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"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem - seme Naruto x uke Shino / Kurama / Kimimaro / Konohamaru / older Hikaru / Utakata

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“Oh! Sissy, are you ok? You don’t look so good!” Hanabi squealed and snickered as her sister, who was glaring at her, was instantly swarmed by medics and their father ...


Hiruzen paled as a small red packet of paperwork was slipped under the door and into his office where he was waiting with his grandson. “Oh no.”

“What is it, grandpa? Does the civilian council want a new grant or something?” Konohamaru said, trying to brighten up the situation with a joke, but it didn’t work. “Grandpa, what’s wrong?” He grew more and more concerned as he watched his grandpa open the packet and skim the the report.

 A few tense moments passed in complete silence before the old hokage glanced up looking very troubled, “The civilians think Naruto was involved with the tainted patients who escaped and attacked a pair of women before Kurama intervened … they want blood. The guard who is keeping an eye on Kakashi managed to overhear a secret meeting to …”

“To what? … grandpa, please, tell me.” Konohamaru pleaded, feeling panic seep into his blood.

The old hokage sighed, “The civilians are going to try and murder  Nar-“

“They’re insane!” Konohamaru exclaimed in horror. “Naruto hasn’t even been in the village for about a week! Why blame him? It makes no sense!”

“It never did.” Hiruzen said with only sadness and disappointment for his village. “The only other information is that Kakashi mentioned a bet, but this is more important than investigating Team 8 and Kakashi’s plot. I have to find a good mission to keep him out of the village until the madness calms down.” He quickly went over to a large stack of papers that were apparently all missions waiting to be picked.

Konohamaru’s eyes narrowed in determination, “Let me help. We need something for far away, right?” As much as he wanted to see Naruto again he wanted to keep his crush alive.

“It can’t be too long. Something that’ll only take a couple months. Any longer and Naruto will miss the Chunin Exams.” Hiruzen said and a slight tremor reminded him he wasn’t the only one struggling to pin down a solution right now, but he knew he had it easier than Danzo’s team …


“Fu, hurry up!” Danzo ordered as he and his ROOT ninjas managed to throw the demonized human off balance with several exploding tags under its feet. With the earth crumbling under its feet and Kurama knocking the creature deeper in the trap was set.

Fu made a hand sign and fell to the ground in a limp heap. A split second later the demon seemed to relax and it remained calm long enough for several earth jutsus to be used to entomb him. The second before the tomb was sealed and reinforced with chakra Fu seemed to regain consciousness and went over to Danzo. Unlike most of the time though words weren’t used. There was something about the subtle hand signals that piqued Kurama’s curiosity. Not what they might mean per say, but why they were used at all. 

“Something wrong?” Kurama asked the ROOT leader.

Danzo dismissed his men with a silent signal and they left with the demonized human in tow, “It’s nothing I wasn’t expecting for a while now … we need to get back to watching the civilians especially after today.”

“Yes.” Kurama said knowing that the two civilians who were attacked could be starting something right now and it could lead to trouble for Naruto. “I’ll go see Hiruzen and see if there has been any news yet. Do you need me to help restrain them before I go?” He asked, of course, talking about the three demonized humans.

“No, We won’t need to worry about them now.” Danzo said simple before leaping  through the trees after his men.

Something about those words made the demon’s stomach sink, but he pushed the foreboding feeling away to focus on Naruto. “I wonder if Hiruzen will try to extend the mission Naruto is already on.” He pondered as he swiftly raced to the hokage tower. 

Of course, the path Kurama took cut straight through the village so he could assess the danger Naruto would be in if he returned. With much more skill than Hinata he listened in on a few select villagers and what he heard made him furious. He was both furious with himself for not stopping the patient sooner and furious with the hateful villagers who were blaming someone not even in the village.

“And they call him the demon.” Kurama spat in disgust at the things he heard from the idiot villagers who foolishly thought they were alone. “We’ll see about this.” In the next moments he sped to the hokage tower and slipped into the office without anyone seeing once his strong sense of smell confirmed that the hokage was only with Konohamaru. “The patients were captured, but-“ He raised an eyebrow at the mountain of mission requests he saw scattered over the floor. “They weren’t caught before causing trouble … do you need help with that?” Kurama asked as the youngest Sarutobi jumped out of the paper pile nursing a bloody paper cut.

“Yes. Thank you.” Konohamaru hissed in pain as Kurama gently bandaged the cut. “Oh and about what you mentioned-“ Konohamaru winced and pouted at the horrid stinging feeling from the vicious paper.

Kurama smiled innocently, “You mean about Naruto dating more than one person? I meant it so no worries!” 

“That’s not- I mean-I-“ The very red faced Konohamaru stuttered in embarrassment being completely caught off guard by that comment.

Despite finding his grandson’s predicament incredibly funny Hiruzen decided to resurface from the pile of papers and get the conversation back on less teasing tracks. “Going back to your actual point, Kurama. Yes, we know about the civilians’ plots. I’m glad you told me the original issue was handled, but you’re right. Naruto is in danger if he returns so soon. As a matter of fact he’s returning from Pelidnota in a week or so.”

“You sent his team to Pelidnota?” Kurama exclaimed with an amused smile.

“Yes, why? Do you know of it? We just got word that Naruto and Shino just completed a ritual there and succeeded in getting a treaty, but one of the conditions is know no must know of the ritual.” Hiruzen asked the old demon curiously. Kurama’s obvious attempt to stop his laughter only added to his curiosity, but he only got a shake of a head in response.

Kurama finally got over his amusement, “Even if I did I can’t give details now can I?” He said pointedly, reminding the hokage of the very condition he just mentioned.

“No, I guess not.” A curious Hiruzen muttered with pout. “Did Danzo mention anything before-“

“Grandpa, I think I found one that’ll work!” Konohamaru exclaimed while waving a mission pamphlet around.

“Excellent! Let me see!” Hiruzen exclaimed as he leapt up from the pile of papers . He looked over the mission quickly. “Yes, this will be perfect! Once I clean up I’ll send-“

Konohamaru grabbed the paper before Hiruzen could even finish his sentence, “I’ll send it to Naruto’s team!” Konohamaru called back as he bolted for th4e door.

“Make sure to address them as Kurenai and Team 8! I’m not supposed to know that Naruto is with them!” Hiruzen yelled after his grandson before sighing and looking at Kurama. “Did anyone hear that?”

Kurama frowned, “I don’t believe so. At least, I don’t hear anyone in the top floors of the building right now besides us … which seems odd actually.” He commented as he helped Hiruzen clean up the papers.

“Not that strange actually.” Hiruzen said as he stood up and stretched his creaky joints. “The quakes, which I assume were from Danzo’s game of catch, actually caused some pipes to burst downstairs and several people have been dealing with that. I guess they’re still dealing with that.”

“Speaking of Danzo, you wanted to know if he mentioned something?” Kurama pointed out.

Hiruzen nodded, “Yes. Did he say anything about the patients?”

“After Fu mentally restrained the last one they signaled each other. I asked if anything was wrong or if they needed my help and then Danzo said he was ‘expecting it for a while’ and that we won’t have to worry anymore … is there a reason Fu would use signals around me? What am I not allowed to know?” Kurama asked, getting that sinking feeling again.

The old hokage sat down into his chair and frowned, “Danzo and I have realized in the last year or so that the treatments weren’t helping those three patients and they were only getting worse …” Hiruzen looked sadly at the demon he honestly considered a friend, “we decided if they were too far away mentally that we’d spare them any further suffering.”

Kurama let out a shaky breath and closed his eyes, “I … I see …”

“It’s not your fault.” Hiruzen said though he could tell that the smile on Kurama’s lips was not sincere. The heartbroken look in those eyes gave it away.

“Perhaps … I still haven’t fully recovered from my heat so if you’ll excuse me.” Kurama said politely.

Hiruzen knew that wasn’t the main reason why Kurama wanted to leave, but he knew the demon probably needed a little time alone so he just smiled kindly and nodded. “Of course.” He said, but once Kurama left he frowned. “Sometimes I wonder who the real demons are … he needs Naruto.”


The Red Admiral bowed towards Team 8 and handed them a scroll with his village’s insignia on it, “Pelidnota thanks you. We look forward to dealing with your village even more in the future.”

“As do we. Thank you, Red Admiral.” Shino said professionally, but he definitely slid the hotel door closed faster than necessary. The second the four ninjas were alone in the hotel room Kiba opened his mouth, but Shino wasn’t going to put up with the slew of questions from the curious dog ninja. “I’ll go write the hokage now.” He said while making a beeline for one of the two bedrooms attached to their hotel room.

Kurenai chuckled sheepishly as the door slammed shut leaving her just as disappointed as Kiba though she hid it much better. “Did something happen-“

:I’m not allowed to talk about it.” Naruto exclaimed quickly before noticing Akamaru sniffing him curiously. When the large dog’s eyes widened Naruto winced. “That applies to you too! The Red Admiral made it the main condition so don’t tell.”

“Ha! Akamaru will tell me though!” Kiba exclaimed excitedly, but he hit the floor face first when Akamaru gave him a few barks. “What do you mean you aren’t obligated to tell secrets to random people?! You’re my dog!”

Kurenai attempted to stifle her laughter as Akamaru huffed leaving a disappointed Kiba to sulk. “It is a condition and we have to respect our new allies. Thank you, Naruto.”

“Hm? For what?” Naruto asked, he was pretty sure all he did was make things very awkward between him and Shino for a long time.

Kiba huffed while pouting at his stubborn canine companion. “For making this treaty possible, of course. We would’ve failed even getting in here let alone made the treaty-”  Kiba immediately looked up when he heard Shino come out. “So is-I WASN’T GOING TO ASK ABOUT THE RITUAL!” Kiba yelped as a flurry of insects scuttled out of Shino threateningly. Kiba relaxed a little when the bugs just seemed to wander around instead of attacking. “I only wanted to know if the letter to the hokage was done.” He whimpered with a pout. The fact that the insects weren’t just returning to Shino unnerved him as if they were just waiting for a reason to attack.

“Yes, it’s done.” Shino said, but still didn’t order his bugs back in letting them crawl around aimlessly.

Kurenai ignored the scared stares from Kiba as she took the letter that Shino handed her to read through for approval. “It’s well written. You explained everything nicely and explained the conditions you were given. I’ll sign it and send it.”  She was happy that there were no hints that Naruto was with them as well.

“Actually sensei, I can send it since I need to send a letter to my father as well.” Shino said as Kurenai signed her name and gave it to her student.

Kiba raised an eyebrow curiously, “Your father? Oh! They want your clan, don’t they? That’d make sense with the love of insects and all.” He pondered out loud before yelping when said beetle nipped his toe. “Ow! Even if you bugs are mean.” He mumbled sticking his tongue out at the beetle that bit him.

“Yes. It was one of the conditions. So who is your boyfriend, Naruto.” Shino said bluntly as he summoned a messenger bird and quickly wrote a smell message and attached them both to the small carriers on the bird’s legs. Admittedly, he changed the subject so suddenly because he really just wanted everyone to stop trying to get information about the ritual.

Kurenai spun on her heel and instantly zeroed in on the blonde, “Boyfriend? I thought you said you didn’t have a boyfriend! Who is he? How long have you been dating?” She asked so intensely that Naruto actually took a step back in fear.

“I umm …” Naruto gulped nervously and shot a glance at Shino. The insect user was completely ignoring the situation in favor of letting the bird out the window. “I … you wouldn’t know him and he’d be annoyed if I talked about him … especially since he's so much older than me.”

Kiba cringed slightly, “How much older?”

“He knows your parents and Shino’s brother.” Naruto said with the slightest evil smirk when he noticed Kurenai’s attention went right back to the bug user. “They have a restaurant a couple blocks away-“

“Go get dinner.” Kurenai ordered while handing him some money. 

The blonde felt the insect user’s eyes glare at him as he raced out to get some food. No doubt Shino did not like that he’d have Kurenai looking for details, but neither did Naruto and the blonde had many more things to hide so he had no problem putting someone else on the hot seat. That little diversion worked out even better than expected. By the time he returned with dinner both Kiba and Shino looked drained as if they spent the entire time being asked questions that they most definitely don’t know the answers to.

“Food is here.” Naruto said as he set the takeout bags down. He looked as innocent as he could be when the three members of Team 8 went over. Not even the sulky looks from the two ninjas who were interrogated in his absence made him react. If it was secrets they wanted they’d have to do better than that.

Despite their annoyance, Shino’s especially, the dinner was pleasant. However, the ‘subtle’ interrogations continued even after they left the next morning. What made it especially bad is that a storm caught them less than a day away from Pelidnota. They ended up stranded in a cave and there were no easy escapes for the blonde now.

“Figures. Too far away to return to Pelidnota.” Shino said loud enough to be heard over the storm, actually sounding uncharacteristically annoyed, but only Naruto seemed to notice. Maybe that’s because the blonde felt the annoyance was directed at him. 

Kiba sighed sadly as he put some wood in a storage scroll on the fire, “and we were just about to make it to the spot where it was safe to travel by trees too. I really wanted to see Hinata- I mean her rep-ow!” In his rush to hide his near crush confession he almost undid another secret. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on whose side you’re on, Kurenai caught the near slip and stopped it with a heel to a toe.

“Yes, I hope Hinata is feeling better too!” Kurenai exclaimed while applying pressure to Kiba’s foot.

“Right! Cause she’s-ow, sick!” Kiba pressed out through gritted teeth and started tearing up when Kurenai stopped much to his relief.

Kurenai smiled, “Exactly!” She said as she glanced at Naruto who was looking through the food they had. She breathed a sigh of relief when the blonde didn’t react.

She assumed that meant he didn’t notice the slip with the storm outside. Technically, she was right about that since Naruto didn’t hear it over the thunder, but it didn’t matter. What she didn’t know was that Naruto was far more informed than she thought and it was because of the very person speaking to him through the hidden crystal earpiece right now.

‘Naruto?’ Came the voice of someone other than his sensei over the earpiece.

Naruto couldn’t stop the smile that came to his lips and whispered back knowing the others couldn’t hear over the storm, but that this person could. “Kurama.” 

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