You Are Worth Everything

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Warnings: Some drama; mature content; no means no; pushy people

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Chapter 5

Working at the Silver Hawk was … an interesting experience.

He had worried that he would have a hard time learning how to make each type of drink, because he'd never been a fan of complicated drinks himself. When he had walked into the café on Saturday for his training session, he had told himself to consider the various drinks as just a chapter in one of his books that he had to study. He'd always been good at learning things by heart, so if he considered the various recipes as notes he needed to know by heart for an exam, he would be fine, he'd thought.

His method had perhaps been somewhat unorthodox, but it had worked, allowing him to learn all the recipes in just two afternoons. Preparing them perfectly had been trickier, unused as he was to the coffee machines, but even that he'd grown used to after a couple of days.

The ones he still wasn't used to after two weeks, were his colleagues and – the customers.

Kakashi, his boss, tended to hole up in the backroom for the majority of the day, dealing with orders and finances related to the café. Rarely did he show himself in the café itself. He also kept wearing a mask every day, which seemed to be a fixed habit of his if Sasuke were to believe his colleagues.

One of the colleagues in question was a tall, broad shouldered, young man with both orange hair and eyes, whose name was Jugo. He didn't show himself much in the café either, but that was because he was busy in the adjoined kitchen, where he prepared the pastries, cakes and bento. He tended to ply them with leftover pastries at the end of their shifts as well. Not particularly a fan of sweets, however, Sasuke usually ended up giving them to Naruto, who had come to appreciate that particular benefit of Sasuke's job.

A lanky, white haired guy with purple eyes named Suigetsu was another colleague of his. He shared some of the shifts with Sasuke and delighted in flirting with all the pretty girls who visited the place. Sometimes he was lucky and managed to get their phone numbers, other times he was snubbed or just plain out ignored. No matter which reaction he got, he all took it in stride, never looking bothered by being rejected.

"You don't seem to take it seriously," Sasuke remarked, watching Suigetsu easily bounce back after having been rejected by the brunette.

"Because I'm not." The guy's grin could rival that of a shark's. "I'm in it for the fun, no point in getting trapped in a relationship already, you know? If I score a date with them, that's fun, if I don't, well, no skin off my nose. There are plenty of other hot chicks I'll score with anyways."

"And that's why you're going to be a lonely loser for the rest of your life," Karin sniffed, making her way to the kitchen with some empty trays. "Because you don't know how to treat a woman right."

"That wasn't what Honda said last week," he smirked, giving an exaggerated wink. "Besides, like you're so damn innocent. I'd think Kakashi doesn't pay you enough to buy more clothes given that you only wear low cut ones. One of these days the customers are going to get a hell of a lot more than they're paying for."

"You're an arse, Suigetsu," she hissed, stomping on his foot, making him flinch, before she stomped into the kitchen.

While Suigetsu could have been more careful in expressing himself, there was a kernel of truth in what he said. Just as Suigetsu liked to flirt with the female customers, just as much did Karin flirt with the male ones – or even the female ones, she didn't appear to be picky. As long as they were attractive, they were guaranteed to be presented with her charm.

A charm she had tried to unleash on Sasuke a couple of times before he had told her in no uncertain terms that he had a boyfriend and wasn't interested at all. He had already been prepared to deal with any stubbornness she might display about it, because he wasn't exactly a stranger to girls still trying to flirt with him even when he had made it clear that he was already taken.

To his pleasant surprise, she had backed off immediately, her cheeks red, as she apologised profusely. She had got over her embarrassment rather quickly, however, and now enjoyed jokingly flirting with him sometimes whenever she was in a mischievous mood – or if a customer happened to be a bit too insistent in getting Sasuke's number.

Because while Sasuke might not have been working at the Silver Hawk for long yet, it was obvious that the customers liked what they saw. In just barely two weeks he'd already come to recognise several female customers, purely because they happened to stop by at least twice during his shift every day – and considering he only had the late afternoon shift, that meant they passed by the café at least twice in less than four hours.

Some girls just blushed and remained shy, barely managing to stutter out their order, but others were bolder, flirting with him every time, even when his icy looks should be enough of a deterrent. He wanted nothing more than to snap at them, make it clear that he wouldn't even give them the time of his day if he wasn't obliged to serve them, but that wouldn't reflect well on the business, he realised, so he just gritted his teeth and ignored them as much as he could.

Still barely two weeks of dealing with their bullshit and he was already close to snapping at them. Why was it that hard to just understand that he wasn't interested in them?

"I was wondering when your shifts ends?" The dark blonde girl smiled flirtingly, twirling a curl of her hair around her finger and blatantly ignoring her mocha which Sasuke placed in front of her. "Maybe we could do something fun together?"

"Sorry, got other plans," he smiled thinly, clenching his jaw. This was already the fifth girl asking for a date and he still had forty minutes of his shift left.

"Well, maybe we can see each other tomorrow?" she kept bugging him, clearly refusing to take the hint.

"No, sorry, but - "

"He already has plans with me. Tonight, tomorrow and every night for the rest of our lives," a very familiar, very welcome, voice interrupted them cheerfully. "Every day for that matter too."

Sasuke couldn't help the smile spreading across his face when he turned around and saw to his surprise Naruto standing in front of the counter. "Hey there, I didn't know you were going to come. You finished your assignment?"

"Yeah, thought I would visit you. I haven't been here before and now I've got a great excuse," Naruto teased, leaning across the counter.

Almost automatically, Sasuke leant towards him to accept the kiss. It was nothing more than a peck, a quick brushing of their mouths together, but it had as amazing result that the girl looked absolutely offended before grabbing her cup and leaving in a huff.

"So, how is it, having to deal with annoying girls every day?" Naruto chuckled, though his eyes were slightly narrowed.

Sasuke didn't miss the scowl – quick as it disappeared again – he threw at the retreating back of the girl. "An exercise in self-restraint," he admitted ruefully. "Can I get you anything?"

"A caffè mocha?" Naruto shrugged, smiling sheepishly. "I want something sweet."


"Jugo says we can take the remaining pieces of the strawberry cake if we want," Karin announced, returning from the kitchen. Her gaze fell on Naruto and she grinned sharply, purring, "Well, hello there, cutie, I'm Karin, can I get you something? Like my number maybe?"

Naruto grinned, looking thoroughly amused. He jerked his thumb at Sasuke. "Already got his number, sorry."

Instead of offended or confused, her face lit up in recognition and if possible, her grin widened even more. "Oh, so you're Sasuke-kun's boyfriend! May I tell you that you've got very fine taste? You're the envy of all the girls, let me tell you."

"I know," Naruto snickered. "A lot of girls weren't that fond of me in secondary school because of that."

She crossed her arms on the counter, smirking. "I can imagine. His looks aren't bad for business, though. The boss says we've already made more profit in the past two weeks."

"You're being ridiculous," Sasuke grumbled as he made the final touches on Naruto's drinks.

"Nuh uh, ask Kakashi," she insisted. "Your pretty face is drawing in a lot more customers than usual."

"Glad I could be of service," Sasuke droned and placed the finished mug in front of Naruto, guessing he was going to remain here until the end of Sasuke's shift. There would be no sense in showing up here, only to leave a bit before his shift would end.

"He's hilarious too," she chuckled.

"Life of the party every time," Naruto agreed; his eyes shining with mischief.

"You're both annoying," Sasuke informed them, glowering.

"Ah, don't be like that," Naruto huffed amused before sobering up slightly. "Seriously, though, the customers aren't too pushy?"

"No worse than I've experienced in secondary," Sasuke replied and shrugged.

Yes, the ones who didn't get the hint were annoying, but it wasn't like he could really do much about it. Be too rude and that would damage the business. There wasn't much they could do to him, though. Sure, they could keep flirting with him all they liked, but they would only be rejected time and time again.

"I've taken to chasing off the ones who are really persistent," Karin said lightly. "I can't blame them for flirting with cutie here, but there are boundaries that need to be respected."

"That's very nice of you, I mean it," Naruto said and turned to Sasuke with a raised eyebrow. "Weird that you let her do it, though, you've never been one to hold back."

"I don't want to risk losing this job because I was too rude," Sasuke grumbled, using a cloth to clean up some of the coffee stains on his work desk.

"Don't worry about that," Karin said dismissively, brushing her hair back over her shoulder. "If you would get fired that easily for being rude, neither I nor Suigetsu would still be working here. Nor Kakashi for that matter, because for all that he can be pretty lazy, he's got quite the foul mouth on him as well."

"This is amazing," Naruto grinned. "Well, guess I should sometimes pop up to remind all the girls that you're a taken man. Karin-san, you've got permission to lay it on thick if some girls are too persistent when I'm not here."

"I don't need anyone's help, I've been rejecting girls for years," Sasuke growled.

"No offense, Sasuke-kun, but that makes you sound like a dick," Karin said amused. "And just Karin is fine, really."

"I'm Naruto," the blond introduced himself and took another sip of his drink. "This is really good by the way, Sasuke, you've been holding out on me."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, but a smile nevertheless tugged at his lips, even as he turned to the next customer.

Sasuke had been working at the Silver Hawk for a month when he first encountered a customer who wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

He had an hour left to go, sharing his shift with Suigetsu this time, when the young woman walked in. Her white dress fell loosely down her hips, flaring slightly with every step she took; her high heels tip-tapping on the tiled floor. Her hair was done up in a loose bun, with some curls framing her face and her red lipstick stood out against her pale face.

At this time on a Friday evening, there weren't many customers in the coffee shop, most people preferring to go out in bars or restaurants instead of wasting their time at a coffee shop. There was an elderly woman solving crossword puzzles in the back corner and a bespectacled guy next to the window, who was sort of a regular, coming to the shop four evenings a week to work on his paper while drowning himself in black coffee.

"Good evening, what can I get for you?" Sasuke asked politely.

Suigetsu was in the back, doing a stock intake because Kakashi had to leave for a bit. The door had been left ajar, just in case Sasuke did need to call in his help, but both men thought that was unlikely given how dead the shop was usually around this time.

She smiled instantaneously, resting her hands on the counter. Her eyes gleamed as she took in his features and he resisted the urge to scowl. He already hadn't had the best of days, having woken up with a headache, which had only been exacerbated by his fellow students who didn't know how to keep their damn voices at a normal volume. He also had trouble finding information for one of his papers, which led to him being in a rather foul mood when he arrived at the coffee shop for his shift.

For all that Suigetsu could be rather insensitive, he apparently possessed enough people skills to realise that Sasuke wasn't in the mood to be joked with and had left him alone for the most part, for once not trying to egg him on.

The last thing Sasuke needed now was another woman who thought she had a shot with him.

"Hm, you can give me a medium ice cold mocha Frappuccino, seeing as it's so hot still outside," she smiled, waving her hand right above her cleavage.

He gave her a bland smile in return. "Of course, one medium mocha Frappuccino coming up. That's 540 yen, please." He turned around and started collecting the ingredients, checking quickly whether they still had enough ice.

It being May, the temperatures were climbing with each day that passed and today had been one of the hottest so far – which hadn't helped improving his mood exactly. A lot of customers, therefore, had deviated from their usual warm orders, and had instead ordered mostly iced teas and cold coffees to combat the heat.

"So, does your shift end soon?" she asked, her heels tapping as she walked over to the other side of the counter where she could accept her cup and which gave her a more direct view of him. Judging by the smile on her face, the latter reason was definitely why she was already there.

"No," he answered shortly, selecting the right cup.

"Got any plans for tonight?" she fished, because clearly she wasn't about to give up.

"Go home and be with my partner," he answered pointedly.

"That doesn't sound exciting," she remarked, completely bypassing his remark about Naruto.

He barely held himself back from rolling his eyes and instead clenched his jaw. Really, hadn't the day been bad enough already?

"Well, it's exciting enough for me," he said curtly and scooped the crushed ice in the cup.

"I think you and I could have some fun together, go out, you know?" she giggled, twirling a curl around her index finger. "I know some really great clubs, exclusive ones even, but I'm sure I can get you inside."

"No, thank you. As I said before, I've got a boyfriend," he said, hanging on to his last thread of patience as much as he could. Maybe by being clear about what kind of partner he had, she would back off finally.

No such luck, naturally, because that would be way too easy and the universe wasn't about to make it easy for him today. "Well, he doesn't have to know," she smiled and winked. "Nothing wrong with having some fun, you know?"

"Not my idea of fun, here's your Frappuccino," he said coolly and placed it on the counter.

He barely retracted his hand on time before she could close her fingers around it. "Well, I'll be waiting here for a bit longer in case you change your mind," she smiled seductively and walked over to one of the tables right in front of the counter, her hips swaying back and forth.

"You look like you're going to kill someone," Suigetsu observed when Sasuke briefly slipped into the backroom for a short break.

The woman kept shooting coy glances at him and it was making his skin crawl. She also turned out to be the slowest drinker on earth, because her cup still wasn't empty even though she'd been sitting there for twenty minutes already. Didn't she have somewhere else to go? Preferably on the other end of the city?

"One of the customers thinks she can convince me to go out with her," he growled, striding over to the mini fridge to snatch one of the ice cold bottles there. "She keeps sitting there even after I told the stupid bitch that I've got a boyfriend. How deluded can she be?"

Suigetsu peeked through the gap of the door and whistly lowly. "You're talking about the hot chick in the white dress?"

"I don't consider her hot, but yes, that's her."

"Yeah well, you're with a guy, so it's no wonder you don't appreciate the female beauty," Suigetsu teased, ducking when a pen was thrown at him with frightful precision. He appeared to understand that this was still not the right time to tease Sasuke, because he straightened out and dropped the pen on the desk, suggesting, "You want me to get her attention off you?"

"Flirt with her, kick her out, I don't care, I just want her to stop looking at me," Sasuke snapped.

The other man raised an eyebrow. "Man, you're really not having a good day, huh? Fine, let's see if I can work my magic on her."

He slipped out of the room, letting the door fall shut behind him and Sasuke sagged down on one of the chairs, scowling at the calendar on the wall as he drank his water. He couldn't wait for this damn shift to be over so he could go home and be with Naruto. The blond's shift ended half an hour before his, so he should be at their apartment already by the time Sasuke came home. Maybe they could order some takeout, see if any of the business' nearby were giving out deals.

Keeping himself focused on that image – of Naruto waiting for him at home, ready to delight him with another tale of what the library patrons had got up to tonight – he screwed the dop back on the bottle and stood up, stretching his arms.

Ready to tackle the remaining half hour of his shift.

The woman was not ready to give up.

Suigetsu tried several times to flirt with her, but while she remained polite, it was obvious he was getting rejected again and again to the point where he went back behind the counter and shook his head almost imperceptibly with a sigh.

"No dice, man, she's really focused on you," he said in a low voice. "Tried everything, but nothing."

"Oh, for fuck's sake," Sasuke growled and marched from behind the counter, going straight to her table.

She straightened up immediately, giving him a blinding smile and managing somehow to push up her breasts even more. It had the old woman next to her snorting quietly, shaking her head and tutting her lips.

Plastering a fake smile on his face, Sasuke said, "My apologies, but if you're not going to order anything else, I'm afraid you have to leave. Boss' orders."

Technically he wasn't lying. While it wasn't an explicit order, Kakashi didn't like customers lingering in the shop if they weren't going to order more. He said they only took up spaces that could be used by actual paying customers and the only exception he was willing to make was if the weather was horrible outside.

Given that it was still warm and no speck of rain to be seen, there was no reason for the woman to remain here, especially if she wasn't going to order anything else.

"Aw, that's too bad. I'd love to order, but I don't want to ruin my appetite," she sighed and rose up. "I'll see you in a bit!"

"No, you won't," he remarked and went back behind the counter before she could say anything else.

Suigetsu was watching the entire scene with his arms crossed and both eyebrows raised and the second the woman was outside, the elderly woman piped up, "Mark my words, young man, you need to be careful with her type. She clearly grew up getting everything she wanted. Dangerous sort, that one." She nodded and went back to her crossword puzzle, sipping daintily from her third cup of tea.

"Grandmother might be right," Suigetsu commented. "She's quite the persistent one, I give her that."

"Whatever, she's gone," Sasuke sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "That's all that matters."

Except she wasn't gone. She remained sitting on one of the benches in front of the shop, smiling flirtingly whenever Sasuke dared to look outside.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Beyond fed up now, Sasuke stood right outside the counter, spotting the woman still seated even though he'd taken his time to get his stuff after his shift had ended.

What the hell was wrong with her that she didn't get the more than obvious hints he'd thrown at her? How much clearer than "I've got a boyfriend" did he have to be?

"Told you, my boy," the elderly woman said, patting his arm as she shuffled her way to the door. "She's dangerous. You need me to call the police?"

"No, it's fine, I'll deal with it," he muttered, rubbing his forehead.

She looked like she didn't really believe him, but nodded nonetheless and left the shop, her handbag clutched in her wrinkly hands. She appeared to say something to the woman, who frowned at her. Whatever she told her, it had the woman crossing her arms and turning away from the old woman.

"You want to wait here until she really leaves?" Suigetsu offered. There wasn't even a spot of amusement left in his eyes and instead he looked slightly disturbed. "I've met some crazy girls in my life, but dude, she might take the crown in that category. There's being persistent and then there's being her."

"I'm not going to hide here all because that bitch is brainless," Sasuke said irritated.

"What if she keeps harassing you?"

"Then she's going to have a problem," Sasuke snapped and walked outside, refusing to cower.

She rose up the second he closed the door behind him, a flirty smile instantly appearing on her face.

"Save yourself the trouble, I'm not interested," Sasuke said bluntly. "Just in case you were too stupid to listen the first time: I've got a boyfriend. That means I'm absolutely not interested in women and even if I were, you're definitely not my type. Now fuck off."

"Aw, come on, don't be like that," she pouted and when she tried to grab his arm, he stepped away swiftly. "Just because you've never been with a woman doesn't mean you won't like it! I can show you what you've been missing out."

"You think you're the first one to try to convert me?" he smiled cynically and she faltered finally. "Think that because you got a pair of tits and a semi-pretty face, you can get any guy you want? Let me tell you this: I've met a lot of women more beautiful than you in my life and I've got no doubt that I will meet plenty more. If they couldn't get me to tear my eyes off my boyfriend, why the hell do you think a stupid bint like you would have a shot?"

"What's going on here?"

Surprised, Sasuke turned his head, frowning when Naruto walked over to them. Blue eyes flitted warily back and forth between Sasuke and the woman and at once Naruto appeared to arrive to the right conclusion because he pursed his lips and sighed.

"Man, I was so hoping that Suigetsu was just pulling my leg when he texted me."

"You've got Suigetsu's number?" Sasuke's frown deepened. "When the hell did that happen?"

"Eh, around two weeks ago?" Naruto shrugged and came to stand directly next to him, linking their arms together and resting his head on Sasuke's shoulder. The oversized shirt he wore – definitely one of Sasuke's, who had actually stolen it from his brother's a few years ago – concealed his belly. "He texted me around twenty minutes ago, said there was a crazy bitch who wouldn't leave you alone. I thought he was kidding, but clearly he wasn't."

"And who are you calling a crazy bitch?" the woman bit out, clenching her fists at her sides.

Naruto lifted an eyebrow. "Sweetheart," he smiled poisonously sweet, "if you haven't figured out yet that I'm talking about you, what made you even possibly think you had a shot with my boyfriend? He's all about brains before beauty, you know, though you couldn't even get that last part right." He eyed her critically. "That shade of red really isn't your colour, trust me. Now I suggest you piss off and leave my boyfriend alone."

"Or else?" she challenged him, which honestly was the stupidest thing she could have done.

He leant closer to her and whatever look he had on his face had her stiffening and her eyes widening just the slightest. "Or else you won't like what I'm going to do next, trust me."

She seemed to be in the possession of some shred of intelligence at least, because she stormed off without another word.

"You really know how to attract the crazy type, huh?" Naruto remarked faux casually, but his eyes were sharp and cold as he watched her stalk down the street.

"Yeah well, not like I go looking for them," Sasuke said irritated, but a bit of relief swelled up. "Suigetsu really texted you?"

Naruto visibly relaxed when he looked up at him. "Yeah, he honestly sounded quite worried. Told me this crazy bitch wouldn't get the hint and kept bothering you and no matter what either one of you said, she refused to listen." He shrugged and clasped their hands together as they started to walk away. "Figured it would be easier if that dumbass saw for herself that you're really taken. You might want to talk to Kakashi-san and have him ban her from the shop or so. Girl looks crazy enough to want to take revenge or so."

"I'll probably do that," Sasuke agreed and tangled their fingers together. "You didn't have to come all the way here, though."

"What and not help my boyfriend solve his crazy woman predicament?" Naruto teased, but there was still a cold glint in his eyes. "Nah, no way, I had way too much fun rubbing it in her face that you're mine."

"And you say I have possessive issues," Sasuke snorted, tugging Naruto into the right direction.

He'd taken the car instead of public transport for once, because he had had to make a quick stop at the bank to solve an issue with their app before his shift and the car was the only way to arrive at the shop on time. Fortunately Kakashi had rented out two parking spots in the underground parking lot near his coffee shop so Sasuke hadn't had to worry about finding space to park.

The only small mercy today.

"Your day didn't get better, hm?" Naruto asked sympathetically when they were in the car.

"No, just bullshit piled on bullshit piled on bullshit," Sasuke muttered darkly, clenching his fingers around the steering wheel.

"I'm sorry," Naruto whispered and leant over the gear stick to kiss him. "Sorry you had to deal with so much shit."

"Yeah." Sasuke kissed him back and couldn't help but melt into the kiss a bit, relaxing finally now that he was surrounded by Naruto's taste and smell.

His hand landed on the gentle swelling that was becoming more pronounced with each week that passed, cupping the small bump, and unconsciously he smiled; his thumb rubbing over the cloth.

"That's better," Naruto murmured and pulled back to kiss the tip of his nose. "You look far better smiling than frowning."

"Idiot," Sasuke snorted.

Naruto winked and rested his hand on top of Sasuke's. "Bastard. Now come on, get us home."

That was an order Sasuke had no problem following.

That evening, when they slipped into bed after dimming the lights everywhere and locking the door, Naruto crawled into his lap and wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck, bending down to kiss him. From his mouth, his lips travelled to Sasuke's cheeks, pressing feather light kisses there, before they drifted across his forehead, dipping down to his nose, and then lowering until they touched the hollow beneath his left ear.

"What's going on?" Sasuke wondered, his hands wandering up and down across Naruto's back, before they settled around his hips, tightening just a fraction when the blond shifted his arse, settling down closer to his dick.

The slow smile unfurling across Naruto's face had heat pooling into the pit of Sasuke's lower belly immediately, his body automatically reacted to that smile promising him so much pleasure.

"Well, they always say it's best to relax after a hard day," Naruto hummed and shimmied his way out of his shirt, throwing it carelessly onto the floor. "You know, the hormones that get released when you perform certain activities help with relaxing and help reducing stress and even pain."

"That's what you remembered from our biology classes?" Sasuke smirked, reclining against his pillow.

"Don't be surprised," Naruto huffed, smacking his shoulder lightly. "I did pay attention in school, you know."

"Is that why you kept asking me to tutor you?" Sasuke asked sceptically, pressing his lips together when Naruto tugged his shirt up. He lifted his arms, responding to the unspoken demand in glistening blue eyes, and allowed the other man to remove his shirt.

The grin gracing Naruto's mouth was absolutely wicked and served to only further awaken Sasuke's arousal; his hardening dick pressing insistently against Naruto's arse.

"Well, any reason to be with you was a good enough reason for me," Naruto replied lightly, trailing his fingers down Sasuke's chest, making him shiver slightly. "And you did give me such good incentives every time to finish my work."

"I had to, otherwise you wouldn't concentrate," Sasuke scoffed.

"Can't blame me for having better things to concentrate on." Naruto winked and caught his mouth in a deep kiss before Sasuke could think of a retort.

They shifted around a bit, as they helped divest each other of their remaining clothes, and a twin hiss left their mouths when their naked bodies were pressed together, their cocks brushing and sliding against each other. Naruto's belly was definitely more noticeable now that there were no longer clothes hiding it from view and Sasuke cupped it reverently, stroking the soft skin carefully with his thumbs, kissing Naruto again and again, coaxing his lips to part.

They did so eagerly, allowing their tongues to touch each other and ignite a heavy want within Sasuke. It had been a while since they had last made love like this and he caught himself sucking a bruise in Naruto's neck before he could think twice.

"There's no way I'm going to be able to hide that one underneath my shirt," Naruto said, a bit breathless and pouting at the same time. "What will other people think?"

"That you're mine and they best keep their hands off," Sasuke said simply and kissed him hard as he flipped them around, so that he ended up on top of Naruto, lying between his spread legs but being careful to keep his weight off his belly.

"Always so possessive," Naruto tutted; a flush decorating his cheeks. It went all the way down to his neck and chest, colouring his skin a pretty pink.

"After tonight, you have no right to lord that over me," Sasuke said smugly and flicked his thumb across one of Naruto's nipples, making the man hiss and arch his back slightly. "Who was the one who came all the way over to the shop to put a woman in her place?"

"Yeah well, someone needed to make it clear to her that you're off the market," Naruto huffed and wrapped his legs around Sasuke's hips. "Now come on, less talking about that bitch, more concentrating on me!"

"When have I ever not concentrated on you?" Sasuke questioned rhetorically and their next kiss was filthy and deep, pulling a deep moan from the blond, as Sasuke fumbled with the cap of the lube, popping it open blindly.

Automatically Naruto lifted his hips when Sasuke slipped his wet fingers between his cheeks. He rubbed some lube around his entrance first, feeling the muscle flutter against his fingertip, before he breached it carefully. He was rewarded with a contented sigh and Naruto nipping at his lower lip.

"I missed this," Naruto muttered, rolling his hips in tandem with Sasuke moving his finger inside of him.

He pushed his finger inside a couple of times, making sure to spread more lube around before he added a second finger to stretch him even further. Muscles briefly clenched down around the digits and then seemed to swallow them completely, drawing them in even further.

Two became three eventually and only when Sasuke was certain that Naruto was sufficiently wet and stretched did he pull his fingers back, swallowing when those inner muscles tightened around them, as if to hold them inside.

"Definitely missed this," Naruto moaned when Sasuke sank inside him, pushing into him until he was completely inside, his hips resting flush against his buttocks.

Words momentarily left him, but he figured his kiss convened his feelings well enough. He grasped one of Naruto's hands, knitted their fingers together and pressed them against the pillow, before he drew back slowly. Holding darkened blue eyes, he sank back in him in one fluid thrust and from there on, all thoughts left his mind.

All he could focus on was Naruto's eyes, how those swollen lips tasted against his, how little sighs and broken mewls and deep moans filled his ears, muscles tightening around his cock every time he pushed into him again and again, driving the both of them to euphoric heights.

All he could focus on was Naruto. On them together.

"You know, if the women are bothering too much, you don't have to keep working there," Naruto remarked cautiously after they had finished taking a shower and were back in bed.

Sasuke couldn't help but snort derisively. "Yeah, I kind of have to if we want to keep affording everything." He wrapped his arm around the blond, pulling him closer.

Swinging both an arm and a leg around Sasuke, Naruto mumbled, "I could take up extra - "

"No, Naruto," Sasuke said sharply, cutting him off instantly. "We talked about this, you're not going to take up extra shifts. Not when you're pregnant."

"I don't want you to be miserable for my sake either," Naruto shot back, his fingers curling into Sasuke's waist.

The dark haired man shook his head and inhaled deeply before kissing his forehead. "I'll be fine. I'm not going to let myself be chased away from there by some airheaded bimbos."

"But Sasuke," Naruto protested once more, quietening down when Sasuke pecked his lips.

"I'll be fine," he repeated.

He would be. He had to be. They weren't exactly in a position where they could afford to be picky about where they worked. One day they would be in that position, he promised himself, but until then he would keep working at the coffee shop and grit his teeth through any flirting attempts people might try.

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