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Sadism was an art, not for those faint of the heart or those with a weak resolve.

Malice, manipulation, and a small dash of madness were necessary to truly enjoy the misery of others. Naruto never considered himself to be a sadist, but he had his moments. He would mock enemy shinobi, talk shit about their village and their comrades and their Kage –the last one garnered him their ire the most. Watching them falter, lose their shit before reeking of the same substance, made him nod his head with appreciation. It was probably why Anko had a thing for him.

As he thought about Orochimaru's abandoned student he ducked a punch coming from his blindside. Grabbing the arm he yanked the person forward before delivering a kick, a gentle one, as the assailant skidded back, rolled on the dirt before slowly getting up. He looked at the attacker. This one was bit the dust like the other two. Based on what he read on the files, they'd seen better days. Still he had to give credit. Those three hadn't given up yet, they had spunk and guts. Sadly, he couldn't pass them on those terms alone.

After crushing the bells, Naruto calmly explained his plan. A test of teamwork between the three graduates, something that all three of them had caught on to as he pointed out. The blond clarified that he knew they would work together for the sake of graduation. Under no circumstances was he going to let that happen. Such a thing would only hamper their actual growth later, and he knew how important teammates could be on the battlefield and real life. Moving on from their stupefied expressions, he drew a small ring around the ground standing in it, he gave his team one objective.

Knock him out of the circle and graduate.

They'd been trying for the last two and a half hours. With each new attempt they failed, though he was glad to see that the attacks were coming in coordination now. Of course, then Ino and Sakura would argue, get into a tussle, Hinata would try to break it up before going back to square one. Naruto would've been annoyed if hadn't paid attention half the time. The sun reached the middle of the sky, the overbearing heat hit its peak, the birds flew away ominously the alarm clock blared to life.

Naruto sighed as he looked at the three, shook his head in disappointment and coughed. "Congratulations, you failed."

Sheer horror was what he saw in their eyes, none more so than Hinata –for he knew what would become of her. The way her puppy lavender eyes seemed so hopeless, it almost made him go 'Aww'. I'm getting soft.

"We can't fail," Sakura spoke first, jaded eyes now dreary. "I-I can't just-"

"Calm down, Haruno," Naruto raised his hand. "You're not the only genin who'll fail this year. Lots of them do every year. Look at it this way. You won't get raped outside the village." He didn't bother to note how all three paled. Kunoichi getting raped and sold was nothing new. Weaklings had no place in the shinobi world. They were about as useful as honor.

He walked forward and opened the lunch boxes again, the seal inside them kept the food warm. The sweet aroma spread wildly in the air, attracting every famished person to it. In this case three. Naruto sat down and he could hear the kunoichi mumbling something, tears were forming at the corner of their eyes. Naruto wasn't made for this sentimental candy floss, though he did feel a bit bad for them. Innocent young flowers they were. Without hesitation, he dug into his lunch and ate heartily with a smile on his face. The pork was deliciously cooked. It was too good to be true.

"You know," he spoke after swallowing. "I could do a little something." The way their eyes shined was so precious.

"S-Sensei," Hinata finally muttered. "What do you mean?" Desperation clear in her voice.

"You're going to give us a second chance?" Ino asked, her voice laden with shame and exhilaration. Naruto realized he liked teasing out the dearest emotions of others more than he thought.

"In a manner of speaking." Naruto quietly kept finished his lunch, the kunoichi were teetering. He stood straight and stretched a bit, taking as much time as he could. "Like I said before, you all failed. But there is one thing I can do."

All three Academy graduates looked at him with hopes in their eyes, affection in their hearts and respect in their minds. Yeah, he did not want that unless he earned. Until then being a sarcastic jerk was fine.

"How do I put this?" he stroked his chin in thought, rubbing the growing stubble. He needed to shave. "Only one of you gets to pass."

He heard two loud shouts on cue, one short gasp and a groan –the last one came from him. "You heard me. Oh and one last thing, I'm not the one making the decision."

Before the three girls knew what was happening, Ino and Sakura felt strong and calloused hands touch them. They shivered a bit from the foreign contact. It was rough yet warm, they felt ropes being wrapped around them. Tightly they dug in. Around their arms, their waists and chests. They gasped in shock as they found themselves tied to the posts and Hinata standing along flabbergasted.

The Hyuga felt a hand on her shoulder and slowly turned around. Naruto-kun's face was inches away from her. He smelled of leaves, cologne, and something else she didn't know. Blood rushed to her cheeks as she felt her entire body quivering.

"You get to make that choice," he said, the warm breath from his lips caressed her nose and she shivered. She felt something solid touch her stomach, it was a box her sensei handed to her. "The reason I'm giving you lunch is because you're the only one who didn't get into a useless bicker every five to ten minutes. Thus, you get to make the choice. Word of advice, if I were you I'd pick myself."

With those words he disappeared. His back landed comfortably on a thick, wide wooden branch. He'd always loved Training Ground Six. It was, in a sense, home. He trained here, bled here, and even got beaten into the ground by so many teacher and friends –Shisui wrecked him the most. Birds chirped, the wind blew and he sighed. It was so peaceful here.

Hinata felt as if her heart was going to burst out of her chest. She stood in front of the two posts, watching her teammates glaring at each other cursing all the same. Even now they were both bickering about a boy –who wasn't even here.

"All of this happened because of you!" Sakura bellowed. It resounded throughout the Ground Six. "If you just listened to my plan and did what I told you to-"

"Your plan?" Ino gawked. "Yeah, I remember your plan working very fine. Sensei cut through all our shuriken and kunai like it was nothing. And now you have the gall to tell me I ruined it? You bit-"

"Stop it!" Hinata yelled, frustrated at the thoughts going through her head and more importantly the burden on her shoulders. "Don't you two realize what's happening?"

"Yeah, we're going to fail." Sakura pointed out. "Let's be honest. We could never work as a team to begin with. As long as she's here that is."

"As much as it sickens me to say it, you're right," Ino agreed with her former friend's words. "We can never work together."

Hinata clenched her fists and gathered her wits; their bickering words were ignored as she pondered what to do. Naruto-kun had left her the decision. Naturally, she wanted to nominate herself. Being away from the one who inspired her to do better, then developing a crush on him was gut-wrenching. Especially after such a long time. Naruto had changed too. He wasn't bold, outspoken and brazen as he used to be. A distant aloof air surrounded him, always on guard, not caring about anything in general.

Is this what being a shinobi means? She'd heard tales of how the most human of people became brutal murder machines, devoid of mercy. Dogs of war, she'd heard her father once say regarding all shinobi –including him too. Naruto was a jōnin now, perhaps the youngest ever to her knowledge at least. That worried her more. To become so strong at such an age, it made her fear and flinch for what he went through.

What happened to you, Naruto-kun?

"Shut up!" Ino's yell - filled with fury and despise - brought her back. It was too loud to ignore. "You're the reason why I was held back. "Kunoichi of the Year" my foot. You couldn't even last a full twenty minutes without taking a break."

"Oh don't you dare!" Sakura snarled. She continued, "Don't go around blaming me for your shortcomings. You've always been this way. Ever since that day I told you about Sasuke-kun. You are nothing but a traitor of a friend."

"Friend," Hinata flinched at the poison in that word. Ino's glare could've murdered a person in that moment. "You made it very clear we weren't friends, Sakura."

The pinkette hesitated for a moment. How many years had it been since Ino called the kunoichi by her real name? Memories returned. Jealousy sparked. Rage resumed. "That's right we aren't. We never were. You were probably trying to make yourself look cool back then. It all makes sense now."

"That's enough," the icy words silenced them all. Naruto sat on top of the middle post in between Sakura and Ino. His face devoid of a smile and there was no book in his hand. The blond looked at Hinata who was still contemplating her decisions. "Well, what's your answer?"

"N-Nar…I mean, sensei," Hinata stammered, shocked at how she almost called him by name. "I still haven't made a decision yet."

"I've been gone for more than an hour," he said, impatiently drumming his knee. "You better give me an answer now, otherwise you all fail."

Naruto could see Sakura's anger, Ino's frustration and Hinata's torment. All three girls were suffering, two from losing their 'love' and one of them a few days away from becoming a branch member should she fail. A tragic affair the latter was. As for the former, he couldn't care less. At least this one had a brain that worked in other departments, her random blushes when he was around otherwise.

Hinata's eyes switched from Sakura to Ino, and vice-versa. Her own heart murmured different opinions. It was so hard! She didn't want either of them to fail. The Hyuga understood how they felt, zealous declarations ignored. She knew exactly how much they pined for the boy they crushed on, for she too had the one she admired and cherished and wanted in front of her. Do what's best for you Hinata. Her father told her to be effective this would be it.

She hesitated.

Neji's face flashed in her mind. Several other members of the Branch side popped up as well. All the short hands they were dealt with. If she chose her own happiness now, she'd be the same as those vicious elders. The same people who removed her status as heiress and deemed her useless. No. She would not be like them. Not now, not ever.

"Sensei," she spoke, her voice ironed. "I've made a decision."

Naruto's eye narrowed at her. She seems more…spine-y. Resting his cheek against his palm, he sighed. "Go on then. I've lost a lot of daylight today."

Hinata sighed to calm her nerves. She looked at both of their teammates and smiled. "I'd like to leave."

"WHAT!" both Ino and Sakura yelled, Naruto widened his eye for a moment.

"Excuse you and your all-seeing clan," the blond said. His tone both surprised and a big angry. Was this girl mad? Maybe she was.

"I… I w-would like to go back to the Academy," Hinata explained. "I…I realize I'm not ready to step out into the world yet. And I'd like you to give Sakura and Ino a chance."

"You can't be serious," he said. Naruto pointed at the two tied up females. "They've been at it since I got here, and you're giving up your chance to become my apprentice? You do realize exactly what will happen to you once you fail."


"And what about your dream?" Naruto was beginning to get annoyed. This display of blind idealism was getting to him, reminded him too much of his old self. "What happens to them?"

"I will find a different way," the Hyuga said. "Maybe if I'm with them, I'll understand them better. And lessen the issues between our houses."

"You foolish girl," he chastised. "Giving up your own dreams for the sake of others…pointless."

"M-Maybe, sensei," Hinata gathered her courage. "But…it's my choice. It's my ninja way. I, I can never give up."

Naruto closed his eye. He remembered their encounter now, clear as day. Snowy weather, bullies, him helping her, getting beaten up and declaring how he would never give up. He converted someone into his fan. This was so wrong. On top of that this girl would be branded with the Bird Cage Seal. For some reason, it got to him. Maybe it was because this girl treated him nicely. Perhaps she represented something he lost.

"Fine," Naruto gave up on her. He could see the tears slowly forming in the corner of her eyes. She began to walk away.

"Wait!" Ino yelled. The blonde Yamanaka sighed and felt guilty now. Hinata, the ditzy girl had just given up so she and Sakura could gain a chance. She did not want to benefit from the credit of others, what if Sasuke heard about this?

"I didn't tell you to talk yet," Naruto said in between. He could see something in those turquoise eyes. Guilt, shame and defiance.

"You're not my sensei yet. I can say and do whatever the hell I want," the jōnin raised an eyebrow at her words. Ino had, if nothing else, spunk. "I'll go back to the Academy too."

"And the plot gets thicker," Naruto couldn't help but sigh. At least Hinata's act had affected one of them. Though if he was a betting man, he was sure the look in Sakura's face meant something else too. "May I ask why?"

"I…" Ino pondered, arranging her jumbled thoughts. "I don't want to become a genin this way. Especially not by making Hinata fail while I walk away scot free."

"Wow," Naruto said making the girl blush with a twinge of embarrassment. A cute guy was complimenting her. "I didn't know you had half a brain in you."

The blush disappeared and a scowl settled instead. Ino grit her teeth at her fellow blond. Still, she was tied up and he was riling her up. It was all just a game. She huffed and looked away. "I'm not falling for that bait. Regardless, I'm not riding anyone's coattails."

Ino only prayed that Sasuke would understand.

Naruto hummed loudly, thoughts languidly scattered. He focused on the last member of the trio.

Sakura's jaded eyes looked conflicted. Part of her was ecstatic, her Inner as she called it, and was jumping in her mind. Ino was out, Hinata was out. Their sensei, weird as he may be, was strong and barely made any effort to beat them all. Sure she was no jōnin, but she was no pushover either. Now she could grow stronger and prove to Sasuke-kun she was worthy of his time.

"Well, pinky," the young jōnin murmured. "What's it going to be? You're going to be my sole apprentice?"

Yes! She yelled in her mind, her other-self agreed wholeheartedly. This was it. The moment she'd been waiting for.

Her gaze shifted to her sensei. His eyed her, refusing to look away. The shade of blue was unique and it was hard not to stare at him. Sakura looked at Hinata who looked mortified, but proud; the Hyuga had made her decision. She looked at Ino who looked torn between sad and annoyed. Yet one thing was very clear. The Yamanaka was not regretting it. That look made the pinkette feel unease.

No. Sakura chanted to herself. They turned down the offer. I have to take this. To be with Sasuke-kun.

The boy's image flashed before her eyes. How he'd look at her as a kunoichi, not a hindrance. How he'd smile at her lone success. How proud he would be to hear she was being exclusively apprenticed. It was then a poisonous murmur reached her ears.


It began to seep into her. What would happen when Sasuke-kun asked of how she passed? How would he respond when he heard that the timid Hinata and sardonic piggy refused, but she took it? Would he look at her with disgust?

"You're keeping me waiting." The jōnin's voice brought her back from turmoil. Did she want this? To pass in this manner?


She remembered her parents. The smiles they had when she passed. Their pride in her. It was all she needed to remember.

"I refuse."

Naruto sat there. Nerves overworking at what just happened. He'd underestimated the three. Now I have no choice. He cleared his throat, ridding it of imaginary cobwebs. "Well, I think this is the first time all three graduates refused to be genin. I guess this means I have less work to do. Buh-bye!"

Naruto smiled widely, jumping down from the post and leisurely strolling. His ears picked up the sound in the win and he extended his hand catching a kunai. He sighed, there was scribbling on the wrapping cloth around the handle.


You have got to be kidding me. The Hokage's humor was lost on him. Of all the things he could've wrote.

"Change of plans," Naruto turned around, grimaced and serious. "I've decided not to fail you all."

He heard shouts of joy, praises to whatever god that existed and a low whisper of "Yes".

"I wasn't done," Naruto pocketed the kunai. If the Hokage was throwing out free kunai, he wouldn't complain; the more the merrier. "The reason why I passed all three of you is because one, you three did work together in the beginning –albeit for different reasons. Two, none of you ever truly gave up. Three, I'm glad to see you three have some decency in you."

He saw the annoyed look, the slight glare and content face. He had a lot of work on his hands. "Now, there's something I want to show you all." Throwing two shuriken with wind laced chakra, they tore through the rope and bark of the posts freeing Ino and Sakura. Red swollen marks were seen on their arms; Ino's chest perked up a bit upon being free, Sakura's not so much. It seems both girls had noticed it too, if the smirk and scoff were hints. Naruto beckoned for both of them to follow him and soon enough they were in Konoha's graveyard.

The mood became somber without much effort as they neared the Memorial Stone. Naruto sighed and placed his hand on the obsidian made obituary. His eye focused on few names, two more than others.

"Do you know what this is?" He received no answers. "This is the Memorial Stone. Shinobi and kunoichi killed in action have their names etched here. It's the highest honor we have, granted even though sometimes we don't get to bring their corpses here."

Silence reigned. Naruto swore he could hear ghosts walking around and teasing him. Perhaps they were. "The reason why I brought you here is simple. You're all weak." He didn't want to see their shocked faces. "Had we been upon enemy shinobi, I assure you all three would've been dealt with by now. You'd be lucky if they decided to kill you."

Sakura's wretch reached his ears and he decided to hold back a bit. "You're all kunoichi now. Days of chasing pretty boys and wearing pretty dresses are over. Team Six will have its first mission tomorrow at eight o'clock. Meet me at the Hokage Tower. Don't be late."

"If you aren't."

"Oh don't worry, Ino," he turned around and brought out three headbands. The symbol of the Leaf shined brightly. "I won't be." It was all he said before disappearing. The three genin stood, each focused on their headbands and realizing how close they came to failing today.

"So…" Ino broke the daze they were all in. Mostly to comfort herself. "We passed."

"Yeah," Sakura spoke next. "We did." All three of them still tightly gripping their headbands.

"I think we s-should all head home," Hinata advised them. She too was tired. Naruto-kun didn't hold back when he hit them. At least she hoped he had not, otherwise these mere love-taps would be embarrassing.

"You're right." Ino began to walk away, but stopped for a moment. "Forehead."

"Piggy," Sakura said, ready for a war of words.

"Just," Ino sighed. "Don't start an argument during missions. I'll be willing to hold the peace if you do the same. We're just teammates. We're not friends."

"I was about to say the same," the pinkette retorted. "Don't worry, Piggy. We both know who's going to win." She then walked away after saying goodbye to the final teammate. Ino did the same as Hinata stood alone.

Quietly striding forward her all-seeing eyes searched for a name. She didn't have to wait long. "Hizashi Hyuga," she read and felt a pang. Neji's wrathful face flashed before her. Placing a hand on her chest, she calmed herself. Promising that she would achieve all her goals.

Danzo Shimura was a war hawk. A true utilitarian, valued ends over means every single day of his life. It was how he came so far. Naturally, everyone presumed he was a cruel, twisted, sadistic man. One who lived for the village, and would die for the village. They weren't wrong.

"Big Monkey is watching," the words echoed around the room. His visible eye looked at the text carefully. "I see your tastes in making a jest is about as fresh as a tree growing in Ame."

Snap, Naruto thought as he saw the leader of Ne give his remark to the Hokage. Kakashi stood beside him reading the orange book, giggling like a dainty girl. As if they would leave the Hokage alone in a room with Danzo. All the other jōnin had left an hour ago, and in came the bandaged cripple –Naruto's Fūton teacher.

"And I see that rainbows are still gushing out of your mouth." The Hokage smiled widely, lighting up his old trusty pipe. "Of course that's the reason why Mai never wanted to go to the Leaf Festival with you."

"Enough," Danzo muttered. Clearly the man did not want to speak about this Mai person. "You know why I'm here."

"The next Icha-Icha isn't out yet. Jiraiya is still writing."

"I'm not here for that." The War Hawk clarified. "It's regarding the Uchiha boy. Are you sure about this? We don't know how much Itachi affected him. His social behavior is unsettling."

That's rich, Naruto mentally sniggered. If Danzo didn't stay cooped up underground with a small private army the line would've been better suited. Kakashi giggled louder and kept saying lewd things about some "Moka". The man seriously needed to get laid, which Naruto was sure he did. Maybe the Copy Ninja just enjoyed messing with people on a personal level.

"Don't worry about him," Sarutobi assured his old teammate. "He's more loquacious than Itachi ever was."

"Yes, but Itachi wasn't," the Shinobi of Darkness paused, trying to find the apt term. Kakashi sagely cut in.

"An ass?"

"A dick?" Naruto added his two cents.

"Repressed?" Hiruzen asked.

"Volatile," Danzo shot each of them a look of disdain. How he wished he had Shisui's eye right now. Unfortunately, the Uchiha had destroyed both his eyes before committing suicide. A true loss for the village.

"Sasuke is young and grew up in a different time." Sarutobi countered. "He did have a normal childhood before that night."

"Hiruzen," Danzo's face darkened. "Things won't always be this way. Especially now that the Land of Rice has been invaded."

"Conflicts are always bound to happen. It's the natural order of the world." The Hokage breathed out dancing smoke. "Especially with us shinobi."

"And yet you condone hollow ideals." Danzo pointed out. "There's a war coming, Hiruzen. Not today, not tomorrow. But it will come. You and I have been alive long enough to know just how little it takes to for all the nations to become involved in it. You do remember?"

"I remember everything," Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Professor, the Great Monkey Guardian, the Third Hokage assured him. "You'll do well to remember that." After a few more matters, which included orphaned, rejected genin being enrolled into the side-draft program, Danzo left. He was not amused. Naruto and Kakashi then proceeded to give thorough reports on their team.

Surprisingly, Sasuke was more cooperative than Kakashi expected. Kiba, the brash heiress out to prove a point worked well and Sai was…Sai. The last one needed a bit of work. Naruto's explanation drew distaste from the other two occupants. In his mind, they were angry because he crushed the bells.

"Anything else?" Sarutobi asked and Naruto brought forth a scroll, placing it on the Hokage's desk. The old man inspected it carefully. "No."

"Just give it to their parents."

"They won't agree."

"Am I missing something?" Kakashi asked. The Hokage handed him the scroll. His eye widened and he stared at Naruto. "Are you serious?"

"Very much so."

"This is unorthodox." Sarutobi began. "Not to mention-"

"I know what game you're playing," Naruto cut in. The Hokage raised a brow. "The CRA."

"Oh," Kakashi drawled it out. "Well, I'll be going. Lots to do tomorrow. By your leave Hokage-sama." Sarutobi nodded and looked at the blond.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." The man smiled. Oh, how Naruto hated the smile in that moment.

"Well played," Naruto clapped a few times.

"I'm surprised you gave in."

"I haven't." The blond said. "This is entirely for training purposes. My compound is big, too big. Plus that seems to be the only way to whip them up in shape. I will not teach half-assed kunoichi. I did tell you they would have to go by my rules."

"I will run this over with them. I don't think they'll agree."

"It's up to them to decide. I have all the time in the world." Naruto idly looked at his father's picture. "Sometimes I wonder how less messed up things would be if he was still alive."

"Things would've indeed been different." Sarutobi sighed. "Probably better. My bones are getting old."

"Yeah they are. Do you need anything get done?" He saw the Hokage shake his head. "Okay, then. I hear the Springs got their private sections renovated."

"Don't peek."

"Do I look like Jiraiya?" Naruto pointed to himself. "Besides I have to train first. I didn't get my morning session."

"I'm sure there was a good reason for that."

"Yeah, there was."

Naruto sighed in contentment. The warm water relaxed his muscles as he leaned back. This is the life. Being a former ANBU, high paid jōnin, and a clan head had its perks. For example: this joint. Warm Whirlpool was his hot spring house and quite popular too. This particular room was for him only and by the Log, he made a damn good investment.

His muscular, toned arms rested on the edge of the large pool as he thought about his team. He had a lot of work ahead for him. Each of them equally concerned him, though he would be lying if he said he was a bit more concerned towards Hinata. Out of the three, she had the most to lose. That and the fact she might like him sorta made it weird. On top of that, Hinata was really, really pretty. Her midnight blue hair, pale skin, full figure and cute personality was wife material.

Can't believe I'd ever say those words. He really was growing softer.

The opening of the door put him on guard. He wasn't wearing anything, had he been he would've jumped out of the waters. Looking back he saw one person enter.

Her skin was tanned as the bare thick thighs showed proudly. Her hips were wide as the towel around her upper body barely held the article. Her chest was bountiful, the cleavage from above clear as day. Finally, her round shaped face adorned a predatory smirk and her chocolate brown eyes hungrily stared at him. Her purple hair, long and luscious was let down. It looked very good on her. It was the first time Naruto had seen Anko this exposed and the way blood rushed to his lower member, he liked it.

"Anko," he said moving away a bit as she entered the water. "You're not supposed to enter here."

"I don't like constricting rules like that," Anko cheekily replied now sitting just a bit away from him. The slow waving waters slowly dampened her towel, showing the skin beneath. "Besides, I do believe you owe me a round of applause."

"Right, congratulations on getting into T&I," he remembered. "Another sadist joins the torture unit. I can just hear the screams."

"It's your screams I want to hear," the former ANBU said, her sinful body wading through the water as she got closer to him. Naruto sighed.

Anko was... Anko was fucking hot. From day one he had a small crush on her. Later it lessened due to duties. Then the reverse happened. He could tell Anko liked him. Not just in a sexual manner too. They were friends and their jokes often got out of hand. Yugao kept reminding him not to cross that line –for good reason too. Naruto didn't want enemies to know about her. She could be a weakness. Now however, his resolve was weakening. That glaze in her eyes, the shallow breaths near his face and her soft, full, fleshy mounds resting against his chest. It made it very hard.

"Anko," he tried to speak but the purple haired kunoichi put a finger on his lips.

"No, you listen to me." She all but commanded. "I've been trying to get you to look at me. Go out with me, hell even fuck me. The closest I got was a boob massage after I teased you enough."

That was true.

"Now, I know you've told me this before. Enemies everywhere," Anko said. "But fuck them. I want you. What part of it did you not understand?"

"You know how things are Anko." He rubbed her cheek, soft as ever. She looked so cute in that moment. The true Anko Mitarashi most people didn't know. She was generally a tease even in private, but she had a soft side too. One she never showed.

"I've had it up to here," she removed his hand and cupped his cheeks. His blue eye stared intently into hers. "I'm done waiting."

*Lemon begins*

Without another word she slammed her lips onto his. Naruto personally gave up for today. Anko was stubborn, almost as much as him.

She breathed heavily, satisfaction seeping into her as she straddled his lap. Something long and hard below her was touching her leg. Despite the warm water, the fleshy rod was hotter. It was twitching and pulsing and throbbing. Anko opened her mouth to breathe and Naruto's tongue pounded against hers. It was fierce and hot. Lust controlled them both. Naruto's hands rubbed her thighs, squeezing the flesh and admiring it. Slowly they worked up her wet towel and removed it.

Her great breasts perked up and down, jiggling upon release. Greedily he grabbed them, squeezed the, pulled them. Hearing her moan into his mouth aroused him more. The desire to make her give out more delightful sounds tempted him. Forefingers and thumbs settled around her nipples. They were soft pink, hard and being teased out by his digits. Anko felt her buds ache a bit under his touch, but that only made it hotter.

Her mind was slowly becoming foggier. All that mattered in that moment was him. She'd been waiting for this for so long. Years. She reminded herself. Their furious liplock ended as both separated to breathe. It echoed here and Naruto's large, fleshy rod was rubbing against her heated entrance.

"You don't know how long I waited for this." Anko leaned down to bite his neck hard. Some blood came out and she happily licked it. A red mark was all that remained after the wound quickly closed. Naruto twisted her nipples a bit making her gasp. He held the back of her head, desperately kissing her again. His other hand adored her buttocks. He slapped them hardly under the water, grabbed and squeezed them as much as he could.

"You have an amazing ass," he said in between kisses.

"You've got good hands," Anko smiled as his head went down to take a nipple into his mouth. His tongue licked around her areola, softly and gently. He was teasing her and it was working. Her hand came down and started rubbing his shaft. By God it was big and warm and strong. She used both her hands to stroke it and felt delighted as it twitched with her touch. Naruto bit her nipple, hungrily sucking it and making it swollen. Anko smiled, some drool fell out from pleasure.

"Enough foreplay," Anko said not wanting to wait further. "I want you inside me now."

"As you wish," Naruto said cupping her perfect butt cheeks and raised her. The tip of his member poked against her slit. Slowly he went inside, relishing in every moment as the tight velvety walls encircled his dick. It was deep, warm, and very wet. Anko tilted her head back. Once she took him all in, her hips began to move slowly. Up and down, it was enchanting to watch. Her breasts heaved and perked and bounced with each movement. Her vagina felt warm and at the same time cold. It tried to envelop him, to draw him in, and press him out. Naruto's erection erection grew larger and harder.

He felt as if he was about to burst wide open. It was the strangest sensation, something that went beyond simple sexual pleasure. It felt as if something inside her, something special inside her, was slowly working its way through his organ into him. Her full, creamy thighs rubbed against his torso and Anko wrapped her legs around, locking them in an embrace –refusing to let go. Naruto assaulted her lips, Anko's tongue plundered his. She began to roll her hips as she kept her motion up, with each thrust the sadist felt herself becoming whole.

The pleasure was increasing and Naruto grabbed her hips tightly, before he began to thrust up harder and faster than before. Anko's tongue lulled out for a moment, her eyes dulled and her body began to shake as he felt her trying to clamp his dick off. Her sweet nectar flooded and covered his dick inside her, yet he did not stop. He kept going, fiercer than ever. She shivered and jerked violently, it was becoming too much for her. Anko already came once and Naruto was still spearing into her, hitting her cervix. To her this was perfect. Nothing came close to this wild, raw and complete sensation.

"Ah~" Anko's moans turned into screams. Her sweet voice desperate for air was honey to his ears. She was sopping wet, bucking her hips hard as she could to make him feel her love too. Naruto nipped at her neck, leaving several marks. The water around them kept thrashing around in small waves, colliding against their bodies washing them and making them hotter. Anko was becoming a mess, feeling another climax building up as Naruto relentlessly fucked her.

Something took him over. He acted beastly and couldn't stop. No, he didn't want to stop. Months of Anko's teasing was making him do this. He shifted a bit, momentarily stopping before slamming his entire length into her. Anko howled as she felt him reach deep inside, right against her womb. Tears formed from pleasure, and the blond kept hitting that spot, groaning as he felt her walls embracing his cock. Harder and harder he kept drilling into her, his own cock slowly heating up faster and he could feel his limits being reached.

After one last final thrust into her he came, along with her. Anko felt the warm, sticky liquid being shot into her womb. She shivered more from the warmth of it. It burst into her, and from the near endless amount she felt filling her up, Anko smiled. Satisfied at the climax she reached.

"That was fucking amazing," Anko breathed out, Naruto's dick now soft but still inside her.

"They just finished cleaning this pool," Naruto said, trying not to let Anko realize just how much she had drained him. Couldn't let her win a round just like that.

"Shut up," Anko rested her head on his shoulder. She nuzzled into his neck, kissing him lightly across the jaw. "That felt amazing whether you want to admit it or not."

"I'd say it was a seven out of ten," the blond said, cupping and admiring her ass cheeks. Were women of Konoha blessed with fantastic asses? If so his will of fire would never fade.

"Fuck you."

"You just did."

"I hope we're not done."

"That depends, do you plan to walk tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow's Sunday."

"Well," Naruto paused. Without a warning he slid a finger up her ass, Anko gasped at how his digit dug inside. His finger twirled around her and it was fucking tight. "I have a team to teach tomorrow, but it would be real shame to pass up this opportunity."

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