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She was dancing slowly. Each step was a graceful move as she danced the dance of death. The tune of sharp steel swished past her clothing and skin. Her feet touched the ground and almost just as soon left it, two metal jaws from the ground emerged snapping shut. Her body swerved midair avoiding deadly razor wire. Danger still lurked as she saw death from above. It was an iron fist in a black glove. Head to head she stood no chance. Not yet. Like before she worked her way around it, and with the most perfect timing she ever did in her entire life, she grabbed him by the wrist, yanking the arm as her legs interlocked around the shoulders of the enemy. She managed to take him down, slam him on the ground with a vicious thud. His fist loosened and with the most low cunning of intentions she grabbed four of his fingers intent on breaking them, pulling them back to cause an added amount of pain and with full force she pulled. Harder and stronger with every intention to break them. She had every intention of snapping the bone out of place and break his arm for added measure.

Anything less would be too risky. Three of his fingers broke free from her grasp, the middle one remained as she looked at it with irritation. She heard the ruffling of clothing, a shuffle of metal clinking, and she broke her hold. The kunai faintly scratched the skin of her heel leaving a thin red line. Arming herself with kunai of her own she released them. The tags attached to the hilt flared to life as they reached the target.

Explosions followed as fire and smoke filled the area and immediately she got down low, shuriken sailed past where her head and shoulders were. Crawling quickly through the confusion, she hid behind the bark of a tree. It would conceal her frame as she controlled her breathing to a tee. It was quiet now, that only meant the danger was greater than ever. A million and one thoughts invaded her head and she felt something creep up her neck.

Genjutsu! Chakra burst through her system as the illusion broke and the tree behind her shattered into glass. There he is. Her fist shot out in an arc of half a circle. Full force and furiously fast. It smashed against the assailant's cheek as she saw his head whip back from the impact. It's not over, she began once more. Punches landed where his gut, liver, kidney were and just because she wanted to, her palm violently struck his throat. He was open, wide open. She took half a step back, arm cocked, fist closed, and with a turn the straight punch shot against his nose. She expected to hear the sound of bones crunching and blood spurting out, instead she heard a familiar pop and saw a puff of smoke.

Something gripped her by the ankles, spreading her legs and ruined her balance. Two hands unearthed themselves from the ground and held her in place. Before she could act, a muscular arm snaked around her throat and another wrapped around from behind, cinching in a rear naked choke as she felt the arms beneath pull her legs forward—sweeping her. She fell on her back, he was behind her as she struggled to break free from the hold. Physically, he was too strong, and the way his own legs locked around her own, it was clear this was a move he had executed several times before. She gasped for breath, low pitch ringing filled her ears and darkness began to take over.

Sakura Haruno tapped on the vice grip of an arm around her throat and soon she found herself drawing in heavy breaths, coughing and adjusting to the sudden dizziness of being free again. This went on for over a minute as she calmed down. She found him on the ground, sat across her. Naruto Uzumaki had his eye closed, one hand resting on his cheek and the other offering her a water bottle. She took it graciously and drank it slowly.

"You made record time today," he told her. Sakura didn't feel too proud despite the words. "Twenty-seven minutes and thirty-six seconds. Make sure to break that the next time we train."

"Yes, sensei." Sakura didn't look him in the eye. She couldn't. Honestly, the pinkette had expected to do so much better. Her sensei didn't go easy on her, and she knew he was being honest. The man took honesty to a grotesque degree sometimes, but still…all that training, changing her diet, training during off hours and she still couldn't last thirty minutes against him. She was knocked out of her thoughts when she felt a painful poke on her forehead. Yelping and rubbing the spot, she looked at her sensei with a bit of irritation. "What'd you do that for?"

"You did good. So stop feeling bad about it."

"Not good enough."

"Trust me. You did much better than you think."

"I know. Doesn't mean I have to like it." Sakura got up slowly, feeling the fatigue take over. She may not have been hit that much today, but the way she was exerting chakra to keep her senses aware, to cushion the few blows that did land on her, the kunoichi of the year was once more reminded how little her chakra reserves were. It bothered her. It bothered her a lot.

"Well, at least you're motivated. That's a good thing, but don't push yourself too much. You're still a genin. Seven month fresh genin to be more precise." Naruto Uzumaki pointed out and from what memories she remembered of them as kids, he was never this calm. He stood out like a sore thumb the more she focused and going back to the Academy to dig a little bit about her sensei—curiosity had taken the better hold of her. All the teachers had the same thing to say about him: painfully average, unnecessarily loud, anything but a genius. And yet…

"Sensei, can I ask you something?"


"Why'd you leave the Academy?"

"Well I guess I can tell you that." Naruto sighed scratching his eye patch and Sakura's interest peaked. "I left around the first year, if you remember me that is."

"You're pretty hard to forget."

"You didn't recognize me on orientation day."

"I needed a memory jog."

"Word. Anyway," Naruto continued, folding his arms. "You see I got into this…fight with a bunch of people. People who happened to be merchants. Merchants with deep pockets and friends in the Civilian Council. Let's just say, I wasn't exactly on the friendliest of terms with that particular lot back then. One thing lead to another and they tried to disbar me from becoming a shinobi."

"What?!" Sakura was confused, then angry. None of what he said made sense. "Why?! A fight is no reason to stop you from becoming a shinobi. Besides what problems would merchants have with a kid?"

"Something something. Anyway, well they insisted I take three years off from the Academy or get any chance of me not being a shinobi since I was still under civilian laws back then." Naruto shrugged and Sakura furrowed her brows. "The Hokage later intervened stating that I wouldn't go to the Academy, instead I'd be taking part in a program where I'd be evaluated differently."

"I never heard of such a thing." It sounded like bullshit to her.

"I didn't either, but hey I wasn't leaving that offer. So I took it up and you know, I was really mad from what happened to me," Naruto chuckled a bit, "I took it personally and I decided I was going to be the youngest graduate ever. And I did, until I found out I wasn't the youngest graduate ever. That would be one of my teachers, Kakashi-senpai."

"Sasuke-kun's sensei?"

"The one, the only. All things considered, I'm glad it turned out that way. I learned what it meant to be a true shinobi."

"…you're just saying all this to flex, aren't you?"

"Huehuehuehuehue," Naruto Uzumaki, sensei of Team Six, didn't even try to hide his smug look. He coughed into his hands, "Still, I guess things turned out just fine. Didn't they?"

"I guess," Sakura sighed and looked around. She heard none of the explosive noises or sounds of a battle going on anymore. Ino and Hinata had taken off with clones of their sensei, respectively. Each of them had been training this way and today was the last day of hard training. One week later, the Chūnin Exams would start and their sensei wanted them to rest up as much as they could before that. "I'm guessing they lost too."

"Yeah, they should've. Maybe a minute or two here and there. Among the three of you, Hinata right now is the strongest, all things considered." It wasn't insult, it was the truth, but Sakura felt a little sting nonetheless. "You've got all the fundamentals right, but you need to think outside the box a little more. Ino while not as cool thinking as you, does play dirtier and things like those play a part."

"Of course Piggy would get her hands dirty." Ino. Honestly, the animosity between them had…lessened. Talks between them were still filled with barbs and cheeky as ever, but she didn't feel the way she did before. Ino had become, well, less frigid too.

"Speaking of dirty," her sensei shuffled through a quick set of hand seals. Sakura only saw four as he slammed his hands on the ground, kanji spread across the ground spreading a fair distance around them forming a circle before a thin, bluish veil of a dome formed around them. "There's something…unorthodox you have to do."

Suddenly all the memories about her sensei being a horn dog crashed and all the good impression died as a nerve throbbed on the side of her head. "What the hell do you mean by 'unorthodox'?!"

"Geez, temper, temper," Naruto brought out a scroll and from that out came…a brush and a jar of ink. "Always jumping to conclusions, aren't you?"

"I'm not jumping to conclusions! You! You go around sleeping with women!"


Okay, Sakura didn't expect this, but still she'd argue. "Don't you see how dirty that is?"

"Sakura Haruno," he stood very close all of a sudden and the pinkette only noticed now he'd grown taller over the years. Her head reached about to where his chin was and the lone blue eye was piercing into her. "What I do, I do it because I enjoy it. I do it because the ones who get into bed with me WANT to have sex. I'm a jōnin who's been heading into danger for days and nights when you were sleeping comfortably at home. You faced tests, I faced shinobi and kunoichi who wanted to take my head off. I'm not boasting, but I think I do a pretty damn fine job, all risks and rewards included. So YES. I have a habit of sleeping around with women because I like IT, making them squirm and squirt as they crawl back for more. They know what they're in for, I don't hear them complaining. Just because you're an uptight virgin who hasn't done it yet doesn't mean you're on a higher pedestal than me. You got that?"

Sakura only stared at him with wide eyes as she tried to adjust with the display of explosive authority and blatant expression of his carnal desires. Her heart beat pretty fast, both at his words and the small distance between them. She nodded, but didn't look him in the eye. She couldn't. Her face was as pink as her hair and for some damned reason his boldness was—

"Back to the point at hand," Naruto still standing as close as ever, she could smell the essence of the forest on him, it was a part of him, "I wanted to try out a seal. Not the one I did. Privacy Seals are nothing too groundbreaking. Do you remember what I said about me dabbling in experimental Fūinjutsu?"

"Yeah," Sakura found the ground and the blue dome more interesting. Wasn't as blue as his eye and…

"Look at me," Sakura didn't want to, but she couldn't refuse his order. Her sensei was looking at her with a piercing look. "The Chūnin Exams, save the last part, turns out to be a dirty affair and genin kinda die. They've decreased over the years, but something else rose."


"Rape." Sakura felt a pit forming in her stomach. Disgust rose, and anger. She almost shook. "Yeah, I know. These things happen a lot outside the exams and while the chances of it happening are slim to none, I don't want to gamble with that chance with any of you."

"And," Sakura surmised what he was about to say next, "I guess you made a seal that prevents such a thing?"

"It's not perfect," Naruto raised his hands and she remained quiet, "I've tried it out and the seal works well to a functioning degree. One, it provides a layer of protection from anything going in, with sexual intentions of course. If you don't want it going in, it won't go in. Now if someone wanted to knife your crotch, it'll stab you. Someone with a fetish and intention to, I don't know, fuck you with a knife? It won't go in. Catch is it only works if you're conscious. Two, there's a small Raiton jutsu built into the seal, so not only would a would be rapist get cockblocked, but they're going to get a bit of a shock from what comes after. The dose should make their testicles and pee-pee look like…well you'll have to find out for yourself."

Sakura Haruno couldn't help but just a little taken away by the moment as the smile on his notorious smile on his face made him look all the more…attractive. Mentally, her inner voice slapped herself. It's just hormones. He's...he's your sensei and he sleeps around with women much more beautiful than you. Sakura remembered Kurenai Yuhi, Anko Mitarashi and of course the infamous tale of him with the Raikage's daughter. You like Sasuke-kun and… talks of sex and Sasuke made her remember how the handsome Uchiha had taken Tsunami and this made her ponder: how many times more did he do this? How many more women were there? Sasuke Uchiha was the most beautiful human she'd ever seen and it was hard not to romanticize when thinking about him, but this also meant Sasuke Uchiha had other means, with women who were prettier, older, more beautiful and no doubt of higher class. His name commanded respect, his looks demanded awe.

She frowned. It'd been bothering her since Wave and with each passing day, chances grew slimmer.



"You didn't hear what I said." Sakura tried to chuckle a bit, but his groan and rubbing of his forehead made her stop. "I'll repeat. Do you know why I put up the Privacy Seals?"

"To talk about the Seal you made?"

"Well, yes, but actually, no." Naruto let out a sharp breath. "You want the seal, right?"

"Yeah. Of course."

Naruto grabbed for his pouch and brought out a long piece of white clothing. He wrapped it around his eyes and Sakura was confused for the lack of a better word. "You're gonna have to strip."



"THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Sakura covered her chest and squished her legs together. "I'm not getting naked in front of you!"

"Look," the blindfolded jōnin spoke, "if there was any other way, I wouldn't have done this. Besides I have standards too."

Sakura gritted her teeth. What the hell was she supposed to do? She did want the seal and he was wearing a blindfold. Plus the seal. "Wait how will you make the seal if you're blindfolded?"

"You think I haven't practiced this a thousand times before? Or would rather do it with the blindfold off?"

"Pervert!" Ugh, fuck it. Better to face this than possibly face potential rape. "Fine! How much do I need to take off?"

"All of it."

"What?! WHY?!"

"Well," Naruto dipped the brush into the jar of ink, taking off his gloves. "I have to draw the seal array over your skin and then seal it with chakra. I'd use your chakra, but well mine's a bit denser and feels like it would be better glue so to speak."

Part of her thought it was a trick. It had to be. "Wouldn't that mean the seal would respond to your chakra? You'd be controlling the seal?"

Even under the blindfold, Sakura could tell Naruto was rolling his eye. "It's your body. My chakra is just the trigger switch. Think of it like when you were using chakra to punch my clone. Did you transfer your chakra to me? No, you used it on me. It's the same as a jutsu. Application of chakra on another body. Honestly, you disappoint me."

"Well, excuse me for being concerned!" Sakura shouted once more and realized…he wasn't lying. Her sensei was many things. Liar wasn't one of them. "You better not peek."

"That's not my fetish." Sakura steamed at the word being so casually thrown around. This was not appropriate behavior. Sakura knew somewhere in some law this was taboo and forbidden. AAAAAH! Just get it done! Keeping an eye on him, Sakura took off her gloves, her sandals and hesitated. Gulping, the pinkette slowly undid the buttons on the side of her dress and it slid off, falling to the ground. Despite being in a privacy seal and the man in front of her blindfolded, Sakura felt a geyser of embarrassment shooting up inside her as she slowly took off the shorts, revealing a matching set of laced panties.

A deep sense of shame rose as she started to take the bra off. She wasn't particular proud of her chest, but given the modest mid-C cups she had now, it was more than she'd ever hoped for. Taking off her panties, her ass jiggled and Sakura had no qualms there. She always wore a long top covering her backside because honestly, she didn't want attention going there and she assumed Sasuke had always been more a chest guy. Also she didn't like people staring at her. It was awkward.

Never had she thought she'd be naked in the middle of a field before her jōnin sensei. He was wearing a blindfold, but damn it this was so wrong. Not to mention all those things he said earlier. It made Sakura feel a bit queasy. Nervous too. And something else she wasn't all too sure about. Gulping she stood in front of him as he waited with a dripping brush in hand.

"What now?"

"Are you naked?"

"Yes." Sakura blushed even more.

"There are four areas I'm going to draw the seal," Naruto explained to her. "Your mouth, your breasts, your vagina and your anus."

Sakura closed her eyes in shame and her fist in embarrassment. "And you're sure there's no other way?"

"No." His reply came quick. "Now, come here. Sit in front of me."

"I'm not sitting on the grass like this."

"Use your clothes as a makeshift picnic blanket for now." Sakura mumbled and did as he asked.

His hand reached out and soon found her cheek. Sakura wasn't used to him touching her so…gently. His fingers softly held her chin up as the brush softly stroked against the edges of her lips and Sakura's face was getting redder by the second. Naruto Uzumaki's face was whiskers away from hers. She felt his breath against her face. No boy had ever been this close to her and she shivered a bit his thumb pressed against her lips, circling both the upper and lower ones. A minute or two passed, her sensei had finally finished drawing around the corners of her lips, cheeks, chin and jaw. He made the seal of confrontation and the ink around her face disappeared. She touched her face looking for residual ink, she found none.

"So that's it?"

"Not quite," her sensei gave her a thumbs-up. "We need to test it."


"Yeah, to see if the seal works or not."

"Didn't you say you tested it out?!"

Sakura wanted to say more, but didn't. Him raising his eyebrow made her shut up. "I did. This is just me double-checking. I'm going to put my thumb inside your mouth. Your job is to think you don't want this. Okay?"

"Okay." Sakura's breath hitched when he got closer all of a second and his thumb pressed against her lips. Pressing on and Sakura felt her entire body heat up. She was a young girl with hormones, raging ones and her sensei was hot, she couldn't deny. Not to mention the way he talked about sex so…passionately. Her lips parted and mouth opened, his thumb went in. Her lips wrapped around his appendage as the digit pressed against her tongue.

"Sakura," for the first time she heard him speak awkwardly, "did you just…open your mouth and let me in?" Realization dawned and she felt something light up in her. Small noises emerged from her mouth as Naruto withdrew his thumb, now shaking as she saw blue sparks around it. Wet and covered with her saliva, small jolts darted out from it as some steam came off of it.

"Ummm…" Sakura looked into the ground. She couldn't look at him.

"I guess," she braced herself for words of shame, "you reacted a bit late. The old 'Don't think about elephants'. Should've known"

"Mmmhm. Yeah."

"First time, huh?" Sakura hid her face in her hands. She heard him sigh. "Let's just keep this between us. Okay?"

"Yeah." She felt thankful. Sakura realized he said those words to kneejerk a reaction out of her so the seal would affect him. Wait. "Your thumb!"

"It'll be fine." She wasn't convinced and inspected his thumb. It was fine. There was no damage at all.

"What the hell?"

"Uzumaki chakra," Naruto explained. "I have pretty dense chakra coils. I heal just as quick as I bleed."

"Wow." Sakura had no idea.

"Well, now," he said finding the brush again, "time for your breasts."

"Yeah," Sakura felt even more hesitation now. She sat in a seiza like manner, puffing her chest out. Her sensei's hands were roaming around before they settled on her face, cupping both of her cheeks and Sakura stared into his face sporting the biggest blush she'd ever blushed. Slowly, they went lower, his hands found her throat. Strong fingers and thumbs seemed as if they were glued for a moment before going down her. Her shoulders felt his touch now and Sakura's breath hitched as he stopped right above her breasts.

He knew EXACTLY where to stop.

They went to her sides now. His big, firm hands rested on the side of her ribs as his thumbs scouted across her skin, finally stopping under her breasts. His right hand grabbed the brush and Sakura couldn't stop herself from biting her lip. His left hand was almost grabbing her left breast, just on the verge of a squeeze as the wet brush worked itself over it. The tip was circling around her areola, slowly, sensually, so carefully. It was a maddening experience, to hold her voice down as her now stiff nipple was coated with ink. He did the same to her right boob and the experience was just as anxious, just as long, just as…thrilling. At the end of it, Sakura wanted to breathe hard so badly, but she controlled herself.

This is so wrong, she told herself. Get a grip. He's just putting on a seal. Sakura Haruno steeled herself. She could get through this as the butterflies in her stomach still fluttered around.

"Now close your eyes and picture someone you despise." Sakura raised an eyebrow at his random request. "I'm going to grab your breasts that's why."

Slowly she watched those hands move. She didn't know what to think. The fingers were almost about to touch her. Who was the last person she wanted to touch her breasts now? The hands were firmly on her chest now. Somewhere inside the image of a person with black hair, red eyes and fair skin fucking another woman popped up again as it had been for some time, and she heard lightning sizzle out of her chest as she heard Naruto Uzumaki groan. Sakura looked as her sensei rammed both of his fists against the ground as the discharge dissipated over the grass.

"Holy shit, Sakura." Naruto stood looking at his hands as the end of the sleeves of his shirt were burnt off. His hands were fine though. "Who the hell pissed you off like that?"

She said nothing. Her sensei got the hint she didn't want to talk about it. He was busy dipping his brush into the ink again. "I'm sorry. Your hands got-"

"My hands are completely fine," Naruto showed his left hand and Sakura took a close look at it. "Besides the Seal is working. So the pain really isn't an issue. You're lucky I know a jutsu to discharge lightning out of my body."

"Where'd you learn that from?"

"I didn't learn it. I had to make it. My Captain was proficient in lightning. Sparring sessions were a bitch." He was an expert in stealth. Stronger than anyone in her age group should be. The jōnin seemed to respect him despite him being younger. And of course him saying 'Captain' all but confirmed it. He was an ANBU operative. She'd read about them and the story he told seemed to make more sense now.

"Is that why you project that pain on us?" Sakura would talk about it later. One day. When he'd be a bit more damn honest with her.

"Oi, oi," Naruto seemed almost offended. "That would lead to trips in the hospital for you."

"As if I don't go there very often."

"In worse conditions. Back to the condition at hand," he went back to the brush. That damn brush. "Lie down. This is going to get very awkward."

"Can't you Henge into a girl and do it?"

"The blindfold would come off." He paused and looked at her. "Do you want that?"

"No! You...I'm lying down." Sakura's back and puffy ass laid against the clothes as she looked at him standing around. "What are you waiting for?"

"I don't want to step on you. Need something to grab on to."

"Here." Sakura raised her legs and a bit clumsily he caught both of them, pressing her feet against his chest as he slowly got down, lowering himself. He grabbed a handful of her calf with his left and it suddenly dawned where he was going next.

"Spread them." Her feet parted from his chest as Sakura covered her face and couldn't bring herself to look at him as he was lying on the ground, blindfolded and staring into her womanhood, her legs spread wide apart. Something skipped a beat, it wasn't her heart. Sakura gasped a bit when she felt his hand land on her smooth, belly, going lower and lower towards her crotch. He stopped as the hand rubbed over her pubis covered with a trimmed patch of pretty pink and Sakura covered her mouth at his touch. "You have some…hair here."

"I…" Sakura tried to sound normal. Tried. "I didn't get the time."

"I can't draw the seal over this. So," Naruto raised his finger and she saw something…white covering it. "I'm gonna take it off. Relax. Nothing will happen to you."

Sakura shivered at his touch as the finger rubbed over and over against her pubis, almost on the verge of slipping and touching her there. Her legs jittered, often hitting him but the man remained laser focused. She was slowly losing it. Even at home alone with a toy to herself, Sakura never gave this much amount of detail to her body and here she was, shamelessly enjoying what he was doing. "Where…did…you learn to do…hmm that?"

"Let's not go there."

Sakura grabbed her tits when she felt him rubbing over her pubis after getting rid of every hair she had down there. It was too much. Then she saw him start to paint over her pubis. With a will of steel she endured it. Endured how the small touches sent jolts across her spine, endured how the bristles doubled down and went up and down the sides of her labia, resisting the urge to moan and throw her legs around as the brush kept going at her for so long. Sakura felt herself grow wet and used her hands to clamp her mouth when she felt the toe of the brush poke her clitoris. Naruto Uzumaki paused and saw his nose twitch, taking the scent around it in.

"That should do it." Naruto's face finally moved away from her vagina, eyebrows raised high as ever. She looked at him with her face red and he was awkwardly looking for the vial of ink, which he was gripping a bit tighter. "I think given how the previous seals worked we don't need to test this out."

"Yeah," Sakura felt glad. She didn't want anything touching there right now. Especially him. She was wet down there and she didn't trust her body right now. Now came perhaps the part she was afraid of. "Should I stand or…"

"No." The Haruno gulped waiting on his next words. "Turn around and," he sighed, "stick your ass out."

Sakura had never felt so degraded in her life. And yet more quicker than ever, her body responded to his words. Knees against the ground, arms gripping the clothing on the ground, she looked back and if it wasn't for the blindfold, she would've thought he was staring at her ass as if it was some painting. He was sitting still, face fixated on her bum. Not making a move and the tension was killing her. He shifted closer and Sakura for the second time had to cover her mouth. She didn't want him hearing her as he grabbed a handful of her doughy ass cheek. She didn't want to admit, but that particular bit of her liked being touched. And his hand, oh his hand covered all of her left cheek, as he squeezed it, moving it aside to reveal her anus and instead of brushing away as he did, he stopped.

"Sakura." He paused. "Your ass is pretty big."

It was such a crass thing to hear, but the way he said it almost felt like he was praising it.

"I'm going to need you to…spread your cheeks with your hands." Without hesitating her hands reached around, grabbing both of her cheeks, spreading them wide with her forehead against the grassy ground. Sakura couldn't even bring herself to look at him in this state.

"Please," she almost begged, "do it quickly." He didn't say anything and for the longest time Sakura bit her lip hard as she could. She drew blood when she felt her anus being poked with the brush, when his thumb almost threatened to touch that hole of hers. She grew more aroused the longer it went on and Sakura half a mind to do something she'd regret.

Thankfully, he moved away and completed the seal. Sakura didn't want to test that hole of hers to be tested out either and she lied down on top of her clothing for a moment as her sensei turned around, giving her as much time she'd need to be clothed again. Shame and guilt rose up in her. She was much wetter than she'd originally thought and with the greatest of haste she covered herself.

You were just being horny, Sakura assured herself. Calm down. Telling Naruto he was in the clear, the jōnin turned around and took off the blindfold. He didn't NEED to look her in the eye right now, but he did and Sakura felt her face turn pink. "Umm…"

"Calm down." He took over. "It was just a seal and I guess the brush…rubbed you off in the wrong way."

"Yeah…" Did Sakura mention how interesting the ground was? It was amazing to look at. Konoha dirt. Where she would one day be buried in. Yes. Good ground. Distracting ground.

"You have a pretty nice ass." With a fist full of fury, a conscience full of guilt, and a face full of red, she found her punch blocked by him. "It's just a compliment."

"You took advantage." He frowned and all of a sudden he closed the gap between them. Sakura couldn't move as she felt his hot breath against her ear.

"I could've done so many things to you a while back." His voice was husky, deep and so…so hot. "A little lie here, a little slip there, and you would've been on the ground and begging for me to take you. Trust me when I say this Sakura if I wanted to take advantage, this would end with you under me, naked, sweaty, and full." Naruto moved away and Sakura was sure, her panties were starting to get soaked. His brash, disrespectful boldness and his way around a woman's body…and he hadn't even done anything to her yet!

"We're all grown-ups here," Naruto sounded more normal now. "Besides, learn to take a compliment. With an ass like that, I'm sure even Sasuke will come around one day." And the meddling thought in the back of her head came front and center. The way she used his image to make the seal act out. She had too many thoughts.

"Is this over for today?"

"Yes. You can go home." Naruto was rolling back his torn back sleeves to show more of his muscular arms. There was no body fat. "Ino's gone home, she took the least time and Hinata is…how do I put this?"

"Hinata." The girl was far too shy and modest. If she'd taken this time, the Hyuga would take the whole day. Still the fact remained: what happened today was something that would bother her for a long time. "Sensei, thank you for the seal."

"Eh, it's no biggie." He gave her a thumbs up. "You reacted better than I thought you would. Glad I didn't have to go into Plan B."

"What was Plan B?"

"Well, I know you would've wanted the seal, but if it felt like you were moving too much," Naruto held his chin, a posture of deep thought displayed, "I would've suspended you naked from the branch and then go to work on you."

Sakura liked that thought and that in itself was more concerning. "We are not gonna talk about this."


"We're going to be totally normal. This never happened."

"Totally." Naruto Uzumaki was on board and she started walking back. He was following her and upon her stare, he shrugged.

"I walk you back after every traumatic incident, don't I?"

"Yeah, you or a clone." Though Sakura wouldn't label today's incident as traumatic. Far from it, Sakura was trying to stave off thoughts that were dirty. The road back home was long and half the time she felt like he was staring at her ass. As if he could tell what it looked like under the clothes and more than once she'd given him a glare, but it lacked something. Instead she found herself walking with a sway and after she finally arrived at her doorstep, she caught him red-handed. "You were staring."

"Can you blame me?"

"Do you realize how wrong you sound right now?"

"Think I didn't notice the way you walked on the way back?"


"That's what I thought. Well I have to go get Hinata now." With a spin of his heel, he turned around and waved as he walked away. "See you around, Sakura-chan." She grew so angry at the name, but all of a sudden she remembered. A boy with yellow hair bright as the sun, eyes blue as the summer skies and a smile so wide she agreed to play with him in the playground before being dragged away by her mother for some reason. The image of the boy drifting off in the background was replaced by a man now.

"Now, Sensei-kun, let your bride make love to you."

"We're not married yet."

"We will be."

She began gyrating her hips, gently lifting and dropping them, and moaning for him sweetly. Her skin was hot, chakra fatigue emitting through her skin, as she finally got a chance to be on top for the first time today. The heat from her womanhood was hotter and dripping at she relished at rutting in such an open space.

Once upon a five months ago she would not have thought she'd be riding her long, lost crush in the middle of a field, but what seemed like a scorned fate was just an afterthought. Plus, she had to stake her claim with all the new challengers rising.

Also she really, really loved having sex with him.

As she started to get in rhythm, shaking her hips more vigorously and more creatively than most of his other partners. She liked to think that at least. Her hips moved as if she were an exotic dancer. She wasn't wild at heart, but he brought something out of her in throes of passion. His gaze was locked on her breasts, something he'd been heavily adoring, licking and biting after the Seal was completed.

Wanting a little more affection there, she took his hands, placing them on her breasts, and he squeezed so hard, Hinata smiled shamelessly. "Ah, so good~"

Hinata kept bouncing, her hips slamming harder against his pelvis as his hands worked her breasts. She was feeling another climax build up inside her and given how the clone was reacting, he was close too. Her hot, fleshy inner walls clamped around his massive length, Her Byakugan activated as she yelled loudly. He was so deep within her and she came, her nails digging into the very skin of his chest. Thankfully, she enjoyed it more as the clone began pumping her full of hot, sticky spunk and its warmth was soooooo familiar she felt weird without it.

As soon as it happened, she threw her head back and cried out, "OH SENSEI-KUN! YOU'RE FILLING ME UP SO MUCH! NEVER STOP DOING THIS TO ME!"

Her body shook, her inners trembled and something inside her very soul burst as she fell on top of the clone. Each time she and her Sensei-kun did it, she wanted more. What was this insatiable hunger to always be joined with him at the hip? To have him inside her all the time?

Something stronger than love. Something she could never explain and nor did she ever want one. Naruto Uzumaki was hers and she was his.

Now and always. The clone went up in a cloud of smoke and she realized the real Naruto had returned who groaned and bit his knuckles.

"Geez, Hinata," he said, shaking his head, "I'm beginning to think you're more of a sex addict than me."

"I am addicted. To you," the Hyuga replied lying on her side and rubbing her stomach as she felt his jizz slosh around inside her. Sometimes she had some…thoughts. Thoughts of what would happen if she didn't perform an after-sex jutsu one time. How his seed inside her would grow and she'd finally give him something he didn't have: family. Maybe it would make him a bit cheery as he used to be, maybe he'd be a bit more optimistic. But she never did.

He was a jōnin. On top of that, apparently he had made some enemies outside the village. Powerful enemies who were not beneath even the most nefarious of means and would do anything to get to him. For that reason, Naruto Uzumaki refused to let anyone know he was involved with anyone. That and he never actually confirmed he was in a relationship with any girl he'd gone to bed with. Rude. Understandable, but rude.

"Cute." Naruto remarked and lied down beside her, looking at her straight in the eyes with a softer gaze. She didn't know how he'd make her feel giddy with just a look. "You said you'd be going home. I'm sure if you go in with a genjutsu to hide how wild your hair looks, you're gonna be in a bit of a bind."

She went from pink to red just that quick. Her father had taken the news well of them being engaged well enough. Him figuring out they were making love? Not so much. Despite that, she knew she couldn't just walk in like that and in a compound full of eyes who saw beyond what others could see, it was stupid to even assume she'd get away with it. Thankfully, her sensei had cast the Privacy Seal in a spot near to the lake.

Quickly cleaning herself and making herself look prim and proper, she and Naruto walked to the Hyuga compound.

The looks towards her were formal, in a manner of speaking. She was no longer Heiress and in the eyes of the Hyuga that meant weakness. She'd always been known as a weakling. Too shy, too timid, too pacifistic to avoid conflicts even ones that didn't matter. So when she felt the eyes of an Elder looking at her with the despise, Hinata Hyuga stared back.

She didn't know what was more cathartic: the look of shock on his face as he angrily fumbled away or the fact that Naruto was talking trash to every Hyuga in range who gave her the stink-eye.

"Punk." He pointed at a passerby. "Jackass." The glare of another one intensified.

"Who are you?" She recognized the contempt and disgust in the voice. Eyes pale as hers, his face similar to her own father's and everything about him screamed the regality that the Hyuga were known for. Her dear cousin. Someone she called brother as a child. "You speak…filthy words in a place perhaps you're not well acquainted with."

"Cunt." This was really not how she envisioned her fiancé to meet Neji.

"Apologize. Now."

"I'm sorry," Hinata was surprised at his sudden apology, "that you're a cunt." That sounded more like something he'd say.

She recognized the way his hand was moving and before both Hyuga could react, Naruto Uzumaki was gone. He stood behind Neji Hyuga inspecting his ponytail.

"What shampoo do you use? Mine are getting spikier each day," he queried as he spun the end of her cousin's silky smooth locks. Outrage was the only thing that defined the look on Neji's face.

"Naruto Uzumaki," her father's voice entered the fray and she didn't miss how her cousin's fist shook. "You arrive unannounced."

"I was escorting my student. Surely, we don't need to be that formal."

"We do not, but," Hiashi Hyuga put his foot down on the matter, "a presence of someone such as yourself requires preparation."

"That's going to be you in 20 years," Naruto nudged Neji with his elbows and if the disgust in his eyes wasn't clear before it was vivid now.

"Lord Hiashi," his words were venomous, "this…jōnin was referring to members of the clan, even those from the Main Branch, with crass words. Surely, you would not let someone slight us that way."

"If we were in a village governed by our own, I would've told you to take his head off." Naruto Uzumaki started laughing as every Byakugan targeted him and Hinata was officially worried.

"Father, I apologize on his behalf," Hinata was about to bow her head before something stopped her. Something sinister in the air. Cold, malevolent and overwhelming dread filled the air as everyone around them stood on guard. Naruto Uzumaki was standing in between herself and her father, but his gaze was focused on Neji Hyuga. Her cousin, genius that he was, was looking at him with a shaky stance.

"None of you would be able to take my head if I left myself unguarded." And with those words the danger disappeared. Naruto 'tch'-ed as he looked at Neji who was sweating from the murderous intent her fiancé let loose in the area. "Learn to take a joke, you thick-headed cunt."

"Enough," Her father looked calm, but she knew he looked more serious than she'd ever seen him. "Stop antagonizing him and everyone else."

"You guys make it too easy. Anyway, your daughter wanted to visit you and the family before the Chūnin Exams started. Thought I'd drop her by seeing as I got another place to visit on the way." Naruto Uzumaki and her father exchanged more words as Neji remained firmly planted where he stood. His eyes darting between the jōnin and her. Finally the talk was over and Naruto looked at her with a lazy smiled. "Well, enjoy your day. I'll see you when I see you."

"Take care, Sensei," she curtsied. Hinata as much as she wanted to give him a goodbye kiss didn't. Her clan was notoriously conservative in some manners. Public displays of affection happened to be one of the top 3 things. Before leaving, Naruto looked at Neji once more, pointing at his eye with his middle finger before flipping her cousin off. Not the start she wanted at all.

"Well, Hinata," her father spoke as Naruto Uzumaki left, cursing more folks on the way out, "make sure to let me know beforehand of when he arrives. He'll start a war one day like this."

"Yes, Father," and the leader of the Hyuga Clan walked away to the Main House as she looked at her cousin and greeted him. "I hope you've been well, Nii-san."

"You've changed." It was all he said before walking away. Hinata blinked. She expected at least one insult. Perhaps Sensei-kun unnerved him more than she thought. Entering her childhood home, Hinata went to her chambers and took a relaxing bath. Today had been a long day, at least she got her fill.

They said Lady Luck was a tricky bitch and worked in mysterious ways. Sometimes she'd take everything away from one person, and shower another one with all the riches in the world. Of course she knew luck never worked in such extreme measures.

It came in bursts, moments within moments and boy oh boy did her luck work out today. Coming home after the sealing, which involved so much heavy petting that she asked her sensei to fuck her like a dog in heat, Ino was glad to be in the company of her parents again and enjoyed the familiar warm and fuzzy feeling of home. Of course, they had to head out. Apparently there was a small get-together at Chōza Akimichi's house and it'd been sometime since the merry band had enjoyed a fine Konoha afternoon.

She didn't mind nor complain.

The blonde was tired from the sparring session and enjoyed the long, long shower. Of course what came after was more enjoyable. Naruto Uzumaki had somehow, someway managed to come all the way to her house and as soon as he got in, he said he needed to make up for not giving her a punishment for not lasting too long during their spar.

Ino was all too happy to comply.

Now in the middle of the Yamanaka nursery, Ino Yamanaka was against the wall. The sinful fragrance of sex was mixed with the scent from the flowers as she grew hot with the Uzumaki dominating her body and rocking her to the core. Each push brought her closer to the edge. Her velvety hot vice clamped tightly around Sensei-kun's engorged monster that general anatomy called a penis. But it was so big, so thick, so long and so perfect it made her jitter each time it went inside her. And each time would be better than the last. Ino Yamanaka smiled stupidly, tears forming around her ears as the jōnin pressed forward.

She felt the beads of sweat roll down her breasts as Naruto pinched them. He turned her around after pulling out, and then got himself back into her with a loud squelch making sure to hit that spot she loved. His dick pushed between her hot nether lips and he stuffed his face between her breasts.

"You're so insatiable," her fingers tightly gripped his hair, not wanting him to move away from her tits. Her hips worked back and forth, back and forth as she looked forward to milking him and spasming all over him after a mind-blowing orgasm which she knew was on the way. He plowed her with full force as she clung onto him and moaned louder and louder. The thrusts came faster and harder as she blabbered nonsense.

He stopped.

"Oooooh~ Why did you stop? I was so close tooooooo~"

"Yeah, yeah, but you know," Naruto pointed around and she noticed. Her previous orgasms had left a rather bit of a mess on the floor. A clone appeared. For a moment Ino grew fearful. Thankfully, the clone was grumbling as he was cleaning up the place. Naruto Uzumaki then carried her upstairs, to her bed…holding her as a husband would hold a bride and Ino did not expect this from him, not now, especially in her house. It was almost too much to absorb and she grew more horny if that was possible.

As soon as she was laid out on the bed, she spread her legs wide, pussy glistening with her juices as she invited him inside. "Come on, Sensei-kun. Let's break this bed. Come on~ Make me squirm. Pound me so hard I can't walk ever again."

"Okay, you need to calm down," Naruto Uzumaki got on the bed and she jumped him, her lips capturing his as her tongue danced with his. She moaned as his hands cupped her ass cheeks, spanking them as she enjoyed the harsher touch. "What's gotten into you?"

"Nothing, just fuck me."

"I will, but why the extra urge to get off. You know I'm going to screw you senseless any way." Ino sighed and calmed down a bit. She didn't want to say, but with the look he was giving her, she had no choice.

"You saw Sakura naked today."

"I had a blindfold on."

"Doesn't change the fact that you got all touchy with her." Ino was in a bind. Her mind wasn't on Sasuke anymore. At least not in the way it used to be. But Sakura. Oof. She knew, she knew what that girl's ass was like having always gone out of her way to strike her there during their Academy days, something she carried into her genin training camp. Honestly, she was jealos of that bubble butt. It bothered her. It bothered her a lot.

"Well, yeah," Naruto shrugged. "Didn't go anywhere I wanted too though. Didn't know her ass was you know-"

"I know!" Ino shouted much louder than she wanted to. "Look, I don't know if you noticed, but she and I had…issues. It started from Sasuke."

"Shocker." Her sensei's sarcasm was dry as ever.

"The point is," Ino pushed her finger against his lips, "I fought with her over someone already. I don't want that again."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "You do realize…I'm already seeing a lot of people along with you."

"I know, but that's not the point. It's Sakura and she-"

"Is just like any other person."

A suspicion rose in her mind. "Do you like her?"

"I mean, not really."

"Let me rephrase that: Do you want her join this…harem of yours?"

"First of all," he seemed offended, "it's not a harem. Secondly, if she did, would it really be that much of a problem?"

Ino wanted to say no. Say 'Hell the fuck yes it would be a problem'. Then she realized she was fucking the fiancé of two other women. Someone who potentially had more fuck buddies in the village. And she was trying to keep him away from her like she was his…girlfriend.

Ino didn't know what she was to him. She did know this: Ino Yamanaka didn't find it particularly nice when some women would give him the looks.

"I don't know."

"We'll cross that bridge if we ever get there, for now. Let's just focus on you."

"You don't think I'll fuck you after all that, do you?" Ino crossed her arms. Of course she wanted to fuck him, but she wanted him to work for it. He stared at her and his gaze felt predatory.

"Okay." And like that he got off the bed and Ino's eyes widened. His hand was on the lock. "See you a-"

"WAIT! WAIT! I was kidding!" She jumped off of the bed and her chest pressed against his back. "You are not going anywhere until you take me around the fucking world, Naruto Uzumaki!"

"You know, you're the bossiest girl I ever met." He turned around and grabbed the back of her ponytail, almost yanking it. Naruto smiled. "I like it."

"You'll like me down there more."

"Yeah, but since you acted all bratty and kinda lost quickly, which let's be honest you threw on purpose, you deserve a bit more punishment."

Before Ino knew it, Naruto went through hand seals and spat some viscous water which tied her hands behind her back. He dragged her by the wrist and locking the fluid handcuffs to the head of the bed. Tugging on her ponytail once more, she shivered in excitement and anticipation as rested his dick in the crevice of her butt. His hand worked her breasts and pussy, his fingers were magic. He bit on her earlobe and she tried to lean back as much as she could.

"With the way you look, I don't see what you're worried about." He whispered hotly into her ear. "Your boobs aren't as big as Hinata, and your butt isn't is bubbly as Sakura's-"

"Are you trying to insult me, Uzumaki?" She told him, earning a hard spank that made her want more.

"Doesn't even let me finish," the head of his cock rubbed eagerly along the slit as she waited for him to be inside her again. "As I was saying, you may not beat them in those departments, but you're perfect on your own."

She moaned as she felt Naruto enter her once more. Two became one.

"Your ass is better than Hinata's," he told her fondly squeezed one of her cheeks. "Your tits are certainly bigger than Sakura's." He was rubbing her breasts with the sticky syrup. "You see what I mean?"

"That I'm perfect?" She joked and the honesty in his smile made her heart skip beats.

"That's right."

I've been trapped inside two prisons before. Both of them were freaks in their rooms. You seem to be doing all you can to make them look like amateurs.

That's high praise, furry.

It wasn't a compliment, you lecherous, hairless ape. The Kyūbi certainly knew a lot of words. What's the point? All of it? What happens when people find out you go around claiming women like trophies?

Kyūbi, buddy, buddy…be honest. Do you think I care?

The silence was victory for him and quite honestly he liked it. The Bijū was more vocal nowadays and he didn't particularly dislike it. It was insane hearing a voice inside his head always telling him he'd fail and one day all his efforts would be undone. If anything, that fueled him more. Nothing drove Naruto more than proving people wrong and then making them eat their words.

Kakashi Hatake thought he wouldn't be able to survive a one-on-one with him. He proved him wrong. Shisui Uchiha told him he could never catch up to him in terms of pure speed. He kicked him in the nuts in the middle of his famous jutsu. Itachi said he lacked the killer instinct to be an ANBU because of his young age. So, Naruto on the very next mission chose to go after the biggest name they encountered and threw his head at the Uchiha. Danzo Shimura said he lacked the will to do the right thing no matter what he felt. Naruto killed the family of the Daimyo he assassinated.

That was when he was younger. Now he wasn't as impulsive. He thought more coolly. Reacted faster and patriotic as he was, had his own interests in mind too. After all, he was a Jinchūriki. He was supposed to be the pariah, the fuck-up, the loser and outcast if he kept staying on that path. He rose above. Naruto Uzumaki was no one's puppet, especially to fate. With one eye he saw the world for what it was, with his other eye he saw the strings of those with power.

All his strings were gone. Barring that one problematic organization outside the village, Naruto Uzumaki knew he was a free man. He was perhaps the freest man in all of the nations. That was something no one would ever take away from him.

"You called for me?" Naruto asked the Hokage and the old man waved for him to take a seat. Scrolls laid out before him and judging by the amount of ash, the monkey had been busy. "Anything I should know."

"Yes," Hiruzen Sarutobi took another long drag. "Last minute entry by the Cloud."

"Those fuckers," Naruto laughed. He and the Hidden Cloud had an interesting relationship. "How many teams are they sending?"

"Just one." Hiruzen handed him a scroll. "These three." Karui. A red-haired dark-skinned kunoichi who looked fiery than her hair. Omoi, a shinobi with a lazy look and a penchant for laziness. Atsui, this one had a ferociousness in his face and the smirk reeked of ego. It was an interesting trio. He noted some information was missing.

"Who's their sensei?"

"Apparently the Raikage didn't let us know that, and said sensei won't be accompanying his team. So they're sending someone else in as proxy."

"Quite the disrespect, Hokage-sama," The Third Hokage laughed at his address. "Are we just gonna ignore it?"

"For now." The mood was more somber now. "The Hidden Sound is taking part as well. That's someone we need to keep an eye on."

"The new upstart village looking to make some noise."

"Noise. Chaos. Keep an eye on them, will you?"

"And a blade. Anything else, old man?" The man leaned back in his chair. Smoking silently as the Professor keenly observed him. "You know if I was a girl, this would cause a lot of problems for you."

"Don't even joke about that."

"Danzo might use something like that to cancel your ass."

"Maybe, but let me worry about Danzo."

"Not a chance in hell. If he slips up, you know I have first dibs."

"Doesn't it bother you to speak that way about a teacher of yours?"

"Oh my heart bleeds for him." Naruto remembered how the Shinobi of Darkness tried to control him. Failing at every turn. "Which is why I'll take his if he steps out of line."

"You seem happier than before."

"Eh?" Okay that caught him off guard. That was worrying. "Staying in the village does that to you."

Hiruzen Sarutobi's chuckle sounded annoying now. "Shut up." He got up and left knowing that there was no more purpose for him here. Strolling through Konoha, Naruto made his mind to go to Ichiraku's for a meal, before he could something else caught his attention.

Sasuke Uchiha looking at a shinobi a bit shorter than him, with red hair, a red symbol above his eye and a gourd on his back. Along with him a shinobi clad in a black suit and a young kunoichi with a battle fan. Surrounding them were three younger brats. One of which he knew and seeing his mouth run made Naruto scoot over there.

"Konohamaru! You little shit!" Naruto jumped in the scene behind all of the ninja unexpected as he caught the younger boy by the collar. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Naruto-nii-chan!" The boy was a fan of his. Often times Naruto would be assigned to guard the scion of the Sarutobi clan and the boy bonded with him. After becoming a jōnin and going to pick up his check one day, he found the boy bothering the Hokage and god knows how the boy recognized him. The admiration in his eyes was too real to ignore. "I haven't seen you in so long. That guy with the makeup tried to hurt me!"

"It's war paint, you brat!"

"Shut up, makeup guy, I'm trying to teach the little shit here some manners." Naruto ignored how he was threatened with the puppet. Dropping Konohamaru, he made the young boy and his posse scramble. "Sorry about him. I'm guessing he bumped into you or something."

"He did and then had the audacity to tell us to watch where we're going," the teal eyed blond kunoichi answered and she was measuring him up. Not entirely out of lust though. "Are all Konoha shinobi this impulsive?"

"Only the gutsiest ones." Naruto put his arm around Sasuke's shoulder. The boy was very surprised giving him an incredulous look. "Anyway, glad to see you've all met up. Now excuse use, me and this genin have a bit of talking to do."

"Uzumaki, get your hands off me." Itachi's little bro was trying to sound threatening. How cute.

"Now, now. We don't want an incident that causes all of you from being unable to participate in the Chūnin Exams, do we?" That seemed to get the Uchiha in line, but he still shrugged him off and was about to walk away when the shortest one among them spoke.

"What's your name?" The voice was pretty sick to hear. The last of his clan didn't hesitate to answer.

"Sasuke Uchiha."

"I am Gaara of the Sand." He smiled. "I look forward to killing you."

Sasuke Uchiha wasn't the least rattled and welcomed it with a smile of his own. "You can try." The boy walked away and Naruto whistled at the scene before him.

"Ah, genin and edgy words. So inspiring." Naruto's joke didn't seem to earn a chuckle from either of them. The redhead's intention was all too clear. The seal even more obvious. "Well, I'll see you kids around."

"You're no older than us." Gaara of the Sand halted him with his words. "And yet you're a jōnin. Are you that skilled or a cheap imitation?"

Oh he wanted to punch the little twat in the face so hard he'd have to grow new skin, but he was a jōnin. He was more mature than that. "Who knows? I'm not even sure myself."

"I look forward to killing you as well, Uzumaki."

"The name's Naruto, shortcake," the boy's eye twitched. He didn't like height jokes. "Now if you lovely sand folks will excuse me, I need to go eat. Welcome to Konoha. Enjoy your stay and try not to spill blood of any of ours."

"If we do?" And the look of shock on Gaara's face was well worth it as Naruto clasped his shoulder.

"You'll regret it," Naruto paused, "raccoon boy." And with those words Naruto Uzumaki walked past all three of them. He sighed as he finally got into Ichiraku's and before he could greet old man Ichiraku, undoubtedly the finest chef in all of the nations, and Ayame, his daughter who would one day take his position, he stopped.

There in his personal seat sat a chocolate skinned woman wearing a black pants which clung tightly to her thick thighs and led up to perhaps one of the juiciest asses he'd ever seen and wide hips, a full sleeved v-neck dark purple shirt which showed a fair amount of cleavage from her busty chest, and a standard Kumo jōnin vest over it. A large nodachi on her back and her sandy blond hair framed the sides of her face, a small fringe of it rested to the left of her forehead, the rest of it was tied in a braid, resting over on one side of her shoulder. Her ravishing russet eyes greeted him as she put a hand on her cheeks, licking her red lips forming a smile that both aroused him and unnerved him.

"Did you miss me?"

Kyu or as she liked to be called Q. One of the feistiest people he'd met in his life and the one he had his first time with. Oh and she was the Fourth Raikage's daughter.


And that right there is the latest chapter. Also, Q the OC's appereance is mostly based off of Dark Elf from Bikini Warriors, minus the Elf ears and turban.

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