Behind Innocent Eyes

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“Perhaps.” Kurama stepped up to the window sill and smelled it. “I smell Hinata’s scent.” 


“I’m surprised to see you here and in that get up of all things.” Orochimaru said with a smirk as he approached the cloaked Akatsuki member, whose face was covered by a straw hat and high collar. “What? No hug for an old friend?” He snickered as the cloaked figure finally turned to him.

“Fuck off. I’m busy.” The cloaked person with a deep voice said before turning away.

Orochimaru shrugged, “Busy playing Akatsuki or busy trying to bring down Konoha?” He sighed as the cloaked person ignored him and kept walking. “If you’re trying to avoid being identified then you better make a clone. The Akatsuki members work in teams of two, after all. I was one for a little while so I would know. Hated those gaudy rings.” He said with a cringe of disgust. “No matter. Just keep whatever you’re plotting until the last round if you don’t mind.”

The cloaked turned towards the snake sage, “I see … plans of your own?” The person asked curiously, sounding a bit like they were disguising their voice considering their deep voice cracked with the strain of a longer sentence.

“You know me. Always dabbling in things.” Orochimaru said cheerfully. “If you can’t find what you’re looking for, come join me. It’d be fun to work together again and for the same goal no less.”

After briefly pondering the offer the cloaked person sighed, “The seal and poison probably already killed my target so it’d be useless now.” The more feminine sounding person said and walked away with the gleeful snake sage.

A few moments after the fake Akatsuki and the snake sage left the ground just feet away crumbled. It may have looked solid, but it turned out to be hollow underneath. A trench and two people were revealed once the layer of dirt collapsed without the thin crystal holding it up.

“Poison?” Naruto gasped as he ignored the dirt falling off his body and craned his neck to look at his passenger, who hadn’t made a sound or moved for a while. Was that only because they were hiding or because a poison was spreading through his body?

“Just … hurry.” Utakata pressed out painfully.

Without any hesitation Naruto jumped into the trees. Of course, he started moving in the direction that took them away from the two people they just met. Once he was certain they wouldn’t cross paths with the strange pair he made a beeline for Konoha, but not just any area. After all, Naruto knew that Guren would report to whoever was closer, but either way ROOT would be the ones sent to meet him. With that in mind he covered his legs in an oddly dark blue chakra raced for where the ROOT hideout was hidden.

“You … are a demon.” Utakata gasped weakly when he sensed the different chakra.

In the darkness the pupils of Naruto's blue eyes became sharp slits and bigger, “Like I said. Long story.”

‘I heard everything. Help will meet you at the halfway point.’ Hiruzen’s voice came over the earpiece.

Naruto nodded, “Got it.” 

Now Naruto just had to make the run as fast as he could without attracting even more attention. On top of that, it was now night time.


“Hinata? We should tell grandpa!” Konohamaru exclaimed and immediately jumped up into the trees. 

“Agreed.” Kurama said and also jumped up, but with an added bit of flare. The demon twisted and actually got under Konohamaru just in time for the young ninja to land on his back. “Hold on.”  Konohamaru barely had a chance to squeak before the demon under him took off at a truly demonic speed. 

Of course, it made sense why this was an urgent discovery to report. After all, Hinata was supposed to be trapped in her family’s compound on a false bed rest so how was her fresh scent found at the very home she shouldn’t know about? Still Konohamaru did wish that the demon gave him a little more of a warning before taking off.

“Made it.” Kurama said as he jumped through the hokage’ s office window. 

Konohamaru slid off the demon’s back clumsily, “Fast … really fast.” He gasped as he stumbled to the couch.

“Sorry about that.” Kurama commented absentmindedly as Hiruzen came over to them. “Why-“

“You can’t get involved with this.” Hiruzen stated firmly. “ROOT is already going to meet Naruto-“

“What about Naruto?” A confused Kurama asked, suddenly forgetting why he was there in the first place.

Hiruzen raised an eyebrow, “Isn’t that why you’re here? Naruto had a run in a wounded demon vessel and someone using Akatsuki garb did it. From what we heard over Naruto’s earpiece Orochimaru is nearby too so don't go anywhere. Danzo sent a team with Guren. They are on it. Now why are you here?”

The fox demon’s eyes lit up when he remembered why they were there, “Hinata’s scent is on our house. Wasn’t she supposed to be detained?”

Hiruzen rubbed his temples in exasperation, “She was supposed to be. How fresh was her scent?”

“She was there about an hour ago.” Kurama answered and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the hokage pulled out a crystal. Thankfully, Guren had the forethought to keep everyone linked.

“Guren, tell everyone to be on the lookout for Hinata . She might be going to meet her team to report them. If so, you should cross paths soon. I’ll go check the Hyuga clan and see what happened.” Hiruzen said to the gem.

‘Got it!’  Guren’ s voice was heard coming from the gem.

Hiruzen hesitated for a moment before putting the gem away in his pocket, “Hopefully we’ll hear from them soon. For now let’s go visit the Hyuga clan.”

Kurama nodded, “Yes-“ 

“Please say we’re walking!” Konohamaru exclaimed loudly, still seemingly a bit dizzy.

The hokage raised an eyebrow in confusion, but then noticed Kurama’s sheepish expression, “You went full speed, didn’t you?” He asked even though it was pretty clear what happened. Hiruzen sighed in amusement when the demon chuckled sheepishly. “Stay here with Konohamaru and I’ll see what happened with Hinata.” 

As much as Kurama wanted to join the hokage it wasn’t a good idea. For one thing no one needed the Hyuga members accidentally seeing Kurama’s chakra. Besides, Konohamaru needed someone to sit with him until he recovered.


“Eyes out for Hinata! She managed to get away.” Guren hissed to Torune and the rest of the ROOT team she was with.

While rushing to save their main target, Naruto, the team kept an eye out for Hinata. Barely five minutes passed before they noticed something. Out of the corner of their eyes they spotted a much slower genin jumping through the trees. It was the Hyuga and she was headed in the direction that team 8 would be in if they were returning through the same gate they left.

Without a word Torune bolted towards Hinata and gave her a sharp jab to the gut. His attempt to stun her before she found her team’s campsite revealed that it was actually just a clone. Torune didn’t even wait for the smoke from the dispelled clone to disappear before joining the ROOT team. 

“It was a pre-made clone.” Torune said knowing that the genin level ninja didn’t just make the clone to evade him. 

They immediately knew that Hinata most likely made the clone in the village and sent it out, but those details weren’t important right now. After all, the main goal wasn’t to deal with Hinata. Getting to Naruto was the first priority. 

One masked ROOT signaled to the others after about 3 hours of running, “Target incoming.” She said and a split second later Naruto dropped down onto the same branch that they landed on. “Status?” The ROOT agent asked as they stayed back for a moment.

Before Naruto could respond he felt the passenger on his back tense, “it’s ok. I know these guys.” He said and sighed as the guy relaxed. As Naruto slowly pulled his dark blue chakra back into his body he looked back at the ROOT team and nodded, “I’m fine. Utakata needs medical assistance for many wounds including poison and a seal.”

The second the darker blue chakra disappeared Guren raced over with the other ROOT agents, “Don’t remove the crystal until we have him stable.” She said seriously. However, the second the injured party was separated from the blonde, Guren gave him a bone crushing hug. “You scared me there, brat.” She exclaimed as her fellow ROOT agents quickly checked over Utakata.

“I was a bit scared too.” Naruto said with a smile, but raised an eyebrow. “Sensei, your boobs are talking.” He mumbled against her chest. When she let go he was able to stand up straight and breathe freely.

Guren pulled a crystal out of her cleavage, “Could you repeat that, hokage-sama?”

‘I have Hinata here … Naruto, do you have your clone with team 8?’ Hiruzen asked through the earpiece. 

Naruto frowned, “I do and a crystal in my tent, but I’m not sure for how much longer my clone will last. Shino’s insects keep cuddling-“

“What?!” Torune exclaimed in shock.

“I umm …” Naruto gulped and chuckled sheepishly. “It’s a long story. I can explain later-“

Torune leaned in close and looked Naruto in the eyes intimidatingly for a long moment. “He knows about Kurama , right?”

“Shino knows I’m dating Kurama. Nothing else … yet.” Naruto commented, sounding a bit concerned about that.

The older brother figure of Shino’s looked at him before smiling, “I wish you both the best.” He said while placing his hands on the blonde’s shoulders, but immediately stood at attention the second he heard someone cough over the pink crystal. “I’m sorry, hokage-sama!”

The hokage could be heard sighing, ‘As I was saying. Hinata explained everything, Naruto. This is very serious. I need you to wake team 8 up and can you and, Guren, hook me up to the crystal your clone has?”

Guren saw the agents stabilize Utakata and begin removing the crystal bandages so he could be transported back in a more comfortable way, “One second. We’re getting ready to return. Besides, I need the earpiece and an extra one.” Guren said and Naruto gave her the earpiece that was sitting in his ear. 

With her crystal and the earpiece in her hand she waited. Naruto took only a moment to create a crystal using his own chakra and immediately added it to the pile. Once the three crystals were huddled in Guren’s left hand she made a hand sign with her right hand. That single hand sign made the three crystal pieces glow and fuse into one large crystal bracelet that she attached to her wrist.

“Ready. We’re heading back too.” Guren said and took off with Naruto and the other ROOT agents who were now carrying Utakata on a much softer stretcher.


“I’m back!” The blonde clone said as casually as he could as he carried the canteens and fish back to the campsite. “Did you guys gossip about me while I was gone?” The blonde clone asked playfully. As much as the clone enjoyed the slightly flustered reactions he was hoping it unnerved them just enough so the usually very observant teammates would look past the fact that he was a clone.

“Huh?!” Kurenai exclaimed, but she realized it was a joke and caught herself before she said anything stupid. 

“Of course!” Kiba exclaimed as he put some more firewood on the fire. “We were missing our favorite chef, that’s what!” He chuckled not realizing how close he was to freaking out Kurenai who definitely thought he was going to let something slip.

Kurenai breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “It's hard to not miss your cooking.”

“I bet you guys are hungry then. I’ll get started.” The clone said cheerfully, taking note of the way everyone, even Shino, tensed. “The fish is perfect for a quick grill. How’s that?”

Kind grinned, “Sounds good to me! Shino can survive without his favorite meal for once.” He teased playfully, making Shino scoff.

“I’m sure he’ll be satisfied.” Kurenai chuckled as Naruto handed hers and Kiba’s canteens back.

The clone stepped over the very relaxed Akamaru and leaned over Shino’s shoulder as he handed the insect user’s canteen back, “I’ll try to keep you satisfied.” He commented, making a blush bloom on Shino’s face.

Of course, this kind of teasing was very risky. It did make Shino shy and will hopefully keep the insect user from noticing the clone. However, if Shino gets horny all those insects will do the usual. Scurry to Naruto and drain the blonde’s chakra. The clone could be exposed in an instant.

For the clone impaled the fish on sticks and added some of the herbs he found on the way there. After the meal where the clone pretended to eat everyone was tired. The clone volunteered to keep watch for a little bit since he wasn’t tired.

“Are you sure? We’re close enough so we don’t need to keep a lookout. Besides, you need to be well rested for the chunin exam.” Kurenai commented no doubt focusing on the bet.

The clone shrugged , “I don’t sleep well right before getting back to the village.” The blonde clone said and the implication was enough to remind them how the villagers treat him. After a short awkward silence everyone left the clone and went to their tents. “You’re lucky you're cute.” The clone muttered when a few insects came out of Shino’s tent and snuggled on his hand. A few hours passed and the clone became alert. “Yes, boss.”

With slow movements so the insects weren’t startled, the clone went to the tent and pulled out the pink crystal …

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