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“Get ready to swallow dope,” said Sasuke. mere moments after saying that he cummed into her mouth. he pulled the little bit of dick that was in her mouth out and before she could do anything a clone slipped the ball gag back in. Sasuke could see a bit of cum coming out of the corner of her mouth but did not think much of it. “Good job lubricating for the main event,” said Sasuke.

He then walked behind her and could see Naruko try to get free but nothing she did worked. She could only turn her head and watched as Sasuke lined up his cock with her rear end she kept shaking her head and trying to talk to him, but the gag kept it all a muffled mess. Sasuke just gave her one of his smirks before he started to force his dick into her ass hole.

“Your ass is tight,” said Sasuke. “Relax a little and this may not hurt so bad.” He said as he grabbed her hips and forced his cock all the way into her ass hole. He then started to pull it out till it was almost out before he pushed it back in., he kept this up only increasing the pace.  Eventually Naruko’s screams of pain became moans of pleasure as he worked on her asshole. “Get ready slut I am about to fill your ass with my seed,” he said as he lost his load into her ass. 

That did not stop him as he continued to pound his dick into her ass hole. Of course, this time he reached down and touched her soaking wet pussy. “You must really enjoy this your pussy is soaking wet,” Sasuke said and all Naruko could do was shake her head as she let out a few moans. He kept a close eye on her pussy and suddenly stopped with his dick all the way inside of her pussy.

Naruko let out a moan of disappointment at his sudden stop. “Remember slut you are not allowed to have an orgasm till you beg me to fuck your pussy,” said Sasuke. “of course, if you want to beg me now.”

A small part of Naruko wanted him to do just that. However, it was a minority, and her strong will just shook her head while yelling at him through the gag.

“Very well,” said Sasuke. he lifted his hand and Naruko braced herself for a spanking. Instead, one of his clones handed him a sealing tag and he slapped it over her pussy. She felt a small feeling from the spot. Once it was on Sasuke spoke,” that seal will prevent you from having orgasms till its removal. Of course, you can still be brought to the edge but can never go over.” He then went back to fucking her asshole. It did not take long for him to be ready to cum again. This time he made a motion to a shadow clone. The clone nodded and handed him something.

“Get ready to be filled again,” said Sasuke. he then sent another load into her asshole. This time as soon as he cummed he pulled out of her asshole. He then showed that he had a butt plug in his hand and pushed it inside of her ass. “Would not want you to lose all that cum, would I?”

Naruko just looked back at him with angry teary eyes. Sasuke jut sent her a smirk before activating his sharingan. He wanted to remember all of this for years to come maybe even showing a broken Naruko memories of her breaking. As he was thinking an idea came to mind and he trapped her in a genjutsu.


“What is this,” asked Naruko as she suddenly found herself outside. She tried to move but found her movement limited. Looking back, she found her waist and wrist stuck in the wall. “Is this another genjutsu? If so then what is Teme going to do this time,” she asked.

A bright light drew her attention causing her to turn and see a TV in front of her. on the screen was a person’s lower half sticking out of a wall. Getting a bad feeling she lifted her right leg and saw the right leg lift on the screen as well. “Okay why show me my ass stuck in the wall,” she asked. She then studied the video more closely and her eyes widen in fear.

Above her ass was a sign that said, “Fuck my ass cost 550 yen (just under 5 bucks American).” And by one of her legs was a small bucket most likely for the money. She tried to break free of the genjutsu but no matter what she did she could not free herself like last time. Soon a person appeared on her screen. She saw Kiba appear, and he looked excited. He dropped money into the bucket and then lowered his pants exposing his dick. It was not as big as Sasuke’s, but it was still a decent size.

“Kiba don’t its me Naruko,” she tried to yell but all she could do was wince as he pushed his cock onto her asshole. She could not hold back the tears as her friend fucked her in the ass. “It’s just an illusion,” she kept telling herself. It did not end with Kiba though. Soon all the male rookies except Sasuke, Kakashi, Torune, fu, Iruka, Hiruzen, Ebisu, and even Konohamaru had all had a turn. Once they were done a few random civilians took a turn before the cycle repeated itself.

To make it worse she could feel she was on the edge of an orgasm but no matter what she could not get an orgasm. She knew it was because of that seal Sasuke put on her and she hated it. “Damn you Teme I’ll get you back for this,” she said as she saw Hiruzen coming back for round two.

“Jiji would never do this to me,” she said under her breath as a few tears started to fall.

Genjutsu kai

Sasuke looked at Naruko as he laid down over the armrest of the couch trapped in the genjutsu. “That should keep her busy till supper,” he said. He looked at his clones and nodded at them before he turned around and went into the kitchen and started to cook supper. Eventually he planned on making Naruko cook all the meals but first he had to make sure she can make something other than ramen. Well, that and she is far enough along that she would not try to poison him on purpose.

He hears a sound behind him and turns to see his clones bringing Naruko into the room. She was still trapped in the genjutsu. They set her down kneeling on the ground in front of his chair. The clone then took a small chain and had it go through a ring on the armbinder before attaching them to the boots.

Sasuke smirked at this as he looked at the food he had made. He made five burgers and had a variety of toppings that he could put on them. For two of the burgers, he had placed five slices of tomato, some hot sauce and cheese on them. He took the burgers and placed them on his side of the table. He then places the other three on the table with topping on a plate next to them.  He also prepared a bowl of mission ration soup. It had all the nutrients the body needs. it just tastes like someone took a crap in fertilizer and then pissed on it.

He sat down in his chair and looked at the kneeling Naruko. He broke the genjutsu and gave her a moment to recover before he spoke. “On the table I have a few hamburgers to eat, and here I have mission ration soup. Now I will give you a chance to earn the burgers. If you can use those massive tits to get me off in ten minutes, then you can have the burgers. If not then you will get the soup,” he said.

Naruko just glared at him for a moment still angry about the genjutsu he had put her in. she saw him grab a burger and start eating it. She then looked down and saw a bowl of soup on the ground next to him. While she knew it would taste bad at least she would not be entertaining the asshole. Her eyes also drifted to his massive dick that was already halfway hard.

“You have ten seconds to decide,” said Sasuke annoyed that she had not started yet. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,” he started to count down only to stop as she leaned forwards and trapped his dick in her breast. She then did her best to squeeze his dick tight but the armbinder made it so she could not get a tight squeeze. Seeing she could not get as tight of a squeeze as she wanted, she started to move right and left hoping the motion would make up for the tightness.

Sasuke could not help but smirk as he saw her struggle to give him a proper Titty fuck. He was also doing his best to think about how he would fight Itachi knowing the image would help keep him from fully hardening. After about four minutes Naruko leaned back and gave him a hard glare.

“Giving up,” said Sasuke with a smirk. “Okay guess you can have the soup.” A clone came up to her and undid her ball gag before switching it with a ring gag. It then pushed her forward causing her to fall over and she landed on her breast with her head just in front of the bowl. The clone pushed it so she could start licking it up.

Naruko had considered not eating but after today’s training, she knew she was going to need all the energy she could get. Taking a deep breath, she started to lick up the soup. She grimaced at the taste of the soup but did her best to ignore it.

Sasuke watched her eat while he masturbated with one hand while the other held the burger. He smirked as he felt himself about to cum and he aimed his dick towards her hair. He upped his pace and soon shot a load into her hair. Feeling something hit her head she looked up and sent a glare at him figuring out what he had hit her with.

Sasuke ate a third burger till he felt full. He then had his clone put foil over the other two burgers. The clone loaded the burgers into the fridge before popping. Sasuke reached down and undid the chain and pulled it out of the armbinder before reattaching it back to the boot.

“Get up Dope,” said Sasuke as he reached down and helped her stand up. He gave a few sniffs and said, “man dope you really stink. I think you are overdue for a shower.” Grabbing the leash, he led her back into the bathroom where he saw his bathroom with the shower curtain still gone.

“Dammit I forgot to assign a clone to fix this,” said Sasuke face palming. His embarrassment was only made worse by Naruko laughing at him. Sasuke turned to glare at her before pulling her into the room. He led her to near the shower before lifting her leash and locking it in a small ring next to the shower. He had used a special padlock that would only respond to his chakra.

He then turned to her and said, “stay still.” He then walked behind her and started to undo the belts on the armbinder. Once they were loose, he pulled down and removed the arm binder. Naruko let out a moan of relief as she pulled her arms forward and stretched. As she was doing that Sasuke got down and undid the belts on the boots and disconnected the chain. He then told her to raise her feet one at a time. She complied and the boots soon came off as well. He then reached around her and pulled off the Uchiha symbols on her breast causing a small wince from the girl.

“I will give you fifteen minutes,” he said as he stepped out of the room. One of the first things Naruko did was reach up to remove the collar but found she could not. She found the buckle, but it would not move for her no matter what she did. She tried the gag but found it was the same. Her gut telling her it was useless she still reached down and tried to remove the plug only for it to remain in place as well.

Letting out a growl of frustration she walked around the room to see her reach. She could reach the toilet and shower but not much else. giving herself a sniff, she had to agree with Sasuke about her smell, so she started the shower and started to clean herself up. After about ten minutes she had finished up and got out of the shower. She tried to grab a towel, but her collar stopped her.

She let out a smirk as she made the hand signs to make a shadow clone only to be surprised when the clone appeared. The clone had a leash connected to the same ring as her. its eyes widen at this before a seal lit up on the collar and the clone had a small wince before disappearing. Naruko had a small wince realizing that the collar had a shock ability.

Sasuke walked in on an amusing sight. Naruko was stretching her foot trying to grab a towel with her toes. Despite her best effort it was just out of her reach. “Nice try dope. But you are just too short,” said Sasuke. he walked up to her and undid the lock to release her leash. The moment he did she tried to attack him from behind.

He saw this coming and ducked under the punch before elbowing her in the gut. He then spins around her and puts his arms under her elbows and put her in a nelson hold. “Predictable dope and very stupid,” he said with his sharingan now active.

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