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Naruto felt the stare digging into his back. They were making their way to the Tower for an extra mission he knew his team could handle. D Ranks may be the bane of all genin, but it was work nonetheless. However, he knew it wasn't Hinata who was gazing at him with such focus; she was probably staring at his butt. The person who stared at him was Ino Yamanaka and by the Log, it'd been going on for over a week now. He understood how girls worked, or he liked to think he did. Good looking guys, strong guys, alpha guys attracted women. Rules of nature.

That said, Ino was never really interested in him as he knew, she was too busy being fabulous for all things Sasuke. Which was why the slightly blushed cheeks when he looked her way was a bit off. Did he do something? Did he flirt by accident? Questions for later.

Knocking the door, Team Six entered as they saw Iruka tending to what looked like a mountain of paperwork, the Hokage's greatest piece of work that needed constant tending. Sometimes Naruto wondered why the fuck his parents wanted to be Hokage. Was there a forbidden fruit of unfathomable power in the desk? Did the Lord of Logs come down to bless them with unlimited supplies? The Gods of Ramen gave them unbelievable prophecies? No, all his dad got was a shitty job where he would make sure that war did not break out while being married to a hot-tempered human war deterrent. What a fucked up position to be in.

At least they were good people. Him? Not so much. He'd probably burn the papers, tell Danzo to let loose all this itchy war inducing schemes and together they would make Konoha great again!

Cripple every nation from the inside and make them starve to death. Start with Grass, let it spread to Stone as they try to take advantage and this would rile up the Cloud; work with a certain snake to release an epidemic virus in the Hidden Sand and those crazy motherfuckers at Mist didn't need much incentive, they were already killing each other—just a few rumors and the murder of the Daimyo would be enough to throw them into even more disarray. It was a better initiative than 'Let's all cooperate! Peace! Hooray!'

Those were the War Hawk's words, not his. Naruto had to hand it to Danzo, the man made backup plans for his backup plans and daydreamed of various situations where he could just sit back, relax and watch every other nation tear itself apart. Good old, far right-wing shinobi values.

"Ah, Naruto. My boy," Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Hokage, the Professor, the old bastard with wrinkly skin greeted him. The dried up cunt of a man that made him work like a horse smiled. One of these days he was going to watch Sarutobi die, and he, Naruto Uzumaki, would be laughing right over his coffin. The oppression would end at last. "Back for another mission?"

"No, just here to spit on your face," Naruto casually replied as Sarutobi laughed in utter joy—that cheeky bastard—while Iruka looked like he was going to have a stroke or shit himself. Maybe both at the same time. Sometimes one followed the other.

"DON'T TALK TO LORD HOKAGE LIKE THAT!" Naruto noticed how his former teacher—course instructor seemed more apt—fumed with righteousness. "You may be a jōnin now, Naruto. But you still haven't learned to talk properly."

"I'm honestly surprised you haven't kicked the bucket yet, Iruka-senpai," the blonde said as Sakura too looked a bit angry at him, Ino was shocked at his treatment of the authority, Hinata was…well she did her best to be surprised. "How are things going with that glass wearing-"

"BE PROFESSIONAL!" Iruka's head bloated to three times larger than his actual body. Naruto never did learn that jutsu. Maybe an Akimichi taught him. The scarred shinobi sighed and sat back down, now more relaxed. "Honestly, I'm more worried about you than I was when you were a kid. At least there I could keep an eye on you. Out there you could start a war with your mouth alone."

Naruto shook his head, smiling a bit. He was a very honest man, that Iruka. A good man too. Thrice the person Naruto could never be. It was why he never became jōnin. Being the elite required a certain level of murder-y vibes which the man lacked. "Don't worry, senpai. I'll get along just fine."

"Yeah, right," Ino murmured. Sakura nodded, Hinata tapped her fingers. This was betrayal on her part.

So she's agreeing with them. Good team bonding, but you don't fuck with this guy and get away with it, Well, two could play that game. "Lord Hokage," Naruto mustered up all his seriousness. The tension in the room thickened. "I would like to request the Tora mission."

"No…" Sakura whispered taking a step back.

"In fact, we want that mission every day," Naruto upped the ante.

"No, no, no," Ino was turning around, prepared to run away.

"I take it back, I want you to give any and all Tora stray missions just to us from now on, and my team won't be able to go up the ranks until we have caught Tora the Terror at least 9000 times!" Hinata may not have said anything, but she was running towards the door. It was locked shut. An old seal he helped the old man make.

"Why isn't it opening?" Hinata nervously stated, pulling on the knob.

"We'll have to break it down!" Ino braced herself.

"I'll help," Sakura stood with Ino, arch enemies united by a greater threat at hand.

"Hahahaha!" Hiruzen Sarutobi's laughter cut through the tension like hot knife through butter. He rubbed his eyes a bit, tearing up at their reactions. "I must say, you remain the best shinobi on my roster. No wonder the Daimyo's daughter wanted to marry you."

Hinata clenched her fist, eye twitched and Naruto noticed it all. Yeah, he didn't mention it to her. "I'm sure it was the Daimyo's words she spoke."

"I'm sure the Daimyo would never say, 'Mommy likey blondey pie.'"

"Lord Hokage!" Iruka tried to maintain decorum. His students were shocked too.

"It's not the worst case," Naruto replied.

"Yes, the priestess from Demon Country specifically said how she wanted your baby." Sarutobi's words made Sakura and Ino and Hinata turn red. Two from the naughty nature of it, one out of furious anger.

"Lord Hokage!" Iruka was still trying. A for effort.

"Remember the Raikage's daughter?" Naruto couldn't hold his snicker back. Oh how that bulking hulk of muscles, man tears and testosterone had raged and screamed and vented. Called for his head too, but thankfully she calmed him down. Well, he wasn't out for blood.

Sarutobi started laughing too loudly. "How could I forget," Sarutobi then changed his voice. "Pour some sugar on me, Daddy."

"LORD HOKAGE!" Iruka was definitely having a stroke now.

"Good grief, senpai," Naruto motioned for him to calm down. "Calm down, you're going to die if you keep doing that."

"What is wrong with you two?!" Sakura yelled at them, fist shaking with righteous feminine fury.

"Nothing," both jōnin and Hokage replied at the same time. Iruka sighed.

"It's alright, Sakura," the chūnin spoke, "I've been trying to get used to it myself. It's not easy."

"Um," Hinata began, "then why you were so surprised when they spoke like that?"

"I didn't want them talking like that in front you three," Iruka said with a swell of pride. "Genin or not, I saw all of you kids growing up in front of me. As your former teacher and mentor it's my job to make sure all of you follow the protocols."

"Oi, oi, senpai," Naruto pointed at him, "you certainly didn't complain when we had the Icha-Icha Deconstruction Seminar."

"What the heck?!" Ino said, face a bit red, nothing compared to Hinata's blush or Sakura's furious one. "What is wrong with you people? Are all the upper ranking shinobi crazy?"

"Crazy, huh?" Naruto remarked, "That's rich, coming from a future mind invader. Anyways, old man. Mission. Now."

"Yes," Sarutobi coughed into his hand and threw him a scroll. Naruto scanned the report for a full minute. He couldn't believe it.

"Are you serious?"




"Zabuza Momochi?"

"The one and only."

"Kakashi's team faced the Demon of the Hidden Mist?" Naruto asked. The girls seemed confused, he couldn't blame. Iruka was in a different state altogether.

"No," Iruka looked at the Hokage with betrayal in his eyes. "Lord Hokage, are they-"

"They're fine," Sarutobi assured him, Ino and Sakura seemed to take a breath of relief after hearing that. Hinata too, she was good friends with Kiba growing up—who apparently played a factor in boosting up her morale when they were kids. He'd have to thank her one of these days. The burdens a fiancé had. "Kakashi fought off Zabuza before a fake Hunter nin took him away. Paralyzed him with needles to make it look like he was dead."

"Thank God," Iruka sat back down. The man was genuinely worried about his students. "To think Kakashi fought off one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen."

"Yes, but he's retained injuries from the battle," Hokage clarified and went into great details about what happened. The girls were scared and relieved. He couldn't blame them. Naruto, on the other hand, was pissed.

No, not pissed at the fact that Zabuza attacked them. No, that was how the shinobi system worked. What did get to him was the fact that Zabuza got that chance. The Kakashi he knew was nowhere near as weak.

Zabuza Momochi, A Rank nin, high bounty, wanted by the Mizukage's Anti-Bloodline faction for desertion, treason, betrayal and attempted murder of their leader. Wielder of the Executioner Blade and one of the most overrated threats in that side of the country. Some would call him egotistical or overconfident, but Naruto could easily dispatch someone like him, as could Kakashi. Did leaving ANBU really hamper his skills that much? Would it happen to him?

"Naruto," Sarutobi spoke, "your team is to back up Kakashi, get the Bridge up in Wave Country and fend off Zabuza."

"Who hired him?" Naruto asked, then thought about it for a second. "It's probably Gato isn't it?"

"Yes," the Hokage replied.

"Do we take care of him too?"

"If needs be, though he does have a better purpose if he's still alive."

"Understood," Naruto said and turned to his team. "Go home, pack for two weeks, say your farewells and meet me at the village gate in one hour." They didn't need to be told twice, there was a certain level of mutual respect they had going on.

"Speaking of an hour," Sarutobi looked at the chūnin, "Iruka could you go and get that file I handed to you a week ago?"

"The Kumo one?"

"The very same. Don't be late."

"Yes, sir," Iruka got up from his station and passed by Naruto, putting a hand on his shoulder. There was no doubt, that was pride in the man's eyes. Even Naruto couldn't hold back a smile. "You've come a long way, Naruto. Right now, if you keep this up you'll surely become Hokage." Naruto didn't want to say no to his face and simply nodded. The man left and Naruto looked at the Hokage.

"What's the real reason you're sending me out there?"

"Excuse me?"

"If it was to protect their team, or even take out Zabuza you could've sent a single jōnin to help them," Naruto pointed out. "What's your real endgame?"

"Did you get Jiraiya's letter?" The Hokage asked as he took out another scroll.

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?" Naruto saw a red scroll being thrown his way. Opening it, his eyes widened and the air in the room thickened. "You're serious?"

"Yes," Sarutobi said. "Times are changing."

"This is going to set off a reaction, you know," Naruto closed the scroll. "I can't even begin to describe how many laws in the Treaty we're going to be violating once this gets done."

"Don't tell me, Ghost," Sarutobi leaned forward, "have you actually begun to care about rules?"

"Not in your life," Naruto Uzumaki, formerly known as Ghost, smiled. "Anything else?"

"Yes, another jōnin will be joining you as backup, just in case, and a cover of course."

"Okay, does he know about the true mission?"

"No, only you do," Sarutobi confirmed. "Now go on, you don't want to keep your team and her waiting."


"Yes, her."

"Okay," Naruto paused. "Who the fuck is her?"

"The jōnin that's going with you, of course."

"Yes, I know, you monkey fuck," Naruto knew the old man just wanted to hear him curse, "Who's the jōnin?"

"Kurenai Yuhi."

Note to self: fetch saké before leaving.


Sakura Haruno was an eager creature. Always had been, be it due to her nature to learn something new, insatiable curiosity towards all things dark and mysterious, or just something that was unexpected. All done with packing her bags, bidding her goodbyes and running from home to the gates, she found that her teammates had arrived at the same time as her. It'd be the first time she stepped outside the walls of Konoha. Fear did work in her mind, all those talks from her mother about the enemies lay beyond the lines. Excitement was there too, seeing a whole new world for the first time.

Life was becoming bit normal now, barring her arguments with Ino—which sure as the sun existed—would never end. Otherwise, her days had been going fairly well. Of course, it would be better if she could see Sasuke again. To Ino, Ami, and all the other girls who were infatuated with the boy, her love might have seemed like nothing more than a crush. They were so wrong. It wasn't the fact that Sasuke was from a clan that attracted, or that he was ridiculously good looking (it was BIG plus though), but all in all it was his solitary shell that did. She still remembered the day, it was the second year of the Academy. When Sasuke had actually staved off a few bullies off of her and Ino, that was the day he had stolen her heart, and she had gladly given it to him.

Of course, Ino got the impression that he did it to save her. The dumb bitch.

"What are you in deep thought about?" Ino spoke to her for the first time with that sneering, bitchy voice and…it was the first time she did all day today. Brilliant green eyes narrowed at the blonde in suspicion. "Alright, what's with that look?"

"Girls," Hinata tried to be the peacemaker, as was her role, "let's not argue right now."

"You didn't bitch at me the entire day," Sakura honestly answered. "You didn't even complain much today either. Come to think of it, you've been weird for the past few days."

"What?" Ino rolled her eyes, trying to dodge the subject; Sakura knew her tells too well. "You're just making stuff up. Get out of my face."

"Ano," Hinata held her chin in thought. "She's right, Ino-san."

"For the last time, get rid of the san, Hinata."

"She is right though," the Hyuga continued, unafraid of the small look Ino gave her. Part of Sakura wondered what magical potion sensei made her drink to become so bold. She might need to get some of it herself when Sasuke-kun was around. "You and Sakura-san haven't been, well, arguing. Too much lately."

"I have better things to do than waste my breath on her," Ino replied with a huff. "Besides, where's our stupid sensei anyway?"

"He'll be here soon," a new voice, feminine, rich and unexpected answered. All three of them looked at the source, and Sakura recognized her. It was her, the exotic-eyed woman from the bathing house. Dressed in fishnet draped by bandages, Sakura eerily noticed how some of the passing men passed her by and snuck a glance. She could understand, the woman was by all rights gorgeous. And full. Why couldn't she be like that?

"Who are you?" Ino, the unbridled one in their group, pointed a finger and asked. "And why are you eavesdropping? That's rude." Sakura smugly smirked. The pot was calling the kettle black.

"Kurenai-sensei?" Hinata started, a bit confused, but smiling. Then Sakura noticed her eyebrows twitching. Ever so slightly. Weird. Must've been muscle reflex.

"Hello, Hinata," the woman smiled. Warm, charming, alluring. God, this woman would kill men with a smile. "How've you been?"

"Fine, sensei," Hinata said, her voice coming off a little firm. The Hyuga turned to her teammates as she introduced the woman. Apparently the jōnin had a soft spot for Hinata and often went out of her way to help the girl after her mother died. Hinata largely indebted a large part of her confidence slowly rising through the years to the woman. As if she were an older sister. It was so cute. Sakura felt like gushing, but Ino was there. Gushing for later.

"Hinata, you praise me too much," Kurenai softly patted the girl's shoulder. "As for why I'm here, Lord Hokage deemed it fit that one more jōnin travel along with you. Given the circumstances."

"Is it too dangerous?" Sakura asked. She'd beaten Ino to it. Both of them were worried about Sasuke-kun. Especially after hearing that bit in the office. The pinkette had been praying her love was alright.

"The mission is risky considering which shinobi got involved, but we should be enough," Kurenai's words assured them both. She then looked at Sakura. "We meet again. This time under proper circumstances."

"Yeah," Sakura laughed a bit, cheeks rosy. "Last time was really awkward." Why did she have to bring it up? Ino would surely rattle about it.

"Where'd you two meet?" On cue the gossip queen fired it away.

"The Warm Whirlpool," Kurenai answered. "I was having a rather ecstatic conversation with someone who recognized her as one of Naruto's students."

"Yeah, sorta," Sakura said, clearly trying to dodge further talk about this. As if Ino would let that happen.

"OH and who was this someone else?" Ino asked getting in Sakura's space.

"Some woman named Anko," Sakura said. Her face was annoying now. "What's it to you anyway?"

"Nothing." Ino was lying. Sakura could tell. They both knew each other too well. "She's probably some jōnin."

"Yes," Kurenai cut in. "A tempered one at that." Well, they weren't the best of friends, Ino now knew that much.

"Glad to see you're all done socializing." Her sensei's voice reached her ears, along with his presence right behind Ino. Sakura was surprised, but Ino—fool she was—jumped. Her cheeks very pink and very bright. Their sensei looked at her with a raised brow.

"You alright?"

"Yeah!" Sakura blinked. Did Ino just squeal? "I mean yeah. Stop jumping me from behind all the time." And talking loudly apparently. What was up with her this morning?

"Jump you?" Her sensei walked forward. He smirked a bit. However, Ino was quiet. Her head was somewhere else and her leader noticed it too. "Oi." Oh he poked her in the forehead. "What's wrong with you today?"

"Nothing! Just…nervous," Naruto shrugged. Ino looked embarrassed. Sakura smiled. Today was a great day so far.

"Don't worry too much," Naruto said and turned around. "I've trained you well enough to know you can take care of yourself. Also, you have Kurenai here." He walked forward. Well, that was unusually warm of him. Or had he been this way from the beginning? Sakura wondered if her sensei was bipolar at times.

"Wait sensei," Sakura asked, needing to assure her theory, "what about you? Won't you help?"

"I'm overkill," Naruto said. "Now, you know the mission, and met the extra help."

"I'm not the help."

"You're right. You've met extra baggage." Ino and Sakura couldn't hold back a giggle at the face the jōnin made. Hinata was holding back. Not too well apparently. "Let's go. The more daylight we waste, the worse." With that they were out and Sakura breathed in. She was ready. She had to be. Her first real trip outside Konoha. As a kunoichi. She had to win. For her, and for Sasuke-kun.

For over an hour they'd been sprinting through the route to Land of Waves. It was dragging out much more than it should have. Her sensei, cruel as he could be sometimes, did train her. She could run faster than this. Hell, Ino could tiptoe faster than this if she wanted. Probably not.

She was bored. Too bored. Taking a chance she looked at her sensei was leading the group ahead and yawning. She'd been seeing him in a different light for a few days. Ever since her mother revealed who the guy was and how he saved her Dad from becoming human shish kebab, she felt a sense of gratitude towards him. Which daughter wouldn't? Slowly, the gratitude paved its way into admiration. Someone so young, her age, already graduated, honed his skills as a shinobi and probably one of the better ones their village had was her teacher. Not only that he cared too.

In his own insufferable way.

Like right now, Ino thought as Sakura's finger slowly twitched. Forehead was a bit surprised, but considering what their sensei did almost every day, this was child's play. The chain hook shot out of the tree at a menacing speed aiming for their sensei. The sharpened hook at the end cut clean through his head as blood and flesh fell over the place. Ino sighed as she felt someone creep up behind her. She dodged the blow towards her head and immediately kicked him square on the chin.

His head was dazed. Sakura followed with thin razor and shuriken; it wrapped around the assailant, cutting through his clothes and the shuriken dug deep into his flesh. They were poisoned too, if she wasn't wrong. Hinata rushed him with a flurry of strikes as the man shook and fell with a guttural scream.

"Gozu!" their sensei's killed shouted as he looked at the trio of kunoichi genin with baleful eyes. "DIE!" It was the only word he was allowed to say before he froze. Kurenai Yuhi appeared behind him as the man fell.

"I thought Kakashi captured them," Naruto emerged from the tree with a cup of instant ramen in his hands. Of course he did that. "Not that it makes a difference."

"He's become more lax," Kurenai commented. "He should've finished them off." Ino knew her teammates felt a slight chill too. The casual way the jōnin spoke of killing off the shinobi was…still hard on her ears.

"Yeah, maybe," Naruto tied them up both to a tree. "Then again sometimes killing people doesn't work. They're like cockroaches these ones. No matter how many you stamp out, more will emerge. Still, somebody needs to clean up."

"Sensei," Hinata tried to say more, but he waved her off.

"Eh, you guys move on," the blond told them. "I need to have a little chat first." Kurenai nodded and they began to walk. "One last thing."

"What, sensei?" Sakura asked and Naruto looked at all of them with a thumbs up. Eyes still unimpressed as ever.

"Good job. I'm proud of you all."

"You could at least put some effort into it!" Ino righteously shouted at him. A nerve in her head blew up profusely. She shook her balled fist. "You're saying that like you were forced to."

"Fine," Naruto Uzumaki sighed. "I take it back. You all suck."

"Sensei," Sakura muttered with cruel features. "One day you'll regret all this abuse."

"Oi, Hinata," the one-eyed jōnin looked to the Hyuga, "have you got something to add?"

"I think," she began, "You could be a bit more enthusiastic, sensei."


"Hey!" Even Hinata snapped at him.

"I'm not apologizing. Now shoo," Ino huffed and left with the group. They knew full well what their sensei was going to do now. After a while as they ran, Ino felt her sensei catching up to them. She and Sakura were the furthest behind and Naruto came in between them. Sooner than they imagined the group was at the pier in a matter of hours. There was a boatman waiting for them and their sensei had taken off his vest. He looked completely relaxed as he leaned back into the boat.

Honestly, Ino wasn't liking it. This cavalier way he was chilling while she knew her mind was focused on the safety of Sasuke. She could tell Sakura must've been thinking the same thing, maybe a bit more than her given the way the pinkette often dazed off into nothingness. Kurenai was on guard as usual, as every jōnin should be. Hinata was looking out throughout the mists that surrounded them all. Her eyes saw through it all. She wondered if her eyes could-

Naruto yawned loudly again. Their sensei was bored. "Rower," he looked at their guide.


"I'm bored. Sing me a song." Ino smacked her forehead, Sakura sighed, Hinata giggled a bit and Kurenai smiled, trying to hide it.

"I don't sing."

"You're the worst rower I've ever met," if the man was insulted he didn't show. After all their sensei was a shinobi aka a killing machine in the eyes of civilians. "Fine, I'll sing." Their sensei coughed, clearing his throat. Ino wouldn't admit it, but she was looking forward to this. All of them were; Hinata looked back, Byakugan flared up to remember this; Kurenai put one leg on top of another, there was a charm to it; Sakura folded her hands on her lap; the rower was rowing, but looked on with focus.

"Miso~" Naruto Uzumaki began. His voice was deep, husky. "Miso ramen~ So good~ Instant ramen~ So great~" That was all Ino heard before she burst out laughing. Sakura did the same and Hinata began to uncontrollably giggle. Kurenai looked away while the boatman was snickering. Their sensei did not look pleased. "I feed you gold, and you all shit me bronze." The laughing would last for sometime before they finally made it to the pier. Their sensei told them off about how they didn't appreciate true art.

It was nighttime and the jōnin decided to camp out. They would be heading out at dawn and Naruto decided that the jōnin would be taking the watch. He said it was a reward for them doing well today. Ino wasn't going to complain. She did need her beauty sleep especially because she'd be meeting Sasuke tomorrow. Best plan ever.

Alas, sleep did not come despite all her efforts. She wasn't tired and partly blamed her sensei for that. The man increased their stamina pools with daily death traps and hour-long run for their lives. She felt she owed him a little. Okay, maybe more than a little. Though that was probably because she thought he was cute. Okay, no. Their sensei was hot. But he was no Sasuke-kun.

It was humid in the tent and Ino was sweating despite what little she wore; a pair of shorts that showed off her toned thighs and a t-shirt came barely down to her belly button. Her hair was loose too. Sitting up she stepped out of the tent. The little bonfire crackled slowly as the mist surrounded them all. There was a serene mystery to the scenery and Ino took a moment to appreciate it. Then she realized what was missing. Hinata and Sakura were in their tents, sleeping. Their watchers, Naruto and Kurenai, were not here. With caution, Ino used her skills to follow where the tracks went. She was in the woods now, it wasn't too deep where she stopped, but gave just the right amount of shade.

Ino was a flower bloomed. She was a young woman who understood that everyone had needs. Everyone. Sometimes she would have dreams, dreams of her enjoying the sweet gift of making love. It always involved bright lights, a soft bed and the aroma of perfume. Two people becoming one. That was always the picture in her mind. Now, here in the danker woods where the smell of nature in droves lay, another fragrance rose. The fragrance of sweat, sex and something sweet.

Lemon Starts

With turquoise eyes she watched with rapt attention. Kurenai Yuhi, the beautiful jōnin she met today, was naked and lying on the floor. Her hands were tied with the same bandages her clothes had. Another one was tied around her mouth to muffle her moans, it wasn't doing a very good job. She was naked; her rich, creamy skin was glossing with a thickened sheen of sweat; her raven black hair was a mess and puffed up from the thrusts; her red eyes were widening with each shake and tearing up. Her legs were spread apart and beneath her was grass that looked like it'd been rained upon.

Her sensei, Naruto Uzumaki, was bare too. His body toned and sculpted by the Gods themselves had a fair number of scars. It was nothing however compared to the thing between his legs. Ino had almost a hard time believing it. Even from this distance she could tell it was big, very big. The giant meat pole was thrusting into Kurenai's pussy with great vigor and one of his hands was squeezing her breast, making it turn red from the pressure as her nipple grew stiff. The woman screamed into her gag before she came. Lovely honey dripped from her womanhood as she shook.

Her sensei got out of her and stood as Ino took in the full size of it with her eyes. She didn't have a Byakugan, but she could tell it was well over ten inches. What the fuck? She thought to herself as she felt her throat become dry. She smacked her lips and her heartbeat increased. Then Kurenai Yuhi, jōnin of Konoha, a genjutsu expert as she put it, wiggled her hips in the air. Her pussy and ass were exposed, wet as dew on morning flowers, as she moaned something into her gag.

"You really are a slut, aren't you?" Naruto said as he smacked her left ass cheek. Ino felt something stir in her. "Do you want me to punish you more?" Ino saw Kurenai nod as the blond kept slapping her ass cheeks and Ino felt her hands roam on her own.

Her digits were rubbing her labia, fingers trenched further into herself as she watched the man put his tongue into the older woman's snatch. Like a madman he hungrily devoured her pussy and Ino felt herself reach a new high as she shut her mouth. She came. So soon? Ino tasted her own little lovely liquid. The young woman felt herself grow hotter as she watched him line up his manhood against her pussy before he put all of it inside her. Ino raised her top, her breasts felt painful and heavy, nipples stiff as ice as she shamelessly watched them rut and squeezed her own nipple. Her fingers were rushing in and out of her as she tried to match the rhythm her sensei was pounding away it. The way Kurenai endlessly moaned, shook and kept cumming, made Ino imagine herself in that place.

What a lovely thought it was. Being fucked like that by Naruto Uzumaki. She didn't imagine anyone else. The sex wasn't the usual sweet and romantic way she wanted it. This time it was more coarse and rough and better. Tried as much as she could she couldn't keep up. Ino was spurting out her own juices over the grass and rocks she was leaning against as her sensei just kept going on and on. Ino with weaker legs ran away. She couldn't be able to keep quiet any longer and rushed to her tent.

"Oh yes~" she lied inside, her body completely drenched with sweat. One hand blissfully squeezing her breasts and nipples, the other pinching her clit. "Oh fuck yes~" She imagined herself and Naruto, naked and in bed. Her legs spread wide apart as he held her hips with his strong hands. Their hips were violently smacking against each other as Ino Yamanaka felt the greatest pleasure in the world. The sight was clear in her mind, her Yamanaka genes made it vivid.

They were in the Hokage's office as she sucked him off on her knees. Naruto grabbed both sides of her head and Ino fought to not smile around his dick. She was really going to get it now. Ino took all of his cock into her mouth until he began pumping, fucking her mouth and throat until she made the noises that made him so wild.

"Get up," Naruto pulled from her mouth, leaving her gasping, and gently grabbed her up to stand on her feet. Of course she still wore her heels, Naruto sensei would like the way they made her ass look, and she wondered if he noticed that. "Lean over," Naruto commanded for her to grab onto the desk. She smiled devilishly, ecstatic that he'd give her the same treatment.

"You are a very, very bad girl." Naruto pulled a seat up to sit behind her, and Ino looked over at him in bewilderment. This wasn't how this usually went. She remained silent, but Naruto didn't move a muscle once he sat in the seat behind her. "Go on and show Daddy how you've cum without me." Ino looked at him wide eyed and curious. She had no idea what he meant or what he wanted her to do.

After letting out a little breath she was leaning over his desk, making sure she was giving him a really good view. First she cupped her hand around her tits, playing with them, tugging at her perky nipples. Then she lazily lowered her hand and began to carefully swirl her hand around the top part that felt really good. The one that Naruto always licked so attentively until she saw stars. Ino let herself moan, really getting into the way it felt to have someone watch.

Ino moved to the slickness of her folds and dipped a finger inside, moaning as she did so. She began to rock against herself, shaking her ass, and pumping faster. She knew she was going to make herself cum, she felt that coil wrapping itself around her insides, the warmth of it pushing her. Ino began to work herself faster and harder, until she finally, for the first time, came all by herself. All for her Daddy.

"Oh Daddy~" Ino moaned out for good measure. She heard the creak of Naruto's seat and she could just feel the heat radiating from him.

God, she ached for him to reach out and grab her, to touch her and make her his, but he only hovered beside her to whisper hotly, "Are you ready, sweetheart?" Naruto moved his hand up the back of her thigh to the round of her ass and popped it once.

Hard and fast.

She let out a yelp and he whispered, "No one makes you feel like this. Do they?"Naruto spanked her two more times and said, "Who's the only one who makes you cum?"

Ino shook her head back and forth and let out a small scream as he whacked her ass one, two, three times. Naruto hurriedly tugged his pants off and began to rub himself against the wet of her folds. She groaned and gripped harder onto his desk. "You want to cum for me, baby girl? Do you need me to remind you who makes you cum the hardest?"

Ino squeezed her eyes shut, "I want to cum so badly, please show me."

Then, she heard a footsteps in the hallway and felt Naruto still. If the Hokage walked in now, it'd be over. Ice ran through her veins as sheer panic overwhelmed her senses. But just as the Hokage stopped before his office, they very same Naruto and Ino were gracing with their lewd little session, another person came to say something, and they were off. And before Ino could get back into her right head space, Naruto was spitting on her ass and shoving the top of his digit inside. She hissed out and bucked against the intrusion, but Naruto slipped a finger easily back into her pussy and the sensation almost made her finish right then and there.

"That's right. Daddy's little girl loves it in all her holes. Tell me you love it."

Ino moaned, "I love it Daddy, please harder, please. I want your cock inside me."

And for the first time Naruto listened to her begging. He slipped his cock inside and slowly moved, so slowly it made her cry out. Naruto kept his finger inside her ass while he continued his slow, deep strokes. "Tell me who's making you feel good."

"Daddy~ Daddy you're making me feel so good."

Tears of pleasure and frustration clouded her eyes, it felt like heaven. She was moments from being pushed over the edge and he knew it. Naruto knew exactly how to leave her begging for more and just when to make her quiver around him. "That's right, don't you ever forget it."

Naruto leaned over her, his head right beside hers, as he quickened his pace. Ino began to meet his thrusts and moaned his name over and over. Naruto grunted and whispered encouragements for a moment before standing straight and gently shoving his finger further into her ass. Ino yelped out and Naruto continued to fuck her, going deeper and deeper until she felt her eyes begin to roll. "Please, please, please."

Naruto smacked her ass and leaned into her ear, "I'm going to cum inside you now and you're going to think about it all night until I fuck you again." Ino nodded eagerly and tried to arch her back even more for him. Naruto moaned at the sight and smacked her ass one more time. "Cum for Daddy, baby girl. I want to see your face when you cum for me."

Ino cried out and shouted but kept her eyes on his as the warmth spread through her body. She began to shake and quiver around him as she moaned, "Daddy, Daddy, please."

Naruto pulled his finger from her and used both his hands on her hips to drive deeper into her. "Beg for it baby, beg."

"Cum in me, Daddy. Cum in me." Ino repeated as she reached down to touch herself.

Naruto threw his head back as he continued to fuck her, "That's right, touch yourself baby girl, I want to see you touch yourself for Daddy." Ino reached below and again, did as she was told, and began to touch the bundle of nerves until that same feeling built up. "Oh fuck," Naruto cried out as the warmth spread inside her. Ino collapsed onto the desk in a heap of sex, sweat, and exhaustion. A soft kiss was planted on her shoulder, her neck, and then her cheek. Ino spoke out in happiness.

"I'm Daddy's girl."

Lemon Ends

Hinata Hyuga looked at Naruto Uzumaki with squinted eyes. Sometimes her fiancé went overboard. She knew he wasn't a man she could control. No one could a hundred percent. Maybe the Hokage, she thought to herself. The Third Hokage had visited their house a number of times and laughed with joy when he found out they were to be married. He looked proud too. But moving on. She knew Naruto Uzumaki could never be sated with one woman.

She tried hard to change that fact, but it was no use. She knew the list of women who were his 'things.' She was at the top as he himself said it. She believed him. She had no reason not to. How many other women could claim to have been his fiancé? Zero. That's right. None, and the sex. Good God, the sex. Hinata had never felt truly more alive. She knew Kurenai couldn't resist having sex last night, but the real shock came when she heard Ino moan Naruto's name.

With slight jealousy in her mind Hinata had rushed out. Her mind already convinced her Sensei-kun was fucking her teammate's brains out; the Yamanaka had been moaning his name. To her surprise she was alone and Hinata felt…conflicted. Ino was always Team Sasuke, along with Sakura. What had changed? She didn't mind. But what changed? Sakura, thankfully, was asleep. Perhaps she was busy with dreams of her own.

"You got something on your mind?" Naruto asked her as Ino and Kurenai lead the charge, one doing her best to avoid looking at their Sensei-kun and the other walking with a very light limp. Sakura was in the middle and Naruto, whenever he could grabbed a handful of Hinata's ass. At one point he had even shoved his hand down her pants and into her asshole. Hinata restrained herself as she fought against his teasing.

"I'll tell you about it later," she said and she looked at Naruto look at the rest of their group with a cautionary eye. He leaned in close and whispered in her ear.

"Later, tonight, the only thing you'll be telling me is to keep going." It was a promise. She could feel herself grow moist at the thought. Soon enough, the group had arrived at the location Kakashi had told them off. There were traps along the way and markers. Any goon would have a rough time getting through it, not them though. A modest two storied house was their destination as Naruto knocked on the door.

It opened to reveal a pretty woman in her late 20s who looked confused and scared. Hinata sighed to herself knowing where this would probably go. Good grief, she thought to herself, at this rate Naruto-kun will have seven wives.

AN: I'm done you blokes. Hope you wankety wanks enjoyed the unusual chapter today. Can't have the same fucking fuck happening every chapter, right? Of course I'm fucking right. Now, go and stroke your willies to this you wank pheasants. This is the King of Wankers signing off.

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