Chakra Battery

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Sasuke woke up due to his pillow moving. Confused at first, he opened his eyes and saw a breast bouncing around with a nipple clamp attached to it. With that sight his memory of yesterday returned and he gained a smirk on his lips. “Teme get off,” he heard Naruko mumble as she started to awaken.

Sasuke grabbed one of the clamps and gave them a sudden pull. Naruko let out a hiss of pain from this and was able to wake up quicker. “what was that” asked Sasuke.

“I said get off Teme,” said Naruko. Sasuke frown at this and gave the clamp a twist. “sir please get off sir,” she said after a few seconds.

“better,” said Sasuke as he released the clamp. He then reached down and removed the clamps. “Since it is so early, I will forgive your slip this time,” said Sasuke.

Naruko gave a slight wince upon their removal but still let out a sigh of relief. “thanks,” she said.

“thanks what,” said Sasuke.

“thanks sir,” said Naruko with a small growl. She just got those clamps off and her no intention of having them get put back on so quickly.

“so, you can be taught,” said Sasuke. He then undid one of her wrists from the hand cuffs before turning her around on her stomach and cuffing them behind her back. He then took her by the arm and pulled her off the bed and led her to the shower. Once inside he started to pull down her shorts.

“what are you doing,” yelled Naruko with a bit of fear in her voice.

“getting you ready for the shower,” said Sasuke as he pulled her panties down.

“and how will I do that blindfolded,” she yelled in anger.

“quite simple really,” said Sasuke as he turned on the shower and got it to the perfect temperature. While he was doing that, he took off all his clothes as well. Once the water was perfect, he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her into the shower.

She let out a squeak when she was lifted and felt the water hit her. “Sasuke what are you doing,” she yelled.

“I already told you taking a shower,” he said with a smirk. He then took a wash rag and put a small amount of soap on it. He then started to wash Naruko’s back and arms.

“I can wash myself Teme,” yelled Naruko.

“With your hands cuffed,” said Sasuke as he reached his arms around and grabbed hold of her breast and started to squeeze them.

"if you would uncuff me,” said Naruko with a small moan.

“I think I prefer you like this,” said Sasuke. He let go of her right breast and reached down to her pussy and started to finger it. As he was doing this his penis was getting rock hard and pocking Naruko in the ass.

“Sasuke,” said Naruko in a small moan. “your p…pp.ppp”

“my what,” asked Sasuke with a smirk. “come on dope you can say it. Or are you pretending to be shy like Hinata.”

“your penis its pocking my,” was all she could say before letting out a small moan as Sasuke picked up the pace of his fingers.

“pocking what,” said Sasuke.

“my ass,” she manages to say.

“do you want it to go in,” asked Sasuke.

“No,” she yelled at him. Sasuke frowned at this before giving her breast a hard squeeze and stabbing his fingers deep into her pussy. This caused her to let out a loud moan.

“really I think your body may differ,” said Sasuke. He could tell Naruko was getting close to an orgasm so at the last moment let go of her.

“what,” she said with a mild disappointment in her voice.

“if you want me to top you off then let me enter your ass,” said Sasuke.

“No,” said Naruko turning around so she could face him. Well, she tried to turn around. Her foot slipped and she fell into the curtain and pulled it from the shower rod. She tried to get out but just managed to wrap herself tighter in the curtain.

“I’ll have to punish you after training for breaking my stuff,” said Sasuke as he turned off the water and got down to unwrap her from the curtain. Once she was free, he pulled her to her feet and dragged her out of the room.  Going back into the bedroom he threw her onto the bed and moved to his closet. He quickly got dressed before turning to face her.

Naruko had managed to sit up on the bed and the blindfold had slipped off her face. Seeing he is now dressed she said, “what about me huh. Am I supposed to train naked?”

“while that is an option, I don’t think we are quite there yet,” said Sasuke. He then pulled out a scroll from his scroll and unsealed an outfit from it. He set the outfit down and said, “turn around.”

She turned around and he uncuffed her wrist. “you have five minutes to get dressed,” he said leaning against the door.

“aren’t you going to leave,” she said looking at him.

“No and now you have four and a half minutes,” said Sasuke after a bit of time. “unless you want to train naked.

“fine,” said Naruko as she quickly grabbed the black panties and braw from the pile and put them on. She was in such a rush she never saw the seals on the clothing. She then grabbed the black shorts with a burnt orange stripe on the pant legs on. The shorts stopped about halfway up her thigh. She then grabbed the white shirt and threw it on. Finally, she grabbed a jacket with black shoulders and arm sleeves while the front and back were a burnt orange.

“now what,” she said glaring at Sasuke. He just glared at her before making a hand sign with his left hand. “ow,” Naruko shouted holding her left breast.

“there are seals in your bra and panties for both punishments and rewards. Every time you do not give me the proper respect then you will receive a shock,” said Sasuke.

“bastard,” said Naruko as she started to remove her jacket.

“no time we are running late,” said Sasuke as he grabbed her arm and started to drag her out of the house.

“what about breakfast,” Naruko yelled at him. Sasuke just grabbed a tomato from the table and gave it to her. “who has a stupid tomato for breakfast?”

Hearing this Sasuke pulled her forward so she stumbled past him. Once she was in front, he swung his arm to give her a spanking. “do not insult tomato’s,” said Sasuke in a dark voice. He then grabbed her arm and dragged her to the training ground.

Upon arriving at the training ground Torune and Fu were already there. “good you are here,” said Torune. “how is the chakra?”

Sasuke just smirked and flared his chakra causing cracks in the ground. “it feels like it can never end,” Sasuke answered.

“good activate your sharingan and watch Naruko perform the shadow clone jutsu,” Torune said.

“and if I don’t want to perform it for him,” asked Naruko.

“we have a full day planned and we need two hundred clones from each of you,” said Fu.

Seeing the three of them glaring at her Naruko just grumbled and said, “fine.” She performed the jutsu and created two hundred and five clones.

“your turn,” said Torune facing Sasuke. Nodding his head Sasuke performed the technique and made one hundred ninety-five clones. Fu then made only a single clone. Torune then made two insect clones. “fifty of you will go with Fu’s clone and work on advance tree walking. Fifty of you will go with one of my clones to work on water walking. another fifty will go with my other clone to work on taijutsu. He will also introduce you to a new style as well. The last fifty will go with Fu to work on elemental chakra training. Do you two know your elements?”

“no and what is advance tree walking,” asked Sasuke.

“it is one thing to just walk and run up trees to fight while vertical is even more difficult since you can’t focus so mush on your feet,” Fu said answering the question. While he was answering Torune pulled out two sheets of paper and handed them to the pair.

“this is chakra paper put a little bit of your chakra into the paper to see your elements,” Torune answered. Both put their chakra into the paper. Naruko’s cut clean in half while Sasuke’s crumbled before becoming slightly cut.

“Naruko had a wind element while Sasuke has a lightning element. It also appears thanks to Naruko’s chakra you gained a slight wind element as well. For now, we will focus on your lightning element,” Torune said. They then split off into the groups and moved to different areas of the training ground and the one next to it.

“what about us,” asked Naruko. “more training for me,” she said in a sarcastic tone.

“No while the clones will transfer memories to you, we will work on physical training,” said Torune.

“they transfer memory,” said Naruko in shock. This caused the pair to look at her.

“yes, upon bursting the memory will return to you. We will manage when they pop so they do not overload you and knock you out,” said Torune. “now give me twenty laps.” The pair just nodded and started to run twenty laps around the training ground.

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