Hinata felt so tight around his fingers he couldn't imagine what it would be like to have her on his cock. Naruto grew more impatient, so he quickened the movement of his fingers, curling them each time on the way out. "Oh my god," she whined as he pressed his thumb against her clit, shutting her lips with his own. Hinata yelped, clutched his shoulders tightly for stability as he drove his fingers faster inside her. "Fuck!" She cried out, pussy clenching hard around his fingers. He slowed down the motion of his hand, but didn't pull out, all to prolong her pleasure. Eventually he did, his member slid up and down against her wet pussy. Hinata shook at the size and girth of it, as it reached almost her navel. This is it.

"Are you ready?" she could only nod. Keeping his gaze fixed on her, he lowered himself, the shaft slowly went inside her as Hinata squirmed.

Inch by inch, she grew mad at the thickness. Naruto grabbed her hips, steadying her, and she threw her head back when she finally had him buried all the way in. She fitted him so nicely he had to count to ten in his head, trying to stay put until she was ready to move. Red liquid poured out, marking his cock. It took her a moment to adjust, his size was considerably bigger than what all she was taught. Tongue lulled out, wet and eager, she started to move. Naruto let her set the pace, brought her face close for a sloppy kiss. Hinata took control well; experimented with rolling her hips until she found the right motion, making them both gasp. Naruto was impressed at her improvisation.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" Hinata nodded and breathed so slowly, heavily, it made his cock twitch inside her. "You're pretty good." She inched up silencing him with a hungry kiss. Rhythmically, he kept shifting in and out of her, making her mewl with each thrust. Hinata cried out, reaching her second orgasm, tightening cruelly around his shaft as if the walls were trying to suck him dry. He didn't stop, he continued to fuck the thicc young woman as she shook with every thrust.

"More," she moaned out. Naruto didn't need to be told twice as he picked up the pace. Grabbing her soft, full ass cheeks he began to pound into her. Thrusting deep inside Hinata, her reactions motivated him further. "Yes! Ah~" her cries spurned him on further. Time became frenzied, meaningless to them both, all that mattered at that moment was the two of them.

"Do you like this?" he asked in between thrusts. She sobbed and moaned in pleasure, his own climax built up; he knew she came for the second he started fucking her more passionately.

"Yes, don't stop!" she whimpered and Naruto felt her hips trying to match his movements.

He wanted more of her, to taste her, to make her keep screaming his name, to the point where she would forget her own. Her breasts shook as he now speared his cock in and out of his now fiancé, with unbridled lust as her own flash eagerly smacked against his. She grabbed his face and kissed him, screaming and moaning into his mouth. Hinata felt the searing hot feeling grow again, the fourth time, the first one had been strange considering her just fondled and kissed her. Now, she did not want to be separated from him. She wanted Naruto to stay with her, like this –forever.

Naruto brought his fingers to her clit, pinching the little nub hard as he could. She howled and screamed his name, echoing it in the entire house no doubt as she felt her own release of nectar gushing out. Her fleshy, velvety walls clamped down harder than ever and Naruto finally came to sense. How Hinata looked so sexy as she moaned and thrashed and screamed under him, it was all magical to him. No longer able to hold back he spilled all of himself inside her. Shooting semen deep into her womb, he flooded it with his seed as she shuddered and moaned his name before entering bliss. Both of them breathed heavily, Naruto had never quite felt like this.

*Lemon ends*

Her hands slowly traced his chin as she looked . . . completely satisfied. She looked as if she was on the verge of sleeping, but still awake. "I love you," Hinata said kissing deeply once more. Naruto could only answer her with his own kiss. At last he separated and laid beside her, she crawled against him, her body was soft and pure.

"Naruto-kun," she began. "Your eyes… one of them is red."

Naruto chuckled a bit. His right eye burned red, a crimson death orb. Three black dots roamed around the pupil. "Yeah it is."

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