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The stares had been getting to him.

At first it was just one, then two and then he felt all eyes were on him; sight that held him in love, in lust, in curiosity, in vain, in annoyance. His cool blue eye could only stare back so much. Kakashi advised him a long time ago that making his eye look like a smile would freak the fuck out of people and keep them away. It was good, sound advice. The man had played a major role during the time he truly came of age, had he not Naruto Uzumaki believed that he would turn out to be an orange-clad, loud-mouthed, shoot first ask questions later kind of guy. Not that there was anything wrong with that; the former ANBU appreciated guts and valor as much as the next person, not as much as he enjoyed going home with his head still on his shoulders though.

Still, he would've appreciated some alone time. Just him and some silence. Sweet, sweet silence that-

"Sensei," he opened his eye to see Ino standing in front of him. She looked tired and annoyed—he could relate to the last bit. Her hands were on her hips and he couldn't help but take a peek at her toned, slender stomach which lead upwards to healthy growing breasts and downwards to a firm ass that would be fun to squeeze. "I'm done with the woodwork."

"Good," Naruto stood up. He looked to see that Hinata was also done chopping wood, Sakura was a bit behind them both, but getting work done nonetheless. Surprisingly, Ino and Sakura didn't hound after Sasuke…that much. Sure there was the usual twenty-four hour near constant adoration for the very ground he walked on, but it was a bit more on less vocal terms—something he was sure the boy appreciated. Maybe, just maybe he had done his duty as a teacher and actually taught them tact. He felt so proud.

"Now can I go to the bridge?" Ino said with hope in her eyes and Naruto sighed. She didn't miss that. "What?"

"Nothing," Naruto sat back down. He eyed her and for some reason he thought he saw her cheeks redden. Maybe she was thinking about Sasuke. "If you're going to go, freshen up and eat something first."

"I'm full," Ino replied. "Besides, I don't want to hog down more food."

"Or do you want Sasuke to be under the impression you're still on a diet?"

"EH? I would never!"

"So much denial."

"Shut up! What the hell do you know?!"

"Well, I've been through the phase where girls and boys start becoming interested in each other," Naruto wisely explained, "and not to mention, I'm still around your age."

"Wait," Ino sat down to his level and looked at him with clear interest in her eyes. It was almost…cute. "So what do you do to…you know…get rid of those thoughts?" Blue eyes stared unto turquoise and for a moment, the boy in him wanted to put a hand around her head, pull her close and kiss those sweet lips. He wouldn't deny it; his mind had thought of a naked Ino before and he did not feel guilty about it.

"I take a mission and I complete the mission. By the end I'm so tired, going to home and just sleeping on your bed is a luxury," Naruto told her. She looked a bit disappointed, but her suave sassiness returned soon.

"That's stupid," Ino said with conviction. "What's the point of living like that if you don't have fun?"

"I do have fun," Naruto smiled a bit. "On the field and most certainly in my room." Ino's blush returned and she almost gazed away.

"You're a shameless pervert, sensei."

"Maybe," he conferred. "But I'm not the one who's face is very close to her superior's." Ino backed away, blush still in place. "My, my, Ino. I didn't know you were planning to become a seductress. That particular branch of kunoichi are dangerous."

"I'm not," she gritted her teeth. "And stop flirting with me!"

"Ino," Naruto spoke huskily, "if I was flirting with you, you'd be a hot, sweaty mess under me, moaning, and my thumb in your mouth." Ino was red-faced and walked away after shouting something. It was fun messing with people because he could. It wasn't a bad image once he thought about it.

"What happened to her?" Sakura arrived, looking tired and famished.

"I don't know." Naruto told her and looked at the chopped wood the three of his students did. "So you're done with all of it. Good job. You can go in and rest now."

"I was hoping to get to the bridge." Naruto got the same reaction Ino did. "What?"

"Just go in, eat and sleep. You can see Sasuke later." Obviously Sakura wasn't entertained by his words. He was their sensei, so he decided to be a bit…different. "Sakura."

"What, sensei?"

"You've improved," Naruto told her without looking at her. A small sparrow flew down in front of him, it looked at him curiously before sitting on his shoulder. "Ever since I took charge of the three of you, all of you've improved. I'm your sensei, more importantly I'm a part of your team. You're MY responsibility, it's MY duty to keep you safe and alive, which sure as the sun rises I'll keep doing. That's why I'm telling you what's good for you. Eat. Sleep. Rest. Sasuke will still be here." Only the bird chirped on his shoulder as a soothing silence settled in.

"You know, you should be more like this all the time, sensei," was all Sakura said before she ran off to the house. Naruto looked at her and thought she said with an ecstatic tone. Must've been my imagination. A pair of arms slid around his neck as he felt something immensely soft and big nestle against his head. The sparrow settled on the ground in front of him as sweet lips found his cheek and he smiled.

"Well now, aren't we bold?" Naruto said before dragging her to his lap. He kissed her on the lips as her hands rubbed across his chest, his own were firmly grasped around her hips. He had kept a clone on top of the roof watching out. Tongues warred as their hands fondled and soon enough, Hinata was on the ground as Naruto squeezed her breasts over her clothes and she kept pulling him into a more heated kiss.

"You know," Naruto stopped to catch breath, "you seem more excited than usual." Hinata rolled him over and sat on him, rubbing against what was a firm erection beneath his pants. He groaned as he felt her soft thighs rubbing against his own. She tied her hair up and took off the baggy jacket which concealed most of her busty figure; the fishnet shirt barely could barely contain her breasts. His hand found her ass and soon squeezed it before he stopped. "Oh for fuck's sake."

"What happened?" Hinata got off of him and zipped up her jacket. She activated her Byakugan and realized why her fiancé was nettled. Tsunami, Tazuna the bridge builder's daughter, was making her way out of the house with refreshments. The clone on the roof popped and the blond immediately made another one.

"I thought you could use some drinks," the young woman said and both the Leaf nin took it. Naruto for the most part tried to forget about how he was cock-blocked, but the thought of motorboating his face against Hinata's magnificent breasts did not help. He sighed.

"I think I'll go out to get some more game," the young jōnin stood up with a bored look. "If anything happens, you know what to do."

"Flashbang kunai?" Hinata asked.

"Flashbang kunai," Naruto said before using the Shunshin to flawlessly travel out of the vicinity. Creating a shadow clone to go look for more game, he used henge to resemble a small rat, the shinobi trodded through the poverty stricken town and looked around for clues as to where exactly Gato was living. For an egomaniac who flaunted his wealth and power, the man went to great lengths to keep himself hidden from the people. Maybe he feared that one day the people would have enough, pick up their pitchforks, stones, and other pointy things that made living creatures bleed and storm his abode. The rat scurried around listening to conversations, tailing a few of Gato's men, almost getting speared by a few girls and what not.

It was not fun being a shinobi.

Ino sat and watched as the workers did their best to get the bridge running as quickly as possible, though they were still days away from such a thing. She and her team had been here for two days now and much to her disappointment, she couldn't get any closer to charming Sasuke.

The young man was ice, and her fire wasn't strong enough to melt it yet. Oddly enough, she'd seen Sasuke talk more than he ever did at the Academy. He spoke to his sensei, his teammates and even her AND Sakura. That was weird! However, what really bothered her was the way Sasuke would sometimes glance at her sensei.

The very first time they entered the house, Sasuke and Naruto had a stare down, sort of; the young Uchiha prodigy gave him a stare that would no doubt scare anyone, but her sensei couldn't give one shit about it when he walked right past Sasuke, as if he was never there. Nothing ever seemed to faze the man. Nothing.

Well, she thought naughtily, maybe sex. God, Ino. You shouldn't even be thinking about it. She tried hard to forget about what she'd seen, what she'd dreamed, but it was no use. The dream kept coming back with her and him.

"You're dazing off," Sai's voice brought her back and she saw the pale, handsome young man was standing close to her. "Work's almost done here for the day."

"I know."

"You didn't help," he said with a smile that frankly didn't charm her this time. Sai was pretty, very pretty and that made her become attracted to him during a phase in her life. However, the fact that sometimes he so brazenly insulted her, anyone, for that matter sometimes got under her skin. "You were just sitting there and enjoying the view."

"Sorry, I'm tired from chopping wood," Ino said and smiled back, clenching her fist. "I could break a few bones in your face if you want."

"Calm down," Sai put his hands up. "It was a joke."

She blinked a bit. "You joke?"

"You'd be surprised, blondie," the rowdy voice of a girl almost made Ino roll her eyes. Kibara Inuzuka, or Kiba as she liked to be called, strolled in like the tomboy she was. Though from what she heard Sakura say, the girl had more curves than the two of them combined, and was on Sasuke's team. Just her fucking luck. "Even Elite boy over there cracks a joke or two."

Ino narrowed her eyes, in anger and jealousy. Sasuke talked…a lot with his teammates, sure he just shot them down and made them the butt-end of his wits, but it was still something! Now he was talking with Kakashi with the everlasting scowl on his face, however it softened after a few words from the jōnin of Team Seven. Kakashi Hatake was a lot like her sensei; laidback, one-eyed, and very much a pain in the ass. Apparently this man liked to appear late as well, judging from the amount of time Kakashi and Naruto spent hanging out they were friends. They had to be! Demons both of them.

"Hey!" Kiba got in her face. "Earth to Blondie, I've been asking you for five minutes."

"What?" Ino asked, honestly a bit embarrassed she phased out that much.

"About your sensei, how'd he become a jōnin? I remember him being loud as me and he wore freaking orange!"

"How should I know?"

"Don't you talk to your team leader?" Sai asked her that. "Our lazy ass sensei told us quite the bit about him. And from what Barky here mentioned, your sensei used to be in your class. Then he disappeared for a few years and now here he is, a jōnin. Quite bizarre if I'm to be honest."

"Wow, Sai," Kiba stroked her chin. "Never seen you that interested in anyone."

"Brilliance always interests me," Sai explained himself, putting on a smile that made Ino remember how handsome the young teen was. "Especially more since his team is filled with a bunch of useless burdens."

Ino had heard enough and was going to give him a piece of her mind, and the backside of her hand, until a new voice spoke.

"Enough," Sasuke's voice was deep and arresting. His face carved by gods themselves was masked with annoyance and vigil. His coal eyes looked at her and Ino felt almost afraid. The Uchiha looked around before speaking to her. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to help," Ino smiled. Her face was prettier than any flower in the Yamanaka shop, that she knew. Sasuke, however, wasn't impressed. "Since the bridge needs to be done quicker I thought you guys could use an extra hand."

"You did nothing," Sasuke's words made her cringe a bit. He took another look at her. "Where's your sensei?"

"Back at the house," it was all she said before Sasuke walked off. Wasn't the first time he did it. Something told her it wouldn't be the last time. She clenched her fist. Why was he always so damn cold? Sure it made him look cool, but sometimes it felt so…asshole-ish.

"Calm down, Blondie," Kiba patted her on the back. "He'll warm up to everyone eventually." Sai she noticed was already ahead of them. Walking a few feet behind Sasuke. She and Kiba were trailing them, with Kakashi keeping an eye on them as he walked.

"He's been like this way for years," Ino said wistfully. "I'm starting to think I should change if I can't get him to like me."

"That's just stupid!" Kiba loudly ranted at her. "You're stupid! Stop saying stupid things!"

"Bold words coming from you, Barky." Sai said just enough that Kiba was going after him and giving him a piece of her mind. Loudly.

"You shouldn't worry too much," Kakashi Hatake, leader of Team Seven told her. He like her sensei, carried that obscene orange book, and smiled at her. Well she assumed he was smiling. "It takes a fair bit of time to get Sasuke to talk to you."

"I've known him for years."

Kakashi hummed a bit in thought, looking up in the sky sagely. "True, but do you actually know him?"

"What?" Ino found the question to be irate. Of course she knew him! She, Sakura and a few others used to follow him around to understand his behavior, psychological responses and reactions to things that would come up in his life. "Of course I know him! We've known each other for kids."

"Maybe you misunderstood my words," the one-eyed jōnin kept speaking in circles. "What I'm saying is, do you know what his hobbies are? His favorite food? Why he chose to keep that ridiculous hairdo?"

Ino couldn't answer. She had no answer and Kakashi Hatake seemed to realize that.

"Give it time."

I don't want to. I've waited damn long enough, she told herself. "Fine." She kept walking with the party and were eventually walking through the town which the more she thought about the more ruin it seemed. This Gato, he was a real right asshole and that was putting it mildly. Rape, murder, extortion were his favorite tools and he had goons that numbered in hundreds. Normal civilians truly had no chance against his organized outfit.

Ino was hoping that their teams could free this town and building that bridge seemed to be the way to go.

"All these people," Kiba said as she now walked along with Ino again. The Inuzuka looked furious. "When I see that bastard, I'll fucking kick him in the head." Ino found herself agreeing with the tomboy for the first time in her life.

"Not if the jōnin get him first." Sai pleasantly added. "I heard Jōnin Uzumaki talking about how he'd love to walk into Gato's tower and bring his head back." Ino wouldn't mind if her sensei/torturer did that. Sasuke stopped and looked back at them. His onyx eyes seemed to be bright all of a sudden.

"Kakashi," the jōnin looked at his student curiously. The next words he said had Ino stumped.

I just hope this ends well for Sasuke-kun.

Sakura could not believe what Ino had told her since she returned with Team Seven. Apparently, the piggy's visit to the Bridge had been more than just amusing. Not only did she learn that Sasuke ignored her (WOOHOO!), but also came back motivated and charged to do something.

Fight Naruto Uzumaki.

Sakura Haruno's heart belonged to Sasuke Uchiha. If he said to strip, she'd do that without a second thought. A fair bit of a naughty thought, but it was a mutual goal with her. HOWEVER, taking on their sensei. Sakura may not be the sharpest kunoichi, but even she knew Sasuke Uchiha was going to have trouble against a jōnin. Her sensei probably never even tried to harm them. She was sure of it!

Now here they stood, deeper in a clearing of the woods. Kakashi Hatake was at Tazuna's house, with Kurenai, since everyone else decided to watch the fight. He did however bet 20 ryo on their sensei. Kiba was taking the bets, no surprise there. Sai, the most emotionless doll in their batch, seemed to be almost excited at this. The young shinobi explained that he would like to see the power of someone their age who'd become a jōnin.

Naturally she and Ino had one mutual thought.

"Kick his ass, Sasuke-kun!" Ino loudly shouted. "He made us work like slave drivers! Make him eat dirt!" Now, Ino wasn't that dumb, but Sakura could tell it was simply her wanting payback for the shit their sensei always put them through. Seemed fair. So, she being the president of the Sasuke Admiration Club also joined in.

"Go! Sasuke-kun! Show him why you're the best!" She supported him vigorously. Both Ino and her felt their hearts skip when Sasuke shot them a glance and shook his head. Her love was getting to him! Hinata was there too, though the girl seemed more nervous than anything. Regardless, she'd support her Sasuke-kun all the way through.

"Okay," their sensei stood lankily as ever. He seemed annoyed by this whole thing and was squinting at the Uchiha. "Just taijutsu and nothing else. No shuriken, you can use a kunai though and try not to aim it at the civilians over there."

Sexy Sasuke Uchiha impassively stared that sexy stare that made Sakura's eyes shine with hearts. "You've changed."

"Eh?" Naruto Uzumaki looked a bit taken aback and then lightly laughed a bit, scratching his head. It felt like a familiar sight to Sakura. Only she remembered the color orange more. "I'm surprised you remembered. You kicked my ass on the first day of the Academy. Good times. Good times."

"You've changed," Sasuke repeated again, taking his stance. "The results won't."

Naruto Uzumaki smirked a bit, making the sign of confrontation. "Before we start, why are you doing this?"

"To measure my strength," Sasuke's answers made Naruto's eye widen a bit. Then the Uchiha rushed at him. Fast and threw a kunai. The blond moved his head away and caught Sasuke's fist aiming for his face. The knee came up and Naruto Uzumaki caught it with his other hand, throwing the Uchiha away.

Sasuke balanced himself and stood still. His eyes focused entirely on the jōnin.

"Huh, never seen someone stop Sasuke's attack like that," Kiba said as she sat and watched the fight. Naruto Uzumaki raised his fists and started lightly moving around, almost as if he was dancing. "The fuck is that?" Naruto Uzumaki started jogging towards and backed off a step or two as he got nearer Sasuke. Eventually, the Uchiha lost his patience and lunged at her sensei again.

Sasuke let out a flurry of strikes. Each one precise and Naruto Uzumaki dodged all of them. Sasuke brought out another kunai and aimed it for Naruto Uzumaki's stomach, the jōnin caught it with his fingers.

"Woah! Calm down there, dude." It was all her sensei said before Sasuke acrobatically swerved and kicked him in the face. The Uchiha smirked. For a moment. Then her sensei grabbed his legs. "Youuuh khiicked ngeee in gaaa faaashe."

Sakura's heart nearly stopped as she saw her sensei pick up Sasuke Uchiha and slam him across the ground. Over and over and over again. Sick thuds echoed in the air and made her cringe. The way his body was being slammed into the ground felt inhuman. Rage swelled up in her.

"Stop it!" Ino was rushing out, but Sai stopped her.

"Do not interfere, Yamanaka-san," the boy sounded serious. "Our teammate asked for this spar."

Sakura had the urge to punch him, but then Sasuke finally somehow got free from the iron clutch her sensei had. Sasuke Uchiha's clothes were dirty, a bit of blood trickled down the side of his head and his eyes bored wrath. He was breathing heavily too.

The jōnin sighed. "I think that's enough for today, right?" Apparently it wasn't as Sasuke rushed in once and engaged her sensei in fluid taijutsu. Her sensei was still blocking, hitting only to cancel out Sasuke's moves and she could tell it was getting to the Uchiha. With each passing moment, the prodigy was getting more annoyed and sloppier. Then her sensei caught his arm, pulled him close and decked him in the jaw.

Very hard.

Sasuke Uchiha was sent hurling backwards. He got back up. A small smile on his face. "Not bad."

"You're pretty good, Sasuke," Naruto Uzumaki seemed to have the same line of thought. "In fact, you're way too good to be a genin. How about we end it here, huh? There's this special on TV about chicken that I need to catch."

"No," was Sasuke's reply as waved for Naruto to come at him. "Let's end this fight."

"Okay," Naruto Uzumaki said. He then began to walk away. Sasuke Uchiha, like her, like the rest of them watched him. He walked towards the crowd. "Show's over, people. Time to head out."

"Hey!" Sasuke uncharacteristically shouted. "We're supposed to finish this fight!"

"Yeah, I just did." Naruto snapped his fingers at the genin. "I quit. You win."

"What the fuck?!" Kiba got in Naruto's face. Needless to say, Kiba's reaction was her reaction. Probably Ino's as well and definitely Sasuke-kun whose eyes seemed to be twitching. Sai was smiling and already walking ahead of them. Hinata had a smile on her face; she was glad this was over is what the Haruno assumed her thought was.

"Uh, I quit." Naruto said once more and started whistling and walking away. The rest of the Konoha genin made their way back to Tazuna's house. The environment seemed lighter and Sasuke Uchiha seemed more vibrant. Vigorously eating away, almost as if he was wanting to match Naruto Uzumaki bowl for bowl. They did have a good amount of food, their sensei went out and got more wild animals for them to chew on.

Nighttime had come early and Sakura felt tired, physically and mentally. She was sharing a room with the girls, and Hinata was already fast asleep. She, Ino and Kiba were up talking a bit.

"Man, I can't believe how much of a bitch your sensei is," Kiba said, still bothered by the finish of the fight. "Who ends a fight like that?"

"Sensei does what he pleases," Ino explained. "The guy's an ass."

"Well, he's got a nice ass." Kiba giggled. "You got a real man on that team. Wouldn't mind taking him around a spin on the fucking world."

Sakura blushed a bit. It was true that her sensei was good-looking, but Kiba's words made her imagine things. "Have more class, Kiba. He's our sensei."

"That makes it hotter." Kibara Inuzuka was very bold with her words. She looked at piggy. "Wouldn't you want to ride that stud?"

Ino's face turned red. She opened her mouth and spluttered a lot of nonsense. "Never! Of course not! He's…He's… I'm going to bed." Ino's reaction surprised Sakura. Why was piggy reacting like that?

"What about you, Pinky?" Kiba asked her.

"What about me?"

"Your sensei," the Inuzuka heiress said. "Wouldn't you wanna see what he does with his clothes off?"

Sakura looked away. Cheeks pink. "No. I don't want to think those things about anyone else besides Sasuke-kun." She thought dreamily.

"Girl, you need check out other boys at one point. I swear he's not interested in you," Kiba's words bristled her. Sakura, maturely, blew raspberries at the Inuzuka before heading out of the room to get a cold glass of water. The day had been unusually humid today and the thirst wasn't lessening. Before she could open the kitchen door, the sound of moaning and thumping made her stop.

Sakura was no child or a fool. She knew exactly what was going and decided to just mind her own business and leave. Until she heard the woman cry out a bit.

"Please, don't be so rough!" It was the woman's voice. Tsunami, the widow. Sakura didn't want to judge; she had been without a husband for so long, so she understood why the urge was there. But damn that woman was wild.

"Shut up."

She knew that voice too. Her heart grew heavy. She felt a sort of pain in her chest. No, she told herself as she placed a hand on her mouth.

"Uchiha-san, not oooh! Please! I can't take so much!"

"You weren't complaining the other day," she heard his husky, dreamy voice. "Now when I'm feeling a bit motivated, you decide to put on such class act." The sounds of moans and flesh being smacked increased as Sakura, slowly, very slowly and carefully opened the door.

Her heart sank into her stomach as the view became very clear. There was Tsunami, the mason's daughter, naked on the floor on all fours. Sweating and moaning like a whore. From behind a man mercilessly fucked her, his raven hair and fair skin all too familiar. He was rough with her and going on steadily, but consistently. Sakura took a step back. Another and another. Then she ran, ran to the washroom and gasped.

She was breathing heavily. Tears formed and she kept gasping. Crying on the ground as she the sight emblazoned into her mind.

Hinata Hyuga had been surprised when she found Naruto Uzumaki standing outside her door with a clone of his. She was more surprised when the clone decided to henge into her. Then she realized Naruto Uzumaki created another clone, one that looked like him and sooner than she knew he pulled her close by the waist and soon enough they were in the town's local hotel.

At this moment, Hinata Hyuga was naked and ravished as a sheen of sweat covered her entire body. Naruto Uzumaki was apparently hungry for her and took her to bed. Fucking her like a wild animal in heat. He made her feel like a desired object, the way he took her. Now here she was, kissing him as he laid back. Her womanhood filled with lots of gooey semen; she thanked God both of them had seals drawn up on her.

Naruto laid back on the bed, allowing her to kiss his body. Her warm lips coursed all the way down his body, and reached the area of his crotch. Her mouth approached closer towards it. Naruto's massive rod stretched further and came very close to reaching the edge of her lips. Hinata gripped his length and squeezed it hard. His cock swelled in her hand, pulsing. Hinata leaned forward, heart beating in response, excited and nervous as always. Her mouth reached the edge of Naruto's cock. It touched her lips and Hinata swirled her tongue around him. She brushed her tongue around him, encircling his entire length with her tongue.

"Damn, Hinata." Naruto smiled a bit. "What've you been practicing on?"

Blushing and not equipped with the mentality to say certain naughty words she read in an orange book, Hinata grabbed her round, juicy breasts. They were beautiful, pillowy, D-Cups, resting high on her chest. They were large and firm. She saw Naruto look at those juicy nipples and his blood boiled as his organ twitched.

"Naruto-kun," Hinata said, "I'll…I'll make you feel good". Her breasts encircled Naruto's throbbing hard cock. Hinata slid all the way down to the base of his cock and squeezed him. Naruto grabbed Hinata's breasts and squeezed it.

She gasped at the sensation of Naruto's hands squeezing her breasts. His long, throbbing hard cock pushed between her breasts. Hinata rose all the way up and brought herself down. Naruto entered pure, glorious heaven. His fingers pushed against Hinata's nipples. The manhood worked deep inside of her. Hinata's warm breasts encased him as she slid her breasts down to the base of Naruto's cock and reached underneath to squeeze Naruto's balls. She squeezed Naruto a couple times and weighed the glorious weight inside of his balls. She stroked him a couple of times.

The grip around Naruto had been released. Hinata smiled, cheeks red and all, and kissed the head of his cock, swirling her tongue around him. She pulled up and watched Naruto twitch. The sensation of her mouth around him made Naruto almost burst inside of her mouth. Hinata stroked him from the base all the way to the head of his cock. She squeezed him hard and pushed deep around her mouth. Hinata slurped him extremely hard and sucked him for a couple more minutes. The way Naruto was grunting a bit made her feel more confident.

Brazenly, she stood up on the bed, her pussy lowering towards Naruto. He reached up to grab her. The moist womanhood of the former Hyuga heiress pushed over Naruto's mouth. He nibbled on her lower lips. He was doing something right, given how much she began to moan in bliss. Naruto shifted his tongue in her inner lips, and swirled around him.

Hinata wrapped her hand around the base of Naruto's cock and jerked him harder. She bounced up and down on Naruto's face. His hands grabbed her ass which sent sparks of pleasure spreading through her body. His tongue touched every part of the inside of her. She reached up and cupped her breasts with her hands. Hinata squeezed her breasts, threw her head back and gave a passionate moan. He really touched every part on the inside of her. Naruto-kun's tongue is so good.

Naruto drank up the juices dripping down from between Hinata's legs. He rubbed her from behind with Naruto sending his tongue deeper inside of her. Naruto licked her insides, hungrily munching on her pussy. Hinata shifted her womanhood down onto him. "Mmm, Naruto-kun you're so good."

He throbbed in her hand, she knew he was excited to go inside her again. Hinata rubbed him, gripping the base of his cock lightly. The drooling tongue of the busty bluenette sucked Naruto. She squirted her juices all over his face. Hinata bucked her hips down onto him and ground down onto him. Naruto licked her again, motioning for her to get on with it. Her firm ass pulled away from him as he gave a departing squeeze and hard spank.

"I want you. So badly."

Hinata turned around with a hungry smile on her face. "I do too." Hinata climbed on top of Naruto and mounted his hips. Her womanhood touched the edge of his throbbing cock. Her slit dragged down the manhood and shoved a little bit of him inside of her. Her pussy lips came close to pushing into her.

Naruto closed his eyes, feeling Hinata's hands gripping his face by the side. She kissed Naruto furiously, madly, passionately. Her mouth slurped the edge of Naruto's mouth and sucked him. Hinata leaned closer towards him and kissed him hard on the edge of the mouth. Her tongue touched the edge of Naruto's mouth and went inside of his mouth. The moment their loins connected, pure electricity flowed through the bodies of the both of the soon to be lowers. Hinata wrapped a hand around Naruto's hard cock and guided it towards her. The warm, lustful grip of Hinata ensnared Naruto all of the way. The two powerful lovers.

"Don't hold back, Naruto-kun," she urged him. "I want it all."

His fingers pushed against her, hips bucked and slammed his hard manhood into her wet pussy. Hinata gripped him and rubbed her womanhood down onto him. Naruto reached up and cupped Hinata's firm breasts. He grabbed them, released them. The sensations rushing through Hinata's body made her feel really good. Naruto plowed his manhood deep inside of her body. He rose almost all the way out of her and stuck his cock inside her warm depths. The smoldering womanhood took Naruto inside of her. Hinata rose up and pushed deep inside of her with a few more shoves.

"Yes, yes, Naruto-kun, please," Hinata mewled in pleasure. Her nails dug into his back. "Take them, squeeze them, use them any way you want."

Naruto leaned into her chest and lavished it. Those nipples stuck inside of Naruto's mouth when he stuck them in and released them. He sucked and licked Hinata's aching nipples. Hinata pushed more of her womanhood down onto Naruto's hard manhood with a few more pushes.

"Mmm," Hinata breathed. Naruto held onto her with a few more thrusts, working her body. Her hips clamped down onto Naruto and she came, she repeated the action over and over. The pleasure was never ending. Hinata clenched around him a few times and released it. She wanted every inch of his love organ into her.

"Does it feel good?" Hinata asked.

"Good?" Naruto asked. "It feels fucking awesome!"

Hinata seductively sucked his fingers after they had been pulled from her breasts. Her hips clamped around Naruto's and milked him. She took him deep inside of her body. The rush of pleasure coursed through Hinata's body. She slammed down onto him and rode out her orgasm. Her body shook in pleasure.

His hands found her breasts again. The coarse rough hands that were so gentle and brutal at the same time. The more he squeezed them, the more Hinata brought herself down onto him. She tried to slow down her tempo, but her body moved on its own, matching her lover's pace. He put his hand on the back of Hinata's neck and rubbed it. She threw her head back and moaned. Naruto touched a very sensitive spot on the back of her neck. Coupled with his fingers pushing against Hinata's nipples, she panted and moaned in pleasure.

"Fuck," Hinata said. "You're so amazing."

She pressed Naruto's head deep into her cleavage. His hands pushed around Hinata's breasts and he lavished on her. Hinata's fingers pushed deep against the back of his head. Naruto ravished her breasts the more she rode down into him. A brief moment to come up with air followed with Naruto shoving his face back between Hinata's glorious chest mountains. Her womanhood slid down onto him.

"Yes, it's so amazing, better than amazing, it's so great," Hinata panted. "Are you going to cum for me…"

The sticky fingers gripping her nipples and the sides of her breasts sent a series of orgasms over Hinata's being. These little orgasms all lead up to the big one. One that made her scream into an amazing sleep.

"Getting close." Hinata smiled and felt Naruto's engorged organ thrusting into her—going to places she didn't know existed. He brought so much pleasure, it was time for her to bring pleasure. Hinata pumped her warm love box down his organ. She needed to give him the best orgasm of his life. His hands touched her ass as well, when it had been brought down onto Naruto. The moist center squeezed and released Naruto a few more times. He splattered inside of her womanhood. Naruto unleashed a steady supply of wet cum into her body. He shoved more of his rod inside of her with every second of the way.

"Mmm," Hinata said. Hinata pulled away from Naruto on the bed. She turned her back to him, squeeze her ass cheeks. She dragged her finger into her mouth and sucked it. Hinata then pushed her finger into her asshole and fingered herself. She saw him widen his eyes. "Naruto-kun, I noticed that day how much your clones…" she blushed furiously again. "You can…go to that place too."

"You want me…?"

Hinata lowered her mouth unto Naruto's hand, and took his fingers into her mouth. She lustfully sucked them. Hinata's ass grinded on Naruto's hard cock when it brushed against her tight, back entrance.


Naruto's cock strengthened to full strength. Hinata's lubricated hole pushed against his cock, and slowly slipped it inside of her.

"OH!" Hinata almost shouted. "OH GOD!" She didn't expect it to be so tight! He was ripping his way through inside of her. It hurt! It hurt! But it felt soooo good!

She managed to hold it together when he guided himself inside of her. His fingers touched her clit and she teetered to the edge. Hinata bit down on her lip. So much cock extended her tight asshole and made her feel nauseous. Naruto's strong hands held onto Hinata's hips. He shifted inside of her with his balls pushing deep against her. He bounced back and forth against her.

The two of them met together. Naruto steadied himself with a bit of momentum to go into her back entrance. His fingers touched the side of Hinata's hips and she worked down onto him. Hinata's breasts bounced each time she came down onto his cock. He touched, squeezed, fondled, twisted those juicy nipples. Hunger spread over Hinata's tight ass a few seconds later.

"Mmmm, right there!"

Lust burned throughout her. His hands cupped and released her breasts several times before moving down. He kissed the side of Hinata's neck, biting it and she gave him a lewd, loose smile.

The sensation of his hard balls slapping against her ass made her feel delighted. He squeezed Hinata's firm ass, giving it a nice little spank. He pushed deep into her with a fluid series of pumps. Her insides clamped down along his manhood and he shoved a finger inside her pussy again, dragging it out.

"Look how wet you are," he told her.

"Very wet." Naruto rubbed his fingers over Hinata's face. He clenched her clit and squeezed her. The nerve endings came over her body. Hinata shifted her ass down onto him with a few fluid pumps. They enjoyed every single moment it, she could tell. She needed to do this more often, Naruto touched her in all of the right spots. He gave her enough of a taste to set Hinata's pleasure levels to a new degree. His fingers touched Hinata's nipples and squeezed them very hard. Hinata's mouth dripped with drool.

"Getting close." He told her and fucked her even more furiously than before. She didn't know where he was getting the strength from as she was now loudly moaning, uttering nonsense as her fiancé was taking her to a different world.

She came when he viciously thrust deep inside her and her entire body trembled. He injected his burning hot seed inside of Hinata's taboo hole. Hinata rubbed herself raw at the feeling of this man, this beautiful, strong, man, pounding her ass into submission and filling him with his seed. Both of her holes were dribbling now, and the fact Naruto made her feel this good turned her on any more.

"I love you," she breathed out. "I love you so much." Hinata felt his hands wrapping around her belly and keeping her tightly closely to him. She was tired, sleepy and slowly seeing dark.

"Heh," she heard as the darkness slowly took her. "Love you too."

When she woke next she found herself back in Tazuna's house again, dressed and clean. She thought it'd been a dream, what she felt. Looking around to see Ino and Sakura not around, Kiba sound asleep and snoring away, she slid inside her shorts to find that her womanhood was moist, and her butthole looser than before. It wasn't a dream.

Breakfast went usual as it did at Tazuna's house, though for some reason Sakura wasn't as loud as she normally was. Ino was acting less loud for a few days too. She wondered what happened between them. The jōnin themselves seemed to be having discussions away from them and around dusk, all the genin were called to a meeting.

"Glad to see all of you are here," Kakashi Hatake, the man who as Naruto told her was his former teacher, seemed to be in an amicable mood.

"If you're going to chit-chat, Kakashi," Sasuke Uchiha said with a partially annoyed look, "then I'm going back inside."

"Stick around, Uchiha," Naruto told him and Sasuke looked at him with intrigue. "Trust me, what you're about to get are direct orders from the Hokage's office." That seemed to be enough for everyone to get in a serious mood. Kurenai Yuhi stepped forward next. She was saying a few things, but different thoughts went through Hinata's head.

She's a slut for Sensei-kun too, Hinata thought to herself. It didn't feel nice. Sharing her fiancé with people, the way she saw it, the whole clan restoration thing was ridiculous. Not to mention it made her feel a bit trashy as a woman. She wasn't happy about it, but sometimes reality had a hard way to kick her down. Then there was the fact that Naruto-kun's sex drive was, well, overzealous to say the least. She'd accepted it, maybe she'd find a way to work with this…harem of his.

"We might be walking into an ambush," Kurenai continued as Hinata now listened intently, "That said, Zabuza still might not have made a full recovery. Chances of getting them are high."

"Jōnin Yuhi," Sai spoke, raising his hand. "What about Gato?"

"You leave that worry to me," Naruto interjected. He coughed into his hands. "So you have your orders, genin. Tomorrow we attack Gato's base. You will engage and take out the majority of the henchmen he has, with our assist of course. Do not engage Zabuza. You're not entirely ready for him yet. Should the hunter ninja appear, engage him in numbers and keep your distance. Any questions?"

Kiba raised her hand this time. "How'd you find his base?"

"Oh," Naruto Uzumaki, her Sensei-kun, jōnin elite, answered proudly. "I turned into a rat and followed them. Had to scout through the sewers to get a good map layout." All the genin gave him questionable looks, Hinata paled.

Did Sensei-kun shower before we had sex?

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