Behind Innocent Eyes

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(I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem - seme Naruto x uke Shino / Kurama / Kimimaro / Konohamaru / older Hikaru / Utakata

Last Time:

Naruto couldn’t stop the smile that came to his lips and whispered back knowing the others couldn’t hear over the storm, but that this person could. “Kurama.” 


With a small hand sign behind his back, Naruto formed a clone that he easily swapped out with as the members of team 8 settled down to sleep, “It’s good to hear your voice.” He said after he traveled deeper into the cave and made a crystal bubble around him.

‘I … I missed you.’ Kurama said, but a strange pause following that sentence caught Naruto’s attention. ‘Guren gave me-‘

“Are you ok, Kurama?” Naruto asked and the silence that followed practically confirmed that something was wrong. “What happened? Do you need me to come home-“

Kurama sounded like he was choking back a sob, “There’s no way you come back any time soon. The civilians are pissed … and there’s no way you can trick your new teammates.’

Naruto sighed, “Yeah … never thought I’d hate having competent teammates. I even had to risk using a crystal bubble in case Akamaru heard me talking to you during a break in the storm. With Sakura’s snoring I wouldn’t need to.” He said jokingly and heard a sad chuckle from his dear fox demon. “Tell me what happened.”

A small silence lingered before a shaky breath was heard over the crystal earpiece, ‘There was a breakout at the ROOT clinic.’

“Shit … are you ok? Was anyone hurt?” Naruto said knowing full well that there was a big difference between what Kurama meant by clinic as compared to infirmary.

‘Everyone is fine … a few civilians were spooked so you’re the one in danger …’ Kurama let his sentence retail off sadly. 

Naruto hummed, “That’s no surprise … what happened after that? You’re not telling me something.” His heart nearly broke when his lover started sobbing. He desperately wished he was skilled enough to travel through the crystal or even see Kurama’s face, but he was forced to accept that he could do nothing beyond listening.

‘The patients who got out … their minds were too far gone.’ Kurama sniffled and took another deep breath. ‘Danzo had to … execute them. It was my fault-‘

“Kurama, we both know that you had zero idea how your chakra would affect humans. You didn’t go into heat when you were sealed away and you never needed to use humans to deal with your heat before the seals existed.” Naruto said softly, trying to get his lover to stop blaming himself.

Kurama sighed, ‘If I just tried looking for any other demon sooner then-‘

“There’s no way to know what could’ve happened.” Naruto said softly. “You didn’t think all other demons would relocate after you and your tailed siblings were sealed away. You had no reason to think you wouldn’t be able to find someone to help you with your heat … you, Danzo, and the old man did the best you all could. It’s sad, but it’s not your fault.” Naruto paused for a moment to think of any point that will help. “If anything I’m to blame.”

What? You were a child when you released me! It wasn't your fault!’ Kurama exclaimed a bit shocked at the odd claim.

Naruto smiled sadly, “I broke your seal. I made you deal with your heat again. Neither of us had any idea what would happen. If you think you’re at fault then what about me?” 

‘Perhaps you have a point … it still hurts.’ Kurama sighed. ‘What’s your opinion, Guren?’

“Damn.’ Guren’ s voice was heard over the crystal.

Naruto’s eye twitched violently, “I should’ve guessed. Trying to over hear something kinky again, sensei? Was hearing my farewell to Kurama not enough?” As annoyed as he was he had to admit he smiled when he heard Kurama laugh softly.

‘Maybe …’ Guren admitted quietly.

Well we could discuss a certain ritual you went through. That might appease Guren.’ Kurama said, sounding very amused despite the little sniffle from his crying just moments ago.

Yes, Naruto was happy that Kurama seemed a bit more cheerful, but wasn’t a topic he was looking forward to, “One, I’m not allowed to talk about specific details.” He said, making it clear that, just because Kurama already knows, Guren couldn’t be told. “Two, I was going to bring that up.”

‘I’m sure. How is Shino?’ Kurama asked, definitely taking enjoyment out of this.

The blonde hummed in thought, “He’s … confused?”

‘Confused?’ The fox demon clearly didn’t expect that answer. ‘Huh… was he …’ He let his sentence trail off.

“Yes.” Naruto said knowing full well what Kurama was asking. “It was a bit awkward.”

‘Wait! What was awkward?! I want details!’ Guren whined.

“No. Bad, sensei!” Naruto scolded getting a pouty whine from the other side of the crystal earpiece.

Kurama couldn’t help but laugh at the little exchange, ‘Speaking of senseis and missions, you will be getting a new mission sent to Team 8. The previous team was fired because they lost track of the prince. No one seems to know how that happened, but since Prince Hikaru Tsuki is safe the King of Crescent Moon Kingdom, Michiru, is letting a new team take their place … you don’t need it, but be careful anyway. I miss you.’

Naruto smiled, “I miss you too.”

‘Awww why thank you!’ Guren exclaimed cheerily.

“Yeah, you too.” Naruto said with an eye roll as his sensei snickered. Once that conversation was done Naruto knew he had to hang up. “Shit. I need to go back right now. My clone is noticing that Shino’s bugs are crawling around.” He said. The one thing he simply couldn’t allow was for the insects to pop his clone.

With a quick promise to call back when he had a chance he ordered his clone to walk towards his spot deep in the cave. The clone pretended to need to relieve himself and quickly went to the back of the cave. Just as Naruto canceled the crystal orb that was blocking the sound of his talking his clone dispelled. He returned with no one knowing he was talking all this time.

“Seriously?” Naruto mumbled softly as a few insects joined him. The insects actually seemed to curl up on the sleeping bag with him. It made him wonder if Shino’s insects were trying to say something. He shrugged it off and went to sleep only to get woken up in the early rainy morning by a yelp.

“Shino, get your bugs in control-ow!” Kiba cried out, making Naruto’s blue eyes snap open. Akamaru rolled his eyes at Kiba’s antics and just shook the bugs off.

Every surface of the cave was temporarily covered in insects. The second Shino woke up he called them all back, but it was kind of strange. In Kiba’s case it was also slightly itchy and painful thanks to a few bug bites. 

Kurenai frowned and looked at the bug user, “Everything ok, Shino? I’ve never seen you let your insects out when asleep before.” She said while reaching for his cheek to check for a fever.

“I’m fine. My insects thought they saw something in the storm.” Shino said as he pulled away from Kurenai’s touch.

Naruto noticed the blush and twitched, “Well the rain stopped so why don’t you help me with breakfast, Shino. Your insects can look around.” He suggested and the insect user almost eagerly followed him out. Naruto suspected he knew what Shino’s problem was, but he wanted to talk to him privately. “Shino, your insects came to sleep with me. Is there something-“

“I see a messenger bird.” Shino said and immediately focused his attention on the bird that landed near them and deliberately ignored the blonde.

The blonde sighed, wishing the bird had better timing, but too late now, “What’s the message?” He asked though he already knew that it was the new mission.

“It’s a mission.” Shino quietly read the message as Kiba and Kurenai came up to him.

Naruto shrugged and started cooking, “Why is Hinata’s name on there?” He asked, deliberately messing with them. After all, they were trying to hide certain things from him and Hinata running around investigating him was one of them.

Kurenai chuckled as she lit the note on fire, “It’s an emergency mission so the hokage must’ve forgot about that change.” She said smoothly.

“Ok.” Naruto commented as if he believed that while he made a plate of sushi. He wasn’t sure if they were far enough away from Pelidnota to have a fire and he hoped this would put Shino in a better mood. “So what’s the mission?”

Shino adjusted his sunglasses, “We need to fill in for another team who were supposed to escort the King of Crescent Moon Kingdom and his son, Prince Hikaru. The last team had a problem with keeping tabs on the prince so we can’t make the same mistake. It sounds like it was a miracle that the King even considered hiring another Konoha team.”

“Sounds like we should hurry.” Naruto said though he was determined to talk to Shino eventually.


Danzo looked away from the file he was reading to look at Kakashi and tried his hardest to control his temper, “So Sasuke wants to try ROOT level training? I have to say no. We’ve had a lot going on including the loss of three of our own. Besides, he needs to, at least, display great skill in the Chunin exam before I can have him train at those levels safely.”

“Oh … you lost some of your men? I’m sorry, was it during a mission?” Kakashi asked, finally taking his eyes off the book in his hand to be respectful.

“It was a result of a mission from years ago, but medical treatment didn’t help and they recently passed.” Danzo looked over to see Guren enter the room. “If you don’t mind, Kakashi, I have reports to go through and arrangements to make.”

Kakashi nodded and his eye widened when he spotted Guren, “Hi! I’m Kakashi. I don’t believe we’ve met.”

“Guren. Get lost. We’re busy.” Guren snapped not liking the way the perv looked at her as he left. “He’s up to something.” She muttered once they got a signal from a fellow ROOT Anbu in the hallway saying that Kakashi left the complex completely.

“He is.” Danzo said as he showed her the file he just happened to be looking while talking to Kakashi. “This is Torune’s report on his findings while watching Sasuke and Kakashi. Besides, trying to get Sasuke more training Kakashi also seems to have a bet with Kurenai. How that involves Naruto I don’t know, but we’re still watching him so we’ll hopefully get more details.”

Guren scowled as she read the report, “A list of pretty women? Kurenai doesn’t seem like the type to agree to a bet involving such a creepy thing … then again she does have a temper.” She commented as she recalled Naruto mentioning how Kurenai acted around him. “What doesn’t make sense is that she seemed protective of Naruto, but whatever this bet is seems to be going against that.”

“We need to know more. When we have something that makes sense then we can tell Naruto. I’d rather not bother him on a mission.” Danzo said and began discussing subtle ways to get the villagers to calm down. Sadly, he said no to Guren’s suggestion of locking all their genitalia in crystal as a possible solution.


Kurenai frowned at the King’s huge caravan of purchases, “Shino, you’re going to need your entire hive for this. We’ll do what we can to guard everything, stay by the King’s carriage. Naruto, I want you and your clones to keep an eye on Prince Hikaru. Kiba, you and Akamaru should back up Naruto if the Prince does try something. We can’t lose the Prince like the last team did.”

“Right!” They each said and the mission began. Kurenai stayed close to King Michiru and Prince Hikaru’s carriage and tried to keep up a pleasant conversation. She didn’t want their clients to think there was anything wrong and she wanted to smooth things over with King. Thankfully, Michiru was a pretty nice guy, which explains why he agreed to give Konoha a second chance. His son wasn’t quite as cheerful. In fact, despite being a tall slender and good looking young man with long dark hair and slim glasses, Hikaru seemed like a bit of a brat.

It took only a few days of the luxurious shopping trip before the real problem appeared. No, it wasn’t the random goons or gangs or bandits. Those came often, but were dealt with easily and left in the sand as they headed for the Crescent Moon Kingdom. The true problem was exactly what got the last team in trouble, which was the prince separating from the caravan.

“Kiba.” Naruto hissed getting the dog ninja’s attention before bolting after Hikaru. He watched the prince slip through the crowd with only a hooded cloak as a disguise.

Once Kiba and Akamaru caught up after warning the rest of the team they saw the building the prince went into, “Ok … as a fellow man with hormones I don’t know if we should drag him back.” Kiba commented, understanding very well that some people need to browse a sex toy store for a new toy.

Naruto frowned, “Yeah … let’s just follow him and give him some space. I’ll go in and have a few clones watch the front.”

“Alright then Akamaru and I will watch the back doors.” Kiba said and they each went to take their positions around the toy store ...

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