You Are Worth Everything

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Chapter 6

When he walked into the Silver Hawk on Monday, ready to start his shift, Kakashi leant out of the backroom and beckoned him.

"Hey, can I talk to you for a moment? Won't take long, I promise," he said cryptically and disappeared almost just as quickly.

"All right," Sasuke said slowly and couldn't help but feel wary. Was it ever a good thing when someone told you they needed to talk to you?

Karin offered him a distracted smile as he squeezed past her, almost all of her focus on the cold mocha she was preparing, which consisted out of a lot of different sweet toppings, making his teeth ache just at the sight of it alone.

"What do you want to talk about?" he asked apprehensively, closing the door behind him. It cut off the low chattering in the shop immediately, blanketing them in a silence which was only interrupted by the low buzzing of the fridge.

"Suigetsu told me about what happened last Friday," Kakashi said out of the blue, leaning back in his chair and spinning a pen between his index and middle finger.

It took Sasuke a second before he realised what the other man was talking about and he grimaced, resting his hand in his neck. "What exactly did he tell you?"

"That one of the customers apparently didn't understand what a rejection meant," Kakashi replied flatly. "He told me she wouldn't leave even after her drink was finished and by the time you got her out, she was waiting for you outside. He saw you and your boyfriend talking to her after which she apparently stormed off, looking rather pissed."

Well, fuck. "I know I shouldn't have been so rude to her," Sasuke said stiffly, hiding his balled fists behind his back. "I probably should have been more polite instead - "

"What? Of course not!" Kakashi shook his head, startling Sasuke into silence. "No, Sasuke, you had every right to tell her off; she had no right to bother you like that."

"So you're not pissed off that I might have cost the shop a customer?" Sasuke inquired cautiously, because he seriously doubted that woman would return after she'd been humiliated by Naruto.

"Why the hell would I be pissed off about that?" Kakashi stared at him perplexed. "I'd be a shit boss if I was pissed about that. It's your right to feel comfortable at your work and no customer has the right to harass you, even if they're paying. With that in mind, as a boss it's my right to bar customers entry from my shop, so that said," he pointed at the screen behind him.

It was the footage of the camera near the entrance, Sasuke quickly discovered. It was a frozen image, dating back to last Friday, of the woman in question entering the shop; her face relatively visible.

"That picture is going to be plastered against the window with the message that she has to stay away or risk a police call," Kakashi continued. "That should keep her away and if she really is that stupid to still try to enter, you and the others can call the police to remove her from the premises. You don't even have to ask me for permission, you see her entering, you call the police. If anyone else harasses you or the others, you can call the police. It's as simple as that."

"But if you stick her picture to the window, others might refuse to enter the shop as well," Sasuke cautioned him. There would always be people who thought it was an outrage to ban customers from shops and things like that had a way of spreading around like wildfire.

"Sasuke, listen to me," Kakashi said solemnly and leant forwards, folding his hands together between his knees. "No profit is worth having my employees being harassed and feeling miserable. As I said, it's your right to feel comfortable at the place you work. Nobody, whether they're young or old, male or female, has the right to harass you or make you feel uncomfortable in any way. If anyone steps out of line, be blunt. Be rude to them if they refuse to listen. The others know this and I should have told you this from the start, but I wrongly assumed one of them would tell you." He smiled wryly.

"You might want to be careful with giving me a free pass. I'm told I can be incredibly rude," Sasuke snorted.

Kakashi chuckled. "Well, then I suppose you'll fit in perfectly with the rest of us." He winked, before growing sober again. "I mean it, Sasuke. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, you can tell me or the others or you can call the police. I want all my employees to feel safe and having good looks doesn't mean others get to harass you."

"Thanks," Sasuke said after a pause. "I appreciate it."

He really did. He knew he was quite lucky to have Kakashi as his boss, because someone else might have cared more about the money they were missing out on with one customer less, than the fact that one of their employees had been harassed for more than an hour.

"No problem. You can start your shift now, I've said all that I needed to say," Kakashi said and clapped his hands. "Give me a bit and her picture will be up on the window soon."

When Sasuke slipped his short on and went to stand next to Karin, ready to take the next order, she quickly glanced at him and asked in a low voice, "You okay, Sasuke-kun?"

A bit surprised, he replied, "Yeah, I am."

"All right, just know that if anyone bothers you, you can tell me and I can kick their arse," she said frankly, offering a sweet smile at the elderly man as he accepted his tea. "Men, women, doesn't matter, I'll kick their arse equally."

"Suigetsu told you as well?" he sighed and pursed his lips. Sure, he could understand why Suigetsu had felt the need to tell Kakashi, but really, Karin as well?

"No secrets between us, hon," she said and shrugged. "He wanted me to be on the lookout, in case she comes back. Seriously, though, you being a cutie doesn't give them a free pass to do or say whatever they want. So you say the word and I'll back you up, no problem."

"Thanks, Karin," he said and found himself smiling in spite of the subject.

She winked and nudged his shoulder with hers. "Any time, Handsome."

"Hey, Sasuke, Jugo's looking for you if you've still got some time," Suigetsu informed him, returning from the small kitchen after dropping off the used cups and plates there.

Sasuke blinked and cast a quick glance at the clock. His shift had just finished, but he guessed he could see what Jugo wanted. He wouldn't be able to catch the earliest bus anyways, so a slight delay wouldn't matter.

"Hey, Suigetsu said you were looking for me?" Sasuke said curiously, pushing the swing door open.

The broad shouldered man looked up from the dishes he was doing and smiled. "Yeah, I don't want to keep you, though, if you have to be somewhere urgently."

"No, I'm good. I wouldn't have been able to catch the next bus anyways, so what do you need me for?" He wandered deeper into the kitchen, though there wasn't that much space to move around.

Lined up with counters, two ovens, a microwave, a sink and even more cupboards, this was Jugo's domain as he prepared the pastries and bento boxes every day to be sold in the shop. At the moment there was a white box on one of the counters with clean plates put next to it.

"There's still some pastries left; they're in the box there." Jugo nodded at the white box. "I know you said your boyfriend likes some of them, so you can take those with you if you want."

Curious, Sasuke lifted up the lid of the box and peeked inside. He smiled faintly when he saw the various chocolate covered pastries, their sweet smell practically wafting from the box. "All chocolate, hm? I'm surprised, they're usually the first ones to be sold out."

"Yeah, it surprises me too, but I guess the hot days make people less inclined to pick something with chocolate," Jugo said and shrugged. Some cutlery clattered back into the sink when he lost his grip on them.

"That makes sense, though Naruto doesn't care about that," Sasuke smirked, eyeing the pastries for a moment longer before closing the lid. "Since he became pregnant, his sweet tooth has worsened if that's even possible."

For a moment silence reigned and Sasuke froze as his brain caught up to what he'd just blurted out. Shit, he hadn't meant to say that aloud!

"Damn," he muttered and rubbed his hands over his face.

"Naruto-san is pregnant?" Jugo asked shocked, whirling around immediately. Soapy suds dripped down from his gloves and that would be a funny sight if Sasuke wasn't busy cursing himself out.

"Yes, he is," he admitted begrudgingly. "I – didn't mean to say that aloud."

"You were meant to keep it a secret?" Jugo asked curiously, before he looked down and realised he was dripping on the floor. Grimacing, he pulled off his gloves and discarded them on the sink for now.

"Not exactly I suppose, but his friends don't know about it either. This was just something between the two of us," Sasuke sighed. "We're going to tell them eventually, but for now we were going to keep it a secret. Well, that's until I opened my big mouth, of course." He scowled, annoyed with himself. He normally was more aware of what he said and he had definitely grown more cautious since Naruto had become pregnant.

"I won't tell anyone," Jugo promised. "It's not my news to share, so don't worry, I'll keep quiet about it."

"Yeah, thanks," Sasuke smiled weakly. He pointed at the box. "I'll take those with me then, I'm sure Naruto will love them."

"Sure, I hope he'll enjoy them," Jugo smiled.

That made Sasuke snort as he picked up the box. "Yeah, that's not going to be a problem, I'm sure. As long as it's sweet or anything ramen related, he'll like it."

Orange eyes shone with laughter. "There are worse things to like."

"That's easy for you to say when you don't have two cupboards full with ramen cups," Sasuke said darkly.

He left Jugo laughing behind at the sink.

"Got some pastries from the shop," Sasuke called out when he arrived home, balancing the box in his right hand while removing his shoes with the left one.

Naruto's head popped up above the back of the couch, blue eyes glistening with excitement already. "Really? What kind?"

"Chocolate ones. They don't sell well with this warm weather," Sasuke explained and drew closer to the couch.

Naruto reached up to peck his lips before taking over the box and popping off the lid immediately. "Oh, these look good! You want any of them?"

"No, too sweet for me." Sasuke shook his head.

The blond shrugged. "Your loss," he said lightly and selected one before putting the box on the table. He had a couple of his textbooks open in front of him with a notebook resting on his lap, but closed them all with one hand and shoved them to the side so that Sasuke could sit down next to him.

"Anything good?" Sasuke questioned, sinking down on the couch.

"Hm, it has cream in it; I like it," Naruto declared with a grin, before side-eyeing him. "Are you okay? You look like you've got something on your mind."

Sasuke smiled wryly. As light-hearted and upbeat as Naruto generally was, it was easy to forget just how attentive he was as well, able to discern even the slightest nuance of change in Sasuke's mood. It was like his sixth sense in a way, being able to tell how people felt even when it wouldn't be that obvious to others.

"I accidentally told Jugo that you're pregnant," Sasuke gave in, not seeing any reason to beat around the bush about it.

Naruto paused, the sweet pastry held up mid-air. "Oh," was all he said; his voice rather blank. "How – did that come up exactly?"

"Because of the pastries," Sasuke sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I was surprised that some chocolate ones were still left and he told me that customers don't really like chocolate sweets in warm weather. I only wanted to tell him that you don't care about whether the weather's hot or not, but for some reason I ended up telling him that since you got pregnant, your sweet tooth got worse."

Wrinkling his nose, Naruto protested, "Hey, my sweet tooth hasn't got that bad! If it was, I'd be carrying a lot more weight than this baby only!" He pointed down at his belly, which was becoming more and more pronounced with each week that passed.

"That's not the point," Sasuke said exasperatedly. "And when did I call you fat? I only said that your sweet tooth has grown worse and you can't deny that."

"Still not as bad as you make it seem," Naruto pouted petulantly.

"Whatever, I'm not going to argue about this. I just want to say sorry that I slipped up about the baby."

Naruto rolled his shoulders and stretched out his legs across Sasuke's thighs. "Don't worry about it. I mean, it's not like this baby is supposed to be a secret for the rest of our lives and they were going to find out eventually, I guess. You think he'll bug you about it?"

"No, Jugo won't do that," Sasuke replied, shaking his head decisively. He'd talked several times with the quiet man and while he might not be a people person like his boyfriend was, he could still read others fairly well. If Jugo said he wasn't going to blab about the baby, he wouldn't.

"Well, like I said, don't worry about it. Not like I can hide it for much longer anyways," Naruto said humorously. He grinned mischievously then. "And hey, if that means I can get more free pastries, feel free to tell others about the baby."

"You're incorrigible," Sasuke commented amused and leant over for a kiss, even when that meant he tasted more chocolate and cream than he wanted to.

Me 04.55 p.m.

I'll send my part of the project to everyone tomorrow evening

Tenten 05.46 p.m.

Sure, no problem!

He put his phone into his pocket before he walked through the door of the Silver Hawk, which was nowadays always left open in a vague attempt to catch some of the rare breezes Mother Nature granted them during this hot summer. He was still mulling over the last part of the information he would have to somehow combine with the rest of the work he'd written so far when he noticed both Suigetsu and Karin behind the counter.

It was still a rare occurrence for all three of them to work behind the counter at the same time. Usually it was just two of them with Jugo working in the back. He could have sworn his schedule had put him with Karin alone this evening.

"I thought you weren't working tonight," he remarked when he slipped behind the counter, pulling off his backpack.

Suigetsu grinned. "Yeah, but I can use the extra money. I've been eyeing a sweet ride and if I want to be able to buy this baby, I need to pick up more shifts. Kakashi didn't mind, so." He shrugged.

"That and Jugo can use the extra help in the kitchen," Karin added dryly. "The cold sweets are especially popular now and he's got trouble keeping up with the demand."

"And Suigetsu is going to help him?" Sasuke asked sceptically.

He got swatted by a napkin in response. "Hey, I'll have you know that I'm great in the kitchen, all right?" Suigetsu huffed. "I may not look like it - "

"That's true," Karin interjected with a smirk.

He just ignored her and continued, "but I'm a pretty great chef, even in the dessert area."

"If you say so," Sasuke muttered and went into the backroom to store his bag and grab his apron.

His shift went by without any problems. Having the face of that one woman plastered against the window seemed to have warned others to be more careful with their own attempts. There were still people trying to flirt with him and asking him out, but the moment he made it clear that he wasn't interested, they backed off now. The few of them who still persisted after that were glared into silence and they ended up scuttling out of the door with their order quickly every time.

It was rather pathetic that they had had to go as far as banning one customer for others to finally get it through their thick skulls that too much flirting and insistence weren't acceptable, but they were finally leaving him alone, so he wasn't about to complain too much.

It was near the end of his shift, right as he was contemplating whether he would manage to finish his part of the project tonight still, that Naruto showed up, dressed in torn jeans and an oversized hoodie. The hoodie just barely managed to cover the swell of his belly, but give it a few more weeks and even the hoodie wouldn't be large enough to hide his pregnancy.

His presence had Sasuke staring at him bemused because tonight was one of the few times his shift ended right with the closing hour of the shop and Naruto hadn't mentioned that he would be showing up tonight. Truth be told, Sasuke never expected him to show up on Friday, because he had an evening shift at the library as well then and there was no point in making a detour so late in the evening.

"Hey." They shared a quick kiss. "I didn't know you were coming over."

Naruto regarded him confused. "You didn't? I mean, I thought it was weird that Karin was the one texting me instead of you, but I figured you were busy or so."

"Wait, what did Karin text you?" Sasuke asked perplexed, nodding and smiling at the last customer hurrying out of the shop.

"You don't know at all that she texted me?" Naruto questioned confused, but handed over his phone all the same with the text message chain bearing Karin's name displayed.

Karin 03.43 p.m.

Can you come over when Sasuke-kun's shift ends?

Me 03.48 p.m.

Sure, I guess, why?

Karin 03.53 p.m.

You'll see (~_^)

"I have no idea why she invited you over," Sasuke said blankly and returned the phone. "She didn't mention anything to me."

"So you weren't being stalked again and you needed me to show up?" Naruto smiled thinly, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"No, since Kakashi publicly shamed that woman by hanging up her picture, the rest has been surprisingly good about leaving me alone," Sasuke snorted.

"That and your boyfriend's glare makes people shit themselves," Suigetsu commented cheerfully as he switched the sign from OPEN to CLOSED.

"Real classy there, Suigetsu." Karin scowled, coming out of the kitchen. She'd already removed her apron and was slipping on a light hoodie.

"Hey, it's true." Suigetsu shrugged. "Is Jugo ready?"

"Yeah, though Kakashi had to leave earlier. One of his friends needed some help apparently."

"That guy has friends?" Suigetsu muttered bewildered.

"That's quite rude," Naruto said amused. "Now why did I have to come here? Sasuke didn't even know I was coming over, so what's up with that?"

She grinned and clasped her hands briefly together. "Well, I kind of overheard some really great news last week and we - "

"Mainly she, Jugo and I didn't have anything to do with this, so if you get pissed off, get pissed off at her," Suigetsu said for some reason.

"And we," she stubbornly continued, scowling at him, "decided that we should celebrate it."

Sasuke frowned; he was starting to have a bad feeling about this and wasn't sure whether he even wanted to find out why she had called Naruto here – nor what kind of great news she'd overheard.

"Celebrate what?" Naruto asked confused, scratching the back of his head.

"Don't be mad at Jugo, I only asked him to confirm it," Karin told Sasuke out of the blue, which definitely didn't help with putting him at ease with whatever was currently happening.

"You didn't ask him, you kept pestering him until the poor dude gave up!" Suigetsu snorted in disbelief and crossed his arms. He ended up ducking when she threw a small notebook at his head.

"Point being, don't be mad at Jugo, I overheard it and just wanted it confirmed," Karin stated and took a deep breath, shuffling backwards a bit. "We wanted to congratulate you on becoming parents!"

"You wanted to what?" Sasuke asked flatly, coming around the corner to stand next to Naruto, who looked more bewildered than shocked. "You were eavesdropping last week?"

She bit down on her lip and for the first time since he knew her, she didn't look all that confident. "Not eavesdropping per se," she replied evasively. "I mean, I wasn't even here last week! Suigetsu overheard you two talking - "

"Oh fuck no, you're not going to throw me under the bus here!"

"And the day after that he was so distracted at work that I grilled him about it and yes," she cleared her throat, blushing faintly. "Look, I know we haven't known each other for that long already, but I thought it would be nice if we held a small party here to celebrate the news. We got you a couple of presents as well, to help you out."

"That's seriously really nice of you," Naruto said, coming out of whatever stupor he'd fallen into just now. "You didn't have to do this for us."

"I know, but we figured you couldn't have it easy being students and all, so if we can help you out, why not?" she smiled and shrugged lightly. "Plus, who doesn't want to celebrate a new baby on the way? That's just great news on its own!"

"What's less great news is you not telling me anything," Sasuke said, slightly annoyed. He knew she and the others meant well, but it didn't sit well with him that someone had managed to overhear him talking about the baby.

Nor did he really appreciate being surprised like this. It would have been one thing if he had told them about the baby and they had decided to surprise him with a small party afterwards. Now they were both surprising him with a party and with the fact that they knew about the baby without him informing them.

Her blush deepened a bit further. "Okay, maybe I shouldn't have sprung this on you like that, but we just want to help you out a bit!"

"We can promise that the news won't leave the four of us," Jugo said apologetically, finally leaving the kitchen. He held a small chocolate cake in his hands; sliced strawberries decorating the top. "Kakashi knows about it as well, but he promised to keep quiet about it. He said he would come up with a gift later still, because he isn't good at finding presents."

"I never said he had to find something," Sasuke sighed, rubbing his hands over his face.

He had just wanted to go home, eat dinner with Naruto and make an attempt at finishing the project. He hadn't expected to finish his week with a baby shower of all things.

Warm hands sliding around his wrists and pulling them down had him opening his eyes again and he stared straight into soft blue ones.

"I know you're not fond of parties, but they're just trying to help us out," Naruto murmured, rubbing his thumbs soothingly across Sasuke's knuckles. "They don't mean anything bad with this. Besides, this is fun, don't you think so? We don't have anything yet for the baby, so this'll be a great start!"

Sasuke sighed softly, giving in when he saw the excited glitter in Naruto's eyes. It was true that they didn't have anything yet for the baby; any kind of stuff would be quite welcome at this point. A small party with just the five of them wouldn't be that bad, he supposed. He would have refused entirely if Inuzuka or one of those other idiots had set up the party, because they never knew when to stop, but he thought he could trust these three to not go overboard.

He hoped.

"Fine, let's have this party," he acquiesced, tangling their fingers together.

That earnt him a bright grin from Naruto and had Suigetsu snorting and saying, "Don't hurt yourself with enthusiasm. It's a party, not a torture session."

"Suigetsu, shut the hell up," Karin smiled thinly and pinched him in his side to make him shut up, ushering all of them to one of the biggest tables available in the coffee shop, where Jugo was dividing the cake into several equal pieces.

Sasuke guessed there were worse ways to spend Fridays than eating cake and getting presents for their baby.

Jugo ended up giving them two stuffed bears, both carrying a purple bow around their neck. Karin had gone a bit wild in the baby department in a clothing store and gifted them six crawl suits in various bright colours and a set of bibs. Suigetsu, surprisingly, had turned out to be the most practical with his presents and had given them a set of six bottles and a couple of baby shampoo bottles.

"What?" he'd shrugged rather defensively when everyone had stared at him. "I asked my mum what I could give. Not like I have any experience with baby stuff, you know."

In spite of not being fond of surprise parties – or parties in general – Sasuke had ended up enjoying himself at the coffee shop after all, though he had taken the most pleasure out of seeing Naruto react excitedly with each new present opened. Something about the way Naruto would gasp and sometimes even wiggle slightly when he'd been especially happy about a gift had made sitting there for two hours, enduring Suigetsu's good-natured ribbing, durable. The cake can't been that bad either, Jugo proving again that he definitely knew how to bake desserts.

After finishing up in the kitchen, putting the clean plates back in the cabinet, Sasuke went back to the living room, where Naruto was on the couch, the baby gifts arranged in front of him on the table. The small crawl suits had been folded up and put in a pile next to the bibs and the bottles had been removed from their packages. The two stuffed bears were leaning against each other, their beady black eyes glistening in the light.

As Sasuke neared the couch, he saw that Naruto was holding the dark blue crawl suit in his hands, stroking the golden stars dotted all across the cloth. There was a far away look on his face as if he was somewhere entirely else with his thoughts. It was such a far cry from how excited and happy he'd been before that Sasuke grew worried instantly.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he asked, sitting down next to him, studying the way those fingers would trace the stars over and over again.

Naruto startled a bit, as if he had been so lost in thought that he hadn't heard the other man coming closer. "Oh, erm, nothing really."

"You really don't look like it's nothing," Sasuke said bluntly and reached over to gently pull the crawl suit out of the blond's hands.

Naruto sighed softly and rubbed his left cheek before slumping down in the corner of the couch. "It's stupid, really," he muttered, refusing to look at Sasuke. "I was just … thinking about my mum and dad. Wondering what they would have said about the baby if they were still alive. You know, I never really thought about it, but there's so much stuff they're missing out on and I don't know … I guess getting all these gifts just reminded me that I'll never know whether they would have been happy about the baby – or whether they would have kicked me out as well."

He smiled humourlessly. "And I know it's stupid to wonder about this when they've been dead for so long, but …"

He shut up when Sasuke pulled him into his arms, embracing him as tightly as he dared. Resting one hand against Naruto's belly, he turned his head and nosed his temple gently, pressing a kiss there.

"It's not stupid, not at all," he murmured and didn't loosen his embrace even when Naruto tensed up slightly. "I think it's normal to wonder about that. For what it matters, I like to think your parents would have reacted better than mine."

"Why would you think that?" Naruto asked, his voice muffled when he turned to hide his face in Sasuke's shoulder.

Trailing his fingers slowly up and down Naruto's side, Sasuke answered, "Because you turned out amazing and you have to have got that from somewhere, right?"

That had Naruto looking up at him and quirking an eyebrow. "Yeah? Where did you get it from then? Because no offense, but Fugaku is not exactly a stellar example."

Sasuke smiled wryly. "I don't know, maybe from my brother? Maybe you infected me with it."

"That's so incredibly cheesy," Naruto snickered and turned his head to lock their mouths together in a soft kiss.

Right as his tongue slid across Sasuke's lips, coaxing them open, they both jumped at the same time, pulling away hastily as they stared down at Naruto's belly, where Sasuke could swear he'd just felt –

"Was that the baby moving?" Naruto asked breathlessly; his blue eyes large and filled with both disbelief and wonder.

"I – I think so," Sasuke said slowly, blinking. It had been quite faint, barely even tangible, but he could swear he had felt something very weakly pushing back against his thumb. "You never felt the baby moving before?"

He thought he'd read that the person carrying the baby would be able to feel them moving around as early as sixteen weeks if they were lucky. Naruto was now twenty weeks far, it would make sense for the both of them to feel the baby moving around now.

"I - " Naruto furrowed his eyebrows, dropping one hand down to cup his stomach, caressing it absently. "I might have, but … I don't know, I never really paid that much attention to it, because it never felt this strong before."

"Well, if we've both felt it, then I guess it's safe to assume that he or she is really moving around now," Sasuke muttered and couldn't help but feel fascinated by it, covering Naruto's stomach with both palms now, wondering if he would be able to feel the baby fussing around again or not.

Maybe that had been all for tonight, their baby just wanting to let them know they were completely fine, but it would be amazing if he could feel … There.

Blue eyes met black and they smiled at each other, Naruto's hands coming down to cover Sasuke's. "You felt that?" Naruto whispered, his lips barely moving.

"Yeah, I did."

The crawl suit was left abandoned on the edge of the table as they lost themselves in deep kisses, Naruto's legs cradling Sasuke's body between them as he reclined back in the couch, pulling Sasuke down with him.

Their smiles didn't leave their faces for a long time after that.

"When do you think we can make our next appointment with Tsunade?" Naruto questioned on Sunday morning, munching on the remainder of his toast. He was dressed in nothing but a large shirt and some boxers this time, his blond hair still a complete mess even though he'd got up nearly an hour ago.

"Our schedules don't really make it easy to find a moment," Sasuke said and frowned, sitting back down at the table with a refill of his coffee. "I think the only really safe day would be Saturday unless we agree on skipping some classes on another day."

The blond furrowed his eyebrows. "Yeah, but that would depend on the available slots she can give us. I mean, she's pretty popular, so I doubt it'd be easy to claim a spot soon. I want to know whether we're going to have a girl or a boy, though, so I don't want to wait too long anymore."

Sasuke couldn't say he disagreed with that. Since knowing that Naruto was pregnant, a part of him had been secretly wondering whether they would get a son or a daughter. Either would be fine with him; he didn't have a particular preference for one gender. It was cliché, but as long as both Naruto and the baby remained safe and healthy, then he couldn't care less whether the baby was a boy or a girl.

"My class in the morning got cancelled tomorrow," he said, doing a quick mental check of his schedule. "Yours doesn't start until eleven, right?"

"Yeah, until twelve," Naruto confirmed. "Why?"

"We could call the office tomorrow, get both our schedules and check what the earliest available slot is?" Sasuke suggested, crossing his legs. "Depending on the day, we might be able to skip a class if it doesn't require our presence."

"Man, I never thought I'd see the day perfect student Sasuke would be willing to skip a class," Naruto teased him, laughing when Sasuke rolled his eyes and threw a balled up napkin at him.

"I don't need to hear that from you," he retorted and sipped from his coffee. "Any particular plans for today?"

Pursing his lips, Naruto tapped his fingers against the edge of the table. "I finished most of my reading already actually. The old lady lets me work on my homework during my shifts if it's not too busy, so I'm not behind."

"Now that's called a miracle," Sasuke smirked; his smirk widening when Naruto stuck out his tongue. "Real mature there."

"So I was just thinking about lazing around, honestly," Naruto continued, ignoring his interruption serenely. "I mean it's Sunday and who knows when I'll get another day off. You? Got any urgent assignments?"

"No, I finished my part of the project on Friday and sent it through yesterday," Sasuke replied, shaking his head. "The others still need to finish their part, so I guess I'll be contacted by them somewhere this week. I've got some reading to do, but nothing urgent."

"Well, how about lazing together?" Naruto suggested; his eyes twinkling mischievously. "Oh, we could even look up baby stuff together! I know it's still a bit early, but the quicker we figure out what we need, the better. We can save up for it and everything, I mean. Because I don't think a crib is cheap." He frowned slightly.

"We'll figure it out," Sasuke promised him. "We've been doing well so far on our own, no?"

Naruto relaxed again and smiled. "That's true, we've been doing pretty well on our own. So what do you think? You in the mood to lazy around?"

"Why do I feel like you mean something completely different with lazing around?" Sasuke mused dryly.

"So distrustful of your own boyfriend," Naruto mock gasped.

They both looked in the direction of the door when a loud knock echoed through the apartment. They sat there for a moment, the both of them bemused, until a second knock sounded, a bit more impatient this time.

"You expecting someone?" Sasuke asked bewildered. He thought he would have remembered Naruto mentioning someone coming over.

"No, can't think of anyone," Naruto said surprised and stood up. "Let me go see who it is. Maybe it's one of our neighbours or so. That one lady three doors down from us asked me for eggs before, maybe she's back."

As Naruto made his way to the door, Sasuke stood up as well and started clearing the table, putting the jam and the butter away before collecting their dirty dishes. It was only because he was focusing most of his attention on Naruto that he caught it.

"Oh fuck."

The second he heard that, he hurried out of the kitchen, worrying what could have happened.

Naruto was at the door, holding it up and standing as immobile as a statue. And right in front of him stood –


Looking equally as shocked as them as he stared down at Naruto's belly, which definitely was not hidden by the thin shirt.

Oh fuck indeed.

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