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hope you enjoy the story it was inspired by guest seal chellange Fem!Naruto becomes slave to Sasuke. while it does not follow the challange exactly it is using some of the ideas in it.

I do not own naruto. 

Standing in a middle of a small clearing is Sasuke Uchiha. He had just got back from his first C rank mission and was frustrated by how weak he felt during the mission. He could understand not having much of a chance against Zabuza bat the Dope was able to beat the Ice user that had knocked him out. Thinking back to the fight he started to quicken his pace through the Kata. Once he was done with it, he sat down and started to question if he would ever have the power needed to avenge his clan.

“no, I will avenge them,” he said to himself. He then opened his eyes revealing his sharingan. He gets up from the clearing and starts making his way to the clan compound. Upon reaching the compound he walked to a plain looking building. Stepping inside he sees what appears to be a normal house with the door opening to the living room. He walked into the kitchen and opened the second cupboard to his left. Biting his finger to draw blood he swiped it on a hidden seal underneath the shelf. This caused the fridge to move forward revealing a hidden underground room.

This was the Uchiha archives. His father had shown him this place only once and had never been there again till today. The house would normally be protected by at least two Uchiha’s living in it with both neighbors on the other side just an alert away from coming in. he would have visited sooner but a special seal on the scrolls prevents anyone without a sharingan from reading them.

Walking down the hidden tunnel he found a room filled to the brim with scrolls. This room contained almost every jutsu the Uchiha have ever stolen and the complete history of the clan. Not sure where to start he went to the wall to his left and started to scroll through the contents of the scrolls. After about two hours he was about to call it a break and get supper when he saw something of interest.

The chakra battery seal

By applying this seal to someone they can provide you with their own chakra to the person who has the matching seal on them. This seal was commonly used by Uchiha spouses to insure their significant other. If the battery consents to the drain, then they give up 85-90% of their chakra. But if the battery resist, then the drain is only about 50%. If the battery is pregnant the drain drops to 60% if willing 30% if not in order to ensure no negative effects on the child. The battery and recipient seal can be only one pair multiple battery recipient seals on one person risks chakra poisoning or destruction of chakra coils.

Below the explanation was a picture of both seals. Sasuke considers the use of the seals but knows he would need to apply it to someone with a large chakra pool. After all, while Sakura would be willing, he would receive almost no chakra from her thanks to her pathetic reserves. Of course, then his mind drifts to his other teammate. Naruko Uzumaki has the largest chakra reserves out of their entire class. No doubt she would be able to give him plenty of chakra.

Then his mind drifts to the consent issue. He would prefer the full amount of chakra but was not sure how he would get her to consent. Hearing his stomach growl, he shook his head and went to leave the archives. Once they were resealed, he then walked back to his home. He was surprised to see one of the village elders waiting outside his home.

“hello Sasuke,” said Danzo.

“what are you doing here,” asked Sasuke. He was hungry and tired, so he was in no mood for being nice.

“I simply came by to confirm a few things and see if you need any help in your training,” he said in a calm voice while his eye had narrowed at Sasuke’s disrespect. He followed the Uchiha into his home and sat at the table to ask his questions. “I had heard you had awoken your sharingan during your last mission is that correct?”

“yes,” said Sasuke showing the elder the sharingan.

“good we lost to much power when we lost your clan. At least now it can start to return,” he said. “tell me do you need anything to further your training. You will see I have a great deal of connections.”

Sasuke was about to tell him no when an idea came to mind. “I might have a need for something, but I will need to show you something first,” he said. “if you could just wait a moment.”

“of course,” said Danzo. Sasuke then turned around and ran back to the archives and grabbed the scrolls and a special pair of gloves. The gloves will allow the scroll to be read by non sharingan users if the one holding the scroll had a sharingan active. This was used during ancient deals being made or to allow those that marry into the clan a chance to look at the archive.

He returned a few minutes later and held the scroll open. “I need to keep it in my hands for you to read it,” he said. “I am no expert in fuinjutsu, but I feel this will help me greatly.”

Looking over the seal Danzo started to think about the use he could have of the seal. “while not a master I do have the skills need to apply the seals. Do you have a plan for the battery?”

“I only found the scroll half an hour ago, but my current plan is my teammate Naruko Uzumaki,” said Sasuke.

Danzo nods his head at this. The jinchuriki would provide the Uchiha almost unlimited chakra. The problem was he was not sure how it will react with the kyuubi chakra if she taps into it or the amount that just flows into her system. “wise choice she has one of the largest reserves in the village.”

“yeah, but I am not sure how to get her to willingly give up the chakra. If I do this I want as much as I can get,” he said.

“I may have a few ideas to get the seal on her and force her consent. Is it okay if I copy the seal information down so I can study it further,” Danzo asked?

“go ahead,” said Sasuke as he held the scroll long enough for Danzo to right the information.

“I will be sending you something that will help with the compliance issue,” Danzo said as he got up to leave.

“thanks for the help,” said Sasuke with a smirk. Danzo just nodded his head and left the Uchiha home. The next day Sasuke received a book titled ‘how to train your slave’ and a scroll that had training tools written on it.

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