You Are Worth Everything

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Author's note: Well, you were all very clear about the fact that you wanted this story to be continued, so instead of going into the trash, I'll be continuing this story :)

Warnings: MPreg; homophobic parents; homophobic slurs; angst; hurt/comfort

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Chapter 2

07.54 p.m. Me

I'm staying the night at Naruto's place.

07.56 p.m. Mother

All right, sweetheart. Text me when you're on your way back.

Finished with alerting his parents to his whereabouts, Sasuke returned his attention back to the laptop where the screen was displaying a page with housing options.

"You let them know where you are?" Naruto inquired absentmindedly, scrolling down the page slowly. He was sitting cross legged on the bed, the laptop balanced on his legs.

Some empty pizza boxes and drained soda cups laid discarded on the floor, waiting to be dumped into the trash. Above them the lightbulb flickered sometimes whenever the upstairs neighbour decided to stomp around his apartment. Evening had settled in, but the neighbourhood was still bustling with activity; some children were still playing outside, their yelling and screaming drifting up.

"Yeah, before she'd get worried," Sasuke sighed, sliding one arm around Naruto's waist and hooking his chin over his left shoulder. "You found anything interesting?"

Naruto snorted. "Depends on what you call interesting, I suppose," he sighed, scrolling up and down. "Are we going to choose a permanent place to live? So not just until our studies are finished?"

Sasuke breathed out slowly, contemplating the question. "I guess that would be better in the long run?" he said thoughtfully. "We'll probably need to find something further removed from university then, not something aimed at students."

Humming, Naruto went back to the search options on top of the website. "Two bedrooms then? One for the nursery?"

"Sounds good," Sasuke agreed, watching how the options got narrowed down; the list of available places becoming abruptly shorter.

They studied the listings in silence for a while, reading the descriptions and looking through the photos. Some they instantly passed over once they noticed the outrageous high rent. Sasuke knew it wouldn't be cheap renting an apartment in that city with a baby on the way and the both of them studying, but some prices just went out of the roof.

"This one looks good," Naruto spoke, tapping on the picture of a living room with a view over the city. "Says it comes furnished for the most part and the price seems … doable." He sounded dubious about the last part, cocking his head to the right.

"Looks better than the previous one," Sasuke muttered, clicking on the listing.

The rooms appeared spacious enough, for an apartment in Tokyo, and as the listing described, most furniture was already present and included in the rent. The apartment was on the third floor with a lift and was located in a relatively quiet neighbourhood – as quiet as it could get in a busy, bustling city like Tokyo.

He pulled up a map of the region, getting a route description between the apartment and his university. With public transport it would take him around fifteen minutes to get to the university, which was not bad. He had a car, yes, and the listing stated there was underground parking available for the occupants, but he doubted he would be able to use his car much in the city. He'd have to rely mostly on public transport if he wanted to get to his classes on time and not be stuck in traffic for ages.

"Add that one to our list," Sasuke instructed, going back to the real estate page. This particular apartment was the closest one to the university that they had found so far – the closest one and the most affordable one to be precise.

Naruto nodded, copying the street and the link into the document he had created for their apartment quest.

"Something wrong?" Sasuke asked sharply when the blond continued to be quiet. It wasn't like him to be this silent and it unnerved the dark haired man.

Worrying his lower lip between his teeth, Naruto looked to be mulling something over before he sighed and twisted around to put the laptop on his nightstand. When he turned back to look at Sasuke, he carried an uncharacteristically solemn look on his face.

"It's just … How are we going to afford everything?" he asked; the corners of his eyes tight with worry. "Sure, you have your scholarship, but it won't cover the apartment. We'll have to pay rent every month; I'll need to visit a doctor for check-ups; we'll need baby supplies, which also don't come cheap. Not to mention my own classes and food and public transport!" His voice had gone slightly shrill at the end and he was clearly trying to keep a lid on his panic.

"I have money saved up," Sasuke said, grabbing Naruto's hands and holding them tightly to stop him from fidgeting. "I'll be taking up less classes this year anyway, so I'm going to find a part time job. Two if I have to."

"I've got some money saved up too, but …" Naruto shook his head. "Do you think anyone will hire me in this state?"

Almost reflexively Sasuke squeezed Naruto's hands tightly as he frowned. "You're not going to get a job, Naruto," he retorted irritated. "You're pregnant!"

"Bastard, just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't still work," Naruto bit out, snatching his hands back. "I'm going to need a part-time job as well if we want to afford everything!"

"I just told you, I can take up two - "

"And when would you study then? I know you're smart, but even you need time to study everything," Naruto snapped and slipped off the bed, standing rigidly next to the nightstand as he crossed his arms. "You're not going to take up two jobs, Sasuke!"

Dark eyes glared at him heatedly. "I know you, okay? For now it's one part-time job, but then you think you can handle two and then three, like you're doing now and I'm not going to let that happen, you idiot! I don't want you to overwork yourself!"

Naruto growled loudly, rubbing his hands briskly over his face as he paced back and forth. For a while nothing but their harsh breathing could be heard; the tension so thick it could be cut with a knife.

Then Naruto dropped back down on the bed, all the fighting in him drained out swiftly. "What are we going to do? We're idiots to think we can handle all this," he muttered bitterly, wrapping his arms around himself.

The dark haired man hesitated, wanting to reach out, but not knowing whether his touch would be welcomed now. Then he decided, fuck it, and swung his legs around until he could sit next to his boyfriend, pressing their legs together. Keeping his eyes averted to the floor, he said softly, "Naruto, if you don't feel ready to do this, …"

Naruto heaved a huge sigh, leaning forwards as he burrowed his head in his hands. "I thought about it," he admitted, voice muffled somewhat. "When I – when I took the tests. I … I panicked and the first thought I had was that I had to get rid of it immediately. That I couldn't fuck up both our lives." His voice was choked, wetly as if he was on the verge of tears.

Sasuke stayed quiet, knowing that he needed to give the blond the time to let it all out. Saying something now would only lead to Naruto bottling it up until he exploded at a later date.

"I, I actually visited a doctor the first week I knew," Naruto continued thickly. His eyes were trained on his hands, which were twisting around each other; his foot tapping nervously against the floor. The wooden plank groaned underneath the persistent assault. "Someone specialised in pregnant men, you know?"

Sasuke nodded slowly, still keeping silent.

"He explained me my options, told me what would happen – said I had to wait a week at least to make my final decision." Naruto sniffled loudly, rubbing his forehead roughly. "I thought – I thought I could deal with aborting it. I mean, it would be for the best, right?" He laughed sharply, bitterly.

Downstairs a couple started arguing loudly; the woman screaming unintelligibly at her partner.

"I just … started listing all the reasons why it would be better if I got rid of it and then …" He sighed gustily, like all the air in his body needed a way out. "I went back a week later, but … I couldn't do it." He shook his head, biting down on his lower lip. "Everything was set up, I laid there on the table and … I just couldn't do it suddenly. I looked at those posters and I … I couldn't go through with it." He shuddered as if he was cold.

"I should have been there from the start," Sasuke murmured; his heart constricting with pain at the thought of how terrified Naruto must have been, how worried and nervous.

Naruto smiled weakly, tugging at some strands of hair covering his forehead. "It was my decision not to tell you," he mumbled. "I – it didn't feel right to bother you with it."

"You didn't become pregnant on your own, Naruto," Sasuke remarked sharply and turned his head to glare at him. "This baby is my responsibility too."

"I know, but - "

"I knew from the start that there was a possibility we could have an accident," Sasuke cut him off, harsher than he intended, but it fucking hurt. It fucking hurt him to hear that he might never have heard about his baby if he hadn't cornered Naruto.

It hurt that Naruto hadn't trusted him enough to tell him he had been considering an abortion.

"Knowing it and actually wanting it are two different things, Sasuke," Naruto bit out, tensing up. "You have your whole life ahead of you and you shouldn't have to - "

"We have our whole lives ahead of us," Sasuke emphasised and grabbed Naruto's hand before the man could get up and walk away. "Ultimately you're still the one who has to decide whether you want to keep the baby or not, but I don't want you to make any decision because you have the stupid thought that it would fuck up my life."

Cerulean blue eyes glowered at him heatedly. "It's not stupid, you bastard!"

"But whatever you decide, I'm on your side," Sasuke went on, ignoring the younger man's outburst.

Naruto stilled and stared at him speechlessly.

Sasuke swallowed, not comfortable with baring himself like that, but knowing it was needed, and said, "All I care about is you. You being happy. If you want to keep the baby, we're keeping it. If not, that's – that's okay too. I'm going to support you either way."

Naruto swallowed audibly and glanced away, staring at the wall like he was thinking about something.

"So what do you want to do, Naruto?"

This would be the turning point in their lives. Perhaps one of the most, if not the most, important ones they would ever face. Whatever they would decide to do next would shape them for the rest of their lives. Keeping the child, giving it away, aborting it … Whichever decision was taken, it would leave a mark behind, Sasuke realised that.

He was okay with that. With whatever would happen next. As long as Naruto was happy, then it didn't matter. He'd try to move the fucking moon if Naruto asked that of him.

A baby wasn't something to be taken lightly, of course. They were both just eighteen, on the cusp of adulthood. Three months ago they had been bickering about their courses, about the places they would visit together. Stuff that other students their age were occupied with as well.

In around seven months, they might be taking care of a baby, their child. A bigger contrast with how their lives had been up until recently couldn't possibly exist. Their studies might take longer; money would perhaps turn out to be an issue at times; his parents might, would perhaps, kick him out as soon as they heard he was gay …

No, it wouldn't be rosy at all; they would come across some difficult challenges, no doubt about that.

Sasuke didn't care. Not as long as he had Naruto with him. He thought he could handle everything, weather any storm coming his way, as long as the blond was at his side.

Once Naruto had confessed being in possession of the gene, a part of Sasuke had already prepared himself for a possible pregnancy. Condoms weren't completely fail proof after all, no matter how careful one was with them. He had known that from the start and had accepted the fact that there was a chance he might become a father sooner than expected.

That didn't matter. It would be his child, a little being who was created out of their love, and Sasuke – Sasuke found he didn't mind that idea.

However, in the end it was still up to Naruto to decide what would happen next. It was his body, so only he had the right to say what he wanted to do.

A hand landed on top of his own, trapping his between two warm ones and he looked up, straight into shimmery blue eyes and a wobbly smile.

"I – I want to keep the baby." His tone wavered, but was resolute. Naruto had taken his final decision.

Sasuke smiled and kissed him gently. "Then we'll keep the baby."

Now they just had to start preparing themselves. A lot was going to change in the upcoming months after all.

He didn't inform his parents that weekend yet. He wasn't about to delude himself; there was a high probability that father would kick him out as soon as the words "I'm gay" left his mouth. Father probably wouldn't give him much time to pack either, so everything had to be ready by the time he made his confession.

Which meant apartment hunting first.

With each day that passed, they were getting closer to the new start of the academic year. Neither one of them would be living in a dorm now, but regular apartments didn't stay empty for long, not if they were anywhere near half decent. If they wanted to have their first choice, they would have to be quick about it.

On Monday they took Sasuke's car to get to Tokyo, to check out the apartments they had added to their list. They would have taken public transport, but Naruto was feeling queasy, having been forced to get up early because of morning sickness, and a car could be stopped at the side of a road, but a train couldn't.

"You feeling okay?" Sasuke threw his companion a quick, worried glance as they entered the city. Instantly traffic became slower, almost jammed up and there was already somebody honking impatiently behind them.

They had lowered the passenger's seat somewhat, so that Naruto could recline a bit. His face was turned towards the window and while he definitely had more colour in his cheeks than when they left two hours ago, he was still looking quite pale.

"Not yet feeling like I'll throw up all my intestines, so I guess I'm okay," he muttered tiredly.

Dark eyebrows furrowed in consternation. "We can come back later this week when you're feeling better," Sasuke offered, inching the car slowly forwards. Despite the light being green, the cars in front of him didn't seem to move at all.

"Nah." Naruto shook his head, crossing his arms. "I might feel worse then. We're already here anyway; we might as well do the whole tour."

Sasuke nodded and they continued driving slowly in silence; the music on the radio barely audible above the traffic noises.

Half an hour later, he parked the car behind a dark blue Honda and silenced the motor. Naruto had already removed his seatbelt and was out of the car before Sasuke pocketed the keys and stepped out as well.

Naruto lingered on the footway, inhaling deeply and grimacing in disgust. "Ah, the fresh cent of the city," he muttered sarcastically, swinging his arms around a bit and stretching them.

Smirking, Sasuke took him by the arm and they started making their way to the real estate agent's office. "You won't find fresher anywhere else."

The blond man wrinkled his nose and huffed, looking slightly put out.

Well, the big city came with its up and downsides; not much they could do about it bar getting used to it.

"What do you think?" Sasuke murmured, slipping his arms around Naruto's waist.

Miss Okawa, the real estate agent appointed to them, had slipped outside for a bit, giving them privacy to discuss the apartment.

It was already inching into late afternoon and this was the last apartment on their list. It was also the apartment they had preferred the most when looking at the listing and the reality wasn't that bad at all. There was no couch or any seating furniture available in the small room doubling as the living room. In fact save for a small, wooden table and a dark red carpet, it was completely empty. The kitchen came with the basic essentials, though they would have to acquire a kettle amongst other things like plates and cooking pots. It did come with a table and two chairs already provided, though, so at least they wouldn't have to bother with that.

The bedroom was stripped off any furniture bar a large wardrobe which took up the entire right wall. There was another door in the kitchen leading to a very small patio, so if Naruto wanted to, he could create his own mini garden there. It did look out on the street, but the neighbourhood was relatively peaceful, Okawa had assured them enthusiastically, and they wouldn't be bothered too much by traffic.

Naruto stood in front of the window in the living room, looking outside with a pensive look on his face. At hearing Sasuke's question, he twisted his head around slightly and smiled faintly. "Don't have any complaints about it. You?"

Sasuke shook his head, hooking his chin over Naruto's shoulder, brushing their cheeks together. "No, I think we won't find anything better." He paused, hesitated, but continued begrudgingly, "Or anything cheaper for that matter."

The blond man winced, pursing his lips. "It's going to be hell figuring out the expenses," he muttered, turning back to look out of the window.

"Perhaps, but it's doable," Sasuke murmured, rubbing soothing circles over Naruto's hips through his jeans.

It had to be doable. This was the cheapest apartment they had been able to find, which was still at least half way decent and not located in a bad neighbourhood. Their choices were quite limited unfortunately.

"What do you think? We're signing the contract?" Sasuke inquired after a moment of silence had passed between them.

Naruto twisted around in his arms with a smile, pecking his lips. "Yeah, let's do this." His stomach chose that moment to grumble its protest and he flushed, clearing his throat. "And then find something to eat, because I'm starving."

An amused chuckle left the older man and together they walked outside, where Okawa was waiting for them expectantly. Her answering grin told them she knew what kind of decision they had made.

The contract was signed and the deposit fee handed over before the clock rang four o'clock.

Over the course of the week Sasuke set about packing everything he owned in boxes. If he had still been planning on living in a dorm, he would only have packed up enough clothes to get through the semester. However he and Naruto had their own apartment now, so there was no reason to leave behind any stuff – especially not when he considered the possibility that he might not be allowed to come back.

It was a thought that lingered in the back of his mind every day: the fact that as soon as he came out to his parents, they would kick him out. He dearly hoped not, but … Father's reaction to anything even hinting at not straight was not very encouraging. If the worst case scenario happened, he at least would be out of the house quickly.

Father spent most of his hours at work and mother had meetings with several people, so neither one of them noticed that Sasuke was packing significantly more stuff than planned. He brought the boxes over to Naruto's, who knew someone with a van who could transport their belongings to the apartment.

On Thursday afternoon he dropped the last box in Naruto's kitchen with a sigh; the soft 'thump' echoing through the emptied out room.

"That everything?" the brown haired man leaning against the counter asked gruffly.

Sasuke eyed him warily; his upper lip curling up at the smell wafting off the man. "Yeah, that's everything," he replied.

Kankuro nodded, heaving the box in his arms before ambling out of the apartment. Downstairs his van was waiting, already filled to the brim with both Naruto's and Sasuke's belongings.

Sasuke frowned, listening to the footsteps dying out. "Please tell me he isn't under the influence of anything now," he demanded.

"He isn't stoned now," Gaara piped up bored from his spot next to the window. "He'll get your stuff at your apartment."

Gaara was Naruto's other best friend; someone he had met when he was still living at the orphanage. For some reason, despite having completely opposite personalities, they had latched on to each other and had become best friends.

There was just something about Gaara that rubbed Sasuke the wrong way, however, and despite multiple attempts made by Naruto, the two of them were civil towards each other at best. Naruto liked Gaara, though, so Sasuke was willing to put in the effort to be polite towards the other man.

Although did he really have to let his older brother, a stoner with purple face tattoos and a weird obsession for puppetry, drive their belongings to the apartment?

"Couldn't your sister drive our stuff?" Sasuke asked irritated.

The blonde woman, Temari, was a certifiable bitch, but at least he could trust her not to smoke weed while driving.

"Temari-neechan is away for a business trip," Naruto piped up, wandering into the kitchen after a brief bathroom break. "She won't be back until next week."

"Either Kankuro drives or you're stuck here for another week, Uchiha," Gaara stated blankly, crossing his arms. "Your call."

Sasuke clenched his teeth together and looked away, knowing he couldn't argue.

"It'll be okay," Naruto reassured him, looping his arms around Sasuke's waist. "I told Kankuro that if anything happened to our apartment or our stuff I would tattle on him to Temari-neechan." The scars on his cheeks crinkled together as he grinned; the smile positively evil.

Gaara snorted; a glint of amusement flashing in his green eyes. "He nearly pissed himself. Relax, Uchiha, Naruto's threat was clear enough."

"That remains to be seen," Sasuke muttered darkly underneath his breath. He would only be at ease once they were at the apartment and he could witness with his own eyes that Kankuro hadn't fucked up anything.

"Well, I'm out," Gaara announced, straightening up from his slouched pose against the wall. "Ibiki's going to throw a fit if I'm late for work."

Naruto nodded, loosening his hold around Sasuke to give the red haired man a one armed hug. "I'll talk to you soon, okay?"

Gaara nodded; his eyebrow piercing flashing gold in the low setting sun. He left, closing the door behind him.

"You're going to tell them tonight?" Naruto asked; his voice hushed despite the two of them being the only ones present in the empty apartment.

"Yeah, no point in procrastinating any longer," Sasuke murmured. In spite of being prepared for all possible outcomes, his stomach clenched together at the thought of finally informing his parents that he was in love with Naruto – and that the man was carrying his baby.

Arms slipped back around his waist and Naruto laid his head against his shoulder; blond strands tickling Sasuke's cheek. He didn't say "It will be all right," or "It'll be fine, you'll see,", knowing better than to offer those empty reassurances. Instead lips pressed a soft kiss in Sasuke's neck and hands rubbed soothingly up and down over his back.

"I put together a list of hospitals and private practices near our apartment," Naruto mumbled. His voice low, his lips vibrating against a tendon in Sasuke's neck. "You want to look at them with me and decide which one we're going to pick? I need a new check-up in the third month, so."

His breath left him in a slow exhale and for a moment he closed his eyes, bringing his own arms around Naruto. He listened to the children screaming and laughing outside; mothers yelling at them; people in the apartments above and under and next to them going about their day. This place had become as familiar to him as his own house. This day could be like any others that he had spent here in the past couple of years. It wasn't, though. Everything would change after tonight. Whether that would be in a good way or a bad one remained to be seen.

He nodded, slipping his hand underneath Naruto's sweater, feeling warm, smooth skin underneath his palm.

"Yeah, let's."

A couple of hours later he drove back home, his stomach cramping with nerves the whole way. Naruto had reassured him he would remain awake until he heard something from him – whether good or bad news. Either way tonight everything would change and that thought made him sick.

His fingers were completely cramped up by the time he parked the car on the driveway and he slowly released the death grip he had on the steering wheel, wincing when the bones in his fingers cracked. He cut off the motor and silence abruptly surrounded him, pressing against his ears.

Staring up at the house in front of him, he wondered despondently whether he would still see it again after tonight. Well, he would find out soon, he supposed. No reason to keep putting it off.

He stepped out, the fine grind crunching underneath his shoes. The car was locked with a soft 'beep' and he stood there for a moment, taking deep breaths to calm down. Naruto had offered to come with him, but Sasuke had refused. If the conversation went south, at least Naruto wouldn't have to suffer the brunt of it – something which would have been likely to happen, considering father had never really liked Naruto to start with.

Still feeling like he could throw up any moment now, he made his way to the front door, casting a glance at the window next to it. A gap between the curtains allowed him a glimpse of the television; its screen flickering brightly with some kind of nature documentary. It was already past dinner time and his parents usually spent a couple of hours watching television before going to bed.

Mother appeared in the door opening of the living room as soon as he shut the front door behind him. She smiled at him; her dark hair still done up in an intricate bun, but her face was clear from any make-up. "Did you have a fun time with Naruto-kun, honey?" she asked.

"Yeah," he muttered, bending down to remove his shoes and put on his house slippers. He wasn't so certain whether it was a smart idea to remove his shoes, but habit had taken over. His jacket was hung on the peg and now there was really no excuse for him anymore to put it off.

His heartbeat quickening, he turned around to face mother and said, "I have to tell you and father something."

She blinked surprised, her smile turning bemused. "All right. In the living room?"

He nodded and followed her inside where father was still watching the documentary. He turned his head when he became aware of their presence. "Sasuke, how's the packing going?"

"Good," was all Sasuke could reply to that as he halted next to the armchair.

Mother sank down next to father, regarding him curiously. "You said you needed to tell us something?" she prodded him gently. There was still a faint smile lingering around her mouth, but concern lurked in the depths of her eyes.

"I do." He took a deep breath, but that did nothing to stop the jittery nerves racing through his body. Even so, he raised his head and looked at them directly, not allowing himself to come across as cowering or insecure. He knew what he was, who he loved and he wasn't ashamed of himself. There was nothing to be ashamed of. "I haven't been entirely truthful about my relationship with Naruto."

"Not entirely truthful?" Father echoed, narrowing his eyes slightly. He paused the documentary, offering his youngest son his undivided attention.

"What do you mean, Sasuke?" Mother inquired confused.

"We're more than best friends. Have been more than that for four years now." His heartbeat was obnoxiously loud in his ears and he felt uncomfortably hot all of a sudden as if he was standing too close to the fire.

"I'm – not sure whether I understand," Mother smiled weakly, entwining her hands on her lap.

No going back now. "I mean that I'm in love with him, have been for the past four years. I'm gay, mother."

His words echoed through the room, rolling over them as loud as thunder and for one long moment nothing was said. Sasuke stared at his parents, his gaze flitting back and forth, cataloguing the miniscule changes their faces were going through as realisation slowly sank in.

"No, you can't be," Father practically snapped, shaking his head roughly. His fingers dug into the arm of the couch; the leather material protesting quietly. "No son of mine can be like that!" He spat out the last word as if it was something disgusting; his face contorted in fury and revulsion.

And though Sasuke had prepared himself for this outcome, had acknowledged it was a real possibility, hearing his father react like that, being subjected to the pure loathing shining through those dark eyes … It hurt. It hurt far more than he had thought it would.

Because a part of him had still hoped against reason that father would accept him.

He swallowed; the motion harder with the sudden lump stuck in his throat and brought out, "Nothing changed. I'm still me. I'm still your son, father! It's just that I lo-…"

Father rose up abruptly; the move so quick and aggressive that Sasuke stumbled back reflexively. "Do not call me that ever again," he said lowly; his voice colder than Sasuke had ever heard it be before. "I did not raise you to be a faggot! I should have realised that boy was nothing but trouble! He got you all confused, messing up your - "

"I'm not confused!" Sasuke snapped, balling his hands into fists. "He didn't mess up my head; this is how I was born! It's not like I turned gay on a whim!"

Father's face was slowly becoming redder, his eyes sparking with rage; he had never looked so out of control before. "You are not gay!" he practically bellowed, slashing his hand through the air. "That disgusting boy got you all confused and once he's had his fun with you, he'll - "

"Don't talk about him like that! You don't have any right! He's always been there for me, which is more than I can say about you!" Sasuke snarled, taking a step forwards despite the way father loomed over him.

Abruptly the older man shut down; his face slipping into the blank mask Sasuke had always hated. "Fine. You want him? Go to him then – but don't ever come back here," Father said icily. "It's either him or us. If you choose him, you're no longer my son. As far as I'm concerned, you'll be dead to me."

"Fugaku!" Mother shot up, shaking her head at her husband – but she didn't try to argue with him.

All sound abruptly died down, becoming so muted it was as if he was swimming underwater. Sasuke could only stand there in shock, staring at the man he had called his father for eighteen years – the man he had foolishly thought would have accepted him after all. Sure, he had expected a row, had expected the older man to be nasty about Naruto, but …

A part of him had still believed his father would change his mind in the end. That his son was more important to him than old traditions and his belief that gay people were nothing but unnatural freaks.

The man whose approval he had sought for years, who he had looked up to when he was younger, who mother had assured him would love him no matter what when a younger him had tearfully confided in her that he feared he would never be good enough …

It seemed like his love came with certain conditions after all. If meeting those conditions meant leaving behind Naruto and their unborn child …

So be it then. He'd rather be dead to his father than be without Naruto.

"Fine," Sasuke said tersely, glaring at fa – Fugaku. "I'm leaving then."

He left the living room without looking back, not wanting to see what kind of expression was on Fugaku's face. All he wanted now, was to be gone from here, away from them and go to the one person he could trust to be there for him always.

He had just stuffed his feet into his shoes and was hastily pulling on his jacket when mother entered the hallway, her eyes glistening with tears.

"Sasuke, dear, he doesn't mean it," she said, wringing her hands together. "He's just – you know how he is."

"Yes and I can't change what I am," Sasuke retorted heatedly. "Are you going to try to change his mind?"

She bit down on her lower lip, casting her eyes to the ground. "You know I can't - "

He snorted harshly, the derisive sound causing her to flinch and stare at him with open mouth. "That's what I thought," he said bitterly, opening the front door. He paused with his hand on the doorknob, looking at her for what would most likely be the last time. "I don't know why I'm telling you this when it doesn't matter anymore, but … Naruto's pregnant. We're having a baby."

He slipped outside into the rain, leaving her in shock behind. He was already putting the car in reverse and driving away from the house when mother opened the door, taking several steps forwards before she halted and just stood there.

He met her eyes one last time, her trembling form illuminated by the car's headlights, before he drove off.

Away from the place he had called his home for so many years.

Now it was no longer that.

The door opened before he could knock a second time and Naruto looked at him silently, his blue eyes roving across his body, before he ushered him inside, locking the door behind him.

Sasuke stood there, shivering despite the warmth lingering in the apartment, feeling as if he had been dunked into ice water. He couldn't even remember how he had got here; just that he had to see Naruto, had to be with him.

He startled when hands gently tugged his jacket down, over his arms and away from him. "I – I told them," he said numbly as Naruto hung the jacket on the lone peg next to the door.

The blond man didn't say anything as he knelt down and helped Sasuke remove his shoes.

"Told them and now I'm no longer welcome. I'm nothing but a faggot in his eyes now," Sasuke laughed bitterly, shaking his head, wondering again why he had expected anything else.

"Ssssh, I'm here," Naruto whispered and drew him to his bedroom where only a futon laid on the floor; the bed already having been transported to their new apartment.

Gentle hands helped him remove his clothes, exchanging them for a loose pair of sweats and a shirt. That done, Naruto padded around him to turn off the light, dipping the room into darkness. Then those same warm hands grabbed his and softly tugged him towards the futon, pushing him down. He went with the motion, lying down on the lumpy futon as Naruto crawled next to him, covering them with the one blanket he hadn't boxed up.

Strong arms surrounded him, cradled him against a warm chest. "I'm here," Naruto whispered again, pressing a soft kiss on Sasuke's forehead.

"I – I can't go back," Sasuke brought out and only now did reality fully sink in. He didn't have a family anymore; his parents no longer acknowledged his existence. All because he had been finally honest about who he was. He started shivering more violently, clutching the back of Naruto's shirt.

"I'm so sorry, Sasuke," Naruto said; his words as raw as Sasuke felt. He curled tighter around Sasuke, enveloping him in his warmth – like he had always done.

Sasuke shattered, weeping silent tears, wrapped up in the arms of the man he loved.

Outside the rain seemed like a reflection of him.

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