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"How long exactly are you planning to ignore me?"

"One more bowl!" Naruto Uzumaki only gobbled down more ramen as he ordered another, intending to ignore her as long as he could. The first time he met her, he pissed her off. The second time, he'd saved her because she was 'too pretty to die', the third featured him taking her maidenhead and losing his virginity in the process, and the fourth had the Fourth Raikage on his ass. Needless to say, the Uzumaki did not want any incident to happen because of their history. He would ignore her. Yes, sir. He felt a poke on his arm, he ignored it. An enchanting perfume was overtaking the remains of the broth, he ignored it. He felt fingers tiptoeing gently across his thigh, getting very close to his- "Hold that order!" He slammed a lot of ryo on the counter as both Teuchi and Ayame looked at him with confused faces. "Got something important to do. Bye!"

With blinding speed he exited the legendary ramen shop and tactically retreated. The pursuer was hot on his trail and he couldn't just lead her to his home. That would be inviting all sorts of trouble. Hinata was badly possessive enough, an added Shizuka in the mix just meant inviting more trouble. Not to mention he really…really found Q hot. Hell, he even had a crush on her. Ah the curse of youth, he reminisced the time when he was younger, stupider and couldn't tell the difference between a regular boner and a romantic one.

You're not going fast enough, the Kyūbi informed him. Honestly, I don't see why you're so concerned about this. You didn't hesitate to fuck those above her station. Just fuck her and be done with it.

Kyūbi, buddy-

I'm not your buddy, human.

Okay, my humble, bloodthirsty tenant, Naruto was well within the reach of Area 44. Under most circumstances you'd be right. First of all, her old man is a Kage, the Raikage, the Fourth Raikage of all the Raikage and that man is impulsive as hell when it comes to his family. Man wanted to lariat my head off of my shoulders when I was a kid. Secondly, Q is different than the rest. She's like a rash that won't go away and if I remember her correctly she seeks a thrill out of a fuck.

Isn't that the point behind your incessant rutting? Getting the thrill out of exchanging fluids?

Wow, no need to say it like that.

I've had to watch my previous jailers rut like rabbits whenever they got the chance. It is exactly that.

You're enjoying this aren't you?

Yes. I'll enjoy what comes next even more. The beast inside hushed for a moment as it all dawned. Bestial laughter echoed through his mind. Good luck. There she was, already in front of him, arms crossed as her considerably busty chest strained against the v-neck; she'd already taken the vest off. Oh he liked the sight, but the look in her eyes was not exactly favorable.

Clever girl.

"Naru-chan," she said with a tone that make even the coldest men feel warmth in their chest, or their dicks. He hated that nickname. So demeaning. "Were you running away from me?"

"No. No, I was just coming here to train."

"Oooh. Is that so?"

"Yup. The Forest of Death happens to be my yard. Every beast here knows it."

"Uncle Bee has a place like that too." The rapper. The menace. The coolest guy Naruto had ever met. Her eyes looked at him with a predatory look. She disappeared and he ducked avoiding her arms looking to pull him in from behind. Her foot descended where his skull would've been as he jumped up away to sit on a high tree branch. "Fast as ever I see. You're sure you don't have any relatives in Cloud?"

"Pretty sure of that," Naruto was ready to use his last mean of escapes, but he really didn't like using that flashy jutsu if the people witnessing him were left alive. The predatory gaze sharpened. He couldn't get away so easily. He'd have to subdue her through other means. "So, I'm guessing you're the replacement jōnin for the Kumo team."

"That's right~" She said it so cheerfully. One would think she was just a breathtakingly beautiful woman who exuded nothing but warmth and joy. "I was so surprised when Dad said I'd be going as the jōnin sensei. You'd think he'd ease up about letting Uncle B roam around a bit."

Well, that explained a bit. Still. "Not like Lord Raikage to let his daughter go to a foreign village so casually, especially to one where we have history. Chūnin Exams or not."

"Oh yes, that little mess is there, but he trusted me enough to put me in charge." Kyu seemed genuinely proud of that. Good for her. Then she smiled. It was amazing how it was seductive and dangerous at the same time. "Besides, I'm sure no one would provoke him by attacking his only child. I was hoping me being here would ease up the tensions between us."

"Not as long as the Hyuga have something to say about it. Eye for an eye, and all that. Especially with their lot."

"Oh I know, but I meant to ease the tension between us." Oh. She looked around stretching a bit. The shirt was shorter than he thought, as it rose with her actions revealing her toned stomach. The pants were tightly clung around her impressive thighs and wide hips, and of course the silver-blue high-waist panties were sticking out. That bitch. "This looks like a good enough place. What do you say? Let's get diplomatic…Daddy~"

"No, no, no," Naruto shook his head, closing his visible eye. "The last time you called me that I was in some deep shit. Shit so deep my head would've been on a pike. And now you think you can just show up here with your big tits, wide hips, thick thighs and I'll just what? Fuck you without a second thought?"

"You'd be mad if you didn't."

"Normally, yes, but you see, you see, there's one problem."

"Oh and what would that be?" She was getting hungrier. Only once he had sex with her, just once, but that one gold experience with her made him look at the act as one of best things about being alive. And honestly, he did want to tap her. A lot. However, he didn't want to stir up any drama. He had enough problems at home, and that was his ticket out.

"I'm engaged."

"What?" Gone was the warm tone. Now he heard a voice teetering between genuine confusion and stern apprehension.

"I'm engaged," Naruto repeated. It seemed to have the effect he wanted. "Hard as that may be to believe, I'm a taken guy and," he needed one more nail in the coffin "I'm happy. I want to keep it that way."

"Oh." Kyu pursed her lips. He could hear the sharp exhale she let out, the grinding of teeth and the frustrated 'tsk'. She looked at him inspecting his posture if he were lying. "Since when?"

"About a few months ago." He was careful enough to not mention his first engagement. If she found out he had more than one woman in his bed, she'd be all over him, thankfully she didn't know about that reputation of his. Hopefully, she won't. "So as much as I would've liked getting my freak on, it's not gonna happen."

"I see," Q pulled out a scroll, producing her Kumo vest and wearing it. "Who is she?"

"A girl."

"No shit, Naruto," Q was well past the nicknames. "I mean who is she?"

"A girl from a clan."

"How detailed."

"I don't think I should ever be giving out information about clan members, especially to a foreigner." That was the last nail in the coffin. A part of him felt like a dick for saying that to her, but it had to be done.

"Congratulations," she said with the most bland tone he'd ever heard her speak in. One could almost ignore the hint of annoyance underneath. "I hope she keeps you very happy."

"Oh, she does." The way her eyes narrowed made Q look even sexier. "Every night."

"Mmmhmm. Anyway," Q turned away. "I have a team to keep in line. Hopefully, they haven't stirred up any trouble."

"I'm sure they're a nice bunch of kids."

"They're your age."

"Yeah, but I'm a jōnin. I can pull rank on them."

"Hmmm. So your team will be up for the exams as well?"


"They any good?"

"As good as me? No. Not even close. Like country miles away." Q laughed with half a heart. He wasn't going to give anything out, and thankfully she got the note.

"See you there then."

"Ditto." And just like that the Raikage's daughter disappeared and he let out a sigh of relief. She was one of the few people that put him on edge, made him remember the time he was a boy and less of a man. Plus, he kind of still liked her. "That was too close for comfort."

"We could get comfy." He sighed once more as someone dropped on the same branch as him. Wild brown hair, a mature figure and markings on her cheeks. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"You can say that again. How've you been, Tsume?" The Inuzuka matriarch took a seat beside him. "Sorry, would've talked more with you, but I've been busy for a while."

"I know. It's the same on my end. You'd think I'd get used to life at this point." She cranked her neck. "I've been well enough though, can't lie. What about you? Jōnin life giving you the shits?"

"Well, I mean it could be worse."

"Yeah, could be. Given all those girls I smell on you."

"Could've sworn I took a shower."

"No, no, not there," Tsume got down on his lap and rubbed her cheek against his crotch. "Right here. I can smell it. One, two and many more."

"So," Naruto patted her head as she continued to lie there, "you can specifically smell who's been on my dick?"

"Mmmhmmm~" Tsume now sniffed his crotch through his pants. "Having fun with your students are you?"

"Do you care?"


"What were you doing here anyway?"

"Just working out," she was undoing her jōnin vest, her breasts jiggled to life underneath the tight black shirt. "Imagine my luck when I smelled you, and another girl. Kept my distance since I didn't know the smell."

"Smart move."

"She was wet, you know?" Tsume bit her lips, slowly undoing his vest now. "And you're aroused too even before I came here. You wanted the bitch."

"Yeah, but there are issues."

"Well then, I think we can solve both of our problems."

"Here?" Naruto looked around. "Now?"

"Why not?"

"I don't know. Hardly seems like the time or place." Not more than five minutes after he said that, her clothes came off, his did as well and was doing the dirty deed as the woman rode him like a demon possessed.

"Ooohh yeaah! This is what I needed! It feels so fucking good!" She confessed, her voice drenched in bliss. He took a moment to let her adjust to the feeling, with her it had been far too long since she took him like this. He had his hands full, as did she. Now, she was just full of him.

Fuck, she's gotten so tight! Naruto was overwhelmed with the constricting sensation of Tsume's pussy swallowing his dick up. Such a tight feeling alone would've made him cum if he was a little bit inexperienced, but he relished the moment, savored the feeling of the older Inuzuka woman. Tsume sat there straddling his waist and planting her hands over his pecs through his shirt. Naruto looked up into her eyes to see them blazing with unrestrained lust with her tongue lolled out the side in a perverse, wild grin. "Tsume, you are the most feral sexy woman I know."

Before long, Tsume started rowing her body back and forth on his waist taking his dick for a ride. She started breathing loudly in soft heated pants, it was hot, tight and sweet. With more thrusts, more sways, she moved slightly faster, Naruto groaned in pleasure feeling her vaginal muscles tighten up more and more around his member. His head leaned back against the bark, senses still aware of anyone was near them or not. If push came to shove, he'd move this elsewhere, but he would not stop until he would let loose inside her.

"That it, Naruto! Haah! Haaah! Fuck me like the bitch I am! I missed you so much!" Tsume breathed out, her hips moving faster and harder. Her breasts and ass jiggled along with her body as she started slamming herself on his dick, the branch shaking and croaking with each repetition.

The smacking sounds of her thighs clapping against his grew louder as she rode him like a wild animal in heat. Which made sense when he really thought about it. He reached his hands to her hips and held on tight as she bounced up and down on him. He gripped them and held her close for he was now smacking his own body upward into her being, meeting her thrusts and getting lost in the haze of lust. Tsume smiled at this and reached her hands to his face, continuing her bounces while doing so, and pulled Naruto into a deep loving kiss after pulling him up against her breasts. Not unusual, but still an intimate act from her was rare.

He made out with Tsume, tongues gliding back and forth and around each other's as they rutted like animals in the wild. Her arms reached around his shoulders pulling him close and squishing her breasts up against his chest, her hips now ground slowly in circular gyrations on his waist keeping him deep inside of her. After a while their fevered make out session slowly broke apart leaving both of them with dazed faces and a string of saliva bridging their lips. Tsume simply smiled and started bouncing herself rampantly on his dick taking it deeper with each slam. The branch creaked louder due to how hard she was fucking herself on him. Naruto held her hips tightly and continued rutting his cock up to meet her body in every thrust. And then he stopped.

"Oh come on! Why'd you stop now?" She looked angry at being denied more of him.

"Branch might break," Naruto pulled himself out of her making her quiver. "Get up against the tree."

"Kinky, very kinky." Propping herself against the surface of the wall she stood with her rear wriggling out tantalizing him, Naruto no longer hesitated and drove his length into her pussy from behind while holding onto her hips. "Ooohh yeess! Yes! That's it right there, Naruto! Oh fuck!" She wailed pleasurably when he took drove his cock even further into her. Breaching well past her cervix, Naruto was sure he was fucking the inside of her womb, her buttocks squished up snugly against his waist as Naruto started pistoning into her, motivated by the utter animalistic pleasure. Loud smacking noises followed with the fevered thrusts of the young boy fucking the older jonin, Tsume was lost in a haze of bliss and Naruto felt he could take it further as her yells of pleasure filled the forest.

She bellowed and moaned with what he could only describe as an insane amount pleasure and shock. Turning her head back, she gave him a look with a wild hunger and desperate need that…so hot. Tsume licked her lips perversely and said, "You're the best fucking that ever happened to me." He stopped for a moment before slamming with full force into her, she screamed in joy. He held her head against the tree as he pulled back and slammed himself back in. Again and again, each thrust more forceful, each of them coming quicker, Naruto slammed into her cunt at blinding speed and brutal force. The violent fucking was causing more cracks to form in the branch beneath and the bark itself now, but Tsume was loving the energized roughness goading him to go further. In and out, again and again he plunged deep into her quim without mercy. He continued slamming into her for several minutes more when he felt the pressure swell up in his sack, Naruto was going to burst.

"Fuck! I hope you're ready! I'm about to bust!" He shouted only to feel her squeeze her vaginal muscles even tighter on his surging cock. This woman was insatiable!

"Inside, Naruto! I want it all inside of me! Don't be afraid, fill me up!" She howled out with a near senseless expression.

Naruto slammed into her a few more times before sheathing himself completely inside her with one final grand slam, tossing his head back with a howl. His member pulsated violently, blasting thick ropes of semen directly into Tsume's womb, making her cum with him. She arched her back and bristled up with an orgasmic shudder as she moaned absolute nonsense. Her vaginal muscles clenched and spasmed on Naruto's meat, milking it desperately, and taking in more thick syrupy ropes of cum. The moment he pulled out, the branch broke and he created clones to grab both their clothes as he landed with her in his arms.

"Well," he breathed out, "that's something I didn't expect to do." Tsume was still writhing in pleasure and the way the clones had dropped all their clothes on the ground, Naruto sighed. Might as well get it over with. Not like I'm gonna complain.




"I refuse."

"Who said you had a choice?"

"No means 'no'."

"You know nothing, Ino Yamanaka."

"Could you two not do this right now?" Sakura, along with herself, was the voice of reason. "I'm hungry. So is Hinata. Right, Hinata?"

"I am," she replied a bit meekly. The former heiress was not that hungry, but the aroma was far too enticing and the way all the food looked…she drooled. She wiped it away. Hinata felt ashamed; Hyuga did not drool, did not let their baser instincts take over and her stomach growled. Her face turned red and she hid it. Oh the shame.

"Someone's hungry." Sensei-kun's teasing voice did not help. He patted her on the back. "It's okay if your stomach does this, Hinata. She's a ridiculously good cook. I'm starving as well. Will you two stop fighting?"

"Tell the skank not to add more seasoning then! I want to eat food not salt." Ino Yamanaka was not a huge fan. "And we would've been done earlier if she didn't keep insisting on adding more stuff."

Shizuka snorted, scrunching her nose. "As if you would know anything about cooking properly, you halfwit blond airhead."

"Why you big tittied-"

"Enough." Naruto broke the fight up once more as they all sat in Training Ground 6 underneath a clear starry sky. The weather was perfect today and Sensei-kun had decided to not train them the day before the Chūnin Exams, citing that his students earned a break and deserved to relax before their ordeals began. The day went smoothly until Naruto Uzumaki suddenly decided on eating out, and that too in old fashioned camp style. Except it was more than that. He sealed entire pots, stoves, and ingredients and made a makeshift open kitchen in the middle of their training grounds.

Grand gestures were not beyond the hardened sensei. Shizuka had agreed to cook and as much as it pained her, oh the pain of watching a woman who was stronger than her, closer to her Sensei-kun than her, better than her in almost every way, the woman could cook up a feast. Apparently learning to cook elegantly was a lesson taught young at Nadeshiko. Regardless, assigning a team of his clones along with Shizuka's oversight, dinner was abound as they all waited for the food. Which it was now.

"Okay, let's see," one of Sensei-kun's clone was wearing…a butler suit. She was not sure where the clones found it, but it looked so…yummy. The food too. "Omurice pan fried with cherry tomato ketchup and chicken. Now who ordered that?"

"Me." Ino murmured, her eyes glued to the dish. The golden glaze of the layer of egg holding all the nutrition was tantalizing.

"I wonder who it was."

"It was me!" Ino said louder. Sensei-kun was covering his face, but they all could see his smirk beneath. The butler clone came and before she could take it, he moved the dish out of her range.

"A thank you should suffice, madam."

"You cannot be serious, right now?"

"They're people too," Naruto said as Shizuka was sitting beside him, in bare sight, for all to see. One day. "I can't control my clones sometimes. You know that. Right, Ino?"

"Fine. Thank you for the amazing food." At least she got what she was craving and took in the aroma of the food. Smiling.

"Geez, piggy, at least hide your shame."

"Says the one with the pussy tattoo."

"I will fucking murder you!" Sakura stood up, her face the same shade. "You have one too!"

"Yeah, but I don't get triggered by it."

"Do calm down," the butler clone spoke with a different accent. In fact he had a moustache now. "Otherwise this lovely bowl of Mapo tofu made with silken tofu, ground beef, fermented beans, peppercorn cooked in a spicy, chili sauce is going to go to waste. We wouldn't want that, would we?"

"No," the former Kunoichi of the Year sat down with a little bit of embarrassment, thanking the clone for the food. Finally, Hinata's pales eyes beamed up with joy. A beautiful dish with colors so vibrant, fried rice, green onions, golden egg, and a salmon filet cooked in soy sauce, sake and mirin.

"And I do believe," the butler now was wearing a hat. A hat with a very long top. "This is what you craved, yes, milady?"


"Do you like what you see?"


"Would you like to let loose and carnally enjoy yourself?"

"Without restraint."

"Then please," he handed her the dish and before he could say anything he popped out of existence. Sensei-kun was rubbing his forehead as he went to get oyakudon made with beaten eggs, chicken pieces simmered in sweet soy dashi sauce over white rice for Shizuka and for himself of course, a bowl of ramen noodle skillet with steak, sauce, minced garlic cloves, lime, honey, died onion and broccoli with no florets. He hated the florets. "Stupid clones with their stupid minds. Moving on from that, I, Naruto Uzumaki, sensei of Team Six, the God of Wind, the Master of the Methods of Pain, the Man with the biggest-"

"Itadakimasu!" Even Hinata started without him as Shizuka was chuckling as she ate. Sensei-kun stood frozen in his stance before grumbling and sitting down to eat. He was disappointed he couldn't finish his speech, that did explain how quickly the food disappeared into his stomach. Sometimes she wondered how bottomless of a pit Naruto Uzumaki had, at least when it came to ramen. It was inhumane at times if she was to be honest. Before long all of them were done and even sooner she was greeted to a cup of sweet saké. It was to celebrate their entry into the Chūnin Exams as a 'bunch of ragtag genin looking to make a name and disappoint their jōnin sensei in the process'; needless to say there was no need to mention who made the toast.

"You know, Sensei," Sakura began after they were done. "You keep telling us we're not good enough, but then you go ahead and say something that's completely opposite."

"I do? Never really noticed it." Naruto rubbed his chin, snapping his fingers after having an illuminating thought. "I should be charging all of you for compliments. Can't have my reputation being soiled."

"As if it could get more soiled," Ino said just loud enough for him to hear.

"Oh look at that a woman who doesn't know any better."

"Hey!" Sakura and Ino shouted, Hinata shook her head in disagreement while Shizuka slapped her Sensei-kun on his thigh.

"What? I'm allowed to be sexist twice a day."

"What even- Where did you even read that?"

"An orange book filled with wisdom." Naruto didn't hesitate. "If life was more like that book, things would've been so much easier."

"Sensei, you say all these things, but you act completely different from the mean way you usually behave." Hinata spoke, she knew what book her fiancé was talking about, having read it five times. "Do you do all this on purpose?"

"Do what?" The blond jōnin was opening up a bottle of water.

"Trying to pretend you're a," Hinata paused, from the side Sakura and Ino both gave her a thumbs up. They had her back. "A...dick." Naruto choked. Shizuka was patting his back, but apparently didn't rebuttal for him, far too busy attending to him. She probably wants to be ravished tonight since we won't get any tonight. As if Sensei-kun doesn't fuck her enough already. That hogging bit-

"Okay, disrespect noted." Naruto finally said after getting over the fit.

"It's true, Sensei," Sakura joined in. "In fact I think this is all a charade. In fact, I remember you being the loudest and happiest in our class. Not so…whatever you act like most of the time."

"That's probably his gimmick," Ino sagely added. "I've heard about people adopting masks to hide their inner selves. Maybe it's something like that. Maybe Sensei is really just a softy at heart looking to make precious bonds."

"Well, husband."

"Fiance." Hinata corrected Shizuka, giving her a gentle smile.

"Semantics," Shizuka smiled back and Hinata's finger twitched. "Do explain to them why you are the way you are. I think they'll find the truth rather interesting."

Naruto Uzumaki was seething, he was seething more until he finally sighed. "Stay a shinobi long enough, you'll get why I am the way I am."

"So you pretend to be an asshole to make up for some childhood trauma, right?" Ino was reading far too many books when she wasn't training, fucking or both.

"Once upon a time, you might've been right," Naruto lied down on the blanket, not looking at them staying quiet for some time. "Once you become a ninja for long enough, you'll start to do things you won't like." Hinata and her teammates realized he must've been talking about a time he almost met death. "Getting along with people older than you who keep calling you 'kid'. An old senile Kage who makes you do his laundry. A tardy team filled with people who make the worst jokes in the world. And the daimyo. God damn the daimyo. If I could eat the rich I would, but better to have systemic violence under established states than autonomous ones. And the goddamn TV channels that show more ads than-"

"You're trailing off, Sensei," Sakura squinted her eyes, Ino smacked her face and Hinata was…disappointed. She honestly expected a nugget of wisdom.

"I'm not." Naruto's voice was serious. "I hate so many people. Not like 'I hate you so much I want to kill you', but more along the lines of 'One day I'll leave an explosive tag in your bathtub so you never talk again' hate. You know. The kiddie stuff."

"Sensei," Sakura said getting up, "You're a sociopath."

"Maybe, but at least I don't absolutely suck like you guys." A shadow clone of his popped up before any of them could say a word to follow up. "I'm guessing you're gonna go now, Sakura?"

"Yeah, planning to get some hours in early." Sakura putting her hands behind her back, angled a bit to get into Sensei-kun's view. Hinata didn't miss the extra effort the pink haired girl put in. In fact, she'd began to notice a lot of things Sakura had been doing recently. Ino had been the one to point it out of course; the Yamanaka was rolling her eyes at her rival's action. Her jade green eyes lingered on the real him, until they didn't and she turned to her teammates, giving them a wave. "See you all, tomorrow." And after pleasantries were exchanged, she left, the clone tailing her.

"My, my, beloved," Shizuka began once Sakura was far away enough. "You really are the most immoral teacher in history."

"Shh. Shh. Just take in the moment." Naruto said as the woman caressed his chest. Not wanting to be left out, Hinata scooted over and lied down beside him, grabbing his arm and rubbing it against her chest. Shizuka narrowed her eyes, lying down on the other side and began to do the same. "Well, now, this is definitely better than the previous mood."

"Don't think you're scot free yet, Sensei-kun," Ino said who was standing near his head, looking down on him. "You really don't think we can't see it, do you?"

"Quite frankly I don't know what you're all seeing, but I do like what I'm seeing," Naruto chuckled, tilting his head to get a better view beneath her skirt. "No panties. What would people think?"

"I don't really care. Besides," Ino slowly began taking off her skirt to reveal her smooth, shaved pussy and the hint of wetness between them. Turning a full 360, Ino adjusted her knees on both sides of her sensei's head and hovered her womanhood over his face. "Watching her even look at you like that made me a little bit mad."

"Jealous, are we?"

"Guilty as charged."

"Ino," Hinata began not liking the way her Sensei-kun's eyes were focused on the slit beneath her teammate's legs, Shizuka was giving the mind invader a frown of her own. "You know we can't have sex tonight."

"True, but I didn't hear anything about oral being left out of the question," and with those words she descended, sitting on Naruto's face and rubbing her breasts over her clothing as the blond's hands gripped the blonde's thighs, his mouth licking, smooching, and diving into her sacred slit. "Mmmmhmm~ Yeah, that's it. Fuck~"

Before Hinata knew what was happening, Shizuka had taken off Naruto's pants and began stroking his shaft, occasionally rubbing it against her cheek before laying chaste kisses on it. The Hyuga received a smirk, "If you won't, I will."

What followed next was so bizarre…and so hot.

Ino was grinding herself against Sensei-kun's face, her toned legs grappled tightly around his head, hands on her bare breast sticking out from under the pulled up crop top. Hinata was attentively licking his balls, taking them in her mouth as Shizuka lathering up the entire length of the shaft. They'd both silently come to a truce, and when one would get tired of engorging the entire length in their throats, the other would take over. Shizuka was a tough rival, Hinata would admit. She'd had the most experience with Sensei-kun and unlike herself, sucked more as she choked more. A refined technique. Still, she was still human and needed air. The moment she let up each time, Hinata seized the moment and enveloped her plump treat with great enthusiasm, sparing no time for finesse or subtlety. Bobbing up and down, slurping loudly and coating the cock with saliva, just so she could fit as much as she possible could, but almost choking in the process. A slew of wet and excited grunts and sighs slipped out of her as Naruto's thick throbbing length pushed deep down her throat; her cheek met Shizuka's own who was sucking her fiance's nuts. Pale eyes met green, sparks lit and the fire rose in both of them, as Hinata refused to let the Nadeshiko woman get the better of her.

On the other end Ino was mewling, moaning, panting and blabbering nonsense as she shook and cooed atop Naruto's face. The jōnin below was gripping his arms around the Yamanaka's torso, trying to glue it to his face as his shaft, hard and coated with saliva began pulsing more and more, vigorously pulsating with delight. It was an odd feeling Hinata had, a mix of both good and bad as she serviced the cock of the man she loved along with another woman who claimed him as her beloved, and throwing Ino into the mix who was leaking into his mouth by now. Despite all that, as she'd realized the last few months, deep inside her she found this most…attractive. It was so fierce, so perverse, and so…hot that Hinata was slurping more and more, not letting Shizuka take her turn as she slurped, swallowed, gagged and held the entire length in her throat, only letting go for a second to breathe.

Tragedy befell her upon that moment. Shizuka sealed her lips around the head of his cock, her tongue sticking out on the underside as she wrapped her hand around his cock and began stroking it hard and fast as she sucked. Ino let out a guttural yell of pleasure, convulsing and gripping Naruto's hair, falling forward, her crotch still on his face and she heard Sensei-kun moan underneath the girl. Shizuka was sucking, stroking and fondling every part of his sex relentlessly to the point where Hinata felt she was watching something out of an erotica come to life. Her Byakugan flared, forever searing the image of the frenzied blowjob in her mind as Shizuka sucked and slurped for all she was worth, Naruto curled his toes from as pleasure spread though his body, moaning and grunting as his sack shivered. A second after, Shizuka gagged and coughed, Hinata realized the liquid was shot into her mouth, a flood of semen had rushed through his jumping cock and exploded out of him in several, thick and hot strings and it was all in her now. She felt so betrayed that all her hard work had gone down Shizuka's gutter of a mouth and the smile the woman was giving her with her mouth full, waving for her to come closer was just so…

What? Hinata blinked for a second. Shizuka was indeed motioning for her to come closer, her mouth full of Naruto's cream and bits of it staining her lips. The Hyuga hesitantly got closer and Shizuka tapped her lips. Her face turned into a crimson mask, both out of jealousy and out of shame. "N-No…" Hinata muttered looking away as Sensei-kun got up, his pants also now up, and spanking Ino back into consciousness from her momentary bliss. Shizuka tilted her head with raised a brow, her fingers telling the Hyuga if she didn't take it now all of it would go down her own throat. "Okay…" She agreed after the smirk got the better of her. Hinata's lips were a hair away from Shizuka's, the older woman leaned over her, making her parting her lips and letting the semen flow from mouth to mouth. Shizuka's lips caught hers, their tongues grinding and wrestling for the sticky cum their future husband had gifted them with and both of them swallowed it, but kept on kissing, trying to take whatever was left on the other's tongue until they finally parted from each other—a thin line of semen formed between their parting before disappearing.

"Wow," Ino broke Hinata out of her daze as she and Naruto looked at the both of them, one with awe and the other one left impressed. "I thought you two hated each other's guts."

"We do," Shizuka spoke first, licking her lips clean. The look Hinata received from Shizuka almost sent a shiver down her spine. "However, she helped me to get beloved over the edge and it would've taken longer. Besides, I had already swallowed a fair share before giving her what she earned."

"No wonder it felt less," Hinata felt the betrayal coming back. She had expected more to be honest. "I'll get back at you for this, Shizuka-san."

"You may try," the Nadeshiko rolled her eyes, "but we all know out of everyone here, I've squeezed the most out of him."

"Wow, I'm right here," Naruto rubbed his forehead. "Can't believe my semen is being fought over."

"It's not your semen, beloved," Shizuka told him.

"Come again?"

"We will," the ebony haired woman continued, "You see your seed is not just yours. It is mine, and hers," Shizuka pointed at Hinata, "and hers for now. Unless she decides to become your concubine." Ino fumed at the term.

"I'll fry your mind into a coma."

"I'll stab you into one."

"Ugh," the argument between the two started once again, Hinata sat beside Naruto, who draped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. "Hinata, be honest, did you ever see your life becoming…whatever this is?"

"No," she leaned into him, smiling a bit at the way Ino was putting down Shizuka's claims of her being Naruto's sex starved slave. "Did you?"

Naruto Uzumaki rubbed his eyepatch and for a moment, the young jōnin's face seemed to age a lot more. Seriousness paved its way across his features and just as quick disappeared. "No. I didn't."

She wrapped her own arms around his waist, her eyes looking into his lone blue one. She smiled, gazing at him, "But you like it, right?"

The slow way his lips curled up was always a sight to behold and he chuckled. "More than I thought I would."

"Remember, stay smart, stay sharp, and keep an ear out. And don't hesitate to knife someone in the fucking eye if they look wrong at you." It was what Naruto Uzumaki told her before she arrived here. The man had paid each of them a visit and in an uncommon act of camaraderie, offered a fist bump. She would carry on the legacy thrust upon her by him. Joining with her teammates, Team Six stood united and strong moving as a unit as they arrived at the designated building. A train of trials would run loose over them.

Sakura Haruno would punch it in the face.

This was it. The moment was finally here. Beyond her fist was destiny and beyond the door was opportunity. She could be anything she wanted. All she had to do was open the door and—

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" The shout of one rowdy female Inuzuka stole her thunder as she leapt over them all and opened the door. "FIRST! I bet every proctor in hiding is impressed by my speed."

"Being the first to enter from our team carries no marks, Furry," Sai, the pale, handsome boy from Team Seven said from behind them. He then pointed to the rest of the people inside the building who were frowning and some glaring, "And besides now you've got every eye on us. Also, greetings, White Eyes, Blondie, and Bubblegum. How do you do?" Needless to say, Sai needed a lot of therapy.

"Hey, Sai," Ino greeted back. "How's life as a tool going?" Sakura blinked. She did not expect Piggy to say that.

Sai laughed. It was so fake and painful to hear. "I see you've learned the basics of humor. Here I assumed you were the only Yamanaka without a brain."

Ino smiled and Sakura felt a shiver run down her spine. "Keep that sass up and I'll make sure they can never operate on you."

"Damn, girl," Kiba, as she liked to be called, hung an arm around the Yamanaka's shoulder, "What phase are you going through right now? Manhating?"

"No, I'm just bullshit intolerant now." Kiba's hearty laugh was loud, but not to the point where Sakura's focus shifted upon hearing a 'tsk'. It came from the last member of Team Seven. There he stood garbed in the broody aura he always wore. He looked annoyed, no doubt at Kiba for her loud and brash actions. Instead of usually strolling past her, Sasuke Uchiha stopped. His onyx eyes inspected her. Sakura felt a little heat rise in her cheeks at his gaze.

"Hi, Sasuke-kun."

"You're different."

"What?" She was taken aback. Usually at this point he'd just grunt and walk. Not talk! What was going on?! Was it cause she gained some mass? Did he think she was fat?!

"You don't look," her crush, the prodigy, the scion of the Uchiha spoke eloquently to her, "like a stick." Sakura Haruno was lost for words, her jaw hung and deep inside her an anger rose. Part of her wanted to cry, part of her wanted to punch his teeth so far down his throat he'd take back those words, but again Kiba's barking laughter flooded everything.

"I gotta say, Pink-eyes, hanging out with Sai is doing wonders for you."

"I am quite the," Sai paused flipping through a few pages on 'How to Make Comrades and Not Get Stabbed In the Back By Them', "a 'social butterfly'." His smile made her fingers twitch.

"Both of you, shut up," Sasuke was back to his usual demeanor. His eyes loomed over her, Ino and Hinata. "They've changed."

"Checking me out, Sasuke?" Ino winked. Sakura felt…not as mad as she thought. "I'm so flattered."

"Now, now, Blondie," the pale youngster spoke on behalf of Sasuke, who was getting more irritated by the second, "You should know by now, Ducky here doesn't like girls."

"He doesn't?" Ino asked and kept quizzing the other two members of Team Seven about it. Sakura knew better. Maybe if she hadn't seen with her two eyes, she'd have freaked out by now. Instead she felt morose and Sasuke was looking at her, intently. His eyes narrowed and then turned red. Her mind felt like it was being probed, and then it stopped. Hinata was clutching her shoulder. Ino was also standing by her side, turquoise eyes narrowed at the Uchiha. "You know I don't know if anyone's ever told you this, but you can act like a real dick sometimes."

A faint shimmer of a smirk crossed his face before settling into the passive state. "Let's go." His words were directed at his teammates. Sai waved them goodbye in a slow mocking motion, Kiba was grumbling and following her male teammates.

"What just happened?" Sakura asked, not entirely sure what just happened now.

"He was attempting a genjutsu on you, Sakura," Hinata answered her. The Hyuga looked mildly upset, which actually said a lot. "I know its every team for themselves, but to use it so casually on a fellow village genin…"

"Doesn't matter," Ino said slapping her hands together. "If I had the chance I'd have done the same, plus I would've gotten away with it a whole lot smoother. Wouldn't have tricked a Leaf shinobi like this though."

"Oh really, Piggy?" Sakura felt grateful to them both for standing up and annoyed at Sasuke, annoyance she'd vent out on the blonde showoff. "What makes you think you'd do a better job?"

"I have a dangerous mind, Forehead," Ino said, pointing to her own, "and you're welcome for the help."

"You didn't even break the genjutsu," Sakura chastised her rival as the three of them were walking to the actual room where the exams would be held instead of the fake one they saw on the first floor. Honestly who even came up with that idea? "The hell should I thank you for?"

"For talking shit on your behalf."

"I can talk smack."

"Say 'shit'."

"And stoop to your level? I'll pass."

"Do you two have to argue like this?" Hinata asked them both, her face bore a look of both enjoyment and weariness.

"She started it." She and Ino said at the same time. Eyes crossed. "Stop copying me. I said, stop it."

"Now, now, we're all friends, right?" Hinata said and Sakura felt a bit uncomfortable at the wording. As did Ino, she could tell. Hinata sighed. "Honestly, you've saved each other's necks so many times during missions and training."

"Only cause we're teammates," Ino got in front and pointed a finger at Sakura, lined right between her eyes. "If we face each other in the tournament, I hope you're ready to get your ass kicked. Cause you and the ground will get really intimate, Sakura-chan."

"Is that a bet?" Sakura couldn't help but smirk at her words.

"Does that even need to be said?"

"What are you wagering, Piggy?"

"I don't know, but I'm sure I'll think of something."

"Fine, I'll do the same. Loser does whatever the winner says. Just make sure to put your money where your mouth is, Ino-chan."

Before more sparks criss-crossed in fury between their sight, Hinata shook her head and mumbled something, opening the doors to an open area. Then Sasuke Uchiha fell before her, on his knees and looking at the pinkette. Sai stood on side, his face emotionless and a hand on the ninjato strapped to his back, Kiba covering her mouth letting out barely contained chortles. His face a mask of fury as he whipped around, dragging the attention of Sakura and her teammates towards a very peculiar sight.

A boy of their age, dressed in complete, and she did mean complete, green spandex stood in a pose. His arms were taped in white, his ankles geared with orange leg warmers, his hitai-ate wrapped as a belt around his waist and a massive bowl-cut, under which were two beady large eyes and two massive, thick, repulsive eyebrows. And there was a lump on his head. The boy looked at Sakura and before she could even absorb what was happening, with lightning speed the boy appeared before, down on one knee and tears forming in his eyes.

"Are you…Sakura Haruno?"

She was afraid to answer, but did. Her parents taught her better. "…yeah."

"I see," the boy said bowing his head, before slamming it against the concrete. She took a step back, as did Ino and Hinata. The bloody bowl-cut ascended from the ground, now rivers of tears flowing freely from the eyes as he struck a pose, gave her a thumbs up and had flowers in his other hand. "PLEAAAASE BY MY GIRLFRIEND! OH EVERLASTING PINK BEAUTY OF THE YOUTHFUL LEAF!" Somewhere in the background she heard someone yell 'youth' loudly. Her brain stopped.

What the fuck?

"Hey, Sakura-chan," Ino's voice from the side made her robotically creak her neck in the blonde's direction. The Yamanaka's eyes were filled with malice intent, her smug smile was sinister, and her next words were a nightmare to her ears. Her eyes darted from the evil of humanity that was Ino Yamanaka to the boy was hyperventilating in front of her.


"Guess what?"

"No, no, no, no, no…"

"Looks like I just found what you'll do if you lose."


Ino Yamanaka was one happy woman. Some would say the happiest. Okay, not the happiest, but who would've thought she'd be delighted to this degree right before the Chūnin Exams kicked off.

Now if only the Ibiki Morino or as she liked to call him, Ibiki Moron would let her bask in that glory a bit more. She called him that cause once he had come to their house when she was a much younger girl, and his stoic demeanor had forced her to call him a moron that fateful day. The man laughed and the name stuck. He was no joke though; it wasn't until much later when she grew up when her father told her all those scars he got where from various torture sessions and yet the man had never let out one peep. Screws, knives, needles, ice picks, very sharp, very narrow blades of surgical pain had conducted various tattoo sessions on his face, skull and other parts. A true Konoha shinobi as her father once said of him, and a wielder of a mind structured to put others in uncomfortable situations.

Now, she was stuck on a question she needed to get right, otherwise she'd lose the bet to whatever Sakura was planning.

Wait..that's it! Ino, genius that she was, found the pinkette blazing through the questions, her pen was on the verge of catching fire from the pace she wrote. Normally, she would've gone with the good old Mind Body Switch Jutsu, but before she could make the seal, she felt something watching her and she dropped her pen. A proctor picked it up and placed it back on her desk. Ibiki the Moron was standing right beside her desk. When he left his spot at the head was beyond her, but the slight smile on his face was damnable.

"Be careful, young Yamanaka," the torture specialist warned her, "you're running out of time. You can quit anytime you want of course." Now he was just mocking her.

"Thank you so much, proctor. I'll pass." It seemed the poison in her words only seemed to motivate him further, his smile stretching as he threw a kunai at another genin's desk.

"Learn to cheat better." Ino didn't know if his words were aimed at her or not, but she took the advice. But how?

What the hell was she gonna do? There was already the factor of that one question yet to be revealed, and now she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Fuck. In dismal disbelief, Ino lowered her head and wanted to grunt in annoyance. Calm the fuck down, Ino, she consoled herself.

Just breathe. You can get out of this. You've been through worse. Breathing at a more natural place, Ino closed her eyes and focused. And then she felt them all. Chakra of everyone in the room. It wasn't until a few days ago she realized she could sense chakra.

Wouldn't that have been handy all those times before?

It bugged her that there were so many people with higher amount of chakra than her. Especially that one big source she felt; it was so different from the others, almost as if it had a personality of its own—of vile intent and bloodlust. Doing her best to ignore it, she thought of using Mind Body Switch on her trusty nerd of a teammate while keeping an eye on the Moron through her senses.

Yet something was different. Sakura's chakra felt…like a hub. She felt the same way in regards to Hinata's signal. Oddly enough it was in her too. Just what the fuck was tying all of them together. They were on the same team, but didn't have any…Seals. The Anti-Assault Seal their sensei branded them with, it was acting like a common tug, a connection of sorts. A self-sustaining, self-aware, reactionary connection. Ino bit her lips. There was one technique she could try, but it required physical contact and her successful trials consisted of that with Tora the Menace. This would eat up some chakra too. Chances of this working were less than zero. However, she'd be damned if she didn't try.

Losing was not something she liked and losing to Sakura was something God wouldn't forgive her for. Eyes shut, and making the hand seals under the desk, Ino locked onto Sakura's chakra emitting seal. If I could break into that pussy's mind, you ain't shit, Forehead.

Psycho Mind Transmission. Words uttered with a tinge of worry, a hint of hesitance and a lot of spunk, Ino Yamanaka was no longer in the exam hall. Instead she found herself in a room, moderately spaced, green bed sheets, several plaques denoting excellence in academy lessons, and a table at which she saw a much younger Sakura Haruno diligently writing away with gusto as stacks of paper surrounded her on all sides.

Holy shit, it worked. Sakura stopped writing for a moment, and the blonde stood very, very still. Looks like all that forehead does have a brain in it. It took some time before the pink haired girl was writing again. Telling herself to be careful, Ino very sneakily walked around the towers of paper and went for the bookshelf. She had to give credit to Sakura, girl remembered her lessons far too well.

Entire books worth of knowledge were stored here, though Ino was sure her own mind palace was much more beautiful, elegant, and of course bigger. She just needed a little bit of information.

And with speed she succinctly memorized what little she needed to. She would've finished sooner if the girl whose mind she invaded didn't jot down every single word she heard and read. Nerd. Done with what she needed, Ino was getting ready to leave this gutter of a mind, but the sound of footfalls hushing down, along with grunts and moans demanded her attention.

With all the stealth she'd been taught, Ino snuck out of the room and into a darker narrow hallway. It looked familiar and…wait a minute. The hallway, the colors of the floor, the door and the walls, and the sounds of grunting and moaning. This is Tazuna's house. Zeroing in on the source, Ino found herself along with the current Sakura looking at…Sasuke Uchiha. He was fucking Tsunami, Inari's mother, right there on the floor as she was begging the boy to calm down, but the Uchiha was just…relentless.

As much as Ino enjoyed rough sex, mind numbing sex, it was pretty clear the woman didn't want him to be this…coarse. Maybe she didn't want people knowing what she was doing with a man so much younger than her. Not that Ino would ever shame her for that. She found out something interesting though. So Sasuke is straight. Always thought he swung for both teams. Ino had a very nuanced take on the young man instead of the jokes that flew around about him by his haters in the Academy. Still, Ino could only imagine how Sakura felt after seeing this; if she hadn't been with Naruto, Ino would no doubt react in a very abrasive way to this.

"Holy shit, Sakura." Ino's eyes widened at hearing Naruto's voice. It was outside the apartment and rushing quietly back up the stairs, Ino jumped out the window landing on the familiar training grounds of Team Six. "Who the hell pissed you off like that?" Between the blindfolded Naruto Uzumaki, the naked Sakura and the place they were in, Ino could only conclude this was the day the seal was drawn on them.

You need to leave. You already know what happened. He told you.

Ino needed to get back to her exams. Then she saw Naruto getting in between Sakura's legs, and the sight of Sakura muffling down her moans, her legs jittering, touching her breasts to simulate more pleasure, how she quivered with each of his touch, and then Sakura turned around, on all fours, sticking her big, bubbly butt out to Sensei-kun, her face buried with shame into the ground as she touched herself more, getting lost in the moment.

Ino had seen enough. She was back in the exam hall, gripping the pen and glaring at the pinkette. When they were younger, when they were friends, they were two sides of the same coin. Inseparable and mutually the same in all tastes. As if the whole falling out with liking Sasuke wasn't bad enough to the point that forehead bitch ended their friendship, now she was going after Naruto too. That fucking-

"Yamanaka," Ibiki was back once more, eyebrow raised at her. "You have five minutes left until this part ends. I hope you found your power nap useful." At this point, Ino didn't care if Ibiki knew about her using jutsu or not. Sighing, she resumed writing the answer. After she was done, she had a minute left and Ino decided to spend it the best way she knew how. Making the handseal for her famed family jutsu, Ino found her target once more. She was going to possess the girl, make her black out all the answers and make her fail for even feeling that way about Naruto, for even daring to touch herself like that while her boyfriend made her an important seal and…

Ino stopped. The thought of the blond crossed her mind. All the painstaking effort he'd put into them as a unit, teaching them how at the end of the day, they only had each others' backs. Team Six. Them against the world as Naruto once boldly proclaimed. She'd let herself down, before she let him down. And besides, she already had him. As did others, but that wasn't the point. The minute ran out and Ibiki stood at the front of the room, dead center about to reveal the next question.

She didn't care what it was. Ino Yamanaka was here to overcome the odds and kick asses along the way, she just hoped Sakura would be one of them.

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