Behind Innocent Eyes

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Shino stayed silent as he listened to his insects, but then stiffened, “We need to talk to the captain and king now! There’s an ambush waiting for us!” He exclaimed and took off with Naruto following him ...


“What?! That can’t be! Shabadaba is a friend!” King Michiru exclaimed, not wanting to take what Shino reported as real.

Hikaru frowned, “but Dad, they used grandpa’s name. We should at least look into it before we reach the dock.”

Naruto already knew what he should do. After all, he has been using his earpiece for months now and has enough skill to create an audio connection between crystals even if he hasn’t completed the vision level of skill, (Screw it. This sounds more serious than keeping secrets … maybe I can still spin this.) Naruto’s eyes widened, “We could just listen in.” He suggested and reached into his pocket to quickly create a new gem. After pretending to fumble for a moment he pulled out a gem that matched the gem that traveled with the letter. “I found this after we did the headcount and I realized what it was.” He pushed his chakra into the little gem. 

‘-me a chair! I want to sit very close to see this personally.’ A voice was heard coming from the gem,

Michiru lit up, “That’s Shabadaba’s voice!” He said very pleased that the ninjas just seemed to be a little over protective. After all, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a chair. “Hi, Shabadaba!” The King yelled into the gem hoping to get his friend’s attention.

Naruto nodded, “These gems are from the security store you bought, sir. I think I have the other end because they don’t seem to hear us.” He said very relieved that he didn’t put enough chakra in to hear through the crystal and it wasn’t a two way radio like his earpiece.

‘Put it right there. Good. How much longer?’ Shabadaba said, sounding a bit giddy.

‘Michiru should arrive in about two hours, sir.’ A man answered.

‘There’s enough time then. Now I want this done a little differently … I want this to be as bloody as possible. I want that fat fuck’s blood coating the entire pier.’ Shabadaba demanded. The ninjas and everyone else within hearing distance glanced at the king, who just stood there with his mouth hanging open in shock.

“Stop the ship!” The captain ordered the second everyone realized how serious this was.

‘Kill everyone else too except Hikaru. I could have some fun with him.’ Shabadaba said with an eager, yet menacing, tone that made Michiru immediately hold his son close as if to protect him.

‘Of course. Looks like you guys get to take the lead this time. This’ll give me a chance to kill any of those Kakeru friendly knights if they try to save Michiru.’ The first unnamed guy said.

‘I’ll rip him to pieces for ya!’ A second, more burly sounding, man said and a thud punctuated his sentence as if he punched his hand with his fist in excitement.

A slightly light chuckle was heard, ‘This will be fun.’ An amused woman said.

“Sounds like at least three main fighters.” Kiba said as the ship’s engines came to a halt.

Kurenai nodded, “Yes and we should intercept the knights before they are killed. We are going to have to act fast.” Kurenai thought for a moment. “Captain, can we borrow a barrel or anything that floats? If we could make a quick raft we can buy ourselves some time by using a little diversion.”

“We do have a few barrels.” The captain said and ordered his crew to bring up the cargo.

“Good. Naruto, I’m going to put a genjutsu on the raft and I want one of your clones to steer the raft to the pier. While that Naruto does that we should intercept the knights.” Kurenai instructed as a couple barrels were rushed over. Once the barrels were tied together and set in the water Kurenai looked at the blonde. “Naruto, send a clone with the barrels and a few clones to help us search. You should stay here and give the captain instructions on where to go as well as keep the king safe” 

Naruto nodded, “Got it!” The blonde exclaimed as he created clones to follow team 8 over the side of the ship. 

“Wow!” Hikaru gasped when he looked over the side of the ship just in time to see Kurenai do something to the one clone and the barrel raft it was steering with a paddle. Whatever she did it changed the raft and clone so it looked exactly like a duplicate ship even down to the people on it. 

With everyone else running across the surface of the water towards land and the fake ship moving past the actual ship the real Naruto smiled, “It’s a genjutsu.” He explained as he unsealed a set of explosive tags and weapons from one of the hidden seals on his body and threw them at the fake ship.

“It’s like a ghost ship.” The captain muttered when he saw the weapons go straight through the hull of the fake ship and, since it didn’t appear in the water, it was easy to figure out that the clone under the genjutsu probably caught it. “What do we do now?”

Naruto sighed, “It would be best to see where the king’s father is hiding and dock near him-“

“Yes! We have to find my father!” Michiru exclaimed and his eyes widened as he recalled something. “There is a hidden alcove on the south side of the island. Only the royal family knows of it and it’s set up for emergencies. If something happened to my father then he would’ve been taken there.”


Shino, Kiba, Kurenai and several Naruto clones raced across the surface of the water. Considering they were running far faster than the ship it took no time at all to get to land even though they curved their path so they didn’t just run at the pier. They were able to stay hidden since they headed for a sandy beach a ways away from the pier where Shabadaba waited with his minions. Once they hit the shore they raced into the trees and began searching.

“If these knights are on the king’s side they are probably headed towards the pier to try and save King Michiru and Prince Hikaru.” Shino said as his insects flew ahead and showed them the direction to take since the insects knew the way already.

Kurenai nodded, “I agree. If they wanted to be in a good spot to ambush the ship then they could be close to the pier. What do your insects think?”

“They mentioned a patch of forest near the pier that would be a good place to hide. It’s right up ahead and a little west of us.” Shino explained as they ran.

The Naruto clones spread out to increase the search area, but one stay close to Kurenai, “King Michiru told the boss of a possible hideaway on the south side of the island. The ship is headed there. If anything it should be a safe place to dock and it’s possible that Kakeru is there.”

Kurenai sighed in relief, “Good.”

Akamaru barked and Kiba grinned, “Akamaru smells horses up ahead. That might be the knights.”

“One of us spotted tracks.” The blonde clone exclaimed as he pointed in the direction where he knew a fellow clone was.

The ninjas immediately altered their trajectory and headed for the clone that found the tracks. In a few minutes they found the small army of knights. However, the knights clearly didn’t trust them and they showed it. 

Kiba was the first to land on the and immediately had to duck the sharp blade of a sword that one knight swung at him, “Hold up! We’re King Michiru’s ninja guards.” He exclaimed assuming they might be a nit on edge when it came to ninjas considering it sounded like Shabadaba hired some and already attacked once before.

“If that’s so then why aren’t you on the ship that will arrive soon?” Another knight asked, rightfully suspicious.

Kurenai nodded seriously, “We’re here because we found out about Shabadaba’s backstabbing. We made a diversion and came here to find you before you tried to save the king from a fake ship. The real ship with the king and prince is headed to the hideaway on the south side of the island.”

“The south side.” The possible leader of the knights commented. His eyes narrowed in on them clearly trying to decide if this was a trick or not. “What’s the safety word?”

All eyes landed on the group of about ten identical blonde men with pink glasses. The knights weren’t sure why, but they readied themselves in case they weren’t satisfied with the answer. However, the wait for the answer was taking too long for their tastes and they were clearly about to maim them …

“Ummm what’s taking so long?” Kiba hissed.

All of the clones deadpanned, “He’s stress eating …”


Naruto rolled his eyes, “Of course there’s a safety word.” He exclaimed and turned to the captain. “My friends might’ve found the knights, but I need to talk to the king. “ he said remembering that the king took Hikaru and went somewhere to rest as the ninja stayed with the captain to inform him of any possible emergencies. Naruto didn’t argue considering the king and his son looked very rattled and definitely needed a moment alone to calm down. Now Naruto was regretting not putting a clone on the king’s tail now.

“He left with his son a moment ago. Right after the ship’s course was changed to head south … “ The captain said and looked at one of his crew to see if they knew the answer.

The crew frowned, “I think he went to the dining hall.”

“Got it.” Naruto said and rushed out. One leap over the rail brought him straight down to the lowest deck that was six floors down. As fast as he could he rushed straight into the dining hall where he found the king scarfing down food. “King Michiru! I need-“

“Mot mmmm mow.” The king mumbled through the food in his mouth and tears. 

Naruto blinked in shock as the king barely took a moment to even breathe let alone speak. In any other situation Naruto would’ve been more tactful, but now wasn’t the time. “I’m sorry, your majesty.” He exclaimed before he created three clones that dove under the table and ran away with it.

The sobbing king tried to run after the table, but there was no way he could catch up. After only a few feet a very tired Michiru flopped on the ground sweating profusely and still sobbing. Unfortunately. Naruto still didn’t get a chance to talk because the distraught king decided to pick up and eat the scraps of food that fell on the floor as the clones ran away with the table. 

“Ah crap.” Naruto muttered as he saw that the king was far too focused on finding and eating scraps to hear him.

“Father! I told the kitchen to stop so-“ Hikaru yelled as he came out of the kitchen only to stop when he saw Naruto and his father. “Father.” Hikaru muttered in embarrassment when he saw his blubbering father on the ground sobbing and eating floor scraps.

Naruto immediately turned to Hikaru and ran over to the prince, “What’s the safety word for the knights?!”

“Crescent roll with maple butter.” Hikaru said immediately when he realized it was probably urgent. 

The blonde ninja sighed in relief as he sent that information to the clone, “Thank you … that’s a very long safe word though.”

Hikaru snorted, feeling a little defensive, “it’s easy for father to remember. Exactly what kind of safe words do you use?”

“Cinnamon … seal … my boyfriend prefers using one word.” Naruto explained though he neglected to mention the safe words were actually for training not sex. Sparring with a demon can get out of hand fast so Naruto needed a way to tap out.

The prince’s cheeks became bright red, “Oh really?” He quickly shook his slightly more kinky thoughts away when he heard his father wailing as he crawled to get a crumb off the floor. “This is no time to eat!“ Hikaru sighed and looked at Naruto. “Could you help me get my father to his room?” Without another word Naruto scooped up the portly king and followed Hikaru to the king’s room where they tried to calm him down.


An impatient knight glared and had enough, “Either say the safe word or …” he and the other knights prepared to fight.

“Hurry up, Naruto!” Kurenai chuckled sheepishly as dozens of knights pointed swords at them and prepared to charge at them on their horses.

“The boss is trying! The king is kind of having a mental breakdown.” The clone hissed, but his eyes suddenly widened. “Crescent roll with maple butter!”

In an instant the knights seemed to calm down. Team 8 looked relieved, but that’s when the knights informed them of what happened after Michiru left on his vacation. What they learned prompted everyone to hurry to the hideaway on the south side of the island.


“Shit.” Naruto muttered and looked over at Hikaru, who was trying to console his father without edible substances. “I think you guys should know something.”

Michiru sniffled, “Why not? What else could go wrong?”

Hikaru ignored his father’s whining when he saw how serious Naruto looked, “What happened?”

The blonde ninja sighed, “Apparently, Kakeru knew that Shabadaba was corrupt. That’s why he gave you the title of king and acted as your adviser … after showing you the ropes he-“

“He told us to have some fun …” Michiru said as the seriousness slowly dawned on him.

“Yes.” Naruto frowned. “According to the knights he suggested this vacation because he didn’t want either of you to be hurt when he confronted Shabadaba. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned and … he was hurt. He was taken to the very place we’re going to so you’ll see him soon, but they say he might not last long.” Naruto said solemnly.


The clone rowing the genjutsu covered barrels closed its eyes sadly as it overheard the sad cries from the original Naruto’s mind. At this point Hikaru and Michiru have met up with Kakeru and it was truly heartbreaking. Its eyes scanned the pier he was approaching slowly. 

A woman and a bulky guy walked towards the raft unaware that it wasn’t the real ship. On the shore he saw two men. One was seated, eating popcorn and wearing the gem Naruto sent with the letter as a necklace. The other man was just standing nearby with a smug smirk.

It was clear to the clone that the man seated on the chair was Shabadaba and the other three were his henchmen. The woman cast a genjutsu over what she thought was a ship and since that made Kurenai’s illusion fall apart the clone decided to strike. The clone tossed the kunais with the explosive tags at the two on the pier and charged at Shabadaba. 

Mere inches away from killing the bastard, the clone was caught by the neck and it was by none other than the smug ninja who slapped the final explosive kunai away, “Nice try.” He said as the last tag blew up a safe distance away from his client.

The clone noticed the bulky ninja protected the woman so both survived and noticed the smug ninja’s hand was turning him to stone, “Thanks for the info.” He smirked before disappearing in a puff of smoke.


Naruto walked over to Kurenai, Kiba, Akamaru and Shino as they rested in the hidden alcove. “The decoy ship made it to the pier. I got a good look at their skills.”

“Good.” Kurenai said as she looked towards the room where Hikaru and Michiru were grieving the loss of Kakeru, who sadly passed away just moments ago. “We’ll return the favor.”


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