Behind Innocent Eyes

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(I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem - seme Naruto x uke Shino / Kurama / Kimimaro / Konohamaru / older Hikaru / Utakata

Last Time:

The second Naruto walked in that shrine he realized two things. One, that Kurama never said much about this village because it wasn’t something you tell a child. Two, he remembered that there was another word in the tongue twister he didn’t recall until now … Perverted Pollen Peppering of Pretty Purple Posies Poses Petals ...


Shino just stared at the bizarre object in the shrine …

Have you ever seen a spider hanging from the ceiling rafters with its legs dangling in the air? It looked like that. Just eight long slender metal bars, two sets of four curved towards each other, in the middle of the shrine ceiling over a small circular podium. The legs had straps and cuffs at the tips as if someone was meant to be strapped in …

“So these go around the waist and connect, correct?”

“Yes. You seem familiar with this set up.”

The bug user was only vaguely aware of Naruto talking to the Red Admiral. He was too busy staring at the body of the ‘spider’, which was a circular track going across two rafters that will let the contraption turn a full 360° around the podium to view the entire flower filled room. Yes, flowers. 

It just so happens there was no floor to the shrine. It was just a field of purple buds with that spidery thing dangling in the center over the short podium and a few stepping stones leading to the podium. Granted, those things weren’t enough to really get a great idea of what was meant to happen, but the walls had screens with graphic pictures of naked men strapped in the ‘spider’ that described everything.

“Ok I strap, inject and spin… I need to spin him to get as much as possible.”

“At least half. The items I mentioned are in the podium, understand?”

“Yeah … Shino are- … Shino? … Shino!”

Finally, the bug user tore his eyes away from the contraption and started walking over the stepping stones towards the short circular podium, “We have to do this.” He noticed no one was walking behind him and looked over his shoulder. Shino winced when he saw Naruto staring at the ceiling, which was mostly skylights save for the supporting rafters, running his fingers through his blonde hair almost out of frustration.

Naruto sighed, “Yeah, I know.” He said as he followed. It didn’t occur to Jim that Shino immediately thought that the blonde was dreading doing this with a bug user. Of course, why would Naruto think that? Naruto never had an issue with insects though he was dreading an issue. He was wondering how the hell he was going to explain this to Kurama. “Ok, you have to strip and I hook you in.”

“Are you sure you can figure this thing out?” A very nervous Shino asked as he slowly took off his jacket.

“It’s not too different from any other things I’ve seen. Just a big sex swing.” The blonde said as he shrugged casually.

“Y-you’ve done this before?!” Shino uncharacteristically yelped.

“Well not this exact set up, but …” Naruto blinked as he realized Shino may not be talking about the set up. “Ummm … Shino, have you had sex before?”

Shino flinched and nervously adjusted his glasses, “I … no.”

“Oh.” Naruto winced as the awkward feeling lingered a moment. It wasn’t shameful to be a virgin. Not by any means. However, he doubted this was what Shino had in mind when he thought of his first time. “The Red Admiral said we can’t back out now that we know their ritual … I could try and do what I can with clones if you don’t-“

“I’ll be fine.” Shino said quickly, but he still didn’t make eye contact with the blonde. “The village needs this treaty.” He said determined to complete this mission.

Naruto frowned as he watched the bug ninja strip quietly, almost awkwardly. When Shino was completely naked, save for one thing, Naruto stepped forward, “The glasses too.” 

The bug user flinched and touched his glasses hesitantly, “Right.” It took him a moment, but he finally relinquished his glasses. However, Shino did keep his eyes shut not letting Naruto see his eyes, but that meant he didn’t see the blonde lean over. He didn’t realize what had happened until he felt pressure on his lips and when he did he pulled back in shock. “What are you doing?”

“Just thought this should start before I put you in that thing. Besides, you need to relax.” Naruto said calmly.

When Shino saw the blonde leaned over again to kiss him, “You have to do that if you … don’t like my insects.” Shino said softly. The sharp feeling of hurt he felt actually took him by surprise.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, “I don’t have an issue-“

“It’s fine, Naruto. A lot of people do.” Shino said as he turned to step onto the podium. Of course, he stubbornly had his eyes closed and didn’t judge the height of the podium properly. It was taller than an average step so he ended up tripping. To his surprise Naruto caught him around the waist and in an instant he was pinned to the flat podium surface with Naruto between his legs.

“How about this? I won’t let you go until you tell me what I did or said to make you think that.” The blonde said holding the Shino’s wrists to the sides and trying to make eye contact through the closed eyes.

Shino gasped as Naruto shifted brushing their crotches together. It wasn’t a big deal for the fully dressed blonde, but the naked insect user was quite vulnerable, “Don’t move. Ah! No!” The slight friction to his crotch sent shivers down his spine and and few insects scurrying out of him. To his surprise Naruto continued rocking against him despite clearly seeing the insects flow out of him. “Naruto! My insects-Ah!”

“I know. Tell me.” Naruto said softly before finding and sucking on a sensitive spot right on the junction between Shino’s head and neck not caring about the beetles scuttling around.

A flush came to those pale cheeks, “You ngh looked hah f-frustrated b-before-Ah!”

Naruto pulled back suddenly, “So that’s it-“ He blinked as the adorably horny insect user mewled cutely. He chuckled, “I have no issue. Now,” He leaned over and whispered into Shino’s ear. “Do you want to do this ritual with me?”

“Ok.” A flushed Shino whimpered as he stared into those blue eyes. 

The insect user took a second to realize that his eyes were open revealing his deep honey colored eyes with hexagon shaped flecks. By the time he did it was far too late. He tried to look away, but those warm lips captured his own again and a tongue pushed its way into mouth. As the tongue coaxed his own into playing together he felt Naruto’s arms wrap around his waist when his back arched slightly. Before he could process it he was lifted up to his feet.

The blonde broke the kiss and smiled at the glazed honey eyes of the whimpering insect user, “Trust me. I’ll make this as easy as it can be.” He said as he turned Shino around.

When the spider contraption came into view Shino felt his heart race. One by one the straps were wrapped around his wrists, chest, waist and ankles. Soon he was hanging comfortably over the flowers with his limbs spread wide, but what made him blush was that Naruto was between his legs. The blonde could see everything from his aroused cock to his virgin pucker while Shino was left looking down at the flowers. Things didn’t move on like he expected though.

“What’s that?!” Shino gasped as he felt something cold slid into him.

Naruto chuckled, “You weren’t listening to the Red Admiral, were you?” He said as he pushed the rest of the soft syringe tip into Shino making those pale hips wiggle. “This is just a muscle relaxant and lube. Just hold still.”

“Easy for you-“ Shino snapped his mouth shut to stop the moan as a cool fluid was pumped into him. His eyes widened as he felt the syringe being pulled out and panicked thinking everything would embarrassingly flow out. “D-don’t take it o-out!” He yelped as Naruto thrust the syringe in and out. Soon his body started relaxing and getting very hot. “Naruto ah N-Naruto can’t ngh hah …”

Once he was sure the relaxant was absorbed Naruto pulled the syringe out, “Damn. That’s an effective relaxant.” He commented as he could tell  the twitching pucker was looser with only sight. Without warning he pushed two fingers in the hot twitching channel and was happy to feel them slid in deep easily, but immediately felt the channel become very tight and heard Shino scream. “Shino are- … your ass orgasmed.” Naruto concluded almost in fascination as he watched his fingers disappear and reappear in Shino’s ass over and over again. Every few thrusts made the hot hole crush his fingers and a gush of pre cum would spray onto the purple buds making them bloom. However, his cock was still hard despote gushing wildly.

“It’s s-stuffAahhhhh!” Shino responded incoherently. It was just a blast of pure pleasure over and over. As Naruto sped up the motion the it turned into an endless flow of pleasure. It was making him moan and writhe.

“No. Relaxants don’t do this. They just take the pain.” Naruto said casualty finally breaking his daze and pulling his fingers out getting a desperate cry from Shino. “It’s ok. You’ll feel more.” He said as he pulled out his hard cock and thrust hard into the channel making Shino cum with a scream and a lot of flowers bloom ...


Kurama‘ s eyelids fluttered open and the dazed red orbs stared at the ceiling for a while. It wasn’t until a breeze went through the open window that the eyes became focused enough to take in the details around the room. However, the most interesting detail seemed to be the actual window allowing the breeze in. The demon slowly stood up and touched the sill. After running his slender fingers over the wood and up the track for the window he slowly shut it. 

“You noticed, I assume.” Kurama turned towards the door where he smelled Danzo’s scent coming from the other side. “That’s something we need to discuss.”

The demon hummed, “Of course.” Kurama went to dress and after putting some jeans and a shirt on he left the room. He paused in the hall briefly before continuing down to the kitchen where Hiruzen and Danzo waited. “Konohamaru is still out cold. I’m so sorry.” The demon said genuinely saddened.

Hiruzen chuckled as he looked up from the notebook he was looking at, “We know you can’t help it. Also he isn’t still out because of you. He actually woke a day after Naruto left.”

Kurama quirked an eyebrow at the amusement on the hokage‘s face, “I’m glad he wasn’t terribly affected by me, but why is he still here and in bed. Thank you.” He gratefully took the cup of tea from Danzo who brought a tray of cups and a kettle over.

“When my dear shy grandson woke up he apparently remembered something that happened between him and Naruto and fainted. He has refused to leave since.” Hiruzen laughed.

“I see.” Kurama chuckled and heard the young man hiding upstairs mumble in embarrassment. “You know, I never considered it before, but if Naruto wants more than one partner I don’t mind. Naruto is good a team playing with those clones.” He said loud enough for Konohamaru to hear getting another whimper for the embarrassed ninja. The older beings, human and demon, amusement subsided the air became serious. “One of them came through my window.”

Danzo sighed, “We got here before Naruto left the gate and found you and Konohamaru tucked in bed. It was raining when Naruto,” The old ROOT leader blushed with a cough, “said goodbye to you. There was no reason for the window to be open then. I tried to shut it without disturbing the scent, but …”

“They came back, didn’t they?” Kurama said and sipped his tea calmly. “This was my fault. I’ll help hunt them after Konohamaru is home.”

“They? We only had a report involving one escaped patient. Can you identify how many and who?” Danzo asked clearly concerned about the topic at hand.

“Three, but their scents were too muddled to know if they’re working together or not. I know them though. They were the first to handle my heat.” Kurama said and continued drinking his tea.

Hiruzen frowned, “Perhaps you should pull a few agents off Kakashi to handle this or those watching Hinata since she’s not going anywhere with her father watching her”

“I understand Kakashi having agents tailing him, but why Hinata?” The second he said that name Kurama recognized the female’s scent coming from the notebook. In an instant he was behind Hiruzen looking over the hokage‘ s shoulder. “Why does this notebook detail attacks against Naruto?”

The two old humans chuckled nervously, “It’s a funny story.”

“I have a feeling I’m not going to see the humor.” Kurama said, his red eyes narrowed in on the two waiting for an explanation ...

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