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Chapter 9

"How far along are you?" Itachi questioned curiously while they waited for their main course to arrive.

"Twenty-six weeks," Naruto replied and leant back in his chair. "My due date is somewhere around the start of November according to my doctor."

"Do you know already whether it's going to be a boy or a girl?" Itachi asked interestedly and there was a shine to his eyes that Sasuke hadn't seen in a while.

"A boy," Sasuke replied and he couldn't quite supress the excitement in his voice. "Here's one of the most recent ultrasounds." He retrieved his wallet from his pocket and opened it to pluck the ultrasound out of it.

"I didn't know you had one of the ultrasounds with you," Naruto remarked, half smiling as he rubbed a hand idly across his stomach.

Sasuke shrugged, a tad bashful, as he placed the ultrasound right in front of his brother. "Well, on this one the baby is more clear, so." He cleared his throat, ignoring blue eyes dancing with mirth, and pointed out their baby on the paper. "That's his head and there are his legs. Tsunade says everything is going well."

Itachi picked up the ultrasound; a soft smile dancing around the corners of his mouth. "I didn't think you would be the first one out of us two to have a child," he murmured; his gaze fixated on the photo.

"We didn't exactly plan this either," Sasuke smiled wryly and accepted Naruto's hand when the blond reached out for him underneath the table. "But we're happy with him."

"Yes," Itachi's eyes moved from the ultrasound to his brother's face, "I can tell."

Sasuke resolutely ignored the heat creeping into his cheeks.

"This means you're going to get a new title in a couple of months: Itachi-ji-san," Naruto teased. "Think you're ready to live up to that title?"

"I'll try my hardest," Itachi promised solemnly. He handed the ultrasound back to Sasuke. "You've got a name in mind already for my nephew?"

"Ah no, we still have to start thinking about one," Naruto smiled sheepishly. "Guess we better get a move on with that before the baby arrives."

"Itachi is a good name," Itachi smirked, leaning back in his chair.

"Of course you'd think that," Sasuke snorted. "No way am I going to saddle up our son with that dreadful name of yours."

"You wound me, otouto, you truly do," Itachi scoffed. "Just don't give my nephew a stupid name, please. Kid's got to live with it his entire life."

"So no Itachi, got it," Sasuke retorted seriously, smirking when Itachi lightly kicked his shin underneath the table.

It was stupid, but it felt so good to have this banter with his brother. When he had seen his brother at the apartment, he'd been so sure that that would have been the last time he would have ever seen his older brother again. Instead he was here, celebrating Sasuke's birthday with them in a restaurant and discussing the baby like he had known about their son from the start.

"I almost forgot to tell you in person," Itachi remarked when their main course was placed in front of them. "Happy birthday, otouto."

Sasuke smiled; a familiar giddiness filling him like it did every year. "Yeah, thanks."

For all that Naruto could be blunt at times, he also knew when to be discreet. When they arrived back at the apartment, he announced he would be taking a shower, claiming sweat was sticking to him and made a beeline for the bathroom, leaving the two brothers alone in the living room. They exchanged a look before sitting down on the couch in silent agreement.

"I got you something for your birthday," Itachi announced, taking something out of the inner pocket of his jacket. "I would have brought something for my nephew as well, but there's always a next time."

He handed over a flat, square present, wrapped in shiny dark blue paper. There was a small silver bow in the upper left corner and Sasuke quirked a quick smile when he read the little note stuck underneath the bow.

To: Sasuke

You'll always be my little brother, no matter how old you become

Even at nineteen years old, he was still excited to find out what Itachi had got him – perhaps even more so now, now that he was reassured Itachi would never abandon him – and so he barely restrained himself from ripping the paper away, eager to see his present. The paper gave away to a velvet dark red lid and he popped that one open as well.

He stilled when he realised what his present was.

"That's your necklace," he said wonderous, tracing the silver rings attached to the black cord.

He didn't think it was overtly expensive, but it was something Itachi had worn for years after he had received it from their grandfather. Sasuke remembered being jealous back then, because to him that necklace symbolised being accepted by the family. Every time Itachi had had to comfort him, Sasuke had soothed himself by tracing the silver rings over and over again.

He hadn't even noticed that Itachi's neck was completely bare now.

"It was," Itachi confirmed and clasped his hands together, resting them between his spread legs. "And now it's yours. Just in case you ever start doubting that I'll always be on your side."

A lump formed in Sasuke's throat and he blinked rapidly, determined to not start crying again. "You're sure? Grandfather gave it to you."

"And now I give it to you," Itachi said simply. "I want you to have it. You don't have to wear it, but I hope that every time you look at it, you know you can always count on me, no matter what."

"You're in a sappy mood," Sasuke said in a scratchy voice and cleared his throat, his grip around the box tightening.

"Because I realised today that I went wrong somewhere if you think I would stop being your brother just because you're gay," Itachi said quietly.

Sasuke looked down at the box, feeling uncomfortable. "You didn't go wrong; I was stupid to think that, I know now, but … I also thought Mikoto would stand up against Fugaku for me at least. She didn't."

Even several months later, a part of him still ached that Mikoto hadn't considered him important enough to stand up for him against Fugaku. For all that she generally never tended to argue with her husband, he had thought that him being kicked out would have made her react at least.

He had never expected her to agree with Fugaku.

He hunched his shoulders when Itachi wrapped an arm around him, tugging him against his side. "They made the biggest mistake of their lives by kicking you out," Itachi said and while his voice was soft, it was also firm. "Maybe they'll realise that one day, maybe they won't, but that doesn't take away the fact that I'll always be proud of you and that I will always be there for you. Even if they'll never change their minds, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere."

"Thanks," Sasuke managed to bring out even though that stupid lump in his throat was only growing bigger.

"I wish you had told me about this sooner," Itachi muttered and squeezed his shoulder. "No more secrets, all right? I'll always be there for you."

"Yeah, okay," Sasuke agreed and if he returned Itachi's embrace more firmly than usual, neither man remarked on it.

"Itachi's left for his hotel," Sasuke announced and walked into the bedroom. "He said he's going to meet up with us tomorrow again after our classes are over."

Naruto nodded. He was sitting in the middle of the bed, dressed in a loose T-shirt and a pair of shorts. His hair was sticking out in every direction, though it had mostly dried by now. "I told you he would be okay with us," he commented with a slight smile.

Sasuke smiled wryly and sank down on the bed. "You're going to hold that over my head for a while, huh?"

"Well, it's always nice to know you're not always right," Naruto teased and shuffled closer to him, kissing his neck. "I haven't given you my present yet."

Sasuke blinked, honestly a tad taken aback. With Itachi showing up and celebrating his birthday with them he had forgotten that Naruto hadn't given a present yet.

"You don't have to," he started to say but was shushed by Naruto pressing a finger against his mouth.

"Of course I bought you a present," the blond man huffed and leant towards his pillow, grabbing something from underneath it. "And don't even start about me not having to buy you something when you're giving me shit for doing the same to you."

"Payback because I like buying gifts for you?" Sasuke asked amused and settled more comfortably on the bed.

"Just accept the damn birthday present," Naruto snorted and held it out to him.

It was flatter than Itachi's gift had been but bigger and whatever was inside was quite flexible as well because he could bend the package without breaking it.

Curious now he tore away the dark orange wrapping – of course it was orange, because only Naruto managed to find orange wrapping paper – and blinked when a thin book greeted him. The title was simply 'You' and the cover featured two children in cartoon form, one with black hair and the other with blond hair, who were holding each other's hand.

"In hindsight maybe I should have bought something better," Naruto said and awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck; his cheeks reddening. "But at the time it seemed like a good idea."

"A children's book?" Sasuke guessed, though he couldn't find the author's name anywhere.

"Hm, sort of, I guess."

Blue eyes watched sharply how he browsed through the book, studying the drawings and reading the small texts accompanying each one. He was four pages in, landing on a picture of the blond boy crying on a swing, when he realised what exactly he was looking at. His head shot up and he stared speechlessly at Naruto, whose entire face reddened now.

"Is this …"

"There's this guy at my work," Naruto started non-sequitur. "A really great artist, his drawing skills are out of this world, I swear. His name's Deidara and some time ago, I had to entertain some kids at the library by telling them a story. Thing was, they were kind of being brats and refused every book I offered, so instead I just made up a story on the spot and that got them quiet finally."

He shifted, fiddling with the edge of his shirt. "Deidara heard my story and he's even more enthusiastic than Lee if you can believe that." He laughed quietly and shook his head. "Anyways, he insisted I would make a great author for children and offered to help me out with the drawing part. I told him he was being ridiculous, but … Well, I thought about it and I ended up creating this."

He waved at the book and bit on his lip, uncharacteristically shy now. "Figured that our story deserved to be told first, so …" he trailed off, his voice almost inaudible at the end.

Sasuke looked down, flipping to the next page. Here the blond boy was still crying, but he was looking up now, his eyes wide with unconcealed wonder as the dark haired boy stood in front of him, holding out his hand. At once the memory of that day resurfaced like it was just yesterday, and he remembered feeling curious about the lonely blond kid he had seen sitting on the wing day in day out.

It had been so many years since then, but he doubted he would ever forget that day, not when it marked meeting his best friend and lover for the first time.

"It's not completely finished yet," Naruto said nervously, peeking at him through his eyelashes. "I'm a bit stuck with the ending still, but I wanted to give you something meaningful and … I thought this would make for a nice gift. I'm sorry if it's stupid, I know it's more a children's book, erm, maybe I should have put together a photo album instead; shit, why didn't I think of - "

Sasuke cut him off by grabbing his chin and kissing him firmly, distracting him before he could talk himself into a full nervous tizzy.

"I love it, thank you," he said and cupped Naruto's cheek, looking him straight in his eyes. "This is one of the best gifts I've ever got."

"You wouldn't hurt my feelings if you say it's ridiculous, you know," Naruto smiled wryly, whining when Sasuke tightened his fingers around his jaw.

"It's not ridiculous, I love it, I mean it," he stated and kissed him again. "Your colleague is really good at drawing."

"Yeah, he really is," Naruto grinned, relaxing now that he was sure Sasuke was really happy with his gift. "It's honestly unreal how good he is."

"And he's right, you know," Sasuke added, closing the book and tapping the cover. "You're a great storyteller. Our kid's going to be lucky if you tell him stories."

"Sap," Naruto accused him, but he was laughing and he wrapped his arms around Sasuke's shoulders from his side, pecking his cheek. "I'm glad you like your gift."

"I would have liked whatever you would have given me," Sasuke said honestly, curling his arm around the blond's waist. He smiled when he rested his hand against Naruto's belly and felt their son kick against the middle of his palm. "Still awake, hm?"

"He's a night owl like his dad," Naruto chuckled and nuzzled Sasuke's cheek. "Can we talk about the ring?"

Sasuke couldn't help but tense for a few seconds and then forced himself to relax, breathing out slowly. "Yeah, we can. I promised we would after dinner."

"You don't have to if you don't want to talk about it. It can wait," Naruto said, straightening up when Sasuke slipped off the bed and walked over to the wardrobe.

"No, it's not like it's a secret still." The dark haired man shrugged and opened the door, sitting down on his haunches to riffle through one of the boxes on the bottom of the wardrobe.

"You still have the ring?" Naruto perked up, alert at the sight of a small box in Sasuke's hand when he returned to the bed.

"Of course I have. Why wouldn't I?"

"Well, I was stupid enough to ruin your proposal before you could even start it," Naruto muttered and rubbed his nose.

"Again, you didn't ruin it," Sasuke sighed and offered the box to the other man. "Here, you can look at it."

Naruto threw him a cautious look but accepted the box. He caressed the velvet fabric lightly before opening it slowly. His mouth dropped open the second his eyes landed on the ring within and in spite of the nerves swirling around in his stomach, Sasuke couldn't help but smile at the look of amazement on his boyfriend's face.

"Sasuke, this ring … Holy shit, this must have been so expensive!" he blurted out shocked, both his hands clenched around the box now.

Even with the lid covering the view, Sasuke could easily picture the ring still. The ring itself was a rose gold and it had a small stone in the middle, a beautiful sapphire, because the colour of it reminded him of Naruto's eyes.

"It wasn't that bad," he admitted, resting his hands behind him on the bed. "I sort of knew the owner of the jewellery shop and she was willing to give me a discount."

That had Naruto looking at him suspiciously. "How do you know someone of a jewellery shop?" he asked sceptically.

"She's an old classmate of Itachi's," he explained. "I met her a couple of times when she was over at the house to study with Itachi."

"Weren't you worried she would tell your brother about this?"

"She was never one to gossip and she promised me she wouldn't tell Itachi about it if she happened to talk to him," Sasuke replied and pursed his lips. "I think she was too busy to have regularly calls with my brother anyways, so I wasn't worried about that."

"Still though, even with a discount …" Naruto stared at the ring; his eyes wide and glistening. "When did you buy this?"

"Last year," Sasuke admitted after a pause, feeling a bit embarrassed. "I saved most of the money I made from my summer job and then started looking for a ring."

He had actually visited multiple jewellery stores during the rare times he and Naruto hadn't been attached to the hip, but none of them had had any rings which had caught his eye until he had walked into Konan's store. At the time he hadn't even realised she owned it until she had appeared behind the counter; still wearing that flower clip in her blue hair.

"You're unbelievable," Naruto huffed a laugh and then fell quiet, touching the ring. "Were you ever going to tell me about this or … don't you want to get married anymore?"

"Of course I still want to get married to you," Sasuke said promptly and Naruto's head shot up, his lips parted in surprise before he grinned pleased. "I just haven't found a good moment yet to ask you."

"I thought you weren't a fan of anything too romantic?" Naruto teased him and nudged his knee.

"I'm not, but I want it to be perfect for you," Sasuke said and smiled when Naruto promptly reddened again. "I know how much you like all that romantic stuff."

"You could shove a candy ring around my finger and I would still say yes, you bastard," Naruto laughed, but his eyes were suspiciously wet.

"Maybe, but you deserve more than a candy ring," Sasuke retorted and gently took the box out of Naruto's hand and closed it.

Naruto pouted, making a move to snatch it back but Sasuke held it out of his reach, raising an eyebrow. "Hey, you might as well propose to me now, I promise I'll say yes!" Naruto exclaimed.

"No, what part of 'I want to make it perfect for you' do you not understand?" Sasuke shot back, leaning away when Naruto tried to grab it again.

"But who says I want it perfect?" Naruto complained, narrowing his eyes. "Just shove that ring around my finger, bastard, and let's get engaged!"

"No, just for that, I'm going to think of something ultra-romantic and you're going to wait until I'm ready to propose," Sasuke smirked.

"Oh my god, you're such an arsehole, I don't even know why I love you!" Naruto yelled frustrated, slapping his hand down on the bed.

"Because I'm 'me', remember?" His smirk deepened when he lifted his present in the air, showing off the title.

"Fuck you, I take it back! I'm not going to say yes anymore, no matter how romantic you make it!" Naruto snipped and crossed his arms on top of his stomach.

"Of course you won't," Sasuke said teasingly and pushed both the ring and the book to the side before he leant over and pushed Naruto down, crawling between his legs.

Blue eyes stared up at him stubbornly. "Nope, I won't. You're going to forever remain unmarried, all because you decided to be a bastard. I hope you're happy now."

His fingers circled around Naruto's wrists and he used his hold to bring them above the blond's head, pressing them into the mattrass. "We'll see about that," he smiled and captured his lips in another kiss.

"Bastard," Naruto muttered and nipped at his lip.


As evening made way for night and the buzz of traffic died out somewhat outside, they were more than content to lie there and exchange kisses and caresses until they fell asleep.

"I can't accept this." Sasuke shook his head in disbelief and pushed the envelope away. "Are you insane?"

"No, I'm not," Itachi said patiently. "What's wrong with accepting it? It'll make everything easier if you don't have to worry about money constantly. Otouto, you're still too young to worry about finances, even if you're having a child now."

Sasuke scowled, all too aware of the interested gazes of Karin and Jugo, who were chatting quietly with each other on the other side of the café.

Right as the shop had been about to close, Itachi had shown up together with a fierce summer shower that kept them indoors for the moment. It was pouring down hard and none of them had fancied getting drenched while they went home, so they remained inside for now. Naruto had already texted him, concerned he was caught in the rain, but Sasuke had quickly let him know he would be home later once the rain had subsided somewhat.

While he had expected Itachi to show up to meet again, he hadn't expected to be given an envelope with cash in it. Seriously, what was it with the older people in his life and them giving him money?

"Look, Naruto and I are managing, okay?" he said exasperatedly and crossed his arms, refusing to accept the envelope. "We don't need your help, nii-san."

"If they didn't have their heads so far up their arses, they would have been giving you an allowance anyways," Itachi said bluntly and Sasuke couldn't help but stare at him. "So I don't see the difference between them giving you a monthly allowance and me doing it."

"One, because you're my brother, not my parents," Sasuke said dryly. "And two, because I'm pretty sure any allowance they would have given me would have been less than what you are trying to push onto me now."

"Just let me pay for the apartment at least, Sasuke," Itachi sighed and rubbed his forehead.

The sight of it had Sasuke feeling irrationally guilty.

"I know you've been working hard, but you also need to enjoy your time together with Naruto-kun and my nephew when he's born. How are you going to do that if you have to worry about money constantly?" Itachi's gaze was way too piercing to be comfortable and Sasuke found himself looking away.

"We make time for each other, it's not like I'm working the entire time."

"Because you've got two pay checks to depend on now, but Naruto-kun won't be able to work for a bit after he's given birth and the money he'll get during that time won't be as much as his pay now," Itachi retorted. "The both of you don't have a full time job either, so your pay check will most likely not be enough either."

"You've got it all figured out, huh?" Sasuke muttered bitterly, glaring down at the floor.

It was something he had refused to think about yet, how Naruto wouldn't be able to work for a bit after the baby had arrived and how that would most likely be a hit to their finances in a way. He realised it was idiotic that he hadn't wanted to consider that particular part of their future yet, but he had just wanted to take it one day at a time. He had already debated taking up extra shifts to cover up the loss of Naruto's job for a while, but that would put most of the baby's care on Naruto's shoulders and that wouldn't be fair to him either.

"I know you want to be as independent as possible, but there's nothing wrong with accepting help either," Itachi said softly and placed his hand on Sasuke's shoulder. "The both of us grew up with father mostly working and not being at home and if I may be frank, I don't want my nephew to experience that too."

"I'm nothing like him!" Sasuke hissed, glaring up at his older brother.

"No, you're not, but you might not have another choice but to work more to make ends meet once the baby is here," Itachi said calmly, defusing Sasuke's ire before it could really build up. "That's why I want to help out: let me pay for the apartment, so that you and Naruto-kun only have to worry about your studies and your baby."

"That's way more in the envelope than just for the apartment alone," Sasuke pointed out, frowning. He hadn't counted the bills, but the thickness of it revealed that it was definitely more than he and Naruto shelled out each month for the apartment.

Itachi shrugged, completely unabashed. "Consider it an extra that you can use as savings," he replied lightly.

The younger man groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Even if I refuse, you're just going to wire it straight to my bank account, right?"

"You're becoming smarter," Itachi smirked and flicked his forehead, ignoring Sasuke's hiss. "Consider it a baby shower gift."

"A gift that you send each month," Sasuke said unimpressed.

"If you feel so bad about it, consider it a loan then that you can pay back once you've got a full time job when you have your degree," Itachi replied airily.

"Would you even accept my money then?"

Itachi chuckled, stuffing the envelope in Sasuke's pocket. "Well, you'll just have to wait and find out, hm?"

"You're such an annoying douchebag, I don't know why I even wanted you here," Sasuke complained, glowering when that only made his brother laugh and tug him into a hug.

Sasuke was pretty sure he heard Karin cooing and giggling. Damn his brother.

Now that Itachi finally knew about his relationship and the baby, it felt like the last bit of weight had fallen off Sasuke's shoulders at last. He no longer ignored Itachi's phone calls when the older man called him and was in fact the one to call him when they had finished another appointment with Tsunade and he wanted to tell his brother how well his nephew was doing.

The fact that he could do that now, call Itachi and tell him about the baby, tell him about the disastrous attempt of Naruto of cooking a foreign dish, how he was trying to get Sasuke to propose to him, was exhilarating, more freeing than he ever thought it would be.

"Why not end his suffering and propose to him, otouto?" Itachi chuckled amused.

"Because I meant it when I said I want it to be perfect for him," Sasuke answered. "And just shoving the ring around his finger and telling him, fuck it, we're engaged now isn't perfect."

"AT THIS POINT I WOULD HAPPILY ACCEPT HAVING THE RING SHOVED AROUND MY FINGER, BASTARD!" Naruto yelled from the kitchen where he was preparing some snacks and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"You're just enjoying making him wait," Itachi remarked.

"There's that as well," Sasuke smirked, ducking when a package of crackers was thrown at his head.

"You're an awful boyfriend," Naruto whined, but settled down next to him on the couch anyways, dumping his legs onto Sasuke's thighs. "My feet hurt."

"You're the one who insisted on taking a detour through the park," Sasuke reminded him, but being the dutiful boyfriend he was, he started massaging Naruto's left foot with one hand.

"As much as I enjoy hearing the two of you banter, I have a meeting in five minutes and I still need to gather my notes," Itachi commented. "I'll talk to you soon, otouto."

"Yeah, bye." He placed his phone next to him and started massaging both of Naruto's feet now, raising an eyebrow when the other man stared at him. "What?"

"Now's a good time to ask me," Naruto hinted.

Sasuke just smirked and dug his thumbs right above Naruto's heels.

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