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Ino oft thought to be a master of deduction.

Curiosity ran thick in her blood, just like every other Yamanaka, hers a bit more. Her compulsion for gossip, to find out more and more about everything regarding everyone stemmed from both an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

To find out what makes a person 'click'. She had almost everyone figured out, or so she liked to think.

So watching Hinata who was normally shy, reserved, nervous turn confident and braver. It piqued her curiosity. By no means was she feeling animosity towards the change, she welcomed it.

The only thing that did bother her was the fact that it happened so suddenly.

"What are you doing, piggy?" Of course some things never changed. Sakura looked at her blonde teammate, former friend, with narrowed jaded eyes."You're slacking off more than usual."

While the Haruno may not have been the strongest in their batch, she did feel bit a better physically speaking. Her sensei was a torturer, but labors brought good fruits.

Though Sakura did wish she her stamina would increase more.

"Shut up, flattie," Ino countered and the twitching of Sakura's eyes was satisfying. But for now she would cease fire. "Don't tell me you haven't noticed."

"Noticed what?" Sakura followed Ino's vision to the Hyuga heiress. Oh. The pinkette had indeed noticed the small changes in Hinata.

While she looked the same, her skin looked to be glowing, as if her skin had been reinvigorated with some sort of magical beauty cream.

"Exactly," Ino continued, eyeing their sensei who was chilling by resting on the bench as the three of them continued to paint the high fences. "Don't you find this weird at all?"

"Well, maybe sensei's giving her extra training," Sakura's answer seemed worthy of its weight. Over the last two weeks since Hinata had moved into the Uzumaki Compound, there had been a change.

In the early mornings she seemed tired. 'Eyes that looked like were about to fall asleep' tired. But she blistered through everything at a usual pace, even quicker at times. Her sensei also seemed brighter.

Maybe Hinata's innocence had affected him. She did have that peaceful air about her.

"Achoo!" Naruto sneezed and looked at his genin. Ino and Sakura were in close proximity, but there was no bickering. "Hinata, they're planning to kill you."

"W-What?" The Hyuga surprised looked at them. Last night had been amazing, as usual. Naruto-kun quite often went overboard. She was honestly surprised she could go that long.

A bit of guilt rose too, not for having sex with her Sensei-kun. Gods, no. She would never give that up. He was a 'vagician', and the blond had openly laughed at that term. No, she was supposed to begin her lessons on sealing, something that had been on hiatus even before she left her home.

Of course long hours of passionate and thorough lovemaking made her forget about all that.

"Don't believe anything he says, Hinata," Ino answered. She then pointed at their sensei and let loose. "He's been making us work day and night. Do you have any idea how dirty we become at the end of the day?"

"She doesn't complain," Naruto pointed out. "In fact, she never does. Now stop slacking, or I'll personally request a mission."

"You wouldn't," Sakura began with fear kicking in her mind.

Her teammates too felt that tingly shiver down their spines. A cold dark wraith harrowed their minds. Images of a bleak black terror resurfaced and went, "MEOW."

"Do you want to bet on that?" Naruto received no answer. "Yeah, that's what I thought. Now get back to painting that fence."

He didn't say a word further as all of them did so diligently. In between reading books, sensing the two ROOT agents keeping an eye on him – silly Danzo-sensei and his machinations – he would glance at Hinata's ass. By the Log that girl was insatiable.

He didn't consider himself a sex god, though many females told him otherwise, but she… she just kept coming back for more. Maybe this was why there was a premium on Hyuga virgins as he heard a Daimyo once joke. Naruto knew a fair bit of what went on behind the scenes of some clans; it wasn't uncommon for high ranking clans to 'marry off' their daughters for political alliances.

An hour or so later, the job was done, the tower was visited and they were back in Training Ground Six. Naruto sat on the grass and kept quiet for several minutes.


Because he was a cheeky bastard who wanted to mess with their minds.

"What are we here for?!"

It was working.

"Training," Naruto said and took out a scroll.

Unsealing it, he produced three sets of Maito Gai patented leg weights, only they had a significant amount of less weight in them. Very less, in fact he could probably wear them on his pinkie. ANBU was a harsh place, and he had learnt from the best of course.

Ah yes, drinking piss for water, eating mud for dinner and holding back thunder cone pine shit bricks for days so the enemy couldn't trace him.

He missed those blissful times.

"What are those?" Sakura asked. She'd feel like she had seen those before. But for the life of her she couldn't remember where.

"Weights," Naruto explained, "to be more specific Sealed Weights. Unlike normal weights where you have to add more weights this requires simple hand seals, 'Tiger' if you're interested to know that much."

"We know what weights are," Ino sashayed her hair. It flickered like a long golden wave dancing in the air. "But what do we have to do with them?"

"Simple really," Naruto threw them at his genin. Without much effort they caught it, but he could see they felt the weight of it. For now it was good. "Put them on."

He didn't need to tell them twice; Hinata listened to him without a question – the girl really wanted to get stronger – and the loud pair did so too; Ino didn't want Sakura to be better than and vice versa went in the pinkette's case.

"Sensei," Hinata spoke first. She'd been talking a lot more recently, at least from her teammates' standpoint. "Are we going to wear them all the time?"

"Not ALL the time," Naruto yawned. "Just as long as you're on missions, training and of course we'll increase them every four days."

"Wait, we have to wear these for over six hours?" Sakura asked feeling the weights around her ankles like ironed shackles forged in hellfire. Granted it wasn't unbearably heavy, but if this kept up . . . her legs would look all muscled up and gaudy. WHAT THE HELL WOULD SASUKE-KUN THINK!

"That's right, you girls are lucky to be honest," Naruto relayed. "My sensei were pretty much rougher."

"Wait, 'were'?" Ino caught on quickly. "You had more than one?"

"Perceptive," Naruto complimented, Ino took it without showing too much. "I was a... rare case. So I needed more than one teacher. But all of them had one thing in common."

"What was that?" Sakura asked, her mind eager to know more about the shinobi system. Fangirl she was yes, but a booksmart and eager kunoichi too.

"They all tried to kill me." On cue a wind began to blow from the western front. Like nocturnal shrieks of eerie horror they whispered in their ears. Tales of blood and death and torture.

"S-Sensei," Hinata didn't know everything about him, Yet. This was surprising to say the least. From what he'd told her, he had great teachers and got along with them well; there was never mention of any hatred or prejudice. "What do you mean they tried to kill you?"

"Exactly that."

"Why?" Hinata continued, Ino and Sakura mentally nodded. It was eating away at them. "Why would they do that?"

"To train me, duh." Naruto rolled his eyes. Honestly, his generation was filled with snowflakes.

"WHAT!" Ino screamed at him and Naruto had half a mind to shut her mouth by increasing the weights, Fun for later. "How is killing you equal to training you?"

"That's the point. They taught me all the ways a person could kill me, and there were times when I did think I was going to die. But I'm not kicking the bucket this soon. There are a few things I have to take care of before that." Visions of a couple appeared in his mind, along with blood and a full moon. A masked man stood in the distance, mockingly laughing at him. "Until then, I'll be the kind and perfect sensei that I am."

What a delusional freak, Ino frowned at him. If this was him being kind she didn't want to see what was 'harsh' in his context.

Sensei must've lost it, Sakura thought with a bit of fear in her mind. She did last a bit longer than usual, but goddamn her sensei made her weak when she went home.

You've always been perfect, Sensei-kun, Hinata thought with a small cute smile. Naruto Uzumaki was a very strange in private. At times he would be very hush-hush, but never socially inept. He'd talk when it was necessary, but never overstep. But at home, he was different. There was a peaceful aura around him that radiated a sort of warmth that was both protective and alluring.

Oh, and he looked great without a shirt. And pants. Hell, Hinata liked it when he didn't wear anything. Mama likey.

"Now then," Naruto stood up and armed himself with a few kunai and shuriken. The three genin paled at its appearance. Usually Naruto would torture them with high speeding pebbles which hurt like hell; sharp objects meant he was getting a bit serious. "We're going to play a little game of tag. Rules are simple: You run away from me, and I try to stab, sever, slash all your major nerves and arteries."

"What the hell?!" Ino grew terrified as she looked at the weapons, they gleamed.

"Sensei you can't be serious!" Sakura thought it would be best to appeal to his humanity. "You really wouldn't hurt us, right?!"

"I'll be aiming for your hair first," Naruto's words made both Ino and Sakura run faster than they ever had.

Feet shuffled and paced blurring with the green ground beneath them. It was no longer about their lives, but their hair! Oh so fine taken care of, well conditioned, silky, flawless flowing hair. Hinata however stood her ground.

"Sensei-kun," Hinata poked her fingers. She thought to use something else against him. "You like my hair. You really wouldn't cut it."

"I won't cut your hair," Naruto smiled devilishly; Hinata blushed at the intense stare he gave her. "I'll be cutting off your clothes." She ran too.

He waited for another ten seconds, giving them enough chance to run and hide. Then a puff of smoke appeared beside him. Naruto groaned at the sound. A small messenger toad stood with a scroll in its hands.

"What do you want?"

"Master Jiraiya told me to send this to you," the toad, with pride in its flabby hands gave the jōnin a scroll and just as quickly disappeared. They were getting moodier day by day.

Maybe one day he'd see aristocratic toads sipping fine wine and smelling roses. Now that would be an image.

Opening the parchment, Naruto's eyes grew a bit wide at the text.

"Another one, huh?"

Ino wanted to die. No wait, she wanted to sleep. Or maybe food. Log, she wanted it all.

Her feet and fingers had a significant number of cuts. Her hair was disheveled and mixed with grimy . . . something. She didn't want to assumed what it was.

Her clothes were stained as well. Today was tiring, hot and sweaty. Though it did get interesting.

Naruto sensei literally dropped on her, making her spread on the ground. He twisted her arm and brought it slowly back to her back before yanking her head up by pulling on her long ponytail.

At first she felt pain, then his hot breath hit her ears. Ino had never really been that close to a boy, any boy for that matter. Her sensei was around her age, from the same class who graduated early.

She felt something else too.

Powerful compact muscles, his hands were coarse and rough—years of handling sharp objects left their marks. Then of course he held her by the chin, her back against his chest and his sweet cruel whispers made the fearful situation exciting.

It was just a thing, she told herself. Ino entered the shower and took a cold one. She needed it, she needed a lot of things. Food and sleep were two of them.

Stepping out of the bathroom, her golden hair flowed freely and droplets of water still clung to her frame. Ino Yamanaka stood only in a towel that hid her modesty from the world. She dropped it and walked around her room, naked as the day as she was born.

She stood in front of the mirror assessing the damage; her fingers and lower legs had scratch marks on them, the cuts long since dried and clotted up. There was a red mark near her throat and right edge of her hip, courtesy of their sensei.

It felt so weird, having rough marks like that on her body given by another man.

While still a virgin, Ino had naughty dreams one times too many. First it was Sasuke, then sometimes Sai when she thought he was cute; one day there was one involving the three of them, and once that involved only the two boys.

Despite all that, a girl had her needs—a kunoichi double. Chakra usage and depletion often affected people in different ways. Some did mental exercises to calm them, some ate voracious amounts to restore them. In her case, Ino Yamanaka had been feeling horny.

Very. Very. Horny. It wasn't the first time either, she remembered having this feeling before her permanent diet plan kicked in full gear.

And the rough-ish way Naruto-sensei had touched her. For a moment she'd thought that he was going to slid his hands inappropriately here and there, crop a feel, say something sultry, take advantage and make her feel helpless.

Then make her feel good, then better and, Oh my!

"Ino," her mother's voice came through the door along with a few knocks. "Are you done with the shower?" Hurriedly she put on the first clothes she found. An orange top and black pants. Not her favorite combination but it would do just fine.

"Yeah," Ino got out of the room, a bit red-faced at the prospect of how she had dirty thoughts about her sensei. If she was to be honest, had Naruto stayed in the Academy she would've gone for him.

Sasuke had a regal look in his features, Sai had this mysterious cuteness about him… Naruto was… Naruto was ruggedly handsome, amusingly sarcastic, sexily cold in small moments, and the eye-patch added a whole wounded warrior aura about him.

Never knew I'd put THIS much thought into him. She was getting used to him. He wasn't that bad once someone got past the insults, the torturous training, the quips and… maybe he wasn't that nice after all.

Having a bit more lunch than usual, Ino put her arms on the table, resting her head on them.

"Tired, sweety?" Her mother asked in a gentle manner. When was the last time her mother spoke like this to her?

"Yeah, mom," Ino replied, too tired to respond in her usual way. "I thought things were supposed to be a breeze after we graduate. Usually it isn't until the Chūnin Exams that things start to get so…"


"That's the word," Ino said half-heartedly. She cracked a shoulder and groaned. "I wish sensei wouldn't be so damn hard on us."

"Wishful thinking," her mother giggled a bit. "If it was any other sensei that might've been the case. But I am glad Naruto Uzumaki is your sensei. He'll whip you up in good shape."

Ino blinked once, twice and thrice. "You know mom, you almost make it sound like you know him."

"I do know him, but that's a story for another day," Kasumi Yamanaka only fed a little morsel to bait her daughter.

"Alright, when and how?"

It worked. Kasumi cleared her throat a bit, she needed to lure her in a bit more. "Oh it's a bit… confidential."

"You know I'm not going to stop."

Kasumi pretended to sigh wistfully. Oh, her daughter had yet to learn all her ways. One day it would happen though. "Fine, but this stays between us. Not even your father can know."

"Pinky," Ino got up, excited for the first time today. "Now, tell me. Tell me."

"Do you remember the incident two years ago when your father broke his leg?"

Ino flinched a bit.

It was a painful memory, watching her father return from a mission all bloodied up, leg broken and his teammates were in similar conditions. All of them had been ambushed by another unit. She wasn't told anything, but assumed it was a double-cross.

"Yeah, Daddy-"

"Survived by the skin of his teeth along with Chōza and Shikaku," Kasumi recounted. "They were surrounded by five squads of shinobi, along with two extra regiments that came in. I really thought I'd lose your father that day. But I didn't. Do you know why?"

"Because," Ino assumed, she'd never really asked why. It was one event she didn't want to remember. "Shikaku-san came up with a brilliant plan in the end?"

"He did, but it required a sacrifice," Kasumi's words made Ino suck her breath. "It would've been that way too, had Hokage-sama not sent backup."

"A squad?"

"One man."

"No way!" Ino was fully upright now. What her mother was saying was preposterous! "There's no way a single guy can take out entire squads."

"Ino, people like them exist. Your father isn't one of them, strong as he is," Kasumi paused a bit. She looked at the window. "Do you know why I'm always worried for you?"

"You're my mother."

"Yes, exactly," Kasumi took her daughter's hands into her own. "You're my daughter, my only child and I will always love you. The reason why I worry and always bother you about not training enough is because I know what's out there, beyond the village. Horrible people are waiting to do horrible things to you, Ino-chan. Men who rape, there's nothing more disgusting then them. But there's something scarier out there. Monsters. Monsters in human flesh, people who kill easily with the swipe of their arms, the flick of their blades, they don't even waste a second and have no idea what the word 'mercy' means. These people can destroy squads and squads of shinobi with ease."

"And you're saying that," Ino felt weary with those words, "that a monster saved Daddy and the others?"

"A monster? Him?" Kasumi shook her head. "Regarding his strength, yes. A man with a lot of unresolved issues and other past incidents, yes. But a monster because he was outright cruel? Because he shows no mercy? No, not really. No shinobi is a clean human being. We all kill one day. Some more than others."

"Who saved Daddy?" Ino wanted to know. She had a guess, but she just wanted to be sure.

"Your sensei."

Sakura stretched her arms and legs in the hot spring. Warm Whirlpool had opened up about a year ago and was perhaps one of the hottest spots in Konoha in terms of tourism.

She'd seen so many people come and go in this place. The best thing about this place was the zero-perversion policy they had. There was no way a could ever peep in on the women and vice-versa.

A few women, surprisingly, had been disappointed it by it overall the place was always blooming.

Sakura with her long flowing pink hair sat comfortably as various fragrances blessed the air around her.

She heard the chit-chat of the women going on, a few visitors were there too. Then a rowdy voice came in.

"God I love this place!"

Sakura sighed knowing full well who it was.

Short brown hair, wild and unapologetic. Two red marks on her cheeks and olive-skinned with… much to her disappointment D-sized breasts. LOW D-sized breasts, she reminded herself. This was one of the things Sakura couldn't understand. Hinata had very big breasts for someone their age, very big. Ino too had moderately sized ones.

Sakura didn't; a meager B-cup was what she wore. And this… tomboy, loudmouthed, brash and sweating all the time Kibara, or Kiba as she wanted to be called, had large ones.

It was so fucking unfair.

"Oh look who it is, the book worm!" Kiba shouted and took a spot beside her. "So, Princess Bubblegum how're things going?" Oh Sakura, never got that along with Kiba.

She was everything the opposite of what Sakura was.

Sakura was the graceful symphony, the flowers of spring, the sunshine of everyone; Kiba was a raging mosh-pit, a flower with more thorns than petals and a life that woke after dusk.

"Hello, Kiba," Sakura mumbled. Oh, and did she mention Kiba was on a team with Sasuke-kun? Also, Sai was there. The two most good looking guys in their batch on her team, but more importantly Sasuke-kun was there aka her future boyfriend aka husbando aka the love of her life aka the hottiest hottie to ever hot aka the shogun of-

"Oi," Kiba snapped her fingers, the sharp nails SHING-ed a bit. "You're getting lost again. How do you lose so much track when those hearts appear in your eyes?"

"What hearts?" Sakura asked. She had no idea what the tomboy was talking about. She was only thinking about Sasuke-kun, the greatest, most bestest-

"Nevermind," Kiba interfered her thoughts again, then grinned. "So, you're on Ino's team. How's that going?"

"Better than you think," Sakura replied honestly. Then a smile formed on her face. "What about you? You're on Sasuke-kun's team, I bet you're having a great experience."

"Ugh," Kiba rolled her eyes. Oh right, Kiba was perhaps the only girl in their batch who didn't like Sasuke Uchiha. That was insane in Sakura's mind!

Which girl didn't love Sasuke-kun?

"Look, Kiba I know you don't like him-"

"Alright, alright!" Kiba said loudly. "He's not that bad. Sai is… bearable. Only cause Kakashi sensei keeps them in line. I swear, I should've been on a team with Shino and Hinata. They're so much more easier to get along than those two."

"I'm sure Sasuke-kun gets the job done with ease."

"That's the problem," Kiba shook her a bit. Always excited this one. "He's always doing things by himself. Never asks for help and tries to solo everything. Sai doesn't help either, always calling Sasuke 'Dickless.'"

"I'LL FUCKING MAKE HIM DICKLESS!" Sakura shouted and every woman in the bath looked at her.

She blushed from embarrassment and hid half her face in the water. Good lord, she needed to temper her mind. Perhaps sensei wasn't that far off from today's assessment when he told her to always keep her senses up and about.

"Hahahaha!" Kiba laughed and patted her head. "Good to see you're still yourself. And the hair is silky as ever."

"I did offer you some tips."

"Fuck that, I like my hair wild," Kiba proudly laughed. "Besides, how're things going?"

"Not bad," Sakura said, glad people weren't looking at her anymore. "Hinata's a sweetheart and always easy to get along with. Ino is…"

"Ino," Kiba added with a toothy grin.

"Yeah," Sakura sighed, then sighed again. "And don't get me started on our sensei. I'm sure your sensei is better than ours."

"Fuck the hell no!" Kiba exclaimed. "He comes late every day. Three hours. Every fucking day. Makes us get up at five in the morning and keeps us waiting for three hours. Then there are the missions. They're not even missions! How am I supposed to become an uber cool ninja if I don't get to fight people!"

Sakura felt a twinge of sympathy for Kiba, more so for Sasuke-kun because he had to deal with this shit every day. "Well at least your sensei doesn't try to hurt you. Naruto-sensei can be real-"

"Wait… Naruto?" Kiba held her chin in thought. "That name sounds really familiar. I've definitely heard it before."

"He's a jōnin and get this… he's from our class."

"BULLSHIT!" Kiba's eyes went wide. Then they went wider. "Oh shit. Naruto? That Naruto?"

"What do you mean, Kiba?" Sakura asked, honestly surprised at her words.

"Does your sensei have blond hair?"


"Weird whisker marks on his face?"

They're kind of cute to be honest, Sakura kept to herself. "Yeah. You know him?"

"Dudette," Kiba slapped her head. "It's him. Remember the blond kid everyone always stayed away from? The loudmouth with the orange-"

"Orange vest?" Kiba nodded at Sakura's words. For some reason she did remember someone wearing orange to the academy every day. It was a long time ago, long before her argument with Ino, before she met Sasuke-kun. "Holy shit."

"I know right," Kiba laughed. "I can't believe it, someone from our batch is a jōnin. Must make him some kind of super genius."

"He's not better than Sasuke-kun," Sakura pointed out. There were geniuses and then there was Sasuke Uchiha. She wasn't entirely wrong.

"My God, you two are loud," both girls followed the voice and found the source. Sakura almost looked away in jealousy.

The woman who said it wore nothing and looked absolutely gorgeous with her purple hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. Her breasts were large and perky, hips wide, and legs that were flawlessly full.

"Who are you?" Kiba, being the brash girl she was asked first.

"Anko Mitarashi," upon hearing those words, Kiba paled. Sakura had never seen her wilt up like that. The woman strode towards Sakura, her chest jiggled with every movement. "So you're Naruto's genin? He told me they were kiddies, but by the Log you're pathetic."

"And who the hell are you?" Sakura asked, a bit angry at this total… bimbo.

"Oh you know," the woman named Anko licked her lips, "his girlfriend."

"Anko," another woman's voice rose. Again Sakura was questioning just what women other than her ate to get killer bodies like those! It wasn't fair. This woman may not have had the same degree of curviness Anko had, but hot damn she must turn every head in every room she ever entered. This one had flawless fair skin, luscious black hair and ruby red eyes. "You really should try to be a bit more restrained."

"Oh look the closet slut," Anko smirked. "Back for more, eh?"

"Kiba, what's going on?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know," the tomboy said, "But I'm betting on the pretty lady."

"You know her? The red eyed one?"

"Hell no," Kiba clarified, "I was talking about Anko." Sakura could only sigh.

Why did she not end up on Team Seven?

Why was Ino with her?

Why were these two women arguing over her sensei?

She understood a bit why, Naruto Uzumaki was handsome in a classic sort of way, but still she needed a break.

Was it possible for a person to be extremely happy and insanely tired at the same time?

It was an unusual dilemma, ultimately one Hinata Hyuga found herself in.

Hinata was tired, too tired. After training, Naruto had taken her to the Hyuga Compound. He was busy researching the Hyuga library; Uzumaki patented seals were considered rare and dangerous when left unchecked, that and the blond didn't want that particular jutsu to just lie out here in the open—he also didn't want other similar stuff lying around with his knowledge.

Physical tirades aside, Hinata had a very hard time looking at her father when conversing one on one. The conversation had begun as usual; how training was going, how much stronger she was, how her mentality had been reinforced. The usual stuff.

Then the time came when he handed her a scroll and the contents of the scroll had shocked her to say the least. It was a gift, the thing inside the scroll—for her and her alone. Naruto-kun had apparently told her father what happened between them, and how he had to improvise.

Of course her sensei had to rearrange the truth, but whatever tale he had spun, it worked.

Her father was disappointed at the loss of her maidenhood, but ultimately supported what she wanted. Now engaged at a young age to the boy she always had a crush on, Hinata Hyuga felt like she was over the moon. Then her father challenged her to a duel, to see if she had improved. She'd almost gotten out of that talk, then her Sensei-kun walked in, spouted his mouth, called her father – her fiance's words, not hers – 'an overrated douchebag whose ass is grass against Hinata.'

Her father was a strict man, an uptight, but above all a prideful man. Prideful as in he really did not know how handle insults well and for 20 straight minutes chased his own daughter to get her to spar.

"You did well," Naruto said as they both walked to the Uzumaki compound.

The hollow twisted trees that arched over like darkened spider webs. Branches spread out far and wide, each of them harboring birds, squirrels and other myriad creatures harmoniously living about. She'd noticed it before too.

The air around this part was.. different. Cleaner, fresher, healthier.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun," Hinata smiled at him. She'd learned a great deal over the last two weeks. Naruto Uzumaki… was so much more than he wanted to let on.

One afternoon when he'd gone out, she chose to roam the house—figure out how everything works. In his room she found scriptures upon scriptures muddled with ink and seals. Messy as it was, there was one section of the table that was clear.

A single picture frame, 14x14, and clean as the day it was bought. In it was a stunning crimson haired woman, her belly blessed with life as she stood by a man with blond hair and blue eyes.

At first she thought she'd been seeing things. Later on, things made more sense than ever.

The Fourth Hokage looked a lot like Naruto Uzumaki, and that woman's facial features matched exactly with her sensei's. Naruto Uzumaki, or Namikaze as he chose not to call himself, was the son of the Fourth Hokage, head of the Uzumaki Clan, and heir to the Senju Clan should Tsunade not have a child. It was too much to take in, so she asked him about it. Naruto didn't like to talk too much about his parents; they died during the Kyūbi's attack.

He'd never experienced what it was like to have parents. Being a shinobi was all he'd ever been for the last nine years.

"By the way," Naruto looked around before suddenly placing his arm around her shoulder and caressing her cheek. Hinata felt mushy when he did that. She pressed closer and the two walked together. "I don't think we finished what we started in the bath."

"N-Naruto-kun," Hinata blushed in a bit of fear. "Don't you think that's a bit too much?"

"Nonsense," Naruto's hand slid down to her hip and tucked up the shirt, grasping her soft hip. Hinata bit back a moan. "Besides, you're stronger than you think."

Hinata nodded as she felt his coarse palm rubbing and adoring her hip, then in a whirl of winds they were in the compound again. However, something felt off. There was something strange about the usually serene place. For one, it was quiet.

Too quiet.

"Naruto-kun," Hinata started. She felt like she was in danger, all her senses were screaming at her. She pretty much knew all of this open space, yet she couldn't find anything wrong. Concentrating chakra to her eyes, she activated her bloodline. "Byakugan," she whispered and the entire world became clearer, sharper and greyer.

Landscapes, trees, houses, all of them stark and clear. No traces of color save the black and white. In between the lines, she saw something else. A small spark akin to a flame shone with a tint of green. Chakra. It moved towards them, slowly, steadily, the chakra looked as if it was struggling. There were erratic irregularities.

"There's someone heading towards us."

"I know," Naruto sighed. He looked a bit vexed. "Hinata, do you remember what I told you? About the CRA?"

It was one of the most painful things she'd ever heard. Sharing Naruto-kun? HER Naruto-kun? With other women? It was… shearing her heart to say the least. For almost three days she didn't have sex with Naruto after hearing that bit. It was tradition of course; she'd heard of it before, and nearly all clans in Konoha were paternal.

One man taking more than one wife, dwindled out line or not, wasn't uncommon. The daimyo's ones were disgusting on the other hand, they kept consorts and concubines. The land of lightning had this the most.

"Yes," Hinata said. She'd seen who it was. Still she couldn't hide her anger, and damn right she would be serving it out. "Tsume Inuzuka? How many women did you fuck, Naruto-kun?"

"Oooh, feisty," Naruto laughed. "Then again, I shouldn't expect less from you."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Tsume's in heat."

"What?" Hinata grew confused.

"Inuzuka are more animalistic than you think," Naruto explained. "This happened before too. She's a bit tamer right now, last time she'd cut me pretty badly. I'm guessing the heat is still in the first stage." Making a few solid copies, Shadow Clones they were called, Naruto instructed them to take Tsume who had now come before them.

The woman was wildly beautiful in her eyes. Spiky brown hair was fluttering about, her full body (more mature than Hinata's at the moment) and the heavy labored hot breathing that came from her. There was a lost look of unbridled lust in her eyes.

"Na-Naruto," Tsume barely whispered before the three clones grabbed her and Body Flickered out of there. Hinata looked at Naruto for answers.

"They're going to… take care of her. May take a few hours," Naruto said, now holding hands with her as they walked inside.

"What are they going to do?"

"Give her what they want."

Hinata remained quiet for a few moments. Her heart was pounding like crazy, she wanted something. Swallowing her fear she made her query. "I want to watch."

Naruto blinked. Once. Twice. "WHAT?"

Sex was at its basest form animalistic.

A deep hunger for lust ran in everyone. Passionate and furious, it would drive people to great limits. None more so than those with chakra. Tsunade Senju had long ago published a paper that stated how chromosomes and chakra were intertwined, the result being hormones were affected by chakra usage. In simple words, regular sex wasn't uncommon among shinobi and kunoichi.

Once the bodies had reached a level of where they had reached a certain sexual peak of pleasure, regular rounds of fucking, sucking and all the good stuff became almost mandatory.

Going on without it for too long resulted in clouded decisions, overwhelming lustrous drive.

For the Inuzuka, it was different; wild as their attitude, once a female Inuzuka entered heat she would experience bouts of lust that would make her fuck whoever stood the closest. Tsume was stronger than that, she only truly lusted after one person and right now, she was being given a treat.

*Lemon starts*

Three Shadow Clones, solid and strong and sexually charged, took her in the basement. Each of them were invigorated with potent amounts of chakra, it was enough to make them take a few hits and last for hours.

It wasn't the first time Tsume had been ravaged like this; a heat of this proportion required extreme measures. She didn't mind at all. The ground on which she stood had seals drawn around it, meant to keep her animal instincts in line.

She had a leash on her, along with leather shackles on her wrists and ankles. To some it would seem the height of bound perversion. For Tsume this was her cure.

It was hot and hard, and the clone groaned with pleasure as she inadvertently wriggled her ass against his bare hardened crotch, the erection resting firmly between her buttocks.

His hands caressed and squeezed her full, juicy ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly as nails dug in the skin.

The clone in front of her knelt down, his rough hands touching her thighs, a bit of electricity danced on his fingers as he slowly, but surely massaged them, opening her legs further and further, fingers traced across the thighs slowly, painfully going upwards towards her dampened slit. Unwilling to be left without action, the third clone came forward to her side and kissed her. She answered back.


Sucking on his lower lip and licking into his mouth as she leaned towards him, her ass and thighs still being tended to. He responded by taking her face in his hands and caressing her tongue with his own, scraping his teeth across her lip, making her shiver with joy.

The one behind grabbed her breasts. No, he squeezed them. Harder and harder. She mewled with pleasure, the clone licked her ear, thumbs circled the nipples.

"Oh~" she chanted in a haze of pleasure; calloused fingers coaxed her nipples to stiffen. They weren't gentle either, roughly the digits pulled, squeezed and pinched her nipples. The clone between her legs finally made it to her snatch, burying his tongue inside her womanhood, licking and biting with tenacity. Jolts went up and down her entire body.

Tsume's body twitched, moaning into the kiss, holding back shrieks of pleasure.

On instinct her hands reached out, grabbing the throbbing erect cocks of the clones behind and beside her.

Lust grew deeper in their eyes with each stroke, Tsume ran her hands up and down their entire lengths.

They twitched in excitement, For me, she told herself. It made her feel so… good. Then the clone below decided to put his fingers inside as his tongue was already working its magic.

Her nether lips spread further as tongue and finger slid in and out in a rhythmic fashion, pleasing and teasing her.

The clone behind her bit her neck leaving a red mark.

The one kissing her gave her room to breathe, before immediately attacking her breast, taking the left nipple into his mouth, lathering it with his mouth, biting and tugging the areola.

"Oh fuck!" The sharp pleasure was too much when the clone bit her clit too hard. She spasmed and climaxed, wet juices spilling out of her slit over the clone's face as she wordlessly wailed. She didn't know what she was saying.

It was too good.

They were too good. Naruto was too good. Everything was looking hazy for a moment, her body was useless, ripe for the taking by anyone. She felt herself being forced down on her knees, the collar yanked her to do so. She breathed hard as she saw the three throbbing cocks in front of her face.

"Mmm~" she moaned to herself as she looked at them. Stroking two of them, she licked the bulb of the one right in front of her. The Inuzuka's tongue swirled and circled around it, coating it with her saliva and spit. One of the clones slapped her cheek with his cock, she took it into her mouth.

The other one did so a few moments later and she repeated her actions.

Bracing herself she breathed in before swallowing his cock. Thick, throbbing, hot it invaded her mouth and throat, rigorously stretching her throat from the inside. Then, the clone grabbed her hair tightly before shoving his entire cock down her throat.

Tsume's eyes widened, tearing up, she choked and gagged as the clone throat fucked her. Her hands moved on their own stroking the other two. Up and down the mighty member moved in her throat, constraining her air, but it was so good! She wanted to breathe, but this made her feel so alive!

Slowly it grew darker, all she could think was Suck, suck, suck. After three full minutes of making her nearly faint, the clone released her as the organ came out of her mouth with a 'pop' sound, now coated with her saliva on every inch.

Tsume felt herself being held up by the clones; she would've passed out and her heavy breathes and coughs proved that.

Drool was uncontrollably falling out of her mouth, juices kept oozing out of her womanhood, and the hole in her ass was slowly gaping, gasping, eager to be taken. Alas, she was not shown mercy as the next clone repeated the actions, feeding her his entire cock, mercilessly he thrust in and out. Tsume had seen darkness again and again and again as each of the clones repeated their actions until they dropped her on the floor.

She tried to get up, but she slipped on the wet ground. A small puddle of her making, she'd been spasming and squirting for the last… she didn't know how long, but she didn't want it to end. Tsume wanted more and more and more, she wanted to be ravaged, pillaged, bred like the bitch in heat she was at the moment. The heat in her was so great, so much, so insatiable. Tsume Inuzuka realized she'd never truly felt this sort of raw passion and burning desire for anyone—ever. Naruto Uzumaki was…Naruto was… she was hers. She belonged to him. Her own alpha.

"Good grief, Tsume-san," one of the clones raised her by her hips. Her tongue was hanging out. "Oi, don't pass out on us yet. You do want this right?"

"Yesh," the words came out in a slur. "I want you inside me. In my mouth. In my ass. Oh~" Tsume felt the her left butt cheek stinging. A clone behind her slapped her ass with great force. Again and again and again. She kept moaning and shaking and gasping at each strike as the clone who held her kept massaging her breasts.

"You seem tired, let me help you out," the clone holding her said and she felt herself being lowered. The clone was lying down with her and his erect shaft was rubbing against her vulva. It was so sloppy now, and deep in her heart she knew it would be ruined by the time it ended. It was a whorish thing to say, but Tsume wanted her brains to be fucked out by Naruto and his clones. Without much warning she felt her labia being touched by a hot bulbous shaped meat. Her inner folds were being separated, the fleshy rod entered her, fully kissing her womb as she Tsume's eyes threatened to roll up. Like a cheap harlot she moaned, but her cries of pleasure intensified as she felt her butthole being opened and the all too familiar cock went inside her from behind. Both holes were wet, the cocks effortlessly thrust in and out, spearing into her easily. Tsume was making incoherent noises as her tongue which had been resting on her lower lip since God knew when felt something on it.

"Nnggggg!" was all she could get out as the last clone invaded her throat again. All her holes tightened around the members. They weren't slowing down. With each passing second it was getting harder and faster and Tsume wanted it no other way. She was cumming as they kept fucking her; one repeatedly was slapping her ass changing her olive skin to resemble a burning red; her perky large breasts were being squeezed and pulled; two strong hands tightened around her hair as her head kept banging against his crotch and balls hit her chin. He was in so deep, he knew her so well, inside and out. No man could ever make that claim. Then they got faster, their cocks pulsed faster, her body was out of control, she was shaking uncontrollably.

Finally, she screamed a silent scream of absolute pleasure as she felt the first taste of his spunk in her mouth. So thick and rich and creamy, it was filling up her mouth, going down her throat. Next she felt her womb being filled to the brim, breeding her. Her asshole was being filled with wave of semen. It was going straight to her stomach. Finally they stopped, unsheathing their fleshy swords from her insides as spunk oozed out of her mouth, her cunt and asshole. She fell on the semen coating the ground, now smearing her face and body. Her body kept spasming, twitching in maddening satisfaction, her tongue licking the liquid off the floor.

She was in heaven. Tsume felt gracious that they were picking her up.

"Oi, oi," the clone in front of her smirked. "We can't have you passing out now, can we?"

"Whaa?" was all she could say before she saw his fist opening. A bunch of black pills rested in his palm. Oh God. She gasped as she felt a digit entering her ass, wriggling around inside.

"We're not done by a long shot," the clone paused before biting her neck, "Tsume-chan."

Hinata had no words to describe it. Seeing Tsume Inuzuka being tied up, used, fucked and being treated as a brood mare had made her hot and bothered. Thankfully, her Sensei-kun had been able to pick up on it quickly. They'd starting fucking long before Tsume was being penetrated in every hole she had. Right now Hinata stood in a room beside the sex dungeon her fiancé had, she watched through the glass her hands were resting against. She'd been bent over, Naruto-kun was behind her and he'd been fucking her for such a deliciously long time.

Furiously he'd been pounding into her, she'd already came at least five times. Naruto had only given her the special baby-batter juice once, but it was enough to make her feel that her stomach was bloating up. She felt the air leaving her lungs, her heart threatening to explode until finally Naruto let out a groan and one final thrust as filled her up once more. Similar to Tsume, her tongue also lulled out. Naruto caught her letting her shiver, shake and spasm in utter bliss.

*Lemon ends*

He was always so… gentle with her. Hinata, embracing the closeted perverseness she had, asked if he was going to use Shadow Clones. His reply was, "Not yet." Hinata was leaning back against the Naruto Uzumaki's chiseled frame as she felt his hands fondle her breasts. She'd always been careful with them; wearing baggy clothes to conceal her mature breasts. Naruto however liked them bare as he kept rubbing and squeezing them.

"Mmm~, Naruto-kun," Hinata turned her head around and felt his lips on her own. His tongue swirling and embracing hers, he bit her lip and pulled it. "You're so fucking good."

"As your fiancé, I believe it's my duty to fuck you into oblivion," Naruto chuckled before pulling his semi-hardened cock out of her. Pulling her close he kissed her full on the mouth, squeezing her hips and eventually her ass. He was a lucky man… once the whole cursed with a demon in his stomach factor was ignored.



"Please," Hinata begged and made a cute face, rubbing her breasts and hardened nipples against his chest. Maybe he had corrupted her. "I love it when you-"

"We have a team meeting tomorrow, very early too," Naruto told her as she pouted. He shook his head hiding his smile. Hinata was so…different. She wasn't like Tsume who invoked a sense of animalistic passion; Anko made his lust grew and there was a connection there, but it wasn't the same; Kurenai was, well, she was a slut in his eyes for now, but he was sure she was a nice woman—only not when she was naked with him. Hinata was so…wholesome.

"Come on, let's go," and like that he carried her off like a newlywed bride. She leaned into his chest, listening to his calm and steady heartbeat. Come to think of it, she felt tired now. Perhaps it was adrenaline that had been keeping her up. Slowly, the Hyuga dazed off in a nap. "Cute," Naruto said and looked back at the mirror. His clones were doing a marvelous job at fucking Tsume. In fact, he could feel himself hardening.

Flashing to his room with the now asleep Hinata, he returned to see how Tsume had been served another round of fresh semen.

Tsume felt surprised when the sounds of clones popping came. But then she saw him. Naruto Uzumaki naked in all his glory. Blue eye now slowly turning crimson with a black slit. She shook in fear.

"I'll give you a few more clones later, but for now," Naruto grabbed her by the hair rubbing his cock against her cheek, "How about a little one-on-one session, Tsume-chan?" Tsume raising her hands and sticking out her tongue with a stupid smile on her face was all the answer he needed.

AN: Yeah, I did not plan to write this chapter out like this. It’s been over a month since I started writing this, so you could obviously see how the tone was shifting. Jesus, this went straight from smut to hentai. Not my best effort, but I guess this will have to do for now. Hope you enjoyed it, and as always point out flaws in the reviews. The next chapter, which will eventually be published some day, will see the Wave arc starting. I hope you guys enjoyed how I’m slowly building up Sakura and Ino. They’re people, albeit due to the porno nature of this will eventually become caricatures. It’s kinda inevitable given this story’s nature, that and I’m not that good with character development. Bye.

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