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Sasuke made two clones while he held Naruko. One appeared in front of her and said, “Get ready for your punishment.” He activated his sharingan only to let out an annoyed sigh seeing she had shut her eyes. “Guess you can learn,” he said. The other clone reached her head and forced her eyes open and had her look at the sharingan of the clone.


Naruko suddenly found herself naked in stocks. Looking around she saw that she was in the middle of the shopping district. There were hundreds of eyes on her, and she could not move from the spot she was in. next thing she knew a tomato was thrown at her.

“Demon,” yelled the villagers as they threw more fruit and vegetables at her.

“Wow always knew you were useless,” said Kiba as he threw his own fruit vegetable at her.

“You’re too troublesome to even deal with,” said Shikamaru as he lazily threw something at her.

“Man, I feel like this food is not even going to waste,” said Choji as he threw some at her.

“I never should have even given you that Headband,” said Iruka.

“Such a disappointment,” said the hokage. His words hurt her most of all.

“Jiji please help me,” she tried to yell. She knew this was another genjutsu, but she still could not handle hearing those words from him.

“Why would I help a useless person like you,” he said. “I have wasted enough time pretending I care about you. Its time I wash my hands of you,” he said as he threw a tomato that hit her square in the face. He then turned to walk away.

“Jiji don’t leave me,” she tried to beg but he just kept walking away till he disappeared amongst the crowd. She did not even hear anything else as she just focused on the spot on where the hokage was.

“Stupid I should not have attacked him then,” she said to herself. She thought if she could knock him out after releasing her leash, she could then find his scroll filled with tools, and turn the situation around on him. Now she must witness her worse nightmare and who knew how bad it will be when Sasuke freed her.

Suddenly a fireball appeared in the sky and hit the ground in front of her. she closed her eye to keep out the sudden bright light. Opening them up she can see a ring of fire appear around her. “Leave now;” she heard Sasuke say. She can see him inside the ring with her. upon his order the rest of the villagers left.

As they were leaving Sasuke turned to face her. he then slowly walked up to her and took her chin in his hand and made her look up. “They won’t bother you anymore because I won’t let them. After all you are know my property and I keep my property safe.” He spoke.

While a part of her hated him for calling her property. A part of her liked the fact he was protecting her. her eyes drifted to where the hokage was before returning to him. “I'm sorry,” was all she could say as tears started to fall.

Genjutsu kai

Sasuke was just looking at her as the clones prepared her for punishment. The armbinder had been put back on. Her legs were tied into a frog tie. Ropes were attached to a few rings on the armbinders as well around her waist and legs. They kept her suspended above the ground at the same height as his dick. She was blindfolded and nipple clamps with one-pound weights were clipped onto her nipples.

He was mentally debating over which end he would take for her punishment when he felt a surge of chakra hit him and cause his clones to pop. He just felt his chakra increase and was trying to judge how much it went up by. After a quick calculation he would guess he now had 60% of her chakra. That caused an eyebrow to raise and a small laugh to come out. He had an idea what part of the genjutsu broke a part of her will and smirked thinking of how to use this against her in the future.

He made a new clone before he released her from the genjutsu. He watched her squirm in her bindings for a minute before he spoke. “That was very foolish of you to attack me. Now I am going to have to punish you. He grabbed her shin and forced her head to look up while she could not see him with the blindfold that was not the point. “I do not enjoy punishing you. But I will keep doing it till you learn your place as my property,” he said. His clone walked up to her legs and spread them wide exposing her asshole. “This will hurt a lot more than earlier since their will be no lube. Just remember the extra pain is your punishment for being a bad girl.”

His clone nodded at him before it started to push his dick into her asshole. Sasuke then forced her head straight and pushed his dick into her ring gagged mouth. the two were out of sync at first but eventually got to the point that one was pushing in while the other was pulling out. He could hear Naruko gag on his cock since he was forcing it all the way into her mouth and in her throat. He grabbed a fist full of her hair to help put it all in. his clone did the same grabbing hold of her lips.

They kept this up till both him and the clone had cummed twice in her holes. Nodding his head, the clone pulled out and disappeared. This caused smoke to start coming out of Naruko’s ass as the cum disappeared as well. Sasuke then pulled out of her mouth and walked around her. he looked at the clock and saw it was getting late.

Sasuke looked at her and said,” I am going to remove the gag. If you do not want to sleep with the clamps on again then you will remain silent till I tell you otherwise.” He then reached her head and removed the gag. He waited a moment for her to speak but was happy that she remained silent.

“Now I want you to repeat these lines ten time. If you do then you will not sleep with, he clamps on. If you do not then your sleeping position will be much worse than last night,” Sasuke said. “I am Naruko Uzumaki Sasuke Uchiha’s slave. I am only his property and have no rights. I will do anything to please my master.”

Naruko opened her mouth to speak but closed it. “Please Sasuke just stop this,” she tried to beg.

“Do you enjoy punishments,” he asked.

“No,” she said.

“then why are you trying to make it worse for you,” he said. “Good girls follow orders and get rewarded. Bad girls get punished. Now are you going to be a good girl or a bad girl?”

Naruko just cried into her blindfold for a few minutes thinking about what he said. Her breast hurt from the clamp, and they feel even heavier than last time. She did not want to sleep in them again, but she did not want to say those lines it would be like a part of her had given up if she said them out loud.

“Bad girl it is then,” said Sasuke after she was silent for to long.

“Wait I’ll,” she was about to say she would say the lines not wanting anymore punishment but a clone forced a whiffle ball gag into her mouth.

“I gave you a chance to be a good girl. Maybe tomorrow you will be more willing to be a good girl,” said Sasuke.

His clone then lowered her to the floor before undoing the rope on her legs. Once done he tied her ankles and knees together. He then removed the arm binder and replaced it with a simple pair of handcuffs. The clone then picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and carried her into the bedroom.

Sasuke then pulled out the scroll and unsealed at the foot of his bed a giant bird cage. The clone threw her into the cage while Sasuke and another clone connected the chain at the top of the cage to the ceiling of the room. They adjusted it so the bottom of the cage was equal with the bed mattress. Reaching in Sasuke pulled off the blind fold allowing her to see her current bed.

“If you had been a good girl, you could have slept on the bed. Since you wanted to be a bad girl then you will sleep in this cage. Also, there are seals on those clamps that if you try to remove them then they will give you a bad shock and likely wake me up. If you wake me up by doing that then you will not enjoy your punishment,” he said.

Naruko looked around her cage. It was shaped like a bird cage but was too small for her to be able to stand up straight in it. Her eyes then drifted to the clamps, and she saw small weights attached to them, while she may be able to get her arms in front of her, she was not sure if Sasuke was bluffing about the seals. Her eyes then went to Sasuke only to blush as he stripped naked and laid down on his bed.

“Good night dope,” Sasuke said. He then closed his eyes and was soon snoring away. Naruko made quick work moving her wrist around her legs to get them in front of her. she was tempted to try and remove the clamps, but she had a good feeling that Sasuke was not bluffing. She leaned against the cage and tried to get comfortable. She eventually fell asleep thanks to today’s events, but it was filled with nightmares and her Jiji turning his back on her.



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