Chakra Battery

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well time for the second chapter of chakra battery. 

It had been a week since his discussion with Danzo. During that week Sasuke had spent his time reading the book he was given which made it harder to train with his teammates. Every now and again he would start imagining Naruko in the positions he had read about bound and completely at his mercy.  Unfortunately, his teenage mind would have these images appear at the worst moments and he would screw up what ever training exercise they were doing at the time.

“Sasuke Uchiha,” said a voice behind him. Turning around he sees it is a member of the ANBU.

“the hokage wishes to see your team in half an hour,” he said. He then looked around before whispering to Sasuke. “Danzo-sama want you to know the plan is about to begin.”

That causes Sasuke to have a raised eyebrow. He had not heard of what Danzo had planned and figured it was to keep his reaction to it more consistent. Now his mind was swirling with possibilities. As he was trying to figure out the plan his mind focused on the three biggest obstacles. He had doubted his sensei would not notice his sudden boost and want to question him about it. The second was how to get the time to train Naruko. And the third problem was her connection to the third hokage. If she tells him what he is doing, then the third may just kill him.

These thoughts remained in his head as he arrived at the hokage office and sees his two teammates. his eyes focused on Naruko crossing her arms under her D-cup breast. For a moment, his mind started to imagine his dick getting a massage from those beauties.

“hello Sasuke-kun,” said his other teammate immediately killing his growing boner and causing his eye to twitch. Sakura was one of his top fan girls with only one useful trait. She had a high level of intelligence. Outside of that she had to be the most useless kunoichi the village had ever seen. He just lets out one of his grunts and stand by them by the door.

“hey Teme ever heard of manners,” yelled Naruko. “she said hi you should at least say high back.”

“oh, and you are an expert in manners dope,” I tell her. ‘of course, I am sure a few spankings on that nice ass of yours would help teach you,’ he thinks in his head. Again, his imagination goes wild imagining her laying on his lap her hands bound behind her back and thanking him for every smack to her behind.

“shut up Teme,” said Naruko looking a little uncomfortable. The looks Sasuke had been sending her all week felt a little off to her and sometimes concerned her. the doors open and the three stepped in. “hey Jiji what did you need us for,” she asked.

“yes, I wanted to tell you that your sensei will be out of the village for a month on a high rank mission. The client specifically requested Kakashi and left little choice but to send him,” said the third hokage.

“what about our training,” whines Naruko. Sasuke was wishing she would shut up and imagined her being unable to speak with his dick in her mouth. He soon shakes his head to get those thoughts out of his head. ‘not in front of the third. He may have some way to tell and feel he needs to defend his pseudo granddaughter,’ Sasuke thought in his head trying to keep his imagination from going to wild.

“don’t worry I manage to find a few sensei to help you through out during the month,” he said motioning with his hand. That allowed three people to appear behind us. The first was a tall man wearing a mask on the top half of his face with glasses on them keeping his eyes hidden. The next man had auburn colored hair and was even taller than the first guy. The last one was female and much shorter than the other two. She had shoulder length white hair.

“these three are Torune, Fu, and Lotus. They will oversee your training for the month. Torune will train Sasuke, Fu with Naruko, and Lotus with Sakura. I expect them to be treated with the same respect you give Kakashi."

“will they also be an hour late every day,” asked Naruko. Both of her teammates could only nod at this question.

“no, we take punctuality important,” said Fu. "Me and Torune train together a lot so you two will most likely get training from both of us."

“what about me,” asked Sakura to Lotus.

“your file sais you have good chakra control,” she said in a monotone voice. “we will be splitting between medical techniques and genjutsu to see which one you have more of an affinity for. Also, at your level you would only hold your teammates back.”

“what I was top kunoichi in my class,” she yelled. “Naruko was the dead last.”

“that was only due to a traitor’s actions and to much weight towards academics. In most physical training Naruko Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga competed for the top spot,” she said while staring at Sakura who flinched back like she had been slapped. “come on,” she said placing a hand on Sakura and the pair disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

“what a bitch,” said Naruko.

“but she was truthful,” said Fu. He and Torune then put their hands on the pair and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

“why can’t they ever use the door,” muttered Hiruzen. He then made a motion with his hand causing one of the ANBU to appear and sweep up the leaves.

The four of them then appeared in front of a small cave. Naruko investigated it for a moment before saying, “so what.” That was all that was said before Fu hit her in the back of the neck knocking her out.

“come on Danzo-sama has everything prepared,” said Torune. Fu picked up Naruko and carried her over his shoulder. Sasuke followed the pair into the cave. As he was following them, he figured out the cave was an entrance to a whole tunnel system upon realizing that he made sure to stay close to them, so he did not get lost. After a few minutes, the arrived at a room that had two chairs in it. Fu set Naruko on one of the chairs before removing all the clothes on the upper half of her body. Once she was naked from the waste up, he used the restraints on the chair to keep her in place.

“Good you are here,” said Danzo. “did Hiruzen suspect anything?”

“No Danzo-sama,” said Torune.

“Good now open her mouth,” he ordered. Fu forced her mouth open and pulled out her tongue. Danzo then started to put the seal on her tongue.

“what is that” asked Sasuke. He knew it was not the battery seal since it had to be placed over the heart not the tongue.

“the cursed tongue eradication seal,” Danzo said. “it will prevent her from telling Hiruzen anything.” Once it was done, he put chakra into the seal allowing it to take its normal form. The jolt from the seal was enough to awaken Naruko.

“What is this,” she asked once her tongue was released. She tried to escape her bindings but found them holding her strong. This is also when she notices her current state. “what are you sick perverts doing to me,” she yelled.

“you are going to be used to give me more power,” said Sasuke.

“oh, and why would I help you with that,” she said in anger.

“we are not really giving you much choice. Once Danzo-sama applies the seal to you then most of your chakra will be mine,” Sasuke said.

“and how do you plan to get away with this,” she said. “once Jiji finds out he will kill all of you.”

“that seal we put on your tongue will prevent you from telling him,” said Danzo. “now be silent while I start on the seal.”

“fuck you bastard,” she yelled at him. “let me mph,” she started to say only for Fu to shove a sloth into her mouth and add a cleave gag to keep it in place. Nodding his head Danzo starts to make the battery seal over her heart.

“Sasuke it will take Danzo a few hours to finish the seal,” said Torune. “I want you to read these while you wait.” He handed Sasuke a few scrolls.

“what are these,” he asks as he opened one of the scrolls.

“ANBU level tactical guide as well as a few files from past ANBU missions. Read through them and I want you to be able to tell me what they did right and what they did wrong,” said Torune.

“great homework,” muttered Sasuke. Shaking his head, he goes to the other chair and sat down. While he was readding the files his eyes would drift up and see Naruko uselessly try to struggle her way out of the chair.

After about three hours Danzo moved away and said,” it is done now to make the recipient seal.” He turns to face Sasuke who nods and removes his shirt. Danzo nods his head and starts to draw the other seal. This one took about an hour to write. Once done Danzo put his hand on the seal while nodding to fu. FU puts his hand on Naruko’s seal, and both activate them at the same time.

Naruko let out a gagged whimper  as she felt her chakra disappear from her. she tried her hardest to resist the seal, but half of her chakra still left her, and she was starting to feel tired from the sudden loss.

“whoa,” was all Sasuke could say as he felt his chakra levels rise to a level, he could hardly believe he knew she had a lot of chakra but this much and it is only half. He tried to flare his chakra, but it felt lethargic and non-cooperative. “somethings wrong my chakra is not responding properly.”

“no that is normal,” Said Danzo. “from what I can tell it will take a few hours for your body to adapt to the boost of chakra. It will also take some time for her to adapt to the sudden loss no matter how fast her chakra tries to regain what was lost.”

“I see,” said Sasuke that makes sense. Even with the seal to help his body could not adapt that quick.

“Sasuke, me and FU will be around to train the two of you at Six AM,” said Torune as he took Sasuke by the shoulder and used the shunshin technique to leave the base.  Fu removed Naruko from the chair and did the same to her. He arrived at the Uchiha compound holding up Naruko by her arm.

“well dope ready for your new life as my slave and battery,” said Sasuke with a smirk. Her only response was to glare at him.

Just so it is clear Hiruzen only knows the three form their ANBU credentials and did not know about there connection to Danzo. 

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