Behind Innocent Eyes

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Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem - seme Naruto x uke Shino / Kurama / Kimimaro / Konohamaru / older Hikaru / Utakata

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Kurenai frowned, "What do you mean?"


Danzo poured out four cups of tea and set them out on the table in front of Naruto, Guren and Hiruzen, "So, Naruto, tell us what's going on?"

"It had better be serious or I'll be pissed that you called us at 4 in the fucking morning." Guren grumbled crankily as she snatched a tea from the platter being held in the old ninja's hand.

"Why am I on a four person team with team 8 and not on team 7 trying to annoy the hell out of Kakashi?" Naruto asked bluntly, too tired to bother with tact.

Guren seemed to suddenly become alert and glared at the stunned old ninjas, "We're supposed to be hiding Naruto's 'wandering demon' issue from getting out and you twats authorized him to be moved to a fucking team where two people can either see or analyze chakra and the third can smell foxes! Are you fucking mad!"

Sarutobi whimpered in fear as he coward behind the only slightly less scared Danzo, "I didn't authorize any team changes! Don't crystallize my nuts again!"

"What?" Naruto blinked in disbelief, "Kurenai told me Kakashi agreed to this team change so are you saying they both went behind your back?"

"Honest! I knew nothing!" Sarutobi yelped in fear as Guren placed her hands together in a hand sign. "All I know is that Kurenai came hours ago asking for a team mission … which, I guess, did seem weird … she never came to pick up a mission without her team before.

"She didn't want you to see Naruto." Danzo concluded with a frown, "but why?"

"They want to investigate me." Naruto said bluntly and saw everyone looking at him in concern, "I don't know what happened, but after Kurenai's sudden protective rampage she went after Kakashi when she left your office .. something happened between them and now team 8 is trying to learn as much as possible, even where I live."

Guren winced, "Is Kurama still hidden? Last I saw him he was in heat."

Naruto nodded as he rubbed his eyes tiredly, "I was able to make them think my home was Konohamaru's apartment, but that wasn't easy. You see, Kurama was at the end of his heat."

You'd think two perverted old men would be less concerned about this and just ask for details on how Naruto was handling the fox, but both Danzo And Sarutobi looked concerned, "what happened?" Sarutobi asked seriously, knowing full well that the end of the heat was the most dangerous for a few reasons. One reason, of course, being that a powerful demon capable of destroying a village was running around in a horny state that will even drive a civilian so mad that something is going to be destroyed if they are not satisfied … or even during the satisfaction. Many clones were destroyed during the time of heat …

"He escaped the cottage and went after my clone who was preparing Konohamaru's apartment for team 8 … he got a hold of Konohamaru, but I checked!" Naruto said quickly reassuring the hokage that his grandson was safe, "Kurama only physically touched Konohamaru for a brief minute. He was affected by the hormones, but not poisoned. He's resting at my place for now."

Sarutobi sighed in relief, "Don't misunderstand me, Naruto, but sometimes I wish you didn't release Kurama without talking to me first."

"I get it, but I was a kid and Kurama was in a lot of pain because of the seal. I didn't think to ask if there was any issues I should know about like a yearly heat season that can drive an all powerful demon insane if not tended to every single time or if the pheromones of a demon could have adverse effects for a human who didn't grow up exposed to demon chakra. Must've slipped my mind." Naruto muttered with a hint of sarcasm, "To be fair you two had no issue assigning guards to help Kurama until I became a ninja." Naruto commented knowing only a few trusted ROOT agents were used, but that both Sarutobi and Danzo picked from the ROOT agents.

Admittedly, Naruto knew it had to be done back then, but nowadays he hated thinking about Kurama having sex with random people. Of course, it was only during those few days or weeks of heat not any other time, but still it felt odd. He always had to remember that he grew with Kurama and they had a solid relationship. The fact that he had Kurama to himself now meant everything.

Danzo and Sarutobi both deadpanned, "Neither of us knew about the poisoning part." The muttered with dazed eyes as if they were remembering the frightening symptoms of long term exposure to pheromones … some agents may never be able to fully recover …

"Kurama is done with his heat … at least, he seemed sane and his tail and fluffy ears were hidden before I came here, but back to team 8. They are clearly after something and it has to involve Kakashi, too. I mean Kurenai knows about the demon being sealed inside me and I told her I'm not treated well because of it, but what does she do? She drags me to nearly every store in the village! It makes no sense unless she's one of them." The blonde muttered doubtfully.

Guren scoffed, "If she'd bother dragging you to the hokage then she's not a narrow minded fool."

"I agree. She was genuine … the mission I gave her starts tomorrow. I don't believe Kakashi is planning on missions. Danzo, could you have a few of your agents follow him?" Sarutobi asked between sips of his tea.

"Yes … Naruto, you should make sure Kurama is through with his heat before leaving." Danzo said pointedly.

The blonde nodded tiredly not having a single wink of sleep between dealing with team 8 and Kurama's heat, "Yeah … I'll go check."

Guren made a hand sign instantly making the two old men flinch, but they relaxed as a crystal earpiece appeared in her hand, "Here, you haven't mastered the Spy Glass jutsu, but you do have enough skill to use the sound part of the jutsu. Report to me if you learn anything."

"I will." Naruto said before putting the ear piece around the back of his ear and getting up to leave the cozy apartment complex deep in the ROOT hideout where Danzo lived with Guren, who was a ROOT agent herself, and all other agents.

Normally, he would've tried to go straight to Sarutobi, but by the time he tired Kurama out he figured it was too late to just run into the office. No doubt, the hokage would've retired for the night, so he went to Danzo and Guren who had a means of calling Sarutobi in emergencies … or when Danzo invites Sarutobi over for some crystal ball viewing. Since the crystal ball's default setting was the ladies side of the bathhouse, you can imagine how pissed Guren was when she happened to walk in on them when she came to report on a new recruit …

Naruto left the hideout and went home in the rain, but he noticed Kurama standing butt naked right outside the cottage, "Kurama?" He called out over the thunder as he went over to the redhead who must've been out of heat because the fox like tail and ears were hidden with human features, but normally Kurama would be out cold for a week after going through heat so why was he awake?

The red eyes looked exhausted, but so sad too, "I caused a lot of trouble, didn't I?"

"Not that much." Naruto said as he pulled Kurama against his chest. The cool rain just rolled down their bodies and dripped to the ground taking the cum pouring out of Kurama's abused hole with it.

"I hurt Konohamaru." Kurama said barely heard over a surge of rain.

"Konohamaru is fine. I checked him myself so don't worry." Naruto said, trying to soothe the demon who he realized was crying earlier, but the rain hid the evidence. "You shouldn't blame yourself … I'm happy taking care of you and i won't let you do anything that'll expose you or lead to someone getting hurt." He said and pressed his lips to Kurama's.

Despite both being very tired the kiss became deeper and Naruto lowered Kurama to the wet grass below them, "ahhh hah Naru-ahh!" Kurama moaned weakly as Naruto squeezed his sore ass while nibbling the 'human' ear.

Rainfall pounded the pair as even more skin was exposed as Naruto shed his own clothes, "Still easy to excite I see." Naruto said teasingly as he spread the pale legs to view the pink, thoroughly fucked pucker.

Kurama blushed at the perverted action, "Dont say stuff like that-ah!" Kurama screamed into the thunder as a tongue licked his sore hole easing it into a twitching needy mess. The feeling of the cool rain hitting his flushed skin felt amazing, but that skilled tongue kept him hot and begging. "Naruto!" He mewed softly and moaned hotly as a flash of lightning revealed the intense blue eyes of his lover. The sight nearly made him cum right then and there, but he held on. At least, until he felt that cock easily slid into him.

A crack of thunder rumbling through the air hid the screams as Kurama was fucked into the grass. The redhead clawed at the ground as he thrashed in pleasure. Finally the stirring of that thick cock brought him over the edge and he blacked out before feeling Naruto's cum fill him.

Naruto smiled as he held the redhead for a minute letting the rain continue its assault. Two clones were created to pack everything away for the mission in a couple hours as he carried Kurama to the bathroom to be cleaned up. Both Konohamaru and Kurama were soon tucked away into cozy beds

By the time he was dressed in a pair of dark crimson anbu pants, with a short sleeve mesh top, black ninja sandals and a waist length black jacket the clones had everything gathered. Technically he was wearing his own clothes and not the ones he was bought hours earlier, but they were similar so they might not notice. As he put the pack on his back and hid a scroll filled with extra supplies in the hidden pocket inside his jacket his clone handed him his glasses.

Naruto felt a clink behind his ear as he put the glasses on and blushed as he remembered the crystal earpiece, "Dammit, sensei! How much did you hear?!" He yelled after making a hand sign and tapping the crystal.

'Nothing.' He heard his sensei's voice come through a little too quickly and with a dripping sound.

"Is your nose bleeding?" Naruto asked, despite knowing the answer.

'...' the silence followed by a perverted snicker and it confirmed what he suspected the dripping was.

Naruto rolled his eyes as he adjusted his hair so no one would see the extra crystal, "I'm going to meet them." He said, knowing there was no time to sleep in with this sensei so he had to leave now. There was enough time to eat, before slipping out during a small break in the storm. He raised an eyebrow as he approached three human members of team 8 and one canine. "Where's Hinata?"

Kurenai smiled, "Oh, she's a has a cold so she's staying here for this mission."

"Really?" Naruto asked curiously, hiding his suspicions, "maybe we should go say goodbye before-"

"No, that's fine! We should go now before this storm gets worse!" Kiba said a little too quickly getting a bark from Akamaru.

'What are they planning?' Naruto's sensei voiced his suspicions as he followed Shino, Kiba, Akamaru and Kurenai out of the village. After all, it seemed strange that such a close team wouldn't say goodbye to a sick member before leaving …

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