Behind Innocent Eyes

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(I’m thinking)

“I’m speaking”

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem - seme Naruto x uke Shino / Kurama / Kimimaro / Konohamaru / older Hikaru / Utakata

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Two naked people, three very horny people and all three at risk of being found … should be interesting …


The clone smiled awkwardly as he saw team 8 entered the apartment without even knocking, “I’m sorry everything is-” The clone blinked as they brushed passed him and began looking around. Akamaru, and by extension the unconscious Kiba, was the only one who seemed to wait to be allowed in. “-such a mess?” He finished his sentence feeling rather snubbed as he gestured for Akamaru to come in, but he froze in horror as he spotted what was Konohamaru’s towel on the kitchen floor.

“That’s fine. How much ramen do you eat? … and what’s that smell did you burn something?” Kurenai asked as she went into Naruto’s bedroom or what she thought was the blonde’s room.

“I accidently burned breakfast along with a towel.” The clone said as he casually stepped on Konohamaru’s towel and slid it along the floor until it was right next to the lower cabinet. Once he saw Akamaru go look over the living room with Shino as Hinata went into the bathroom to look around the clone bent down and tossed the towel into the cabinet.

“Oh! Shino isn’t very good at cooking either. Would you like some pointers? You shouldn’t eat only ramen, you know?” Kurenai said pointedly.

(Déjà vu, the boss said the same thing after learning that’s 50% of Konohamaru’s diet.) The clone mused as he recalled the boss’s discovery, which was actually when he was helping Konohamaru move in this very building. Naruto always thought Konohamaru just brought extra ramen so the blonde got a lunch during the academy, but the ramen was really an addiction on the raven’s part. “Thanks, Kurenai-sensei.” The clone said politely. (But the boss can cook just fine. Right now he needs to get off of the balcony!) The clone thought panicking slightly as he heard Kurenai walk around in the bedroom. If she decided to look outside onto the bedroom side of the balcony the boss was screwed.

It wasn’t easy since the apartment, while fairly big, was only three rooms. The living room, dining room and the kitchen were all one open room so with the bathroom and bedroom that is only three room. All of which had views to the balcony. Even the bathroom, which was right across the hall from the bedroom and when the door is open you can see straight to the balcony.

“We really should get you some different clothes too. You only have one style.” Kurenai commented with a slightly teasing tone from the bedroom.

“Shopping isn’t the best thing for me.” The clone said with a sharp twitch in his eye. Kurenai clearly knew what goes on in the village so why did it seem like she wanted to risk taking him through the village. Did she want him hurt?

Shino turned towards the blonde curiously. “Why is that exactly?” he asked and a curious Hinata came out of the bathroom to hear the answer.

The clone heard a click that sounded like he balcony door in the bedroom being unlocked and decided enough was enough, “Hold it!” The clone snapped making Hinata and Shino flinch as a sheepish looking Kurenai came back into the living room thankfully leaving the bedroom and hopefully giving the real Naruto a chance to escape. “I could be wrong, but this feels like an investigation.”

“Not at all! We’re just trying to get to know you!” Kurenai exclaimed getting nods from Shino, Hinata and Akamaru.

“You didn’t strike me as the type of girl who goes straight to a guy’s bedroom to learn about him.” The clone said sarcastically taking a bit of enjoyment in the embarrassed blush that came to Kurenai’s cheeks.

Kurenai chuckled sheepishly, “I’m sorry. I got a little carried away. We really want to learn more about you.”
“Why? Sure, I’ll be on your team, but this seems a bit … over the top.” Naruto’s clone said, but noticed a subtle shift in all their postures. They were hiding something, but what?

Shino adjusted his glasses calmly, “Keep in mind we won’t have too much time to get to know you before we’ll be going on missions so we need to rush things. It  may seem rude, but we’re doing this to better our teamwork. If this bothers you then we can start with the issues you need help with. Your clothing, for example, needs to change or you will have stealth issues.” Shino quickly lied hoping Naruto would buy it.

Naruto’s clone looked down at Shino with a fake convinced smile, “Well when you put it that way then I guess it does make sense.” The clone said, but was definitely thinking along different lines. (Bullshit … what are they hiding?) The clone wondered before relenting to being dragged through the village on a shopping trip, but there was a problem. The clone didn’t have Naruto’s wallet …

With a quick mental signal he told the original the problem. As he walked with team 8 down the stairs to leave the apartment he looked for any sign of the wallet. When they got to a former sitting area in the second floor to head down to the staircase that leads to the last staircase he spotted the wallet sealed to the bottom of an old broken exit sign. He fell back slowly so he was walking behind team 8 and snagged the wallet with a chakra thread. It fell right into the clone’s hand without team 8 noticing …


“Kurama, stay quiet.” Naruto hissed under his breath as Kurama moaned.

Kurama rocked his hips grinding himself against Naruto’s leg, “hahhh ah I’m cumming-mm”

Konohamaru felt his own release coming as he watched Naruto silence the red head with a steamy kiss to swallow the moans. The sight of those tan hands grabbing Kurama’s butt and squeezing getting the much needed release covering Naruto’s jacket in cum was so hot that Konohamaru needed to bite his lip to keep from cumming right there. Of course, the blissed out face on the fox demon wasn’t helping the young raven’s situation.

“I’m taking your toy.” Naruto hissed. Konohamaru’s eyes widened as those thick tan fingers slipped into the red head’s needy hole and removed the rather large vibrator. As Naruto turned off the toy they heard a click from the bedroom balcony door and they froze save for Kurama who was unzipping Naruto’s pants to pull out the large cock for a taste.

Hold it!” The captives breathed a sigh of relief as the clone’s yell made whoever was in the bedroom to abandon their attempt to get out onto the balcony.

Naruto heard the person leave the bedroom and sighed, “Now we-ah fuck! Not Now!” he hissed and shoved Kurama’s teasing mouth off his cock before grabbing both naked males and jumping off the bedroom side of the balcony.

“I want my treat.” Kurama whined and knocked Naruto onto the ground once they landed. Konohamaru’s hard cock bounced when he rolled out of Naruto’s arm and when he looked up to protest he was meet with the sexy sight of Kurama licking Naruto’s large cock.

“Fuck! Kurama I can fuck you in a few minutes-ahh!” Naruto groaned as the redhead’s mouth swallowed as much of his cock as it could and sucked, but after only a minute Naruto pulled Kurama off his cock with a rough yank of the red locks that only made the horny demon mewl. ”Shit … one second!” Naruto exclaimed as he suddenly ran into the lower part of the apartment building while trying to hold his pants up.

“Wait, don’t just-” Konohamaru winced. It was too late. Naruto was out of ear shot. The blonde left him butt naked with a horny demon. Before Konohamaru could even turn to face Kurama he was flipped so he was on all fours and heard buzzing.

Kurama licked the raven’s tight little pucker, “You’re a virgin. I can taste it.” Kurama purred before taking the vibrator and running along the length of Konohamaru’s cock.

“Haahhhhh!” Konohamaru gasped at the amazing feeling, but clapped his hands over his mouth to keep his moans quiet.

“So yummy.” Kurama purred as he watched the perky butt wiggle with each stroke the toy took over the sensitive hard flesh. He couldn’t resist pushing his tongue the tight twitching pucker and move it.

“Fuck-mm” Konohamaru yelped in shock before securing his hands over his mouth again. As his mind started melting with each move of the tongue and the vibration of the vibrator now soaked with his pre cum he started picturing Naruto’s hands on him. he imagined that it was Naruto’s tongue deep in his ass and that it was Naruto’s dick brushing against his own cock. The thoughts made him hornier. He was about to cum when Kurama was dragged off him.

Naruto sighed in frustration, “I’m separating you two.” He said as he made two clones appear to carry Kurama so he could carry Konohamaru. The three blondes and their cargo raced quickly out of sight and just missed being spotted by team 8. With that worry out of the way they headed for Naruto’s real home where they wanted to wait until team 8 was done with their shopping trip. “I’m sorry, Konohamaru. I’ll have my clone clean yor place up and put everything back once team 8-mm” Naruto’s eyes widened as Konohamaru kissed him full on the mouth. He was so stunned that he couldn’t stop the raven from adjusting so the pale legs were wrapped around his waist where Konohamaru began grinding his crotch against Naruto’s clothed cock.

“Want you.” Konohamaru said breathlessly before kissing the blonde again.

The blonde was having a hard time holding back. Naruto knew Konohamaru wasn’t thinking straight, but the raven was a surprisingly good kisser and that did not help! By the time they got to the cottage Naruto was so wound up it was a miracle he didn’t fuck Konohamaru right there like his clones did Kurama. “Want your cock!” he mewled after being dropped on the couch only to throw his head back and moan hotly as a naked Naruto moved between his legs thrust hard rubbing their cocks together.

“Tell me that when you’re in your right mind and then I’ll fuck you.” Naruto groaned and with one thrust at just the right angle he watched Konohamaru cum spraying thick white ribbons of cum onto their chests before the raven passed out.

“Naruto! Oh! Fuck me!” Kurama screamed as he rode the cock of the clone laying on the floor as the second clone used the vibrator to tease the red head nipples while playing with the sensitive fluffy ears.

Naruto, who was still hard, went over to the trio, “You caused a lot of trouble today, Kurama.” He said and promptly pushed Kurama forward so he was flat against the clone he was impaled on. “So you want a fucking huh … let’s see if this satisfies you.” Naruto said as he lined his cock up with the already cock stuffed ass and thrust his own cock in joining the clone’s cock.

Kurama’s eyes roll back and screamed, “YES! More! Need more! Your cocks feel so fucking good! Oh fuck!” Kurama screamed as he was fucked by two large cocks and the third blonde made excellent use of the vibrator. The horny demon came multiple times with all that attention and passed out eventually with an ass full of hot cum.


Kiba slowly came to and realized he was on Akamaru’s back, but facing the butt end of his canine friend and a little sore as if he fell off a few times, which he did during the shopping. Before he could complain though he noticed something odd. As the rest of his team went to check out the demeanor of the usually friendly store clerk changed. The clerk was now sending Naruto a harsh glare. However, once the rest of his team returned the glare that made the blonde so tense vanished.

“Akamaru.” He whispered knowing his friend could hear him. “I need to see something. Go out ahead of everyone and slowly drop back behind everyone.” He explained getting a growl of understanding in return and continued pretending to be out cold.

It was a huge difference. At first, when they were walking ahead all the villagers seem so cheery and friendly, but as Akamaru dropped back he saw flat out hate and every bit of it was directed at the blonde, which explained why Naruto was so tense. The villagers looked ready to kill him and they were smart enough to not show their feelings even in front of Akamaru! Something about that deeply unnerved the dog ninja.

Kurenai sighed as she let Naruto go home, “I didn’t see anything off.” She said a bit concerned about the bet.

“You’re wrong, sensei.” Kiba said as he easily got off of Akamaru implying he has been awake for a while.

Kurenai frowned, “What do you mean?”

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