You Are Worth Everything

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Warnings: smidgen of angst; blow job; deep throating; fluff

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Chapter 4

It was as if he was doused in ice; all he could do was stare frozen at the screen, feeling the phone vibrate again and again in his hand as the ringtone blared on. His brother was not going to hang up anytime soon, huh?

"Sasuke?" Naruto's worried voice pricked through his thoughts and he whipped his head around, staring at the blond. "Everything okay?"

"It's – my brother's calling me," he mumbled through numb lips; his eyes shifting back towards the brightly lit screen.

"Oh." Naruto looked taken aback before he bit down on his lip and rose up from the couch. "Eh, I'll give you some privacy, okay? I'll be in our bedroom." He hurried towards the bedroom before Sasuke could even say something.

Well, it wasn't like he had much choice, was it? If he didn't accept the call now, Itachi would just keep calling back, again and again. Had he talked to their parents? Did he know Sasuke was no longer part of the family? If so … What would Itachi think of that?

His big brother had always been there, right in front of him. Someone he had idolised for years, whom he had strived to be like. Whose attention he had desperately craved, sometimes even worse than his longing for Fugaku to acknowledge him. Itachi had always been the golden boy, the perfect son and heir. The one who could do no wrong, the one destined for great things.

Compared to him Sasuke had been a spare, good, but not good enough, forever doomed to linger in the shadows of his older brother.

In spite of being favoured, though, Itachi had never made Sasuke feel like he was lesser than him, had never made him feel like he was less worth than the older boy. In fact, Itachi had always tried to spend as much time with him as he could. He had been constantly swamped with work and yet he had always found the time to play with his brother, to give him his attention. There was no reason to think he would suddenly behave otherwise, but …

He also didn't know what Itachi thought about queer people. That was one subject he had never breached with his brother and the thought that Itachi had heard it from their parents, that he might even feel disgusted by him now …

It terrified him.

His stomach in knots, he accepted the call and lifted the phone to his ear with trembling fingers. "Yeah?"

"So you are still alive," Itachi said dryly. "I was already starting to think something had happened. You usually never take this long to pick up the phone."

He sounded normal, not disgusted, but Sasuke reminded himself that Itachi had always been a master at cloaking his real feelings. Fugaku had always resorted to a blank mask to hide his emotions, but Itachi had become quite adept at using whatever tone he thought would suit the situation. He was like an actor in that aspect, able to fool everyone with the right tone and look on his face. That also made him more of a threat than Fugaku had been, because it left Sasuke floundering, wondering whether his brother knew about him or not.

"Ever considered I was busy studying?" he retorted snidely; his brother's light taunt evoking that kind of reaction as it always did.

Itachi hummed. "How are your classes so far? University started around a week ago, right?"

"They're not fucking around," Sasuke said bluntly; his gaze straying towards the open book next to him. "But that's to be expected, of course. The workload is doable for now, though."

"Made new friends yet?" Itachi asked teasingly and there was the sound of him tapping on his keyboard in the background; a steady rhythm despite the fact that he was calling his brother.

"Fuck off," Sasuke huffed, used to that by now.

Itachi had always been rather amused with how standoffish his younger brother was, teasing him whenever he could about his apparent lack of social skills. Underneath that amusement, though, had also been the worry about his younger brother preferring to be alone all the time. It wasn't healthy, he had admonished him, urging him to at least seek out one person in his class to hang out with.

Sasuke was pretty sure that Itachi had been on the verge of throwing an actual party the day he had brought Naruto home with him and had introduced him as his best friend.

"How's Naruto-kun doing?" Itachi inquired suddenly.

The younger man stiffened, his heartbeat loud in his ears, as he wondered whether that question was really as loaded as it sounded like.

"Is he handling the workload better now?"

A huff of laughter, underlined with relief, escaped him and he ran a hand through his hair. "Depends on how you look at it, I suppose," he said. "Pretty sure he's thinking about procrastinating again."

"Well, he wouldn't be him if he didn't at least think about doing that," Itachi murmured amused.

Despite the general light-hearted tone of their conversation, there was dread building up in his stomach, anticipating the moment Itachi would lash out at him. He didn't want all this nice talk, the questions about his classes, if it meant that at the end Itachi would tell him to no longer contact him.

"Is there a particular reason you're calling me?" The question escaped his lips before he could think twice about it and he thumped his head back in frustration as the knots in his stomach grew worse. Yeah, why not give him an opening?

"I wanted to know how you're doing," Itachi answered calmly. "Our parents apparently haven't heard from you since you moved into the dorms, so I took it upon me to find out whether you're still alive or not."

Haven't heard of me? They actually had said that? No, he realised with a wan smile. It must have been Mikoto who had fabricated that lie. There was no way Fugaku would forego the opportunity to inform his oldest son that he was an only child from now on as far as he was concerned.

Itachi also knew that if he wanted any information about his younger brother, he'd have to go to Mikoto because Fugaku had made it clear long ago that he wasn't too interested in Sasuke's life.

That might be Sasuke's only saving grace right now. As long as Itachi hadn't talked to Fugaku directly, there was a chance he didn't know yet Sasuke had been kicked out for being gay.

"Well, clearly I'm still alive," he said, tapping his pencil against his book. "No need to create a search party for me, really."

Itachi huffed out a laugh. "Well, that's good to hear. Don't overwork yourself too much, all right?"

"Don't worry, Naruto makes sure I get enough distraction," Sasuke replied dryly and grimaced then, hoping it didn't sound that much like an innuendo.

"Good to know I can count on him to make sure you don't go overboard," Itachi chuckled. There was a brief pause as he talked with someone in the background. When he came back, he sounded apologetic when he said, "I have to go now, my meeting will start in five minutes. I'll talk to you soon again, though. And otouto: you can call me too, you know."

"Yeah, I know," Sasuke said softly, but couldn't help but wonder whether Itachi would still say that if he knew everything.

"Tell Naruto-kun I said hello, okay? Talk to you soon."

"I will. Bye nii-san." He breathed out slowly as the beeping sound on the other end of the line announced that Itachi had ended the phone call.

So far it seemed that Itachi had no idea Sasuke had been kicked out of the family. A master at disguising his true feelings he might be, he wouldn't have just left the conversation at that if he knew what had happened. He had no idea how long that reprieve would last, but for now he would take it.

The bedroom door creaked slightly when it was opened and Naruto appeared in the doorway, looking a bit apprehensive. "How did it go?" he asked cautiously.

"I don't think he knows what happened," Sasuke answered contemplatively. "They apparently told him they hadn't heard of me in a while so he called to check up on me."

"Mikoto told him that?" Naruto furrowed his eyebrows, sitting down on the couch again, pulling his legs up.

Sasuke smiled wryly, finding some dark amusement in the fact that Naruto as well immediately assumed that Mikoto had told Itachi that lie. No doubt Fugaku would have relished in informing his oldest son that he was the only legitimate heir left.

"I assume so, yes. I doubt Fugaku would have lied about that."

"You're going to tell him soon?" There was no judgement or frustration in Naruto's voice, only honest curiosity and it had Sasuke gripping his hand.

"Not sure yet, but yeah. Not like I can keep this hidden from him forever," Sasuke muttered, staring down at his laptop. Either he told his brother or Fugaku would inform him eventually.

He didn't know which prospect scared him the most.

"It'll be fine," Naruto said, squeezing his hand and smiling reassuringly at him. "Fugaku is an arsehole, but I really believe Itachi will react differently."

"Maybe," Sasuke mumbled and shook his head then. "Anyway, you said you have an interview next Monday?"

The look Naruto gave him was a knowing one, but nevertheless he complied with the unspoken request and started telling him about the request for help he'd seen plastered onto one of the windows of the library when he had walked past it on his way to the store.

As Sasuke listened to him, a part of him wondered how much longer Itachi would remain in the dark.

On Monday evening after his last class finished, Sasuke forwent the bus and instead made his way to the library on foot. Naruto should be finished with his interview by the time he arrived and he figured it would be nice to return home together.

A paper stuck to the window of a local coffee shop attracted his attention and he furrowed his eyebrows, stopping to read it.


Student job: looking for extra help during the evenings. Four to five hours every day. Morning shifts can be discussed. No previous experience required.

For more information, ask for Kakashi inside.

Eyes narrowing slightly, Sasuke took in the outside of the shop. It was called the Silver Hawk for some reason, which he personally thought was a strange name for a coffee shop. The blackboard next to the door advertised a triple hot chocolate and a bergamot orange flavoured tea. A hawk mid-flight was drawn right underneath it.

The outside of the shop was quite minimalistic; the name of it in regular capital black letters, but when he peeked inside, he spotted cosy looking couches in the corners and round tables scattered throughout. There appeared to even be a small bookcase next to one of the couches. Some girls had taken over some of the couches, laughing and scrolling down on their phone as they sipped from their orders.

Sasuke took one more look at the flyer and sighed, wondering whether he was really going to do this. He had no idea how to prepare anything more than some hot chocolate – courtesy of Naruto – a simple coffee and some tea. He was definitely not a people person, preferred for everyone to leave him alone as a matter of fact.

But they needed the money and if this coffee shop was looking for a student to fill in, they at least wouldn't act difficult about his class hours. No experience required meant he didn't have to worry about that either. Honestly, this was the best option he had so far, so he might as well try it.

Gripping the strap of his backpack, he pushed open the door; a bell somewhere announcing his arrival. A red haired girl with one side shaved off stood behind the register; the rest of her hair falling loose across her shoulder. The eyeliner she wore was rather thick and she had a stud in her nostril and a small golden ring looped in her lower lip.

Her black tank top was covered by a dark green short and the silver pendant of her necklace dangled in the air when she leant forwards to hand a steaming mug to a young guy, laughing as she did so.

There was a display case filled with several types of cakes, pastries and even some pre-prepared bento; each price tag was decorated by silver leaves.

She turned towards him the second he approached the register; her crimson eyes lightening up with interest the second her gaze landed on him. "Why hello there, what can I get for you?" she asked, almost purring the words, as she leant towards him, showing off her cleavage.

He jerked his thumb at the flyer. "I'm here for the ad. It said I needed to talk to someone called Kakashi?"

"Oh, you want to work here?" She looked absolutely gleeful at that. "Wait here a moment, I'll get him for you."

She went through a white painted door which was right behind the register. He remained standing there, acutely aware of the gazes of some of the girls behind him, who were whispering and giggling to themselves. He resolutely ignored them like he did every time someone showed interest in him. Even if he hadn't been together with Naruto, he never had had any interest in girls, so they wouldn't have made a chance anyway.

The red haired girl appeared again, opening the little door which closed off the register part from the rest of the shop. "Just go through that white door, Kakashi's waiting for you," she grinned, waving him through. "Good luck with your interview!"

"Thanks," he muttered, figuring it would be in his best interest to remain polite, even if she still looked a bit too interested. Whatever, if this worked out, he would just have to make it clear to her that he wasn't single.

When he walked into the backroom, he was brought up short by the man who greeted him with a lazy wave of his hand. His hair was a shocking white grey and the lower half of his face was covered by a dark blue mask. Allergies perhaps? He wore black jeans and a sleeveless grey cardigan over an olive green shirt.

"Yo, Karin told me you're here for the ad we posted?" the man – Kakashi – said, sitting up in his chair. A notebook was open on the desk behind him, together with a laptop displaying Excel sheets.

"Yes, I saw you were looking for a student, so this job would work well with my class hours," Sasuke replied, a bit bemused at the nonchalant manner of the man. "I'm Uchiha Sasuke."

Kakashi nodded thoughtfully and scratched the back of his head. "Name's Kakashi Hatake. You got any experience?"

"Not much, but the ad mentioned it wasn't necessary."

"It's not," Kakashi confirmed. "But you'd have to come in for at least one weekend so we can show you the ropes so to speak, teach you how to prepare the drinks and how to work the register. You got any work experience in general?"

"I did some filing work at a company during the last two summers," Sasuke replied.

It had actually been at Fugaku's company; he had probably attempted to make Sasuke interested in working at the company just like his older brother was doing. It had been rather boring work, but it had paid quite well, so in the end he hadn't complained about it much.

"Filing is definitely different from pouring hot drinks," Kakashi remarked, leaning back in his chair. "So why apply for this job?"

"You want an honest answer?"

Kakashi huffed amused. "I would appreciate honesty, yes."

"Because I need the money," Sasuke answered bluntly. He could try to come up with some bullshit reason, but really, why would anyone need a job? Because they needed money, plain and simple.

"Already in debt at your young age?" Kakashi raised an eyebrow.

"No, I need to support my boyfriend and myself. We're on our own," Sasuke admitted honestly. "Seeing as we're both still studying, though, finding a job hasn't been easy."

"No, I guess it wouldn't be," Kakashi murmured thoughtfully.

It was quiet for a moment, in which Sasuke wondered whether he should hand over his resume. He had a copy of it in his backpack actually.

"You know what? I appreciate your honesty, so I'm hiring you," Kakashi decided out of the blue. "You look like someone who won't mess around, so come back this Saturday in the afternoon and we'll show you how it's done here. Consider next week as your trial week. If that goes well, you'll be fully hired in two weeks. How about that? That good with you?"

"Fine with me," Sasuke replied, secretly relieved that this interview hadn't turned out to be a complete disaster.

Filling coffee orders wasn't exactly his dream job, but it would ensure they wouldn't be thrown out of the apartment after just a couple of months, so he was more than willing to do this. Hell, he would fucking smile the entire shift as long as he and Naruto wouldn't have to worry about money again.

"Then I'm looking forward to seeing you this Saturday. Good luck with your studies," Kakashi said and the corners of his eyes wrinkled when he smiled.

"Thank you, you have a great evening still," Sasuke said politely and opened the door again, nearly bumping into the red haired girl – Karin, Kakashi had said.

She grinned at him, hooking her thumbs around the loops of her jeans. "So? Did the interview go well?" she asked curiously.

"I'll be here on Saturday to learn how to do everything," he confirmed.

"Well, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you again," she said, her grin widening, before her attention was drawn to a new customer showing up.

Sasuke took advantage of that to leave the shop, still a bit in disbelief that he had somehow managed to land a job this easily after days of searching fruitlessly on the internet. Sure, it was still only a trial week next week, but it was a lot more than he expected to have when he woke up this morning.

"I got the job!" was the first thing that left Naruto's mouth when Sasuke arrived at the library. His cheeks were flushed as he hurried down the steps and he rubbed them when he stopped in front of the dark haired man. "Shit, but that was so stressful! She might be old, but she's definitely not a pushover! I've got the Wednesday afternoon shift, Friday evening and a full shift on Sunday. I had to be honest about the baby, because it's not like I'll be able to hide it for long anymore, but she was completely fine with it! How was your day?"

Sasuke had to smile at the waterfall of words leaving the blond's lips, a clear sign that in spite of his nerves, he was excited about this job. "Fine, I actually just got hired at the coffee shop, the one closest to my university. It's called the Silver Hawk."

"You're going to work at a coffee shop?" Naruto was clearly trying to bite down on a grin, but his eyes started to sparkle with mirth and Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, make fun of me, I know you want to."

"Well, be honest, it's not like you're really the type to work in customer service," Naruto teased, linking their hands together.

"I can be friendly if I need to be," Sasuke argued and they started walking home.

"Of course you can be," Naruto said placatingly and quickly pecked his cheek. "And you're going to be amazing at this, I just know it."

"You're having way too much fun with this," Sasuke sighed.

"Well, you have to admit it's kind of funny: me working at the library and you in a coffee shop. Most people who knows us would assume it'd be the opposite," Naruto pointed out.

"You're already active enough as it is, best to keep you away from any caffeinated drinks," Sasuke retorted, grunting when Naruto pinched his side.

"If you're already this grumpy after just the interview, I don't dare to imagine how bad it will be when you have to smile pretty for the customers," Naruto snorted.

"How bad I will be? How about how bad you will be after having to keep quiet for several hours on end?" Sasuke shot back, smirking when Naruto gasped affronted.

"You're a dick," Naruto informed him with a pout.

"I am? And here I was thinking about ordering some ramen for us tonight, to celebrate the both of us getting a job," Sasuke smirked, keeping his eyes on the road instead of the man next to him.

"You cannot say that and not go through with it!" Naruto whined, clutching at his shirt. "That would make you a very, very cruel boyfriend and you don't want to be that, right?"

"I thought I was a dick?" Sasuke riposted innocently.

"Sasuke, I will suck your dick if you order ramen for us tonight," Naruto told him seriously. "I will get down on my knees and suck you off, I swear."

Sasuke huffed out a soft laugh. "How can I say no to the master of negotiations?"

"You're the best, I love you!"

"Keep that in mind next time you think I'm being unfair."

"Who were you texting?" Sasuke inquired later that night when he entered the bedroom, still drying his hair after having taken a quick shower.

Naruto was already in bed, but he'd been texting someone for a little while now; the intermittent buzzing of his phone filling in the silent pauses in the movie they had been watching.

Placing his phone on the nightstand, Naruto stretched his arms. "Gaara. He wanted to know how we've been doing so far. He's keeping me up to date with what's happening in our old hometown."

"Anything special?" Sasuke asked idly, dropping the towel in the hamper before sliding underneath the sheets as well.

"Apparently old man Sarutobi retired. Asuma will take over the principal position next," Naruto answered.

"They could have had worse options," Sasuke muttered, remembering the teacher. He'd been in charge of geography and literature and he'd been likeable enough.

"True," Naruto agreed and then a mischievous smile spread across his face and he rolled onto his side. "Now I recall that I made a promise a few hours ago and seeing as you kept your side of the deal …"

The dark haired man chuckled. "You're feeling up to it?"

Naruto arched his eyebrow haughtily. "Are you seriously asking me whether I'm feeling up to sucking your cock? Please, like that's such a hardship for me," he scoffed.

"Apologies, I'd forgotten about your oral fixation," Sasuke drawled, inhaling sharply when Naruto unceremoniously dipped his hand in his boxers, warm fingers sliding around his cock, which promptly grew hard.

"You're benefitting from my oral fixation, so I wouldn't make fun of it if I were you," Naruto told him cheekily and drew down the covers with his free hand.

Once the sheets were out of the way, he crawled between Sasuke's legs and tugged his underwear down just enough for Sasuke's dick to spring free, making Naruto grin. "Looks like this part at least isn't complaining about it," he teased and lowered his head, sliding his lips around the tip of Sasuke's cock before the other man could attempt to think of a reply.

"Fuck!" he hissed, hands automatically reaching down to grab Naruto's head, fingers tightening around the blond strands.

Tonight apparently was not a night of teasing, fortunately for Sasuke, because Naruto took him completely in his mouth without preamble; his tongue sliding around the girth as he slowly rose up again, sucking at the tip and tonguing the slit before going back down. The head of his cock bumped against the back of Naruto's throat, but the blond had lost his gag reflex a while ago and so it didn't bother him anymore. A fact for which Sasuke was quite grateful for, because it meant that Naruto could take him deep without feeling uncomfortable – and that was something Naruto enjoyed a lot.

Sasuke hadn't been kidding when he said that Naruto had an oral fixation.

"Al-almost there," Sasuke groaned, wanting to warn the other man. It had been a little while since they had last done anything of this nature and he was quite pent up, especially when Naruto decided to take him completely in his mouth, swallowing around his cock every time he went down.

Upon hearing Sasuke's warning, Naruto hummed in acknowledgement and started bobbing his head up and down quicker; his hands gliding over Sasuke's thighs before his fingers dug into the muscles at the same time he sucked hard, taking him as deep into his throat as he could.

It was over before Sasuke fully realised it. One second his hands were pressing Naruto's head down and the next his legs were spasming and he moaned loudly, bright flashes against the back of his eyelids when he shut them tightly, coming in Naruto's mouth.

He was panting when he opened his eyes again, his fingers feeling a bit cramped as he finally released Naruto's head, allowing the blond to sit up. His boyfriend wore a Cheshire grin as he licked his lips, having swallowed everything like he usually did.

"Seems someone was a bit pent up," Naruto chuckled; his voice a tad rough. His mouth looked red, a bit swollen even and Sasuke smirked when he massaged his jaw a bit.

"Not my fault you're that good with your mouth," Sasuke muttered, relaxing into the pillows.

"Why thank you, I do try my best," Naruto grinned; his right hand dipping into his own trousers, which were definitely tented.

"Come here." Sasuke beckoned him and he didn't need to tell him that twice.

Naruto hurried to straddle his lap after getting rid of his trousers and his underwear and Sasuke captured his mouth in a deep kiss as he started jacking him off; Naruto so hard in his hand he could practically feel him pulsating.

"You really do love sucking me off, hm?" Sasuke murmured, sliding his lips to Naruto's ear where he bit softly down on his earlobe.

Naruto shivered; his hands coming up to clamp down on Sasuke's shoulders. "I – I didn't know it was a crime to love sucking off your boyfriend," he replied breathlessly, strained almost as he started rocking his hips into Sasuke's fist.

"Not a crime, definitely a benefit," Sasuke told him, twisting his hand in that particular way he knew Naruto enjoyed.

"Less talking, more hand moving," Naruto demanded and caught his mouth in a demanding, almost bruising kiss.

Sasuke was more than fine with that, though, and obliged him, moving his hand quicker, rubbing his thumb across the leaking head every second stroke up.

Naruto seemed to be feeling just as pent up as Sasuke had felt, because it didn't take much longer before Naruto moaned lowly and came, coating Sasuke's hand, before he slumped down on top of him.

The dark haired man clucked his tongue as he worked his hand free from between their bodies. "But I'm the one who was pent up?" he tutted. "Let me get up so that I can grab the wipes."

"Oh shut up," Naruto muttered and slapped his shoulder, but rolled off of him, allowing the older man to lean over to the nightstand to fish the package of wet wipes out of the second drawer.

Sasuke cleaned the both of them and stood up to throw the used wipes away. When he returned to the bed, Naruto had already drawn the sheets back over him and the window had been cracked ajar, allowing the background buzz of the city entering the night to fill the room.

"I'd say this was a nice ending to a good day overall, don't you think?" Naruto asked through a yawn, already growing drowsy.

"I can't complain," Sasuke said amused and crawled back into the bed, opening his arms when Naruto rolled into his side.

"Good night," Naruto mumbled, slinging one arm around Sasuke's waist and burying his face into Sasuke's neck, his chin digging in his shoulder.

"Yeah, good night," Sasuke murmured, resting one of his hands on Naruto's stomach.

Perhaps it was just his imagination but he thought he could feel a slight swelling where just a few weeks before Naruto's stomach had been completely flat.

He fell asleep with a faint smile lingering across his lips.

Saturday had them taking Sasuke's car for the first time in a couple of weeks to visit the doctor for Naruto's first check-up. There wasn't a bus or a train which stopped nearby the practice so they deemed it easier to take the car instead.

They were told to sit down in the waiting room while the doctor finished up with another patient. Both ignored the magazines provided on the low table in the middle and sat down on the uncomfortable chairs.

"You'd think at a doctor's office, no matter what kind of doctor they are, they would at least provide comfortable chairs," Naruto muttered darkly, poking at the hard surface petulantly.

"Wouldn't want the patients to become too comfortable," Sasuke snorted, resting his leg over his knee.

They were the only ones in the room, but that might have something to do with the fact that it was nearly lunchtime. At two Sasuke was expected at the Silver Hawk to start his training, but for now he was focusing on the check-up instead. This would be the very first check-up and he felt both nervous and excited, hoping that this examination wouldn't reveal anything bad.

Naruto hadn't been feeling off, thankfully, but with pregnancies one never could be too certain and Sasuke would only be completely assured once the doctor said there was nothing wrong.

"I know that face, you're worrying about nothing again," Naruto scolded him, narrowing his eyes slightly.

"I'm sorry for being concerned about you and our baby," Sasuke said dryly, tangling their fingers together and resting their hands on Naruto's thigh.

"I'm feeling fine, I promise," Naruto insisted and patted his stomach. "Even my morning sickness isn't so bad anymore."

"Nothing wrong with – "

They both turned their heads when the door opened and the secretary, Shizune she had introduced herself, smiled at them. "The doctor is ready to see you now. Just go through the corridor; it's the second door to the right."

"All right, thanks," Naruto grinned and jumped up, tugging Sasuke with him.

The beige carpet muffled their footsteps as they walked down the corridor, knocking on the right door.

"Come in!" a female voice called out and Naruto pushed the door open.

A blonde, busty woman was seated behind a desk, typing furiously. Her long hair was tied into two pigtails and she brushed one of them back over her shoulder with an annoyed cluck of her tongue. Her brown eyes fell on them next and she nodded, finishing up whatever she had been typing before turning to them completely.

"You're Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke? My appointment of eleven thirty?" she asked for confirmation.

"That's us," Naruto smiled and she nodded again, waving them inside.

"All right, so I see you filled in the paperwork, thank you for that, that makes my job a lot easier," she said briskly, clicking a couple of times.

As Sasuke and Naruto sat down, Sasuke caught a glimpse of a file on the screen.

"So turning nineteen this year – not exactly that old yet, hm?" she remarked, her eyes slightly narrowed as she scrolled through the file. "You're studying?"

"Yes, we both just started at university," Naruto confirmed and the way his fingers tightened around Sasuke's proved that he was nervous about this visit.

"Your parents paying for these visits?"

"Erm, no. My parents died a long time ago and Sasuke's …" Naruto trailed off, biting his lip as he glanced at Sasuke.

"Mine kicked me out of the house when I told them I'm gay," Sasuke answered flatly.

That had the doctor pausing and when she looked at him, she had an odd, contemplative look in her eyes. "My rates aren't exactly the cheapest," she cautioned them and while blunt, she still sounded gentle.

"We know," Naruto said and licked his eyes nervously, "but you're …"

"The only one I trust with Naruto and our child," Sasuke finished. "You're heralded as one of the best, if not the best of the country, and they both deserve the best. Money is not a problem, we will be able to pay you."

She crossed her arms and leant back in her chair, which creaked slightly. "You're both students. I doubt you're rolling in money with no parents to support either one of you."

"We will be able to pay you," Sasuke repeated, narrowing his eyes slightly.

She snorted then and raised her hands briefly. "Fine, if you're sure. My name is Tsunade. In today's examination, I'll examine your vitals, check how the baby is doing and we'll find out how far you exactly are. Do you know that?"

"Not exactly. I think it has to be around three months now," Naruto replied.

"All right, not a problem. Go lie down on that table there and bare your stomach. We'll do an ultrasound first before I check the rest of your vitals," she said briskly. "Or do you prefer to have your vitals taken first? Either one is fine with me."

"The baby!" Naruto blurted out, blushing slightly. He cleared his throat and said in a more sedate voice, "Erm, we'd like to see the baby first. Right, Sasuke?"

He nodded and she smiled fleetingly at them. He supposed this was a reaction she frequently encountered in her practice.

The paper crinkled underneath Naruto's butt when he climbed onto the table and laid down, pulling his shirt up so that his stomach was bared. Sasuke came to stand next to the table, watching Tsunade flick on a screen on the other side.

"This gel is going to be cold," she warned Naruto before spreading a layer of gel across his belly, making the blond flinch slightly.

Picking up the transducer, she pressed it down on Naruto's stomach, spreading the gel even further. The screen flickered, turning grey at first before the edges started to turn black. There appeared to be some white outlines amidst the black mass, but Sasuke had no clue what to make of it. He might as well just be looking at a black screen for all the good it did him.

"Looks like you're thirteen weeks pregnant," Tsunade announced, moving the transducer slowly around. "This is the head," she pointed at the left side of the screen where with a bit of trouble Sasuke could make out some roundish shape, "here are the arms and the legs. Can't tell yet whether it's a boy or a girl, though, because your baby isn't in the right position for it."

"That's our baby?" Naruto asked in awe; his eyes glued to the screen. His hand found Sasuke's again and he squeezed it tightly.

Sasuke understood how he felt. It was almost unreal to look at the screen and realise it was actually showing their baby. Even though they had known for weeks that Naruto was pregnant, actually seeing the evidence on the screen, seeing limbs vaguely move around as Tsunade set about measuring him or her … It made everything more real, made him realise fully for the first time what they had got themselves into.

That was his baby growing in Naruto's womb; their child growing steadily, awaiting the day to be born.

A lump formed in his throat and he blinked away some treacherous hot tears. When he looked at Naruto, the man was openly crying; silent tears dripping down his cheeks even as a large, bright smile unfurled across his face.

"I can't believe that's actually our baby!" he laughed in disbelief, his free hand reaching up to wipe his tears away.

Sasuke was quicker, using his hand to cup Naruto's cheek and draw him in a sweet, tender kiss. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Naruto smiled and they shared another kiss before they both looked at the screen again.

No matter what kind of trouble might arise in their future, this moment, the day they saw their baby for the first time, would forever be etched into Sasuke's memories.

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