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Warnings: Time skips; biological info regarding Naruto's body; mature content; birth

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Chapter 10

August made them double down on finally choosing a name for their baby. While Naruto wasn't due yet for a couple more months, they also didn't want to wait until the very last moment to finally settle on a name.

Actually choosing a name turned out to be more difficult than expected, however. While they had the benefit of knowing that they would have to pick a name suited for a boy, they had a hard time agreeing on one and more than once a peaceful internet search devolved into an argument about why this name was ridiculous or that name was utterly crap.

"We are not naming our son Menma and that's it, Naruto," Sasuke growled and started to wipe the counter clean.

Waving a hand held fan in front of his face, Naruto huffed, "And why not? What's wrong with that name now, bastard?"

Sasuke paused his cleaning and stared incredulously at the blond. "Are you seriously asking me what is wrong with that name?" he asked in disbelief. "It's a goddamn condiment made from bamboo shoots! I'm not going to name our kid after food!"

"Hey, my name is basically food as well," Naruto pouted and drank from the cold chocolate milkshake Karin had been more than happy to serve him when he had arrived at the café almost drenched in his own sweat.

Sasuke had told him he'd been better off staying home where there were some actual decent fans, but Naruto had complained that it got boring, having to wait for Sasuke to arrive home.

Dark eyes squinted. "I thought you were named after a character in your godfather's novel?"

"That's what he said anyways." Naruto shrugged. "I never read any of his novels; straight porn isn't my thing."

"We're still not naming our kid Menma and that's final," Sasuke stated resolutely.

The pregnant man groaned and thumped his head against the counter. "You do realise that we're running out of names here, right? We're going to have to look at foreign names if we don't find one on which we can agree with."

"Nothing food related," Sasuke insisted.

"What are you guys arguing about?" Karin asked curiously, leaving the kitchen. She had collected the dirty dishes from the tables to bring them to Jugo. At the moment only one person was still seated at a table, enjoying a lemon pastry.

"Trying to decide what to name our kid," Naruto sighed and leant his chin on his hand. "Turns out studying for my classes is easier than finding a name."

She chuckled and pulled the paper with the crossed out names towards her with her finger. "Man, you really went through the entire name list, huh?" she whistled impressed. "How long have you guys been working on this?"

They shared a glance. "I don't know, maybe two weeks?" Sasuke guessed and shrugged. "We've been using the internet mainly."

"Because those name books are stupidly expensive," Naruto grumbled. "I'm not going to shell out that much money for a book we'll probably only need a couple of times in our lives. That's just stupid."

"Especially when the internet is mostly free," she agreed. Her interest was next piqued by some drawings half stuffed underneath Naruto's notebook. "Hey, what's that?"

"Hm?" Naruto looked down and lifted his notebook. "Oh, that. I started telling a new story to the kids at the library and Deidara decided to draw one of the characters. Said he felt inspired, whatever that means. It's cool, though, not going to lie."

The drawing in question was a black and blue dragon, looking more European than Asian. It was sitting on his hind legs, the claws on his paws on full display and his mouth open in a silent roar, puffs of smoke coming out of it. His scales had been drawn to look like they shone and he was sitting on top of a pile of golden coins and gemstones. The art was quite beautiful actually, the kind you would expect to see in a children's book and not as a simple doodle on lined paper.

"The dragon is the main character?" Karin asked intrigued, taking a better look at the picture when Naruto handed it over.

"Yeah, thought it would be funny if I flipped the usual role portrayal and have the dragon be the hero," he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck.

"He got a name?"

He grinned. "Ryuu."

"Very creative," Sasuke teased him, smirking when that earnt him a cluck of a tongue and a slap to his arm.

"Oh shut up, I needed something to keep the kids quiet and I wasn't about to make it more complicated for myself."

"Why not name your kid Ryuu?" Karin suggested out of the blue, still studying the dragon. She looked up when she felt their gaze on her and raised an eyebrow. "What? Why not? It's an actual name and it's a cool one to boot. Who wouldn't love to be named after a mythical creature? I'd have found it pretty awesome myself."

"Uchiha Ryuu," Naruto mused aloud, tapping his chin. "It does have a nice ring to it, don't you think, Sasuke?"

"It's better than food at least," Sasuke smirked, but admittedly he did like the sound of this name. It wasn't something too ridiculous nor did it mean something stupid.

"I'm going to put it under the category of possible winner," Naruto decided, scribbling the name in a separate column on the paper.

"If we don't come up with anything else, that's probably going to be the name we'll end up with," Sasuke commented, glancing at the single name adorning the row.

Naruto shrugged and rubbed the side of his belly; at this point it was obviously rounded and couldn't even be hidden anymore underneath a large shirt. "Well, it wouldn't be such a bad name to give him."

"Better than food," Karin smirked and went to help the next customer before Naruto could say anything in response.

He squinted before casually remarking, "I can see why you and her get along. Both your humour sucks."

"I thought you wrote that I could make you laugh even during the worst of times?" Sasuke innocently reminded him.

"You know what? I'm taking my gift back!" Naruto declared with a huff and crossed his arms on top of his belly. "If you're going to throw my own words back at me, then fuck you, bastard. Give me back my book!"

"Nope, a gift is a gift and I happen to enjoy my present a whole lot," Sasuke smirked, enjoying the way those blue eyes narrowed.

"Wait until we get home," Naruto muttered darkly.

"You're going to make me eat ramen as punishment?"

"Seriously, this is how you treat your boyfriend?" Naruto exclaimed offendedly and pointed his finger at him. "You should be ashamed!"

"Learnt it from the best," the dark haired man quipped and he kissed Naruto before he could think of something else to say.

"I hate you," Naruto groused against his lips.

"Love you too."

They had another appointment with Tsunade in September. It would – normally – be the last time they would see each other until Naruto was ready to give birth.

"Today I want to check whether you'll be able to give birth the natural way so to speak or whether we should schedule you for a C-section," Tsunade explained and finished typing something on her computer. "You know that the gene can change your body during the late stages of your pregnancy?"

Naruto nodded slowly; his fingers playing with the zipper of his thin jacket. "Yeah, but that doesn't happen to everyone, right?"

"No, around fifty-five percent of the men carrying this gene are capable of delivering a baby the natural way," she confirmed. "Why that is, we still haven't figured out yet. All the same, it wouldn't be the end of the world if your body hasn't changed, but for future pregnancies, it would be safer, I guess you could say, if you don't have to undergo a C-section this time. Have you been experiencing any aches, ones you didn't experience before? And I'm not talking about swollen ankles or an aching back."

"Hm, I guess?" Naruto replied hesitatingly and scratched the back of his neck. "But my back usually aches worse, so I haven't been paying much attention to it. Should it hurt?"

"Not necessarily," she told him. "Some men's bodies change without them experiencing any discomfort; it's possible you're one of those lucky ones. We'll find out now. Please take off both your trousers and your underwear and lie down on the table."

The blond man wrinkled his nose, clearly not happy with it, but he got up nonetheless. Sasuke blinked rapidly when a finger was nearly shoved into his eye.

"Don't peek there!" Naruto warned him; a blush steadily colouring his cheeks and neck.

"It's literally part of your body and it's not like I haven't seen you naked before," Sasuke said slowly. From the corner of his eye he could see the doctor smirking as she disinfected her hands before pulling on gloves. "I don't get why you're suddenly - "

"No peeking!" Naruto insisted stubbornly, his hands resting on the button of his jeans.

"Fine, fine," Sasuke gave in with a sigh, even raising his hands briefly. "I won't look, I promise."

Blue eyes narrowed slightly. "You better don't," Naruto muttered before walking behind the curtain to undress.

"He's not the first man to feel uncomfortable when this part in the pregnancy happens," Tsunade commented lightly. "Don't take it personally. You can stand next to him; he might need your presence to distract him when I examine him."

"Is it that painful?" Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows, but stood up nevertheless and made his way to the head of the table.

She cocked her head to the left. "Not painful, but it can be quite uncomfortable," she answered. "If his body has changed, then we're dealing with a new opening, which is quite sensitive. Not much I can do about that part, I'm afraid."

"Hearing you say all that is not making me look forward to this," Naruto muttered darkly, shoving the curtain abruptly to the side. His shirt was just long enough to cover his groin and he basically scuttled – as much as his large belly would allow him anyways – to the table, lying down gingerly on it.

"Put your ankles onto the stirrups," Tsunade instructed him and sat down on a stool, rolling herself between his spread legs. "I'll be as gentle as possible, okay? Just focus on your boyfriend if it becomes too uncomfortable."

"But staring at him is just weird," Naruto complained, but his hand shot out quickly to grab Sasuke's when Tsunade lowered her head and started touching him somewhere between his legs. "Oh, I don't like this," he mumbled, trailing off into a hiss as his fingers tightened just a tad around Sasuke's.

"I guess if you don't like this, you definitely won't like giving birth," Sasuke remarked aloud, which earnt him a foul glare from the other man.

"Tell me who the fuck actually likes the process of giving birth, huh?" he demanded, scowling. "Unless you're incredibly masochistic, I don't think people actually going through that!"

"Don't they have sedatives for that?" Sasuke wondered, pretty certain he'd read about those somewhere.

"They have," Tsunade confirmed; a concentrated frown on her face. "But generally it's preferred to give birth without those as it makes it easier to time the pushing with the contractions."

"Or maybe it's because you're all sadistic," Naruto offered and his left leg twitched in reaction to whatever the doctor was doing.

"Fortunately for you, you found the least sadistic doctor in the city," she said amused. When she straightened up next, her gloves snapped loudly when she pulled them off, making Naruto and Sasuke flinch slightly. "Good news: your body indeed went through the change. It's not fully formed yet, but that's not something to worry about. By the time you'll give birth, the canal will have fully formed normally. We'll be checking it either way when your contractions start."

"So he'll be able to give birth the natural way?" Sasuke inquired curiously.

While Naruto grimaced slightly, he also looked slightly intrigued.

"He should, yes," she replied and stood up. "So far there haven't been any problems with your pregnancy, so I don't see why you shouldn't be able to give birth the natural way. Keep in mind that things can always change, of course, but at the moment you've got nothing to worry about."

"So, I can get dressed again?" Naruto asked hopefully, already pulling his legs out of the stirrups.

She snorted amused. "Yes, you can get dressed again."

Only his big belly prevented him from basically launching himself off the table.

"You've got any questions or concerns you still want to address?" Tsunade asked when they were back at the desk.

"No, nothing that I can think of," Naruto replied, his hands resting against his belly.

Sasuke shook his head.

"Well, in that case I'll see you both when it's time to deliver your baby," she smiled, absently brushing her blonde hair back over her shoulder. "Of course you're always welcome to contact me if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime."

"Thank you," Sasuke smiled faintly, checking his watch furtively. He should still be on time for his afternoon class, which was good, seeing as they would be discussing the newest assignment.

They were just outside when Naruto suddenly cursed and patted his pockets. "Shit, I forgot my wallet in her office."

"You want me to get it for you?" Sasuke offered, still holding onto the door.

"No, I'll go quickly. Give me a sec," Naruto said and slipped back inside.

Casting a suspicious look at the grey sky, Sasuke leant against the wall, fiddling with his car key in his pocket. Hopefully the weather forecast was wrong and it wouldn't rain that badly today. Traffic tended to be a real hell if it was raining badly.

"All right, got my wallet back!" Naruto announced cheerfully, pulling the door shut behind him. "Ready to go. You got class soon, right?"

"Yeah, but I can still drop you off home, don't worry," Sasuke reassured him, smiling briefly when Naruto laced their fingers together.

Fortunately for the both of them they were already back in the car by the time the clouds did break.

When dawn broke on Naruto's birthday, it was raining softly; the occasional raindrop plinking against the window. They had forgotten to close the window last night and Sasuke spent some time listening to the cars passing through their street, accompanied by a silent shushing sound as the road became wetter and wetter.

Their neighbours right above them had woken up by now; the occasional heavier footstep letting him know they were walking around in their apartment. He didn't think he'd seen them before, but whatever their job was, it had them out of the building by seven o'clock at the latest already.

He turned his head when Naruto started to stir and watched blue eyes, clouded over by sleep still, open slowly. They blinked a couple of times as they stared back at Sasuke, before Naruto twisted his head to the side and squinted at the clock.

He made an inquisitive noise. "Shouldn't you be getting ready for class?" he asked thickly, rubbing a hand across his eyes.

"Hm, took a day off," Sasuke replied lightly.

Naruto paused and frowned lightly. "Day off? Should you really do that? They might say something important during class."

"Not really." Sasuke shrugged and turned onto his side, cupping Naruto's large belly underneath his shirt, smiling when he felt their son move gently. "This professor basically only reads what's in the book, so I'm not missing out on much. I even read the chapter already, so I can just pick up next week."

"Is this because it's my birthday today?" Naruto asked bemused. "You don't have to do that, you know."

"I know, but I wanted to spend some uninterrupted time with you," Sasuke answered simply, but Naruto flushed anyway, glancing away.

Naruto had never been too emotional, not even now that he was pregnant, but he had sounded rather annoyed a couple of days ago when he'd complained to Sasuke that even though they lived together, it felt like they didn't spend much time together. When he had thought about it, Sasuke had to concede that he was right. With the couple of extra shifts he'd taken up in the last few weeks, coupled with their classes and homework, they hadn't been able to spend much time as a couple. The free time they had had, had been spent either shopping for groceries or purchasing more baby related stuff; the latter which was made easier thanks to Itachi's financial aid.

He would probably never admit it to his brother, but the money he'd started sending them monthly was helping out quite a lot. Thanks to him, they didn't have to worry so much now whether they would be able to afford everything.

"I was just a bit frustrated," Naruto said embarrassedly. "You didn't have to take it to heart. I don't mind you going to class, that would be stupid."

"And I don't mind skipping a class," Sasuke said dryly and kissed him. "Skipping one class won't hurt. It's not even with required attendance."

"You've got three classes today, though," Naruto pointed out and pushed himself up, grunting when presumably their son kicked him.

"The other two are taught by the same professor and he has some conference to attend, so he cancelled class today," Sasuke replied and sat up as well. "He emailed us yesterday, forgot to tell you about it. Apparently he has to replace someone else or something along those lines."

"Talk about being lucky," Naruto said amused.

"You sent your assignments through?"

"Yes," Naruto said slowly and raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Well, then I say we enjoy ourselves today," Sasuke smiled, swinging his legs out of the bed. "Just you and me, might as well take advantage of it before the baby is here."

"Hm, I do like the sound of that," Naruto mused, tapping his lower lip. His eyes glittered when he asked, "Can I have ramen as dinner tonight? It's my birthday after all."

Sasuke snorted. "I suppose you can." He turned around and slipped a hand around Naruto's neck, tugging him into another kiss. "Happy birthday," he murmured.

Naruto grinned, toying with black strands. "Yeah, thanks."

They spent some time re-organising their baby's stuff; pushing the crib – purchased with Kakashi's gift card – closer to their bed and finally putting together the small dresser to store away his clothes. While Naruto unwrapped the changing cushion, Sasuke found a place in the bathroom to put away the diapers. The bottles they'd been gifted had already found their spot in one of the cabinets and the crib was fully decked out, ready to welcome the new inhabitant.

Afterwards they lounged on the couch, watching movies, while Naruto's phone pinged with one message after the other from friends congratulating him. Inuzuka promised to organise a get together once they had a break after the exams and Gaara mentioned he would be passing by during one of the upcoming weeks to drop off his present. That of course led to Naruto pestering him through message about what he'd bought for him, but as expected, the red haired man refused to even budge, remaining tight-lipped.

Right after dinner – ramen as promised – Sasuke thought it was the perfect time to present his gift with Naruto fully relaxed and stretched out onto the couch.

"Got you a gift," Sasuke announced, waving the present in question in the air while leaning over the couch.

Blue eyes zoomed in on the square package and then narrowed. "That doesn't look like a ring," Naruto said meaningfully, sitting up straight.

Sasuke snorted and gave him the package. "No, it's not, well spotted."

"This would be a very good time to propose to me, just saying," Naruto remarked, even as he eagerly started to tear the wrapping away.

"But that would be cliché, no?" Sasuke retorted innocently, smirking when that earnt him a shove from a foot.

"I swear to god, one of these days I'm just going to take that ring and shove it around my finger myself," Naruto mumbled darkly.

"That would require you to be able to find it first," Sasuke said dryly and sat down on the couch; his stomach performing a couple of flips when the last scraps of paper ended up on the floor.

The second Naruto looked at his gift and realised what it was, his eyes went wide like saucers and his mouth dropped open; his hand stroking the letters on the cover.

Stunned he looked up at Sasuke; the latter resolutely ignoring how his cheeks started to feel suspiciously warm. "You made this?" Naruto asked amazed. "This must have taken some time – and money; this kind of album couldn't have been cheap!"

"Why do you think I took up the extra shifts?" Sasuke asked rhetorically and nodded at the photo album. "You haven't even opened it yet; you don't know what exactly is in it."

"Pictures of course, what else?" Naruto shot back, but he quickly opened the album, grinning when he looked at the first picture. "Oh man, I can't believe you still had this picture!"

It was one of back when they still had been kids and they had gone camping in the woods with Sasuke's family. They were sitting around the camp fire in that one; Naruto with his cheeks stuffed full with marshmallow and Sasuke with a dubious look on his face as he considered the sweets hovering right above the flames.

"I asked Itachi for help with some of them," Sasuke admitted. Most pictures – mainly from when they had been children – had been saved on a file that could be shared between the whole family, but naturally Fugaku had made certain that Sasuke no longer had any access to those pictures.

Fortunately, Itachi still could access those pictures and he hadn't had any problems sending them to Sasuke. Of course, that had been accompanied by some teasing remarks, but well, he hadn't expected anything less from his brother to be honest.

"Aw, you gave up your dignity for my present," Naruto cooed, laughing when Sasuke pinched his toe in retaliation.

Soon, though, he was absorbed in the pictures and as he lifted page after page, a myriad of emotions crossed his face: from gleeful amusement when he saw something funny to awe and wonder the further he got into the album.

When he landed on a picture which had been taking in his old apartment, his face visibly softened. "I know Itachi didn't help you with this one," he murmured, tapping his own sleeping face in the picture.

"No, he didn't," Sasuke smiled. While he never had had any interest in photography, there were times when he liked taking pictures of Naruto; usually when the other one wasn't aware of it.

This picture in question had been taken during a summer three years ago after they had gone to watch the fireworks. Sasuke had slept over at Naruto's place and when he'd woken up the morning afterwards and had seen the way the soft sunlight had fallen across Naruto's sleeping face, he hadn't been able to resist and had snapped a quick picture of it.

Naruto closed the album and stroked the words on the cover again, mouthing them, "My sun." He was quiet for a moment before he said, "There's still quite some empty pages left."

"To fill with whatever comes next," Sasuke said lightly.

Naruto choked out a laugh as he put the album onto the table and heaved himself up so he could lean over to kiss Sasuke. "You smooth talker," he accused him, laughing, before crawling onto Sasuke's lap and wrapping his arms around his neck. "I love my gift, it's amazing."

"Of course it is," Sasuke smirked and kissed him again before he could come up with a snarky retort.

When Naruto pulled away; there was a speculative gleam in his eyes, and he started playing with some strands on the back of Sasuke's head. "I've been thinking," he began.

"That's always dangerous coming from you," Sasuke teased, resting his hands on his hips.

"You're an awful boyfriend," Naruto informed him casually, tugging at his hair. "Serious now, seeing as it is my birthday, can I get one more gift?"

"One more gift?" Sasuke echoed, somewhat bemused. "What kind?"

"Birthday sex," Naruto smiled brightly, but a light blush started to stain his cheeks. "So what do you think?"

"I don't know," Sasuke hesitated. A large part of him would love nothing more than to agree, but a smaller part held him back. "Would it be okay, now that you're this far already?"

"I asked Tsunade," Naruto said promptly, as if he'd been anticipating this argument. "And she said there's no problem whatsoever. We can have sex up until I'm due basically and it's been a while and I really want to feel you in me again, so please, can we fuck?"

The last bit was said in a rush, the words almost indecipherable, but years of first being his best friend and then his boyfriend as well had taught Sasuke how to follow him, even when he was rushing through his words like he did now.

"Well, if she said it's okay, then I suppose I can give you one more present," Sasuke murmured; his fingers teasingly tracing the edge of Naruto's trousers.

"Thank fuck for that!" was all that Naruto exclaimed before he literally tugged Sasuke to their bedroom.

It took a bit of manoeuvring around, trying to find the best position with Naruto's belly at its biggest now, but they managed to make it work. They ended up on their sides, Sasuke behind Naruto, after he'd spent quite some time preparing the blond, ignoring his whining and cursing for more.

"It's been a little while, you need this preparation, trust me," Sasuke insisted, spreading more lube across his fingers before he pushed two digits back into Naruto, watching how his body easily accepted them, drawing them in further.

"I just want you to fuck me, how hard is that?" Naruto huffed impatiently; his hands restlessly running over Sasuke's chest.

"A little bit more patience wouldn't kill you," Sasuke advised him and sucked softly on the juncture joining his shoulder to his neck.

"That's what you – oh yes," Naruto abruptly trailed off in a hiss, pushing his arse down when Sasuke's fingers brushed against his prostate, making him slightly shudder.

"You were saying?" Sasuke said smugly, but inhaled sharply when warm fingers curled around his dick, pumping it a couple of times.

"That's what I thought," Naruto grinned and his noise of surprise was muffled when Sasuke caught his mouth in a deep kiss.

When Sasuke deemed him ready, he gently urged him onto his side, trailing a hand across his rounded stomach. Nearing the due date, there wasn't much space anymore for their son to move around freely, though he still frequently let them know he was there, pushing back against their hands with his fists or his feet.

"You comfortable?" Sasuke asked, settling down behind him, caressing his thigh before he lifted it.

"Yep, more than comfortable, go on," Naruto replied impatiently and was already pressing back before Sasuke could even situate himself, making him roll his eyes.

"Seriously, so damn impatient," he clucked and took a couple more seconds to put more lube on his own cock before he pushed carefully inside Naruto, feeling hot, wet muscles part around him, swallowing him up almost.

"God, I missed this," Naruto groaned satisfied, one hand curling into the sheets, the other one clamping around Sasuke's wrist.

"It's barely been a month," Sasuke murmured amused, kissing his neck.

"Definitely too long," Naruto moaned, dropping his head back.

The position they were in didn't really allow Sasuke to move fast, but that was okay. What he lacked in speed, he made up in depth and it didn't take him long to locate Naruto's prostate in this position, making sure to brush against it every second thrust. It had the blond tightening around him every time; little sighs and moans and the occasional whimper leaving his kiss bruised lips, which only urged Sasuke on.

They couldn't kiss like this, but Sasuke made up for it by kissing every bit of skin he could reach; leaving the occasional bruise behind, watching the skin there bloom up reddish. There would be several hickies decorating Naruto's neck and part of his chest for at least the upcoming week, but considering Sasuke had red lines running down his back, still stinging slightly from when Naruto had reacted a bit too enthusiastic to the preparation, he considered them to be even now.

Perhaps it was because the both of them had been rather pent up to start with, but it didn't take long before heat started unfolding in the pit of his stomach, the pleasure rapidly reaching its peak. He sucked at a patch of skin in Naruto's neck, right in the middle, at the same time as he slipped his fingers around his dick, jerking him off a couple of times. Those few times were more than enough and Naruto shuddered once, twice, before he came and his fingers dug into Sasuke's skin as he moaned; his inner muscles clamping down tightly around Sasuke's prick, triggering his own orgasm. He muffled his own groan against Naruto's shoulder, feeling him shiver and his muscles arrhythmically clenching and relaxing.

Their breathing was getting back to normal when Naruto remarked, half giddy, half sleepy already, "Thanks for the birthday gift."

Sasuke laughed and embraced him from behind. "You're welcome."

The end of October saw him sequestered in the library, buried in his books, with regretfully Inuzuka right across from him. The guy had spotted him in the library and for some godforsaken reason had decided that Sasuke would make the perfect study partner. Although judging by how many times Inuzuka was replying to messages on his phone, he didn't seem that interested in studying, so why even bother coming to the library?

Not that Sasuke particularly cared. As long as he left him alone, he could sit there, typing on his phone as much as he wanted.

"Hey, Uchiha, you got a text, man," Inuzuka commented.

"Hm," Sasuke replied absentmindedly, frowning as he tried to figure out where exactly he was supposed to find the answer to the next question on his sheet. He was pretty sure it couldn't be in this book, but which one was it then?

"Shouldn't you answer? It's from Naruto," Inuzuka continued, oblivious to the fact that Sasuke was ignoring him. "Here, it says that his water broke. Wait, what? His water broke, what does that mean?"

"He said what?" Sasuke asked alarmed, his head shooting up when the words finally registered in his mind. He snatched his phone out of Inuzuka's hand – did literally nobody know the concept of boundaries in his life? – and hastily unlocked it.

02.16 p.m. Usuratonkachi

My water broke. If you read this, can you call me?

"Are you stupid?" Sasuke demanded as soon as Naruto picked up. "Why on earth didn't you call me? Why would you text something like that?" Quickly he started to collect his books, shoving them into his bag.

"I didn't want to disturb you, because I knew you're in the library now," Naruto answered sheepishly. "I didn't want you to get into trouble with the librarian if I called you."

"Honest to god, you're an idiot," Sasuke swore, swinging his bag across his shoulder and ignoring Inuzuka's gobsmacked face. "For something like this, you call me! Have you been having contractions?"

"Hm, for a few hours now?" Naruto sounded embarrassed. "I thought it was just some cramps at first, but well, they kept popping up and now my water broke, so I guess this means that – oh fuck, that one hurt actually."

"Call Tsunade, tell her we're going to the hospital. I'll be home as soon as possible," Sasuke promised, thanking the lucky stars he didn't believe in that he'd started taking his car to his classes since last week, just in case Naruto did go into labour during one of his lectures.

"Wait, does this mean that Naruto is pregnant?" Inuzuka called out stumped to his retreating back.

Sasuke was already out of the library before he could hear the librarian scolding him for being so loud.

Truth be told, he couldn't remember much of his drive home or the one to the hospital. They obviously arrived safely and in one piece, but he couldn't recall any of the streets they drove through or the buildings they passed.

He did remember to call his brother to tell him the news as Naruto was wheeled into an available room where they would have to wait for Tsunade to show up. He thought Itachi told him he would take the earliest flight possible, but wasn't sure, all his attention focused on Naruto instead, who was putting up a brave face, but nevertheless clung to his hand whenever he had a contraction.

The thought shot through his mind that he should probably email his professor of his last class and call Kakashi that he wouldn't take up his shift tonight, but that thought disappeared as soon as it had appeared when Naruto hid his face into his shoulder, muffling a sniffle.

"Fuck, this hurts," Naruto muttered; one hand curled into Sasuke's sweater, the other one restlessly rubbing his stomach. His eyes were watery and Sasuke felt helpless at the sight of them, because what could he do?

He couldn't take away the pain, no matter how much he would like to, and Naruto was the one who had to push their baby out of his body; something else Sasuke couldn't help him with. All he could do was let Naruto lean against him, offer his hand to be crushed whenever necessary, and murmur soothing words against his clammy skin, reminding him of how close they were to holding their baby finally whenever the blond seemed to become too overwhelmed.

His own soothing words sent his mind spinning, as the realisation was slowly seeping in that this was it, today was the day that they would finally get to meet their baby boy. No longer would they only see him through a screen, today he would finally be born and they would get to see how he really looked, whose hair he had and whose eyes. Would he look more like Naruto or more like Sasuke?

Only an hour after their arrival, Naruto was told to start pushing and for the first time since they knew each other, Sasuke could detect a hint of fear in those blue eyes.

"Hey, look at me," he murmured and waited until Naruto stared at him, red faced and tear tracks on his cheeks. "You can do this, all right? You can get through this. Just remember: it won't be long anymore and then we can finally hold our baby in our arms. You just need to be strong for a little bit longer and then everything will be over."

"Easy for you to say," Naruto muttered petulantly, but he didn't protest when Sasuke offered his chest as support and he gripped Sasuke's hand tightly when the next contraction arrived and he could start pushing.

Sasuke honestly had no idea how much time was passing. They could have been in the room for two hours, three, maybe four, he wouldn't know. All he could think of was Naruto tensing up against him, of their baby steadily but surely making his way out as Naruto did his best to push again and again, not even lashing out at Tsunade's constant stream of encouraging comments.

All he could think of was the little family they had created on their own, of their son soon joining them, making their small family complete after months of waiting for him. Of how he much he loved Naruto and how much he loved their baby boy already; powerful enough that it had his chest squeezing together and a lump forming in his throat.

And when Naruto slumped back against him and Sasuke saw Tsunade holding up their screaming, bloody, with all kinds of fluid covered baby in the air, happily announcing that he was here, wonder filled him.

"Look at little Ryuu, look how cute he is, look at what we made," Naruto murmured, awed, when she placed the wriggling baby – now mostly clean and swaddled in a towel – on his chest, letting him hold him for the first time.

It was when Sasuke looked down at them, at his little family, at his red faced and sweaty boyfriend, and their baby boy, quietening down now that he was in the arms of his daddy, that he asked, "Naruto, do you want to marry me?"

Naruto stared at him incredulously before he started laughing and crying all at the same time. "I look like a freaking mess and this is the moment you choose to propose to me? How's that for being a perfect romantic moment, you bastard?"

"It's perfect to me," Sasuke said simply, caressing Ryuu's plump cheek carefully.

"Oh my god, you're unbelievable, I swear," Naruto sighed and pulled him down to kiss him. "You're lucky I love you."

"So that's a yes?" Sasuke chuckled, cupping Ryuu's head and kissing Naruto again.

"That's a yes, bastard. Now can I finally get that damn ring around my finger?!"

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