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"Oh!" She said out loud in sheer ecstasy as the passion in her voice reached ears nearby. Her hands roamed over the full, fair breasts. Fingers sank deep into the fleshy mounds as she elicited a moan of pleasure from the dark blue haired beauty. Her cheeks were enflamed, red with embarrassment, but the parting lips were almost inviting her to go for more. And she did. Her own lips captured the girls' and almost feverishly their tongues wrestled for dominance, neither one refusing to let the other win. Her buttocks were being squeezed by the mostly reserved girl, so she traced her fingers over her chest and sought for the stiff buds. She found them and over the clothing she pinched it harshly, making the girl moan much louder than before.


Ino Yamanaka stopped what she was doing to Hinata and pulled on the thin wire right beside the trunk they were making out on. The sound of something zipping through came, followed by grunts of pain and curses as behind the two girls were previously engaged in tonguing the other one down, three people—all male, all entranced—fell down and struggled with thin razor wires wrapped around their bodies. And from the eerie heights of the trees, Sakura Haruno dropped with her wider than Hokage Monument forehead as she landed clean on one of the spines of the very horny and distracted genin. Senbon in her hands, the pinkette accurately aimed it at their forearms to shut off movement. Like scavengers, all three of them searched for which one of them had the scroll they needed.

"Fucking bitch!" Of course the one she was searching had to be the most talkative one. "You tricked us!"

"Duh. Blame your filthy minds for falling for it." Ino took out a kunai and hit the back of the unnamed genin's head with the back of her kunai, knocking him out. Shuffling through his pouch, Ino looked for what he had. Kunai, shuriken and a few paper bombs—inferior ones no less. "Those two have the scroll?"

"Yes," Hinata said showing the one she extracted from her victim. Sakura leaned from one side and Ino from the other, as the Hyuga slowly opened the scroll and the kanji she saw, made them all happy.


"I didn't think it would be this easy." Sakura said before walking over to the one she was scavenging, kicking him in the side of the head to make him see pretty bright stars in his dreams. The mighty forehead of the Leaf was becoming more vicious each day, and Ino knew exactly who to blame: her goddamn hunk and painful ass of a sensei. Sometimes Ino wanted to be the pure beautiful flower she once was, but now all this violence seemed so casual to her.

"You can say that again, Forehead." Ino voiced her agreement with her arch nemesis. "Though I think it has more to do with the training sessions Sensei-kun makes us go through."

"Sensei what?" Sakura raised her brow and Ino internally groaned at her slip up. Hinata looked at her with eyes that looked calm, but she could tell they were just a teeny bit wider than usual.

"Sensei cunt." It was the best she could come up with on spot.

"That's not what you said." The pink haired menace was trying to close in. She needed a distraction. Then the last genin thankfully opened their mouth.

"Please!" He said loudly, and Hinata pushed his head against the ground, muffling his voice. "Don't take our weapons. We'll be killed here."

This was good. He was pleading, begging and if she was lucky, almost crying. Ino jumped in on that. "I missed the part where that's our problem."

"We all have families back home." He almost cried. She wanted a distraction, not sentimental baggage. "Just give us our weapons, we'll leave. We're going to quit. Please!" Out of the three of them, Hinata seemed to be the sympathetic to their cause, Sakura looked conflicted and Ino herself was doubting if what she was doing right for a second or not.

"Hinata," Ino started, "your Byakugan caught everything they were mouthing, right?"


"What'd they say when we were distracting them?" Hinata blushed at the term, but cleared her throat a bit. Sakura gave her a disapproving shake. As if she cared what she thought.

Hinata's features grew stern. "They said, 'We kill one of them, take their scroll and have fun with the other. Dibs on blondie.'"

Sakura stepped closer to the one Hinata was holding down and placed her foot on his head. "Which of them said that?"

"Him." Hinata's grip grew stronger and the boy beneath really was crying now. Only this time, Ino didn't feel a single ounce of guilt looking at him about leaving him to the wolves. The hate boiled up inside her and the promising young woman would pay him back. With interest of course.

"Give me some space." Ino said and both her teammates moved away as she made the secret hand seals passed down along her bloodline. She disappeared deep into the filthy depths of his mind. Everything he was, everything he knew, all the small memories he'd forgotten. All those memories, all those functions, all that he would ever be. Gone. Ino's head felt light and a bit wobbly as Hinata supported her. "Sorry."

"What did you do to him?" Sakura asked, looking at the boy who grew quiet with his jaw open, saliva slowly pooling and falling out of his mouth.

"I put him in a coma." It was highly unnecessary, but the Yamanaka was feeling pretty condemning today. Especially after what she saw in Sakura's consciousness.

"That should've eaten up a good amount of chakra, Ino," Hinata's tone was worrying, but Ino tapped her shoulder.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. We got our scrolls, now all we have to do is get to the tower without getting into fights." And soon the group of three were on their way, silently trekking through the Forest of Death. It was only after a while that the silence between them died.

"You didn't have to do that, Piggy." Sakura said and this touched her nerve. "Completely unnecessary."

"Sakura," Ino addressed the jab at her with vitriol, "he was planning to rape me. Or Hinata and kill us after. Trust me, it was super necessary."

"I didn't mean that!" The pinkette turned, her cheeks adorning a shade similar to her hair. "I meant what you did with Hinata."

Oh. The Hyuga had the courtesy to avert her eyes and Ino chuckled in a haughty manner. "Oh no, that was necessary too."

"You molested her."

"Hinata, did I molest you?"

"No." The girl answered after a pause. She was still shy and reserve doing so many nasty things together in the bedroom. "Sakura, Ino did it to distract them. There's nothing more."

"She was beating you down with her tongue."

"You jealous, forehead?" Ino asked and the apprehension on her face was priceless.

"Absolutely not! Keep your filthy thoughts to yourself. Shame on you. Trying to take advantage of her like that."

"Sakura, she was squeezing my butt. And it felt good." Ino's words made their faces go red. She decided to add a jab of her own in. "Bet that would feel nice, wouldn't it?"

"We are not talking about this." Hinata was the one who shut it down. Just when she was starting to have fun too. She would've said a bit more, but Hinata stopped all of a sudden. Her all seeing eyes were staring with intent. "What's wrong Hinata?"

"There's a battle going ahead." The girl looked very shaken.

"Hey, you okay?" Sakura asked as she kept an eye on their back. "Who's fighting who?"

"It's not a fight…" The Hyuga girl ominously regaled. Then, she muffled her gasp with her hands. Pale eyes wide as saucers as and her throat clenching up. "He killed them…he killed them all." Ino wasn't using her sensory ability due to the backlash from using her previous jutsu, but finally got a gauge on what was happening up front. One large source of chakra, accompanied two more decent ones.

"Easy there, Hinata," the girl was on her knees and breathing deeply, Byakugan off for now. "Deep breaths."

"Calm down," Ino tried to reassure her. "They're moving away. I can feel it."

"You can sense them?"


"Why didn't you use it earlier?"

"I just fried someone's mind, Forehead. I'm not a chakra factory." Ino rubbed the Hyuga's back. "Besides, we're in the clear. For now."

"She needs to rest." Sakura, their medic as Naruto called her, explained. Normally she'd be one to argue with the pinkette on basically everything, but not on team matters. Hinata was clearly shocked and if that was her call, so be it. Silently coming to an agreement, the all kunoichi set up camp in the hollowed out bark of a great tree. Traps in place and explosives ready to go in a small amount of time. They had time, their guard was up, but more importantly their teammate needed to rest. Haste makes waste if you're not fast as you think you are, my dumbass genin, she could hear the voice of their sensei dressing them down. It was amazing how he did it on a subconscious level. As if he'd literally stamped lessons into their minds.

An hour had passed and nothing eventful happened. Genin units did pass by, but the subtle way they'd set up their base didn't catch anyone's eye. Hinata seemed better now if somewhat still shaken. Sakura stood up and took a peek outside.

"It's awfully quiet."

"I noticed." Months back, Ino would probably say that was a great thing, but curse her training. She knew something was up. As did her teammates. "Ambush?"

"No." It was Hinata who answered. The nerves around her eyes bulged and pulsed as she looked around. "But…there a lot of dead genin three klicks away. Northeast. I don't understand." She grabbed her head turning her dojutsu off. "There was no reason to kill them like that." Ino wanted nothing more than to console the soft spoken girl. The moment was ruined when they heard an explosion going off. Chakra was infused into her system as Ino tried to pick up what was going on. Three chakra signatures fighting against a much larger one, not the one she'd sensed before.

"A fight."

"It's Sasuke's team." Hinata said all of a sudden, her eyes peering far into the distance. "I can see Sai. He's bleeding and much closer. I can't see the rest of them."

"We need to help them." Sakura looked like she was having a heart attack. Of course the girl still liked Sasuke, but given what she saw in the subconsciousness of the pinkette, Ino couldn't help but feel a ticked off. "What are we waiting for?"

"We don't know what we're rushing into, Forehead." Ino's words seemed to almost scathe her. The girl was still not over Sasuke it seemed, even after what she saw. Good for her. "I sensed a large chakra signature there."

"That's even more reason to go there!" The medic nin argued. "They're our comrades and-"

"And nothing I say will change your mind." Ino concluded. Here she thought she was an emotional anchor weighed down by her feelings. "Fine! Hinata. Are you good to go?"

"I'll be fine." It was all the Hyuga got out as Sakura rushed out and Ino slapped her forehead out of frustration at Forehead.

"God damn it! That stupid girl."

"I can understand why she's doing this." Both her and Hinata were out of their tree for now. They had to pick up their ambush supply of course; Sasuke Uchiha was strong and they had enough faith that whoever they were fighting could be held long enough for them to give back up in time. "If it was Naruto in his place right now, I'd be rushing out too. Wouldn't you?"

"Of course I would!" Ino said it in a matter of fact way and Hinata looked at her for quite a while before smiling. "Hey, hey. What are you smiling about?"

"It was so strange," Hinata said as they jumped across the branches. "The concept of sharing someone you love, but…I'm glad you feel the same way."

"…" Ino said nothing, but felt her cheeks heating up an awful lot. Stupid emotions. Her heart was in her vagina. Soon enough they came across Sai who was conscious, but bleeding from his arms and head. The pale skinned ninja looked frustrated. The most emotion she'd ever seen him display. "You okay?"

"Given how I'm bleeding, I think the right answer is 'No.'"

"Sai," Hinata started to patch him up. "What happened?"

"We were ambushed. By one kunoichi. She's strong." Sai paused a bit before continuing. "She wants Sasuke." Ino looked at Hinata who nodded. She groaned before rushing off.

Don't die on me Forehead.

There were a handful of times Sakura Haruno absolutely lost control. The first time happened when she and Ino broke their friendship. The second happened when their Sensei completely outclassed them. Third being when she had her first kill.

None of them amounted up to what she saw now. Kibara was hanging from a tree, a kunai lanced through her shoulder as the Inuzuka heiress groaned in misery. A bit further away from the girl, her Ninken Akamaru laced with several bruises and bleeding, whimpering in anguish.

Sasuke Uchiha was held up by a lone kunoichi, her teeth were sinking into his shoulder. The woman's moan of appreciation was just as loud as the raven haired boy yelled in pain. And then like trash she threw him on the ground.

Her lips were stained with his blood, and she licked it clean with fervor. Years of adoring the man she loved since he was a boy kicked in, and her hands reached for shuriken. The starry shaped blades spun and sped aiming for the devil in that woman.

Effortlessly they were swatted down with a swipe of her hands. The kunai came next and she lunged for her. With all the training she was taught, she tried to slash down the woman. The woman's reactions were faster than her slashes as she seemed to be almost lazing around before deciding to dodge her attacks. Rage took over. She lost her cool and making all her chakra flow to her hand, she punched her.

Right in the gut.

The sound was loud and Sakura at the very least expected the woman to keel over. Instead, all she was a toothy grin, followed by a swift kick from the side to her ribs as Sakura crashed against the tree, but she got her blow in. One explosive tag attached to the woman's leg as the explosion came.

Sakura took hard gasps, regaining her composure before something thwacked against the tree she was leaning against smearing warm liquid against her face. A charred foot. And as the smoke cleared, Sakura found herself staring into two hideous yellow orbs as the skin on the woman's face melted. She saw white skin, pale as death and ominous purple markings around those horrid eyes. Her throat felt constricted as she heard a sinister giggle bloom into a maniacal laughter.

Down a foot, the kunoichi stood as if nothing happened to her. The loss of her limb only seemed to excite the woman more. Her heartbeat skyrocketed and she realized what kind of danger she was in. She couldn't run, she'd be killed.

She knew it.

The smirk she gave to her was chilling and before she knew it, the kunoichi was standing right next to her. Sakura's entire body shook out of fear. There was something inhumane, something monstrous about this person and for all the training she received she couldn't even look that person in the eye as a hand grabbed her shoulder.

"My, my," the voice was sultry, high pitched and menacing, "a kunoichi daring to save the comrades of her village. How touching. Pointless, but touching. Do take care of Sasuke. He'll be in pain for some time. Such is the price to pay for power. Don't worry, child. I'm not going to do anything to you. I don't need to."

She disappeared an Sakura fell on her knees and covered her mouth as she screamed. She'd never felt so close to death before; she could've been dead, should've been dead, but the person who had decimated all of Team Seven didn't even consider her worthy of striking down. What did that say about her? Her uselessness. Her worthlessness. All that training. All that hard work. Down the drain. She was still the same girl from the Academy.

"HEY!" A loud yell and a violent shake brought her out of her fear induced state. Ino Yamanaka shook her harshly, digits gripping her shoulders tight. "The hell happened to you?"


"We need to help them now." Hinata brought the bloodied Kibara Inuzuka as Sai was now with them too, holding a bandaged arm and looking paler than usual. The noises were getting louder. All the blood she was seeing. The fear she felt. Sasuke's limped form. Her head hurt. Everything was hazy. A high pitched noise was ringing in her ears. And then it all stopped. She was seeing black. Alone in a void of it.

"You feeling better now?" She heard Ino's voice. It came from everywhere.

"Where are you?"

"Inside your head. You looked like you were having a heart attack."


"I don't know what happened or what you saw, but Team Seven needs your help. You're our medic and the only one who can help speed up the patchwork."

"I can't." She confessed and felt like crawling into a hole for her incompetence. "I'll mess it up."

"Yeah well, mess it up then." She heard the Yamanaka say it with authority. "You messing up will probably leave them in better conditions anyway."

Those were the last words Sakura registered before emerging from her mind and working through a haze to help the now patched up Team Seven resting in stitches and bandages. Surprisingly, she did better than she thought. Blazing through the on-field procedures and almost borderline barking orders to her teammates who were honestly more big of a help than she thought they'd be.

All of them were now in the previous hollowed tree Team Six had previously set up camp in. Sakura was rubbing her arms trying to stave off the last of the wretched feeling she'd experienced.

"What happened, Sakura?" Hinata broke the silence. "Sai told us they were ambushed by a single kunoichi. She summoned a snake to separate the group and Sai got the short end of the stick with that. What did you see?"

Sakura felt goosebumps as she remembered the kunoichi. The disfigured face. Those horrid yellow eyes. "I didn't find any snake." She paused. "I did find the kunoichi. She looked injured, her face was melting, but the way she stood and this horrible feeling she gave out. I found Kiba stabbed into the wall and Sasuke…she bit Sasuke on his neck."

"What?" Ino's eyes were wide, as were Hinata's.

"She bit him. Hard. And then she…she," Sakura could still feel the phantom hand on her shoulder. "She walked past me. And told me Sasuke would be in pain. Something about the price of power. And…told me she wasn't going to do anything to me. She didn't need to." Sakura didn't even bother to hide the tears of shame. What was she even doing here? She didn't deserve to be here. Hinata was far more skilled than her as a kunoichi. Ino had been all but leading point for the team since the second phase started. And her? A glorified nurse who still couldn't get over a boy who never wanted her. Not even a minor threat in the eyes of a strong shinobi.

"Well, lucky her." Ino snorted breaking her out of her thoughts. "If she stayed a minute longer she would've probably died staring at your forehead. But seeing you like this, just pisses me off." The blond walked over and pulled the pinkette by the collar.

"Ino!" Hinata came forward to stop them, but Ino gave a stare that made her stop.

"Back off. This is between me and her." She was staring into the hardened turquoise eyes as the Yamanaka spoke with resolve. "Woman the fuck up."


"Woman the fuck up!" Ino shouted. "Team Seven got their ass handed to them by someone who was far stronger than them. And yeah, that bitch would've probably left you in the same condition. Big deal. Sensei does that to us every other Sunday. Did you ever consider maybe she left cause Sasuke gave her a facelift? Maybe she didn't want to fight more people and just took advantage of just you being there? Think, Forehead. Think. You're not that dumb. If I knew you were this much of a coward, I never would've thought that much of you in the first place. And here I thought at one point you were better than this."

"You don't understand!" She shouted back. The words were scathing. "You weren't there! You would've done the same thing as me."

"Maybe! Maybe not!" The blonde was not backing off. "But she isn't here now. I don't remember you ever being one to give up so quickly. Can you imagine all the shit we'd have to hear from Naruto if he were here right now. So stop being a bitch, pull up your panties and stop acting like this!"

"You don't know what its like to be me!" Sakura yelled back. More tears emerging. "I'm not like you or Hinata. I don't come from a clan. I don't have any special abilities! If it wasn't for the academy results…I never would've been drafted either."

"That's not true, Sakura." Hinata told her as Ino still held her in place. "You're just as important to the team as the rest of us."


"Not now, Ino."

"No, now is the time." Ino Yamanaka slapped her across the cheek. Then the other cheek. And the other cheek again. "Get your act together. We're a team. If you fall down, so will we. If you don't get over this in the next thirty seconds, I will-"

"We've got intruders." Hinata cut her off and both confronting kunoichi looked to see three shinobi landing outside their perimeter. "They got past the traps. Sound headbands."

"I hate this Forest." Ino let go of Sakura, but still had a few more words for her as she readied for battle. "You're probably right about me choking if I saw that kunoichi too, but you're better than that damn it. Now get the hell up and help us fend off these assholes."

Despite the encouragement, Sakura Haruno found herself unable to move. Chaos ensued and Sakura couldn't help but feel more as a burden. Sounds of battle emerged. Shouts of her name. And that damned serpentine voice returned, slithering its way into the recesses of her mind. I'm not going to do anything to you. I don't need to. She froze in fear. The malicious feeling returned. And amidst all that she resigned. She was no good.

She was, in a word, useless.

Hinata much like Ino did not like this Forest at all.

From the very start to when they confronted two teams to find scrolls they didn't need, to the little act she and Ino put on (which turned her on more than she liked and being left off made her even more mad), followed by finding an injured Team Seven, Sakura and Ino getting into a war of words, Sakura still reeling from her shock to her and Ino now facing off three shinobi. Thankfully, the both of them had managed to take out one of them. The girl.

The other two were problematic.

They used strange techniques. Sound based. The Mummy as Ino called him used sound waves to attack the inside of their heads with a device on his hand, and other one seemed to able to shoot out wind pressure out of his hands. It wasn't nature transformation. Hinata with her Byakugan could see that there was some form of hollow points along his forearms. In any normal situation, Hinata would've switched to take on the one with modifications in his arms, but they were clever and they lacked long range attacks which the Sound shinobi seemed to pick up on. They weren't giving her or Ino a good chance either. The Yamanaka was not doing well. She'd used her clan techniques quite a number of times today and was struggling to keep up.

Hinata wanted to switch out. If only Sakura would get up. She couldn't even blame the girl. Had it been a few months back, Hinata would've probably reacted in the same way given the caliber of the kunoichi she faced. The Hyuga dodged to right, tucking her head in to avoid the effect, and barely dodged the shuriken that came. Had it not been for her Byakugan, she would've been hit by a fair number of attacks.

"You're very annoying," the heavily bandaged told her before blasting off another sound wave at her. "This battle isn't going to end. He's not even on your team. Why don't you just hand over the Uchiha and we give you a scroll for it?"

"We don't trade the lives of our comrades," Hinata said chucking out her own fair share of shuriken at him, making the weapons bounce off each other. She wasn't the best at it, but her aim was getting better suggested by one of the sharp weapons sticking to his forearm. Just a bit away from the weapon on his hand.

"Tree hugging bastards." The mummified one said and Hinata was shooting more projectiles as the gap between them lessened more and more. She needed to time her attack well.

Speed was a curse, their Sensei-kun taught them. It blinded people in their haste and narrowed down their vision. She had to keep an eye on Ino too who was getting more frustrated and tired with each move the spiky haired Sound nin made.

And just as the boy was about to fire off another one of his shots, Hinata sped off. The famed dōjutsu of her clan flared, veins throbbed and she swerved her way around the blast, absorbing a share of the blow, but it was just enough. Her hand reached out, chakra laced her hands and she struck the hand with that had the gauntlet. While she didn't exactly hit him where she wanted, she did deal a good amount of damage to his arm. A few tenketsu were blocked and he would have a fair amount of problems using that melodious arm of his.

"Damn you!"

"You won't be able to use that arm so freely," Hinata's words weren't so much of a brash statement as it was a warning. His timing would be slower, his aim would be less accurate and Hinata could cut in again—quicker this time around. To assert her authority more, she flared her chakra through her eyes even more. "Leave. Now."

"Well, I'll be damned. The prodigal son finally returns." The voice of the other Sound shinobi took her attention, and simply tilting her head a bit she saw why. Sasuke Uchiha was up. Standing with cold coal eyes and black flame like markings stretching across his face. The genin with the modified arms seemed to be thrilled at the prospect of him waking up. The grin on his face was maddening. Ino looked like she'd seen better days; hair all messed up, stains on her clothes and cuts over arms. "Finally, we get to finish what we came here for. Dosu, let's go!"

"Wait! Zaku!"

"Die, Uchiha! Along with everyone behind you!" The boy rushed forward his arms building up chakra ready to release the pressure."Extreme Decapitating Wav-!" The knee to his face stopped the chakra from being released. Sasuke didn't stop there. He spun on the axis of his foot, his leg smashed into the temple. Fists shot out to strike him in the throat cutting of his air supply, then an elbow into the nose followed by a backhanded fist. The Sound genin spun, literally and Sasuke took a hold of his arms. The smirk she saw on Sasuke's face was downright chilling.

"Die? Here?" He increased the force as the markings spread out more. "At your hands? Don't get ahead of yourself."

"Let go! Dosu! Get him off me!"

"Don't move." Hinata warned him. She wasn't sure what was going on, but for the moment Sasuke was up. They had the advantage.

"You seem to pride these arms you have." Sasuke said and then started to chuckle. "I wonder what you'd be, if I took them away." And as the boy from Sound began to scream, the sound of bones being dislocated followed as he went limp. Fainted from shock. The Uchiha let him go, he started laughing and in that fever, his eyes focused on herself, and going past to land on the bandaged shinobi from Sound.

"Damn that Orochimaru." It was muttered in a low way, but Hinata heard it loud and clear. Her Byakugan deactivated. She knew the name and the story behind it. Everything started making more sense now. The bandaged boy slowly reached for his pouch.

"Getting ready to fight are you?" Sasuke began walking forward. A grin born of battle lust broke out. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

"No. I don't want to fight."

"You will fight." Sasuke told him. "You and your team decide to ambush us when we're done, plan to kill me in that state and now that I'm up, you want to run away? Not happening."

"I'm offering you our scroll." The now named Dosu extracted it and placed it on the ground. "You're a little bit too strong for me right now, I'm afraid. If my arm was functioning, maybe it would be a fair fight."

"I don't care." Sasuke took his stance. "Fight or die."

"Sasuke." Hinata tried to calm the boy down. His chakra seemed unstable when she last glanced at his nodes. Foreign. Like it wasn't his own. "You should avoid fighting for now. You just got up and-"

"Shut up." He didn't want to listen to her. The chakra was spreading more. "Are you going to side with these foreigners?"

"Your teammates are injured." She was trying to appeal to the better side of him. Sasuke wasn't the most social of people, but this seemed different even for his usual self. "It's better to take the scroll. You were injured and-" Hinata barely had time to dodge the strike.

"Sasuke!" Ino shouted out. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I…am not weak." The Uchiha said as his eyes turned red and the markings completely covered his face. "I am not injured. Don't look down on me, Hyuga. Or I'll blind those all seeing eyes you have."

"I wasn't looking down on you." She said, but activated her Byakugan just in case. She was right. His chakra seemed disturbed. "Please calm down. I don't want to fight you."

"It wouldn't be a fight," he began shifting through hand seals. Fast. "That would mean you have a chance. Fire Release-"

"Stop. Please." Sakura wrapped her arms around Sasuke from behind. Her head was against his back.

"Sakura." Hinata said and immediately looked back at Dosu who seemed to be making a move. The boy grunted and took a few steps further back.

"Please. Don't fight her." Sakura spoke as she cried. "We patched you up. Your teammates are counting on you. Don't do this."

"I can do whatever the fuck I want." He shook Sakura off of him. Then he froze and looked at Hinata. His expression very much different. "Hinata, put him to sleep."


"It's me. Ino." Hinata found the blonde unconscious on the ground. The Uchiha's expressions were hardening once more. "Do it! I can't hold him for much longer!" Hinata didn't need to be told twice and she rushed forward. He was in her range and with quick agility her hands struck, fingers shutting down nodes followed by a spinning backhand to the neck." The Uchiha fell face forward and Hinata caught him, putting him down gently.

"Shit," she heard Ino speak and the previously knocked out girl was standing over Ino with a kunai. "I fucking hate this place."

"Shut it." The girl said. "I should skin you right here and now for what you two did to me. If anyone moves, I make sure blondie dies. Dosu, finish the job."

"With pleasure." Dosu aimed his gauntlet arm at Sasuke, but before he could pull the trigger something green, loud, fast spun out of the corner spinning and screaming.

"LEAF HURRICANE!" The bandaged boy flew to the side and several shuriken almost hit the enemy kunoichi who jumped to dodge them. Ino thankfully was unharmed. The girl with twin buns emerged next, a scroll in one hand and several more weapons in the other. He came as well. Neji.

"One of your members is still unconscious," Neji stepped on the still body of Zaku. "We outnumber you and I'm sure the ones in the tree will be waking up soon. Think carefully on what you want to do next." No more words needed to be said as the Sound shinobi retreated with their knocked out comrade and Hinata sat down. Sighing in relief.

"You didn't need to rush out like that Lee." The girl said. Tenten was her name if she remembered correctly. Her father had told her about her cousin's team.

"I simply couldn't stand there anymore, Tenten." He posed…and showed a thumbs up as his teeth shone. "A brave display of youth should never go unrewarded." He turned to Team Six's members and slammed his head to the ground. "I AM SORRY FOR NOT COMING TO HELP EARLIER! PLEASE FORGIVE MY HESITANCE! I HOPE YOU WILL NOW GO OUT WITH ME, SAKURA!"

"I'm sorry, no." Sakura said who was still processing everything as she looked at Sasuke's unconscious form. Rock Lee helped with picking the Uchiha up and placing him inside the tree once more. She wasn't the only one who was scanning his chakra. Neji's eyes outright glared at the last Uchiha as if he harbored some form of monstrosity. Despite their regards it seemed that her dear cousin still had a heart of stone when it came to her.

"Let's go." The genius of the branch clan ordered his team. "We've wasted enough time here and still down one scroll."

"Neji." The way he looked at her made Hinata feel a pang in her chest. "What scroll do you need? We have extras,"

"HOW GRACIOUS!" Rock Lee cried tears of joy. "We require an Earth scroll!"

"Lee," the Byakugan user spoke in a berated manner. "You talk too much."

"We have two of those." Hinata shuffled through her storage before offering it to her cousin.

"Just take it, you sniveling ass." Ino said from the side and the look of apprehension on his face funny to her. Not that Hinata laughed or smiled at it. "Consider it a professional courtesy."

"Your team is anything, but professional." He spoke at last, looking down on them all. "A kunoichi who can't handle pressure, another one whose techniques leave her useless and a spineless coward."

"Why you-"

"Oh shut up all of you." Tenten came forward and took the scroll. "Thanks. We would've gotten one of our own either way, but thanks." And Team Eight left with Rock Lee thanking them once more, twice on behalf of Neji since he wasn't being 'youthful' enough. Strange one that Rock Lee, but a good person from what she gathered.

Team Six rested, all of them with their own thoughts before more rustling came about. Hinata simply wanted the day to be over. And out of the shadows of the forest emerged a face they met during the first phase. His eyes were kind behind the full moon glasses and the look of concern genuine.

"What happened to you all?" He motioned at his teammates to put their weapons away.

"We were ambushed," Ino dryly stated. "Given the number of times you've repeated the exam, Kabuto senpai, one would think you'd know."

The older Leaf genin chuckled in embarrassment. "Well, we all learn our lessons in due time. Let me help you out."

"Why?" Ino's skepticism was valid, but Hinata for some reason felt she could trust Kabuto Yakushi. Especially given how Ino's nose began bleeding. Hinata only hoped they would get to the Tower in time.

"Give it."

"Fuck you, Uzumaki." Genma Shiranui sighed in exasperation as he handed over the ryo. The jōnin felt extra pissed after finding out what a shitty hand he had caved to. "I don't get it. You're a Clan Head, aren't you? Why the hell would you even take part in this game? You don't have enough money of your own?"

"Money really isn't a huge issue for me," he said with all the honesty in his heart. "However, the fact that it's your money in my pocket is what makes it better."

"Sadist this one." Asuma Sarutobi sagely said as he lit another one of his cigarettes. "What are you going to do with that money anyway?"

"Waiter, another round. On me." Let it be said Naruto Uzumaki did not want life to be dull when he was away from the shitty life of an ANBU operative. Sure he liked doing the cloak and dagger routine, but for the better part since he became a jōnin, Naruto was hap- He was happ- He was still getting used to the idea of it. He blamed it on the girls. His libido had only gone up, and his social life took a more positive impact.

Hayate coughed as the sickly man chose to spoke next. "I'm going to be honest, from what I heard about you, I thought you were going to be more…" He seemed lost for words.

"Cold?" Asuma offered.

"Distant?" Kakashi flipped from page number fifty-five to fifty six, giggling.

"MOST UNYOUTHFUL!" The mighty Might Gai stood up, one hand on the floor and both feet up in the air.

"Quiet." Hayate said and everyone looked at him with a raised brow. He coughed. "I meant he would be quiet."

"I was hoping you told everyone to shut up." And then the waiter arrived bringing in five large glasses filled with amber looking liquid foaming at the brim. Naruto stared at the drink hard with one eye. "I hope this isn't piss."

"It's not," the bartender, Zuka of the Golden Leaf told them. "This is something new we brought in from the North."

"Well? What's it called?"




"What's it taste like?" Naruto asked as rest of the jōnin seemed be waiting on the same answer.

"It tastes like beer."

"Is it nutty?" Asuma asked inspecting his glass.

"Is it foamy?" Kakashi followed through.

"Is it hoppy?" Of course Gai asked that question.

"Does it leave a surprisingly fruity note which lingers on the tongue?" Naruto's question made everyone look at him in a queer way.

"It's beer." Zuka had had enough as he left to serve the other customers in the bar.

"First time for everything, I guess." Naruto surmised. He looked at the sickly looking jōnin and asked. "Are you sure you're allowed to drink that?"

"I've been coughing since I was a child. It never stopped."

"You never went to a doctor, did you?"

"I did." Naruto's eye pierced into his soul. "Once."

"Well, as long as you're not causing a pandemic outbreak by coughing, you're good to go."

"Don't worry about him," Genma reassured him. "He always covers his mouth and carries a sanitizer with him. He's a bit of a germophobe."

"Well, my fellow jōnin of culture," Naruto took his glass and held it up. So did the rest. "What do we drink to?"

"To the Leaf." Hayate, ever the patriot, proclaimed.

"To the next generation." Asuma, grown into his role as a sensei, declared.

"To the small joys of life." Genma took the senbon out.

"To the evergreen of youth." Might Gai would probably outlive them all.

"To comrades. And more Icha Icha." Kakashi and co looked at him as Naruto stared at the alcoholic liquid.

"To freedom."

"Freedom?" Gai looked at him, one hand on his chin. "What do you mean by that?"

"Freedom to enjoy a drink with comrades." Naruto explained. "Freedom to loving your village. Freedom for the next generation. Freedom for the small joys in life. The freedom to choose, the freedom to say what you want and the freedom to live your life the way you want to."

Hayate chuckled a bit, as did Asuma and Genma, Kakashi smiled beneath his mask and Might Gai took the honor to shouting it for them all.


Glass bumped with glass as all the jōnin took to finishing their drinks in one single go. Even Kakashi. Though people still couldn't see his face. Naruto finished his and burped loudly. "That was bitter and sweet. I like it." After another round followed by 12 more, the jōnin departed and Naruto found himself near the Naka River throwing stones as he used when he was a child. In the back of his head, Kyūbi was muttering something dark and vicious, but honestly he was a bit buzzed and he didn't care. However, he wasn't buzzed to the point he couldn't tell that someone was watching him. "You know if you want to talk, you can just come out and do it in the open."

"What's got you in such a happy mood?" She asked as she took the seat beside him. "Just a few days ago you didn't even want to talk."

"I'm drunk, Q." He said throwing another stone as it skipped all the way to the other side.

"Really?" Her tone shifted a bit.

"Fourteen pints as the bartender called them." He sat down beside her as the dark skinned woman hummed a tune he was familiar with. His genin were still in the Forest. He was concerned, but not worried. He had taught them how to survive most genin. As long as they didn't run into Gaara they would be fine which given what he found out about the boy, probably would not happen.

"I wish you were." Q lied down, her breasts jiggled from that act. She was the thickest woman he knew, and his drunken mind was telling him to not let the chance go to waste. Her russet eyes found his blue one as they both sat quiet. "Am I not good enough for you?"

"Of course you are." He told the first crush he ever had. The way she brightened up was so innocent. Almost innocent anyway. "But you know, you being the Raikage's daughter and me being the guy who took said daughter's cherry incurring the wrath of the aforementioned Raikage, we are left at an impasse of what would happen should a deed that happened in the past get repeated happen now in the present to cause problems in the future of a similar nature of the incident in question in the past."

She laughed a bit. "You sure use a lot of words when you're drunk."

"Yes." He said proudly and chucked the last stone, only it flew across in the air. "

"You look so happy." Naruto blinked as she looked at him with one hand on her cheek. She looked so beautiful in that moment. The sunset rays made her dark skin glow up in an enchanting way.

"It's the alcohol."

"No," she smashed his lie. "If it was you'd be on top of me right now. Makes me wonder just what kind of girl it took to make you like…this."

He lied down as well as they both stared up at the dusky sky, turning his head to the dusky woman who was staring right back at him. Q was really beautiful and not just with her body, her face at times seemed like it was carved by God himself when one took a close look at her. Her dark cheeks had blood flowing to them, a light pinkish hue took over. Her words made him wonder a lot of things. Being raised by a Hokage, a warmonger, and a black op made him sure of one thing: his life would not be normal. And he'd long accepted his role as a shinobi even before he put on his hollow white mask. Then he started becoming more rebellious as he grew older. The Uchiha incident. Discovering his heritage. Shizuka's predicament. Tsume becoming his fuck toy. Anko's constant teasing. His genin team.

In a way, all his rebellion started with the woman who was lying inches away from him. They both lost their innocence to each other all those years ago. And the human heart, curse it for all its wants, craved more of what once was. Part of him wanted to reach out, say 'fuck all' and just get on with it. His fiancés would say nothing, and he knew Q wouldn't mind either. But he didn't.

"Don't stare at me like that, Naru-chan." His nicknamed rolled off far too naturally from her tongue and he knew what it tasted like. "Or I'll tie you up and ride you 'till your dick is destroyed."

"Now that's a sight." Naruto looked away and up into the sky again. "You know, Q, sometimes I wish things were different."

"It can be different. If you want it to be."

"Well, if your Dad didn't find out about us in the first place, maybe I would've jumped you already."

"You can blame Samui for that. She just blurted it out like nothing."

"Samui. The blonde one?"

"The very same."

"A real charmer that one." He remembered how even during that age her breasts were big. "So have they gotten-"


"Nice." Naruto paused. "I liked yours more though."

"So much that you don't even want to see them now." Q crawled over. Menacingly. Her face hovered above his. "You're so drunk I bet I could get away with it and make you like it."

"I'm not that drunk. Besides you wouldn't do anything even if you wanted."

"Maybe." Her hand traced across his thigh. "Maybe not." Within the span of a second, Naruto grabbed her wrist, flipped her over, twisted her arm and lied over her. His crotch rubbed against the soft, large and thick ass that she was the proud owner of. He pinned her down as he whispered in her ear.

"Don't think I forgot what a masochist you are." He reminded her of the short time they had together. She struggled a bit, moaning all the same. "Trust me, Q, taking you down and treating you like a toy is something I really want to do."

"Then do it." She goaded him on with that look in her eyes, almost purring at the prospect. "Come on, treat me like that fuck toy you think of me and ah~" He spanked her ass. Once. Twice. Thrice and he continued to do so as the woman's curvy rear jiggled in resonance. He was getting more tempted. "Oooooh~"

"But," he let go of her and stood over her, "Doing that would invite more trouble. I'm pretty sure after you go back, you're Dad's gonna have you tested to see if you had sex or not."

"I don't care," she lied down on the ground, cheeks sporting a heavy blush with a little drool falling from her mouth.

"I do." Naruto squatted and his face was leveled with hers. "You were the first girl I ever had a crush on. I was more than lucky when we got together. If only for just one day. However, great as your and as much as I want to, I'm not going to risk war for my vices."

"Do I mean nothing to you?" Q asked as he began to walk away. "You just tease me like that and then you leave?"

"Trust me, Q," he kept walking as he turned around to wave her goodbye. "You mean a lot. That's exactly why I don't want your jōnin career turning into a homebound princess life."

There was something about that girl he could never get over. One could see it was her sinful body, but he knew it was more than that. More importantly however, he was horny now. Drunk and horny. Shizuka was in a meeting regarding expansions to the Uzumaki owned businesses, Tsume was busy with her clan stuff, Ino and Hinata were in the Chūnin exams and Anko was conducting them. His shaft grew harder, throbbing and telling him to go rut as soon as possible.

"God damn it. Might as well get more drunk and…" An idea popped in his head. Drinking it seemed held the solution. Infusing chakra to sober himself up a little, Naruto found himself standing before an apartment door as he began to knock on it. He had to wait a while before the door opened and across the threshold stood a raven haired, red eyed, fair skinned beauty who looked surprised to see him. She wore an over sized shirt that went just below her waist and a pair of shorts.


"Naruto, what are you doing-mmmph!" He stated exactly why he was here by slamming his lips into hers and closing the door behind them, locking it. Everything happened so quickly that both of them could barely keep track of it all. He had taken off his pants as he held her against the wall near the door, his tongue almost assaulting Kurenai's. Her hands were on his chest before it travelled downwards to his cock, stroking his near uncontrollably lust fueled member. "At least give me a warning."

"No." He placed his hand around her throat and started tightening his grip. The woman coughed before biting her lips and moaning. With his other hand, he ripped off all the clothing she had on her. He'd probably buy her new ones. "You told me," he groped her creamy breasts, full and round, "I could do whatever the fuck I wanted to do you. Remember?" She couldn't talk (for obvious reasons), but nodded as her hands kept stroking him faster, tighter, almost as if she was trying to rip his cock off. Loosening his grip, he allowed her to breathe as she heaved for air.

"Oh God~" She said in a euphoric manner as she pulled him in for another kiss.

"Yes." She said.

"You." As she kissed him again.


Two of his fingers shoved themselves deep inside her now moist pussy and her fingers kept her magic up along the length of his shaft. Naruto pulled his fingers out of her twat and seized her leg, pulling it up along the wall and pinning it there, exposing her pussy even more.

A few motions of his hips got his cock away from her thigh and into position, and without hesitation he slammed into her, groaning as he felt so much better now. His cock slammed into her pussy with one single stroke, bringing him from the very entrance of her pussy all the way down, his cock sliding so deep into her he could almost feel himself bottoming out as he sheathed himself within her. He was horny beyond measure.

"You are as tight as ever," he almost snarled as her tight pussy was pierced by his cock. Her pleasure was obvious, and she was screaming in bliss against him as he pushed her body into place, forced her to remain there as he just held himself inside of her for a moment. Teasing her.

"You absolute ass!" She groaned in passion. "You come out of nowhere, rip my clothes off and then just hold back. Fuck me already!" Kurenai was the best hype woman to have when fucking a woman—especially when they were both the same. Every part of her had been aching for release, she wanted it just as bad as him and her body tingled with excitement for it.

Things really did take a turn for the awesome today.

Motivated by her words and his cock twitching like crazy, he began to thrust, groaning as his hips rocked back and slammed forward again, pushing into Kurenai once more, fucking a sweet, shuddering noise out of her in the process.

Another thrust made her scream, "Naruto!" again, and the next one had her digging her fingers into his shoulders and begging him to fuck her harder. Everything brazen and desperate about Kurenai's poor state was Naruto's gain and he was all too happy to take advantage of it all, getting right to work at pounding her absolutely raw. Faster he thrust, groaning as he wound himself up tighter and harder, working up a steady pace as he kept her pinned up against the wall.

Clumsily, Kurenai's legs began to wrap around Naruto's waist; he guessed this was another one of her unspoken kinks: rough sex by the entrance door. Their bodies pushed against one another as he pinned her to the wall with all his strength and she her fingers gripped the hair on his head.

"I missed your cock so much," she whined. "I kept dreaming about when you'd be back to fuck me again. So don't you dare stop until you fill me up with your jizz!"

Now, Naruto really did not consider himself a chick magnet. Sure he had the looks (genetics and all), but the animal magnetism he brought out in certain women made him question a lot of things. Was it sheer dumb luck or instinct? Either way, he was happy to not only let loose, but help a woman out in need too, and he'd help her reach that climax she'd been craving for.

And like a wild beast in heat, he fucked her on. Harder, faster, stronger. Bumping her against the wall, the noises of flesh slapping against flesh and the wall being knocked over and over got louder. He was sure her neighbors were hearing it and when he voiced it, she only got tighter.

Exhibitionist, this one.

Sweat began to run down his back and Naruto kept up his pace, fiercely thrusting into the genjutsu mistress, giving Kurenai the most thorough and raw fucking he could muster. No hesitation or mercy, as he did his best to take it to her with ferocity and aggression properly befitting his situation. Much like Q, she was a masochist as well, the difference being Kurenai liked to be tied up more.

He could feel it every time he did it with her. She wanted to be broken, wanted him to own her, and he wasn't going to half-ass the taking of his fellow tight, curvy comrade, turning yet another woman into one of his…rutting partners. That term seemed respectable, in his eyes at least. Besides, it was what she wanted, after all; what was the sense in not giving it to her as thoroughly and brutally as he could muster?

All the while he could feel Kurenai burning up, her red eyes turning darker, her voice becoming louder, her body quivering more and every thrust into her body made her heave with a renewed sense of absolute bliss. The pleasure he was dishing out must've matched the ones she had in dreams and then some. Why if he wasn't fucking her right now, he'd make a clone to pat himself on the back.

The woman was insatiable evident by things she was saying and mumbling, she couldn't get enough of it, couldn't shake the feeling of absolute ecstasy that coursed through every inch of her form. She was gone, completely surrendering herself to Naruto and to his cock, submitting without hesitation or conflict.

A true masochist.

She probably thought it about most of the time if he were to take a guess, she didn't even need to be tempted; she had been worn down harder than anyone else, and she was unable now to contain herself or keep from embracing without shame or hesitation the utter bliss that ran across her skin. Absence made her pussy fonder. Somehow that made him more ferocious as he was now willfully fucking the woman into the wall, but her loud howls of joy only egged him on further. The way her walls tightened pulled him in further inside her.

Naruto didn't bother warning Kurenai that he was close. he just kept thrusting, kept pounding away at her and letting what he was about to do speak for itself.

It would be more fun that way, springing a nasty surprise onto Kurenai and letting her feel for herself the shock of being taken just the way she wanted. He slammed into her one more time, almost violently, groaning as his body pushed against hers harder than ever before, keeping her squished against the wall and completely still as his cock twitched inside of her. He watched her crimsons eyes widen in realization just a second too late, as his tip already erupted, spewing forward thick shots of thick, molten spunk deep into her needy twat, flooding her womb and making her slowly whine and howl as her body shivered and she felt herself truly taken.

The pleasure of being creampied made Kurenai cum right then and there, screaming out in to ecstasy, bucking and twist and losing herself utterly to the bliss of being claimed by him.

All composure melted away as she shivered and twisted against his body, his weight pinning her down so tightly that she didn't even have much room to move in.

Everything felt so intense, so burning, and he was absolutely certain that she wasn't going to be able to control herself anymore away from him and hold back as she gave in to the crushing pleasures, spinning madly out of control and out of sense. Kurenai felt so warm, so full. So…perfect.

Naruto slowly pulled out of her as his spunk flowed out like water seeping through a broken dam. Maybe the beer increased his semen output. No, you're just drunk. Naruto picked her up and put the woman over his shoulders as he proceeded to go inside to her bedroom.

"Aren't you going to let me rest?" He took his shirt off and spread her legs as his now erect cock went deep inside her again.

It wasn't until ten in the evening that Naruto finally decided to give it a rest. Kurenai Yuhi was, well, a beautiful mess with his semen covering nearly all of her frame and her insides. It was only after he was sure that she'd be fine that Naruto left her apartment. Sure, he was rough with her, but that didn't mean he didn't care. Before he could make it home, Naruto spotted something interesting near the hot spring bathhouse he owned.

A man with a large mane of wild white hair peering into the inside of the establishment with a telescope as he giggled. His eyebrow twitched at the familiar sight, however, those were his customers and his business would probably suffer. So with a swift kick to the rear of the most famous lecher in all of the lands, Naruto put down his ruling.

"If I catch you peeping at my customers again, I'll throw you inside to face their wrath."

"Nope!" The legendary pervert stood proudly. "Don't want that again."

"I swear to God," Naruto pushed him away from the spot as they both kept walking. "It's not like you don't get laid. Why do you need to peep?"

"Kid," Jiraiya of the Sannin explained to him proudly, "it's not just about peeping. There's an art to this. Something absolutely divine about witnessing the female form in all its naked glory without them being aware. I wouldn't expect you to understand, lucky bastard."

"Maybe if you peeped less, you would've been a family man by now."

"Oh please, they'd only hold me down. Besides," he put his arm around Naruto's shoulder pulling him close, "I got all the family I need right here."

The man was such a freak, but he was nice too. "Missed you too, you freak."

"Let's talk about something more important," the sage's eyebrows wiggled. "What's this about you getting a harem?" Naruto could only cover his face and groan.

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