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(I’m thinking)

“I’m speaking”

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem - seme Naruto x uke Shino / Kurama / Kimimaro / Konohamaru / older Hikaru / Utakata

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 “did she now?” Naruto said with a calm look on his face though his thoughts were anything but calm (OH FUCK!  My house has a horny demon that isn’t as sealed as people think so no! you can’t come! How do I get out of this?!)


After thinking frantically he decided to take a chance “I actually have an apartment” (I really hope Konohamaru is in a very good mood today) he mentally prayed to every god up there.

Kurenai smiled “then take us there” she said kindly despite being very eager to get down to business.

“sure” Naruto said inwardly panicking as he mentally contacted his clone who was busy. To buy his clone some time and avoid any villagers he decided to go the long way around the village. Strangely enough Kurenai didn’t like that option.

“wouldn’t it be faster if we cut through the village?” the jonin asked.

“I prefer going this way” Naruto said wondering why she would question that after everything he told her in front of jiji. Did she want him to get within range of the villagers? Granted they wouldn’t try anything if he was with team 8, but there was no point in provoking them either. It could make things worse for the next time he was alone.


“ahhhh so good!” Kurama screamed as he was bent over the counter and had a vibrator thrust deep into him hitting the prostate with each thrust.

The clone smirked as the cute red head moaned and squirmed under his teasing “you’re such a slut today. This must be the peak of your heat” he said before grabbing the fluffy tail and giving it a few firm strokes.

Kurama’s eyes rolled back “oh god!” he screamed in pure ecstasy and came hard pouring cum all over the counter “more more my slutty hole needs more! Oh yes!” Kurama moaned wildly as the vibrating toy was cranked up to a higher setting and thrust even deeper as the base of his tail was stroked sending the most amazing bolts of pleasure up his spine.

“damn you’re a sexy fox” Naruto’s clone said huskily as he watched the the toy appear and disappear into the tight channel. He suddenly twisted it earning a yelp and a gush of pre cum to come out of the dripping cock “so fucking delicious” the clone aid as he leaned over to nip at the perky backside.

“ahhhhhh hahhh yes yes yes more!” Kurama cried out in pleasure and bucked his hips up to get more of that mouth and toy effectively brushing his cock against the counter making more pleasurable sparks through his body.

“shit … bad time boss” the clone hissed under his breath as he watched the cum trickle off the counter as the red haired demon came again “the boss needs me to do something Kurama. I’ll be back to play in a few minutes” he said before kissing the flushed horny demon’s butt and shoving the toy in and sealing it so it stays deep inside. Kurama screamed and his knees buckled in pleasure. The clone scooped him up and left the red head bucking and writhing in pleasure on the couch as he went to grab a few of the boss’s things and took off running.

It was a risk, but he went straight through the village. At least at the speed he was going the villagers didn’t see him and thankfully next to no ninjas were there to notice him since they were probably preparing for the chunin exam. Whether they were participating or setting up the event itself everyone was busy.

Before long the clone came up to a building. It was an abandoned apartment complex on the very edge of town and marked the boundary between the village and the part of the village that was abandoned after the nine tail’s attack. Technically it was where he lived before jiji found out and got involved, but now his friend Konohamaru lives there.

Why would the hokage’s grandson live there of all places?

Simple, Konohamaru is stubborn and loathes the villagers for how they treated Naruto. When Naruto moved into his current home Konohamaru moved into the abandoned complex with only this to say to anyone who complained ‘if it’s good enough for Naruto then it’s good enough for me’. Granted the complex didn’t look abandoned or even slightly neglected with Naruto’s help in cleaning it up for Konohamaru, but the villagers still sulk over the choice the hokage’s grandson made.

Finally the clone jumped up to the third floor balcony and knocked frantically on the glass door “Konohamaru the boss needs your help!” the clone exclaimed and tried to look away as the younger ninja came out of the bathroom in only a towel.

“what’s wrong? Did something happen to Naruto?” a very worried raven asked, but blinked as he saw a few of those hideous orange jumpsuits and a team photo in the clone’s arms “why do you have those clothes?” Konohamaru asked curiously.

“the boss is in a bind. He needs to satisfy team 8’s curiosity on certain things, but he can’t take them to his own place with Kurama in heat” the clone explained and Konohamaru blushed at the news “this apartment is the only one that’s set up and looks lived in so can I set it up with a few of the boss’s things?” the clone pleaded.

“yes of course” Konohamaru said and stuttered slightly as the shirtless blonde moved passed him and into the apartment “I haven’t cleaned up”  Konohamaru said a little embarrassed at the ramen bowls randomly placed around the apartment even in his bedroom.

“that’s fine” the clone chuckled amusedly as he hung the jumpsuits in the closet and politely sealed Konohamaru’s clothes into a seal he placed on the wall inside the closet “if you don’t mind could you place this somewhere while I move some of your photos? They’ll all be in the seal I put in the closet” the clone asked as he handed the team photo to Konohamaru.

“that I can do” Konohamaru said pleased to help “what teammates are on team 8?” he asked as he went in the kitchen and placed the photo off to the side partially covered by a vase.

“Hinata Hyuga, Shino Aburame” the clone shivered slightly at the name. Shino hated the boss for some reason, but he never knew why. It just came out of no where with spiders in the boss’s desk. He wondered how being on the same team with the bug ninja will go “and Kiba Inuzuka” he said as he collected all of the photos hanging on the walls including a cute one of Konohamaru and Naruto waving in front of this very building. The clone noticed something Naruto didn’t before. Konohamaru was blushing at the closeness with the blonde. Unfortunately there was no time to ponder it so the clone ignored it for now.

“Inuzuka? He’ll catch my scent right?” Konohamaru exclaimed as he grabbed a towel on the counter.

The clone would’ve face palmed right there if he wasn’t holding all those photos “shit I didn’t even think of that! … Konohamaru? What are you doing?”

Konohamaru just lit the towel on fire and let it burn as he ran a couple laps around the apartment “covering our scents … you burned a towel during breakfast and went for ramen instead” he said before soaking the burnt towel in the sink and tossed it in the trash with a ramen bowl on top.

“you’re brilliant! I’ll tell the boss and seal these away” the clone said making the young ninja blush and put the photos safely away in the closet seal, but when he turned to leave through the bedroom side of the balcony he ducked down as he spotted the boss and team 8 walking towards the building “their coming” he said as he stayed out of eyesight and dragged Konohamaru out of eyesight from the kitchen side of the balcony door.

“a-are they g-gone?” Konohamaru squeaked as he was pulled up against a strong chest and blushed violently.

“yes … they’re in the building. In a second we can leave through the balcony-” the blonde stiffened as he spotted a horny and naked Kurama perched on the balcony “Kurama lets go home-”

The young raven gasped as the clone opened the balcony only to be tackled by the horny demon … and was dispelled almost instantly. Kurama mewled at the loss of his toy and much to Konohamaru’s horror the demon’s lust filled eyes zeroed on him.


“so is it nice it nice being on the same team as your crush?” Kurenai asked using the only piece of information she had on the boy to start the conversation.

“my crush?” Naruto blinked absolutely baffled at what the jonin meant (Sasuke is … so not my type. Kakashi has a nice ass, but I prefer some common sense … no … she isn’t talking about … her … is she?)  “who’s my crush?”

Kurenai flinched as she noticed there wasn’t any sign of deception and realized she may have already started with incorrect information “Sakura” she answered and knew she was wrong the second it came out of her mouth. Perhaps it was because Naruto looked visibly sick at the thought.

“I’m gay. Always was. Never liked any girl that way. Why does everyone seem to think that I like Sakura?” Naruto asked legitimately confused (of all the secrets I hide on a daily basis my sexuality isn’t one of them)

Hinata blushed “y-your gay?” she exclaimed a little disappointed. Shino seemed stunned however and Kurenai just looked really happy that she learned something, which baffled Naruto even more. Akamaru didn’t to surprised, but he may have been to distracted with keeping Kiba on his back to react.

“nothing against you Hinata. If I were straight I’d definitely fall for you, but I never was … nor did I hide it … who started that rumor anyway?” Naruto asked trying to bide time for his clone, but also wanted to cheer Hinata up. He always knew about her crush on him, but his subtle hints went unnoticed.

“I … heard it f-from … Ino I think” Hinata stuttered slightly trying to control herself. It hurt a little, but Naruto was only being honest and she couldn’t blame him for that.

“why would she think that?” Naruto pondered out loud as he spotted the roof of the apartment complex only a little ways away.

“no clue. So what kind of guys do you like? Do you have a boyfriend? If you do we should get him and go to the center of the village to chat” Kurenai said more casually than she felt. If she could get them into the village and watch the reactions then she can see how bad the villagers are.

Naruto mentally winced (Kurama won’t like this, but I can’t tell them let alone have them meet … least of all now) Naruto sighed “no boyfriend … I guess I like the calm silent types …” the blonde said and it was true. Kurama is normally like that unless he was in heat, but Naruto twitched and took a step away from Shino when he realized his description matched the bug ninja “and those who don’t hate me for unknown reasons”

“about that …” Shino said softly with a light blush appearing just above his high collar “I was mistaken. I thought you were responsible for a nasty prank that damaged my hive, but you weren’t and I apologize” Shino said sincerely.

The blonde looked very relieved “ok I understand. It’s not like you’re the only one who thinks I’m a prankster. You’d think chunin instructors would be smart enough to peg the right troublemaker, but I guess not” he commented like the naïve fool he was pretending to be. Obviously he knew he was accused simply for the chance to punish the ‘demon’ and that’s all. They all knew the truth, but preferred hurting him instead of doing their jobs. What he wasn’t sure about was why Kurenai was taking in every piece of information like her life depended on it. Did it? What’s with team 8 all of a sudden?

“yes … you’d think so” Kurenai said calmly as she pondered the point. Any chunin should be able to handle academy students without mix ups like that. Naruto should never have been blamed for things he never did. There was only one reason she could think of for the blaming was simply because of Naruto’s burden, which made it more likely that Naruto wasn’t lying at all about how he was treated. This was made even more clear when she saw the building they were approaching “you live here?” she asked a little disturbed that Naruto was so far out on the edge of the village and right near the abandoned part of the village that was deemed unstable after the nine tail’s attack.

Naruto nodded “I have for years”  he said smoothly. It wasn’t quite a lie after all he didn’t say that he still lived there. Just as he guided them into the building he felt his clone dispel “I forgot to clean up! Just head to the third floor!” he yelled and took off so fast that he was a blur and no one had time to protest. The second he raced into the apartment he made a clone and as the clone began gathering ramen cups as a excuse he tried to drag Kurama off Konohamaru “Kurama let him go!” he hissed as he pulled the red head’s mouth off of Konohamaru’s cock, which was now quite hard and weeping.

“but he’s tasty … can he play with us too?” the horny demon moaned as he nuzzled the tent that was pitched in the blonde’s orange pants, which was no doubt caused by the clone’s first memories.

“now’s not the-” Naruto’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he spotted a flushed and panting Konohamaru laying naked on the floor with his legs spread wide revealing everything “Konohamaru why aren’t you dressed?”

Konohamaru blushed brightly as he covered his privates with his hands “you sealed my clothes” he hissed incredibly embarrassed that he was naked and in front of his crush no less.

Naruto face palmed at his idiocy “shit I’m-”  Naruto froze mid apology when he heard the door open. He grabbed both Konohamaru and Kurama and lipped out onto the balcony.

“Naruto … your hand” Konohamaru squeaked as he felt the blonde’s hand on his bare butt, which begged to question where his towel went …

“sorry!” Naruto gasped and set Konohamaru down, but twitched as he felt Kurama sucking his fingers “not now” he hissed and held them back as team 8 spread put in the apartment. If they moved they’d be spotted for sure. As they waited for the clone in the apartment to provide a distraction so they can get away they became aware of a faint buzzing noise “Kurama … do you still have the vibrator in you?” Naruto asked making Konohamaru blush at the thought and bury his face in the blonde’s chest.

Two naked people, three very horny people and all three at risk of being found … should be interesting …

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