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Author's note: So this is a story I started around two or three years ago, I think? I figure posting this finally will kick my arse in gear to finish the entire story. *sheepish smile* It's not going to be terribly long (no, it really won't be, stop looking at me like that) but the chapters are going to be longish. Something to tie you over while I work on the various other projects I've got going.

Warnings: Sasuke's pov; Alternate universe; MPreg; drama; angst; established slash

I hope you'll like this first part of the new story!

Chapter 1

"Let's break up."

People were mingling around the schoolyard, laughing and cheering loudly as they celebrated the fact that they were officially done with secondary school now. Graduation was today and they were no longer students of this school anymore. In two weeks they would take the next step in the journey of their lives: some would start working immediately, others would continue their studies at the various universities spread out over the country.

Some girls were sniffling, hugging each other tightly as they realised they wouldn't see each other regularly anymore. There were guys loudly proposing to go to bars to celebrate, laughing it off when one of their former teachers told them off. Parents were hugging their children, telling them how proud they were of them.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not in love with you anymore."

Some guys ran past them, jostling his shoulder, calling out a half-hearted, "Sorry!"

"I've wanted to break up for a while now, but I didn't want to mess with your exams."

In the corner of his eye, he could see his parents waiting patiently for him to join them so they could go celebrate his graduation, both impeccably dressed as always.

"It's just … These past four years were great, but it couldn't last forever, you know? It's time we each go our own way. I hope we can be friends again in the future."

A pause. A shuddering exhale and a despondent smile. Blue eyes murky and dim instead of bright.

"Good luck with your studies. Goodbye, Sasuke."

He was left alone, staring numbly at the one who had just turned his whole world upside down, who was now walking away from him for good. His right hand clenched around the small box in the pocket of his jacket and he swallowed; a lump blocking his throat.

Guess he had been the only one to think they had a future together.

"I'm sorry I couldn't attend your graduation, otouto," Itachi said, his apology sincere; in the background there was the sound of a printer working. "The meeting couldn't be replaced and father was adamant I attended that one."

"It's okay, Itachi," Sasuke sighed, staring up at his ceiling. Outside some birds were chirping and tweeting loudly as if they were having an argument. "I know you're busy. How's the company doing?"

"It's doing well. Well enough that I should be able to visit somewhere in December," his older brother replied and paused. "Mother says you haven't been really yourself since you graduated. Did something happen?"

The younger man snorted and rolled his eyes. "Mother worries too much," he replied sourly, crossing his ankles.

"So you're not nervous because you'll start university in two weeks?"

"Why would I be nervous about that? I'm not a little kid," Sasuke said scathingly.

Itachi hummed, sounding unconvinced. "Did you and Naruto-kun have a fight?"

Sasuke closed his eyes and clenched his jaw; his chest feeling too tight with all sorts of emotions when he thought about the blond man who had broken his heart three days ago. The man he had been in love with for four years and who he had been planning to propose to on their graduation day. The same man who apparently didn't feel the same anymore and had broken up with him out of the blue.

"I thought so," Itachi said softly, pinpointing his brother's problems as perfectly as always as if there wasn't an entire ocean between them. "You're always out of sorts when you have a fight with him. Have you tried talking to him yet?"

Dark eyes flew open and Sasuke answered bitterly, "He made it quite clear that he doesn't want to talk to me anymore."

Screw that bullshit about possibly being friends again in the future. There was no way they could go back to being regular friends, not with how much Sasuke still loved him. The memories of their relationship would hang over them forever, no matter how many years would pass by.

Itachi clucked his tongue, sounding exasperated when he retorted, "Sasuke, we're talking about the guy who nearly broke his neck when he climbed through your window when he was twelve, just because he didn't want you to be alone on your birthday. The same guy who took the blame of the whiskey bottles mother found in your room two years ago. The one who kept coming back again and again when you were children even after you snubbed him and - "

"All right!" Sasuke exclaimed, cutting off his older brother. "That's enough! I get it!"

"I don't think you really do," Itachi riposted amused. "Look, Sasuke, I don't know what the fight was about, but I sincerely doubt that he would never want to talk to you again. After sticking to your side for so many years he's not going to suddenly drop you. Talk to him, otouto."

Sasuke pursed his lips together and scowled at the ceiling. God, his brother could be so annoying.

He knocked on the door and waited, looking around idly even though he knew nothing had changed in the small corridor. The wallpaper was still peeling off and the tiles were still dirty and a far cry from the bright white they once must have been. The couple three apartments down was still screaming at each other as they argued for the umpteenth time. The guy on the floor above was still turning up his stereo way too high and would most likely receive yet another complaint from his neighbours.

Naruto had been living here for a couple of years now, using the inheritance of the godfather he had never known to pay for the place after he had left the orphanage. The apartment building wasn't in the safest place of the town, but it was affordable and that had been all that Naruto had cared about.

Thinking about the blond man made him restless and he stared at the closed door with a frown. It had been five days now since Naruto had broken up with him and he had decided that in spite of his brother being annoying as shit, he was still right – that bastard – and he needed to talk to Naruto. If only to find out whether he had done something in particular that had made Naruto decide that breaking up with him had been necessary.

He hadn't alerted the younger man that he was coming over, knowing that the other one would try to hide from him. Hiding from Sasuke had always been the blond's preferred tactic when he had been the one to instigate an argument.

There was no answer coming from inside and Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows, slipping his phone out of his pocket to check the hour. Three fifteen; Naruto's part-time job at the ramen stand didn't start until seven o'clock, so where was he now?

Clucking his tongue, Sasuke put his phone back into his pocket and unearthed his keys from the other one. The keyring held the keys to his house, to the car he had got as a gift for getting his license and to Naruto's apartment. The blond man had given him the key a year ago, telling him half-jokingly, half serious that he could use it whenever he needed some time away from his own home – and by extent his father.

Sasuke had barely used the key; most of the time he was accompanied by Naruto himself when visiting the apartment, so there had been no need to use his own. Now, however, he figured it was as good as a time as any to make use of it. If Naruto caught him waiting here, the younger man might flee; he had less of a chance to escape if Sasuke was already waiting for him in his place.

The door closed behind him with a quiet click and he removed his shoes, exchanging them for the slippers he had left behind the first time he had visited the apartment. This place was as familiar to him as his own house and he first made a beeline to the kitchen, checking the fridge. He tsk'd when he saw how bare it was: only a couple of boxes with take-out, a bottle of milk and a bottle of apple juice. Unfortunately it wasn't such an uncommon sight. The sink held some unwashed glasses and bowls and some crumbs still dusted the small, dingy table.

Exiting the small kitchen, he wandered around the living room for a while, taking note of the old magazines and old schoolbooks Naruto hadn't boxed up yet. The orange quilt Naruto had had for as long as Sasuke could remember was haphazardly thrown over the back of the couch and he absentmindedly straightened it out, feeling the soft wool glide underneath his fingertips.

Still only hearing the noise of Naruto's neighbours, he turned around and went to the only room closed off by a door: the bedroom. Naruto's familiar scent assaulted him the moment he set foot inside and he hovered in the doorway for a bit before making his way further inside.

The unmade bed caused a flood of memories of how they had spent most of their time in it; sweaty, their limbs tangled together, sharing kisses and caresses, satiated and happy, revelling in each other's presence.

Swallowing, Sasuke averted his eyes and looked at the wooden desk right underneath the window, which was still missing one of its legs and therefore stood quite lopsided. Some photographs were clustered at the left upper corner and with a jolt he realised that Naruto hadn't removed any of the pictures with them together. Wondering whether this meant something, he approached the desk; his footsteps silent on the carpet. His eyes were drawn towards the little calendar placed on the windowsill and he frowned when he noticed that today's date had been circled with red and had the small note 'Doctor's appointment!' scrawled across it.

"Doctor's appointment?" he mouthed, resting his hand on the desk. Why would Naruto need to go to the doctor? The man was one of the healthiest people he knew; he could count the few times he had been seriously ill on one hand throughout all the years he had known him. He had looked fine on graduation day, so why did he need to see a doctor now?

When he took one more step forwards, his foot bumped against the small bin, causing the content of it to rattle rather loudly. A tad annoyed by the noise, he looked down to see what would make such noise.

"What the hell?" he muttered, spotting a couple of weird white sticks laying on the bottom of the bin. They didn't look like pens and he bent down, intent on finding out what the strange objects were.

It was when he was holding them out in front of him, the daylight hitting them, that he realised what exactly he had in his hand.

All air promptly left his lungs and he uttered a choked sound, staring wide eyed at the sticks as his heart skipped a beat and then went in overdrive.


One in a hundred men were born with an extra gene. It had been named the MPR gene and scientists had come to the conclusion – after many years of research – that this gene was nature's way of preventing extinction. Areas where the population was in danger of dwindling fast reported more men carrying the MPR gene than areas where the population was balanced.

Every boy at the age of seven years had their blood drawn and was consequently subjected to a scan in order to find out whether they were carriers of the gene or not.

Sasuke nor anyone in his family as far as he was aware of carried the gene. Naruto did, though.

It was something his best friend had confessed to him in the dead of the night when they had been fourteen years old. It had been two months after they had started dating.

"There's something I need to tell you," Naruto said nervously, wringing his hands together.

They were sitting on Sasuke's bed; they had finished dinner a few hours ago and had been sneaking kisses from the moment they had been safely enclosed in Sasuke's room. His parents didn't know about the change in their relationship and the secrecy of it made their kisses even more thrilling; their fumbled touches even more exciting.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, intrigued by the nerves practically pouring off the blond boy. "Okay, what is it?"

"I – I figured you had the right to know, considering, you know," Naruto waved between them, laughing jitterily, "what we're doing now. Eh, you know about the MPR gene?"

"Of course I know. Who doesn't?" Sasuke snorted, shaking his head at the stupid question. Everyone grew up learning about the MPR gene even if they weren't carriers of it.

"What, eh, what was your result?" Naruto asked, licking his lips.

Black eyebrows furrowed. "Don't carry the gene," Sasuke replied, narrowing his eyes slightly. He was starting to have an inkling as to where this conversation was going. "Don't think anyone in my family does. You?"

The blond boy nodded jerkily, staring down at the slightly rumpled sheet. "Y-yeah, I, eh, I'm a carrier," he mumbled, voice barely audible, as his cheeks reddened fiercely. "I figured that – well, you should know about it. If you – if that means you don't want to continue this anymore, then … Then I'm fine with it." He shrugged half-heartedly, his eyes still trained downwards.

His forced nonchalance was almost painful to hear and Sasuke clucked his tongue, slapping Naruto on the back of his head, eliciting a surprised yelp.

"What the hell was that for?" Naruto snapped, rubbing his head as he scowled at the dark haired boy.

Dark eyes rolled. "Why would I stop doing this with you just because you're a carrier? All it means is that we'll definitely have to use protection once we go further," Sasuke retorted, smirking.

Cerulean blue eyes widened in shock. "You – you don't mind?"

"No, I don't mind. You're still an usuratonkachi, carrier or not," Sasuke snorted and then his lap was full with an excited, flailing blond and they didn't say anything else for quite a long while.

When they started having sex, they had always made sure to use a condom when Sasuke was topping. There were no other contraceptives available for them to use – no pill or anything else like it that Naruto could ingest to ensure he was protected – so condoms were their only way to protect themselves against a pregnancy.

They had always been very careful that they didn't forget protection – and yet the three pregnancy tests in front of him on the desk all coloured positive, announcing that Naruto was currently expecting a baby. There was of course a chance that the sticks were giving a false positive, but he thought it very unlikely that all three sticks would be faulty. That would be too much of a coincidence. In spite of being careful, their protection had still failed them apparently.

So. Naruto was pregnant. Expecting a baby.

Sasuke's baby.

Why hadn't he told Sasuke? Was the pregnancy the reason why he had broken up with him? But that didn't make any sense! Sasuke had the right to know he was going to be a father – had Naruto been planning on keeping it a secret from him forever?

Sasuke inhaled sharply as another possibility popped up in his mind. Was Naruto perhaps planning to …

The sound of a key unlocking the door had him turning around quickly. Naruto's footsteps – as familiar to him as his own – made their way through the apartment. They briefly halted somewhere in the kitchen and there was the sound of the fridge being opened and closed.

"What the …" He could hear Naruto mumble in the vicinity of the living room and there was a pause before the younger man walked straight past the bedroom again, retracing his steps to the front door.

For a moment silence reigned and Sasuke leant against the desk, crossing his arms as he waited for Naruto to connect the dots and realise what the extra pair of shoes meant. If the situation wasn't so grave right now, he would be amused at how oblivious the other man could be to walk straight past shoes that shouldn't be there now without realising immediately something was wrong.

"Sasuke? What the fuck, man?" Naruto raised his voice, sounding pissed off.

"In the bedroom," Sasuke drawled and not even ten seconds later, Naruto appeared in the doorway, his chest heaving slightly as his face contorted in anger.

"What the hell are you doing here, you bastard?" Naruto snapped, taking a step forwards.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, remaining unperturbed. "I came here to ask you why you broke up with me," he replied calmly and uncrossed his arms, bringing his right hand behind his back.

"I already told you! I don't love you anymore, so I - "

"Imagine my surprise when I found these in your bin," Sasuke went on flatly, snatching the pregnancy tests off the desk and brandishing them in front of him.

Anger quickly drained out of Naruto's face and he visibly paled; his eyes widening slightly as his hands clenched around the doorjamb. "That's – why were you looking through the trash?" was his weak reprisal.

"I wasn't looking through it; I bumped against it and was curious about the noise it produced," Sasuke retorted, throwing the tests on the bed. Even though they didn't make any sound when they fell, Naruto still flinched as if struck. "How far along are you?" he asked quietly, crossing his arms again. He wanted to close the distance between them, but he needed answers first. This wasn't something that could be just swept underneath the rug and forgotten about.

"Nine weeks," Naruto answered wearily.

Sasuke briefly closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "How long have you known about it?"

The younger man shrugged, looking away. "I started throwing up around a month ago and I took the tests three weeks ago."

Three weeks. Naruto had known for three weeks he was pregnant and he had never once mentioned something to Sasuke about it. That stung.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me about this?" Sasuke demanded, anger flaring up for the first time in their conversation. "How could you just break up with me and not tell me you're pregnant?! Were you even planning on ever telling me that or - "

"Because I'm not going to fuck over your life, okay?!" Naruto suddenly shouted and the unexpected fierce reaction made Sasuke shut up abruptly. Naruto breathed harshly, hugging himself as he bit down on his lower lip. "I didn't – Sasuke, you've got a full scholarship."

"What the hell are you on about? What does my scholarship have to do with this?" Sasuke questioned perplexed, thrown off guard.

"It has everything to do with this! You're so smart you got a full free ride for university and I know that whatever you end up doing afterwards it'll be a success. You have all these amazing opportunities and I'm happy for you because I know you worked hard for it," Naruto started rambling and he had completely lost Sasuke by now. What did his scholarship or even his future career have to do with the fact that Naruto had kept quiet about the baby?

"And because I know how hard you worked for it, I can't fuck it up for you now," Naruto continued; his voice shaky as his form started to shiver slightly. "You don't deserve to be tied down to a baby at this age, Sasuke. Not when you're about to go to university and start studying law. I can't do that to you. It wouldn't be fair and - "

"How about you let me decide about my own life," Sasuke cut him off coolly. "I wasn't aware that a scholarship means I'm not allowed to see my own child."

"That's not what I mean!"

"No? Because you broke up with me without even mentioning you were pregnant – how am I supposed to take that?"

"I already told you – I'm not going to screw over your life with a baby now! You deserve to go to university and - "

"Where the fuck does it state that I can't go to university and raise my own damn child?" Sasuke snapped, taking a step closer to the blond man.

"You'll be busy with studying and you never mentioned wanting to have children," Naruto said; his voice wavering more and more with each word that left his mouth.

Sasuke rubbed his hands over his face in frustration. "I've been busy nearly my entire life with studying so far and yet I still managed to make time free for you, didn't I?" he pointed out with a growl. "Figuring out a schedule to accommodate a baby isn't exactly rocket science, Naruto. I knew from the start that there was a possibility of you becoming pregnant earlier than expected – condoms aren't exactly a hundred percent safe and clearly we messed up a few months ago. That doesn't mean I'm not going to take my responsibility!"

Something stirred in blue eyes before they shuttered close and Naruto's face turned disturbingly blank. "That's just it, Sasuke," he murmured, sounding distant. "I'm not going to force you to take care of the baby just because it's yours. Not with - "

"I wouldn't be forced," Sasuke retorted sharply, balling his hands into fists. "You're the one who broke up with me, Naruto, not the other way around! I wasn't even thinking of breaking up with you, so - "

"But a baby is different!" Naruto insisted heatedly; his eyes flashing up. "A baby is going to change your life and you won't be able to - "

"Who said I would mind changing my life for our baby?" Sasuke bit out and Naruto's teeth clacked audibly shut as he stared stumped at the dark haired man. "If you had just talked to me from the start, you'd have known I don't mind having a child now. Sure, we'll have to change some things; I'll take up less classes this year and we'll have to figure out where to live because both our places are too far from the university, but it's not impossible. God damn it, Naruto, why couldn't you just have talked to me?"

To his horror his voice caught and he looked away, feeling so overwhelmed, so angry, so frustrated, so fucking in love with the man in front of him, that he didn't know for a moment what to do.

"We're just eighteen," Naruto said softly, cutting through the silence.

"Not like we would be the first to become parents this young," Sasuke quipped tiredly.

"A baby is going to change a lot of things in our lives."

"If you're ready, I am." As soon as the words left his mouth, Sasuke suddenly realised that he didn't know whether Naruto was actually planning on keeping the baby and his heart clenched painfully. Was Naruto planning to get rid of their child?

"Your parents – we haven't even told them we're together," Naruto pointed out quietly; his eyes too wide in his face.

The use of the present tense concerning them had hope flickering up in him, even if dread settled in his stomach at the thought of his parents. "The thought of a grandchild might soften the blow," he joked, but it fell flat and his smirk felt frozen.

Naruto bit down on his lower lip. "What if – what if they'll kick you out?" he asked worriedly. "I don't want to be the reason your parents kick you out of the house."

Sasuke's first reaction was to deny that his parents would go that far, but then an image of his father resurfaced, scoffing at images of a gay pride on the news and he swallowed. Getting kicked out of the house was actually a fairly realistic possibility, one that had been in the back of his mind ever since he had kissed Naruto for the first time.

As he looked at his lover, the man who was now carrying his baby, his best friend and the only person in the world – except for his brother – who knew him completely and still loved him …

He decided that getting kicked out of the house was a risk he was willing to take. If the alternative was losing Naruto and their child, then he would choose being disowned before even considering never seeing Naruto or their baby anymore.

"And I don't want to lose you," Sasuke stated honestly, smiling faintly when Naruto promptly reddened. "You've always been more important to me than father, Naruto."

The blond man fidgeted slightly, tugging at his shirt. "Where are you going to live then?" he asked rather subdued.

Sasuke pursed his lips, rubbing his right cheek briskly with the back of his hand. "I was planning on living in a dorm, but …" A thought shot through his head and he furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you planning to do now? Will you be able to handle classes once you're further along?"

Naruto grimaced, looking uncomfortable as he swept a hand through his hair, causing it to stick up in every direction. "I, eh, I already contacted the college," he admitted. "I told them about my situation and they're fine with me reducing my classes to only online ones for the first year."

"Good. You're still going to share a dorm with someone?" Sasuke questioned apprehensively and he tried to hide how much that idea got on his nerves. He hadn't liked it from the start; if anyone should be sharing a dorm with the younger man, it should be him. They wouldn't attend the same school, however, so sharing a dorm was definitely out of the question.

Sasuke's scholarship covered the costs of a dorm; he would get a single one at that, not forced to share the space with anyone else. Naruto on the other hand needed the money from his part-time jobs to cover both his tuition costs and living expenses; finding someone to share a room with had been the most logical solution when they had been trying to figure out where to live during the academic year.

Sasuke had offered to help him out financially, but his boyfriend had always been a stubborn idiot and he had utterly refused to let Sasuke help him. That particular refusal had led more than once to a big fight between them in the past year.

Naruto stopped lingering in the doorway and made his way to the bed, plopping down on it. He gathered the pregnancy tests and placed them on the rickety nightstand. "I'm not sure," he professed begrudgingly. "I'm not … really comfortable sharing a dorm with someone I don't know now that I'm pregnant."

The solution which came to him all of a sudden was so easy, he could hit himself for not having come up with it sooner. "What if we look for an apartment together?" the dark haired man suggested, tapping his fingers against the edge of the desk.

Naruto whipped his head around to stare at him wide-eyed. "You mean, living together?" he asked, his voice an octave higher than usual.

Sasuke allowed himself a small smile. "Yeah, why not? It'll be easier with the baby. And," his smile grew, "it's not like I haven't spent several days and nights here before."

"Yeah, but this would be living together permanently," Naruto pointed out patiently. "You're sure you're not going to grow sick of me after a while?"

His tone was joking, but his eyes shone with apprehension, a flash of fear brought about through years of being rejected and made fun of by their peers. No matter how much or for how long he could try, Sasuke doubted he would ever be able to completely chase away Naruto's demons. He might diminish them, supress them for a while, but they would continue to linger, ready to start wreaking havoc the second they had the chance, the moment Naruto let his guard down. All Sasuke could do was remain at his side and show him that he was worth it, no matter what other people might say or think.

"If you start spreading mess around, I'll just lob that right at your face," he smirked; his voice kept purposefully light. "You know I don't have any trouble doing that."

"Always so violent," Naruto whined, but his eyes were shining brightly; any trace of self-doubt cleared up like the sky after a nice bout of rain.

"Like you're a pacifist," Sasuke snorted and sauntered over to the bed, sinking down next to the younger man. Naruto's hand was resting on the bed and Sasuke hooked their pinkies together, studying the other man carefully. "So … We're good? You're going to retract your whole stupid 'Let's break up' speech?"

A trace of bitterness laced his voice and Naruto winced, looking guilty. "I'm sorry," he murmured, hesitating for a moment before he leant his shoulder against Sasuke's. "I just … I panicked and I didn't want to - "

"Burden me, yeah, so you said," Sasuke sighed and shifted further down the bed, tugging at Naruto's shoulder to coax him along. "And this is exactly why you're an idiot: you could never be a burden to me, usuratonkachi."

Naruto's red face resembled a tomato now and he averted his gaze from the dark haired man, even if he settled next to him against the headboard. "Wait until my cravings start and I'm sending you out in the middle of the night to get that stuff. Let's see if you still think that then," he threatened and huffed when Sasuke laughed, poking the older man petulantly in his stomach.

Considering how much Naruto didn't want to be considered a burden to anyone, Sasuke very much doubted he would follow up on his threat. If he did end up sending Sasuke to the store to get something, well, that wouldn't be such a hardship.

He could think of worse things than attending to his boyfriend's cravings.

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