Chakra Battery

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just so it is clear graduation age is 16 for this story. I thought I had put it in chapter one but turns out I forgot.

Nodding to his two-temporary sensei’s Sasuke took Naruko’s arm and dragged her into his home. He brought her into the kitchen and had her sit in the chair. He grabbed some ninja wire and tied her hands behind her back to the chair. He then did the same to her legs tying them to the legs of the chair. The whole time this was going on Naruko tried to yell at him, but the gag kept it muffled so he had no idea what she was saying.

“now I am sure you have questions,” said Sasuke seeing the look of fury in her eyes. “I will remove the gag and let you ask your questions once we are done, we will be going over the rules you will be following.” He then reached over and pulled down the cleave gag before pulling out the cloth.

“what the hell Sasuke,” she said to him. “what is this seal and what did it do to me?”

“that seal is the chakra battery seal. It takes your chakra and gives it to me. Right now, half of your chakra is being taken from you and given to me. But that is because you are fighting it. Once you give in it will take up to ninety percent of your chakra,” he said.

“fat chance bastard,” she said with a snarl. “I will never give in to you.”

“we will see,” said Sasuke with a smirk.

“how the hell did you even set all this up,” she asked.

“I do not know how it was done. I had mentioned the seal to elder Danzo and that I had considered you for the target. He just said to leave it to him,” said Sasuke.

“so, it was all the mummy man huh,” she said with a look of anger. “how in the world do you plan to get away with this?”

“the seal on your tongue from what I was told will prevent you from telling anyone about this. so, no running to the hokage. Also, for the next month our two sensei’s will be training us most of the time and when not training us to be shinobi I will work on turning you into the perfect slave for me,” he said with a large smirk at the end.

“I will never be your slave,” she said trying to bolt out of the chair, but the ninja wire held her in place.

“we will see,” said Sasuke. “now let us go over the rules you are to follow. When alone or with those in the know you are to refer to me as either Sasuke sama, master or sir.”

“sorry Teme not happening,” she said only for Sasuke to back hand slap her.

“violating rule will result in punishment,” he said.

“fuck you Teme and fuck your rules,” she said only to be slapped again. This time it was hard enough to knock the chair over and leaving her on her side.

Walking over to her Sasuke reached down and grabbed her by the hair to lift her up and set the chair upright again. “now what do you call me,” he said keeping his hold of her hair and give it a tug.

Naruko was going to mouth off again but the tug of her hair and pain from her cheeks made her think twice before saying, “Sasuke sama, master, or sir.”

“good,” said Sasuke. He then let go of her hair and went to his own chair to sit down. “rule number two is no back talk. Just like you have been doing.”

“but you did not say it earlier,” she said in a challenging tone only to be slapped again.

“you must really like being slapped,” he said. “I will be right back,” he said as an idea appeared in his head. He walked over to his room and grabbed the scroll he had been given he went through it till he found what he wanted and summoned it. Shoving the items in his pockets he returned to the kitchen. He then walked behind Naruko before pulling one of the items out of his pocket.

“next thing you should be aware of is that you have no automatic rights everything is a privilege that I can take away,” he said. “for example, I have been kind enough to give you talking privilege, but you keep being rude about it. So, I will now take away your right to see,” he said. He then took the blindfold he had grabbed and placed it over her eyes before tying it behind her head. He made sure it was on tight and kept her from seeing anything.

“what the hell take this off,” she said with a bit of panic in her voice.

“no back talk and no proper respect,” Sasuke said before pulling out a pair of nipple clamps and attached them to Naruko’s nipples.

“ow take them off,” she said. She tried to shake them off, but they stayed in place.

“no,” said Sasuke. “They will remain with you till morning as punishment. And the blindfold will remain till we go to the training ground tomorrow. If you keep violating the rules, then I may make you train blindfolded.”

“yes sir,” she said. She was worried what else he would do to her if she kept fighting him on this.

“good now for the next rule you will follow all orders that I give you to the letter and not question them,” he said waiting to see if she would interrupt. Seeing how he has silenced her fighting spirit for now he went on. “all decisions will be made by me and you will accept them. Now I want you to stay quiet in the chair while I cook supper.”

“what is for supper, sir,” she asked.

“you will see,” he said. “actually, I guess you won’t.” he then walked over to the kitchen and started to prepare his favorite tomato soup. As he was cooking, he heard Naruko cry a little but remained silent in fear of what he would do to her. once the soup was done, he set one of the bowls on a stool and stood in front of it. He pulled down his pants and started to masturbate in front of the bowl. Looking at Naruko helped him harden and cum in no time. With the new topping on the soup, he picked it up and set it down in front of Naruko.

“next rule will be during private meals you can either be fed by me or eat like an animal,” said Sasuke. Since you stayed silent, I will let you choose.”

Naruko stayed silent not sure which option would be worse. After a minute or two she finally said,” feed me sir.”

Very well,” Sasuke said as he grabbed a spoonful of soup and started to feed Naruko. He would stop on occasion and feed himself. ‘note to self-learn shadow clone jutsu to have it feed Naruko while I eat,’ Sasuke thought to himself.

“well, what did you think,” asked Sasuke as he took the bowls and threw them into the sink.

“the soup had a weird taste in it,” said Naruko. “it was not bad just weird.”

Sasuke gained a smirk knowing what that taste was. “good. The taste was from a special ingredient. That I am sure you will grow to love. He then pulls out a kunai and cut her free form the chair.

He then grabs her by the arm and drags her through the house till they reach his room. Once in the room he threw her on the bed and pulled out a pair of hand cuffs. And cuff her arms above her head to the bed.

“Sasuke please don’t,” said Naruko with a hint of fear.

“Don’t worry,” said Sasuke. “We’ll leave this area till you are a bit more willing. The other holes will be fair game later though,” he said as he reached his hand down her pants and massage her pussy.

“for now, just relax we have a long day tomorrow,” said Sasuke. He then laid down next to her. Naruko struggled for a few minutes but manage to move into a somewhat comfortable spot and was soon asleep. Sasuke smirked and wrapped his arms around her and used her breast as a pillow.  

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