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Naruko and Sasuke were starting to get exhausted when Torune called a break for lunch. “Is it just me or was that worse than yesterday,” asked Naruko.

“I think he went easy on us yesterday,” said Sasuke. they had trained the same as they did yesterday only the sets were doubled.

“How nice of him,” Naruko said sarcastically.

“Yeah,” said Sasuke. “Let’s go get some food.”

“Oh, and is it going to be your treat,” said Naruko. “After all someone burned my wallet and took all my cash yesterday.”

“Well, I’m sure you can find something in the woods. I am going to Ichiraku’s. if you want to come with then make three clones,” he said.

Confused but wanting to eat her favorite food Naruko made the three clones. Sasuke then made three clones of his own and had them take the clones somewhere else. he then pulled out some money and handed it to her. “There that should cover lunch today.”

“Thanks,” she said. She looked at where her clones were taken but shook it off. “Hey, Sasuke can I please go to the bathroom?”

“Follow me,” said Sasuke with a smirk. Naruko followed him back into the men’s bathroom. They entered one of the stalls where Naruko dropped her pants. Sasuke then reached down and lowered her panties for her. he then stood up. His fingers played with her pussy for a moment before he pushed her down onto the toilet.

Sending him a small glare she sat down on the toilet and started to relieve herself. Just as she finished and was getting ready to stand a clones memory hit her. her eyes shoot to Sasuke and glare at him.

Clone #1 (they are clones, but I am going to just refer to them as Sasuke and Naruko)

The clones were all separated from each other before Sasuke threw her to the ground. “Hey watch it,” yelled Naruko.

He just looked down at her with his sharingan active. He then put her in a mild genjutsu. Well mild for anyone else for her it was inescapable. The genjutsu simply paralyzes the target and prevent movement. Sasuke then flipped her onto her stomach and pulled down her pants and underwear. He then opened his pants and pointed his dick at her ass.

“Now to have some fun,” he said. He then started to pound into her asshole. Naruko could only lay down on the ground unable to move thanks to the genjutsu he had put her in. after a few minutes he was about too ready to cum. As soon as he did, he hit her ass hard enough to pop her. a minute later it popped itself.

Back to bathroom

“So, one of my clones is done,” asked Sasuke with a smirk. He soon got the memory from the clone.

“Yes, and did I have to get that back after I went to the bathroom,” asked Naruko.

“Well, you were taking something out. It only made sense to put something in,” said Sasuke with a smirk. He then got down and pulled the panties back on. He then turned to leave the stall. Naruko just glared at him for a minute before shaking her head and following him to Ichiraku.

“Hey, Naruko your usual,” asked Ayame.

“You know it,” Naruko said with a smile.  Teuchi just laughed and started to cook the ramen.

“I will take miso ramen with slices of tomato please,” said Sasuke.

“Got it,” said Ayame. “Hey, Naruko you okay you seemed distracted last night when you showed up for supper.”

“I was here last night,” asked Naruko in confusions. It then hit her as she glanced to Sasuke. he must have sent a clone to pretend to be her.

“Really dope forgetting where you were,” said Sasuke. “Better be careful it would be a shame if you got someone hurt.” His look at Ayame was all Naruko need to know it was a threat towards Ayame.

“Sorry Ayame I was just so tired after training I sort of just went through the motions last night,” she said.

“That is okay,” said Ayame. Teuchi soon arrived with he bowls of ramen. The pair took the food and started to eat. As Naruko was finishing off the bowl she brought the bowl up to finish the broth. She had half if it down before other clones’ memories hit her. she choked on the remaining broth and spilt some on her clothes.

“Naruko are you okay,” asked Ayame.

“Yeah, some just went down the wrong hole,” said Naruko.

“See that is why I tell you to not eat so fast,” said Ayame with a small frown.

“Sorry,” said Naruko. She did send a small glare at Sasuke.

Clone #2

Naruko had her knees tied in a frog tie and her wrist tied above her head using ninja wire tied to a tree branch. Sasuke was in front of her with his dick right in her face. “If you bite your original will be in for a world of pain tonight.”

Sasuke then put his dick in her mouth and said, “suck bitch.” Unlike yesterday he pushed his dick all the way down her throat forcing her to take it all in. she gagged a bit but managed to hold back the urge to puke. She was sure that would get her original punished even worse.

He kept going till he cummed down her throat. He then stepped back and gave her half a minute to recover. Once time was up, he grabbed her hair to force her mouth open and went back into her mouth. he did this four times before giving her a good hit after he pulled out causing her to pop. He then smirked before popping himself.

At Ichiraku’s

Naruko took the napkins Ayame had offered her and did her best to clean her clothes. Once she was done, she got up from her seat and left. Sasuke soon left as well. “Enjoying our clones having fun,” he asked. “don’t worry we will have even more tonight.”

“And when can I expect the last one<” she asked with a growl.

“Shortly before lunch ends,” said Sasuke knowing that the knowledge would do her no good.

“Bastard,” she said. She had a small wince from the bra but was soon running back to the training ground.

“Good work,” said Sasuke. a clone jumped down from a nearby rooftop. “You got the popping at just the right moments for both of them.”

“Thanks boss,” said the clone. Sasuke just nodded his head as he calmly made his way back to the training grounds. He arrived with three minutes left of lunch. He looks over at a group of trees and smirks. Naruko had he hand against the tree as she is breathing heavy and has a large blush on her face.

Clone #3

Once she was separated from the others Sasuke tied her arms behind her back. He then spun her around and locked her lips with his. He then had one of his hands start to play with her breast through her shirt. His other hand reached into her panties and started to finger her pussy.

It did not take long from Naruko to reach the edge of an orgasm. Unfortunately, the seal Sasuke had put on her yesterday was preventing her from going over the edge. The clone tried to get him to move but he soon had her back pressed against a tree.

Getting the memory from the other clones did not help her at all and she could feel herself getting desperate. “Please let me,” she tried to say as Sasuke broke the kiss for a moment. only for him to put his finger on her lip.

“Silence if you want it so bad you will have to beg the original for it,” he said. He then locked lips with her for another ten minutes before he squeezed her breast so hard it popped her. “Well, the boss should definitely enjoy this,” said the clone before it dispelled.

Training ground

Sasuke could only smile at her reaction while he was also getting a hard on after the clone’s memories returned to him. “Do you want to finish what the clones started,” he asked her.

She looked up at him and he could see the want in her eyes. She then looked down and slapped her cheeks. “I’ll pass,” she said still not looking at him.

“You will do the same thing as yesterday,” said Torune appearing suddenly. “Only you will run five laps and do ten full sets between each cycle. You will have ten minutes from when I say go to run your sets. If you fall behind, then your opponent will have an edge in the tree spar. Now run laps till you get the memories.”

“Yes sensei,” they said. They then started to run laps waiting for the memories to appear. Once the memories came the pair jumped into the trees.

A few hours later the pair was in the last sparing session of the day. Naruko put her arms up in an x pattern to block Sasuke’s kick. She managed to grab his ankle and tried to twist it around and bring him to the ground. Sasuke saw this coming however and jumped with his other lag as she started to twist. He used the motion to spin in the air and hit her in the chest with his other foot.

Naruko let go thanks to eh kick and went tumbling backwards. She managed to get her feet under her attempted to jump at him. Once she was close enough, she dove low and slipped pass him. Once behind him she sent a kick to his back.

Sasuke let out a grunt as the kick hit. He spun around at her and his sharingan glare was directed at her. he quickly closed the gab and launched a series of punches at her. Naruko managed to block all the punches but Sasuke’s sharingan allowed him to se an opening. He launched a feint at her face that she moved to block. He then opened his hand and lowered his aim to get a good grasp of her throat. Her eyes widen at this as her hands went for the hand on her throat.

Sasuke lifted her up and punched her in the gut. She let out a grunt as the air left her lungs. He bent his arm and slammed her into the ground. Naruko was about to pass out when Torune yelled, “Stop.” Sasuke looked up and let go of Naruko’s throat. Naruko got up slowly and let out a series of coughs as she rubbed her throat.

“You both have shown good progress today. Your tree walking is now at an acceptable level so those clones will work on something new tomorrow. You water walking is still pathetic though. You also started to show progress on elemental transformations. You will return her tomorrow morning,” Torune said.

“Yes sensei,” they said. He just nodded at them and left. Naruko just continued to rub her throat as she finally got her breathing under control.

“Did you really have to grab my throat,” she said to Sasuke.

“You left it open,” he said.

“Asshole,” she said. She manages to suppress the wince form the shock.

“Come on you still have your other training to do,” he said turning to face her.

“And if I say no,” she said. She turned to face him but kept her eyes glued to his chest.

“You don’t get a choice,” Sasuke said. He then makes a hand sign with his hand causing her collar to light up. It then transformed into a posture collar and forced her to look up into her sharingan.


Naruko was suddenly surrounded by darkness with the only light source being above her head. She looks down at herself and is surprised to see her body seemed to be made from wood. She also sees that she seems to be wearing the hokage robes.

“Like I told you this morning you will make a perfect puppet kage,” said Sasuke above her. she looks up and see he is a giant and is holding two of those wooden crosses you see being used in puppet shows. He then moves it and Naruko felt her body start to move against her will. The area around her changes to the Hokage’s office and she is moved to sit next to the desk.

She then seems to start going through eh paperwork and her eyes widen at what she is signing off on. “Uchiha clan gets ten percent of the villages funding, all clans must give their jutsu’s to the Uchiha, and Uchiha’s do not need to follow any non-Uchiha village law,” were some of the pages she was signing off on she tried to stop herself, but she could do nothing as she just kept signing away.

“See dope you will get to accomplish your dream and help the Uchiha rise to where they were always supposed to be,” said Sasuke with a smirk. He then forces her to stand up and walk to the middle of the room. He then has her start dancing in the middle of the room before going back to the paperwork.

Genjutsu kai

“Follow,” said Sasuke. Naruko with her eyes glazed over followed him. He quickly changed her collar back to the chocker. They walked in silence back to his home.


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