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Warnings: A smidgen of drama, but overall, a happy ending; flashback

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Chapter 11: Epilogue

"Ryuu is doing well. He's already got a head start on his classmates when it comes to learning how to read," Sasuke said and leant back in the chair.

Around them quiet chattering filled the restaurant. It was lunch, so the place wasn't that filled yet; dinner service was always the busiest here, but their lunch menu was quite nice as well.

Mikoto nodded slowly; a weak smile playing around the corners of her rose coloured lips. "And Taka-kun? How is he doing?"

"His tooth finally came through, so he's not crying that much anymore," he replied after a pause. "He's back to sleeping through the whole night."

"He must have that from you and Itachi," she smiled almost whimsically. "You both were rather quiet babies. Sometimes I would get up at night, just to check if you were all right." She laughed softly.

He offered her a bland smile in return. Even four years after she had contacted him again, he still couldn't bring himself to act as if nothing had ever happened. Yes, she had made the first move – shockingly – but that didn't make everything suddenly okay.

He picked up the phone without checking the number; his mind too frazzled from working on his paper while dealing with a severe lack of sleep. Ryuu had started teething recently and it clearly wasn't a nice experience, judging by his crying fits and pitiful whining whenever he became too tired to actually cry.

They had taken to putting special teething toys in the freezer so that he could soothe his aching gums by biting on the cold surface, but so far that tactic was a hit and a miss. Sometimes Ryuu would do nothing else but gnaw on the toy, other times he would simply throw it away and cry even harder.

It was a good thing that the walls were somewhat soundproof, because otherwise he didn't dare to imagine the amount of complaints they would have received – even though it wasn't like they were letting Ryuu cry on purpose.

"Hello?" he said distracted, flashing a tired smile at Naruto when the blond passed him.

The bags underneath Naruto's eyes were almost as deep as Gaara's, but his voice was soft and soothing when he bent to pick up Ryuu from his crib, feeling his diaper through his trousers.

"Sasuke? It's me … Your mother."

The glass he had just brought to his mouth to drink from slipped through his fingers; the digits suddenly losing all their strength. The glass tipped down to the table, hit the edge and then shattered apart on the floor; the tiny shards of glass glinting in the small pool of water.

"Sasuke? What did you do?" Naruto asked alarmed, whirling around in shock.

Ryuu started whining, kicking his legs.

"Why did you drop your glass? If you're not careful, you're going to cut - "

"Mikoto?" Sasuke said numbly.

The mention of her name had Naruto abruptly stilling; his eyes widening with shock as he gaped at Sasuke.

"Yes. Can we – can we meet? I'd like to talk with you."

Their subsequent meeting had consisted out of one of the most awkward conversations Sasuke had ever experienced. Mikoto had apologised profusely for allowing Fugaku to kick Sasuke out of the house, expressing her regret over and over again that she hadn't stood up for him. She should have spoken up, she realised, and she regretted every single day that she had spent without seeing her youngest son.

Sasuke wasn't really a vindictive person – at least he didn't consider himself to be like that – but he couldn't find it in him to fully forgive her either. As his mother, she should have supported him, should at least have tried to say something to Fugaku. If she had tried at least to go against Fugaku, even if it wouldn't have changed much in the end, then things would have been different. She would have shown that she was there for her son, even if Fugaku would have overruled her in the end.

But she hadn't. She had remained quiet, had tried to excuse Fugaku's behaviour, and then it had taken her almost two years before she contacted Sasuke again.

She was trying to make amends now, attempting to make up for time lost. Wanting his forgiveness. Showing interest in his life, in Naruto's, and in the small family they had built together. She had cried the first time she'd seen a picture of Ryuu and had been overcome with emotions when Sasuke had informed her that Naruto was expecting a second baby.

She was trying, but would it ever be enough? Could he look at her one day and no longer see the woman who'd abandoned him when he had needed her the most? He didn't know yet. All he could offer her now were meetings at restaurants, in the park or at his job during his break. She respected that at least, knowing better than to push for more.

Mikoto sighed softly when she glanced at her watch. "I have to go now," she said reluctantly and rose up, grabbing her handbag from the chair next to her. Briefly she bit down on her lower lip; the imprint of her teeth visibly for a second when she released it. "I was wondering … Could you bring Naruto-kun and your sons with you next time? I'd like to meet my grandsons – if that's okay with you and Naruto-kun, of course!" she hastened to add, but the hope in her voice and in her eyes was painfully obvious.

His fingers dug into his thigh underneath the table. "Maybe, I'll talk with Naruto about it," he replied; the only thing willing to promise.

At five years old, Ryuu hadn't met his grandmother yet. He knew she existed, knew that his dad occasionally met up with her, but hadn't demanded yet to meet her too. Perhaps he could sense that not everything was all right; he was turning out to be quite perceptive like that. Something he had inherited from Naruto, no doubt.

Taka had only just turned one, so the concept of having a grandmother somewhere out there was too foreign for him yet to grasp.

"Thank you," she said softly and made a move as if to bend across the table to kiss him before she thought better of it. After one more smile – less shaky than earlier – she departed, leaving him alone at the table.

He finished his drink, glancing up when a shadow fell across the table. Itachi cocked an eyebrow before he sat down.

"My break already over?" Sasuke inquired and checked his watch, though he was certain he still had some time left. Yes, still around fifteen minutes.

He had started working for his brother as a legal advisor after he'd finished his studies. Itachi had returned from overseas two years ago, setting up his own company – his own subtle way of giving Fugaku the middle finger. Fugaku definitely had not been happy to discover that Itachi not only knew about Sasuke being gay but that he was wholeheartedly supportive of him. He was still considered the golden child, however, or maybe Fugaku just didn't want rumours to spread if word got out that he had disinherited both his sons. From what Sasuke had heard, things between Fugaku and Itachi were somewhat cool, but unlike Sasuke, his older brother was still considered part of the family.

"No and even if it was, you arrange your own hours so it wouldn't have mattered," Itachi chuckled before he sobered up, resting his hands on the table. "You're still planning on attending the charity gala tomorrow night?"

The gala was organised by their company as a fundraiser for children in need. Those of low income households could always use some extra support and this gala was a means to provide such support.

"Yeah, Naruto arranged that Gaara will look after Ryuu and Taka until we're back," Sasuke confirmed.

It wasn't the first time that Gaara would babysit their children. Despite his stoic personality, even Sasuke could see how much the red haired man adored Ryuu and Taka. As Naruto's other best friend, it made sense for him to babysit the two boys. Especially because he was considered a lot more responsible than let's say Inuzuka. The latter still wouldn't let Naruto forget about how they had kept the pregnancy from everyone, even though Naruto had apologised for it profusely. As if Naruto had let that fact slip from his mind on purpose.

"I thought I should warn you that they're both going to be attending the gala too," Itachi said; his eyes sharp when he gazed at Sasuke.

"Both of them? I thought he didn't want to have anything to do with your company?" Sasuke frowned, nodding at the waitress when she appeared next to him. "The bill, please."

"The press is going to be there, so I guess he figured it'll reflect well on his own business," Itachi answered neutrally. "She didn't tell you about it?"

"No, she didn't mention it at all," Sasuke muttered, tapping his fingers on the table.

It appeared that even though Mikoto wanted to make amends, warning him about her attendance at the gala with her husband wasn't part of that. Not that it really mattered to him in the end, but still: one would have thought she would have at least mentioned the gala, especially with how eager she always was to speak with him.

"You want me to distract them for as long as you and Naruto-kun are there?" Itachi offered. "I'm certain Deidara will have a whole slew of ideas to help me with that."

Sasuke briefly smiled, thinking about the blond man's sense of mischief. In that regard, it was no wonder he and Naruto had hit it off so well. Naruto had continued working part-time at the library until he had finished his studies and afterwards had remained in contact with Deidara, even introducing him to Itachi when the latter had moved back to Japan.

Nowadays Deidara and Naruto worked together, having turned their 'inventing stories for children at the library' into a professional stint. As of right now, Naruto had already published two children's books with a third one on its way. Deidara provided the art, Naruto the story; a win-win for everyone involved.

"No need, we'll be fine," Sasuke said, shaking his head. "I don't want him to have the satisfaction of thinking he can still get to me."

"If you're sure."

"I'm sure, but thanks for the offer, nii-san," Sasuke smiled and rose up after paying the bill; the waitress bowing politely to the both of them. "Come on; there's a stack of documents I still need to work through before going home and I'm pretty sure you've got a meeting with Kakuzu-san, right?"

Itachi sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, following his younger brother out of the restaurant. "Sometimes I really wonder why on earth I hired him. He's even more of a stickler for the rules than Nagato is."

"Because you didn't want to deal with the financial aspect all on your own and finances is basically that guy's fetish?" Sasuke offered dryly. He tended to stay out of Kakuzu's way as much as possible.

The older man – he was quite a bit older; somewhere in his fifties if Sasuke had to wager a guess – was always polite, that wasn't the issue, but he could get quite … intense when it concerned any sort of financial matter.

"Ah right." Itachi pursed his lips. "Well, he does deliver great work; I give him that."

The unspoken "but he's just a pain in the arse about it" made Sasuke smirk, glad that he wasn't in a position where he had to deal with Kakuzu frequently.

"Man, I'm glad I thought to dress up for this," Naruto muttered, whistling lowly when they entered the spacious room.

A local hotel had offered their ballroom for the gala and had done an amazing job of decorating it. Dark blue cloths decorated the tables alongside the walls with golden candles adding a touch of glamour to the scene without going over the top. The chairs had deep red cushions and looked quite comfortable. Chandeliers hung strategically placed so that the entire room was illuminated, yet still providing a sense of privacy around the tables at the same time.

Quite a few people had already gathered here; men dressed in sharp grey and black suits and the women wearing beautiful dresses in all kinds of colours, though most seemed to have chosen to wear something blue or black. Light chattering filled the room, interspersed with the occasional laughter or chuckle while hotel employees added the final touches to the podium for the speeches.

"You always look good, though," Sasuke smiled, enjoying the blush spreading across his husband's cheeks.

Even dressed in just sweatpants and a ratty shirt, Naruto would still look good – and enticing – in Sasuke's eyes, but admittedly tonight he looked even more breathtaking. The deep blue suit he'd chosen to wear brought out the blue colour of his eyes and the first button left open offered a tantalising view of his tanned skin. He looked incredible and Sasuke couldn't wait to be home again where he would show Naruto just how good he looked. Or maybe they could sneak out and find the closest bathroom? Or hell, a closet perhaps …

"Down boy," Naruto grinned, pecking Sasuke's lips, making him bite back a growl. "We're here to be responsible adults and support your brother, remember?"

"I can be a responsible adult and still get you off, though," Sasuke smirked. "Remember that time at our wedding when we snuck out for a bit and you got down on - "

"Yes, I remember!" Naruto hastened to say and discreetly pinched his side, reddening even further. "You want to air out our dirty laundry to everyone here, bastard?"

"I'm pretty sure we didn't fool my brother back then," Sasuke snorted. Itachi had looked entirely too amused back then even when everyone else had remained oblivious to Naruto's bright blush and too bright eyes.

"Naruto-san, Sasuke-san, you two look amazing," Konan, Nagato's wife and the head of HR at the company, praised them when she passed by them. She herself was dressed quite beautifully in a light purple dress with a matching flower pinning back her blue hair. "I want to introduce you to some people later on, so don't leave too soon, okay?"

She was already off to greet the next person before either of them could respond, but Sasuke was used to her no nonsense attitude by now. He quite liked her; he could appreciate her dry humour and she was one of the few who could keep Hidan in check. Not an easy feat if you knew how the head of security could act.

"She really missed her calling as a model," Naruto remarked, studying her dress and eyeing her sharp heels.

Sasuke hummed and they walked deeper into the room, getting out of the way of other people arriving. It was getting more crowded now as more and more guests arrived; Sasuke thought he remembered Itachi mentioning that around two hundred people would show up tonight. Some press was already present; the occasional flash of a camera lightening up the room, but for now the reporters and cameramen seemed content to fade into the background, not bothering anyone for an interview.

It was when Sasuke was looking around for his brother, wanting to find out whether he had shown up together with Deidara or not that someone spoke up behind him. A voice that he hadn't heard in years, but made him tense up nonetheless.

"I suppose I should have expected to see you here," Fugaku spoke coolly. "Itachi has always been rather fixated on the idea of family."

Slowly Sasuke turned around, feeling how Naruto grew still next to him. Their hands remained linked and Sasuke felt fingers tightening around his own just a fraction. Something which didn't escape Fugaku's notice either; his lip curling up for a second when he caught sight of their hands.

"True, more than can be said of other people," Sasuke smiled blandly. "I see you two could make it here as well."

"Good evening, Sasuke, Naruto-kun," Mikoto said softly. She was dressed up beautiful as well, of course, in a burgundy red dress with long sleeves. She'd always been a beauty, knowing how to dress for every occasion.

"Mikoto-san," Naruto nodded back. He had met with her a couple of times before, but those meetings had been awkward at best, strained at most; the blond not having forgiven her either for having essentially abandoned her youngest son.

Naruto had always been the type to forgive, except when it concerned people he loved who got hurt. Then he could hold a grudge like no other, as evidenced by his interaction with Mikoto. He was polite to her every time, but only an absolute idiot wouldn't be able to sense the distance he kept between her and himself.

"I'd say I'm surprised to see you here, but after two kids you have him well and truly trapped, haven't you, Uzumaki-san?" Fugaku continued coolly, ignoring his wife's reproachful look.

"Fugaku, don't start," she spoke in a low voice.

"It's Uchiha-Uzumaki now actually," Naruto said cheerfully and ostensibly showed off his wedding ring. "Has been for three years now in fact, but I guess with old age comes the occasional moment of forgetfulness. Oh wait, I'm sorry, that's right, you couldn't have forgotten it, because you weren't there in the first place to remember it." If smiles could cut, Naruto's definitely would have; his eyes more like shards of ice now than the warm summer sky they usually resembled.

"You have a big mouth for someone who has to depend on Sasuke to get by," Fugaku said icily. "I suppose having a second kid ensures that you'll never be without money again for the rest of your life."

Sasuke couldn't help himself: he started laughing, visibly startling both Fugaku and Mikoto. "Depending on me? Oh no, far from it. I'd say he's even more successful than me. How many people can say both their books are bestsellers already? Not to mention that next week he will already be officially opening a fourth day care. I think you know the company, the one owned by the Hyuuga, remember? They practically begged him to open one at their company as well."

At the mention of his rival, Fugaku's eyes narrowed dangerously; a fact in which Sasuke took great enjoyment.

While perhaps not an entirely original idea, as companies in other countries had them too, Naruto's idea to open up a day care in a company was innovative in the sense that not only babies and toddlers were welcome but also children up to the age of nine. They could go there after school hours and work on their homework while waiting for their parent to finish their job. A couple of caretakers would keep an eye on everyone and help out the older children if necessary.

Companies had been rather wary when Naruto had first introduced the idea, but after witnessing the positive impact on their employees now that they no longer had to worry about finding a day care or family members willing to look after their older children, more and more business were emailing Naruto in order to set up one of their own.

As a matter of fact, Itachi's company was the first one to have such a day care and it allowed Sasuke to take Ryuu and Taka with him sometimes, giving Naruto a chance to rest at home or get more work done.

"I know you were hoping to see me miserable," Sasuke continued, staring at Fugaku while Mikoto looked worriedly. "But honestly? The day you kicked me out turned out to be one of the best days in my life, because I finally realised who my real family is – and it was never you. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to greet my brother."

"Well, he was lovely as always," Naruto said flatly, allowing Sasuke to guide him away, though he did look back once. "Did he seriously basically call me a gold digger?"

"Basically," Sasuke confirmed and shrugged. "Guess he had to find something to be an arsehole about."

Naruto surprised him by pulling him to the side before they could reach Itachi. Fingers slipped around his wrists and blue eyes stared up at him worriedly. "You're okay? I know this was the first time you spoke to him again. Are you regretting how things ended up? I mean, with him still not accepting you …"

Sasuke shook his head and wrapped his arms around Naruto, pulling him closer; heedless of the attention his move might attract. "I haven't regretted a single thing since leaving the house," he said serenely. "I told the truth when I said him kicking me out was one of the best days of my life, because it made me realise just how much I love you. You've always been my family, more than he ever was. I don't regret anything."

Their mouths met in a tender kiss. "Because you and our two sons – you're worth everything to me. Always will."

No matter what would happen, he knew Naruto would always be right by his side. That knowledge, the love they shared together – that was worth more than anything else in the world. Even if things would never be truly okay again between him and Mikoto, even if Fugaku would remain his stubborn self, that all didn't matter.

He had his own family now. That was all that mattered.

The End

AN2: (They did in the end seek out a closet for some private time at the gala, but that's neither here nor there). I'm still working on the whole perfecting the ending thing - that's still a weakness of mine, sorry, guys - but I hope this last chapter met at least some of your expectations!

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