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She was thoroughly enjoying the warmth of the stiff and rigid bed. The mattress was rough, subpar and no doubt made from cheap quality. The frame was old and probably as old as her father and mother's ages combined. After spending the last twenty four hours giving an exam, going through a forest filled with traps, enemies, fighting off a rogue unit of Sound shinobi who wanted to kill her, invading the dank and grim shithole of trauma that was Sasuke's mind, experiencing a telepathic seizure, Ino Yamanaka loved this lanky, pathetic bed and all it had to offer. Hell, this might have been the best bed she had ever lain in.

It wasn't like she was tension free. She knew as much as her teammates that the road ahead was not easy, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy the small moments in between. Stuff like this kept her going and in that moment the blonde realized, she was taking her jōnin leader's words to heart more than she thought. Well, she thought her face against the pillow, he is my boyfriend. I guess he's influencing way more than I thought. Though she still needed to give him a mental health check.

A knock at the door alerted them and it was none other than Suzume sensei, a teacher of theirs at the Academy, who walked through. She looked the same as ever; boring and bland. However, she did have a streak of pride in her eyes. "Are you girls still sleeping?"

"Yes." Ino said drawing the sheets up further while her teammates contradicted her.

"Come now, get up." Ino reluctantly left the comfort of her bed, stretching before she and her team joined the rest of the teams that qualified for the next phase of the Chūnin Exams. Team Six and Seven had qualified together and their combined presence made Iruka Umino gush with joy as he felt the true lesson of camaraderie was growing strong. She contemplated regaling about the part where Sasuke had threatened to off her teammate, but both Hinata and Sakura requested her not to. Especially not with the name Orochimaru floating around.

The Yamanaka wasn't a complete failure of a kunoichi yet.

What did surprise her was how that team from Sunagakure had appeared first, and not a scratch on them. She was glad to see that Team Eight and Team Ten appeared. Along with that stupid Sound team. God, she hated that Sound team so much. Kabuto and the incapable senpai band finally appeared after getting their hands on proper scrolls and now they would be going forward to the next round. Another team caught her eye. Kumogakure were not exactly the friendliest of villages, and their team members consisted of two rather exotic looking dark-skinned members; a boy and a girl with mops of red and white hair, and another boy who with a blond mop of hair raring to fight if the look in his eye was anything to go by.

"There is going to be a preliminary round right now." Ino Yamanaka gritted her teeth as the veins in her head throbbed and her fingers twitched. Damn you, old man. Hinata was patting her shoulders as she held herself back from committing regicide. "Some of you may question why this is happening. It's simple. Too many of you have passed and the audience who will be viewing the Chūnin Exams, well quite frankly they don't have time for everyone. For those of you who think it isn't fair, such is life. We work through hardships as all of you will today."

If she was angry before, Ino was absolutely livid now and couldn't keep her mouth shut anymore. "And just who are these esteemed viewers, Lord Hokage?"

"The Daimyo, other high contract employers who will be looking to hire shinobi and kunoichi from certain villages." The Professor said with an infuriating smile. "The Chūnin Exams are the safest simulations of war we have and often times, the reputation of a village is increased through the performance of the young and upcoming ninja taking part in it."

"Lord Hokage," Shikamaru spoke with a tone that convinced her doing this much was killing him, "isn't that very un-ninja like of us? Showing the world our skills."

The Third Hokage laughed before Ino straightened up seeing the look in her leader's eyes. "Who said you have to show everything?" She got the message. As did everyone else and now a pale, rather sickly looking jōnin came forward who looked as if he was going to drop dead any second and he had a remote in his hand.

"Lord Hokage, if I may?" The Professor lit his pipe up before departing with a few words of wisdom and a wish of luck for them all. "My name is Hayate Gekko, special jōnin and your proctor for this round. Participants will be randomly selected, that's what the remote is for in case you were wondering. If any of you wish to quit, you can do so now."

"Oh thank God." Kabuto Yakushi spoke and Ino couldn't help, but smack her forehead out of disappointment. The older genin could only laugh nervously. "I'm no good. Sorry, Gais." His teammates didn't leave however and soon enough, the show was on the road as the participants for the first matchup were selected.

Sasuke Uchiha and Yoroi Akado.

"You two stay," the proctor for this phase addressed the two genin. "The rest of you may watch from the stands. Know your enemies."


"Yoooohooooo~" Ino felt both elated and annoyed at the tone. There by the raised steel railed platform, her sensei cum boyfriend waved his hand as he stood with a bunch of other jōnin and chūnin. Blanched, but grateful she didn't have to fight right away, she and her teammates along with the rest of the genin not taking part joined their respective sensei. 'Respective' being the operating word. The Sand and Sound genin were placed on the opposite stand.

"Hmmm," he rubbed his chin, deep in thought as his eyes scanned them all for damage. For a second she thought she saw pride in his eyes. "You girls look like shit."

Ino's hand twitched, Sakura glared and even sweet Hinata looked annoyed. What happened next surprised her more.

"Now, now, Naru-chan," some…some dark skinned, blond haired, busty bimbo wearing a tight Kumo outfit bumped into the side of HER sensei and seemed like she was glued to on to him. "Give them credit. Not everyone's a monster like you."

Oh, Ino wanted to rip her tongue out. Thankfully, her breast magnet of a sensei seemed to understand her brainwaves as he removed the hussy whore away from him and standing behind his students. Placing his hands on top her and Hinata's head whilst standing behind Sakura.

"This is about as much credit as I can give."

If this was months ago, Ino would've slapped his hand away from her head, but now…it felt warm. Fuzzy. Made her cheeks red, but most importantly she gave the woman a smug smirk which seemed to have hit the right note as the woman shrugged and went back to the Kumo team.

"But seriously though," Naruto Uzumaki said in a low voice, not wanting everyone to hear his words, "I almost feel proud." For someone like him to say that, she could tell it was high praise coming from him. Something her teammates reciprocated before he beckoned his team to the corner for a meeting.

"I heard from Anko someone quirky was inside the Forest." Her usually aloof sensei looked absolutely serious and for a moment, she thought she saw a completely different person standing before her. "Honestly hoping none of you ran into him."

"Her." Sakura said, correcting her sensei.

"Excuse me?" Naruto seemed confused. "Her?"


"Are you sure we're talking about the same person?" He pinched the bridge of his nose. "Pale white skin. Yellow eyes. Black hair. Summons snakes."

"Yeah, that's her."

"What the fuck?" He seemed annoyed and confused before his lone eye widened, and then he breathed calmly. "Nevermind. It's a trick. He's doing this to conceal his identity."

"Are you sure, sensei?" Sakura Haruno despite resting was still shaken up by her ordeal in the Forest."I…I think he's stronger than you."

Naruto Uzumaki frowned. Looking offended at the insinuation her pink haired teammate made. "No, he's stronger than you. Don't drag me down to your level."

"Sensei," the green eyed medical kunoichi grasped his hands with her shaky ones. She could've just not touched him, but Ino was going to give her a pass. "I'm not kidding. I tried fighting her-"

"Him." Their sensei was insistent on using the right pronouns it seemed.

"Him. Whatever that person is." Okay, Sakura looked positively terrified and maybe it was starting to get to her. And Hinata. "I've never seen anyone that strong. He destroyed nearly all of Team Seven and I don't think he was trying. I managed to put an explosive tag on him and he threw his foot at me and-"

The hand she liked to touch and entangle her fingers with rested atop Sakura's head, slowly rubbing it.

"Take it easy." His words were soothing and his smile sincere. Ino felt her own heart skip a beat when she looked at his face. "As long as I'm here, I'm not letting anything happen to you. Or your teammates." He proceeded to look at Ino; sapphire eyes peered into her turquoise ones, staring into her soul and claiming her heart with his glance alone. She hated how much she was weak against him when he showed this side of his. Hinata too turned into a blushing mess under his hypnotic gaze. He then walked past them, looking back and giving them a thumbs up.

"If the three of you could do all that with Binding and Gravity Seals still on you, I have no doubt you can do better."

Ino blinked. Then Sakura. Finally Hinata.

"WHAT?!" Ino gripped the collar of his flak jacket and tried to shake him. "What do you mean by that?"

He furrowed his brows. Seemingly confused in a cute kind of way. "The seals I placed on all of you during our training sessions. They're still activated. Remember what I told you three before the exams started?"

"If you three can't make it out of the first two phases as you are, I'll honestly be disappointed."

As you are.

"You sadistic," Ino whispered, "conniving," her fingers tightened, "cold-hearted," one of them formed into a fist, "asshole!" Her fist collided against him, but he was unfazed.

"Hey, look. It's your turn." Ino thought it was a ruse, but sadly it wasn't. Sasuke Uchiha had won; no surprise there. She was up against someone named Karui, who turned out to be the dark-skinned redhead from Kumo. She looked annoyed to be here, as if this whole phase was just making her want to tear her hair out. First impression: she was a cultured woman. In her eyes at least. "Oi, Ino."

"What?" What could he possibly have to say more that wouldn't piss her off? His index finger poked against her head and uttered one word. "Kai."

What a wonderful word it was. Her body felt as if she was dropped onto clouds. She hugged herself feeling her limbs feel so much freer.

"Hey, blondie! Move it!" Of course Kibara Inuzuka had to ruin the moment she was having. "Touch yourself later. Some of us are waiting for their turns." Ino flipped her off earning a thumbs up of approval from her sensei. And with the graceful skill of a ballet dancer she glided down the stairs, standing face to face with her opponent.

Karui was about the same height as her, but her frame seemed sturdier than hers. There was a sword on her back and if the reputation of Kumo were anything to go by, she probably had some nasty electric based tricks up her sleeve. Sure, they were both genin, but Naruto Uzumaki repeatedly chanted a mantra to Team 6. Always expect the unexpected. So the next words coming out of her designated foe's mouth didn't have the effect it would usually have.

"You look annoying."

"Thank you~" Ino cupped her cheeks with a smile, channeling the same vibe as her sensei.

"Damn blondes!" Karui was further annoyed and Ino wondered what else she could say to rile her up further, looking for more chinks to exploit.

She'd have to think on the fly for as soon as the proctor's hand signaled for combat, Karui rushed at her with a flurry of fists and kicks. Ino wasn't the best at taijutsu, and she knew when it came to pure hand to hand combat she was the weakest in Team 6. Still, having a high libido and sadistic sensei helped, as she dodged, ducked and tried to counter what the Kumo kunoichi dished out.

It wasn't perfect. She got hit numerous times, but each time she returned the favor too. Karui was stronger than her physically and judging by how the girl was tanking through her blows, she needed to think fast. Which was why she put a hand in her hair and pulled a little insurance out. Senbon needles cleverly threaded into her locks as she precisely flicked them at the dark skinned beauty.

Karui didn't appreciate that, brandishing her pricked right forearm as she pulled the needles out. Then things got considerably worse. Karui began to rush her more. Shuriken and kunai emerged and the song of steel played as sharp weapons with pointy ends clashed in the air, neither user being affected by them. At close quarters, the foreign kunai got dangerously close to her face.

Maybe taking her head on wasn't a good idea. Indeed it wasn't as she lost her footing and barely got away as a cut on her arm opened up. Her well taken care of, moisturized poor skin was stained with her own blood.

"That makes us even." Karui proclaimed and slowly her hand reached for her sword. The Yamanaka was not a swordsman and did not find it tasteful, but she could tell that blade was special with the shiny sheen, rippled edge and judging by the intricate markings of black, red and white along the handle with the customized guard, it must've meant a hell of a lot to her. If Karui was fast before, she was the embodiment of speed now. With two hands on the blade, each strike that Ino managed to swerve away from promised a great deal of pain and severance. One slip up and she'd lose more than just skin.

This is so goddamn annoying! She was used to faster speeds from her sensei, but deep down she knew the blond idiot didn't intend to kill or grievously harm her. Karui held no such regards and Ino had to fall on the defensive with the kunai in her hand being the only shield. Judging by the noises, she didn't like how the screech of her blades let out whenever the katana struck against it. Shit! Move! Move! Yelling in her head Ino dodged once a fatal blow once more, but then she felt a tug on her wrist.

Karui grabbed her by the hand and Ino was struck clean on the side of the head with the pommel. Though thankfully, her instincts kicked in and she wasn't hit on the temple. Trying to recover, Ino ate some dirt courtesy of Karui's foot. Twice. Before she felt the brunt of her foot slamming down against the side of her face.

She fell very slowly as everything became blurry and she heard a high pitch ring in her ears. Her head was heavy and she was done with all this. It was over.

With wide eyes she awoke as she felt an electric jolt forcing her to wake up and the kunai she dropped earlier was in her hand again. With a shout of defiance she gripped it and drove it straight into the foot of the Kumo kunoichi. A yell of pain followed and Ino out of instinct ducked her head as she heard a shing sound go off right above her head. She saw her golden opportunity and grabbed the wrist of her opponent.

Payback's a bitch! With grit and determination and hard learned lessons from their training sessions, Ino twisted the arm, her legs defying gravity as they wrapped around the neck and shoulders of Karui. She drew her opponent to the ground and pulled with all the force she had left in her. Ino was doing her best to pull off the armbar, hyperextending the elbow joint she was targeting. Remembering some of the dirtier tricks her sensei pulled off, Ino shifted her grip a little closer to the hand that still held the sword. Picking the pinky finger, Ino didn't hesitate to break it as Karui's howl of pain echoed in the area. The sword fell just inches away from her shoulder and she kept the pressure up.

"Give up!" Ino shouted at her opponent who grit her teeth.

"Fuck you!" Karui shouted back and with her other arm was trying to reach for her pouch. Naturally, Ino wouldn't let her get that chance and shifted the pressure. The Kumo kunoichi was still determined and reached for the bandana on her head. Barely wrapping it around her fist, Ino felt blunt pain on her locked legs as Karui hammered away at them with the metal plate of her headband acting like a makeshift brass knuckle.

Think. THINK! THINK! The pain gave her inspiration and withstanding the torture chipping away at her legs, Ino dislocated her finger ring next. Earning a chance to breathe as Karui suffered from the shock, Ino broke the armlock and quickly gripped the sword, gaining distance away from the stronger kunoichi. She breathed heavily and her right leg was swelling up badly, but she stood her ground. Gassed and all.

Karui stood with gritted teeth and breathing harder than before, gripping her worn off arm with the prickly bleeding one. The smile she gave off was alarming. Her eyes were more fixated on the sword than her. "Looks like I underestimated you. You're not a dumb blond."

Ino laughed a bit, but returned the gesture. "And you've got a brain on you. Looks like the flat chest payoff wasn't too bad." The remark seemed to have the effect she wanted and in the back of her head, she knew Sakura was seething despite her slight, slight growth in that department.

"I'll be flattening your head next." Karui began to walk forward cautiously, but unworried. "The way you're handling it, you suck at kenjutsu."

"You got me there," Ino confessed as she placed the sword behind her. Good. It's out of her view.

"Give it up, girlie," Karui's walk was more menacing as she began closing the distance. "I'm stronger than and your leg is about three steps away from being deadweight. So do me a favor, and try next year. You don't have a chance."

"You know in most circumstances you'd be right," Ino repeated a phrase she heard somewhere, "but you're wrong. You're not gonna win today and your sword isn't going to help."

Karui looked at her pinkie and ring finger. Just like she expected and Ino took a few steps, trying to strike Karui with her own weapon, but those extra steps were seemingly her last. Her slash missed and Karui kicked her in the face, again, before taking back what was rightfully hers.

"I'm going to have to ask you to stop kicking me in the face," Ino spat out some blood as everything around and inside her head hurt.

"You sure know how to take a pounding." Karui complimented her.

"Well, you can thank my Sensei for that." Ino took a moment to insinuate a further innuendo. "He never stops. Day and night. Always drilling me."

"You do realize what that sounds like?" Karui pointed the sword at her direction. "Take this seriously!"

"Oh I know. I'm sure he approves." She could virtually feel the thumbs up from the stands. "Here's one more thing you should know about him. He's crazy."

"If he teaches you, I'm sure."

"I mean it. He's insane at times, but he's a good shinobi and he taught me this." Ino held up a sign. "Always play dirty."

"What the hell are you…" Karui looked at her sword and looked at her.

"Don't even think about it." The Yamanaka stood on her last leg. A sadistic smile plastered on her face some might call unattractive. "I've already set it in place and trust me, you can't drop that sword fast enough or get to me for a matter of fact. So if you want to keep your precious sword, your hand and other parts of yourself intact…give up, flatty." That was the dagger right there as Karui's glare turned absolutely murderous, and Ino finally realized why Naruto Uzumaki played mind games with them like that.

"Proctor!" The redhead from the Cloud yelled lividly. "I…give up."

"I see." The man known as Hayate raised his hand as the screen with her name and Karui's die. "Ino Yamanaka proceeds to the next round." Ino sat down and looked at her swollen leg. Then at the stairs. There was no way she was climbing that many right now. Focusing back on her leg, she found someone else's hand touching it. Too familiarly.

"I'm going to be honest," Naruto almost whispered to her, "I got a boner."

"Yeah, well," Ino said, pink on her cheeks. She was finally acknowledged. "Help me get up the damn stairs." And with a swish and a puff of smoke she appeared back on the higher platform. Hinata rushing her with a hug and even Sakura sat close to her.

"What hell was that, piggy?" Forehead shook her like a demon possessed.

"Just doing what I do best."

"Really?" Sakura seemed better now. She didn't know how to feel about that. "What do you have to say about your hair then?"

"What about my hair?" Instead of answering her, Sakura pointed back to the arena where a curtain of pale blonde hair was just lying there. Ino reached for the back of her head with trembling hands and instead of finding silken golden locks, she found air. Sakura even had a small mirror ready and that was when the despair kicked in. Gone was her traditional, Yamanaka signature long ponytail. What remained was the bloodless stub of what used to be around the knot.


"There, there." Her team leader consoled her with a lot of shoulder taps. "You could've lost your head instead."

"I would've still had my hair!" Ino teared up. "I should've activated that tag."

"Sucks to be you." Sakura's words made her seethe and before she could retort, Hinata came to douse that fire.

"Your leg," Hinata had her Byakugan activated and with the gentlest of strikes, making the blood flow more evenly. "That should decrease the swelling, but you need to get that healed."

"Quite the performance you put on." It was the dark skinned, blond haired, busty bimbo again. Her russet eyes studied her intently before moving on to Naruto. "You've trained a devious genin."

"Yup," Naruto Uzumaki was patting her head and Ino liked it. She liked headpats a lot from now, especially given how she was in post traumatic hair loss stress disorder. "All my genin are badass. Of course I take full credit for it." She elbowed him in the gut.

"Alright! What happened?" The Inuzuka heiress questioned. "How'd you make her give up?"

"The blond played dirty." Karui was back and she looked positively frustrated. There was something in her hand and she threw it at Ino. A crumpled paper ball. "I'm gonna get you back for this, you bitch."

"Oh please," Ino gushed. Still mad about losing her hair. She had to hit back. "Stop flattering me."

"Why you little-"

"Now, now," the bimbo was pulling Karui back to the rest of her team with one hand, Ino realized there were muscles and not just curves on this skank. "Can't be mad at someone who outsmarted you, Karui. You're better than that."

"I'm still confused." Oh right. Kiba was still here.

"She slapped an explosive tag on the sword's handle." Naruto Uzumaki said with a proud tone. "And gave her a choice. Karui chose wisely."

The Inuzuka blanched a bit before regaining her composure. "Damn…what the hell happened to you, blondie?" Ino pointed at Naruto Uzumaki. Said person was now carrying her on his back on to the medical ward, having rid of the restrictions placed on Sakura and Hinata just in case their names came up as he took her there to get healed. With no one around, Ino wrapped her arms tighter around his neck.

Her lips drew close to his ears. "Did you really get a boner?"

"Of course I did," Naruto told her. "I didn't know I rubbed off on you that well."

"Naruto Uzumaki, you rubbed off on me more than you think." Her sensei stopped for a moment before walking again. The walk was quiet, serene and Ino closed her eyes. He always smelled like fresh leaves on a morning. She wanted to ask him about that Kumo jōnin, but that would be a question for later. I'll just take a small nap.

Hinata was nervous.

Not only about whoever she was going to go up against, but how Ino had nearly lost her head. No one said the life ahead would be easy, but Ino's would've ended had it not been for her sensei. In the heat of the moment as Ino was being beaten by the redheaded Kumo kunoichi, Hinata wanted to interfere. Stop the match and just save her friend and…bed sister from the brutality. As did Sakura who kept insisting on stopping the match.

Their sensei refused. His will was steel and stated Ino herself would've quit if she didn't have something up her sleeve. Then the sword strike was poised. Hinata's Byakugan activated and she saw it. Her blessed vision allowed her to see just how for a single moment her Sensei-kun's finger did half a twitch and Ino ducked all of a sudden. Her hair was cut instead of her neck and the Hyuga was grateful to her sensei for doing whatever he did, though she didn't voice it.

The other reason for her nervousness was because of what was happening in front of her. Out of all the people at the Academy, barring those few precious months she had with Naruto Uzumaki, Kibara Inuzuka was her greatest motivator in the program. She would always rile her spirits up and Hinata would not have had a quarter of the fighting spirit she had graduating, if it was not for Kiba. And now her friend was being methodically beaten by her cousin.

Neji Hyuga was every bit the prodigy her father claimed. From his neutral stance, to his pressing, to his counters, everything was done with pinpoint accuracy. Her friend with her battle ninken truly never stood a chance, horrible as she sounded in her mind. The girl did everything she could. From eating military ration pills to rejuvenate herself, to transforming sweet Akamaru into a feral and highly sensitive version of herself, Kibara Inuzuka stood no chance once the great eyes came to life and the strikes that followed with it.

Thankfully, her cousin knew restraint and despite the blatant mockery, he told the proctor to stop the match once Kiba could not move an inch. There was no shame in losing as the silver haired jōnin of Team Seven consoled his only female student. Then Sai berated her.

"Furry," he said with a smile, "you were truly useless against him."

"Enough." Surprisingly it was Sasuke Uchiha who came to Kiba's defense. He looked more annoyed than usual and he'd been sitting against the wall since his match ended. "Weak as she is, I'd like to see and your paintings go up against a Dōjutsu user."

"Now, now," the pale skinned boy said with a brush and canvas in his hand, "don't look so constipated. I'm sure I can beat anyone I come across. Especially Dōjutsu wielders."

Sasuke Uchiha stared before a slow smirk emerged and his onyx eyes sharpened. "We've never fought seriously, have we? Pray to God we don't match up in the tournament, otherwise I'll humble you."

"OH! He's smarter than I remember." The sound of her Sensei-kun leaning against the railings watching Shikamaru fight against Kin from the Sound Village brought the attention towards him. "Asuma, you have your hands full with this Gai, don't you? Training him must be, if I may borrow some Nara lingo, a drag."

"Understatement of the year," the bearded jōnin stood beside her fiancé with a proud look in his eyes. "He's not the strongest or the fastest, but he can outthink and outmaneuver anyone he goes up against. Strategies within strategies."

"Nara are so terrifying." Naruto Uzumaki turned his back to the match. "We should be glad none of them are motivated. Who knows what sort of a monster that would turn out to be."

"It doesn't matter," Sasuke Uchiha cut in with pride, "Nara, Hyuga, Inuzuka, Aburame, Sarutobi, Yamanaka, Akimichi. All of them are strong, but none of them can match the potential of an Uchi-"

"You're happy with how teams turned out, right?" Never had she seen Naruto Uzumaki so…social with other people. He'd mentioned he had become friends with the jōnin, but she didn't realize to this extent. "You were nagging a lot when the traditional Ino-Shika-Cho team was broken up, but now you got a variant of an ace team, don't you?"

"Can't complain." Asuma Sarutobi chuckled. "It gave me more room to experiment and the results were worthwhile. And I'm glad your weird combination worked out too."

"Are you ignoring m-" Sasuke Uchiha was once more ignored as Naruto stood behind her and Sakura with a signboard. 'I BELIEVE IN TEAM SIX SUPREMACY' boldly written on it. "Bast-"

"Hinata." Naruto pointed at the screen which had her name on it, and Tenten's. "Remember what I taught you."

"Always look for openings. Don't hesitate. Follow through. Overwhelm." She repeated the words he'd say daily to his team before their spars started.

"No." Naruto looked offended and pointed to Team Eight. "Kick her ass. I have a bet going on Gai."

"That's right." Might Gai's teeth shone and he kept one eye open. "A bet made on the sacred Hokage Mountain. If one of my genin lose against his, then I won't able to challenge him with our weekly race around Konoha for three months." That explained where he disappeared for two hours on Fridays. Then his eyes burned bright as the stars. "HOWEVER! If my genin win, Naruto Uzumaki will be wearing custom made green tights for three months. The same as mine! Truly a bet amongst men!" Oh God. Naruto Uzumaki had his hands in a prayer stance and bowed his head to her.

Save me. She heard him whisper in her thoughts and with fierce determination she headed down to the arena. Tenten stood a fair distance away from her and inside the Hyuga's head several questions floated around.

What was her specialty? How much could she last in a battle of attrition? Her chakra output? How much was she used to the Byakugan given she was on Neji's team?

As soon as the match started, some of her questions were answered. Ten shuriken were launched and immediately Hinata jumped to move out of their way. With wide fascination she saw how the shuriken stopped midair before changing directions as Tenten moved her hands.

She got a few cuts. Mostly superficial, but she credited her 'Dodge Training Sessions' for helping her curb the damage. Whatever else her opponent had, Hinata knew this much: Tenten had range and given how the shuriken almost hit her, the girl was a sniper with her weapons. Kunai too, as she watched the twin bun haired girl bring a pair out before throwing it at her. Once more she had to admire the her opponent was chucking weapons with such precision. Of course with her vision she knew this was the distraction as she ducked to avoid the kunai. The main attack came from both sides as Hinata used her own to deflect the shuriken surrounding her. Move. With an added dash in her speed Hinata ran to close off the distance between them.

Gai sensei is an expert at hand to hand. So should be his students. Whatever fighting style Tenten had, Hinata knew she could counter as long as she could see. The sense of danger heightened as she heard a faint click all the way from behind her. And she ducked as two objects whizzed past her shoulder. The kunai Tenten had thrown before had the wrapping around it loose.

"Fūinjutsu," Hinata realized.

"Damn, and I thought that would've been it." Tenten groaned before bringing out a scroll. From it emerged a manriki-gusari, an archaic and cruel weapon whose chain was being perfectly spun around by her opponent who seemed to have complete mastery over it. And judging from the long swipes and critical areas Tenten was aiming for, Hinata realized she was what her sensei called a zoner. Long range specialists relying on weapons, jutsu or other methods to gain their advantage, but more importantly absolutely weak in close range.

Time it well, she told herself as she swerved around the chain. In normal circumstances she would've tried to strike it away, but she could see the small pricks on the chain. She's well prepared. Hinata was, to put it lightly, more prepared than her. Going for her pouch, Hinata brought out her own kunai tagged with a special explosive paper courtesy of one blond haired lovable jōnin, and chucked it at Tenten who realized what it was, but she underestimated the range of it. The explosion was anything but subtle and judging by the look on the bun haired girl's face, she was surprised to say the least.

Now, Byakugan still flared Hinata closed the distance and tried to strike her arms, but realized it was a trap. Wire emerged from behind Tenten and shot forward wrapping around her hand, trying to misdirect her strike or at the very least reduce the impact. She should've used thinner wire to really make her feel more pain as the Hyuga plowed through and jabbed the girl's forearm with her fingers.

Two strikes, she counted as Tenten let out a hail of shuriken once more with disgustingly accurate precision. Hinata realized she hated long range shinobi when it wasn't her Sensei-kun chucking sharp objects at her. Again, the weapons expert brought another scroll and from it emerged a long lance with a sharp blade at the end, and despite her best efforts Hinata was better than what she was putting out. Weaving past the thrusts, Hinata used her elbow to deflect the recovery pull and with her Gentle Fist, she violently snapped the woodwork of the lance with her strike. Apparently, Tenten had more tricks up her sleeve as she had a crossbow ready in hand which fired shuriken much faster than her and the usually timid Hyuga was now becoming infuriated. Ducking and weaving past them, she closed the gap once more and whacked the crossbow out of her hand so hard it broke.

Fingers worked their magic as she poured her chakra through the minute jabs across the palms and the forearm. Six strikes. Tenten despite the pain she was dishing out didn't seem close to giving up. Trying to finish the match earlier, Hinata rushed in and proceeded to deliver more strikes when threw a paper right in front of her. Jumping back Hinata waited for the explosion, instead water emerged from it. Shooting out like a cannon it struck Hinata and drove her back, knocking a fair bit of wind out of her.

However, this played to her advantage and finally gave her the chance to try out a new jutsu she was practicing. She knew she was not as good as Neji Hyuga. From what her father told her, her dear cousin had mastered the fundamentals to a ridiculous degree that it seemed unreal. She had improved a lot, and unlike Neji she wanted to break out of the tradition and the chains that in her eyes limited what Gentle Fist could be. Utilizing the chakra control she and her teammates were scrutinized over and over again, refining it to greater heights,

Hinata used the traditional Gentle Fist and changed her stance, infusing it with the water around her as her hands guided to make liquid vortexes around her.

Tenten already had two more scrolls ready and was taking to the air no doubt wanting to take advantage of the range, which made Hinata smile a little as she fell for the trap. Slapping her hands together, the vortexes fired of sharp needles made of water. Two of them shot into the scrolls, drilling through them and driving them away from Tenten and four more struck her opponent squarely across the legs and arms as she fell. Hinata rushed forward, chakra coating her palm and stood right below where Tenten would fall. To her credit, the falling girl still had a kunai in her and tried to strike her first, but she slapped it away making it spin in midair.

"Palm Heel Strike." She said as her palm thrust against Tenten's diaphragm, shortening her air supply and then grabbed her arm to slam her down. Twisting that same arm around to her back, Hinata pressed on it with her knee and caught the falling kunai, driving it down into the ground, just a whisker away from Tenten's throat. "I can use the Gentle Fist to cut off all your nodes easily from here. Kindly withdraw."

"Tch. Fine." Tenten proceeded to declare her forfeiture as Hinata got off her and offered her a hand, which she took. "You know," the weapons expert said as they got up the stairs, "I've been on the end of those palm attacks before. You held back. Didn't you? What? You thought I couldn't take it?"

"Well," Hinata didn't want Tenten to feel insulted. "You would've fell badly and probably dislocated your shoulder, and if I struck too hard you'd have internal bleeding from that angle. I'd rather not hurt a Leaf shinobi that much when I can defeat them in other ways."

"You're such a nicer person compared to your cousin, but I still feel so miffed."

"You did get me frustrated with your accuracy," Hinata tried her best to not let girl the feel so down. "I lost my focus a lot of times because of how you used your weapons. Not to mention, you actually pinpointed the Byakugan's blind spot."

"It wasn't easy!" The kunoichi said in a frustrated way. "Your proud cousin is the reason I developed it, but it's not good enough. If you could react to it, so can he. And between the two of us, he's not as forgiving as you."

"Neji is a bit…" Hinata tried to find the right word. "…a bit of a perfectionist."

"Hah! Understatement." Tenten laughed a bit before separating. "You were much better than I was told."

"Thank you." Hinata bowed her head a bit. "I'll only be improving from here."

"Lady Hinata." Neji's voice was stern, cold and reminded her of a time she used to fear her father. Normally, she would break eye contact at this point and look away—preferably at the ground. She stared into pale eyes, the same as her own, as her cousin looked offended by her last statement. "For you to say such absurd things, I-"

"NOOOOO!" Whatever he was about to say was cut off her by his own sensei as the laughter of her sensei filled the air. He stood on the railing and nimbly turned around, as a sun rose from the background, the clouds in the sky parted and he shone bright like a diamond.

"Do you see, Gai?" The blond jōnin proudly spoke as the wind passed by brushing his hair with excellence. "You never bet against Naruto Uzumaki. Let that be a lesson in life to everyone."

"Sensei," Sakura rose her hand, blanched and disappointed as the genjutsu ended, "do you have to be so dramatic?"

"Life is a stage, Sakura," he got down and leaned back on the railing, as his blue eye shone. It sharpened and focused in on Neji Hyuga who unconsciously took a step back. "And we're the actors. All of us have our own roles to play. So, Neji Hyuga, I suggest you calm down and not talk whatever shit you were going to say to someone in my team while I'm around. Especially when she fought against another talented young kunoichi. We clear, genin?" He said it all with a smile, with no murderous aura around him, but the threat could not have come more casually and dangerously.

Neji Hyuga was officially on Sensei-kun's shit list. After promising her cousin a world of pain, the leader of her team stood in front of her clapping for her victory.

"Hinata." Sakura looked so much more positive now. "What was that? I didn't know you started elemental training already."

"I didn't." She replied and her pink haired friend looked confused.

"But you just shot water at her?" Sakura pondered on her own words. "You didn't make any hand seals though. And your elemental affini-"

"Allow your sensei to answer for you." Naruto Uzumaki cut in. A hand on his chin in his enlightened pose. Deep down she knew he was just doing this to throw off that impression about him. "What you saw was the Gentle Fist."

"But how?" Sakura seemed to want to know more.

"Well, she strikes nodes across the body by expelling their own chakra in a controlled manner. What Hinata did was apply the same logic, but to a body of water."

"But there are no chakra nodes on the water. This is just liquid."

"Exactly." Naruto snapped his fingers. "The lack of chakra nodes allowed her more freedom which is why she was waving her hands around in that bizarre dance motion."

"Sensei," Hinata felt a bit insulted that hundreds of years of traditional taijutsu invented and mastered by the Hyuga clan was reduced to that. "It's not a dance motion."

"It does look like one." Naruto said before…doing the exact same motion she applied. It looked corny.

"Please continue." Sakura saved her from the slight embarrassment.

"Gentle Fist and rigorous chakra control allowed her to manipulate the water around to create a temporary bubble of it, even though it is not her affinity. And then she tricked Tenten into thinking those water vortexes would be shot at her. Clever, Hinata." The way he praised her made her feel elated, but the fact that Neji seemed to both acknowledge and get disgruntled by it made her feel…accomplished too.

A first step in the long line of many to change how her cousin and so many others feel about the way of the Hyuga. She was no longer heiress, she held no intrinsic power, but her influence through her blood would no doubt inspire others. She looked at her sensei who was answering more questions Sakura had. Just like how you inspired me.

The lump in her throat had been bothering her for a long time. The butterflies in her stomach would not stop fluttering. Worst of all, her breathing was not calming down though her façade worked from what she understood. On and on she tried to distract herself. Asking her sensei a million questions which he answered back without being a smartass; this was the one time she would've appreciated him showing that knave side of his. A sense of normalcy would help.

Despite being free the restrictive seals on her, which apparently their sensei was too much of an ass to remove from the first two phases of the exam because it added a sense of achievement according to him, Sakura Haruno was still in a PTSD-esque state.


She'd met one of the most infamous rogue shinobi in history. A ninja so strong they were granted a class of their own and on par with Kage. She realized why her efforts against such an individual was so futile, and Hinata regaling stories she'd heard about the famous Sannin from her clan were making her realize just how lucky she got. Still…just the feeling of fear around him, it struck like an arrow tearing through flesh and bone, and the phantom pain of that feeling lingered.

"If I'm a betting man," Naruto Uzumaki observed the match between Kankuro and Misumi Tsurugi, "makeup man over there will win."

"Puppet Jutsu." Sakura had never seen it before and it was a healthy distraction. Her sensei had calmed her nerves a lot. A LOT. Yet the nervousness did not go away. For some reason, she felt like he was still here. Looking at her with those beady yellow eyes. "How do you win against that?"

"Simple. You kick his ass."

Good. This was what she needed. "You make it sound so easy." He made it look easy too.

"Meh," his left blue eye traced every action the genin below made, "It wasn't always easy. I just worked so hard that I broke my own limits from a young age."

"I work hard too, sensei." She said watching as Kankuro was declared the winner and the next contestants were announced: Dosu Kinata, the mummy from Sound, and Choji Akimichi. The pause lingered as she watched Choji expand larger and function as a human cannon ball. Her insecurities rose watching his abilities. It rose during Hinata's match and Ino's too, though in the case of the latter she wasn't given the chance to activate her family's jutsu. "But what if this is it? I'm…just a normal kunoichi. I don't have any innate skills or clan inherited techniques. I froze up in the Forest and he let me go cause I was noth-"

A hard slap to the back of her head shut her up and she saw the blue eye almost glare at her, burning like ice. His chin came just above her head and he looked down at her with fury. "I didn't spend the last five months, twenty five days and seventeen hours training you to hear this shit. There will always be those who have unfair advantages. Kekkei Genkai. Kekkei Tōta. Unnatural bodies. Freak of nature like chakra. Abilities that make you look like an ant." His grip on the railing tightened and she cringed hearing the sound of metal bend. "But under no circumstance are you allowed to give up without trying. Without pouring your heart and soul, your blood and guts into every ounce of your effort. Don't make self-fulfilling prophecies by already limiting yourself. When I was at the Academy, whatever little time I spent there, I was the shameless dead last. I was the charity case, but I did not give up. I didn't have any parents growing up wishing me goodnight so I could wake up with ease the next morning, I didn't have the luxuries then which I do now. It's what I earned. And I didn't get all of this by being content."

"I…" She was at a loss for words. Never had she seen his face that serious before. It felt like a completely different person. Overwhelming. Strong. Unshakable.

"And here you are being guided by someone who clawed his way from the bottom of the barrel, someone who was far off worse than you, and you're thinking this is it. Get this through your head, Sakura Haruno." He poked her forehead she was always teased about. "I wouldn't have trained you, wouldn't have pushed you, wouldn't have signed you up for the Chūnin Exams against these ninja if I didn't think you could. So what if some clan based shinobi will have an ability you don't? So what if a kunoichi on the field will be blessed with something you were never born to have? Is that the extent of your powers? The peak of your potential? No. Not even close. Talent is something you bloom. Instinct is something you polish. I know how talented you are, now get out there and win the match with those instincts I've helped you hone."

"…" Sakura looked away and her entire face was heating up. What was this? He was being harsh and inspiring at the same time. The amount of faith he put in her…she teared up, quickly wiping them off. "Okay."

"Good." He replied and sighed. "Cause it's your turn right now."

"Wait what?" She hoped he was joking. The names on the screen did not lie. Sakura Haruno and Zaku Abumi. "Wait. Wait. I'm not ready." Before she knew it, her sensei was dragging her down the stairs. "Wait. I need a moment!"

"I didn't give a goddamn speech for this." With those words her sensei was back on the stands and she stood toe to toe with one of the people who attacked her. The one with the weird arms, who shot out high pressured winds. She heard him once more from the view above. "Kick his ass, Sakura. I've got another bet going that all three of my genin will be going through to the next round."

"Shut the hell up!" Her opponent seemed offended at those words. "Ever since I got here all I've heard you is yap. How about I make a bet to you? I'll be sending your student in a body bag."

"Huh?" He looked equally parts confused and bewildered. "You? Send her in a body bag? Why would that happen? You can't beat her."

"And why the hell not?! She's not much of a fighter." His words and glare made her glare back.

"Simple." Naruto pointed at him with both index fingers. "You're trash."

"Proctor," Zaku looked outraged as the manic rage in his eyes became visible. "Start the match." Sakura took her own stance and as the proctor raised his hand, she did what she could do best: think.

He shoots wind out of his hand and can probably use sound like his teammates. The match started and immediately he started going through hand seals. Gauge the range.

"Decapitating Airwaves!" He yelled as he shot out blasts of wind and Sakura rushed back as fast as she could, as much as she could while keeping her eyes on him. It stopped. "Damn it! Get back here." He threw out a kunai and considering what she'd seen Tenten do, this guy was a terrible marksman even by genin standards.

Zero to five meters, Sakura hypothesized. Usually Naruto would use thin wires to trap them from his hands, and that practice kicked in quickly. She remembered Hinata mentioning something about holes in this guy's arms. And after a while she could see them too. He was almost catching up to her, but Sakura did what her teammates did today.

Utilize some custom made Level Two Explosive Tags with a sharp kunai.

Throwing it with the best mark she had, Zaku Abumi stopped and used his attack once more. He held the explosion at bay, pushing it back a bit as she increased the distance. He can use it for defense too. Shuffling through her pouch she used something she thought she never would. Originally bought to block out her sensei's mocking ramblings, she placed the earplugs tightly as every sound became distort to her.

It was a gamble she was taking. Sacrificing an entire sense just to make sure this guy didn't get the drop on her. He was saying something. Probably talking trash, but what she couldn't hear properly wouldn't affect her. Circling around her opponent, she realized there was a time lag on his attack. One whole minute. Divide, she threw out shuriken that he dodged. And conquer. She threw out two more kunai, sealing tags placed at the end of hilt. Like she expected, he jumped wanting to avoid the explosion, but that's not what the seals had.


Black smoke.

Lots of it. He couldn't see and neither could see, but between the two of them Sakura had the better mark and she liked to think she was smarter than someone who was mouthing off. Throwing two more kunai with explosive tags attached to them, Sakura awaited the explosion and soon enough it came. With a vengeance might she add. The thick black smoke disappeared followed by the appearance of combustible powder coming to life. She spotted him, reeling from the explosion and thwacked against the wall, stars in his eyes.

Faster. Chakra beamed through her entire body. Faster! Strengthening her as she got closer to her target. Faster! He noticed her and his hand was moving it was directly in her face. She raised her leg hard and her foot shot up like a canon. Right into his crotch making him squeal and gasp. Grabbing his hand and remembering how much of a failure she'd been in the second phase, how much this guy was giving problems, spurned on by her sensei's words, she stabbed the kunai right into the palm of his right hand.

He screamed in pain, in anguish and Sakura hated the stench of blood, but she couldn't stop here. His other hand was moving. She let him punch her in the face. It hurt. It really hurt, but she was used to pain. To better punches. Bearing it, she grabbed him by the wrist. Regardless of the incoming hits, regardless if he could do pull of his jutsu without hand seals or not, she needed to make sure she had the most chance of winning.

With the same bloodied kunai, she jaggedly cut open a line across his remaining palm and remembering the lessons she learned from her Iryō scrolls, Sakura decided to add another touch with a careful slice right across the wrist.

Twisting her leg around his, she shifted her arm from his wrist to around his neck and dropped. She scraped her elbow and no doubt her waist would be aching tonight, but it was a worthy tradeoff considering Zaku Abumi's head smashed against the bare ground. Not yet, she remembered what Naruto Uzumaki taught her when an opponent was down. Get as many cheap shots as possible.

However, he shook her off and kicked her. Though it didn't have his full weight. Under his forehead, a trickle of blood emerged and he raised his bloodied hands going through the seals she saw him do earlier, but added more.

"You…bitch." He breathed heavily. Sakura started to back off. "I'm going to fucking kill you! You won't outrun this! Extreme Decapitating Airw-AAAAGH!" Zaku Abumi's arms bloated up. The clothing on his arms tore off and the skin turned deep purple. "NO! NO! NOOOO!" And like a fountain blood shot out of his arms. His flesh quite literally exploded off as she could see his bones before the boy stopped screaming and fell.

"Sakura Haruno wins. Get him to the ward!" The coughing proctor didn't even bother looking at her and Sakura just stood there looking at what she'd done. She'd taken lives before, knew her hands were responsible for many a death, but most of them were bandits. This guy…he was her age. Just a genin like him. Like the ones she and her team had left in the Forest, who knew what state they were in. Averting her gaze, she went directly to the stairs and walked up where everyone stood silently. All eyes on her, a person who ruined whatever chance of a career that guy she faced had left. The crippler.

Until he spoke up.

"What an idiot." Naruto Uzumaki's voice cut through the silence like a hot knife through butter. It wasn't condescending. Just disappointment. "All those exit points in his palms were severed. Knowing that he still attempted that jutsu, just to get back at her."

"Agreed." Team Seven's Kakashi Hatake came forward, looking not so laidback as he usually did. "I'm guessing you were planning to gas him out. Weren't you, Sakura?"

"Yeah." She replied after the longest pause she took in her life. "Is he going to…"

"Oh, he'll live." Naruto assured her. He then frowned. "Maybe. Probably. I don't know… No promises."

Sakura sighed and sat down with Hinata as they watched the rest of the proceedings. The two of them wanted to go see Piggy, but their sensei assured them she was fine and taking a well deserved nap after all those kicks to her head. Their sensei wanted them to watch the matches. And watch them they did. The two remaining Cloud shinobi were pitted to go against each other. Omoi and Atsui. Right from the get go they shifted to their swords and despite not being a follower of the way of the sword, she could tell how well versed they were. All Kumo ninja seemed to have a drawn attraction to it, as suggested by the ridiculously curvy dark skinned jōnin who wielded a nodachi… and couldn't stay away from their sensei.

Honestly, Sakura thought in her mind, Why is she even trying? Sensei ends conversations and she starts another one. What kind of a self-respecting girl would try to talk to a guy who doesn't want to talk to her? And then, she remembered herself. And Ino. And a lot of other girls lining up to talk to Sasuke. Waging war to see who'd get the seat beside him. Bask in the glory of being told to 'shut up' by him. Hiding her face in shame, Sakura wanted to slap her younger self for acting so…pathetic. Stopping her line of thought, she looked at Sasuke who seemed deeply uncomfortable and kept clutching his shoulder every now and then. She wanted to go and talk to him. Really, she did, but after the fiasco in the forest, it was hard not to remember his sadistic side. That and how he rutted with Inari's mother. Of course thinking about that led to her thinking about…Naruto.

And the way he touched her, when he put those seals on her. God, she felt hot every time thinking about it. Even though he didn't do anything beyond what he said, the ghost of his fingers still haunted her skin with promises of forbidden pleasures that she, to her shame, to some extent, wanted. And she hated it while welcoming it at the same time. She knew of his reputation, knew why sometimes some females (particularly ones with more mature figure than her) would steal glances at him, and the more time passed, the more she came to see the appeal of it. Muscular, rugged, unapologetic, yet empathetic and funny even.

She tried not to think about her teacher in that way…as she decided to stand with the rest of the genin sans Sasuke who was resting. Good for him. And she watched how the match between Shino and Temari started. One minute later, after a few waves from her fan, Shino Aburame forfeited the match. The usually reserved boy came back to shouts from Kiba calling him out for giving up so quickly. The bug user, as she found out, revealed his insects would be blown off by her battle fan. Naruto Uzumaki laughed. Not at Shino of course. Rather, he stated he couldn't believe how someone needed a fan to use Wind Release. What followed next however blew her mind and made her realize just how strong some of the genin were here compared to her.

Gaara and Rock Lee.

It started out like every other fight. An attack started by one genin, countered by the other. However, Gaara of the Sand was a name he'd earned. The redhead had not taken a single step and stood in the same place as the sand from his gourd blocked every attack Rock Lee threw and caught him a couple of times too. Then Rock Lee jumped up to the statue depicting demons of old, meant to symbolize the inhumanity that plagued the lands during the Era of the Warring States, and dropped the weights wrapped around his legs.

His speed was far greater than anything she'd ever seen and from the look of shock on Gaara's face, it was evident this was the first time someone was getting past what the jōnin referred to as his impenetrable defense. Her sensei disagreed. Automatic Jutsu he labeled it, and the lack of not being defensively aware while solely relying on it would result in hits. Which sure as soon as he said it happened; the bowl cut taijutsu user soon started pummeling Gaara with kicks and punches so fast she couldn't keep up with them, then she saw Gaara crashing against the wall. Before Lee could take a step further, more sand erupted from his gourd like a volcano and his skin began to fall off. Well, what she thought was his skin. Like a facial mask coming off, hardened sand covering the body of Gaara crumbled off of him and the grin on his face reeked of bloodthirst. Might Gai, the quirky and near exact copy of Lee shouted, telling his student to go all out.

The Eight Gates. She'd read about it since her surface depth journey into Iryō ninjutsu began, but this was the first time she saw it. His skin turned darker, almost reddish as Rock Lee fearlessly opened four of those dreaded Gates. They were there to limit the body not let it buckle under the pressure of freeflowing chakra. Such a thing was more detrimental to the human body than of use, but opening them promised power at a high price.

Was it worth it?

The results spoke for themselves as the ninja born with medical condition disabling him from using any form of ninjutsu or genjutsu became by far the strongest genin she'd seen so far. He was a blur, and only in moments of dashes and impacts was the fearsome hand-to-hand fighter visible. Gaara stood no chance and Rock Lee bound him in clothing tape, and spun all the way from the top before the attack landed on the ground, rocking the very building to its core.

In the crater, Gaara of the Sand lied. Prone and unconscious. Rock Lee stood walked away from the crater. Victorious and his head held high. Until a giant fist of sand struck him, throwing his body against the wall. The Gaara she saw began turning into sand, as the real one emerged from under the ground. There were bruises on him and the way he breathed was far heavier than his usual stationary self. His hand reached out, then the sand did, rushing towards him. Looking to finish him off.

Sakura remembered shouting. Along with Tenten. For the to call off the damn match. And then Might Gai stood in front of his fallen student. Wiping away all the sand that came for him. The sand shinobi wanted to continue, but it was clear that Gai prized the safety of his student more than his pride. She suspected that's what her sensei had been constantly talking to him about.

Then she got really mad when Sai went to the next round by default seeing as there was no one left to fight him. The pale skinned teen smiled, held up a victory sign and simply stated, "Winning." God she wanted to punch him in the face.

It had been a long day, even though the hands of the clock told him he had eight official hours left before the date changed. After all was said and done, the brackets announced and making sure an enhanced clone took Hinata and Sakura to join with Ino in the medical wing, Naruto Uzumaki stood alone in a darkened room with two men. One of them was shirtless.

"Not exactly my ideal setting, senpai." Naruto said to the silver haired jōnin who shrugged.

"I'm sure you know why I did this." He reasoned.

"Yes," the Uzumaki replied, his eyes fixed on the Curse Mark on the Uchiha's shoulder. A mark that promised the one who put this seal would not go away from his target so easily. "To see how good Sasuke looks half naked. I'm disappointed."

"Kakashi," Sasuke said with more than an annoyed tone. "Why is he here?"

"Well, if you must know, my little genius of a genin," the masked man smiled, indicated by his happy enclosed eye, "Naruto here is an expert at seals, much more so than myself. In fact, one could say he's a certified Seal Master."

"Almost," Naruto took a closer look at the markings and brought out a brush. He'd seen this mark up and close before, lots of times, and it was only with that guarantee that he made his case. "This seal is different than the one on Anko. It's a bit more complicated, but what's really annoying is the failsafe."


"Yeah. See this?" He poked at the markings inside the tomoe. "These are Rotting Seals. Should anyone try to remove the Seal, it'll result in a disease attacking his body from the inside. He's a crafty bitch, that snake."

"I see." Kakashi was dead serious. He liked that about his pseudo older brother. "What can we do about it?"

"Standard Evil Sealing Method to suppress it. Followed by a time based Counter Poison Seal to slowly get rid of the rotting contingency, though that will take years."

"This Curse Seal," Sasuke Uchiha spoke, his eyes peering into the darkness around them. "What is its exact purpose?"

"Well," Naruto contemplated a bit before speaking, "it's a parasite."

"A parasite?" Sasuke questioned. "Does it feed off my chakra and transfer it to the kunoichi who bit me?"

"Yes, but no." Naruto took out a jar of his special made ink and began marking the boy. "First of all, he's not a she."

"It was a kunoichi who bit me."

"And I assure you, she's not a she. It was a disguise."

"…you're saying a man bit me?"

"A fully grown man in his fifties gave you a hickey in the forest while you were unconscious," Naruto decided to rub it in further. "Also, he was known to have caught children and…experimented on them. You're lucky my team caught up to you. Who knows what else he would've done to you and your body all alone in the woods as he would've reached deep inside and grabbed you assence-"

"THE SEAL," Sasuke Uchiha said loudly, not wanting to talk about it. Shame. "If it doesn't siphon off my chakra what does it do?"

"As I mentioned before, it's a parasite." Naruto Uzumaki brushed away at his usual speed. "It slowly chips away at your mind, influencing your decisions and making you more dependent on it for power boosts."

"How does it boost my abilities?" Sasuke's question made him look at Kakashi who was in the same boat as him. What do they tell him? Naruto Uzumaki sighed. One hand he wasn't a fan of Sasuke on the other hand his best friend made him what he was today.

"Enhanced strength, denser chakra, unnatural abilities."

"So," the Uchiha spoke with a tone more subdued than usual, "It makes me stronger."

"More or less." Naruto was almost done with drawing the seal.

"If that's the case," he continued voicing his line of thought, "why the hell shouldn't I use it?"

"I'm assuming you heard that bit about how it basically poisons your mind." If he knew Uchiha well enough, and he'd like to think he did considering he spent a good number of years catching up to their level, the silence was as good as a nod. "Allow me to squash those thoughts you have along the lines of 'Hn. It'll take more than that to influence me'. Trust me, the seal's purpose isn't about your consent. The person who marked you with this seal didn't do it out of the goodness of their heart. No, sir. This seal makes you rely on it, using it more and more as it adjusts your body's DNA to make the one who's gonna take it over that much more comfortable."


"No." Naruto put away his brush as he stood up, ready to add his own seal to it. "It's going to brainwash you into thinking you're inferior, make you doubt your own abilities and rely on it for power as it makes your prone to the bastard taking your body for himself. The seal I'm adding is to fight against the influence of it, but here's the catch: It's only as strong as the user's will to resist it."

"As if I need its power. The way you phrased it, I'm guessing it wants me more."

"So you say, but," Naruto griped the marked shoulder tightly, his fingers gripped skin and flesh with almost a cruel force, "based on what I heard from my students, little old you triggered the seal. Threatened my genin too. What do you have to say about that?"

"That…" The young Uchiha tried to pry his digits off of him to no avail. Naruto wouldn't let his claws out of someone unless he wanted to. "Was the seal. I was unconscious…when it took hold."

"I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. For now." Naruto made the hand seals as the seals glowed. "Know this, Sasuke Uchiha. Should I ever find you tapping into the Heaven Seal and using it against Konoha nin, I'll put you down. I don't care what eyes you have, what bloodline you have, or if you're slated to be the next Hokage. But more importantly, I'll be disappointed in you as an Uchiha."

"Watch your mo-AGH!" The seals glowed brighter as they started to recede into the mark Orochimaru gave him.

"I knew your brother." He saw Sasuke's eyes widen. "I knew Shisui too. Now they were real Uchiha. Proud, strong and masters of their eyes. Relying on their strength and making full use of the resources the Leaf gave them. They didn't need to rely on anyone else's borrowed power, unlike you did. So the real question is this. Will you be the Uchiha you're meant to be? Or will you be Orochimaru's little bitch?"

"I'll…show you…" The Sharingan glowed in his eyes. "…I'll show you…what a true Uchiha can…" And he fell forward as his jōnin teacher softened his landing.

"Was that part really necessary?" The silver haired jōnin asked as Naruto watched the small beads of sweat on his face.

"Sasuke is determined. Making him rely more on his own strength is the best way for him to grow. Plus, I motivated him if nothing else." Naruto paused before turning around and staring into the dark corner of the room. "Wouldn't you say, Orochimaru of the Sannin?"

"To think you actually noticed me." Out of the shadows he emerged. White, pale and just as terrible looking as the rumors went. "Kakashi Hatake. Naruto Uzumaki. Sons of loyal dead shinobi."

"Yeah, that's us." Naruto shrugged before frowning. "Who was your father again? Some nameless cunt who couldn't manage his load at a whorehouse I'm guessing. Is your Daddy still buying cigarettes at the store?"

"So crass. This is what passes for a jōnin nowadays. How disappointing."

"Dude, you literally kidnap children and take their bodies cause you're not good enough. And you call me the disappointment? Geez, no wonder I forgot you existed." The sharp release of a murderous intent filled the room. Overwhelming. Cruel. Almost joyful in the panic it would cause. His student freaking out over this was completely justified. "Ooooh. Struck a nerve there, didn't I?"

The Sannin laughed before turning around, the smile on his face was positively vicious as he immersed into the darkness. "The boy will be mine. Sooner than you think, Naruto Uzumaki."

"Ugh." Naruto felt more disgusted than on edge if he was to be honest. Something about the way he moved. After helping Kakashi Hatake set up Sasuke in a secured hospital room, he was back in the medical wing again amidst his students. His fist resting against his cheek, Naruto Uzumaki watched them chitter-chatter, banter, talk and laugh. The last five months of his life had been the most stable he could remember. He got another fiancé in addition to his first, a girlfriend according to Ino, Kurenai who'd finally broken up with Asuma, Anko and Tsume who were his fuck buddies/friends/close acquaintances and honestly…he was happy.

He just didn't show it like others did. Once upon a time he would've proudly bragged about how happy he was, but after being verified as a sociopath in a series of tests Inoichi had taken, he had doubts he would ever truly care about people to that extent. Sure, he had Kakashi, Jiraiya, Hiruzen and Itachi, but that came unquestionably as he knew they could pull their own weight. With women it was different. Losing his virginity to Q in a spur of the moment made him almost dream of love. Then people under his charge died. Honorably, but he delivered the news to a man his wife died, told two infants their father was gone. That squashed those hopes there. His relationship with Tsume as a physical fulfillment initially became the benchmark for all future affairs. Even with Shizuka it was just that at first, until she swore her life to his. Unquestionable, unbreakable, unconditional love. That touched something in him.

Something Danzo taught him was a weakness. Bonds were burdens with sugarcoat, he was told by his Wind release teacher. Despite that, he inevitably softened up over time. He was once a stoic ANBU, not unlike Itachi. Shizuka melted his heart before anyone else, and then absence made the heart fonder as she was sent along with a squadron of shinobi and kunoichi to the Land of Snow. It was for so long, he thought he would slip into his old habits again.

Then the old man told him he was to become a jōnin.

"Sensei!" Sakura knocked him out of those thoughts as his other genin looked at him with piqued curiosity. "Earth to sensei! Are you in there?"

"I was thinking about something." He said trying to play it off cool.

"What were you thinking about?" Ino asked. The blond had bandages and was brain damage free.

"The Chūnin Exams. The one I gave."

"You never did tell us how yours went, sensei?" Hinata's words seemed to spark their interest and he knew there was no way out of it.

"Well, as you know, I skipped years at the Academy."

"Why did you do that?" Sakura Haruno inquisitively asked.

"I was better than all of you." He smugly stated and the slight twitch in all of them satisfied him. "The point is when I gave my Chūnin Exams, I nearly lost a standoff for the first time in my life. Sure it wasn't like I was on my last legs, but I did get tested. I won though. As usual."

"Wait, so before that you never lost a fight in your life?" Sakura asked in curiosity.

He distinctly remembered Kakashi senpai kicking him so hard in the gut he puked out his breakfast. "Nope."

"Not even a spar?" Hinata asked in awe.

Danzo dislocated his arm the first time they met. "Never."

"Didn't Sasuke beat you at the Academy once?" Ino asked with a smug grin.

"I never trained before that. Doesn't count." Naruto coughed loudly not wanting to let them continue and bring that up in a different way. "These exams test you, your limits and how you think. Being a chūnin isn't all about brute force. You have to strategically think about the next stages and phases. In a way it's a microcosmic model of what being a shinobi is. And so far, based on what you three have done, I'm proud of you." He saw the red in their cheeks out of being praised so blatantly. Hinata's was the more prominent since she melted every time he would praise her even by the tiniest of margins; Ino's signified a sense of pleasure and professionalism, but mostly her confidence to think more in unorthodox manners solidified; Sakura, the girl from no clan being validated on par with shinobi of higher status and avoiding his gaze, more so since the Anti-Penetration Seal incident. If he was honest, the softness of her butt would cross his mind every now and then. But that was a line he would not cross, unless she wanted to. Plus she liked Sasuke…right?

"Still," the bubblegum haired girl spoke, "I think we've got a long way to go. Especially considering what you did at the Exams."

"What did he do? Spill, forehead." Ino looked lively as ever.

"Dr. Kagura at the hospital," she regaled the story. "Sensei was put on their team since they were a member short and wanted to take part in the exams. Apparently, he was so good he won it all."

"Sensei is strong." Hinata said with pride, looking at him with eyes filled with admiration. God, he was so hard right now. "And…I think all the grueling training he did, all the extra rounds after, it was to make him as strong as us."

"I finally taught all of you how to respect you. I'm so touched." He clutched his heart before sticking it out in pride. "You made one mistake though. I'm not strong. I'm the strongest. Here, there, everywhere. There's not a person, alive or dead, in the history of shinobi who can hold a candle to me. You should be lucky that your sensei is the one, the only, the great-"

"He also slept with the Raikage's daughter." Sakura stole all of his thunder. "Dr. Kagura mentioned the Raikage was out to kill him after that."

"What the fuck, Sensei?!" Ino sat up and glared at him. "Can't you control yourself?"

"Oi. Oi. She came on to me." Why was this going against him all of a sudden? Where was all the respect from a moment ago?

"Sensei," Hinata of all people gave him that look, "you really should learn how control your beastly urges. You might cause a war one day."

Did Hinata just insult him using the phrase Shizuka used against her by insulting him? What world was he living on? "Hey! In my defense I was 12."

"You were 12?!" Sakura looked appalled. "How old was she?"

"She was 14…I think." He never did ask Q how much older she was than him. Based on her genes, the thickness of the average Kumo woman and most importantly her butt, it was a safe guess she was two years older than him.

"OH so she knew!" Ino went in a different direction than Sakura who deadpanned at the logic.

"Robbing a cradle like that. To think a Kage's daughter would stoop to that level." Seriously, Hinata was using some sophisticated trash talk today. "I would like to have words with her one day."

"You can genin of my prized pupil!" A voice cut in from somewhere and the sound of drums, shamisen and a 'Yoooooooo' followed. Up on the ceiling upside down, the white haired man hobbled on one foot, his palm outstretched as he struck his iconic and absolutely idiotic pose. "Why it was the exceptionally beautiful jōnin from Kumo who was in the stands with you. I must say, Naruto, you truly are the center of gravity for all attractive women." Grabbing the ponytail, Naruto yanked him down, making the legendary shinobi of the Leaf crash against the ground.

"That…that…" Ino tried to find the right words. "That Kumo bimbo was her? She's the Raikage's daughter?!"

"Her name is Kyu. She likes to style it as Q…which is the same thing, but yeah." Jiraiya got up, completely healed from all the damage.

"Yes. Kyu is her name and I remember how Naruto described her even today. The boy was in l-" The Uzumaki shut his mouth as Hinata's Byakugan came to life.

"Keep your mouth shut, old man."

"Who is he?" Sakura didn't look too impressed with him. Neither did Ino. Hinata was just angry. Not a great first impression for his godfather.

"He's a lecherous pervert who just happened to be one of my teachers."

"A lecherous pervert?!" Jiraiya was just offended at being called that and Naruto tried to stop him. He really did. "Please don't insult me with such phrases, Naruto Uzumaki. I'm THE lecherous pervert. I am the template upon which all future perverts, peepers and connoisseurs are built upon. I am the gold standard for all things lewd and indecent." The blond could only groan as he felt the collective coalition of female fury being built up.

"Lord Jiraiya?" Of course Hiashi Hyuga was here. Along with Inoichi Yamanaka. And a man he'd never seen before; tanned, pink haired and tears in his eyes as he had an Icha-Icha book in his hands gazing at Jiraiya as if he'd seen the Sage of Six Paths himself. It took a long time to get away from that commotion, but finally he was back home after he learned Ino and Hinata would be staying at their houses for tonight. The fathers of his genin had come to thank him for the growth of their daughters. Kizashi Haruno in particular cried tears of joy and apologized to him a thousand times, before thanking him a thousand more times. Honestly, he didn't care who hated him at this point. Their hatred meant quite literally nothing to him.

Not right now you mean, the biggest fox in the world treacherously reminded him. You can say it all you want, but I know what's in your heart. You didn't get rid of your hatred, Naruto. You just changed it into something else.

And what would that be?

Power. Strength. Control. The voice snarled in near frustration. The root is still there, and if it wasn't for the abilities you gained, I would've put all that hate and self loathing to better use. Mold it into something more appropriate.

Yeah, but you're not getting the chance are you. Thank God that Danzo made me kill from a young age. He never thought a war mongering control freak would help him find inner peace. Well, one form of inner peace anyway.

I can't wait until you face someone who puts you in your place one day, the strongest of the Nine Beasts said with malice. You'll slip up, and when you do, I'll be ripping my way out of you. With every passing day, the other half of my chakra returns in bits and pieces. The one your father took with him. When the time comes and I shall be whole again, you will learn why upsetting me will was the greatest mistake of your life.

He stood in front of the mighty gates as the terrain around him shifted to that of ruins and dark skies. The great fox stood like a titan among gods peering high as the eye could see. The seal on the gates, a modified Eight Trigrams Seal with a honing inverse Dead Demon Consuming Seal used as a honing target for the rest of the Kyūbi's chakra to return to. Let it be said, his father had truly achieved the pinnacle of Fūinjutsu, and he followed his footsteps diligently as he stood in front of the gate, slapping his hands as Torii gates fell from above, holding the beast down from running his mouth more and one long red chain wrapped itself around the orange furred menace.

"You murdered my parents." Naruto stared into the eye of the Beast. "You're basically the reason people used to shun me, and those drunkards tried to 'teach' me where my place was. You tried to harbor all my negative vibes and made my literal evil twin out of it.. I looked past all that and tried to find a common ground with you, but no. You just have to have be an asshole, don't you? Maybe I should treat you more like how my mother and the First Hokage's wife did, maybe that will get us somewhere." It was all he said before he stepped out of his mindscape and the shower, proceeding to dried himself up. Putting on some lotion, Naruto Uzumaki did something he rarely did.

He smoked.

While he was no fanatic of tobacco like those of the Sarutobi clan, he could admit he found its uses. Red Apple was his go to for when he needed to think a bit. Jiraiya didn't appear for no reason. The group he'd been informed about months back were starting to become more prominent. Iwa was hiring the Akatsuki for their own purposes. He saw the appeal; private mercenary companies always had their benefits especially when it came to dirty work. Orochimaru was also in the village, and he was rumored to be a part of the group. Was he here acting on their part? How did Sasuke play into all this? Or was this the snake acting alone?

Either way, it was a headache and personal problem for his peaceful sleep in the village getting ruined. On top of that, the girls had made it on to the second round. Again, he was proud, but if this was their level for now…

Getting back inside, he found someone lying on his bad. Her long ponytail was undone and her black tresses were allowed to flow freely. Dressed in a crop top and shorts, Shizuka looked like an absolute treat and judging by how she was lying down flat on her stomach, wiggling her butt sideways in a slow trance, she wanted to be ravished. With a single hop, Naruto Uzumaki got on the bed on top of her and immediately started kneading her shoulders. She moaned, putting away the book she was reading and looked back at him with green glowing eyes.

"What's gotten you so excited, Beloved?" She asked him with the nickname she bestowed on him all those years ago when he defended her against the Elders.

"You." He kissed her neck making her moan, she turned around and kissed him on the lips. Their tongues found each other's embrace soon and greedily he went for her breasts getting rid of her top in the process. His hands groped her globes as he shifted from her mouth to her tits, tongue lathering around her nipples. Suckling on them. Biting them. Repeating it while his hands squeezed her squishy, thick bottom before he picked her up by the waist and kept her against the wall, as their war of tongues resumed. Her feet expertly dragged his pants down and his cock came to life, free from its shackles rubbing against her now slowly wet shorts, rubbing it along the slit over the cloth.

She ran her fingers from the base where she had first gripped it all the way down to the tip of his cock. Then she made her way back down his length once more. As she did so she managed to tear her lust dazed eyes away from his prick long enough to see the expression writ across his face as she stroked his rod and understood a bit better what he was paying for.

"How long has it been since it's just you and me in this house?" She sounded so cute as she knelt there looking up at him with a gaze filled with love.

"Too long." Shizuka craned her neck down and saw what she wanted. Her eyes got greener if it was possible. There was a shine to them as she faced his one-eyed third leg.

"Let's not stand on ceremony then, Beloved." As her first hand continued to stroke his shaft eagerly, her other hand dipped beneath it and she cupped his heft scrotum in her fingers, rubbing it against his fleshy sack. She gently squeezed and caressed his balls with that hand while pumping his member with the other hand. "Do you want me to put it in my mouth?" She asked as if he was going to ask her to play flute with it, glancing up at him with a mischievous glint. Shizuka, when none of the girls were around, was the perfect mix between playful and mature.

"No, no. Just keep me hanging on. I'm sure someone else in the village will do it, no questions asked." He smiled as she frowned.

"You're lucky I've devoted my life to you, Beloved." As she prepared to stick it into her mouth something strange happened. Shizuka kissed his cock. Kissed it again before she started what Naruto could only describe as a full making out session with his dick. Her drool was coating all of his well endowed as she parted her full lips, running her tongue around and wetting them more than they already were. Slipping her fingers back down to the base she gripped his cock and brought it close to her lips once more.

As it neared her face she gave it a lick, tentatively at first. Then more aggressively as she licked it several more times. Her tongue was all over the tip teasing his cockhead with its soft wet touch. Pulling back slightly she started stroking his length once more with her fingers. With that she pushed her lips against it in a wet sloppy kiss then as she parted them she let his thick tip slide inside her mouth so she could start to suck it.

Her tongue seemed to be everywhere along his dick as she bobbed her head up and down taking more of his shaft inside her. Delighted oohs and aahs escaped her mouth though slightly muffled as full as it was. Working her way further down towards his base she also continued to fondle his balls which further intensified his pleasure. It was hardly her first attempt at such a lewd act as this she took to it with all the skill of a natural born slut as she slurped and slobbered along his length till it glistened with a thick coat of her spit. Then again, she probably read it somewhere and decided to spice things up a bit.

She only hesitated in her oral assault when she felt his fat prick's tip brushing up against the entrance to her throat. The sensation of it teasing her tonsils made her gag audibly. When she started to back off his cock suddenly, he put his hands upon the back of her head. "Oh no you don't." Her eyes shot open wide as he simultaneously thrust his cock towards her while pulling her face closer.

"GLLLUUUURRRKKKKK!" The sounds of her cries of shock and surprise were muddied with the wet clicking sounds coming from her throat as he began to skullfuck the pretty young former Nadeshiko with abandon. She began to choke and gag as he filled her throat with his erect rod. He knew how thick his prick was as he slid down her throat it bulged visibly, even going so far as to stretch out the black lace choker she wore around her neck. Shizuka found herself gripping his knees for support, no longer caressing his nuts. Instead they slapped up against her chin with each new thrust of his prick.

It took a minute for Shizuka to calm herself again, but when she did she managed to stop choking when he stretched out her gullet with his cock. The sensation of being forcefully deepthroated actually was exciting her to more heights of arousal and he knew she liked being roughed around by him. Her nipples almost painfully scratched against the front of her tanktop as erect as they were now. Furthermore, he could see the dampness growing between her legs beneath her shorts, and the faint aroma of it reached his nostrils.

Drove away he did, controlling the pace, as Shizuka was just doing her best to lick and suck his cock as it invaded her throat till he was buried fully inside her mouth. He then pulled slowly out till just his tip was in her mouth before burying himself in her again. Naruto continued to do so, slowly at first making her gasps for breath come in short tides, until he started doing it faster. Her forehead constantly mashed against his crotch and his cock met the back of her throat.

"GLLLLARK! GHUURK!" It was no surprise she couldn't hold out long given the pace he was going, her body shivered as her arms fell to the side, but he continued to viciously fuck the gorgeous ravenette's tight wet throat and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Then suddenly, he stopped as he pulled out of her, drool, saliva, precum mixed to form a fluid running down her chin and she was still in a daze before waking up with a loud gasp. He held her there for a moment as his hardened, sloppy cock rested atop her face. Shizuka swallowed large amounts of air as she finally started to breathe a little normally again. It must've felt like a long time since he started ramming away in her throat, which she would be right about once he glanced at the clock. Sighing, he let go of his iron grip on her head as she grabbed his legs, leaning against him.

As she knelt there before him her breasts heaved with each gasping breath as she tried to replenish the air in her lungs. Then suddenly she coughed up a mouthful of cockspit which escaped her lips, rolling down her chin and landing atop her bountiful bosom with a wet splash. She looked back up at him with a silly smile on her face. "Beloved, you make me fall for you more every day."

"Part of the resume, sweety." He reached out a hand and helped her to her feet and he thought to give her a gift right then and there. "Shall we continue, Beloved?" He gave her a naughty wink as Shizuka stood there with widened eyes, pinker cheeks. She wiped a finger across her chin collecting some of the coughed up cum before sticking it into her mouth and sucking upon it. She found his texture and flavor most pleasant as she savored it.

"You've never said that before."

"First time for everything. Remember that time we tried anal? Good lord, I thought you were going to wake all the people in the village up." Shizuka shut his mouth with her hands before leaning closer to the wall and further pushing her ass out towards him. Shizuka glanced back over her shoulder and saw him tug at the waistband, before a cut appeared and it fell, revealing her curvy ass. The pale smooth flesh of her thighs and rear were now on display and he proceeded to fondle, squeeze, and grope her soft skin with his calloused, strong hands delightedly.

"Ooooh, yes. Just like that, Beloved." Shizuka cooed when she felt his fingers teasing her sex. There was the barest little patch of wispy dark black hair, well-trimmed and maintained, just above her wet little pussy. Sliding one of his thick fingers against her slit Shizuka shuddered at the waves of pleasure that emanated from his touch.

Loosening his slacks, he whip out his erect phallus as Shizuka looked at it with hunger. He always thanked God for blessing him in this department, though if scriptures were to be believed it was an Uzumaki trait and he was something of an Uzumaki himself. She knew he wanted to stick it inside her badly and she suddenly wanted it just as much. She watched wide eyes filled with anticipation, not wanting to look away, as he proceeded to spread her tight little snatch with his fingers and prodded her entrance with his cock. Putting his other hand upon one of her curvaceous hips he thrust himself inside her with so much force that it lifted her feet from the ground so that she was only standing upon her toes.

"OOOOOHHHH BELVOED! It's so big and hard as ever! You feel soooo good!" She moaned whorishly if he was to be honest as she was impaled on his length. Who was she being loud for though? Oh right, him. Hehe. He moved his other hand so that he had ahold of both of her hips as he began to thrust away at her tight welcoming sex. The sensation of him splitting her open and grinding against her innermost walls was overpowering. Messy words sprung into her head, and the ones that came out were messier until she finally started speaking more sensibly. "Oh Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Beloved! Fuck me hard!" He did exactly that. Ramming with his hips he pounded away at her cunt full force. His balls bounced against her body each time he buried his bone inside her. The bedroom echoed with a mixture of the sounds of flesh noisily slapping together and the slutty moans and whimpers Shizuka was emitting as she was taken roughly from behind.

With his hands upon her hips he fucked her hard and deep, just the way she liked it. Her thighs were shiny and slick with her juices as she leaked more and more with each new thrust. As wound up as she already was it didn't take much to send her over the edge. His actions trapped her in the grip of pleasure as a white hot orgasm tore through her body.

"OOOOOHHHHH FUCK! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" As she cried out her pussy gushed, spraying out a veritable geyser of girlcum all over the torn booty shorts beneath her feet. Her feet shivered like there was no tomorrow and he pulled out of her, making sure the exit was slow and pleasurable for her as she descended on to her knees, her face against the floor, a massive blush on her face, tears in her eyes and drool falling like just as much as her cunny juice leaked.

Getting down to her level, he slapped his shaft across her perky ass cheeks. Adjust his position, he shifted the curvy ravenette in a way that she was now on all fours, easily fitting beneath his bulkier body. His cock sandwiched itself between her butt cheeks and she teased it despite her still jittering like a leaf come fall, grinding her perfect ass up and down its length several times.

"That's enough warm-up for now . Don't you think?" Shizuka didn't reply, but her pushing her bare ass backwards trying to find his member was enough of an answer. And he liked her response. Holding his throbbing, insatiable shaft, he placed the tip to brush up against her wet still quivering twat. The mere contact of his erect stiffness teasing her sex sent a shudder of pleasure through her and his fiance took a moment to revel in it before she started pushing backwards with her hips.

If it was possible, she got tighter and he remembered it was a trait of the Nadeshiko, who were revered for their fertility genes. The feeling of warm welcoming sensation of her tight folds ready to accept him returned, the Uzumaki thrust forward with his hips and powerful muscles driving his massive cockhead right up inside her, reaching a place which made her cum then and there, her shriek of pleasure echoing across the whole compound.

"OH GOD! OH FUCK!" Shizuka exclaimed as he felt her tight little love tunnel, jabbing her cervix. Her emerald eyes shot open wide in shock before turning a bit white as they rolled. Slipping inside then out, and proceeding to rut her like a beast, Shizuka began to match his pace. She was along for the ride, getting wilder with every passing moment. Each thrust forced his prick deeper into her cunt before going back and repeating it.

"OOOOooooohhhh fuck! Give it to me more, Beloved! You know how to fuck a Nadeshiko right! Shove your big fat log straight into my womb again! I don't want t be able to walk for days!" Her thick body was already showing signs of its limitations despite her high and might talk. Naruto was viciously knocking on the door of her womb, ramming up into her cervix with a merciless intensity. That was more than what she could take. She came on the spot, her cunt seizing around his thick shaft, clenching it even tighter somehow as she spurted out a massive gusher of pussy juice out onto the ground below.

"Holy fuck! I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!" Shizuka's entire body shook with the power of the Uzumaki's thrusts as he reamed her cunt with all the force his powerful body could bring to bear. With a few more slams into her cervix it proved an insufficient barrier and his fat mushroom shaped head prodded up against the lining of her baby basket. Her mouth hung open, drool running down her chin as she moaned out with obscenely whorish intensity.

Try as he might the Uzumaki couldn't hold out much longer either. Her tight wet twat was too inviting, too pleasurable, to resist. Hammering away at her insides he gave in to the inevitable and his cock exploded inside her. Shizuka cooed, still in the midst of her own orgasm, as she felt the hot anointment of his cum about to bathe the insides of her cunt. Buried up inside her and still rutting strong , he suddenly stroke forth with a load of hot gooey seed even more voluminous than what his fiancé let out. Shizuka's womb was flooded in an instant, every inch of its surface filled with squirming Uzumaki sperm swimming about inside her. Blasts of jizz erupted from her overstretched cunt with alarming intensity and frequency. She came several more times, each time blasting out more of her cuntspray to join the thick morass of fluids that she crouched in. Creamy helpings of hot ball gravy were served out flooding her pussy and womb till she was entirely filled. Dollops of his hot gooey spunk began to leak out around his throbbing pecker as it kept it up pumping jet after jet up inside her. She remained there mounted like an animal taking its entire load with glee, her body quaking in natural resonance from her umpteenth orgasm.

It felt like he might keep cumming forever, as he piped out into her before finally his balls gave up the ghost, entirely emptied into his fiancé. When he pulled out a copious gout of semen spilled out onto the ground between her legs and still more slowly began to leak out. There were even a couple of long thin cumstrings which connected the tip of his prick with her gaping snatch as he surveyed his handiwork. Picking up the first girl who fell in love with him, Naruto got into bed with her, and while he intended to talk to her about helping his genin with training, he didn't want to wake her up right now. Not when she had that serene look of satisfaction on her beautiful features. Thank God they'd had supper already. Whatever happens…happens, but I'll be damned if I don't try.

Pulling her close against him, Naruto made a clone to turn off the lights as the moon and stars outside his window shone into the room making her face look like she was a goddess come down from heaven. All the girls in his life were. Shifting a bit so her head lied on his chest, Naruto Uzumaki felt his own body relax as she perfectly fit against him, and he fell asleep after a while. He was at peace with her by his side, in the still of the night.

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