You Are Worth Everything

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Author's note: This one is less angsty as the previous one, I promise.

Warnings: Nothing really major, just a couple of time skips and Naruto's morning sickness popping up

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Chapter 3

They left a couple of hours later.

The minute hand was just inching past twelve o'clock when Sasuke helped a sleepy Naruto sit down in his car. The rain had softened to a light drizzle; puddles gleamed in the orange glow of the streetlamps.

Perhaps it would be better to wait until morning had arrived before they left, but Sasuke couldn't stay here in this town any longer. Restlessness was buzzing underneath his skin like bees and if they didn't leave right now, he would go mad.

"Here," he murmured after he shut the door on his side. He showed Naruto his pillow and the blond smiled, leaning forwards so that Sasuke could put it behind his head. A blanket draped over him completed the picture. "Sleep. I'll wake you up when we're there."

"Hm, okay," Naruto murmured; speech slurred as he already started nodding off. He was out like a light barely a few seconds later.

He went to start the car and paused, glancing through the window up at the apartment building. All the windows at the front were dark now; everyone was asleep, tucked away in their beds or futons. Most likely this would be the last time he saw this building. He had entered through that door many times throughout these past couple of years; he probably had spent more time here than in his own house for these past years to be honest. It had been his home away from home.

He breathed out slowly, rubbing over his chin. Then he shook his head and started the car, reversing smoothly out of his parking spot. It was time to leave all of this behind and make a home somewhere else.

Without sparing the building another glance he drove away, leaving everything behind.

The late hour ensured there was barely any traffic and driving to their new apartment took up significantly less time than when they had made the trip on Monday. Nevertheless the closer they got to the city, the busier it became on the road. It wasn't the mad traffic rush yet, but it was clear that the city never truly slept.

They drove through brightly lit streets; the multicoloured lights danced across Naruto's face as he slept, but they didn't wake him up. The closer they got to the apartment, the more relaxed Sasuke became. With the distance increasing steadily, it was easy for now to forget the events of the evening. It was easy to set aside for a moment that he and Naruto were on their own from now on. No help from his parents would come; they would have to do everything themselves.

The late – or early, depending on how you looked at it – hour had as benefit that finding a parking spot wasn't a hellish undertaking as it had been on Monday. He was grateful for that. The confrontation with his parents had taken a lot out of him and the late hour was starting to catch up to him now. His eyes were starting to feel gritty and he just wanted to drop down and go to sleep.

He parked the car as close to the apartment building as he could and shut off the motor. As the motor cooled off, he removed his seatbelt and twisted around, placing his hand on Naruto's shoulder and shaking him gently.

"Hey, Naruto, we're here," he announced. He paused, waiting for a reaction, and when he didn't get one, he tapped Naruto's cheek a bit harder. "Wake up."

Naruto snorted, startling awake and his hand lashed out to smack the offensive hand away from his face. He straightened up, blinking dazed as he looked around. The blanket he had been covered with slipped down to his waist, pooling there.

"We're at the apartment?" he questioned, voice rough with sleep.

"Yeah, we are," Sasuke confirmed, opening his door. "Can you take the blanket and the pillow with you? I'll take the futon and the bag."

"Yeah, all right," Naruto mumbled, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"You got the keys back?"

The blond man nodded, patting his right thigh. "Yeah, Kankuro stopped by right after you left to give them to me."

"Let's hope that idiot didn't fuck something up," Sasuke muttered darkly and stepped out, walking to the back to open the boot. He slung the bag around his shoulder and dragged out the larger bag containing the folded up futon. They could store that one in the closet, seeing as Naruto's bed was – hopefully – already installed in the bedroom.

Naruto was waiting on the footpath, the pillow and crumbled up blanket pressed against his chest. He was swaying lightly back and forth, clearly still not completely awake yet; his eyes half lidded as he stared dazedly at Sasuke.

"Come on, you idiot," Sasuke snorted, but his small smile was fond as he curled a hand around Naruto's upper arm and tugged him towards the apartment building.

"Not an idiot, bas-tard," Naruto muttered and his retort would have been more impressive if he hadn't started yawning halfway through.

The dark haired man just shook his head silently and paused in front of the door. It was made up almost entirely out of glass, allowing him a look at the hallway. "Give me the keys," he demanded, but already stuck his hand in Naruto's pocket to fish them out.

"Getting handsy, Sasuke?" Naruto quipped; the corners of his mouth twitching with amusement.

"You're too slow," Sasuke muttered and selected the bigger key out of the three dangling from the keyring, hoping it was the right one. He dumped the futon bag on the ground for now and squinted at the lock before digging his phone out of his pocket and using the lit up screen to push the key in directly. He pressed down on the doorknob and turned the key to the right simultaneously. There was a soft 'click' and then the door swung backwards, allowing them entrance.

He turned to look at the blond man, who looked more asleep than awake at the moment. His eyes were barely open and he was supporting his shoulder against the doorjamb.

"Do you think you can remain awake long enough to get into the lift and into the apartment?" Sasuke inquired, eyeing him thoughtfully.

"If I'm not, you're going to carry me?" Naruto shot back, opening his eyes further, blinking at his boyfriend.

"Not like I wouldn't be able to do it." The dark haired man shrugged. He had carried Naruto to his old apartment before when the idiot had become too drunk. That had been a year ago after Inuzuka's birthday party for which his sister had graciously gifted him with several bottles of sake. Being underage they wouldn't have got their hands legally on alcohol, but Inuzuka's sister had never been too bothered with minors drinking alcohol – as long as she didn't have to clean up the mess afterwards.

Naruto had had a bit too much then and it had been Sasuke's job to get him home safely. He had been pure dead weight, but Sasuke had still managed to get him into the apartment and into the bed without dropping him even once. He had been tempted to drop him, especially when Naruto had thought it prudent to blow his alcohol loaded breath right into Sasuke's face, but he hadn't done it. Naruto had paid for his restraint afterwards, but the point remained that he could pick up Naruto and carry him without dropping him.

Naruto chuckled, shuffling inside the small hallway. "Nah, no need. I'll be fine." He ignored his lover's sceptical look and ambled towards the lift. "You coming?" He turned his head, looking at Sasuke questioningly.

Sasuke locked the door and went to join Naruto in the lift, where the blond man was already resting his head against the mirror, blinking sleepily at his reflexion. Rolling his eyes, Sasuke pressed the number of their floor – the second one – and watched how the doors slid close with a quiet hiss. A slight jolt went through them when the carriage began to move and he placed the futon bag between his legs for the moment, rolling his shoulder a bit. The futon was heavier than he had expected.

A soft 'ping' announced they had arrived at their floor and they stepped out silently, both quite aware of the late hour. The last thing they needed now was to make noise and piss off their neighbours before they even managed to introduce themselves.

A dim light on the ceiling broke the complete darkness in the corridor, allowing them to walk to their apartment, which was the last one on the right, without tripping or walking into something.

Sasuke selected the second key from the keyring, unlocking the door to their apartment and waved Naruto inside first. Naruto took enough time to kick off his shoes, before wandering into the bedroom without even glancing around.

They would need to buy some curtains first, Sasuke noted absentmindedly, flicking his eyes towards the windows through which moonlight was pouring brightly, spilling over the floor and the multiple boxes dumped haphazardly all over the apartment. It was a wonder Naruto hadn't tripped over one of those boxes.

He exhaled loudly and locked the door behind him, dumping the bags he had been carrying against the wall. He would put those away in the morning. For now he put the keys into his jacket before removing that one and draping it across one of the boxes. He slipped out of his shoes and quietly padded into the bedroom.

Here it was darker than in the rest of the apartment, but some moonlight still spilt through. The bed had already been set up with mattress and all and Sasuke was reluctantly impressed. It appeared that Kankuro wasn't entirely useless.

His attention turned towards the man curled up in the middle of the bed. "At least get rid of your jeans first," Sasuke sighed, shaking his head tiredly.

Pulling the blanket back had Naruto groaning in protest, waving his arm around weakly, but Sasuke ignored that, instead helping the idiot out of his jeans. The button was slightly stubborn but Sasuke managed to remove that one with only the minimal of grumbling and then pulled down the zipper.

"Lift up your butt," he demanded and Naruto huffed, but complied, allowing the older man to take his jeans off. He dropped them next to the bed and removed his own, stepping out of them when the material pooled around his ankles.

"Move over," he muttered, stepping into the bed from the other side.

Naruto made a non-committal sound, but did so, shuffling closer to the edge, making space for the other man to join him. They wriggled around a bit to find a comfortable position. They ended up with Sasuke lying on his back and Naruto resting his head on his shoulder. One of Naruto's arms was wormed underneath Sasuke's back and the other was wrapped around his torso. With one leg thrown over Sasuke's thighs, effectively strapping him down, it was like being hugged by an octopus.

"If you kick me, I'm kicking you out of the bed," Sasuke muttered exhaustedly, draping one arm across Naruto's shoulders.

Naruto snorted. "Please, as if you would," he mumbled, voice becoming slurred with sleep. He patted Sasuke's waist underneath the blanket. "Just go to sleep, bastard. We have a couple of busy days ahead of us."

"Don't think you can wriggle your way out of unpacking," Sasuke warned him, but sleep was already tugging at his consciousness, begging him to give in. The couple of hours of sleep he had caught earlier seemed to have only made him sleepier and he blinked tiredly, staring blearily at the ceiling.

A hand landed on his mouth for a brief second. "Sssh, now. Sleep," Naruto murmured.

He said something else, something unintelligible, but Sasuke was already asleep.

Dropping the empty cardboard box next to him on the floor, he picked up another box and placed it on the kitchen table. It felt rather light and he wondered what Naruto had packed inside this one. Pillows maybe? Some clothes? He pulled back the flaps and –

Stared right at a collection of ramen cups.

He stared and stared and kept staring, hoping that the content would miraculously turn into something else if he just gazed at it long enough. No such luck.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, he leant back against the counter with a growl. "Did you seriously pack up ramen?!"

Naruto popped his head inside the kitchen; blue eyes swivelling back and forth between the damned box and Sasuke. "Well, yeah," he said slowly, looking at Sasuke as if he was stupid. "Why wouldn't I?"

"You packed up ramen," Sasuke enunciated, scowling at the younger man.

"Of course I did! I wasn't going to throw those cups out!" Naruto huffed, entering the kitchen fully and pulling the box to him. "I might as well throw my money through the drain then! Besides, as long as I can still eat ramen, I'm going to! Who knows when the little bean decides to act up?"

"Little bean? Really?" Sasuke asked exasperatedly, dropping his hand.

Naruto pulled a face. "What? It's not like the baby's that big yet. We also don't know yet what it's going to be, so little bean it is for now."

The dark haired man shook his head, not feeling up to getting into an argument about something as silly as a nickname for their baby, and instead decided to focus on the important issue. He held up one finger. "You can eat one ramen cup each week. No more than that."

Naruto stared at him blankly; both his arms practically cradling the box with ramen against his chest. "I'm sorry, what? I thought I heard you say I can only eat ramen once a week," he scoffed, narrowing his eyes.

"Ramen's not healthy," Sasuke reminded him tersely, crossing his arms. "You're not taking care of only yourself anymore, so you need to start eating healthier."

"Ramen isn't that bad, bastard," Naruto retorted petulantly, pouting rather fiercely.

"Bad enough for a baby," Sasuke riposted just as stubbornly. He pointed towards one of the cupboards. "Put those cups there. We'll go shopping later for some actual food."

"Your papa is becoming quite the control freak," Naruto said conversationally, abandoning the box in favour of poking his stomach.

The man in question snorted, though he couldn't quell the fondness in his voice when he replied, "Someone has to be the one with good sense here and we both know who isn't going to be that."

Ever the mature one, Naruto stuck out his tongue before opening the cupboard and stacking his cups inside carefully.

Leaving Naruto to his precious ramen collection, Sasuke walked into the living room to unpack the rest of their stuff. They still needed to buy curtains and actual food that wasn't ramen and he wanted everything done before he would have to go to university this Sunday for the opening of the new academic year.

Right as he set about hanging some pictures of Naruto's friends on the wall – ignoring the pang in his chest as a voice in the back of his mind reminded him that he didn't have any pictures to hang up of his own – Naruto popped up next to him, bracing his arm on Sasuke's shoulder.

Digging his finger into Sasuke's forearm, he said darkly, "I know how many cups I brought with me, so I'll know if you try to throw any of them away. Keep that in mind, Sasuke."

With that ominous sounding warning, the blond wandered off to their bedroom, presumably to unpack whatever was still in boxes there.

Sasuke merely shook his head and returned his attention to the picture frames. These weren't going to stick to the walls on their own after all.

He pushed the cart through the aisle containing bottles of sauce and dry pasta. "Did you tell Gaara about the baby?" he inquired, forcing himself to sound casual.

Cerulean blue eyes flickered towards him for a moment before Naruto went back to checking the dates on some boxes of pasta. "No, I didn't," he said in a low voice. "I'm still only ten weeks along; didn't feel right yet."

Sasuke was silent, gathering his thoughts. When he spoke again, they were turning into an aisle dedicated to sweets; the brightly coloured packaging beaming at them from both sides. "Are you going to tell your friends?"

A hand stilled on top of a roll of chocolate biscuits. "I don't know," Naruto admitted slowly, biting his lip. He rolled his shoulders, clearly feeling awkward. "I'm just … I'm not in the mood to deal with their reactions. I'd like to keep it a secret for as long as possible, if you don't mind." Blue eyes peered up at him, regarding him with worry.

"Fine with me. I'm not exactly in the mood to deal with them either," Sasuke sniffed disdainfully. He tolerated those idiots for Naruto's sake, but that was as far as he was willing to go.

The blond man quirked a quick smile before he grimaced and looked away. "Did you – did you tell Itachi-niisan?"

Sasuke stiffened before forcing himself to relax, exhaling slowly. "No, I haven't," he answered neutrally. "I've been busy with unpacking, remember? And yesterday I drove over to you directly."

Naruto pursed his lips, hesitating before he blurted out, "Are you going to tell him?"

Sasuke hunched up his shoulders defensively, shifting his glance towards the light yellow tiles on the floor. "Not sure. I don't know what they're going to tell him."

Warm fingers slipped around his right wrist, squeezing gently. "I think he'd accept you. Us," Naruto murmured, looking at him intently.

"Maybe," Sasuke allowed. "Maybe not. We'll see."

Naruto nodded and threw the roll of biscuits into the cart. "Come on, let's get some drinks next."

Sunday dawned with a grey sky and light drizzle coating everything in a fine, wet sheen.

It was still early; there was no need for him to get up already and so he lingered in the bed, staring out of the window at the sky. Naruto was still asleep, clutching his chest like he was cuddling with a giant stuffed toy. His blond hair tickled his collarbone, but he didn't push him away.

Naruto had been incredibly nauseous yesterday and it had taken him a long time to fall asleep, despite having tired himself out by constantly running to the bathroom to throw up. During the afternoon Sasuke had placed a bucket next to him on the couch to make it easier on the blond. The pregnant man had only been able to digest some crackers and some tea and Sasuke hoped he would feel better today.

Naruto had insisted his nausea was normal, but Sasuke had already mentally mapped out the route to the nearest hospital. Sure, nausea was a normal side effect in a pregnancy – as Naruto had obnoxiously pointed out in several articles he had pulled up between his bouts of throwing up his guts. Sasuke, however, also knew that excessive nausea would lead to dehydration or worse and that was not a scenario he was ready to visit any time soon.

So despite lying in a somewhat uncomfortable position, he wasn't ready yet to move, figuring the more rest Naruto got, the better. The official introduction at the university started at ten, so he still had plenty of time left before he had to leave. He would have three more days off after this and then classes would start.

He'd have to start looking for a job tomorrow. He still had some money saved up, but that wouldn't be nearly enough to cover next month's rent nor the bills or the groceries – or Naruto's check-ups. That was something else they would need to do soon: find a good doctor.

Dark eyes flickered down when Naruto shifted his head, rubbing his face against his chest with a stifled groan. Sasuke waited, wondering whether the other man would wake up. There was a pause and then Naruto rolled away onto his back. He raised both hands to rub over his face and yawned.

"Late is it?" he mumbled drowsily. He lowered his hands on his chest and blinked, clearly far from being completely awake yet.

Sasuke turned his head to check the clock. "Six fifteen," he answered and smirked when Naruto groaned loudly in dismay.

"God, why the hell am I awake so early?" he whined, sounding incredibly put out.

Sasuke shrugged, turning to lie on his side facing the blond now that there was no longer a weight pinning him down. "You woke up on your own," he said idly, sliding his hand underneath the blanket to palm Naruto's right hip.

"No shit," Naruto grumbled, squinting at the window. "Is it raining?"

"A little bit, yeah. How are you feeling?"

"At the moment, okay. Might be a good day today." Naruto blinked at him. "You have to go to the university today, right?"

"Hm. Starts at ten, but I should be back within two, three hours tops."

"Classes start on the fifth, hm?"

"Yeah. Yours too?"

"Yep, though I guess it's best if I log on earlier to find out what kind of material I need."

He rubbed slow circles around Naruto's hip, slipping underneath his pyjama trousers to feel warm skin. "We can buy everything tomorrow or on Tuesday. I still have a couple of books I need to buy too," he remarked.

"You still got some time left before you have to get up, hm?"

Sasuke quirked an eyebrow at the non sequitur question. "I do, yeah," he murmured, watching with growing interest how Naruto sat up, running a hand through his wild bed hair before he swung a leg over Sasuke, wriggling around until he straddled Sasuke's thighs.

"I thought you hated being awake this early?" Sasuke commented amused, but his hands were already running over strong thighs, feeling muscles bunch underneath his touch.

Naruto bent down; a smirk playing around his lips. "Well, it does have some benefits," he hummed before slotting their mouths together.

They both had morning breath of course, but that didn't deter them at all. In fact their kiss quickly deepened, the tips of their tongues touching each other as they shifted around; Naruto using one hand to support his weight while the other slipped around Sasuke's neck to hold him there. Sasuke nipped Naruto's lower lip and was rewarded with a soft moan. Their hips started rolling together, them rubbing against each other with only a couple of layers separating them from feeling each other completely.

Sasuke's hands shifted around, palming Naruto's arse cheeks, which elicited a noise of approval. As his mouth slipped to Naruto's neck to kiss him there, his fingers played with the waistband of the pyjama trousers, tugging them lower slowly. Right when he was about to pull them down, Naruto suddenly tore away and rushed out of the room before Sasuke could even gather his bearings.

A tad stunned at the blond's sudden departure, Sasuke blinked up at the ceiling, running his hands through his hair. He tugged at the strands in slight frustration, forcing himself to calm down – though a particular part of his lower body clearly disagreed with that notion – and stood up, sliding his feet into his slippers. He left the room, having an inkling as to where Naruto could have gone all of a sudden.

He was right. He found the blond man on his knees in front of the toilet, his head practically in it as he gagged and threw up; his face becoming red with the exertion.

Pursing his lips at the sight, Sasuke walked past him and filled a glass with cold water. Next he wetted a washcloth, holding it underneath the running water until it was completely soaked. He wrung it out, getting rid of the excess moisture, and placed it in Naruto's neck, letting it cool him down.

Naruto heaved again and then kept kneeling in front of the toilet, breathing heavily. Blond strands were plastered against his forehead and temples and Sasuke brushed them back, feeling the tackiness sticking to his hand.

"Think you can drink this?" he questioned, crouching down and holding the glass of water up.

Blue eyes squinted at him before focusing on the glass and with a groan, Naruto sat up, straightening his back. The washcloth fell on the floor with a wet 'smack'.

"Thanks," he rasped, taking careful sips of the water. He stood up and took a couple of unsteady steps towards the sink where he set down the glass and started brushing his teeth.

Sasuke rose up too and closed the lid of the toilet before flushing it. "I'll make you some breakfast," he said and the blond nodded, still vigorously brushing his teeth.

Well, if Sasuke had just thrown up the entire content of his stomach, he'd be desperately brushing his teeth as well.

It had stopped raining for now and weak daylight illuminated the apartment. Soft footsteps sounded above them; their upstairs neighbour was clearly awake too. As Sasuke set about making toast and preparing tea, his ears caught the sound of rushing water: the shower.

For a few seconds heat flickered up once more in his lower belly and his fingers twitched when he thought about Naruto in the shower, before shaking his head decisively. The day might have started out with that, but after throwing up, his lover wouldn't be in the mood anymore. That was understandable of course, but well, it still sucked a bit.

He was setting the table when Naruto appeared in the doorway, his hair still dripping, and a sheepish smile plastered on his face.

"That was not how I imagined our morning to go," he admitted chagrined, plopping down in the chair when Sasuke gestured at it.

The dark haired man shrugged. "Not like you have control over it," he said calmly, setting a cup of hot tea in front of the blond and placing a couple of slices of toast on the plate. He took the seat opposite from Naruto, bringing his own tea and toast with him.

Naruto wrinkled his nose, poking the toast petulantly. "Yeah well, I'll be extremely happy once this part is finished."

"We'll look up some of the doctors on your list when I come back," Sasuke said, taking a bit from his toast. "You're due for a check-up soon anyway and we can ask whether there's something to prevent the morning sickness."

"It's going to be a busy week," Naruto sighed, finally eating his own toast.

Something they would have to get used to, Sasuke assumed.

The dean – a pale man with long, dark hair and slanted eyes – kept droning on and on. To be honest Sasuke had no clue what he was talking about, having zoned out five minutes after the man started talking.

It wasn't anything important anyway; just some bullshit about how he hoped they would find their place at this university and how they would be able to discover and develop their potential here.

You holding up? he texted, keeping his phone in his lap. Several other people were discreetly busying themselves with their phones as well; some didn't even bother pretending they were listening to the dean.

If you mean my intestines are still where they're supposed to be, then yes, Naruto replied, managing to sound snarky, even through a god damn text.

10.38 a.m. Me

Excuse me for being concerned

10.40 a.m. Usuratonkachi

Aw, you're so sweet. Aren't you supposed to be paying attention? Meeting's not done yet, right?

10.40 a.m. Me

Boring talk

Had he really sacrificed his Sunday for this? He was pretty certain he could find the whole speech back on the website of the university. At least he still had a couple of days off after this before classes would start.

He still didn't know how he would juggle both his studies and a job, but he would figure something out. It wasn't like he was the first student to combine those two after all. Thank god he still had his scholarship, though. That was at least one expense less that he had to worry about.

"That said, I wish you all a good break! Enjoy it, so that you can start your classes with a clear mind!" the dean finished his speech and bowed his head.

Instantly people started clapping and chattering filled the air; one by one the chairs were emptied as everyone was eager to leave and enjoy their break before university would really start.

Meeting's done; I'm coming home, he sent to Naruto and received a text filled with kissing emojis in return.

Sasuke snorted, shaking his head at the ridiculous emojis, and slipped his phone into his pocket, following the mass of students to the entrance. The sun had escaped the clouds and was doing its best to warm everyone up; the scent of cherry blossoms filling the air. Hm, maybe he and Naruto could have a picnic one of these days underneath the sakura trees? That would be a good way to relax before they would have to start studying again.

"Uchiha, is that you?"

Sasuke stiffened at the sound of that voice. Wait, he was enrolled here too? Slowly he turned around and yes, there the idiot stood grinning with his arms crossed behind his head. His ever faithful companion in the form of his dog Akamaru stood pressed against his left leg, lolling his tongue out and panting happily. Not that much difference with his human master actually.

"Inuzuka," he said neutrally. The brown haired man was more Naruto's friend than his. He tolerated him for Naruto's sake, but the amount of idiocy that dog lover could sprout was unbelievable at times.

Inuzuka approached him, still grinning that stupid grin. "Figured I'd find you here," he said, squinting when the sun hit him in his face.

"I'm surprised to see you here," Sasuke retorted, crossing his arms.

Sharp black eyes regarded him suspiciously. "Is that meant to be insulting?"

That was just too easy. Sasuke sighed, tilting his head to the right. "Was there a reason you called out to me?"

"Can't I just be friendly?" Inuzuka huffed, looking offended.

The black haired man merely raised an eyebrow and Inuzuka looked away, rubbing the back of his neck. He stared at a tree, seemingly content to just keep standing there and not say anything.

"Tch." Sasuke turned around, intent on continuing his trek to the apartment.

"All right!" Inuzuka said hastily and Sasuke twisted around again reluctantly. "You're still in regular contact with Naruto, right?"

"Yeah, of course." Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows. "You aren't?"

Inuzuka grimaced, running a hand through his hair. "He hasn't been answering any of my texts lately. I wanted to ask whether you and Naruto wanted to meet up with the rest of us before classes really starts to kick our arses, you know?"

"Sure, I'll ask him," Sasuke said neutrally. He hadn't even been aware Naruto had been ignoring other people's messages. Granted, their minds had been elsewhere these past few weeks.

Inuzuka grinned, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans. Next to him Akamaru started waggling his tail almost violently. "Thanks, Uchiha. Say, you have a dorm or so?"

Sasuke was spared from answering when a girl called out excitedly, "There you are, Kiba-kun!"

She latched onto his arm with her breasts pressed up against his forearm. Her short, black hair with pink highlights gleamed in the sunlight. "Come on now! We're going to the sushi bar, remember?"

"I remember, don't worry," Inuzuka grinned and winked at her. His arm slipped around her lithe waist while Akamaru walked to his other side with a short huff. "I'll see you around, Uchiha. Tell Naruto I said hi!"

He disappeared into the mass, tugged along by the girl, who could walk surprisingly fast given how tall her heels were. Well, at least she had spared him from more uncomfortable questions.

"You didn't tell Inuzuka that we're renting an apartment?" he questioned, locking the door behind him. He slipped out of shoes and exchanged them for his house slippers, hanging his jacket on the peg next to Naruto's.

Naruto looked up from whatever show he was watching on his laptop and blinked, lowering his headphones. He was sitting cross legged on the couch with an opened package of salty crackers next to his hip. "No, I didn't. Only Gaara knows about it. And well, Kankuro, considering he drove our stuff here," he added, letting the headphones dangle around his neck.

He cocked his head and gazed at the dark haired man curiously. "Why? I didn't think you'd want people to just keep barging in here if they knew we're renting an apartment."

Not to mention keeping quiet about the baby would be difficult if people kept visiting them.

"Ran into that idiot just now."

"Kiba's not an idiot, bastard."

"He said you've been ignoring his messages," Sasuke continued, serenely ignoring the interruption. He walked to the couch, leaning down to kiss Naruto who tilted his head up, before he sat down next to him.

"Ah shit," Naruto sighed and grimaced. "Yeah, I meant to reply to the text he sent me a couple of days ago, but it slipped my mind with all the unpacking we did. Did he say why he texted me?"

"Just that he wants to meet up with the entire group before classes really start," Sasuke replied, plucking a salty cracker from the package.

Naruto cocked his head in thought, worrying his lip between his teeth before shrugging. "Well, I still have a few months before I really start showing, so meeting them won't be a problem."

"You're not going to drink any alcohol," Sasuke said sharply, remembering all too well that the last couple of gatherings had practically been drenched in alcohol.

Cerulean blue eyes rolled exasperatedly and the owner of them huffed. "Of course not. I'm not stupid! Now help me decide which doctor we're going to choose."

"Any luck with finding a job so far?" Naruto murmured, turning the page of his book. He was lying down on the couch with his head in Sasuke's lap.

The laptop was balanced on the arm of the couch and Sasuke's own book was spread out next to him, several parts of the text already highlighted or underlined. It was Friday and classes had started a week ago.

"No, nothing so far," Sasuke said, switching his attention between the page of his book and the webpage on the screen detailing several job advertisements. Finding a decent part-time job near their place which wouldn't conflict with the hours he spent in class was proving to be more difficult than he had expected.

He didn't want to wait too long with finding a job either, because Naruto's check-up was scheduled for next Saturday and the doctor they had decided upon after hours of discussion wasn't a particularly cheap one. She had a stellar reputation, was even hailed as the best of the country with a specialisation in pregnant men and Sasuke only wanted the best care for his lover and their baby, but naturally that excellent care came with a price tag.

Naruto raised his legs, letting the book rest against his thighs. "I've got an interview next Monday for the library a few blocks down," he said, rubbing his thumb along the edge of the book cover.

Sasuke looked up at the ceiling and frowned. "The one with those children's drawings on the windows?"

"Yeah, that one. The owner is an old lady and she seems quite sweet."

"How late does she - " Sasuke was cut off by his phone ringing; the sound unexpectedly loud and sharp.

Naruto sat up and Sasuke raised his hips so that he could wiggle his phone out of his pocket.

"Who is it?" Naruto asked curiously, resting a finger between his closed book.

Dark eyes flicked down to the glowing screen. Abruptly Sasuke's stomach churned and he stared at the name glaring right back at him.


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