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After finishing up their lunch the pair made their way back to the training ground. They arrive with five minutes left of lunch. Torune was just standing in the middle of the training ground. Upon their entry he turned his head towards them. “You are a bit early,” he said. “Go through warmups for a few minutes.”

Nodding their heads, the pair go through the warmups. After about six minutes Torune had them stand at attention. “This morning we worked on your physical training while your clones worked on chakra exercises. In about twenty minutes the first clones from tree walking will burst twenty minutes after that will be water walking. elemental chakra training and taijutsu will then follow them in the same twenty minutes increments. The cycle will continue till all the clones have burst. Do you understand,” he told them?

“Yes sensei,” the pair said.

“Good continue the work out from the morning till you get the memories. Once you do, we will work on using your new knowledge. Tree walking will be a twenty-minute spar, but you can only fight on the sides of trees, water walking will be running laps around the lake. You will know what to do for your element training and taijutsu will be a normal spar,” he said.

“So, we will go from normal spar to tree spar,” asked Sasuke.

“Correct,” said Torune.

“Get ready to taste a lot of dirt dope,” said Sasuke as he started his lap.

“Yeah, right Teme,” said Naruko only slightly wincing from the bra.

“Oh, confident are we,” asked Sasuke as he started to run.

“Yeah, I am going to win those spars,” said Naruko.

“Your confidence will be your end dope,” said Sasuke. “But if you are so confident, why don’t we make things interesting?”

“And how do you plan on doing that,” asked Naruko with narrowed eyes.

“How about who ever hits the ground the most by the time we start the water laps has to remove an article of clothing?”

“What,” yelled Naruko in shock.

“What scared you will lose chicken,” said Sasuke.

“Oh, you are on,” yelled Naruko.

“Good,” said Sasuke. “Shoes and socks count as 1 per pair so no left sock then right sock nonsense.”

Before Naruko could respond they received memories from their clones. They both turned towards the nearby trees and jump towards them. While in the air Naruko spun around and launched a round house kick at Sasuke. Sasuke brought his arms up to guard the kick, but this knocked him back into the ground.

“That is one point for me Teme,” said Naruko.

Sasuke let out a growl as he lowered his arms revealing his know active sharingan. He upped his speed and jumped onto a tree near Naruko. He then started to hope around her tree trying to confuse her. not wanting to give him a chance to hit her from behind she soon chose a tree to launch at hoping to meet him. She gained a smirk of her own as she saw him heading right towards him.

Seeing this he twisted his body to land an ax kick on her head. Seeing this she brought up her arms to defend and let out a hiss of pain from the hit. Sasuke used the power from the kick to launch himself upward and land upside down on the tree branch above Naruko. As she lowered her arms, she looked behind her thinking Sasuke moved to a new tree. She did not notice the descending shadow till she felt a solid punch to her side knocking her off the tree.

“Guess were even now dope,” said Sasuke.

“don’t think this is over,” said Naruko as she held her side with a slight wince. She then hoped onto a new tree and started to move around the wooded area of the training ground. The pair jumped into the air meeting each other between trees before throwing punches at each other Sasuke managed to dodge all her punches, but Naruko got hit twice before launching a kick at him. Sasuke met her kick with his own and they used the momentum to fly back to a nearby tree. Sasuke hit his tree first and moved to a new tree closer to Naruko seeing him Naruko jumped to the tree aiming to meet him there. Just as the landed on to the tree they got the memories from the water clones.

“Looks like round one ends in a draw,” said Sasuke.

“Yep, so what happens,” asked Naruko.

“How about we both go shoe less,” said Sasuke.

“Sound fair,” said Naruko taking her shoes off and jumped onto the lake before starting her laps.  Sasuke soon joined her shoeless in the water. The pair were running their laps much slower than they were on land since their control on water walking was unstable. Twice the pair nearly feel in and once Naruko did fall into the water. Both were relieved when the next set popped.

They both left the water and Naruko grabbed a leaf from a nearby tree. she placed the leaf in her hands and concentrated her chakra trying to cut it in half. After a few minutes she let out a hiss of annoyance seeing the leaf was crushed by her chakra not cut. Letting out an annoyed huff she dropped the leaf and grabbed a new one.

Torune then held up a case of lightbulbs for Sasuke. He took the lightbulbs and held onto the metal part and tried to light it up. He had his sharingan active and watched as his chakra flowed into the lightbulb. he let out a smile as the light bulb started to light up only for it to go out. He sent a glare at the bulb before he started to focus on the bulb again. Neither made much progress by the time the taijutsu clones popped.

Four and a half hours later

Naruko ducked under Sasuke’s punch as she sent her own into his sternum. Seeing it coming Sasuke stopped channeling chakra into his feet and slid down the tree just out of her reach. He reached forward and grabbed her arm before restricting himself to the tree and throwing her over his shoulder. She tried to remain on the tree, but her feet just took the bark with it.

“That is two for me dope,” said Sasuke with a smirk. He still had all his clothes on except for his shoes. Naruko however was down to just her bra and panties and was starting to get desperate.

“It’s not over yet Sasuke,” she said. She then jumped onto a tree and made her way towards him.

“Oh, I think it is,” he said as he pulled out a pair of shuriken.

“Hey this is a taijutsu spar,” she said.

“No Sensei just said a spar in the trees he never specified,” said Sasuke.

“He is right. continue” yelled Torune.

“Dammit,” said Naruko. She thought it was a taijutsu spar, so she never grabbed her weapon pouch when she lost her pants. She then jumped to a new tree trying to come up with a new plan.

As she was jumping Sasuke kept close watch on her the whole time. Seeing the perfect opportunity, he made a jump and threw a pair of shuriken at her. seeing them coming she nimbly moved to have them pass by her. she did not see the ninja wire connecting the shuriken till it made contact and started to wrap around her.

Her eyes widen at this, and she tried to get free, but the spinning shuriken just moved around her before they wrapped the wire twice around her and pinned her arms to her sides just below her elbows. Before the shuriken could hit her the cord was cut by a kunai. This allowed the cord around her to loosen but it was too late to stop her from hitting the ground again.

“Bastard,” she yelled as she got up. She freed herself from the cord and glared right at him. Only to make the mistake of looking him in the eyes.


As soon as the eyes met Naruko felt the ground shake before a tree sprout from the ground and grow behind her. branches then sprout from the side wrapping it around her arms and chest pinning her to the tree.

“What a genjutsu,” she said. “We will see about that.” She tried to gather chakra to break free, but she found it did not work.

“Sorry dope but since most of my chakra used to be yours then your body has no foreign chakra to push out,” said Sasuke. He then jumped from his tree and stepped on the ground. “Look one point for you.” He then reached forward and pulled off her bra.

“Hey this is not over umf,” she tried to argue only for a branch to grow by her head and wrap around her head and around her mouth cleave gagging her. two more branches then sprout and wrap around her legs keeping them in place.

“It is over and now to have some real fun,” said Sasuke he reached down and stuck his fingers past her panties and started to finger her pussy. As he was doing these two more branches grew around her breast and started to squeeze them. Sasuke also used his other hand to play with her breast and started to suck on her other breast. This caused Naruko to moan into her gag but before she could have an orgasm he stopped.

“Sorry no orgasms till you are begging me to stick my dick into your pussy,” said Sasuke with a cruel smile before he went back at her again.

Genjutsu kai

Sasuke just smirked at the still Naruko as he looked down at her from the tree. He knew what she was seeing and had no intention of ending it any time soon. “Sensei is it okay to end training early today,” he asked.

“You have both made great progress so you may today, but don’t expect this to be an everyday occurrence,” Torune said.

“Yes sensei,” said Sasuke. He picked Naruko up and threw her over his shoulder while making sure she was still trapped in the genjutsu. Once he was sure he started to make his way home. Once home he put her on the couch in the living room and got his special scroll.

“Now that your ninja training is over let’s start you slave training,” he said to the girl still trapped in the genjutsu.

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