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Sasuke woke to the sounds of birds chirping. Opening his eyes, he looks out his window and sees the sun starting to rise. Looking at his clock he sees that he still has about two hours before he must head to the training ground. His eyes then drift to Naruko’s cage. She was resting against the side of the cage, but it was clear it was not a peaceful sleep she kept shaking her head and mumbling something.

Sasuke just nodded his head at this and made three clones. He sent the first one to the kitchen to make breakfast. The second went into the bathroom to prepare a bath for him and Naruko. The third walked with Sasuke as they gently opened the cage. They then undid the ropes on her legs and carefully lifted her up doing their best to not wake her.

About ten minutes later they made their way into the bathroom where the clone had finished getting the water ready. The clone took Sasuke’s spot holding Naruko as he stripped and laid down in the bath. The clones then held Naruko over the bath before letting her go to fall in the water. As soon as she hit the water, she bolted awake she tried to jump out, but Sasuke wrapped his arms around her chest just under her breast.

“Calm down Dope it’s just a bath,” he said. She turned her head to glare at him and tried to say something, but it was muffled by the gag.  She let out a small blush when her ass pushed against his dick. “Oh yeah I almost forgot to remove this” said Sasuke as he reached down and pulled the butt plug out of her ass. She let out a small whimper when he pulled it out but other than that she remained quiet.

Sasuke then moved her, so they were facing each other in the tub. He then smirked at her and said, “if you don’t want to train with those nipple clamps on you today then put those hands to work.” He waved his hand to his half erect dick. “And if you try to hurt me then I will make it even worse.”

That had Naruko’s eyes go wide as her hands settled on his dick again. A part of her wanted to squeeze it as tight as she can to make him pay for yesterday. This part was soon silenced as a bit of movement reminded her of the clamps. She did not want to train all day in them and was afraid on how Sasuke could make it worse. Taking a deep breath, she then grabbed his dick with both hands and started to stroke it and kept her grip nice and tight. While she was doing this Sasuke just leaned back and enjoyed the sight of Naruko leaning down and giving him a hand job. He had his hand grab her chin and made her look at him while she performed the task.

After a while she felt his dick squirm, and something hit her hands under the water. She did not get long to focus on that as she felt the clamps disappear from her nipples causing her to let out a moan of relief. “Since you did such a good job to make me cum these can come off for now,” Sasuke said. He then leaned forward and kissed her gagged lips. He then moved to her neck again before opening his mouth and giving it a bit of pressure, he sucked on the spot for about thirty seconds before releasing it admiring the hickey he had left behind. “that’s to remind you who owns you,” said Sasuke.

His clone then reached down and helped Naruko out of the tub with Sasuke soon following her. His clone worked on drying her while paying special attention to her breast and ass. Once she was dry enough Sasuke walked up to her wearing a towel on his waist and attached her leash to the collar. He then led her back to the bedroom. Sitting on the bed were a set of clothes for her.  his clone unlocked her handcuffs and pushed her to the pile.

“Get dressed,” ordered Sasuke. “And don’t think about ignoring the bra and panties. Or you will be training naked today.”

“Why have me go to training at all,” asked Naruko as she looked him in the eye. “You just want me to be a sex slave so why keep up with my ninja training?”

“For three reasons. One your strength and determination was one of the reasons I admired you and wanted you as mine. Two is I do not want a weak slave. I want a slave that can defend the future Uchiha clan. And finally, I am not a complete bastard to rob you of your dream. Now imagine it, you are working at the hokage desk having earned every one’s respect. while in private you make all your decisions based off what I tell you. My perfect little puppet hokage. Doing all the paperwork while I really run the village.”

Naruko’s eyes widen in fear at this before saying, “no I would rather give up my dream then become your puppet.”

“You say that now but don’t worry soon you will be following my commands like a proper slave. Now get dressed or you will be training naked,” he commanded.

Naruko let out a growl before she started to grab the clothes. She considered a moment not grabbing the bra and panties, but she felt Sasuke was honest about training naked and who knows what he would do during training if she did. Taking a deep breath, she put on all the clothes he had laid out for her. once she was dressed Naruko asked,” What about this collar am I supposed to where it all day? That would ruin Sensei training plans.”

“Not if I put it in the inactive state,” said Sasuke. he held up a hand sign and Naruko braced herself for pain from the bra. Only for a bloom of smoke to appear from the collar. Looking at the mirror in the room she can see that the collar had changed into a chocker. It was all black with an open ring connecting the strap that goes around her neck. “That collar cost a fortune, but it has several states that I can put it in. I’m sure we will have fun with the others later.”

“Bastard,” Naruko said under her breath only to feel the same shock as yesterday.

“That is one,” said Sasuke. “Remember the shock is a reminder. The real punishment is after training. Come on let us get some breakfast.” He then turned around and left the room. Naruko just shot him a glare for a few seconds before shaking her head and following him. She did not want to eat with him but if training is anything like yesterday then she wants all the energy she can get.

Making her way to the kitchen she sees a clone of Sasuke putting pancakes on the tables. As well as some eggs and bacon. Sasuke was already sitting in one chair with a plate made on the chair opposite of him. Upon sitting done I look at the food and send him a glare “Really,” she said.

“Clone made it you know how they can be,” he said with a smirk. He clearly approved of what the clone had done.

Naruko glances at her plate and sees that all five of her pancakes were shaped like dicks. More importantly they were all the same size as Sasuke’s. her fried eggs were on the end of the pancakes to represent the balls. The bacon appeared to be shooting out the tip of the dick shaped pancakes like sperm. She does understand that clones can be assholes at times, but this is ridiculous.

With a growl of her stomach, she shook her head and looked for her silverware. “Hey where is my silverware?”

“If you want silverware then close your eyes and reach both hands forward clenched into a fist,” he said. “Or you can just use your hands.”

Naruko sent him a small glare. She briefly considered just eating with her hands, but she had a gut feeling he would drag her to the training ground looking like a mess. Shaking her head, she reached forward and closed her eyes.

Sasuke pulled out of his pocket two fabric mittens connected with ninja wire around the wrist. Connected to one glove was a small knife while the other had a fork. They looked like the silverware you would give to an infant. He slipped both on her wrist and tightened them with the strap on the wrist. “You can open them.”

Naruko opened her eyes and looked at the gloves. “Seriously,” she said looking at him.

“That will be the only silverware you will use at home when I don’t feel like feeding you,” he said.

 She just let out a growl as she used them to eat her breakfast. She was a bit forceful cutting up the dick pancakes. The whole time she was imagining doing it to Sasuke’s actual dick. She took amusement using the knife to push the eggs away from the pancakes. In her mind she had just cut off Sasuke’s balls.

“You may be imagining that now but, in the future, you will not know what to do without it. And no, you did not say your thought out loud they are just obvious,” said Sasuke with a smirk.

“We will see about that,” she said to him. Not to long later they had both finished the food. Sasuke then took her wrist and released her from the gloves.

“Now let’s go meet Torune and Fu sensei,” he said. “at least they give us real training.”

“Yeah, I can’t disagree with that,” Naruko said. She then got up from the table and soon the two lefts.

“Yeah, just leave me to clean the house,” said Sasuke’s clone. Shaking its head, it made four clones and they went to work cleaning the house and prepare it for tonight’s training.

About fifteen minutes later the pair arrived in the training ground. Fu and Torune were already their waiting for them. “Good you are here. Now make two hundred clones and split them into the same groups as yesterday.”

“Will they do the same thing today,” asked Sasuke after he made his clones.

“Yes, you showed good work on advance tree walking so if you make the same progress today then tomorrow, we will move on to something new. Fu also received advice to help you with elemental training. Now start your laps,” Torune said. The clones divided into their groups with Naruko making the perfect amount and Sasuke making a few extra. The originals then started to run the same laps as yesterday.

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