Chakra Battery

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Sasuke had a large smirk on his face as he admired his work. Naruko had a black armbinder on her arms. A rope was tied to a ring on the end of the armbinders pulling it up and putting her in a strappado position. Her legs were kept apart by a spreader bar connected to her white ballet boots with eight-inch heels. He had taken off her bra and panties and placed little pads shaped like the Uchiha fans on her nipples. These had the same shock seals as the bra. Finally, she had a leather collar around her neck with a leash falling to the floor.

Naruko was still trapped in the genjutsu and Sasuke could see her pussy getting really wet from the teasing it was doing to her. one last look to make sure everything is secure Sasuke broke the genjutsu and stepped back for her to recover. It did not take long as she seemed to be shaking her head and from the way the arm binder moved tried to move them. This caused her eyes to widen and fully woke her up allowing her to see her current position.

“What is this,” she yelled as she tried to get free from the bindings.

“Your punishment,” said Sasuke. “I had told you that you would be punished for breaking my shower earlier.”

“That was an accident,” she said.

“You are also being punished for all the times you did not show me the proper respect today at training,” said Sasuke.

“I thought that was what the bra was for,” she said with a bit of anger.

“That was to remind you to show me respect, but the actual punishment is to hammer home that lesson,” said Sasuke. “Now I counted about twenty infractions during training so we will have a spanking per infraction and another ten for the shower.”

“Bastard,” she said only to have the pads on her nipples send a current into her. she winced at this since they were even stronger than the bra.

“twenty-one infractions,” said Sasuke. He then picked up a wooden paddle and showed it to her. “Now I am going to hit you with this. Every time I do you are to keep count and say thank you master.”

“And if I don’t,” challenged Naruko.

“Then it will not count, and we will keep going till you reach thirty-one,” said Sasuke as he walked behind her and lined up the paddle for the first shot.

Seeing this Naruko’s eyes widen, and she says “Sasuke wait don’t OW.” Sasuke hits her with the paddle before she could beg him to not hit her. seeing that she is not counting he pulled back and hit her again.  “Damn it Sasuke stop this,” she yelled at him.

“It won’t end till you count and thank me,” Sasuke said as he hit her again. It took another two hits before she finally spoke.

“One thanks you master,” she said but it was clear she was forcing the words out of her mouth. two thank you master,” she said after the next hit. This kept going till she finally said, “Thirty-one thank you master.”

“Finally, I did not think that would ever end,” said Sasuke as he admired her now red bum. “You know that could have been a lot easier if you just treated me with respect.”

“Shut up temph,” she started to say but Sasuke just put a ball gag in her mouth.

“I have heard enough of your voice today. Consider your talking privilege suspended till supper. I may not even give it back then,” said Sasuke. Naruko just glared at him and bit down onto the gag. Sasuke just looked at her as he made a clone and had it release her legs from the spreader bar. It pulled her legs together. He then took out a one-foot chain and attached it to each of the boots. He then threw a kunai and cut down the rope keeping her arms in the air.

The sudden lose of the rope surprised her and caused her to start and fall forward. She tried to catch herself but the chain on her boots limited her legs involvement. Before she could hit the ground Sasuke caught her and helped her stand up.

He grabbed her leash and started to walk out of the room. Not seeing any option Naruko started to follow him. She struggled to keep her balance with the boots and the chain made it difficult to keep up with him Sasuke looked back and smirked at her struggling form.

“Now it is time to begin your slave lessons,” said Sasuke as he led her through the house.  “As a slave you will never walk in front of me unless I order you to go somewhere in a hurry. You will also only wear what I give you and never complain.”

Naruko tried to complain but it was muffled by the gag. He eventually led her outside and she was confused to see most of her clothes from her apartment sitting in a pile on the lawn. Sasuke led her to a small post before he tied her leash to a small post in the lawn.

“I had a clone go to your apartment earlier and grab all of your clothes. I even had one henge into you and buy a few copies of the clothes you wore today and a few others I wanted you to have. From now on they are the only clothes you will wear. To insure this,” he said as he went through a few hand signs and launched a fire jutsu on the pile.

Naruko could only stand their and watch as all her clothes were burnt to a crisp.  To make matters worse Sasuke then pulled out her wallet gamma chan and opened it up. “You have no property, and everything belongs to me,” he said. He pulled out all the money from the wallet before throwing it into the pile as well.

Seeing this Naruko could only scream. She tried to walk towards the fire to save the wallet, but her leash stopped her short. She could only watch as the wallet burned away. It was one of the few birthday gifts she had ever gotten and now it was gone. She could only cry as she watched the fire.

“I hope you now understand your place,” said Sasuke as he walked towards Naruko. She just turned to glare at him. And yell at him through her gag. “I guess it will take a while for you to understand your place,” he said.

He walked over to the post and untied the leash before giving it a strong tug and starting to walk away. Naruko felt like being stubborn she dug in her feet and did her best to resist him. Frowning at this he grabbed the leash with both hands he gave it a good tug knocking her off balance and making her fall to the ground.

Sasuke then pulled her a few feet before turning around. “You can be either dragged or walk your choice,” he said. Naruko still had a small glare, but she let Sasuke help her stand again. This time when he tugged on her leash, she did her best to follow him. He made two clones to putout the fire once everything was just ash.

He took a longer route than necessary, but he eventually led her to the living room. Once inside he spun around and gave a tug on the leash causing her to stumble and fall into him. He grabbed her by the chin and forced her to look at him.  He then kissed her gagged lips and said, “now I already got to feel one of your holes and the one I want you to beg me for so let’s try out the third one.”

Naruko was confused at first tell her eyes widen and she started to shake her head. Not caring for her opinion, he led her to the edge of the couch and pushed her down, so she bent over the arm rest. She tried to get up, but Sasuke just made two clones. One held her leash tight on the other said of the couch. While the original and other clone undid the chain on her boots and attached them to small chains already attached to the couch’s legs.

Naruko could only turn her head and watch as Sasuke dropped his pants and showed off his partially erected cock. Her eyes widen at the size. Due to the shock of the genjutsu she had not had time to see how big it was, and she was blindfolded in the shower this morning. Now she was only able to focus on the Nine-inch penis. She tried to shake her head and beg him not to do it.

“How cute you think you have a choice,” said Sasuke. “I’m going to do this, but I will give you a chance to make this not as bad on yourself. He walked over to where her head was and put his dick right in her face. It can either go in dry as it is, or you can give it a bit of lubrication your choice. If you speak it goes in dry.” He then removed her gag.

Naruko could only look at the cock with a bit of fear. She did not want that going inside her ass, but she knew Sasuke was not bluffing on going in dry if she spoke. She could only stare at it for a minute before with teary eyes she opened her mouth and started to suck on his cock. Maybe if she got him off with her mouth, he would leave her ass alone.

Sasuke could only smirk as he saw Naruko sucking on his cock. she only gets it about half-way into her mouth before she could not get it to go any further. He was a little disappointed but figure he could train her to take it all in the future. Right now, was all about breaking her stubborn will before reforging her into the perfect submissive wife to restore his clan with and give him all the power he would ever want. 

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