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She spluttered and coughed midway down on his member, its sheer size and girth were far greater than she assumed. Still she went down, inch by inch, his fingers threaded through her hair, guiding her. Her drool had coated his dick all over, and every time it got a little easier. Ino heard him moan and coiled her tongue around his massive member, bobbing her head up and down. She'd read a lot about this, never in a thousand dreams did she expect herself to act so…passionately.

Ino tried to go fast, but it was so big she had a hard time doing what she did. Too much and she felt like she'd faint, yet with each try her neck and throat became more intruded. His thick shaft twitched inside her and his hand patted her lovingly. He grabbed a fistful of her hair, she moaned at the harsher touch. Her eyes widened and tears formed as he pushed her down suddenly. She gagged wildly, struggling for breath, her nose rubbed against his lower stomach. His cock, his big, fat cock was inside her throat. She felt relieved and gasped for breath as he took her off his cock, her saliva spewed all the way over to the base of his cock.

"What do you think you're mmmmph-!" was all Ino said before her mouth was invaded again. His hand wrapped firmly around her silky hair as he repeatedly made her swallow his length whole. In and out, Naruto Uzumaki kept jamming himself inside her throat and Ino retched, gagged, coughed and drooled uncontrollably. He was treating her so harshly, but she didn't want him to stop either. Like a doll, she was being ragged around, her poor mouth being used so casually, the musk of his dick was all she could smell, it was so strong, and she felt him throb and twitch wildly inside. The pace increased so fast, she got dizzy and started to choke. It got dark until he pulled out, his entire cock was covered in a sheen of her spit, smooth and shiny.

Ino had tears in her eyes, she was so tired from just this. And yet…her snatch was dripping wet. It'd been ravaged by his tongue the moment they'd enter Ino's room. Her clothes had never been taken off that quickly in her life before. She'd never felt so dirty before, and the strangest part: she liked it.

All of it.

"Now if I'm a guessing man, this is probably gonna be your first time." She didn't look him in the eyes until she felt him cupping her cheeks. There was a smile on his face. It was so…strange. She blushed, badly.

"Yes," she said and again Naruto Uzumaki kissed her. She was taken back at first, but kissed back. His thumbs were adoring her cheekbones as his tongue massaged hers, Ino didn't want it to stop; she felt all hell would break loose if she did. After a few long moments of exchanging breathes with the repeated suckling of one another's lips, she felt her legs being parted. His member was lined up with her snatch as he poked at her entrance, rubbing over it, making her feel even more restless. "Why don't you…put it in already…sensei?"

"Oh I'll do it, but you have to call me something first." His finger rubbed her down there, flicking on that little spot. She moaned at his touch as his other hand massaged her breast.

"What mmmmh~"


Even under that state of euphoria, Ino knew how cheesy it was, but all that pride quelled when he pinched nub of her clit. "Please! Put it in me, Sensei-kun." Her eyes widened at the sudden intrusion. Ino struggled in stifling her scream but did let out a pained yelp after feeling the pain of losing her innocence. She felt him moving in and out of her pleasantly. Each thrust made her moan, each time he'd go a little bit deeper and Ino bit her lip tightly. Her hand came up to cover her mouth, as her inner walls felt warm and mushy, wrapping around his member. It's so big.

His hand forced her hand away from her mouth. "What are you so shy about?" He thrust harder. "Didn't you switch places with Kurenai?" He slammed faster. "Didn't you shamelessly spy on me again?" The clone's hips jutted back and forth, raising her legs to wrap it around him. She reeled at how good she felt. Her back arched as her mind melted.

"Yes!" She shouted as she screamed in bliss. He had rammed his entire length into her. A surprised, almost fearful gasp left Ino as her body attempted to get used to his sheer size. The way it stretched out her inner walls and immediately molded them to his shape was incredible. Ino's mouth remained agape, her mind racked with a feeling she'd never known as her hands gripping the bed sheets tightly. Ino's entire body shuddered as she felt him take himself out of her. With dizzy eyes, she looked at the monster between his legs. Ino moaned wondering how her poor little pussy took all of that monster inside her.

"You liked doing that didn't you?" Again, he slammed all of it into her. "You're filthy voyeur." The pain she felt before lessened and as time passed. "You even used your clan jutsu on a jōnin to get a ghost fucking session." Joy took its place now. Fascination took over; the pleasure she felt when taking over Kurenai's body was nothing compared to this. She felt her lust rise in droves inside her, making her feel hot inside and she wanted him to go harder at her. Her lips curled into a bright and loving smile as his hips finally pressed against hers, his hand making her look at her as a smile of his own cracked. "You just want to be fucked into oblivion. Don't you?"

"YES!" Raspy and breathless moans left her lips as he slammed his hips against hers once more, he kept at it, in and out, faster and harder. The pleasure she felt in that moment was intense and the feeling of Naruto's body keeping her pinned down was far better than anything she had ever felt before. She knew that he wasn't even trying to hold her down, but it was harder and harder for her to breathe the longer and faster he fucked her. "It feels soooo good~"

Leaning her head back and screaming out in pure bliss, Ino was caught by surprise when she felt Naruto's lips press against her own, forcing her to be quiet. Her eyes slowly rolled into the back of her head as his tongue started to explore her mouth and easily dominate her. She could feel her inner walls convulsing and squeezing around the incredible length that filled her over and over again, steadily and well-paced.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as their tongues continued to dance in her mouth, allowing her to keep him as close as she possibly could while he fucked her. Unfortunately, that fucking smoothly came to a stop as Naruto's hands started to roam her body. Ino wasn't able to ask just what was going on as his tongue still filled her mouth, nor did she particularly care as his throbbing member was still pressing against her womb and buried inside of her. But she got an answer all the same a moment later when Naruto hooked his arms into the back of her knees and adjusted her body however he wanted. When she took her next breath, Ino was in a proper mating press position with Naruto using all of his weight to hold her down now.

Her breath hitched in her throat as his arms moved and allowed her legs to rest against his waist, but she continued to let moan after sweet moan slip from her lips. In this new position, each and every thrust felt so much deeper and heavier. She thought her pussy was going to be broken after he was done.

A sharp gasp erupted from Ino's lips the moment Naruto fucked her faster than before, this time being rougher than he was already. The feeling of her pussy having to stretch and accommodate each and every inch of her sensei's throbbing shaft sent waves of pure pleasure and bliss through her system. Each second that passed filled her with a sense of fear that melded perfectly with the ecstasy that coursed through her.

"Faster, Sensei-kun… Faster… Use me like you used Kurenai~ Oooooh~ I'm your student! Don't I deserve more than her~"

"Damn. Alright, girl." Naruto laughed as he continued to make sure to completely fill her up. It didn't matter if her body could take it or not. Right now, making sure that he made her feel good was all that mattered. Consequences be damned. With just how roughly Naruto was thrusting into her, Ino couldn't stop herself from wrapping her leg around his waist in an attempt to keep him in place and from pulling out of her. She didn't want it to stop!

Her tongue rolled out of her mouth, she felt like she was getting closer and closer to that sweet release again with each rapid thrust that filled her incredibly tight and tiny cunt. His fingers pinched on the nub of her clit, fiercely. Ino's screams of pleasure filled the room as he pulled out of her and she felt him smearing her breasts, her belly and face with his seed.

The smell was so strong. Gingerly her fingers wiped off his cum on her face and stared at it. She brought it closer to her lips, taking in the smell once more before tasting it.

It was…sweetish, but a bit salty too.

"Nice, no?" Sensei-kun leaned closer towards her face and she nodded, scraping the rest off of her breasts and midriff, her hands smeared with his cream as she used licked it eagerly. Her tongue sloshed it around her mouth, taking in the flavor of this thing she thought was disgusting before. "Who knew Inoichi-san's daughter was such a slut?" She swallowed and looked at him apphrensively.

"I'm not a slut," Ino said, cheeks reddened. She wasn't…she wasn't…a slut.

"Yes you are."

"No, I'm not." He narrowed his eye at her and she felt a bit worried. Pulling her close, Naruto pinned her down on the bed, her face against the sheets as he twisted her arm a bit. She gasped when she felt him swat her ass.

"You are."

"I'm no-ooooh~" she moaned as she felt his hand spank her again. On and on, her sensei kept spanking her ass cheeks. It stung and hurt so much, and she welcomed it all the more, wiggling her rear. He kept asking her over and over. She could only moan, until he spread her cheeks more, hitting each cheek harder, then he started to slap her pussy too. It was so sensitive now. She came again, shamelessly.

"Are you a slut?"

"Yes!" She said it so many times, but he would not relent. Her buttocks burned and her pussy twitched. Soon she found herself sucking his cock again, just as rough as he was with her before. He spanked her each time she would slow down a bit. Ino, obediently, bobbed her head up and down the length, smiling as tears formed in her eyes. With deep breathes she willingly took more this time. Her nose pressed against his pelvis, coughing and gagging as her throat constricted around his hardened member.

Then he made her stop, a line of thick saliva formed between her lips and the tip. Ino's turquoise eyes looked at him, dazed and confused at this halt. He picked her up and placed him on his lip, dragging her slit across the length of his cock. She shivered in anticipation. The Yamanaka wanted more of him inside.

"Are you going to make wait more, Sensei-kun?" She leaned back as she felt his hands fondle her breasts. Squeezing them. His tongue circled her areola in slow fashion. Her nipples grew stiff and he bit on them, making her grind wildly against his crotch. "Please."


"Please~ Put it in me~"

"I already did it once," he pinched her rosy buds. She moaned, biting her lip. "Why should I do it again?"

"You're hard!"

"Life is hard. Get used to it."

"Please. I can't take it anymore."

"What about Sasuke?" Ino looked away. She didn't want to answer. The girl didn't want to think about that. "Oi, I asked you something."

"…I don't want to talk about him…"

"Oh," Naruto's hands squeezed her ass cheeks. "You won't?"

"N-AH!" She screamed when she felt him swatting her ass again. Much harder than before.

"I said," he spanked her again, Ino began tearing up. He was just being cruel now. "What about Sasuke?"

"Sasuke-kun is AAAH" her cheeks flared red.

"He's what?" He slapped her again and again and again…and again. His fingers were around her throat now, slowly tightening. "Tell me. What is Sasuke to you?"

She tried to speak, but the repeated spanks and light choke, she couldn't find the right words. What was Sasuke Uchiha to her? Her crush, her one true…she remembered the dreams. Gone was the raven haired handsome Uchiha. All she saw in her nocturnal escapes of pleasure were…her Sensei-kun.

"Just a crush!" She shouted and finally he stopped. Ino breathed heavily. Naruto removed his hand from her neck, his fingers now threading through her silky, messed up hair. She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"I don't entirely believe you," he said and smiled. "But for now, you'll get what you want."

"Then why did you do all that?" she twitched a bit as his hand rubbed over her stinging ass.

"Oh I just felt like doing that. You have a spank worthy ass."

"You-oooooooh!" She'd been lifted, her breasts clashed against his chest, arms wrapped around his neck and her hips dropped as his cock impaled her, she'd taken all of him in one go. Just like the first time she had been filled by it, Ino's body shuddered and quivered in her sensei's grip. The blissfully perfect feeling of being stuffed full of dick also filled her mind as she started to slowly rock her hips back and forth.

"Oh god…" she said, biting into his shoulder as his hands continued to squeeze her ass.

"Oh, Ino," he licked and bit her ear, making her wiggle into him more. "You and I are gonna have so much fun."

What else will you do, Sensei-kun?

"And that's what I've planned so far." Naruto Uzumaki finished.

The Hokage, Danzo, Homura Mitokado and Koharu were front and center; the Old Man looked at him, pipe in mouth, Danzo had his eyes closed, the other two birds were still focused on the paper, no doubt trying to find mistakes in his report outline—those hairy old cunts. Behind them, clan heads sat and listened to the plan. So far from what he surmised, they had no qualms against what he said.

"Anything more to add?"

"I think I should get a raise for the work I do."

"Anything relevant to the plans we discussed, Jōnin Uzumaki."

"I think I should get a raise for the work I am about to."

"I think that will be all."

The Third Hokage, the renowned leader of Konoha and God of Shinobi, was a cheapskate. At least he tried. It's amazing how many headaches piled up one after the other in his life. In fact, he could feel one building up right now. Throughout the whole meeting he could barely keep it together as he knew just what the fuck was going on at his house. In fact, he could feel it in his chakra. Man, oh man, was he using up a good portion of his chakra. From what he guessed, the clones were still going at it with Anko, Hinata and Ino. Good God he was dreading on handling that last part. Stupid Naruto. Stupid clones. Why am I like this? This is a hassle and at the same time I want to know what it's like. Goddamn the Unlimited Uzumaki Sex Drive.

"Hey, Naruto." Kakashi, one of the few shinobi along with the clan heads present here, tapped his shoulder. "Are you alright?"

"Of course I am."

"You were acting odd."

"You were reading porn when I was discussing the plan."

"I was paying attention."

"Well if you did then you'd see that I was perfectly fine."

The jōnin rolled his eye. "Are we really going down this route? You know how this ends."

He hated his old teacher sometimes when he nagged him like that. Each teacher in his life taught him something; Kakashi taught him how to survive this cruel world and fight against those who threatened him, Danzo taught him the art of war so he could learn the value of peace, Sarutobi taught him what it means to be a true shinobi and what the village was, Jiraiya taught him how to be a true man, more importantly the Toad Sage showed him how to live. With all things in life, the first step was the most important. Kakashi Hatake, when Naruto met him, was the poster child for depression. Apathetic, suicidal, quiet. Well, at least he was in a better place, even if he did nag him with questions to make him slip up every now and then.

"I'm really hoping we don't."

"Alright, just answer me this."

"Alright, I'll bite." The Copy Ninja presumed a stance of deep thought. It was as if the man was in sync with the cosmos and grasping for the truth.

"You glanced towards Inoichi-san."

"I was looking at everyone in the room."


"Well the Hokage's desk was near theirs."

"Inoichi-san was seated the furthest from the Hokage's desk." Kakashi had a smug look on his face.

"If you must know," Naruto started, "it's because his daughter, my student, moved into the Uzumaki Compound. I was just reading him to see if he doesn't see me in a new light."

"Now why would he see you in a new light?"

"All fathers are protective towards their daughters."

"Hmmmm." Kakashi stroked his covered chin. Naruto knew the man was just doing this to fuck with his mind on some level, but he didn't exactly want his senpai to know that three of his clones were banging three different women at his house. He'd never let him live it down.

"Now if you'll excuse me, senpai, I want to go home. There's a special on today's TV about making oden." Naruto turned to leave. He needed to go on Operation Damage Control. Who knows how far things were going. He could just pop his clones at home, but he felt like it would have even more dire consequences.

"Why just five of us?"


"The five of us," Kakashi looked serious. "I am not criticizing your judgment. Far from it, I see the benefits, but you're usually more precautious. I'd expected you'd be making a squad of eight, maybe ten."

"I did plan that initially," Naruto explained. "Then I realized something about the whole thing didn't make sense."

"How so?"

"Kirigakure has always been one of the more cutthroat of the five major villages. They were part of the militia that destroyed Uzu. And no matter how much the times change, their Will remains the same. Kiri always operated on their caste system. The founders' families form the highest class, the allies are at the mid level and the ones from conquest are the lower class. Under normal circumstances, I'd say it's a class war that ate the village from the inside, but-"

"Kekkei Genkai."

"That's right," Naruto nodded. "You can find at least one Bloodline family in each class. I know that the Kaguya clan's actions fostered animosity and prejudice towards clans like those, but it doesn't seem like enough reason for the Mizukage to suddenly go on a cleansing quest like that. A lot of shinobi went rogue. Clans fled. Even the Seven Swordsmen turned their back on their leader. Ideology like that is dangerous. Sooner than later it'll spread to the villages. And like I said before, it just doesn't add up."

"You think someone else is pulling the strings. That's why you just want the five of us, to minimize the exposure. All this to take out Yagura of the Three Tails."

Naruto sighed. He wasn't sure. Chances are he was dead wrong. He'd read about Yagura the Bloody a lot. Born to a middle class family, Yagura Karatachi was the youngest graduate in the history of Mist's shinobi system. He was chosen as the Fourth Mizukage for his savagery in battle and status as being perhaps the strongest in his village despite his age. Rumors went so far as to confirm that Yagura had mastered the Tailed Beast that was sealed inside him. On face value it showed how much respect a Jinchūriki was being treated with, but it was clear that he was chosen for strength not virtue, and the Mist wanted other villages to fear their leader. Still, it made no sense. The persecution of Bloodlines on all levels of society. Did he snap under the pressure? Was there a conspiracy? Was he mentally sick? Nobody knew.

"Well you did teach me to look underneath the underneath. For all we know, I could be wrong. Maybe Yagura is just a bloodthirsty despot who wants chaos."

"Maybe. Maybe not." Kakashi placed his hand on Naruto's head, ruffling his hair. A tear of joy leaked out. "My student has grown so much. Planning a hit on a village leader to benefit the standing of our village among the five."

"Oi oi," Naruto deadpanned, "you're making it sound like I'm some evil mastermind."

"You're well on your way to being one," Kakashi wiped the tear away. He turned and waved. "Well off to wherever you were going. See you later, future Hokage." Naruto groaned. It'd been sometime since he'd been referred by that name. Kakashi had started calling him that since the first day of their training when he had loudly proclaimed that he would become one.

Heading out of the room and all the way to the roof, Naruto sighed a bit. He looked up at the sky yawned before running to the rails and jumping off of the tower. He was running on rooftops, hopping his way from one building to another and smiled a bit. Some old habits never change, he thought as he stuck himself to the wall of the Hokage Monument right beside his father's face. He raised a hand to salute him, "Yo, Dad. Pray I can handle this whole thing well." He rushed up the rocky surface and sped past the archives before blazing through the Calm Forest.

Deep and twisted, the Calm Forest was a maze one would need to solve if they didn't notice the right markers. Now deep in the heart of the woods, Naruto arrived at the Uzumaki Compound. This place was originally built by Mito Uzumaki to serve as a sanctuary for any Uzumaki that would remain alive. His mother inherited this and lived here, later his father would move in after Kushina Uzumaki had 'convinced' him, loosely meaning she threw a tantrum that made his very soul tremble in fear—or so Jiraiya told him. The best thing about this place were the seals that kept everything secure.

Yes, yes. Seals. You Uzumaki and your fucking seals.

Oi, oi, Naruto was surprised the Fox decided to knock again so soon. Shouldn't you be angrily moping behind the cage right about now?

Consider yourself lucky, brat, the Fox's words carried venom. If it wasn't for this damned seal, I would've torn you apart first.

I love you too, Foxy. Though you didn't answer my question.

I am bored, human. I want to see the consequences of your actions.

I'm beginning to think you're a voyeur.

Rutting like animals is one of the basest instincts any being can have. There is nothing wrong with watching humans at their most primitive.

That is fucked up, Naruto shook his head and zoned in on Ino's chakra. Ino's flaring, twisting chakra that seemed to be rushing up and down. To be honest, he wasn't sure how he'd handle this, but in the end it was just something he'd have to man up and solve, like the rest of his problems. Whatever happens, happens. Well, I'm sure she's having fun. Wait…Hinata?!

HAH! He tuned out the Fox, making haste to diffuse the situation. That girl could be volatile sometimes, She was possessive too. Rushing into the corridor, Naruto hoped the situation wasn't heated.

She didn't know when she'd lost it, but she fell unconscious during her session with Sensei-kun's clone.

She'd woken up to see both clones using Anko Mitarashi like a toy. The jōnin had her mouth filled with one cock as the other brutally fucked her ass. Hinata herself woke up to find herself covered up with spunk from her face to her thighs, sticky and wet. As before she was going to clean herself up and did feel jealous that she'd fell into the darkness while Anko was getting more of Naruto to herself.

One thing caught her eye before she voiced her complained: the door. It was open and fear took over Hinata as she remembered that they did not live alone anymore. Ino was supposed to be at her family's house.

Barely covering herself up, Hinata activated her Byakugan to confirm her fears. Ino was inside the compound, but in her room. However. That's not all she saw. Someone was there with her and she sat in shock at the sight. It's not real, she told herself as she watched Ino bouncing on his cock like some whore, how the Yamanaka's face resembled a mask of pleasure. She felt so shocked. How could he do this? The Hyuga thought as she stepped out of the room, her dōjutsu flared up.

She walked steadily as a storm of rage rose inside her. Hinata had noticed the looks Ino had been giving her Naruto since the Wave Mission began. Before that, sure Ino may have felt flustered by him, for that she couldn't blame her; her Sensei-kun had a devilish charm in being a rogue, sharp tongued shinobi. But since Wave…things had changed. Ino had stared at Sensei-kun more. Blushed more than once while talking about him and almost couldn't look him in the eye properly when they talked sometimes. Sneaking on him while he trained half-naked was a normal thing (at least in her opinion), but how could this happen?

She turned the corner and stood at the threshold. Sensei-kun, she thought as her hand grabbed the doorknob. Am I not enough? Are they women you already have not enough? She opened the door and heard a scream of pleasure as the Byakugan seared the image into her mind. Sensei-kun was spraying his precious seed all over Ino as she shouted and called Naruto Uzumaki by the same name she'd given him.

She felt a pang in her chest and fists shook at the betrayal. Apparently they noticed her and Ino gasped, desperately trying to cover herself up with the sheets. The girl looked tired and worn out, no doubt they'd been at it for sometime given her Sensei-kun's endurance.

Hinata looked at her Sensei-kun and before she could say anything, ask him why…why he did this, he chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "Oops," is what he said before turning into smoke. A clone? The surprise made her deactivate her Byakugan. Those clones have personalities of their own sometimes, she surmised remembering how the clones in the other room talked about tying her up and blindfolding her. Naruto did tell her that Shadow Clones sometimes act independently, but still operated within the borders.

Did the clone act on instinct? Or did Sensei-kun on some level wanted to fuck Ino's brains out and that manifested?

"Hinata!" Ino was finally under the sheets to hide her body, though the lines of semen on her face did nothing to hide the shame. There was a look of fear in her teammate's eyes.

"Ino," she said and while she was very upset, the rage she felt had lessened. She'd entered with a volatile mind. Her Byakugan had probably scared the girl. Part of her wanted to hit her too. Sensei-kun too.

"I can explain."

"Please, do." Hinata's voice was stern and her stare made Ino look away. "Please tell me why you were fucking our sensei's clone."

Ino had turned beet red, a rare occasion, but she narrowed her eyes. "I could say the same to you. What I did was wrong, but you, you were going at it with another girl no less. So don't give me that look."

Hinata had been dreading the day when someone from her batch would find out that she and Naruto were in a relationship. Of all the ways for it to come up, she didn't expect getting caught in the act in a mini-orgy would be the way it would play out.

"Did he trick you or something? Genjutsu?" Ino's words made Hinata sigh deeply.

"Did he trick you?"


"Did you willingly want to…fornicate with sensei?" Hinata asked and watched how Ino refused to look her in the eyes, her fingers twitching around.


"So did I," Hinata started making Ino look at her with a gaping jaw. This time Hinata blushed a bit as she braced for herself for what she was about to say. "I…have always liked Naruto-kun. Since we started at the Academy. I'd met him before that and even back then he showed me how to be strong. After that, every day Naruto-kun would inspire me to stand up more for myself. I don't know when I started having more…" she pouted, looking in the corner, "those feelings towards him, but when he returned as our sensei, I felt like…" she poked her fingers. Breathing in again she composed herself. "I told myself I wouldn't lose sight of Naruto-kun again. He disappeared and not only became a jōnin, but he lost an eye too. All those scars on his body. I…I won't lose him again."

"Hinata…" Ino looked at her widened eyes, surprise written all over her face. The sheet covering her chest fell and Ino picked it up again.

"I'm not done." Hinata wanted to clear the air. She knew from day one since he told her, Naruto Uzumaki could not be just hers. The stupid old laws of the village would impose the clan restoration act on him. It was a price she was willing to pay. Never again. No matter what happened, Hinata would make it clear who she was to Naruto Uzumaki. "I'm engaged to him."

"EH?!" Ino's shout was no surprise this time. "What?! How?! When?!"

"I tried to use a jutsu on him. A forbidden one." Hinata said as she went to pick up Ino's clothes from the ground, the sheet falling over and over again was distracting and given her experience with Anko just a few hours prior, Ino was looking….

"Jutsu? What sort of jutsu? And why? Why are you telling me this so easily?"

This time Hinata rolled her eyes, handing Ino her clothes. "Ino, we're both in the same boat here and we live here. You were going to find out sooner or later."

"I mean that makes sense," Ino said before she shook her head. "You said something about a jutsu. What were you doing and why?"

"My chakra," Hinata explained, "I felt like it wasn't enough to improve as fast I wanted to. There was an old scripture in the Hyuga Library. A seal made by the Uzumaki for imbibing chakra from someone else, in this case from an Uzumaki. I'd used my Byakugan on him to see how big his…chakra was."


"You have semen on your face." Ino wiped it off, but she noted how it still lingered on her fingers. "The jutsu was forbidden. It would let me absorb chakra from him, but it came at a price."

"Which is?"



Hinata closed her eyes. "Sexual submission."

"EH? What sort of a jutsu is that? Didn't you read it properly?"

"It wasn't clearly stated!" Hinata almost shouted making Ino draw back a little. "I didn't know…When he found out, he wanted me to leave. There was a time factor involved in the jutsu, and he wanted me to leave so that it would be nullified. But…I didn't want to. One thing lead to another so quickly. And…" She stopped, letting the words hang in the air.

"Doesn't it upset you?" Ino asked all of a sudden.


"Naruto sensei," Ino said. "How you're bound to him, but your fiancé can do whatever he wants. Be with whoever he wants. When I saw you and Anko-senpai with his clones. How does that even…"

"Of course it bothers me." Hinata balled her fist and looked Ino in the eyes. "It bothers me every single time when I hear about the women Naruto-kun is involved with. I don't like it. At all. However, the village has old laws which will make him do this. Take more than one wife, take as many as he wants, it's legal because Naruto-kun is the last Uzumaki alive. He's heir to the Senju clan by extension. I don't have a choice."

"But that…that's so unfair! Just because he's a dude he gets his harem! Who the fuck even made those laws? Fucking assholes!" Ino shouted. Hinata's anger at Ino for having sex with Sensei-kun had been waning, now it was almost gone. It's inevitable, she told herself, Sensei-kun will always have women attracted to him.

"I know."

"You love him, don't you?"

Hinata's entire face turned red, but she nodded. "Yes. And…" she thought of his smiling face. "I always will." Silence flooded the room for a while as neither of them said anything.

"I'm sorry." Ino said and caught Hinata by surprise. "I shouldn't have done what I did, but I…Naruto-sensei is so…"

"Ino, I know." Hinata spoke before she could start again, "While I am…surprised by you wanting Naruto-kun especially given how much you like to fawn over Uchiha-san, I want to know why and when did you exactly start feeling this way towards him. As his fiancé, it's only fair you tell me why you wanted to sleep with him so badly." Hinata realized just how absurd it sounded. Ino herself was awkward about the whole thing.

It was strange seeing the usually loud Ino being sheepish, but after a lot of relenting the Yamanaka heiress relented and Hinata's eyes widened to the size of plates when she'd heard about Ino not only spying on Naruto and Kurenai rutting like animals in the forest, but also when Ino used the clan jutsu for phantom sex. And how Ino peeked on Hinata and Anko when she entered the house, before being seduced by the clone, even telling the clone to take her.

"Ino…" Hinata didn't know what to say. Ino Yamanaka was a voyeur, and a very horny young woman.

"I don't know what say, okay?!" Ino defended herself, looking down. "It's just, he's so…wild."

The Hyuga sighed. That she could understand. There was almost a sexual magnetism around him. Hinata couldn't describe it. Naruto made people around him excited even though he wasn't as loud as he used to be in the Academy. "I know. I have to ask something though."


"What is Naruto-kun to you?" Hinata had been storing that question since she'd walked out to confront Ino. "I know what you did with him happened spontaneously, but what about Uchiha-san? Do you still feel the same way about him?"

"I…don't know," Ino said drawing her knees closer to her face. "I just. I need to time to think about everything I've done."

"Okay. Though could I ask one last thing?"


"You called him 'Sensei-kun'," Hinata felt so, so jealous when the term she'd made was being so openly used by Ino as her brains were being fucked out by Naruto's clone. "Where did you hear that?"

"Well," Ino said, "He told me to call him that." Before Hinata could say anything she heard a cough. Both she and Ino looked at the doorway to see Naruto Uzumaki stand there, in uniform.

"So…" he started. "Anybody wants some tea?"

The next half an hour had passed in relative silence as all three of them sat at the table. Ino didn't talk much, especially after Naruto handed her a healing powder…for her ass. Hinata had given him quite a few death stares, the ones her father gave her. It worked at first, but then Naruto blew a raspberry at her. Though he did apologize for the actions of his clone. He did, however, stoically refuse to answer if he would've done the same in that clone's position.

"So, fiancé huh," Ino began trying to make things less tense.

"Yup," Naruto replied sipping tea loudly, gulping down all of the hot tea in one go before coughing badly. "Shouldn't have done that."

This is so awkward, Hinata thought to herself. "How did the meeting go?"

"It was pretty boring," Naruto after drinking some water. "I'll be leaving in about two to three months on a long term mission."

"What?" Hinata was surprised at how casually he said it.

"Long term mission?" Ino followed up. "How long term are we talking here?"

"It depends." Naruto said and then crossed his arms forming an X. "Nope. Not telling you any of the details. Classified info."

"Oh please," all three of them looked at the doorway to see Anko enter the room. Her hair down, still a bit wet from a shower. It was her appearance that made Hinata blush and Ino sputter. She wore only panties as a towel hung around her shoulders, falling down from each side to barely cover her breasts. "As if anything will be classified after what happened today." The jōnin gave a laugh and winked at Hinata. The Hyuga heiress closed her eyes and hid her face in her hands.

"Anko, put on clothes." Naruto told her. "You're making the girls aroused."

"No she's not!" Ino loudly declared with a blush of her own. "I'm not attracted to women and-". Her words halted as Hinata saw Anko lean over Ino from behind, wrapping her arms around her. It was kind of hot.

"Not yet you aren't."

"Anko," Naruto drank more water. "Stop molesting my students. You've had enough for today."

"Oh trust me," Anko dragged her tongue across her lips so sensually making it gloss. "We've all had our fill today. Right, girls?" Hinata didn't answer and neither did Ino as Naruto shook his head at the jōnin's words.

"Sensei," Ino said, trying to slowly get out of Anko's grasp. "Is she going to live here too?"

"Anko stays over sometimes." Naruto yawned a bit. "You should probably keep your door locked. Otherwise one day you'll wake up to see a snake in your ass." Hinata waited for him to say it was a joke. It was a joke…right?

"Oh, Ghost, I don't do that anymore." Anko laughed as Ino finally broke free from her. "Besides I wouldn't do that to my sisters."

"Sisters?" Hinata and Anko asked at the same time.

"That's right. Sisters!" Anko put on leg on the chair and pointed at the stairs. "Welcome to the Naruto Uzumaki Pussy Brigade."

"What sort of a name is that?!"

"The best sort of name!"

"Naruto-kun," Hinata said, "you didn't approve of that did you?" Her fiancé sighed as Anko kept laughing.

She barely avoided the hammer of a fist thrown at her face. Now's my chance, she thought as she balled her fist aiming to drive it into his kidney. The next moment she fell and saw black before coming back to her senses. Sakura was on her knees, dazed and confused. Naruto Uzumaki looked at her, his elbow pointing outwards. He turned it into an elbow strike the moment I dodged.

She hated her sensei, for calling her weak, for saying she was unmotivated, but she could not deny the craftiness he continued to display during each of their training sessions. Each time she thought she'd figured out his feints and blows, he'd surprise her. Countering anything she and her team threw at him. He'd be merciless and made them do the same technique over and over again until he felt everything was done to perfection. A slave driver, a ruthless teacher and an efficient shinobi.

"Not bad, you finally learned how to dodge properly," he offered her a hand. Sakura remembered the words he'd told her yesterday and they were still bitter, but it was the truth. She was weak, she needed to improve, and she'd do it just to prove him wrong. Taking his hand, the kunoichi got up and joined Ino and Hinata who already had their sessions with sensei for the day. They'd improved too. The Academy felt like a lifetime ago compared to the drills she and her teammates faced every day.

"Well, genin. I have good news and bad news." Their sensei began as they sat on the ground and he stood with his arms crossed. "The bad news is you guys still suck. So bad. Like so bad. Words cannot describe how horrible you guys are."

"Thank you, Sensei-k" Ino started and stopped. "Sensei." Sakura looked at Piggy with a raised eyebrow. She looked a bit…different. She wasn't sure what it was, but she seemed lighter. Glowy. Must be a new cream.

"You're welcome, but seriously you girls are horrible. If you ran into high level shinobi you'd be dead."

"W-We know, sensei. We're still genin."

"I was a genin too once," Naruto pointed at himself. "I mean I was too, but I was so much better. So much cooler too."

"You're very humble, sensei." Sakura said with gritted teeth. Their sensei really liked to remind them how worse they were compared to him. The fact that he was their age and already a jōnin was what he particularly held over their heads. He even grinned at them in a smug manner regarding that sometimes.

"But on to the good news," he coughed into his hands. "My genin you no longer absolutely suck."

"That's rude, sensei."

"At least word it better."

"Is it really that hard for you give a compliment?"

"No, but my compliments have to be earned. If I can call the Hokage a lecherous old man and he accepts it, why should three genin get special treatment?" Naruto Uzumaki ranted on a bit more, making sure to let them know each of their weaknesses and Sakura hated that bit. How quickly and viscerally their team leader found the problems and exploited them. It was infuriating.

"Maybe it's your fault we suck." Sakura mumbled, she could feel his stare.

"You're right." Naruto said and this time Sakura stared back. "It's my fault. I should've been more considerate. Things are different now." Sakura in that moment realized how calm and serene their sensei looked. His eye was closed as the breeze flew, his hair was ruffled by it. He opened it and pointed at them before her hope turned into despair as a twisted grin spread across his face. "This is why we'll be training extra hard from now on."

"No…" Ino's voice was laced with fear.

"More drills."

"Sensei, please…" Hinata's shook.

"And of course," Naruto slammed his fist into his palm, it echoed across the land, the streams, the walls of the village to the depths of hell, "more survival sessions."

"RUN!" Sakura was the first to get up as her teammates followed. In the background the terror known as Naruto Uzumaki laughed. He was a predator. They could only run from him. However she stopped as did her teammates when their sensei appeared in front of them. "Sensei," Sakura mustered up the courage, tightening her fists with fury, "we won't hesitate to hurt you."

"Hurt me? Oh please." He disappeared. She felt his hands on her shoulders, his fingers were long and his grip was strong. She didn't look back out of fear as his voice reached each ear. "You're years too early to say that to me." And then he walked back. "I didn't say we'd be starting right now, did I?"

"No," they all collectively said and their sensei beckoned them to come closer. He reached for his pouch and brought out three papers.

"Do any of you know what these are?" They all shook their heads. "Makes sense. These are affinity papers. To find out what your elemental affinity is."

"Elemental affinity…for nature release?" Sakura remembered reading about those, Naruto nodded at her. "But, sensei isn't that for when we reach a more advanced level?"

"You're right about that, but I decided to say 'Fuck it'. As much as you suck, you've all exceeded my lowest expectations." Naruto handed them each a paper as Sakura frowned at him, Naruto rolled his eyes. "Besides, all three of you will start from the basic stage. The more you know, the less you'll fear. Now, one by one, concentrate your chakra into the paper. Hinata. You first." Sakura and Ino watched as the paper in her hands wrinkled before catching fire and turning into ash.

"Woah, that's rare." Team Six's sensei said rubbing his chin. "Dual affinity. Fire and lightning. Not bad at all."

"T-Thank you, Sensei-k-" Hinata eeped a bit. Sakura couldn't help but smile a bit. Hinata was still shy despite her improvements.

"Hmm. Hmm. Alright, Princess Daisy," Naruto said looking at Ino who looked annoyed at the name, Sakura chuckled a bit earning a glare from Piggy. Then she watched how Ino's paper caught fire too, but before turning into ash the paper dampened.

"Well, I'll be," Naruto laughed a bit. "Another dual affinity wielder. Fire and water. Natural opposites. Nice." Her sensei looked at her and she looked back. Sakura felt a bit of pressure. Ino and Hinata are from clans. No surprise they have dual affinities, she thought to herself. She gulped a bit. Her nervousness returned and the insecurity kicked in. She was just a girl from a civilian family. She wasn't special like them. What if-

"Oi, Sakura," she looked at her team leader who gave her a thumbs up and a small smile. "Go for it." Braving herself, she concentrated her chakra into it and felt her finger getting soaked. She sighed, Well at least it isn't a total dump. Before she discarded the paper like the rest of them, she noted how the paper was drying up. Fast. It felt rough, grainy, then the paper crumbled away.

"Hell yeah!" Naruto Uzumaki said loudly. "Three for three in my team. Can't wait to flex this on the rest of the sensei."

"Sensei," Sakura was surprised at this and inside her, she felt a sense of joy. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I have two affinities!

"Right," her sensei had calmed down a bit. He seemed like a kid for a moment. "Your affinities are water and earth. Looks like I hit a jackpot with this team."

"Wow, sensei you seem genuinely happy." Ino said, even she seemed to be in a lighter mood. What is up with her skin?

"Please train us well, sensei." Hinata bowed her head a bit. Still at it with the formalities.

A thought crossed her mind. "Say, sensei," Sakura started, "what's your affinity?"

"Well," he started, his hand reaching out of her Ino's as he took the paper from her hand, Ino's fingers jolted a bit and Sakura looked at her inquisitively. "I can use all five elements, though my natural affinity leans towards just one." He held the paper and within a moment the paper cut itself into dozens of tiny pieces. "Wind."

She had to admit it was kind of cool. Then, all her senses blared to life as she suddenly took guard, as did Ino and Hinata. She heard fast approaching footsteps and braced herself, when she realized someone had sped past them. Sakura turned around and what she saw shocked her.

A woman. With waist-length black hair tied into a ponytail, dazzling green eyes and a curvaceous, yet athletic body, wearing a full, form-fitting kunoichi attire, she was hugging their sensei. Her arms around his neck and one of her legs wrapped around him.


"I missed you so badly," she said, her cleavage was visible as is pressed against his chest, eyes glossed over, rosy cheeks, "husband."


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