Behind Innocent Eyes

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“Not really. I just know someone who jokes about a couple old crystal ball viewing perverts being descendants of that god.” Naruto chuckled as he remembered how creative Kurama’s jokes, and insults, could get. 


Hinata glared at the ceiling. She wondered how much longer this imprisonment would last. How much more tea based torture and crazed doctors will she be forced to endure? The only bonus to this was that she had so much of that grotesque tea that it was almost becoming tolerable.

(I have to do something.) The restless Hinata thought and finally decided to look at the information her sister managed to get her. 

With great care she slid out of the bed and crept to the place where she hid the list of addresses. Thankfully, the hiding place opened without a sound, but the biggest problem was picking up the paper. It seems her little sister chose the most noisy paper to write the list and unlike the last time she saw the list her sister wasn’t there in a crinkling hazmat suit to hide the noise. She couldn’t risk letting one noise because at this point anything could be mistaken for a health issue.

After thinking about it she decided to try to use her chakra. With a little chakra she made the paper stick to her hand and she added even more. Little by little the paper was coated in chakra. Once every inch of the sheet was covered she pulled it out of the drawer. Thankfully, the chakra muffled the sounds that the crinkle paper would normally make.

Elated by her success she quickly got to bed before someone came in and caught her ‘putting too much strain on her body’ as the doctors say. She finally settled back down and went through the list of addresses. After some thinking she decided to rule out the ones that would be too close to a road or easily accessible. That left three addresses that were the most likely to be Naruto’s real home.

It was a start, but not enough. Unfortunately, her sister couldn’t help her this time since Hanabi had to go and do some clan business. That only left either staying locked in her room or continuing her mission without getting caught. Obviously, one of those options was much easier than the other. However, she couldn’t take it anymore. She was desperate to get out of here.

With great care she decided to try making a shadow clone. She saw the hand sign once before and it could help greatly, but there was a drawback. It was kind of loud. If this was going to work she had to very slowly add chakra to a regular clone and hope she can create a full shadow clone without the distinctive popping noise that her guards would hear. So with more control than she ever tried to use before she started building her clone and she prayed no one used the byakugan. She did not want to get caught.


Naruto sent hundreds of clones running across the massive waves of the water to rescue the living beings, humans and animals, that were tossed overboard during the storm. The storm was so bad that Naruto even threw his clones crystals. Each crystal grew into a helmet that would give air to anyone it’s placed on. With his clones helping those struggling to state aloat Naruto helped Team 8 secure the cages of the animals that were still on the ship.

Kiba tried to grab a crew member before they fell overboard, “Prince Hikaru! Stay in the ship!” Kiba yelled when he saw the prince rush out of the door behind him.

“I got him!” Naruto yelled right before an especially large wave washed over the side, nearly knocking the blonde down, but he quickly recovered and grabbed the prince who was dangling from the bars of the cage containing the saber tooth tiger from the circus. “It’s not safe out here!”  Naruto yelled over the thunder as he held Hikaru with one arm as he gripped the bars.

“He needs help!” Hikaru yelled as a violent wave drenched them to the point where they were gasping for air and the saber tooth inside the cage wasn’t doing well.

“He will get help! Hold on!” The blonde yelled as he opened the cage door and carried them through a small door that led to the cargo hold of the ship. The tiger was placed in a more stable, and dry, cage inside where the waves couldn’t reach. “I have to help out there!” 

Prince Hikaru held onto the ninja for support when the waves rocked the ship violently, “Be careful!” 

“I will. The king is probably worried about you!” Naruto yelled over the noise and left a few clones behind in the ship before going back out to help.

It took a few hours, but the storm finally dissipated. Thanks to Naruto’s many clones they were able to save everything that fell overboard. As a bonus the chaos gave Naruto a little wiggle room and he was able to cancel the crystals that helped provide air before anyone on Team 8 saw. 

“Oh my! That was a messy storm.” King Michiru said, but he was safe in his room so he wasn’t as concerned as he should have been. “Hikaru! Why do you look so ruffled?” He exclaimed when he saw his drenched son come out through a smaller cargo door.

Hikaru smiled sheepishly as he was guided out of the cargo room by some clones, “I wanted to spend some time with the animals. Don’t worry, father.”

The slightly clueless king hugged his son, “That's sweet. I’m sure they were a little spooked.” Right at the moment Kiba was helping Naruto bring a monkey back on board and the monkey seemed annoyed by the king’s stupid comment. “How much longer until we reach Crescent Moon island?”

The captain looked overboard to see lots of clones climbing up the side with the last people and animals, “If I throw in a few minutes to make sure everyone is on board then I’d say 3 hours, your majesty. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like much was lost.” He said, but he really meant that no lives were lost. Nobody cared about the shoes or other things that might’ve gotten lost at sea. Of course, no one was going to say that to the king.

“Wonderful! Send a message to my father! He’ll be happy to hear that we’re almost home! Come, Hikaru. Let’s go get you changed into something dry and have some breakfast.” Michiru said cheerfully as he walked away with his son.

The captain frowned, but his eyes lit up when he spotted Kurenai, “Excuse me! We have a small problem. The king wants us to send a letter to the kingdom, but I just checked the messenger birds and I don’t think they’re well enough to travel so soon after the storm. They’re just too stressed. Do you or any of your ninjas have a way to send a message? The shore is only a few minutes away by bird.”

“Actually, yes. Just take a minute to write the message and I'll get my team.” Kurenai said as she went off to find Naruto, Shino, Kiba and Akamaru. She found them trying to get a giraffe back on the ship. “One second!” She yelled and placed the very scared animal under a genjutsu.

Once the creature stopped panicking Kiba sighed, “Thanks, sensei. Push up now!” He yelled down to the Naruto clones and the swarm of insects that were under the cage that the animal was in. Once they got the cage level with the rail Kiba, Akamaru and Shino pulled on the ropes and dragged the cage on board. “Naruto, is that the last one?” He asked when Kurenai released the genjutsu as the giraffe’s cage was safely taken back where it was by the animal’s caretakers.

Most of the blondes popped out of existence and the real Naruto was revealed to be one of the ones who helped raise the cage, “It’s everyone I managed to get a clone with.” Naruto said as he climbed over the rail and joined the team. 

Kurenai smiled, “The captain is optimistic that everyone is safe. He’s going to make sure soon. However, he was asked to send a message to the kingdom by the king and the messenger birds aren’t going to be able to fly right now. Shino, can your insects send a letter?”

Shino adjusted his glasses as he pondered the request, “Should be easy enough, but they’ll need to charge up. How far do they have to fly?”

“It’d be a few minutes away from land for a messenger bird.” Kurenai answered, recalling what the captain told her.

“Then that will be fine, but most people don’t look kindly on swarms of insects flying at them even if they have letters.” Shino pointed out.

“True.” Kurenai sighed as her imagination conjured up the image of some idiot seeing the swarm and diving for a bottle of bug spray. “Let’s talk to the captain about that.” She said and the ninja team went to find the captain. On the way Naruto offered to help feed Shino’s insects so they were strong enough to get there and back quickly. With insects flying onto the blonde they found the captain who did finish a quick message by the time they met up. 

The captain smiled, “I have a message to send-ah!” He yelped in shock when he saw the wriggling coat of beetles on the blonde ninja. 

Naruto deadpanned at the dramatic reaction to some bugs, “These are your messengers. They’re feeding.”

Kurenai chuckled, “It is a little odd, but they’re strong and fast. Do you have any thoughts about how to avoid anyone in the kingdom killing them on first sight?”

“Yes, that would be a problem.” The captain said and calmed down a little when the swarm flew up in perfect sync and plucked the letter gently from his hand. “Oh! Pretty cool … if we put some gems on it it might help.”

Naruto stuck his hand in his pocket and created a little crystal in his palm, “Will this help? I caught it during the storm and just stuck it in my pocket.” Naruto said as he pulled out the oval shaped pink gem that he created to save time.

Everyone’s eyes lit up at the pretty find, “That should be perfect!” They said as Kurenai attached it to the letter. 

“That’s an awesome find!” Kiba exclaimed and clapped the blonde on the back.

They assumed it fell off a necklace because Naruto made the gem with a little hole through the tip. Thanks to that hole it was very easy to tie it to the letter. Hopefully, that little bling will make it so the insects don’t get attacked right on sight. Of course, they’ll know soon enough because the swarm zipped away with the sparkly letter.

“One thing out of the way! Now would you guys help me do a headcount?” The captain asked.

Naruto nodded, “We were worried about that actually.”

After a thorough check everyone was very pleased to see that no living beings were lost. Thankfully, the king had so much stuff he never noticed some minor things did go missing. 


“Does this mean our host will be part of a new nest?” One beetle commented in its insect language.

“I hope so!” Another beetle answered as they flew over the water. “Naruto seems to know how to make our silly host happy.”

“What if Naruto’s other boyfriend doesn’t like our silly host?” One beetle helping to hold the letter asked.

“Maybe we can attack the mean boyfriend.” One insect suggested and the entire swarm buzzed in agreement.

“There’s the castle!” The entire swarm cheered and flew even faster. 

They saw the startled looks on the faces of the people and made sure to lower the letter so the gem sparkled in the light. That seemed to catch the attention of those watching and they opened the window. The insects set the letter down on the sill and rested out of sight under the sill so the people wouldn’t feel so creeped out about picking up the letter.

“Beautiful jewel, but what the hell was with those insects?” As insulted as the insects were by the guy’s words they remained hidden and just waited in case there was something said that they should report. The sound of someone opening the letter followed. “Shabadaba! Michiru and Hikaru are returning. They’ll be here soon.”

There was a sound of someone chuckling in the room, “Good. You can kill them and finish off Kakeru after.”

This comment did not go well with the insects and they stayed as out of sight as possible as they raced back to the ship to warn everyone. Once they saw their host they dove back into Shino’s body.


“Naruto.” Shino felt his heart flutter when Naruto turned to look at him. “Do I get to know anything about your boyfriend before I meet him?”

Naruto nodded slowly, “Yeah … There's an odd story around us, but that can wait. As for my boyfriend, his name is Kurama. He has red hair, red eyes and is slightly tall. I’ve known him for a long time and he was always loving and protective … and very dangerous when pissed off-“

“If he’s protective why hasn’t he helped you get glasses?” Shino asked curiously.

The blonde sighed, “Like I said, there’s a long back story.” Naruto said and he gaped in shock when the swarm of insects tackled Shino so fast that it left their host a bit dazed.”Shino?” He reached out and steadied the bug user.

Shino stayed silent as he listened to his insects, but then stiffened, “We need to talk to the captain and king now! There’s an ambush waiting for us!” He exclaimed and took off with Naruto following him ...

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