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Yes. Wank Chapter 10 of this story, the Wank Legend Returns

"Get off of him."

Sakura never in her life felt so on the edge until today. She saw pale death in the eyes of one Hinata Hyuga. The nerves around her eyes twitched, waiting to kill at the first move.

"I refuse."

"Stop it." Sakura sighed in relief when her sensei got the woman off of his frame, that calmed Hinata down, but the Byakugan was still very much active. Naruto Uzumaki gave a sigh of his own. He rubbed his forehead. "Now, where were we?"

"The part where this bimbo hogged you." Ino's words would've made her laugh any other day, but given how murderous her other teammate looked a few seconds back she'd laugh later. "Who even is she?"

"I'm his wife," the woman said and Sakura really noticed how, well, hot she was. She looked to be about their age, maybe a bit older. That would explain the curves.

"We've never seen you in this village before," Hinata started. The normally shy, sweet, adoring girl was gone. In her place stood this incarnation of furious anger. "Who the hell are you?"

"Beloved," the woman said, wrapping her arm around his, squishing against him again, "educate this…girl." Sakura felt the sting in that last word. Before she knew it a clone of sensei popped up, picked up the girl in his arms and dashed off leaving the grounds much faster than she'd seen her teacher move. Ever. How fast is he?

"That was awkward." Her sensei critiqued the affair. In all honesty it was spot on.

"You can fucking say that again," Ino seemed really apprehended at this. For some reason. Well she could understand. The woman popped up out of nowhere and was almost grinding against Naruto. Sakura also didn't forget how Kurenai and Anko had been arguing over him at the Hot Springs. Their sensei really went around town.

"Sensei," Hinata started, her eyes now normal, but narrowed. "Who is she?"

"That was Shizuka." Naruto sat down and reached into his pouch, looking for something. A bunch of papers. Three of them. "I met her during a mission. She hails from the Nadeshiko Village. You girls ever heard of that place?"

"I think I did." Sakura answered. She read it somewhere, but couldn't remember where exactly from. Either way she wanted to know more about this development. "Though I don't remember the details."

"Well, I'll fill you in on a little bit. The Nadeshiko Village is a shinobi village, much like ours, except they have one unique feature."

"That was where the bimbo was born?" Sakura expected many things, but slurs from Hinata Hyuga? She was probably picking it up from their sensei. Naruto Uzumaki gave her a sharp look. He didn't say anything. He didn't look in a menacing way. Nor did he let out a gesture of sorts, but it was just enough to make Hinata mellow down. Ino seemed more composed now too. It was so cool and scary at the same time. To think this guy used to be the loud one in our class, Sakura remembered bits and pieces about him. Back then she would've never believed someone like him could become this strong. Yet here he stood. A jōnin.

"The Nadeshiko Village, as I was saying before being rudely interrupted, is different from every other village." Naruto continued looking at the papers, "It's an all-kunoichi village."

"What?" All three of them said together.

"That's right. Unlike other societies, the Nadeshiko population is entirely comprised of women. You won't find a single man there."

"So, no men?" Of course Ino would ask that question.

"Not one."

"Then how do they-"

"Well," Naruto stood up, "since they're all women, they can't reproduce cause you know…genitals. Nadeshiko kunoichi set out when their leader tells them to go out on heiress quests. They go out, scout, find a suitable husband, one that is strong as her or more, beat that guy, or convince him to do the deed, get pregnant with his child and go back to the village for the birthing so the line can continue. I know how absurd it sounds, but it is what it is."

"You're making this up," Sakura had a hard time believing what he said.


"You're joking," Ino was on the same board as her.

"I don't do bad jokes. I am hilarious and people quote everything I say."

"Please tell us you're lying," Hinata's words seemed more softer, and the intention behind it even more confusing. Naruto shrugged.

"I'm not. It's the truth, can't change it. About the Nadeshiko village and my jokes."

"So she picked you," Hinata continued. "And she got…"

"No." The jōnin waved it off. "My case was special. Apparently a teacher of mine was confronted by their village's now leader, who happens to be Shizuka's grandmother and her sensei as well. My goofball, lecher of a teacher promised the Nadeshiko kunoichi that a student of his would…help her student in the future. I don't know much about other people, but if a girl shows up, challenges you to a fucking duel, demands you put a baby in her and then reveals that your idiotic, voyeuristic excuse of a teacher basically put you up as an offering, that's pretty fucked up."

"Then she never got pregnant?" Hinata seemed elated when her sensei nodded. Sakura assumed that Hinata had a crush on him and this all but confirmed it. Not that she blamed the Hyuga for such a decision. Her sensei was soft on the eyes and he did look good. Not as good as…

"Well, Shizuka failed in her mission courtesy of one ass kicking session from yours truly. And she said I passed the test with flying colors, unfortunately I didn't want the reward. And she tried, believe me she tried to make me give her a child, but you know me. I do what I want. So she went back empty handed and as a result, she was excommunicated." Sakura wasn't the only one shocked to hear that.

"They kicked her out?"


"Because she didn't get pregnant?"


"All because she didn't let a man dick her down?"

"Pretty much. Now let's talk about more important things."

"Why is she here then?" Hinata asked.

"I'm the reason she got kicked out," Naruto explained, brushing his hair back. "I'm not going to sit by while that happens. She didn't have a choice in the matter. Tradition screwed her over, and if there's anything I love its giving the middle finger to rules. So I brought her to the Village and after a bunch of meetings, a lot, lot of meetings she was made a kunoichi of Konoha."

"And her about being your fiancé is…"

"Yeah, that bit is true," Naruto raised his hand before another volley of questions rose. "If I didn't take her as a fiancé, well let's just say life would be a bit harsh for her. Either way, it's my life and my choices. I'll deal with it. That said, I do believe we've talked enough about our personal lives. Now, before you all interrupt me again, here." He handed each of them a paper and Sakura's eyes were glued on the heading.

Chūnin Exams Registration Form.

"Sensei," Sakura started, "This is..."

"Yeah, the obvious." He coughed into his hand, and his eye gleamed. "Look, I wouldn't given you these forms if I didn't think you're not ready to take these exams. However, if you still feel like you're not ready, you're free to not participate."

"Not that I don't want to," Ino started, not looking away from the form, "but my Dad told me in this exam, anything goes."

"He's right." Naruto cranked his neck. "Anything goes. No holds barred. No quarter given, no mercy shown. You can torture, cripple and kill to get to your goals. In many ways, the Chūnin Exams are kind of a trailer for the rest of your life."

"Sensei," Hinata looked reserved, much like her normal self, "isn't that a harsh way to see things?"

Naruto Uzumaki sighed, shrugging as he rubbed the eye patch. "Life is harsh. One day you're just a kid, then a few days pass you become someone who can you become someone who knows where to hit someone in the head to make them feel dizzy. Then a few days later you learn how to cauterize your own wounds. Fast forward you'll find yourself with a poisoned kunai in your hand and at the end of that sharp blade is gonna someone you never expected. A woman. A child. An old person who was once a killer or a cunning fuck who was responsible for the horrific events, but now a feeble old man filled with regrets and wants to repent. You as a ninja have an obligation to follow through."

Sometimes their sensei would say the most childish things, be the biggest ass she'd ever known, then he'd be show a level of empathy she didn't expect in him. Then there were times like this. Blunt and to the point. He clapped his hands.

"Oi oi oi, don't be so bummed out. The world's a terrible place, but it doesn't mean you have to be so gloom and doom."

"But," Sakura looked him dead in the eye, "if it really is that bad, then how do we move on?"

He smiled. "You find something. Something you really, really love and you keep that picture in your mind. And you tell yourself, no matter what shit the world throws at you, you're gonna throw it all back. Because at the end of the day, you gotta have something special for yourself. Your little slice of heaven. Keep that in mind, and build around it. Add more to it, and you'll find yourself something to look forward too when you get back in the village."

Sakura find herself smiling at the words. It wasn't overwhelmingly motivational, but those were the right words. "You can be very inspirational when you're not acting out, sensei."

He gave her a deadpan look. "I'll be upping the training levels, by the way. If you're gonna be diving into a tournament filled with death, torture, interrogation and sneaky-sneaky underhanded tactics, then I'm the best teacher you can have. Oh and it starts in about a minute. So breathe in."

"Sensei," Sakura bowed her head, "please not today. You already beat us today."

Ino followed. "My delicate body can only take so much."

"We need time to…cope with this information." Sakura was sure all of the information Hinata spoke of didn't exclusively include just the Chunnin exams and their training session fatigue.

"All of you make a fine case," Naruto motioned for them to raise their heads and for a moment Sakura felt so relieved. Until she saw him take a stance. "But I really don't give a fuck."

After what felt like 2 hours of trying (they really tried) to dodge sharp metal objects, sleek razor wire, and fists made of cast iron, Sakura Haruno found herself in the hospital again. The doctor from before, Chizuru Kagura, was attending to her wounds again. Several cuts (not too threatening), pain everywhere and a shadow clone who kept mentally rubbing it in.

"Kagura-san," the clone chirped, "I was more merciful on them this time. I think I was."

"I can tell," the doctor replied having finished her work and again, Sakura found herself fascinated at the healing jutsu she used. Chizuru Kagura gave her an inquisitive look. "Have you reconsidered my advice?" She didn't sugarcoat it and cut right to the chase.

"Yes," Sakura didn't mince her words either and the doctor went back to writing something. She was doing this for a number of reasons: to be better, to prove people wrong and throw back a punch in her sensei's face one of these days.

"See, Kagura-san," the clone spoke again, this one was way too cheerful compared to their sensei. It was like they had their own personalities. "I told you, beating the shit out of my genin will change their minds. I specifically hit her in the head too."

"You do realize that's not how it works?"

"Oi, oi, Kagura-san, I've made so many people change their minds hitting them in their heads. You remember, right?"

"Yes, Naruto, I remember. Way too clearly."

"Excuse me and I'm really sorry for asking," Sakura said absorbing the teeny bit from the interaction she saw, "but do you know sensei? I mean apart from the hospital visits."

"Yes," the good doctor answered. "One of our team members was injured and couldn't attend the Chunnin Exams, so we needed a third member. Naruto was recommended to us since he was without a team and needed to pass the exam for his paperwork."

"Paperwork? No team?" Sakura grew more confused. "Wait, you're older than him. You can't be his teammate."

The doctor didn't seem to like that. "Yeah, I'm older." She pointed at Naruto. "Apparently he's considered a prodigy."

"Oi, Kagura-san," the clone had a look of disgust on his face, "you know I don't like being associated with that word."

"Doesn't change the truth though." Kagura continued. "He was years younger than us, but he was the strongest member in our team, including our sensei. So in a way we got all the way through to the final rounds thanks to him. And he needed the Chunnin exam certification, so he won the tournament. Without a scratch on him."

"That's…so cool." Sakura admitted it out loud as the clone seemed to beam from that. A question rose. "Wait, so afterwards he left your team?"

"Yes, but he made the trip quite memorable." Dr. Kagura handed her the paper, filled with a nutrition plan. The woman then looked at Naruto, shaking her head. "Why did you have to anger the Raikage like that?"

"Wait what?"

"Meh, meh, he was giving me this mean look throughout the tournament." The clone spoke without care. "Like I did something wrong."

"You did do something wrong."

"What did he do?" Sakura was so curious as to what their sensei did to earn the ire of the Raikage. The man was renowned for being immensely strong and fast, as all Raikage were. Just what could a genin do to make a Kage angry?

"He slept with the Raikage's daughter."

"…what?!" Sakura's shout was loud and echoes reverberated through the room. "Sensei! Why?!"

"In my defense," the clone started, "I was young and stupid, and so was she. Plus I didn't know she was the Raikage's daughter."

"Like that would've stopped you," Dr. Kagura faced Sakura and pointed at the clone. "Never let your guard down around him. He's a filthy womanizer who'll never shy away from sleeping with a pretty girl once he puts his mind on it."

She didn't need to be told that. In fact it was one of the main reasons she hadn't moved in yet. Hinata had been the first to shift, long before the Wave mission. If anything the girl seemed more fit and gained more stamina than usual, though Sakura suspected that had something to do with her genes. Ino moving in was shocking to say the least. Did Piggy not care what Sasuke-kun would think? What society would say? Regardless, Sakura didn't see the need to move in, especially given how her sensei was something of a hot commodity to kunoichi. Sure she was curious, but not that curious.

"I know." Sakura pointed at him along with the good doctor. "Sensei is a lecher."

"Lecher?" The clone looked apprehensive. "Just because I was taught by a few of them doesn't mean I am one."

"They really rubbed off on you, whoever they are. Given the beast you are." Dr. Kagura was so brave in Sakura's eyes. She didn't have time for any of that bullshit her sensei put up, well his clone at least.

"Beast, huh?" The clone shrugged. "Eh, better a beast than a grunt. Besides, what's got you raging? Been having trouble with the missus?" The doctor smacked her sensei with the clipboard which didn't do much, but he rolled his eyes and opted to stay quiet. Sakura pondered on the words the clone said. Oh, she's on the other team. After a few more clash of words, they left and as it had been since the case ever since they returned from Wave, her sensei's clone would escort her to the house. Every day. Talking to her. Despite all the tongue in cheek sassiness, the constant jokes about her being ragged around like a doll and being told she's still continent miles away from landing a hit on him, Sakura appreciated it. As much as she hated to admit it, this distracted her from the thoughts of Sasuke-kun having his way with Inari's mother back in Wave. Part of her even thought that her sensei knew, and he'd endlessly rant on about random things to switch her mood from a downward spiral to a storm of fury.

"And then I told him, 'You cannot be serious'," the clone regaled a tale of before he was their sensei. "I mean no offense, he saw him turn one of his teammates into a shish kebab, you'd think he'd choose one of the two: avenge his friend or turn tail. Imagine my surprise when he pissed himself. Word to the wise: should you see a Iwa shinobi unit, call them miners. They get really riled up."

"Sensei, that's racist."

"Hey, I'm not talking about their skin color. They call us tree huggers, you know? Like how is that even an insult? Yes, I like trees, motherfuckers. Boohoo. I'm so triggered." Sakura couldn't help but laugh at the childishness this clone displayed. It intrigued her. Their sensei was such an enigma during their missions and training. Dry in humor, sarcasm dripped in every word and honest to a grotesque degree. His clones on the other hand displayed a range of emotions she didn't expect. It was like he bottled it all up and it came pouring out from the clones. It was during these moments she remembered a very loud, very vibrant kid from class who wore orange. He may not have stuck around for long, but he left an impression. One of mediocrity and hopelessness in terms of being a ninja. Yet here he stood. Head and shoulders above everyone in their batch.

"You're dozing off." She realized she stood in front of her house and the walk ended much sooner than she thought. The clone yawned and smacked his lips. "Well, see you tomorrow. Don't be late."

"Sensei," Sakura had this in the back of her mind for some time, but she decided to speak on it today. "I want to ask you something."


"Why did you ask us to move in with you?"

"Well," the clone scratched his cheek. "I didn't like any of you."


"I read your files. All your data. Went through hours of tapes of your batch's performance at the Academy."

"Our batch, you mean. You were in it."

"I was never welcome in it, but moving on." Sakura frowned at his words. What does he mean by that? "And honestly you, Ino and Hinata were by far the least impressive bunch in your entire batch."

"Bullshit!" Sakura felt a nerve throb in her head. "I graduated with-"

"Top marks, but that doesn't mean a damn thing in the field. You're booksmart and occasionally savvy, but prior to me drilling all of you through my routines, could you honestly say you would've done anything significant in the Wave mission?" Sakura didn't answer, she only clenched her fist. "There was a fundamental problem with the three of you and it doesn't stem from any one of you. Well not directly at least. Peacetime accords have made the curriculum softer. A bit too soft in my opinion, though I guess we can credit the Bloody Mist for that effect. The Academy screwed you over, meanwhile I did their job for them in a shorter amount of time."

Okay, Sakura didn't expect him to be so thoroughly articulate. He raised his eyebrow.


"Nothing. Just…didn't expect that kind of an answer."

"I'm a jōnin, Sakura Haruno." The clone must've been bipolar. He had to be. He sounded more authoritarian than she'd ever heard her sensei. "I think sometimes you forget that. But moving on, the reason I wanted you and your teammates to move in was simple: change up your normal life. You'd be going through daily life as you do, but with new rules set in. Not to mention additional rounds of training outside of mission time."

"By 'rules' do you mean I have to do everything you say?"

"Well, not everything." The clone shook his head. "But you'd have to follow some rules to a tee."

"I see," Sakura sighed. "I just don't know if I want to move in right now. It's weird and to be honest, your reputation goes against you, sensei."

"What reputation would that be?"

"Kurenai." The clone narrowed his eyes. "Anko." The clone rubbed his eyes. "I saw them arguing at the Warm Whirlpool. You…you're so… You have a fiancé too. You're such a…"

"It is what it is," the clone shrugged. "I'm no role model and maybe one day you'll get it."

"I don't think I want to."

"Eh, you will. I'll make sure you get it."

"So, Hinata and Ino," Sakura's mind lingered over the two girls who lived with him, at his compound apparently, "are they going through with the training?"


"Why not?"

The clone squinted at her. "Are you living at the compound right now?"

"No, duh."



"Do you honestly think I'll give them additional training by leaving you out?" The clone said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "You're my genin. Mine. If I teach one of you, I'll teach all of you. I'm not pulling any bullshit favorite cards because one of them joined before the other. When you all join, I start the real training. Not a minute before. Besides, that would mean I'd have to change the pace individually for each of you. I ain't doing that. I got enough workload in my life."

Somewhere in her mind, Sakura always had this notion of inferiority. A civilian in the midst of the class filled with clan members. She expected her sensei, who was from a clan that died out, to extend a favoring hand to other clan members. Her sensei didn't like nepotism and Sakura's felt…so glad by this.

"You're smiling." The clone said and Sakura stopped immediately, her cheeks a bit pink. She heard him giggle. "Anyways, I gotta go now. Lots to do."

"Wait," Sakura stopped him one more time. "If Ino and Hinata aren't doing any special training right now, what do they do at the compound?"

The clone smiled and shrugged again. "Whatever they want to do." With a pop and poof of smoke the clone disappeared, and Sakura realized she really was nowhere close to understanding the bizarre enigma Naruto Uzumaki really was. Sakura entered her home and immediately went to shower. Tidying up, she slapped her face and opened the book once more. It might've been boring, but she was sure it was more interesting than whatever Ino or Hinata did at the compound given they weren't being given new lessons.

"Oooaaahh! Yeesss! Sensei-kun!"

Hinata shrieked out in ecstasy as her walls spread open to accommodate her lover's girth. She felt him push up against her cervix making her body quiver. She wanted to wrap her legs tightly around his body as he pushed himself onto her like an animal ready to mate. Naruto reached down to hook both of his arms around her neck and pull himself downward to lock his lips with her own. Hinata accepted it immediately and locked her lips tightly with his resulting in a wet frenzied make-out session right has he began pounding his hips.


She cooed inside of his throat, their tongues meshed wetly in languid passion while Naruto started humping and bouncing himself into her with loud hard smacks of flesh. Her pussy squelched and suckled in his member tightly with every thrust, she loved the sudden roughness he was giving her. His movements were more intense, his pace more savage, his lust….unbidden. His body heaved and pushed into her tumbling form over and over again with loud noisy thrusts of skin and wetness. Her toes kept curling as she hugged his neck tightly in, growling in ecstasy, her large breasts squashed against his chest as he slammed his bottom into her from above, she loved the feeling of her tits pressing into his skin.

"Aaaah aaah aaha aaah aaaahn!~ S-Sensei-kun! Aaaahhh!~"

Hinata screamed out, her face red and flustered as she rocked back and forth into his thundering pelvis. He grunted and humped her voluptuous body like an animal possessed keeping to this Mating Press arrangement for minutes onward. The confines of her pussy begin squeezing his length as she felt her sweet spots getting ticked off pleasurably, she was beginning to feel her climax arrive as the thundering sensations of his member stirred her insides. Hinata humped and pressed her naked bottom voraciously into his pelvis, each thundering thrust into her cunt sent her mind reeling until she felt their positions change with Naruto pulling her up into his lap and sitting down.

"Mmnnggghhh! Oohhh Sensei-kun!~"

She hollered out feeling his cock push straight through her cervix and into her womb itself. The depths of her pussy started squeezing tightly on his meat, coaxing her into groaning loudly in pleasure as she started bouncing on him. Her ass was slapping his thighs repeatedly as she writhed and rocked herself onto his hips, she cooed when she felt his hands reach around to grab her soft buttocks tightly. The feeling of his fingers kneading into her butt cheeks made her coo in sensation, her eyes opened up more widely to see her lover lean forward sucking her face into his lips once again for another passionate kiss. Hinata closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his shoulders pulling him closely again as their mouths connected in a passionate open-mouthed embrace.

'He's so fierce, so rough! I love it!' Hinata thought relishing in the aggressiveness Naruto was showing her, he suddenly squeezed his fingers around her buttocks making her mewl inside of his mouth. She tossed back her head to let out a mewling whimper of ecstasy. Her walls started clamping down tighter on his meat making Naruto thrust faster than he was before as he dug his hips in swaying thrusts into her pussy causing her to bounce up even higher on his waist.

"Haaaahh~ Aaaahhn! I'm close, Sensei-kun! I'm….I'm...cumming!" She announced, her long, dark, midnight blue hair flowed out beautifully. Her body shivered in climactic bliss with her walls squeezing down voraciously on his member and lubricating it with her fluids! Hinata continued screaming out in blissful agony as she came hard on her sensei's dick.

Adrenaline began to leave her body, but she clutched onto him, refusing to let go. Not with that whore around here. He grunted, stopping his thrusts and Hinata looked at him with tears of joy in her eyes, pleading him to go on.

"Why'd you stop? Please~ Don't stop, Sensei-kun~" Hinata breathed out in a husky sexy voice and received a hellish smirk from Naruto as he picked her up from his lap and bent her over the bed ready to go again. She shrieked out in delightful ecstasy as she was prostrated over the mattress, her quim continued to ooze out her nectar, her wide supple ass was fondled fiercely by Naruto's hands and he slapped them, making her coo and wiggle it more. She felt his hardened member line up with her drooling quim once more, jolts of excitement rushed out at as he gripped her hips, leaving his mark.

With a rough push, she felt his entire length inside her again and Hinata screeched.

"Aaaaaagghhh!~ Oooohhhh yeesss!~"

Her lavender eyes rolled up into her sockets and fingers raked the sheets. He was not gentle in pushing up to her cervix in one thrust, and she was loving how he was possessively fucking her like an animal. His pelvis started slamming hard into her backside making her pussy squelch and spread open for his thick thrusts, her butt cheeks jiggled loudly and constantly as he slammed away. Hinata groaned out stupidly in bliss wearing a delirious smile on her face as she felt her lover pound her insides without care, she sputtered incoherently.

Her cunt grew tighter and wetter with each moment and she was savoring every second of it, he thrust faster than before, her wet pussy clamping down on his meaty pole, the soft skin of her ass was meshing into his waist as Hinata felt like she was but in a dream.

Naruto leaned over, her backside spooning against him as his hands slid underneath to grab her breasts. Hinata let out a whimpering cry of elation once she felt his fingers dig deeply into her large breasts she felt him dig deeply into the dough of those tits sending both small jolts of pain and great jolts of pleasure through her body, all the while his pace manically increased and she was on the cusp of another climax. She came with glee as she felt him push hard against her ass one more time, pushing deep inside her and her vaginal muscles wrap tightly around his length while she came in waves.

Her walls sucked and squeezed him for more pumping his member over and over again as her womb became stuffed with sperm, thick viscous waves shooting into her womb, filling her up. Her legs went numb and her toes curled along the ground as she panted heavily in post-coital bliss. He pulled out of her slowly, she shivered feeling the entire length leave her and his spunk oozed out of her, staining the sheets. She felt weaker, after all the adrenaline finally rushed out and she thought about her actions.

The moment she'd returned to the house Hinata walked up and down. A million thoughts in her head, a million more questions and a million times more of the rage, the shock, the betrayal. She knew, she knew who she was in love with, whom she'd chosen, with who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with . Yet every time she saw a woman get close to her Naruto-kun something envious and scornful bubbled up from the inside. First she'd learned about the ones currently in Konoha, the random one-offs he had, then her fiancé just had to go ahead and bang Ino as well.

Deep in her head, she knew it would happen; there was an almost animal magnetism about Naruto that attracted people with their basest desires. Hinata knew there would be more to come, but what she didn't know was that he already had a fiancé. She wasn't his first and it hurt. It hurt a lot.

So she waited, waited to confront him. The longer she thought of unleashing her fury, the more she realized there was no point. Nothing would change. Nothing. Hinata hated that even more and funnily enough, she grew lustful with each moment. It was as if all her rage was feeding into her libido and she was heating up in anticipation of him. The former heiress had taken off her clothing, touching herself in her zones, and when the doors opened to reveal Naruto had arrived, all she could do was crawl to him.

He, being the kind lover he was, obliged.

"You were way louder than usual," he whispered into her ear, spooning up to her. His arms wrapped around her stomach pulling her close against him and she turned, kissing him and holding him tightly. After they stopped, he stroked her cheek and she welcomed it. He smirked at her. "You did it to make sure Shizuka heard you. Didn't you?"

Hinata frowned hearing her name. With a glare she looked at him, Naruto said she looked cuter when she did. She disagreed. "Why didn't you tell me about her before?"

"Honestly," her Sensei-kun sat up and she did the same as they looked at one another. "I didn't know how to put it. You used a seal on me. You didn't know the full details, but you knew what it was. Imagine what you'd do if you found out I was already engaged to someone. Your reaction earlier today only backed my guess more. Would you have been happy to know about her before you used it?"

"I don't think so."

"I know so. Look," Naruto pulled her close and sighed. Her forehead rested against his. "I know this isn't easy for you. Seeing how someone you love do this."

"Not really."

"Uh, what?"

"Father," Hinata hesitated a bit, but the look Naruto gave her made her give in. "Sometimes, he would sleep with some of the women in our clan. Not always, but sometimes after clan meetings lasted too long he'd bring a woman to bed. Sometimes after missions. Not all the time. He tried to hide it from me and Hanabi, but we knew."

"Did you peep on him?"

"NO!" Hinata sternly shook her head at the question. "Why would I do that?"

"I don't know, if I had Pervert Vision I'd probably peep here and there just for the heck of it. Thank God the old pervert wasn't born a Hyuga. That'd be a S Rank threat by principle alone." Her sensei's comments were so bizarre, but it did hold merit. Many had accused the Hyuga of 'peeping', more so among themselves. Using the Byakugan to spy on main house members was expressively forbidden. There were old seals etched into households. The same could not be said for the branch members, they were victims of fate and if things didn't change it would remain that way. "Back to the point at hand. I love you…for loving me without ever asking me for anything in return. For loving me when no one else basically gave a fuck about me, and nothing will change about the way how I feel towards you. You're my fiancé. So is she and let's be honest, given my record, there'll be more. Hopefully not too many. But anyway, Shizuka is, whether you like it or not, a part of my life. As are you. I can't do anything about it."

"Naruto-kun," Hinata decided to take a chance and leaned into his chest, he patted her head, running his hand along her back. Mustering the best innocent and lovely look she could, she felt the blood rushing to her cheeks as her eyes glossed over. "Could you stay here tonight?" Her sensei laughed and she knew she'd failed. Why do I fail now of all times? It had worked like a charm before every time.

"Nice try."

"I don't like her."

"You just met her today," Hinata felt his lips upon hers again and she melted like butter once more. "Don't worry. Nothing will change. If anything I have to amp up my sex drive and you know what they say about the Uzumaki."

"I…don't know what they say about the Uzumaki."

"Oh, right. We're almost extinct. Anyway, the saying is," she watched his mismatched eyes peer into her very soul, "Never fuck with an Uzumaki, unless you're planning to get fucked a thousand times harder. I mean sure we died out, but you know three villages against one. Come on. That's some bullshit right there. But they knew. They fucking knew. If a single one was left alive, they would be fucked so hard. And I tend to fuck back real fucking hard."

"I like the sound of that," she said with a blush and she let out a yelp as she was laid out on the bed again, feeling his stiff member rub against her slit once more. She was already growing wet just at the thought of being impaled by him again. The lust inside her grew to pitch fever as the heat took over.

"Just for that, you get one more round today. You ready?"

Without replying, Hinata's legs, now motivated, wrapped around his waist and pulled him close as she moaned out at being filled. Hinata felt him drilling his way into her again, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She let out a cry of pleasure once more. Her arms shook and her pussy twitched madly. Her legs shook, but didn't stop pressing Naruto against her, trying to get him in as deep as humanly possible. She frantically rocked her hips feeling Naruto's cock cling to her tight walls.

For a second her mind went back to Shizuka, knowing that the woman would be getting her fiancé for the night, but it left when she felt the thrusts picking up. Harder and faster. Hard enough to make her head bang against the wooden head board of the bed each time. It hurt a little, but not nearly enough for her to consider telling him to stop. She didn't want him to stop.


She wanted him. She needed him. And she'd keep him. Regardless of what else came along the way.

Ino was trying her best to ignore all those shrieks, howls and yells of ecstasy, pleasure and euphoria made Ino want to be touched in places. Quite frankly since she'd gotten a taste of Naruto, she felt like masturbating would be an insult to her sexual prowess—whatever little she had. Still, she couldn't just flat out go and say, 'Hey, Sensei-kun, fuck me in this wet hot pussy that's been aching for you.' No, she had more class than that, she liked to think she did, but the whole sex going on around the house was making her horny and she needed to something to distract her.

Enter Shizuka.

The woman was wearing an outfit Ino could only describe as scandalous. It was a cross between a seductress kunoichi and one of those kinky maid outfits she'd seen in a rather tasteful video. Shizuka tied her hair up, a headband with a red ribbon rested atop her head. A black tight fitting onesie that left her shoulders and legs bare. The onesie itself barely covered her breasts as they lined up to cover her nipples, baring most of her ass visible and on top of that she wore a revealing white apron which showed her cleavage, with a pretty ribbon tied up in the back and toeless black thigh-highs.

Ino realized just how hot this woman was and for a moment she wondered a very, very naughty thought. Squashing it, she coughed into her hand and Shizuka who had been busy arranging the bookshelf looked at her.


"Uh, hi."

"Hello, genin."

Ino's eye twitched a bit. "My name is Ino."

"The Yamanaka."

"Yes," Ino said as Hinata's cry of ecstasy echoed and the woman before her seemed unfazed. "I wanted to talk to you."

"Very well," Shizuka went back to cleaning the shelf quickly and after she was done, sat at the table and Ino sat across from her. Her chin rest on her interlocked fingers as she stared at Ino for the longest time. It was like she was trying to figure her out.


"You slept with him."

Ino was taken aback by the statement. "I-I'm sorry how do you-"

"You're a very beautiful girl," Shizuka continued, with a smile this time. "You may not have the body that my Beloved craves, but I can tell you'd be someone who'd warm his bed."

Ino felt a blanched at those words. This well-endowed woman basically called her pretty, then told her she was not so pretty and then called her a bedwarmer. "Uh, thanks. And yeah…I did. How did you know?"

"Women can't stay away from him for too long," Shizuka said it as if it was a matter of fact. She shook her head a bit. "I swear there have been times when I wanted to take a blade and cut the breasts off of those who stared at him as if he were but a pole of pleasure. It angered me to no end."

Ino gulped a bit at those words. And I thought Hinata was possessive, the Yamanaka felt worried about the way Nadeshiko described it all. "You're not going to do that to me are you?"

"Well even if I want to, I won't." Shizuka's deep emerald eyes had a look of melancholy in them. It wasn't like Sakura's. Forehead's ones were more like vibrant jades. "I love him and marrying a man like him came with consequences. So I'll have to make do."

"Consequences?" Ino grew interested. "What do you mean by that?"

"Do you know that Beloved comes from a clan? He's the last of them?"

"Yeah, I know that, but how does that play into this?"

"My Beloved," Shizuka started to explain, "has to take part in this program. A program which focuses on dying clans doing as much as they can to repopulate. To keep the blood alive."

"Wait," the gear's in Ino's head started to turn. "As much as they can to repopulate…does that mean Sensei-kun has to sleep with everyone?"

Shizuka giggled a bit, it was charming. "That's quite the name you gave him."

"Well," Ino's cheeks grew and she twiddled her thumbs, "he told me to call him that."

"Strange, he's not the type to make a girl call him that sort of thing." Oh. "Master on the other hand suits him well." OH. Ino noted how the woman's cheeks flared up a bit.

"So what we were saying," Ino pressed on. "Sensei has to go around pumping in women?"

"In a nutshell, yes, but he can make his own choices in who he picks. However, there is no way to avoid it." Shizuka frowned for a moment. "He tried to get out of it, years before when I was brought into the village. The higher-ups wouldn't let him, and they were keen on making me a prisoner."

"Yeah, I heard about that," the Yamanaka grew ever so curious. "How'd that come to pass exactly?"

"Well," she paused, her lips curled into a wide smile of fondness. "Those higher ups wanted to interrogate me, keep me in chains and believed there was an ulterior purpose of me being shunned in such convenient timing. I can't blame them, it does seem suspicious. And then Naruto, he told them to back off."

"He did?"

"Yes. Though to be more specific he said, 'Piss off.'"

"And the Hokage was there?!"

"Yes," Shizuka looked to the side, laughing into her hand. "And I just couldn't believe it. A few days before he refused to help me complete my mission. Now, he was willing to go against those more powerful than him. For me. Because he stated it was his fault I was in this situation. He stood there before them like this," the Nadeshiko pointed a finger at her, "and told them he'd be dropping bodies of those who would be sent after me. More heated words followed until he changed their minds by agreeing to their clan restoration act. He stated he would go through with their plan as long as I was his first wife."

Ino felt goosebumps at hearing the story. Part of her thought it was absolute bullshit, then she remembered her sensei openly talking shit to the Hokage in front of his team and the Hokage joining in the banter throwing shade back. Naruto Uzumaki above all was sharp with his words, no sugar in them. And he put himself at risk, put his entire life up for the sake of a girl who suffered because he didn't want to randomly throw out his possible child. That is so fucking romantic! She thought with glee. Her sensei was such an asshole most of the time, and then said the sweetest of things in his own way. Seeing the warmth in Shizuka from regaling that tale made her feel so jealous of her. To snag such a man who would go against the world for someone precious to him.

"Beloved," she could practically hear the love in Shizuka's voice as she realized Naruto Uzumaki finally stepped out of Hinata's room. The thick smell of sex filled the room and Ino breathed it in sharply, it was ensnaring and bit her lips as she remembered his touch, his smell, his skin. Well his clone's, but his by default. Naruto waved at her before taking a seat beside Shizuka who looked at him knowingly.

Oh and he was shirtless, as usual and a shirtless Naruto Uzumaki was the pinnacle of peak physical condition in her opinion. He was buff, but not to the point he looked like a walking meat sack, all his muscles were toned and she was sure he didn't have an ounce of fat on him. Shizuka's fingertips teasingly walked across his well-defined abs. "You were putting up quite the show. Makes me want to get a display right here."

"We have someone here." Ino watched in awe as Shizuka's hand went closer and closer to the edge of his pants. Take it off.

"She can watch." Shizuka leaned in close against his ears and said it loud, looking at her with smile. "You wouldn't mind, right?"

"She's already done it, a few times," Naruto leaned back, grabbing Shizuka's hand which tugged at his pants. "Not now. You'll get what's coming to you. Honestly, you could've done it with the clone."

"I have been away for months, Beloved," Shizuka huffed. "I will not settle for anything less than you, husband."

"You keep saying that, but we haven't gotten married yet."

"Yet," Shizuka repeated. "We will. Soon enough. As for later, I knew you wouldn't do it right now, but I took my chance."

All through this Ino couldn't help but feel a bit turned on by the scene before her. It was so unfair. The way she felt. She loved Sasuke-kun, she had always told herself. Then her mind began to question what she felt. If she did love him that much, how could she bring herself to have such thoughts about her sensei? How she dreamt of being ravaged by him? Why she switched her mind into Kurenai's body for his touch? Why she gave into forbidden lust and forsaking love to be fucked like that? Then there was the clan restoration thing. That really changed everything. Sasuke would also have to take part in it, that meant more than one wife. The fight between her and Sakura was over with that. But…Do I want that? Is that what I really want? Over weeks she began to see Sasuke with less admiration, she suspected the sexual attraction with Naruto had something to do with it. It was with these thoughts that Ino stayed quiet with.

Thankfully, they had stopped their lovey-dovey session. Dinnertime was a bit weird. Naruto always insisted everyone ate at the same time, and Ino, fortunately, had the pleasure of sitting beside him. Her sensei had purposefully made Hinata and Shizuka sit side-by-side. She was sure he wanted some drama to explode, but there wasn't. Maybe her sensei had fucked Hinata so hard she forgot about the whole thing.

"I won't lose."

Or not.

"It's not a competition," Shizuka it seemed was being more mature about this. "You never stood a chance."

Ino sometimes wondered why she was so damn optimistic sometimes. The Hyuga and the Nadeshiko kept exchanging barbed words laced with honey. Naruto nudged her with his elbows, he was picking up the dishes and she helped him, mentally thanking him for taking her way from that explosive spot. He was washing the dishes, fast, and Ino was placing them back in their places. She had to admit this place was pretty swell. A big mansion-like house with so many rooms, so many rooms. Ino had stopped counting after going up to 25, all of which were bedrooms. Then there was the training room filled with the sharpest weapons Ino had seen, along with a large space in between for sparring. There was also a bathing house in the compound, that was a delight. A garden filled with amazing fruits, fresh vegetables and exotic flowers—the latter being a surprise and her sensei explained that he liked pretty flowers giving her a grin.

Now she sat out on the porch in one of custom couches watching the clear blue of the pond in the backyard. Ino sighed to herself. She felt tired, she thought she did, but not sleepy. She just felt…frustrated she supposed.

"Mind if I take seat with you?" It was Naruto. He didn't want to be called sensei when outside 'Shinobi Mode'. Ino nodded and was surprised when he offered her a cup. Green tea. She welcomed it, breathing in the essence and peacefully sipping on it. Beside her Naruto was having tea too, he was louder about it though.

"You guys did today," Naruto started. "Quite honestly I'm surprised almost all of you managed to land a hit on me."

"We're getting used to your speed."

"No, you're not. I'm going easier on you."

"Bullshit," Ino wanted to whack his arm a bit, but stopped. The temptation to touch him in a non-threatening way was far too great. Restraint, Ino. You are a beautiful flower in a calm garden.

"You're horny, aren't you?" Ino choked on the last of the hot tea. She felt him patting her back as she got her breath back and looked at him. Without the headband, his hair looked a whole lot better. Without his normal jōnin attire, he looked more than just 'functional' and his widened blue eye looked at her with a look other than something that screamed 'I'm better than you genin'. "You're staring at me again."

"I know!" Ino didn't even try to deny it. With rosy cheeks she pointed a finger at him as he placed the cups away. "It's not my fault. I'm new to the whole sex, but for some reason you get me hot and bothered every time. Ever since I saw you having sex with Kurenai-sensei it's been eating me alive. Then somehow I end up switching my mind into her body just to feel it. And then when I move, oh boy, you just decide to roam around shirtless 70% of the time. Have you not seen your body? Oof! Then your clone decides to fuck me so bad I can't stop thinking about it. So yes! I stare at you and I like staring at you! And I will stare at you! So deal with it, Uzumaki!"

"Wow," Naruto remarked as she huffed and caught her breath. She wanted to look away for saying all those things. He sat beside her with a cocky smile. "First time someone had the audacity to talk to me like that."

"Yeah, well," Ino glared at him, mad that he was making her behave like this, "it's your fault."

"My fault?"

"Yes, yours and you're gonna fix it."

"Okay," all of a sudden Ino was pulled, lying atop the couch, pushed into it as Naruto hovered over her. "How do you suppose I fix that?"

"I don't know," she felt his hand on her cheek and Ino breathed harder as his lips got closer. "You could help me get rid of my anger."

"And how do you think I should do that?"

Ino licked her lips and her mind wandered. To Sasuke. Then to Naruto and a small voice inside her mind said, Fuck it.

She kissed him and he kissed back, harder. Her hands focused on getting his shirt off as he did the same, their pants came off quicker and she moaned into his mouth as she felt his fingers rub her labia, trailing across it, slowly invading her, going up and rubbing across her spot. She felt so hot as his chiseled, larger frame pinned her against the cushions and she ran her hands through his hair. She felt the heat rise. Blazing, burning, scorching heat that spread across her body. His other hand fondled her breast, his thumb circling around her areola as her nipples grew stiff.

The heat moved across her breasts, they were getting sweaty and it peaked on her nipples. He flicked and twisted them, she mewled at his touch and moaned out in disappointment when he broke the kiss. His hands squeezed her breasts and she moaned in approval, his mouth greedily sucked up her rosy nipples as his tongue swirled around them, all the while playing with her teats. He went lower and lower, her turquoise eyes glazed over with lust as she watched his face get closer to her hot and wet snatch.

Ino gasped, shuddering. His tongue stroked up and down her vulva, lapping up the moistness as if he had parched of water for days. Whimpering, she grasped her breasts, pinching her nipples and felt his tongue go inside her, penetrating her with the loveliest of licks. Her eyes watered up more from the sensation as another moan escaped her lips. She could feel the warmth and heaviness of the muscle inside her, began to whirl and whirl, licking the top, licking the bottom, licking side to side, and her thighs closed in on his head, determined to keep him there forever.

Ino licked her fingers, rubbing and pinching her nipples harder. Her toes curled as she felt him go deeper and deeper, eating her out so passionately. It was so good. Too good as she moaned and panted and gasped and breathed sharply. Her body rocked, vibrating violently, as his carnal ministrations focused on that one spot and his tongue went all out on it, before he pinched it. She felt something inside her explode. Ino screamed, watching the stars in the sky, as juices gushed out of her, right into his mouth and Naruto sucked and slurped her entire womanhood, his mouth completely covering it up as he proceeded to suck it out, lapped it up, slurping it up as if it were a treat for him.

"Gahahaghi – aaaahgaah!~" Ino muttered as her legs fell and she shook at the orgasm she experienced.

Her heavy pants didn't allow her to speak the way she wanted to. She reached out for him and she felt him take her hand, his fingers interlocking with hers as she stared at and he had a smile on his face. She moaned, feeling the long and thick shaft rub against her wet and tingly pussy. He was hold her hands above her head now, his legs spreading hers further and his manhood just a whisker away from penetrating her.

"Oooooh~ Naruto" Ino cooed as she felt Naruto slowly and gently pumped his length inside her.

She marveled at how he filled her up. He's so big and thick and warm and mmmphggghghh- her thoughts scrambled as he moved inside her, his hips meeting her own, steadily thrusting as her breasts jiggled. She cried out in pleasure, as he slammed down on her harder now, she was sure he was stretching her insides permanently. His monster of a meat was burrowing steadily into her cervix with ease. He was so natural at this. A master, like Shizuka said. Her teacher. Her dear Sensei-kun.

"Hnggghhh! Uuaaahhhaa~ Sensei-kun~" She cried out with an utterly blissful smile feeling him grind his pelvis against hers.

Ino shuddered and shivered, writhing in ecstasy, as her pussy squished, tightened and wrapped around his cock. He grunted, pulling out of her, making her pussy feel every bit of him, ramping up the sensations. With a thick loud plop of wetness and flesh his cock slipped out of her, his hands reached for her buttocks grabbing his fingers into her soft doughy cheeks making her squeal.

"Hinata may have bigger breasts," Naruto told her, kissing her, "but you are equally appealing up and down."

"Mmmmhmmm~" Ino kissed him as he picked her up, her arms went around his shoulders.

His hands were firmly keeping her upright, fingers sank in deep, massaging her asscheeks. He entered her once more and her tongue rolled out as she sank down to take all of it. Ino was atop of him as he laid back 6and Ino felt him push up and down inside her. He pushed in and out, increasing the pace, his dick throbbed inside her tight, wet pussy as if it was trying to swallow his dick whole. She tried to keep herself steady, her fingers grasped his abs, her fingernails digging into his skin. A mad hunger inside her took over and she rode him, her buttocks still being caressed by his hands moved back and forth.

"Oh~ You filled me all the way up~" Ino purred, rocking her hips as he suddenly shot up. Her butt tightly pressed against his thighs as her walls squeezed even more and she felt herself gushing out again, rolling around in bliss.

He thrust, making her move and dutifully she followed. Her body humped and rolled itself all over his waist making his length push deeper with every undulating movement. How long had she been at it? She didn't know. She didn't care. She didn't want to stop. Ino fell deeper and deeper into that sweet abyss and Naruto reached for her breasts, his palms now a familiar touch. She rolled her head around in circles squealing in sensational delight as she felt his magical fingers work her most sensitive spots around her breasts. He started bucking his pelvis into her harder, faster, wilder. She kept bouncing on him, moaning and huffing loudly in bliss tossing back her head and letting her eyes close in ecstasy. Her body moved with stronger more intense motions and Ino opened her eyes.

Everything moved so slowly as she looked at Naruto. She didn't know what to expect when she looked at him in that moment. What she saw made her feel something in her chest. He was smiling. The widest she'd ever seen him smile and he called her. Ino, it sounded so different when he said it like that. Her buttocks slapped repeatedly down onto his frame like there was no tomorrow. Her insides grew tighter with each passing moment. She squealed with pleasure as she hopped up and down.

She let out one more howl as she came, so intensely, her juices came pouring and gushing out spraying on everything below. Ino clamped down, her walls gripping his cock and she heard him grunt, thrusting upward into her, all the way up her cervix. Everything became blurry and then she felt something shoot into her womb. Thick, smelly, viscous amounts of semen bloated up inside her, filling up her fertile depths. Ino collapsed on top of him.

Both of them breathed heavily as Ino's head rested in the crook of his neck, his hand caressing her back. She heard him chuckle and Ino looked at him. His smile was still there and she laid her head back down, feeling sleepy. For a second she swore she saw him having two eyes.

Naruto Uzumaki stretched. His sexual shenanigans had caught the attention of both Hinata and Shizuka. Unsurprisingly, the Hyuga was jealous, but also aroused. Very aroused. She didn't leave him until he made her a clone. She wanted more of him, but that would be a bit biased. Hinata, the sweet, shy and sexually starved girl had had enough of the real him for one day. Ino got some too. Now that he had not been planning to fuck her so soon again. He thought she'd be all awkward around him, maybe go back to peeping, but damn the mouth on her attracted him. Not to mention, she was the balance in his team. Hinata had the breasts, Sakura had the ass, Ino had a little bit of both. If jiggly breasts and bubbly butts had a poster child, Ino would be it. Not that he was discrediting the other qualities Hinata and Sakura had, but Ino was by far the best of both worlds.

Alright. Calm down, you dog, Naruto told himself as his thoughts lingered to Sakura. The last piece of the puzzle was taking her training seriously now too. Why? He didn't know yet, but whatever it was, it made her work harder than before. Chances are she would be moving and given his habits… She respects you. Doesn't have horny thoughts. So you do the same.

She doesn't have them for now, but you'll bring them out. A beast of lust in human flesh. That's what you are.

Ah, Kyūbi. Destroyer of villages, harbinger of calamity and the eternal pain in my ass. How are you, buddy?

Oh you know, just trying to break out of this damn seal and feed on your flesh.

You do realize that's not happening? I'm a bit of an expert in seals and I have to admit. That seal my old man is art. Like instant ramen. Art.

One day, the Kyūbi's voice grew darker. More menacing. Something otherworldly spoke to him. You'll fuck up. You will learn to lose and when that day comes I will be right here. I will watch the despair in your eyes. And I'll keep you alive to make you watch as I ruin the things you cherish. And you will know that for I am the fires of hell that will plague your homeland. The fury that will undo all your works, all you've done in life. And you will know my name is death.

Naruto stayed quiet and he could hear the Kyūbi chuckling. He simply shook his head. I honestly thought your name would be something dumber than that. Death?


Okay, then what was that damn reaper my Father summoned to seal away your other half? Some spiritual clown looking to make a few soul bucks? He received no answer. Stupid furball. Go back to sleep, you stupid fucking furball. He heard some loud growls and death threats, but eh it wasn't nothing new. He remembered the good old days when people would piss outside his house, write "Monster", "Devil" and other so highly creative names on his door. The glares they'd give. One day Naruto stopped caring and he glared back. One time a few of them cornered him, wanting to teach him a lesson. He retaliated; broke their fingers and shattered their teeth. Outrage naturally followed and thank God that it did. He was taken out of the Academy and privately taught. Knowledge, wisdom and truth were bestowed on him and Naruto honestly couldn't be more satisfied.

He knew who he was. He knew what he had to do. He was Naruto Uzumaki. Son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. A shinobi cursed and blessed in equal parts, and he'd make the most out of it.

"Beloved," Shizuka entered the room.

Not a single bit of clothing on her. Just the way he liked it. She hugged him and he did the same. After a while she looked him in the eyes, her emerald eyes filled with compassion just as the day he stood up for her against the Elders. He had valid reasons for doing so; Naruto may have been a stone cold killer, but getting someone banished because of him refusing to engage in coitus? That was some bullshit right there. Also, he really didn't like those esteemed, wizened Elders. They got on his nerves so many times and flipping them off was satisfying. From that day one, Shizuka swore to be his and his alone. In sickness and health, in good and bad. Naruto felt really peeved out by her and half-believed she was a spy going for a long con. Genuine love and affection freaked him the fuck out. But once he got used to it, he liked it. He liked it a lot.

"You caused a lot of drama today," Naruto told her. He was naked too of course. Who wore clothes in their rooms? "And you really tried to trigger my students."

"When I heard from you that you were taken out of ANBU and given a team filled with girls of your age," Shizuka rubbed his cock, her hand pumping it softly, "I was a bit concerned."

"A bit?" Naruto cupped her breasts, feeling her breath hitch for a moment. "You sent letters detailing of how you'd teach them where their places were in the your tier list."

"That's right," pumped him faster, fondling his balls as Naruto flicked her nipple and with the other hand grabbed a handful of fine, fine ass. "I'm your fiancé. Your soulmate."

"That's a bit cheesy."

"Not as cheesy as what you did." Shizuka pouted, making a rather funny face and began to imitate him. "'Listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth. You send someone after her, I'll send you their heads. You sent a squad after her, I'll go after their families and your families next. I am talking scorched earth. So please, go ahead and try to take her away from me.'" Shizuka grasped his face with fervor passion, pulling him into a searing kiss which he gladly returned, his tongue outwrestling hers.

"I had to." Naruto said in between the kisses as she took his hand and rubbed it along her slit. It was hot and wet, she moaned into his ear, biting his earlobe and neck and shoulder.

"I'm so fucking wet from just thinking about it. And I've been away for so long." Shizuka's fingernails ran across his back, across many of the scars he got. "Fuck me like there's no tomorrow, Beloved. Make me go mad."

Fuck yeah I will.

She pushed him on the loveseat he kept in his room. Crawling her way across the floor on all fours. It was always entering to watch her try different ways to arouse him. She passed with flying colors each time. She stood in front of him, licking her fingers, trailing them down her well-endowed breasts, glossing the nipples over as they worked down to her nether lips. Shizuka moaned at touching herself in front of him and he reached out, grabbing a handful of ass, pulling her into his lap for a deep kiss, his palm traced those lovely curves. His tongue dominated her own as she straddled his lap.

His ministrations had the desired effect, prompting her to wrap her slender arms around his neck, deepening their tongue duel. She was far too into it, far too enthralled, not noticing he stood up with her in his arms, making his way on to his study table.

Naruto brushed everything off of it letting it fall to the floor and her thighs met the table. Shizuka pulled back momentarily to catch her breath, however Naruto and his tongue tickled her lips for immediate re-entry to which she subsequently complied. Soon they began exchanging saliva once more. Reaching up, he slid his hands up in-between them and cupped her heavy breasts, groping them roughly.

"I missed you, mmm, so much," Shizuka almost whispered.

"I missed you too," Naruto confessed. Shizuka was different. She wasn't like Tsume who was a fuck once a week. Neither was she a fling like Anko. Not a naughty slut like Kurenai. Ino was…something, he wasn't sure yet. Hinata was his fiancé, but Shizuka had been that long before she entered the scene and she made him feel something much deeper than he felt for the rest and by God, he'd ravage her.

He lifted her up high by the ass and buried his face within her plentiful cleavage. He saw Shizuka gazing at him through half-lidded eyes, stroking her fingers through his short blond hair and fed her left breast into his hot mouth. He had his way with her mammaries for some time, lathering her left tit with his warm saliva before treating its neglected twin with no less enthusiasm. While he suckled on her nipples and kissed her cleavage, his fingers made it to her hot, soaked quim, teasing her just the way she liked it.

Giving her stiff nipples a break from his talented tongue, Naruto set Shizuka back down on his study table her legs spread, running his thumb through the beautifully trimmed thatch of hair that crowned her pussy mound. He caressed her swollen labia causing her to bite her lip and shiver appreciatively. His long middle and index finger buried themselves into her drenched heat pumping in and out at an agonizingly slow pace, done deliberately to make her moan out with her lovely voice. She sighed so loudly, in satisfaction, rolling her head back in joy before Naruto pulled her back for a heated kiss. He intruded her pussy with his fingers next, ripples of pleasure went through her as her cunt clenched down on his digits, refusing to let him go. She threw her head in the crook of his neck before she bit down onto his collar bone to muffle a scream.

Naruto looked at her with his thumb caressing her lips as she kissed it dutifully. He was giving her a few minutes to come back down to earth. Once her relish calmed down a bit she grinned at him.

"I think I should get you off too, Beloved."

"You can try."

She pushed him off awkwardly, her mind still in a haze of pleasure. Squatting down, she lewdly smiled at the familiar sight of his steel-hard member. Tying her hair up, her fingers encircled his girth and she rubbed her face against it. He noted how hardened her nipples became as warm gooey juices out from her quim, sluicing down her plump thighs. She licked the bulbous head, cleaning the precum on the tip and sniffing it like it was jasmine tea. Her soft lips wrapped around it and she started sucking gently, savoring the moment and his taste. Apparently he tasted delicious. Not that I'd know.

Before long, she had gradually engulfed most of his cockhead into her mouth, sucking and slobbering on the obscene slab of meat as if it were a fine delicacy. A delicate hand was placed on his bare abs when she drew back a little, swirling her tongue intently on the bulbous tip. Her other hand was busy cradling one of his balls. A mixture of spit and pungent pre-cum flowed freely from the corners of her mouth. She continued bobbing up and down on it while he watched her ponytail bounced to the rhythm of her giving head. It's been a while since she had it, I'll let her go at her own pace. For now.

"Gauk!" she slobbered out, gobbling on one of Naruto's swollen balls up against her lips.

Copious amounts of drool spilled down past her bottom lip and splattered onto her bare tits making them look like shiny globes. The mischief in him rose as Shizuka was sucking off more like she normally used to. He leaned his head back, relishing in the familiar, expert use of her mouth. Deep guttural moans emanated from her throat as she began bobbing her head back and forth causing Naruto to moan while he continued to watch his future wife blow him with skill born from their previous endless amount of carnal sessions.

"Fuck," Naruto groaned watching her look up at him, her mouth full of dick and her eyes full of love, "you haven't lost, ugh, a step."

Those words served as encouragement as she became more enthusiastic, sucking and humming while her hand stroked over what she hadn't yet taken into her mouth. Before long, the entirety of Naruto's shaft was lathered in her warm saliva. The blond jōnin groaned as her tight throat contracted around his meaty cockhead every so often, his balls were wet and slapping against her chin. He took a step back, his cock sliding out of her mouth smoothly as drool fell down to lather up her breasts. Words didn't need to be said as he set his length through her cleavage, going upwards in her mouth in between her tits he loved so much.

She wrapped her mouth around the engorged head of his prick whenever he decelerated to a more reasonable pace. She occasionally placed butterfly kisses on his swollen cockhead, lapping up pre-cum as soon as it leaked out for consumption. Around 10 minutes into this pace, Naruto practically rammed in and out of her cleavage becoming more rough; mascara ran down her cheeks while his cock slid in and out of her mouth with fury. he loud smack of his thighs against the tender undersides of her tits rang throughout the room, she'd be having some marks after this.

"Fuck!" Soon, his balls drew-up as he wrapped his fingers in her silky raven locks, burying his thick meat down her gullet until the tip of her nose nearly made contact with his trimmed pelvis. Out of habit as he did with her, he warned her. "Fuck! Here it comes!"

He drew back considerably until just the head filled her mouth, Shizuka held his cock in place, not wanting to let any of his jizz to fall out. It swelled, pulsed, blasted away into her oral cavity as Naruto shot out copious amounts of his seed. She would've surely choked if the initial burst hadn't been immediately swallowed, something Shizuka was instinctive at.

After his ejaculation died down, he extracted his member from her orifice. More than a mouthful of his thick cream leaked out of both sides of her mouth, dribbling rapidly down her chin and onto her heaving tits, coating her mammaries in a magnificent glaze. The final load erupted from his prick, far more powerful than its predecessors, jetted out across her face, her hair, and the room, staining the floor, the table and even the bed. That's a lot of range.

"Holy…shit," she murmured, licking the vestiges of his seed around her chin in stark appreciation. Her fingers trailed under her breasts, gathering up the ropes of cum from her thick, rock-hard nipples before licking it clean. God this woman was far too sexy. Watching that made his already stiff member twitch up and down, eager for more. Her pulled her up to her feet, taking a moment to admire everything about her: big tits, flat belly, wide hips, and her arousal trickling down her thick thighs.

"Bend over."

He almost growled. Shizuka did just that, leaning over the table, as she let out a yelp when he smacked her luscious ass. She spread her legs, looking back at him with emerald eyes begging for him to take her already. Naruto groped the fleshy mounds of her buttocks, enjoying and admiring her body, squeezing it and gazing past her rosebud of an asshole. Later. For now his gaze was fixed on the glistening vagina eager to be filled by him as her juices dripped from it. She'd been deprived of him for months, and he of her. Positioning himself against her, his thick shaft began to penetrate her, slowly sinking in.

"Oh God!" Shizuka shouted, her back curving as he was halfway in. Her body spasmed and her pussy walls closed in from all side, assaulting him with a tightness that made Naruto tighten his grip over her hips vigorously. "Oooooooh~" his fiancé moaned, she was enjoying it just as much as he was and he loved that look on her face. She frowned at him when he pulled out a bit, though it looked more cute to him and then…he slammed his way back into her, her tits bounced off against the table as her body jerked forward. He grinned at the overwhelming heat he felt wrap around his dick.

Despite fucking her before so many times, she was still so fucking tight. The constricting walls of her pussy clasped tightly around him, trapping and holding him close was no joke. Maybe it was a Nadeshiko trait. Either way he considered himself lucky. Every thrust felt incredible, feeling her moist channel ripple around him with every single stroke.

"F-fuck!" she whimpered out when Naruto began to increase the pace, hell bent on ravaging her and making her come as many times as he could tonight. Shizuka's breasts rapidly heaved up and down as she tried to catch her breath from the ferocious fucking her twat was currently receiving. Months of frustration was being let out of her body. Her nails dug into the wood of the table, her toes curled as she creamed herself, gushing all over his shaft. She trembled, shook, cried at the overwhelming sensation as Naruto continued hammering away at her, his hips slamming against her butt. He grabbed hold of the ponytail Shizuka was sporting and started railing into her mercilessly.

Shizuka moaned and groaned as he was stretching her pussy walls and reaching depths he hadn't been to in a while. Deep down Naruto knew they both wanted it rough and dirty tonight, and given the look Shizuka was giving him she was loving it. Her long black hair wrapped around his bandaged knuckles, pulling her head back, and forcing her body to arc as he fucked her like she was his property.

Pulling her head back rather roughly, his tongue was practically shoved into her mouth, initiating another wet sloppy kiss; to which she immediately surrendered her tongue and bounced her fat, creamy ass on his crotch. Smacks echoed in the room as he violently and furiously fucked away, each thrust growing stronger and faster with every passing moment.

"I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!" Shizuka cried out, her breasts swaying wildly from the motion and his hands caught them, tugging on her nipples, playing with her tits. Her big, beautiful ass slapped against his bare hips, resulting in strong, deep claps as the table began to tilt sideways. "Please! Please slow down a bit, Beloved!"

"No!" His hand wrapped around her throat, choking her. "I'm gonna fuck you till you faint!"

Her fat juicy ass continued rippling from the Jinchūriki's unrelenting assault on her pussy. His lean, muscular frame rammed onto her quivering, supple body. With downright savage grunts, Naruto began to all but spear into her forcing Shizuka to scream loud enough for the whole compound to hear. Naruto grunted, increasing his intensity. Like an untamed beast, he pulverized her pussy, brutally nailing her sensitive cervix, bringer her closer and closer to her grandest climax yet. He knew she was on the verge. He could feel it. He was getting there too. All of the pent up sexual frustration she had been storing for months was a crime to him, and making her go crazy like this was the only way to fix it. And then she cried, shouted, screamed as her glorious orgasm came pouring out of her. Her mouth was wide open, her eyes crossed and tongue lulled out as Shizuka looked like she had blacked out in utter bliss.

"I'm close! Don't you dare go blank, Shizuka!" Unfazed by her monstrous orgasm, Naruto simply fucked her harder. He felt her pussy nectar once again saturate their sex-slick bodies, responding to his cock rapidly pistoning in and out of her sore muff. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her skull and her tongue hung out from between her lips as she said something he couldn't even begin to understand. Her fingers clawed painfully on the wooden surface as her body convulsed in sexual gratification. "Fuck. So. Close!"

Each word emphasized with a vicious smack to Shizuka's butt cheeks. With great reluctance, Naruto extracted his piece from her gaping snatch and wasn't surprised to hear her little moan of protest, nor was he surprised to see her cunt lips clinging to is thickness as it retreated. He stood and watched her tremble pitifully from her obscene orgasm, struggling to gain her bearings. "Get up, Shizuka."

Shizuka got back to her feet, albeit barely. Her legs were numb and felt about as stable as jelly. She gripped the side of the table to keep herself steady. The instant their gazes met yet again, no words were needed for the message to get across. Shizuka, wobbling, made her way to the bed and Naruto right behind her. She jumped slightly as she looked back to see the tip of Naruto's massive lubricated erection brushing against the small of her back. She was practically quaking at the sight of his intimidating erection bobbing freely in the air, ready for penetration.

No doubt she was lightheaded from what he'd been doing to her. His eyes stared into hers and she looked down. Her lips were red and swollen from his rough kisses, parted slightly as she panted harshly from his ministration.

Naruto's tongue aggressively conquered her own as they stood at the foot of the bed. Shizuka let out a soft moan into Naruto's mouth as he fondled her breasts. The blond abruptly broke the kiss and started nibbling on her collarbone, the tip of his solid erection, aimed downwards, slid smoothly between her full thighs.

"Get on the bed."

His fiancé did as she was told. Lying down on her back, Shizuka's thick thighs spread, ready for him fill her once again. took position between her legs, pressing forward while holding the base of his cock. Naruto ran the tip of it over her labia teasingly, savoring her flinch when the bulbous head rubbed over her clit, and the feeling her heat engulf over him. He took hold of the thick base of his dick and began to slap her pussy with the underside of his girthy slab of meat. His incessant teasing nearly drove her mad, but he soon breached the sloppy lips of her quim.

Her legs were spread wide, pushed against her shoulders as he rammed his length inside her. Creamy skin glistened with a thin layer of perspiration as he drilled into her from above, her tits bounced from the force, and she began to violently squirt her hot honey onto his abs; her nectar slowly traveled down to saturate his bucking shaft, making his thrusts even smoother on impact. Unfazed by her monstrous orgasm, Naruto savagely fucked with an increasing tempo until the bed's headboard began repeatedly smacked against the wall with extraordinary force, causing the wall itself to crack.

Each time he plunged into her tight muff, her entire body jarred from the impact, breasts lunging, invoking even more passion behind his brutal strokes. She gripped the sheets, her legs extended outwards, as she kept shouting his name, chanting it. The continuous string of orgasms after such a long dry spell were taking its toll on her.

"Move!" Naruto turned her on her side, lifted her right leg, then hugging it to his chest, not once breaking his momentum. Due to the shift in positioning, Shizuka's eyes opened wide in surprise when her left breast spilled onto the bed.

"OH GOD! OH FUCK!" Shizuka yelped out in surprise at the sudden shift. Her cunt spasmed again.

At this point there was nothing she could do other than be further engulfed into a maelstrom of primal lust he had been brewing. The bed began to shake and squeak loudly every time with each thrust. This violent action resulted in a crude slapping noise to echo throughout the room. The increasing volume of rough fucking–the rhythmic squeak of bedsprings, the grunts and moans, made Naruto feel all the more excited.

Sex like this brought out a rougher side to him and he was unleashing it all out. She clawed at his biceps and bit her bottom lip to the point where she nearly drew blood - her desperate wails of mercy came to a halt until she was finally screaming out a release like no other. Her filthy howls of exaltation were resonating throughout the compound no doubt and it was what drove him to the edge.

With one final thrust up to the hilt and a feral roar, the dangerously fertile substance shot out viciously in ropes, quickly filling her unprotected womb to the brim and subsequently oozing back out around his shaft. Naruto held her tightly, his cock buried all the way inside her. Shizuka cooed in elation as he filled with an inhuman amount of semen he built up. The heat in her cervix seemingly rivaled the fires he was used to while sparring with his former ANBU teammates. Her hips were held tightly, almost as if to guarantee Shizuka got pregnant from this.

Shizuka looked at him in the afterglow, trying to say something, but he didn't understand. After a few moments, he finally withdrew from her and his cock came out from her with an audible 'pop'. Thick, lumpy, pungent semen poured out of her gaping cunt staining the sheets. Her silky black hair was now out of its ponytail and in total disarray. Her lips were red and swollen from his forceful kisses, black mascara trailed down her face. Sitting up, Naruto admired his work with a fox-like grin, laughing to himself a bit.

"Oh fuck," he rubbed his face, covered with a sheen of sweat. He didn't know what took over, but he really went all out. Getting up and reaching for the side table, he opened one of the drawers and took out a box. He opened it and found what he was looking for.

A spliff; finely grinded, well rolled, Naruto concentrated chakra to his fingertip and a small flame emerged from his fingertip as he lit it up. Taking a big swig in, Naruto held it in, and then exhaled. The smell of marijuana filled the room as Naruto enjoyed the little recreational gift. He wasn't a big fan of it, but understood the benefits of it. Being a Jinchūriki had it's perks and he'd milk them. Speaking of milk. Shizuka was finally moving, she clung to his arm and dragged herself up.

Her head leaned against his chest, his arm wrapping around her to keep her snuggled against him. With one last puff he took it all in and started coughing while holding it for too long. Shizuka wanted to help, he was sure, but she could only pat him on the back. It stopped and Naruto felt the good old green stuff coursing through his system. He smiled as he looked at her.


"H-Hi." Shizuka seemed so…cute. He could feel his erection throbbing against. What a lucky guy I am. So many women and all of them want me. He began to chuckle very loudly and his lover gave him a look before laughing a bit herself.

"I thought you stopped."

"I stop." Naruto confirmed. "And then I start. Don't worry. It's only for fun."

"I know." Shizuka touched her lips and looked at her breasts. There were marks all over her, Naruto personally saw it as a badge of honor. "You're a real beast sometimes."

"Well, I do hold one back behind a cage. So that makes me even more dangerous than that furball." Naruto finally had some water to drink and helped Shizuka drink some too. They sat peacefully, their bodies against each other and not a care in the world. Moments like these were what he lived for. Shame he had to wake up tomorrow and go back to work. "I have to work tomorrow too."

"I know," Shizuka sounded just as disappointed as him. "Can't you take a day off?"

"Nah, especially not with the Chūnin Exams coming." Naruto yawned and then stood up, his member hard being close to Shizuka again. She looked worried.

"Beloved…again? Right now? Just a bit later."

"Nope." Naruto pulled her closer, flipping her as he leaned closer towards her asshole and spat on it, driving a finger inside. His fiancé moaned, ass bucked into the air, and her face buried into the bed. "Like I said, I'll fuck you until you fall unconscious."


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