Behind Innocent Eyes

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“Alright then Akamaru and I will watch the back doors.” Kiba said and they each went to take their positions around the toy store ...


Hikaru smirked when the caravan to a stop, “Perfect. Not far away at all.” He muted and pulled out a long cloak and slipped away. He searched the streets until he found exactly what he wanted. “No one will follow me here.” He said with a smirk as he went into the adult store. 

Admittedly, the items on the shelves made him blush slightly and he was tempted to shop, but he went through anyway. After locating the private changing rooms in the lingerie section Hikaru went in and removed some casual clothes from the large pockets of the cloak. As fast as he could he changed his clothes and excitedly left the room. Suddenly, his excitement crashed when he realized he walked right past one of his ninja guards.

“What are you doing in here?” Hikaru demanded of the blonde ninja.

Naruto shrugged as he examined a sex toy set that resembled the classic ninja kunais and shuriken, “Guarding you. Don’t mind me, ok? I’ll pick some things up for my boyfriend while you do what you need to do.” Naruto said casually before looking at the employee that came towards them. “Excuse me. These say they can run on chakra. How effective is it?”

The young man smiled, “Chakra powered toys are very efficient. I’m a little surprised that a ninja is interested in that set. So far you’re the only one that I know of.” The employee said, taking note of Naruto’s headband.

Naruto chuckled sheepishly, “Yeah I can understand why that’d be too traumatic for some ninjas. My boyfriend would actually get a laugh out of these.” He said nothing short of certain seals would unnerve Kurama.

Hikaru immediately scoffed when the poor employee glanced at him when the ninja said the word ‘boyfriend’, “It’s not me.” He said with just enough harshness that the employee flinched, but the prince didn’t care and went off into shelves across the store. “How the hell do I get out …” he huffed as he spotted a duplicate of the blonde ninja standing casually outside the store. “Fine … I’ll just look around.” Hikaru grumbled.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the employee showing the ninja a display toy and moved around the shelves. Hikaru stopped and stood behind the one Naruto and the employee were chatting next to. As he casually browsed he listened, and peeked around the shelf, out of curiosity.

“They almost feel real, but the points that would be sharp are quite soft. How does it charge?” Naruto asked as he held the display model of the very realistic shuriken toy.

“The hole in the middle for the shuriken and the hole in the kunai’s handle. It’s a very quick charge. Hold it with your finger in the hole and it’ll charge in 3 seconds. When you hold it that way and pinch the toy it will turn on for both. The rest of it is tapping the smooth surface to change the squeezing patterns and strength for the shuriken or the vibrating patterns, spin speed or electric power in the tip for the kunai.” The employee let Naruto charge it and once the toy’s buttons lit up he showed each of the functions. He even used his own fingers to show how the toy hugged his finger.

Naruto watched the toy as the settings were explored, “Interesting … are there any safety features?”

“Right, you mean because they look so real until they’re turned on?” The employee commented and smiled when Naruto nodded. “Yes, actually … I might get in trouble if I threw it indoors, but yes there is. Besides, being very soft they actually are meant to turn on and wiggle if thrown. Obviously, the wiggle disrupts the flight and they’ll just drop like a wiggly stone after 3 feet or so. You can throw them and they’ll attach to your boyfriend, but only if he’s 3 feet away. The kunai does the same.”

“Really? What do you mean by ‘attach’?” Naruto asked curiously.

The employee smiled, “All the toys in this section are chakra powered and they all have a sticky feature. I hear it’s like how ninjas go through the treetops and not fall.”

“So it’s like tree walking huh,” Naruto hummed as he pondered the items. “I’ll take a ninja set and can you show me these flower themed toys?”

From his hiding spot Hikaru smirked. As he listened he picked out a couple chakra powered toys of his own and paid for them. He waited for Naruto to finish paying for his own things too before leaving. This time, however, he made Naruto walk with him back to the caravan.


“Where is my son?” Michiru wondered, but after a few minutes and no Hikaru was seen. “Kurenai, I hope you know where he is.” The king said with a stern tone.

Kurenai smiled and pointed to Kiba and Akamaru, who were hopping across the rooftops, “Your son is over there. I told Kiba, Akamaru and Naruto to stay with Hikaru personally.”

“Oh?” The chubby king looked into the crowded streets trying to see his son. A couple minutes later Hikaru came out of the crowd walking arm and arm with Naruto. “Hikaru! I was worried there for a moment.” Michiru exclaimed cheerfully. “Is there anything you want before the boat comes tomorrow?”

Hikaru smiled, “I saw an advertisement for a circus. Let’s go see that,” He said and tightened his grip on Naruto’s arm when the blonde tried to pull away.

“A wonderful idea!” Michiru exclaimed and didn’t even question why his son insisted on Naruto joining them in the carriage.

Kurenai frowned as she saw the puzzled look on the blonde’s face as he sat in the fancy carriage right next to the prince, “ummm … Kiba, did something happen when you guys were watching the prince?” She asked as they followed the caravan.

“Not really, but I don’t know exactly what happened in the store.” Kiba said looking at Akamaru, who simply shook his furry head. Even the dog wasn’t sure what the prince wanted with Naruto. Sadly, even the clones Naruto made earlier just shrugged since they also had no clue.

Shino adjusted his glasses and glared at the nearest blonde clone, “What store was this?”

The blonde clone gulped nervously, “A sex toy store.” He answered and the clones took a couple steps back as the insect user’s insects fluttered around him.

“I’ll guard the back of the caravan.” Shino muttered and immediately jumped away as a depressed aura hovered around him.

Kurenai looked concerned, “He’s been acting odd since our last mission. Naruto, are you sure you can’t tell us anything?”

“Sorry, but the boss can’t.” The clone said with a sigh. “Once the boss is on the boat he wants to talk to Shino and clear things up so could you guys make sure there’s actually a moment alone. He keeps avoiding the boss.”

Kiba grinned, “I got you covered. You guys can share a room on the boat the rate this guy buys things we will have to share rooms … or sleep on the deck.” Kiba muttered as the king bought a store full of shoes and they haven’t even made it to the circus yet. The ninjas suspected that the shopping wasn’t done and they were right.


“Would you care for a caramel brownie, Naruto?” Hikaru offered from the tray of decadent treats the king was snacking on.

Naruto smiled, “No thank you. I’m not that into sweets.”

“You seemed to talk a lot about sweets back at the store.” Hikaru commented with a slight smirk.

It took a second, but Naruto realized what the prince was implying, “I know what my boyfriend likes.” Naruto said not sure what would be safe to say in front of the king.

“Your boyfriend has good taste.” Hikaru said casually. “Oh look. We’re at the circus.”

Michiru grinned, “Wonderful! It’s been a while since we’ve been to one.”

Hikaru held his arms out silently demanding the ninja to carry him out of the carriage, “Perhaps we should buy this one if we like it ... thank you, Naruto.” Hikaru said as the ninja set him down on the ground.

“Oh that’s a wonderful idea! Then we can go all the time!” Michiru exclaimed excitedly as they entered the circus.

Naruto secretly created a few clones that were henged to look like random people to increase the security. Not just for the safety of the king and prince, however. Every now and then he caught a glimpse of the rest of team 8 following them. Obviously, Kurenai, Kiba and Akamaru weren’t the problem. Naruto’s was trying to keep an eye on Shino, who got noticeably more and more sulky each time he saw Hikaru nuzzling Naruto’s arm.

“You have excellent aim, Prince Hikaru.” Naruto commented politely when the prince hit the apple out of the hands of the little monkey that was riding a saber tooth tiger.

Hikaru huffed, “I like this circus.” He said and instantly Michiru made the deal with the owner. As they headed back to the boat there was a moment where the prince tried to pet the gray saber tooth tiger, but the tiger took offense to this stranger coming near him and growled. The prince scowled in response and pulled Naruto over to the pier. “Be my boyfriend.”

Naruto blinked in confusion, “Huh?” 

“I can provide you with anything you want. Anything.” Hikaru said as he pressed his hand against Naruto’s chest.

The blonde frowned, “I have a boyfriend.” He said firmly as he casually tapped his ear in thought.

Hikaru huffed, “I can give you so much more. Gifts, a palace, sex. You can have a kingdom.” Hikaru scoffed as Naruto seemed to be thinking too hard on this subject. “If you don’t agree I’ll tell my father that you lost me for a few minutes and only happened to find me in that store where you begged me to stay quiet on the matter.”

The ninja nodded his head, but still didn’t seem to be giving the prince his full attention until he looked at him, “Ok.” Naruto said, but followed that up with grading the prince’s wrist and pulling the hand away from his chest. “Of course, I prefer getting to know my boyfriend before going any further.” He leaned over to look Hikaru right in the eyes. “No matter what toys you might want charged.” Naruto noticed a light blush appear on those royal cheeks. “Can I ask a question?”

Hikaru raised an eyebrow, “Yes I suppose.”

“Why did you seem so surprised that I followed you into the toy store?” Naruto asked and shrugged at the baffled look he got. “What? It’s a strange thing to assume that your guard wouldn’t follow you.” Suddenly, it clicked in the blonde’s mind. “Oh … that’s how the last team lost you, right?”

“Yes … I figured ninjas were modest-“ Hikaru blinked as Naruto burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” He muttered as he yanked his hand out of the ninja’s grip.

Naruto took a second to stop laughing before finally looking at the prince, “It’s funny because you made that very incorrect assumption when in reality you had the only prude in the village as your guard!”


Hinata jumped as she was started by a series of sneezes, “Bless you, Neji.” She said kindly when she opened her window to see her cousin going through a second sneezing fit. “Someone must be talking about you.” She joked.

“Lady Hinata, was that you sneezing?! We’re getting the doctor and the tea!” The frantic guards outside yelled. Both Neji and Hinata paled heavily as one guard threw the door open carrying a kettle with the grotesque tea all heated and ready.

Hinata shook her head frantically, “No-“

“Quick! Lady Hinata sneezed at least 7 times and she looks feverish!” Neji yelled, having zero issue with falsely accusing his cousin. 

“No! He snee-“ Hinata had no time to even finish her sentence before a panicked swarm of doctors surrounded her. What followed was tests, a worried father sealing the wonder shut and even more of that ungodly Tea. 


Hikaru huffed, “So Konoha is actually full of perverts.”

“Yep! Most would be shopping with you.” Naruto exclaimed with a snicker. “Out of curiosity, why did you try to escape your guards?”

“I wasn’t trying to.” Hikaru said, but it was a little too fast and too harsh for the blonde to believe.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, “So you usually wear a cloak to a store and bring a change of clothes with you?” He said pointedly and the flinch he saw from the prince told him that he hit a nerve. “Your dad is pretty happy to give you anything so it’s not like you wanted to keep him from knowing about the toys … you thought you found a way to slip away from your guards and tried to take it again, but the teams were changed … you know, as your boyfriend I could assist you getting where you want to go without your father knowing.”

Hikaru stared at Naruto trying to figure out if the ninja was serious or not, “You’d go behind your teammates back?”

“I don’t have to.” Naruto said with a cheeky grin and looked up to see Kiba watching from the deck of the huge boat. “Hey, we need a side trip!” He yelled and the dog ninja gave the thumbs up. Naruto noticed and looked back at Hikaru. “Just tell us where you need to go.”

The prince bit his lip as he pondered the option, “I really don’t want my dad to know … I want to see my mother.”

“Just get on and point the way. Your father won’t know.” Naruto said as he created two clones, one that looked like him and the other looked like Hikaru, and kneeled down.

After hesitating for only a moment Hikaru got on the ninja's back, “I want to see my mother.” He said and pointed the way. The prince squeaked as the ninja held him firmly and jumped away at an impressive speed.

“As a concerned boyfriend I would like to know why you don’t want the king to know about this.” Naruto asked as Hikaru rested his chin on his collarbone.

Hikaru huffed, clearly annoyed, “My father doesn’t know that his constant ‘money can get everything’ attitude really annoys my mother. He can’t buy her affection or dangle me in front of her to force her to come ba-“ he blinked when he swore he heard laughing in his ear, but Naruto wasn’t the one laughing. “What’s that sound?”

Naruto chuckled sheepishly and subtly made sure Kiba wasn’t within hearing distance, “Oh right, I guess you’re close enough to hear. I have an earpiece in my ear-“

“Someone was listening!” Hikaru gasped in disgust at the disrespect the ninja showed by not letting him know this. It was a breach of his privacy.

“Calm down. I wanted my boyfriend’s advice on your earlier demand and he’s been talking to me since then. I think he just found the irony funny.” Naruto said as he tried to adjust so he wouldn’t drop the wiggling prince.

Hikaru’s eyes narrowed, “Your boyfriend? … what irony?” Hikaru demanded.

“Well considering your feelings towards the king’s lifestyle it’s a little odd that you tried to tempt and threaten me into dating.” Naruto almost felt a little guilty as the prince truly did seem to take the reveal rather hard. “I won’t hold it against you and I’ll leave you a seal to charge your toys, ok?” He said cheerfully.

Hikaru buried his face in Naruto’s back feeling embarrassed about how he acted like his father and that he didn’t even realize it, “Thank you … and I’m sorry.” He whispered softly, but not so soft that the ninja and the fox demon couldn’t hear. When he looked up he pointed to one house in particular. “She lives just beyond that house.”

When they made it to the house Kiba and Akamaru landed next to Naruto. For a few minutes they just waited in silence as Hikaru spent some time with the kind woman he called mother. It was until the mother and son pair spent some time gardening that Kiba sighed.

“Something wrong, Kiba?” Naruto asked as he absentmindedly scratched behind  Akamaru’s fluffy ear much to the dog’s delight.

Kiba snorted, “I’m just realizing that I suck at reading people … I thought he was a brat.” He muttered when he saw the prince willingly kneeling and digging in the dirt to help plant some bulbs.

“Yeah … you always have to assume there’s a side to someone that a person hides.” Naruto said as he unsealed a fruit bar. With a sharp kunai he sliced the bar in half and offered half to Kiba.

As the dog ninja took the bar he saw Naruto unseal bacon treats for Akamaru, “So true.” He said as he tried to see where the seals were. He didn’t see the blonde touch scroll so where were these treats stored? How much was the blonde hiding?

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