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Sasuke was breathing heavy after three hours into their training. Once they were done with their laps, they were told to do ten sets filled with fifty push-ups, fifty jumping jacks, and fifty sit ups. They then had to do fifty punches with each arm and fifty kicks with each leg in an alternating pattern. Once that was all done, they were told to repeat the whole thing over again with twenty laps.

“man, he is pushing us way harder than Kakashi sensei ever did,” said Naruko as she came up behind him on their current set of laps. She was started to look tired but seemed to have more energy left to burn.

“True,” said Sasuke. He could feel his muscles start to burn but, he felt like he could keep going for hours. Just yesterday he would be panting at this point. He lets out a smirk knowing that it was due to his much larger chakra reserves.

“Stop,” Torune ordered. Both Naruko and Sasuke were about to start another set of laps.

“Take an hour for lunch and then we will move on to other training,” Torune said. “But first how many clones have you lost.”

“Ten in tree walking, four in water walking, three in elemental training, and sixteen in taijutsu,” answered Naruko.

“Five in tree walking, seven in elemental training, twelve in taijutsu,” answered Sasuke.

“Okay make five clones to replace the ones lost in each area,” Torune said.

“Not all of them,” asked Naruko.

“No, we planned to start popping them in groups of ten about an hour after lunch,” he said.

Okay,” said Naruko as she turned to leave.

“Sasuke,” said Torune before Sasuke could join her.

“Yes sensei,” asked Sasuke.

“have you tried Genjutsu yet on her,” asked Torune.

“no not yet,” said Sasuke.

“Danzo-sama believes any genjutsu you put her in will be more effective since it will be her own chakra doing it. her body can’t see it as an invading force and make her more susceptible to hypnosis based genjutsu,” Torune tells him.

“I see I may have to use that,” said Sasuke. He then turned to leave the training ground to get some lunch.

“Sasuke,” yelled Naruko as she ran up to him.

“Yes,” said Sasuke with a smirk. He had a good idea what this was about.

“I tried to go to the bathroom only these panties won’t come off,” she yelled at him only to wince when the bra shocked her.

“of course, the seal in them prevents any one not keyed to them from removing them,” said Sasuke. “If you want them to come off then I will have to remove them.”

“What you bastard,” she said to him only to wince as she was shocked again.

“Remember the rules,” said Sasuke with a dark tone. “Now come on,” Sasuke said as he grabbed her hand.  He then led her to the bathrooms on the edge of the training ground. Of course, he led her to the men’s rooms. 

“Teme this is the men’s rooms,” Naruko said only to wince as she was shocked again.

“I can see respect will take a while for you to learn,” said Sasuke. “Besides, it should be obvious you said you had to go to the bathroom. Now drop your pants and I will take off your panties.”

It was clear that Naruko was hesitant, but she really had to go. “Fine,” she said. She dropped her pants. She got a slight blush when Sasuke got down to remove her panties and let out a moan as he gave her pussy a long lick as he got back up.

“Teme what was that” she said looking him in the eye. Before he could answer they heard voices enter the bathrooms.

“Man, Ino is such a drag,” said Shikamaru.

“Don’t worry about it to much Shikamaru,” said Choji “chip?”

“Nah lets just get done here and see if we can sneak away. I really want to just watch the clouds all afternoon,” said Shikamaru.

“But aren’t we supposed to go on a mission this afternoon,” asked Choji.

“Troublesome,” said Shikamaru.

Hearing the voices caused Naruko to blush and be fill with panic. She was about to say something to Sasuke, but he had just pushed her onto the seat and used chakra to stick to the walls, so it looks like only one set of feet are in the stall. Before she could whisper to him, he shoved a popsicle into her mouth.

“Dope suck on that to keep quiet,” said Sasuke. “Or do you want them to hear you?”

Sending him a small glare she stayed silent but decided to mess with him. She started to lick and suck on the popsicle while looking at him. She gained a small smirk seeing a tent start to form in his pants. Giving a small laugh she kept at it on the popsicle.

“You are so predictable dope,” said Sasuke as he looked down Naruko was sucking and licking his dick at a feverish pace. He had placed her in a genjutsu the moment she looked at him after the lick. He let out a soft moan into the empty bathrooms. While her mouth was amazing her hand just made it better. While she thought it was a popsicle stick, she was playing with his balls. This just made him get harder even faster.

He could feel himself getting close, so he made sure to look at her. he planned to break it the moment he cummed into her mouth. He let out a smirk as he felt his load leave his dick. At the same time, he grabbed hold of her hair and broke the genjutsu. He could see the confusion in her eyes as her mouth was filled with cum. Letting go of her hair she quickly backed away and acted like she was going to spit it all out. Before she could Sasuke placed his hand over her mouth.

“Swallow it all,’ Sasuke ordered. “After all you did such a good job bringing it out.” She tried to remove his hand, but he was standing above her and had too tight of a grip. She had tears in her eyes as he saw her start to swallow the cum. Once he was sure she got most of it.

“Bastard,” she yelled at him only to receive another shock form the bra. “Why would you do that?”

“Because I wanted to see how good my slave could suck cock,” said Sasuke.

“I am not your slave,” she said.

“Yes, you are and the sooner you accept that the better,” said Sasuke. He then gets down and pulls back up her underwear. He then gave her a smirk before leaving the bathroom.

Naruko just watched him leave before she sat down on the toilet. “You won’t break me bastard,” she said to herself. “I’ll make you pay for this.” with a quick shake of her head she got up and left the training ground she needed thinking food and that meant Ichiraku’s ramen.

She stepped into the stall only to scowl when she saw Sasuke was already there.

“Hey Naruko want your usual,” Ichiraku said.

“You got it,” she said with a smile. She then returned her glare to Sasuke.

“What’s wrong Naruko,” asked Ayame.

“This bastard,” Naruko started to say only to find her whole body freezing up. She wanted to tell Ayame about what Sasuke had done to her the last twenty-four hours, but her body just refused.

“Naruko,” asked Ayame as she got concerned for the girl after she went quiet.

“She is just upset I beat her in all the spars we had today,” said Sasuke with his arrogant smirk.

Naruko just growled at this since it was the truth. All her clones that fought Sasuke’s in taijutsu had lost to his. “Only because you kept cheating,” she said to him. And it was true all his clones had used the sharingan.

“Not just used what my superior genes gave me,” said Sasuke with a smirk. Naruko just let out a growl before sitting down next to him. Once she did, he whispered to her, “be careful trying to find a way around the seal I would hate for them to suffer any accidents.”

Naruko’s eyes widen at this as she looks at Sasuke. Would he really hurt them one of the few people that cared for her? Shaking her head she thought, ‘no I cannot risk it. I will get out of this, but I have to do it on my own.’ she was then given her bowls of ramen,  and started to eat while trying to think of a plan. 

in the future I will likely mention when the genjutsu goes active, but for this one I wanted to keep it a little subtle.

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