Behind Innocent Eyes

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"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem - seme Naruto x uke Shino / Kurama / Kimimaro / Konohamaru / older Hikaru / Utakata

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With the speed of a powerful demon Kurama quickly found what was a human once before. Now the ninja was a snarling warped naked beast with long claws, half a jaw filled with sharp teeth, splotches of what seemed to be poorly formed scales and fully erect black thorny cock that was swollen to 10 times what it should be. The mad, slightly demonized, eyes zeroed in on Kurama and it attacked ...


“They know.” Shino muttered as he walked behind the pollen carriers with Naruto.

“Mm?” Naruto hummed curiously almost not hearing the bug ninja over the crowds of excited people.

“They all know which of us ...” Shino trailed off with a deep blush. “Our clothes …”

Naruto blinked, “Which what?” He asked out loud before subtly looking at all the people lining the streets. “Oh …” Naruto chuckled as he realized the problem.

All the onlookers were gazing in awe at all the carriers filled with pollen, but then as they passed they looked straight at Shino. No one paid much mind to Naruto or the Red Admiral, who walked behind them with the servants that brought the ninjas’ new clothes. No, everyone was gazing at the poor bug user and it was probably because of the clothes they were given. Shino’s pretty white kimono did stick out a lot more than Naruto’s ensemble and the darker uniforms of the pollen carrying villagers.

“Oh I see … Everyone else has dark browns, blues and other colors. Probably to make finding any stray pollen easier and I look a little reminiscent of a bee … symbolic.” Naruto said as he glanced down at his black yukata with a gold sash. Now Naruto understood what the bug user meant. They could tell who ‘participated’ in the ritual and exactly what their role was by the uniforms they were given. When he glanced back at Shino he winced. Poor Shino looked ready to pass out because of the intense blush so Naruto held his hand. “They look happy, don’t they?” He said not sure what else to say, but tried to comfort his temporary teammate any way he could.

“They do.” Shino admitted still not liking the attention. However, he must admit he felt a lot better holding the blonde’s hand. The final stop in the small celebration made Shino relax even more, if not feel a little silly.

All the pollen was being taken into a hospital at the end of the road. Naruto and Shino were allowed in only a few steps, but it was enough. They couldn’t see everything, they were able to see the pollen moved to a lab where people were apparently processing each puff.

“It’s a medicine.” Naruto concluded as he watched each pollen fleck get removed from the carriers and handled like a treasure. He squeezed Shino’s hand comfortingly only to chuckle as the bug user blushed again.

The Red Admiral stepped right behind them with a grateful smile, “Yes. It’s a very potent healing ingredient. The best benefits can be seen in chest infections and inflammatory problems. It has saved many people in this village. Enough of that though. Come, let’s go meet your teammates and speak on the main reason you’re here.”

“Thank you, sir.” The ninjas said gratefully. 

“I only have a couple conditions on the treaty.” The Red Admiral said seriously as they slipped out of the back of the hospital to avoid the onlookers who were still outside. “I don’t want the details of the ritual to ever be revealed outside this village.”

Shino quickly nodded, “That shouldn’t be a problem.” He said a little too quickly and just blushed again as both Naruto and the Red Admiral glanced at him.

“The hokage will respect your wishes.” Naruto said, confident that he knew the old hokage well enough to guarantee that much. ‘He will, of course, want to prevent unwanted people from gaining access to your village secrets. We’ll only tell him that future trips will need a more respectful approach. And the other condition?”

“That involves your clan.” The Red Admiral as he stopped and looked at Shino. “I would like your clan to be the diplomats between our villages. That doesn’t mean they have to participate in the ritual. I admit it’d be welcome if they did, but it’d be voluntary. This is mainly about your clan’s love of insects. I still want any details of our ritual kept secret even from your clan.”

Shino nodded, “I can add that in a message to the hokage along with the treaty. Of course, I’m sure my father would be honored.”

“Wonderful! Let’s go meet the rest of your team.” The Red Admiral said and led them down a peaceful dirt path that was taking them straight to a cozy hotel. Kurenai, Akamaru and Kiba were already standing outside waiting for them.

Kiba grinned, “Hey, guys! How’d the ritual-“

“We aren’t allowed to say.” Shino said bluntly.

The dug ninja pouted, “but-“

A dark threatening aura from a very pissed off Shino hit the dog user, “Not. One. Word.”

“O-ok!” Kiba cried out in terror as he hid behind Akamaru.

Naruto gulped nervously, (This is going to be a very awkward trip back to Konoha … and it might be even worse there depending on Kurama’s mood.) He mentally sighed knowing he’d have to tell Kurama what happened with Shino. What he didn’t know was that Kurama was actually very busy right now …


The horny demonized creature charged at Kurama attempting to pin him down. The swinging demonic limbs had zero control, however, and ended up cracking a tree clean in half when Kurama side stepped him. That seemed to make matters much worse for the former human howled in a pure demonic rage and charged again.

“I can’t waste time here.” Kurama said casually as he nimbly dodged the horny beast’s frenzied attacks. Kurama could smell that the other two semi demonic former ROOT agents were getting far too close to the village for comfort. “Ok … be a good boy and follow.” Kurama said as he calmly imagined his blonde lover’s touch on his body. 

The tiny hint of arousal wafting off of Kurama’s skin drove the warped human completely mad. It was too easy for the fox demon to lead him away from the village and towards the other two demonized patients. For a split second Kurama thought he was going to catch them, but he suddenly noticed the scents shifted.

“Damn, they’re in the village!” The fox demon, with the horny demonized human follower, bolted straight to the edge of the village.

The first thing he passed was a gaping hole in the village wall and it only got worse from there. A scream was heard not far away and Kurama raced to find the source. To his horror the two demon warped agents found a group of civilian women. The young ladies must’ve just been enjoying the water on this nice day only to be attacked. The horny grizzly purple half demonized agent with long spikes protruding from his back had one woman in his one monstrously large webbed hand. The other demonic human, a seaweed green monster covered in green fur that had a heavy black spiked tail and a warped horn growing out of the right side of his skull, was about to pounce on the other terrified woman.

Kurama growled and nimbly moved aside to avoid being caught by the first demonic agent. He knew demons love power so there was only one thing he could. The fox demon flared his power and even allowed his foxy ears and tail show. As an added bonus he let his mind wander to his naked lover and that delicious body. The power and arousal had an instant effect on the tainted humans who immediately dropped the scared women in exchange for chasing a sexy fox.

“Good.” Kurama sighed in relief, but he wasn’t done yet. With great speed he led the trio away from the main village and towards training ground 89. The scents of the ROOT agents waiting to capture their demonized comrades came through the trees, but he knew this wouldn’t be easy.

Danzo was the first to spot Kurama, “Down!“ He yelled while pointing at a circle on the ground full, knowing full well that Kurama would understand.

Sure enough Kurama landed on the spot. A split second later he leapt up just as the three very horny demonized humans dove for him.

“Crystal Prison!” A rush of very strong pink crystals encased the three demons and Guren came down from the trees with several other agents. “Stay back. Only Kurama and I will check.” She ordered as Kurama landed next to her. “Nice timing, didn’t think you would dodge in time.” She said casually as she walked towards the former humans that were frozen in pink stone.

Kurama cocked an eyebrow in amusement, “I am a little faster than them, thank you.” He commented as he retracted his fluffy ears and tail to return to his human form.

“Careful!” Danzo yelled as he clearly spotted something. “Guren, add a layer!”

Without a second thought the crystal user started a series of hand signs. She wasn’t even going to waste time finding the possible weakness and was just going to coat the entire thing again. Unfortunately, it was a split second too late. A loud crack was heard followed by the black spiked tail whipping free and smashing the stone. The green demon broke free. With a roar and a very powerful tail thwack that shook the earth the semi demon charged.

“Shit!” Guren flattened herself to the ground to avoid being crushed by the spiked tail that whipped by as the lust crazed former agent charged for Kurama.

Several ROOT agents took a formation around Kurama and the enraged former human, “Captain Guren! He’s too fast for seals!” One agent yelled as he narrowly avoided being gored by the horn when he tried to put a seal on the demonized agent.

“I’m co-“ She would’ve been concerned with helping the others with the destructive green menace, but an ominous creaking sound. The crystal holding the other two horny demons was starting to splinter. “Get assistance! I need to restrain these two!”

Danzo released a bird before joining in to help his agents, “Backup is coming! Start an explosive seal complex! Anything to slow him down. You four, help Guren restrain and relocate the other two so they aren’t released indirectly by the explosions!” Danzo yelled. The subtle shift of the green demonized agent’s human parts, an eye and right leg, from human to demon right before him greatly unnerved him. The fact that Kurama was having trouble holding the creature without using too much power didn’t produce an optimistic feeling either  ...


“What was that?!” Torune gasped as the quake suddenly shook the ground he was on sending him back onto his partner, Fu.

The orange haired ninja pushed the bug user off him, “Don know, but be quiet.” He hissed and peeked out of their hiding spot in the trees to check on their target. “Good. They didn’t notice.” He commented softly as he saw Kakashi and Sasuke look only mildly concerned about the quake before continuing training.

Torune hummed thoughtfully, “It’s definitely more obvious now how Naruto’s true skills went by completely unnoticed. Kakashi has his head so firmly lodged up Sasuke’s ass it’s disturbing and Sasuke is blind to anything except a mirror.” He muttered disapprovingly before noticing a bird in the sky. “An emergency signal, we-“

“I’ll go. If this is about those escaped demonized patients then you’d be useless since your insects won’t be able to drain the demon chakra. Stay here.” Fu said before promptly ditching Torune.

It was an action that did irritate the bug user, but, more importantly, in his partner’s eagerness to get away Kakashi seemed to notice their presence. “Damn him. We agreed I’d be next.“ He said casually as he leapt out of his hiding spot trying to make it seem like they were just passing by and that did work for Kakashi didn’t look suspicious at all.

Kakashi eye smiled, “Oh! Are those blasts part of someROOT training or something?“ he asked, ignoring Sasuke’s annoyed glance. The Uchiha clearly hated his training being interrupted.

“New recruits.” Torune commented simply and casually waved as he left. Before he left entirely he left a few insects behind to watch. Once it was safe he’d sneak closer to watch the two again. Thankfully, his insects caught the next conversation between Sasuke and Kakashi.

“I want to do some ROOT level training.” Sasuke basically ordered.

Kakashi chuckled, “I can ask. It’d be a good chance to look at all the pretty ROOT agents. I need to complete my list to give Kurenai for when I win the bet-“ Kakashi and Sasuke stumbled slightly as another explosion shook the grounds from the training ground not far away. “Of course, Danzo might not be in the best mood after dealing with newbies so I’ll ask tomorrow.” He said sheepishly.


Hanabi smiled happily as she copied down several addresses from some public files, “This should help sissy!” She exclaimed excitedly. 

After quickly double checking to make sure that she didn’t miss an address she raced out of the public records department. She was eager to get back to her sister, but she couldn’t help slowing down as she passed some civilians who looked freaked out. They were so frantic that no one even noticed her.

“Must’ve been some stupid prank.” Hanabi scoffed with an eye roll when she heard the civilians say demons attacked them and that they had to hunt the demon. It was odd to her that they were blaming one demon if two supposedly attacked, but she was sure they’d go to the hokage and he’d sort out what was going on. She was more concerned about getting back home, back in her hazmat suit and seeing her big sister so she left.

Hinata looked a little queasy, but still smiled as her little sister passed the vigilant guards and came into her room, “Hey, any luck?” Hanabi just smirked as she pulled out a folded piece of paper that was tucked under the flap of her helmet and handed it over. “That was fast.” She commented as she set the empty cup of what was the gross tea down and hid the paper in her underwear drawer until she could read it safely without getting caught.

“Are you implying I’m not normally fast?” Hanabi huffed before smirking.

The older sister paled, “Don’t you dare.” Hinata hissed.

“Oh! Sissy, are you ok? You don’t look so good!” Hanabi squealed and snickered as her sister, who was glaring at her, was instantly swarmed by medics and their father ...


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