You Are Worth Everything

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Author's note: First of all, I want to apologise for making you wait so long for this chapter. That was never my intention. The last couple of weeks were pretty shitty, which this week being the worst so far, and I had a hard time getting in the right frame of mind for this story. I didn't want to deliver you shit, but I'm also not completely happy with this chapter either. However, if I only posted something I was a 100% happy with, I would probably only post once or twice a year or so, so yeah ... I hope this isn't too awful!

Warnings: some time skips; smidgen of angst; mature content

I hope you'll like this part!

Chapter 7

"I didn't expect you here," Naruto said weakly, his fingers tightening visible around the door.

"No, clearly," Gaara said blankly, his face smoothing out when he tore his gaze away from Naruto's belly. "I was wondering why you hadn't asked yet whether I wanted to come over. When you moved into your previous apartment, you basically ordered me to visit you the first evening."

Naruto didn't reply to that, seemingly too out of sorts to think of something.

"But I guess this was a good reason to keep me away, huh?"

He and Gaara might not be best friends, but it didn't escape Sasuke's notice how hurt Gaara sounded and he could understand that. If the roles had been reversed and he had been the one to find out like this that Naruto was expecting a baby and had been keeping the news from him, he would feel pretty hurt about it too.

"I didn't mean - " Naruto cut himself off with a groan and rubbed his forehead. "You want to come inside? I can explain everything."

Gaara raised an eyebrow, sounding particularly derisive when he replied, "I hope after all this time you do have a good explanation."

"I'll leave you two to it," Sasuke murmured, squeezing Naruto's hand gently.

He thought it was better to leave them alone for now, because they needed to talk and Sasuke didn't think his presence would contribute anything to the conversation except for perhaps annoying Gaara even further.

Naruto offered him a distracted, weak smile and inclined his head, before leading Gaara to their living room. Sasuke went back to the kitchen to continue cleaning and while he wasn't planning on eavesdropping, he picked up some snatches of the conversation nonetheless.

"Why didn't you just tell me?"

"Because … I wasn't sure how you or the others would react. I'd sworn to myself that I would never get knocked up before graduating and look at me now."

"… never judge you and you should have known that."

The rushing of the water when Sasuke turned on the tap drowned out the rest of the conversation. By the time he shut off the tap and started doing the dishes, their voices had grown too quiet for him to be able to pick up anything else. He wasn't entirely certain how the conversation would go, but he very much doubted Gaara would drop Naruto for this. They were basically as close as Sasuke and Naruto were and he couldn't imagine Gaara abandoning his friend because of this.

He might get upset, he might be angry for a bit, but in the end, Gaara cared too much about Naruto to cut ties.

Eventually there was nothing left for him to clean and there was only so much stalling he could do without feeling stupid, so quietly he walked to the living room, where he found both men sitting on the couch. While Naruto's eyes looked slightly red rimmed, there was also a smile playing around his lips and while Gaara frowned, he looked relaxed.

"Everything all right here?" Sasuke inquired, halting right behind the couch.

"Your boyfriend is a complete idiot," Gaara answered tonelessly and Sasuke smirked.

"You don't have to tell me that."

"Hey, you're both arseholes, you know that?" Naruto huffed and slapped their arms in turn, awkwardly twisting around when he went to hit Sasuke.

"Admit that you were being stupid for worrying so much about what I would think," Gaara said, rolling his eyes. "You're carrying a kid, you didn't murder anyone."

"I find it a bit worrisome that you're comparing a pregnancy to murder," Naruto said dryly.

Gaara shrugged. "You're going to tell the others soon or are you going to show up with a kid at the next reunion?"

"That would lead to some interesting reactions, I bet," Sasuke murmured and sat down on the arm of the couch when Naruto tugged at his wrist.

"I'll tell them eventually," Naruto said, gnawing at his lower lip. "I just – I know I'm going to sound like an arsehole now, but I just want to spend at least the next few months in peace still. Once I tell the others, they probably will be asking a lot of questions and I'm not in the mood to deal with that now."

"Hey, doesn't matter to me," Gaara said flippantly and crossed his legs. "You mind if I tell Temari? She'll want to know why you didn't invite us over and you know how she gets: she's like a shark when she smells blood."

Naruto wrinkled his nose and rested a hand against his stomach. "Yeah, you can tell her. Otherwise she'll just show up out of the blue here anyways."

"Must be a family trait," Sasuke couldn't help but mutter underneath his breath and while green eyes did narrow, Gaara didn't remark on it.

"You're going to stay here?" Naruto asked, looking more eager to spend time with his friend now that the big secret was out.

"Yeah, if you don't mind. I'll have to leave in the afternoon to get back on time, though," Gaara said apologetically.

Naruto clasped his wrist briefly and grinned at him. "Nah man, we definitely don't mind! Give me a moment, though, I need the bathroom." He pushed himself off the couch and went straight to the bathroom.

The second the door closed, Gaara leant forwards, his face blank once more. "Naruto said you got kicked out by your parents."

Sasuke grimaced, not exactly happy to be reminded of that again. "Yeah, I was. Looks like they couldn't deal with a gay son," he smiled bitterly.

"You know we would have helped you out," Gaara said solemnly, not even a hint of a smirk. "It can't have been easy for either of the two of you."

"I wouldn't exactly call us best friends," Sasuke pointed out. "Didn't see a reason why I should tell you that Fugaku kicked me out."

"We might not be best friends, but that doesn't mean I hate you either," Gaara sighed. "You might be an annoying dick at times, but you make Naruto happy and that's all I ever cared about. If you need help, you can ask."

"Shouldn't you be saying this to Naruto?" Sasuke quirked an eyebrow.

"I did, but you know him as well as I do: he refuses any kind of help, thinking he has to do it on his own," Gaara replied, scowling. "But we're friends and friends help each other out, especially when one of them is expecting a kid. If there's anyone who can make him see sense, it's you."

"And do I just have to believe that you won't do anything until Naruto asks something?" Sasuke questioned sceptically.

As stubborn as Naruto was, Gaara was equally as stubborn and there was no way the red haired man would be okay sitting at the side lines, waiting for Naruto to ask for his help. That wasn't how any of them operated.

"Of course not," Gaara said unperturbed. "Even if I wasn't planning on doing anything, Temari would definitely buy the two of you gifts. The point is that you can ask us for help. You two aren't in this alone."

"I'll talk to him," Sasuke promised, though he wasn't certain whether he could change Naruto's mind.

The blond had always been rather peculiar when it came to accepting presents or help in general. He and Sasuke had had arguments about it before, because it frustrated the dark haired man a lot that his boyfriend often refused the simplest of help.

So he could try to talk to Naruto, but that didn't mean he would be more open to accepting any sort of help of his friends, even if that help came in the form of innocent presents.

Gaara ended up staying until after lunch, but then had to leave because his shift started earlier than before and he wanted to get back before rush hour would truly start.

Sasuke watched the two men hug, Gaara being careful around Naruto's belly, and he shared a nod with him before Gaara left, declining Naruto's offer to accompany him downstairs.

The second Naruto was about to pass him, returning to the living room, Sasuke halted him by gently grabbing his arm.

"Hm?" Blue eyes glanced at him inquiringly.

"You're not a failure for being pregnant now," Sasuke stated, gazing at him imploringly.

The few snatches he'd caught this morning of Naruto's conversation with Gaara had bothered him the entire time, but he hadn't found a good moment yet to bring it up. With Gaara gone now and the two of them being alone again, now was as good a time as any to bring it up. He didn't want Naruto to keep thinking he had failed because he'd ended up pregnant. They had taken all the precautions available to them and they just had had the bad luck that the condom had broken. That didn't make Naruto a failure, though.

Naruto sighed despondently, rubbing the back of his neck. "You heard that, huh?"

"A part of it," Sasuke admitted. "Didn't hear a lot, but I did hear that and you're not a failure."

"I know, but …" Naruto looked away, a flash of frustration crossing his face. "Sometimes it just – feels like that. That I didn't do enough to protect myself, even though I always swore I wouldn't get a kid before I had a job."

"You regretting this?" Sasuke asked tentatively. It was too late to have the baby surgically removed, but there was still the option of adoption, he supposed, if Naruto had changed his mind after all.

His question had Naruto instantly turning around again and wrapping his arms around Sasuke's shoulders, quickly shaking his head. "God no, of course I'm not regretting this! I want this baby, I really do, but sometimes when I see people looking at me like they're judging me … It just stings, I guess. Like they think I'm an idiot for getting knocked up already."

"Let them judge, they don't know you at all," Sasuke said vehemently, closing his own arms around Naruto's waist. "It's not their business at all what you and I do."

"I know, I'm just being stupid," Naruto sighed and nuzzled Sasuke's neck. "Can we talk about something else? I don't want to waste the rest of our Sunday with other people's bullshit."

Sasuke exhaled softly and kissed Naruto's left temple. "Yeah, okay. But you can talk to me, okay? I don't want you to keep everything bottled inside."

That had Naruto chuckling and when he leant back, his eyes were glistening. "I don't need to hear that from you," he teased and pecked Sasuke's lips. "Come on, there's a good movie about to play and we haven't watched that one yet."

"Lead the way," Sasuke smiled and it was in a much lighter mood that they settled down on the couch, ready to watch whatever movie was about to play.

The next morning they waited until eight thirty before calling Tsunade's office, their planners lying open in front of them on the table. It took a couple of tries before they got through, but then a cheery voice sounded through the phone, asking them how she could help them.

There was a bit going back and forth as they tried to find a date that would both fit Tsunade's schedule as theirs, them having to juggle between classes they absolutely had to attend and their jobs. Eventually they settled on Wednesday, two weeks from now. Naruto would be five and a half months pregnant then, so they were hoping he was far enough then to find out whether they would be having a boy or a girl.

"You got a preference?" Naruto asked curiously after they had hung up and jotted down the date on the calendar.

"No, it's going to sound cliché, but as long as you and the baby stay safe and healthy, I don't care if it's a boy or a girl." Sasuke shrugged and eyed him. "You?"

Naruto sucked his cheeks in before popping his lips. "Nah. I thought about it, you know, but like you said, it doesn't matter to me. I guess having a girl might be awkward at times, because we don't know much about girls, but I figured Temari can help us out then."

"Yes, because she's the pinnacle of being a role model," Sasuke said dryly, not even flinching when Naruto smacked his thigh.

"Oh, don't be like that, she's really nice!"

"I once saw her crushing a guy's foot underneath her high heel, because he was looking at her wrongly."

"He probably deserved that," Naruto said flippantly. "I know she always gives a warning first before crushing them."

"And that's someone you want as a role model for our daughter?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow critically.

Naruto grinned and crawled into his lap. "Ah, come on, wouldn't you want our daughter to know how to defend herself?" he asked innocently.

"Sure, but that doesn't mean we have to rely solely on Temari."

Naruto cocked his head to the left, smiling amused. "And who else are you going to suggest then? We don't know that many girls, you know."

Which was true, Sasuke realised chagrined. The only girls they were really close to were Temari on Naruto's side and Karin on his side, he guessed. He thought Karin and Temari would get along fine actually and immediately resolved that those two women should never meet unless they wanted hell to be brought upon earth.

"See, knew you would agree with me," Naruto said smugly, treading his fingers through Sasuke's hair.

Dark eyes rolled, but Sasuke didn't respond, knowing it was futile. It was a fact that they barely knew any girls, so there was no point in arguing about it.

"You've got some hours still before you have to leave for class, right?" Naruto asked out of the blue.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "I do, yeah. Why? You need to go somewhere?" With less than two hours to go before Naruto's class would start, he didn't think they could go somewhere far.

"Nah, just thought we could, you know," Naruto hinted, turning coy all of a sudden even as his hips rolled non too subtly against Sasuke's, letting the other man know what exactly his intentions were.

Tightening his hands around Naruto's hips, he remarked, "You're in the mood now? You've got class in a bit."

"So?" Naruto pouted slightly, a defiant glint in his eyes. "I need something to get me through this class, you know."

Sasuke couldn't help but snort. "What, sex is going to help you concentrate on the class?"

"It'd be a great incentive!" Naruto defended himself. "I don't want to wait until tonight, you'll be home later again because of your shift."

"An incentive would be that we have sex after you pay attention in class," Sasuke pointed out. "Getting your reward before seems rather counterproductive, don't you think?"

Huffing, Naruto slipped off his lap and back onto the couch. "Fine, if you don't want to do it, just say so," he complained and crossed his arms.

"I never said I didn't want to," Sasuke smirked and drew Naruto back onto his lap, pulling him along by his upper arms. "I just like to take my time with you and I can't do that when we've got to pay attention to the time."

"That sounds both romantic and dirty at the same time somehow," Naruto snickered, but there was a light blush dusting his cheeks and he rested his hands on Sasuke's shoulders. Biting on his lower lip, he suggested coyly, "But you know, we've got hands that we can use."

"That we do. Always such good ideas," Sasuke smirked and laying his hand around Naruto's neck, he tugged him down to kiss him, nipping teasingly at his lower lip.

Naruto's soft moan vibrated against his mouth and as Sasuke shifted his attention to the blond's neck, running his tongue down a patch of skin right in the hollow behind his ear, Naruto retorted, "I always have good ideas, don't you know that by now?"

"That remains to be seen," Sasuke said amused and easily shut up whatever Naruto's next retort would have been by unzipping his jeans and promptly sliding his hand into it, his fingers curling around his dick which quickly hardened completely.

Naruto hissed at the firm touch, but not one to be outdone ever, especially not by his best friend and boyfriend, he shuffled backwards just enough so that he could reach past his rounded belly and flick open the button of Sasuke's trousers. He definitely wasn't in the mood to tease because he promptly pulled down the zipper and wrapped his fingers around Sasuke's cock. It didn't take long for the dark haired man to get fully hard either and as their mouths found each other again in a deep kiss, which quickly started to get borderline filthy, they started stroking each other, thumbs gliding over wet tips, the wetness making it easier to caress each other.

A mutual hiss escaped them when their cocks rubbed against each other and Naruto shuddered when Sasuke batted his hand away and closed his fists around both their cocks; Naruto rolling his hips making it easier to create friction.

Sasuke's ears were filled with nothing but the loud rushing of his blood, with the whisper of their clothing as it brushed against each other, with Naruto's quiet mewls and cut off moans as every second twist of Sasuke's hand made him shiver against him, fingertips digging in Sasuke's shoulders. Teeth nipped at his bottom lip, sharper than he'd expected, and his gasp of surprise was swallowed up by a mouth hungrily kissing him. The sting of pain was quickly forgotten in favour of returning the kiss and he knew Naruto was getting close with the way his muscles started tensing up, with the way his rocking lost its even rhythm, with the way his hands clenching down tightly onto Sasuke's shoulders, holding them in a vice grip from which Sasuke couldn't escape.

Not that he wanted to escape. Not when he could watch those glittering blue eyes roll back with pleasure, Naruto's head tipping back, revealing his tanned neck where reddish spots were already blooming up. Not when he could hear those soft noises of pleasure escaping through swollen, bruised lips, little cries and throaty moans when he moved his hand faster, more urgently.

The fire in his lower stomach was getting impossible to ignore, the need to release becoming more urgent, but he wanted to see Naruto let go first, wanted to see his pleasure filled face when he was tipped over the edge and so he held back, clenching his jaw, and right as he twisted his thumb across Naruto's leaking tip and caught his lips in a deep kiss, Naruto cried out and spilt between them, coating Sasuke's hand and both their shirts. Sasuke quickly followed, burying his face into Naruto's neck, panting.

They were going to need to change into a new set of clothes for sure, but it had been worth it, especially when Naruto pulled back and grinned at him, their next kiss sweet and soft.

"Now I definitely will be able to focus on my classes," Naruto joked, toying with some black strands of hair.

Sasuke merely rolled his eyes and shook his head; the corners of his mouth twitching with amusement.

He had just stored his belongings away, ready to start his shift, when Kakashi entered the room with an envelope in his hand.

"Hey, I've got something for you," he announced, handing over the envelope to Sasuke.

Slightly confused, Sasuke accepted it. "Oh, what is it?"

"My baby shower gift for you and you boyfriend," Kakashi answered lightly. "It might be considered somewhat of a lazy gift, but I figured this was better than getting something you either can't use or that you already have."

Now both confused and intrigued, Sasuke opened the envelope and peeked inside. It seemed to be a card and he pulled it out, noticing immediately that this was some kind of gift card to a baby shop. It was one just a block away from the Silver Hawk if he wasn't mistaken and he couldn't help but be amused that Kakashi had stepped into a baby shop of all places to get a gift card.

When he opened the gift card, he nearly choked on air when he saw the amount staring back at him in thick penmanship. "Forty thousand yen?" he exclaimed strangled and stared shocked at the older man, whose lips were twitching. "Are you insane?"

Kakashi waggled his finger. "Now that's not a way to talk to your boss," he chided amused and then shrugged. "I figured it would be easier to just give you a gift card; that way you can decide for yourself what kind of supplies you want to buy."

"This is too much!" Sasuke protested, staring in disbelief at the number. "You can't just give this much as a gift card!"

"Why not?" Kakashi said dryly. "I'm single, none of my friends' birthday are any time soon and I easily make that kind of money in less than a couple of days with this shop. You and your boyfriend can use the money for your baby, so it's logical to give it to you."

"Yeah, but forty thousand – I can't accept that, that's too much even as a gift!" Sasuke shook his head and tried to give the card back.

He knew it was rude to refuse a gift, especially when that gift came from his boss, but forty thousand yen? That wasn't some small change! There was no way he could accept such a ridiculous amount!

Kakashi, however, refused to even hold out his hand and actually took a step back. "As I said, I don't really have a use for it. While I have never been in your situation, I can imagine it can't be easy, having to juggle both studies and a job while preparing for a baby, so I don't mind helping you out. You're a great kid, Sasuke, there's no shame in accepting a gift like this. The money will be put to better use by getting supplies for your baby than it would, sitting idly in my bank account."

"Still, forty thousand – that's really a lot," Sasuke said, but he felt himself giving in.

Truth be told, this money would help them out a lot with buying baby supplies. With Naruto having entered his sixth month, they would have to start considering which supplies they wanted to buy to prepare for their baby's arrival. The amount of money that would potentially cost had made him reluctant to think about it before, but they couldn't keep pushing off buying supplies.

This amount of money would really settle their financial worries, no doubt about that.

"Consider it an early birthday present then, if that'll make you feel better about accepting it," Kakashi said flippantly. "A birthday bonus if you will."

"There's no way you give birthday bonus' to your employees," Sasuke snorted.

"Well, you won't be able to find out this year if I do with this gift now," Kakashi grinned and winked. He gently closed Sasuke's fingers back around the card. "Like I just said: you're a good kid and I don't mind helping you out this way. You shouldn't have to worry about money at your age already, that's not good. So get something nice for your baby with this, okay?"

"Yeah, okay." Sasuke cleared his throat and busied himself with stuffing the card back into its envelope. "Thank you, I do appreciate this."

Kakashi clasped a warm hand around his shoulder. "Not a problem. Now I'll let you go to the front before Karin starts wondering where you are."

Well, Sasuke thought as he tied the apron around him, Naruto can't really complain about anything Gaara buys for the baby anymore after this gift.

Naruto's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when Sasuke presented him with the gift card after his shift had ended.

"Is he insane?" Naruto demanded, snatching the card out of Sasuke's hand to study it closer, as if the numbers would change if he just looked at it in more detail. "Is he really going to give us forty thousand yen to piss away in a baby shop? Did he get hit on the head?"

"He apologised for not being original, but he figured it was better if we chose something ourselves instead of getting a duplicate or so," Sasuke said dryly and pulled off his shoes.

Now that a couple of hours had passed, he found some humour in the fact that Kakashi called such a large amount of money an 'unoriginal gift', but every time he was reminded of the amount neatly written down in the card, his mind still reeled.

Forty thousand yen was a lot of money in their situation and to think that Kakashi had given it to them as a gift even though Sasuke hadn't been working there for that long yet … It was both amazing and it stung him at the same time, because if Kakashi, who was just his boss, could accept him being gay and being happy to help him out with his baby, then why couldn't his parents have done the same? Why couldn't they have accepted him as easily as Kakashi had done?

Why could a stranger do more for him than his own family?

A hand brushing against his cheek broke him out of his dark thoughts and he blinked, looking down at Naruto. The blond was smiling softly at him and when he saw he had Sasuke's attention, he laced their fingers together and gently pulled at Sasuke.

"You want to see if this shop has a decent website?" Naruto suggested. "We can make a list."

Sasuke took a deep breath and tightened his hold around Naruto's fingers. "Yes, let's do that."

Concentrating on the future was better than lingering in the past.

Two weeks later at the start of July they discovered that they would be having a boy.

The moment Tsunade revealed the sex, cautioning them that there was a slight possibility that she was mistaken, though she was fairly confident, a lump formed in Sasuke's throat. At almost seven months, it was a lot easier to distinguish the form of their baby on the screen and he felt his eyes prick when he saw their baby fussing around, waving his little hands around and kicking out his legs. Naruto's stomach rippled with each nudge and kick, a lot more noticeable now especially with his belly bared.

Naruto's eyes were suspiciously wet as well as he stared at the screen, trying to discreetly wipe his eyes. Blue eyes met black ones and Naruto smiled, linking their pinkies together.

"Guess we're having a son, huh?" he said, laughing quietly, accepting the paper towel Tsunade handed him to dry his stomach. "So we can leave out the girl names once we start thinking about names."

"Yeah," Sasuke cleared this throat and helped him dry his belly. "Guess so."

While it was amazing they were having a son, he was just relieved to hear that both Naruto and their baby were doing okay, especially now the hot weather was making the both of them rather lethargic.

They were walking into their apartment, the ultrasound still clutched in Naruto's hand, when Sasuke felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Wondering whether it could be Karin or Suigetsu – they had a tendency to contact him randomly – he froze instead when he saw that it was Itachi calling him.

After their first conversation, he and his brother had exchanged some messages throughout the weeks, but they hadn't had an actual phone call. Why was he calling now? His stomach squeezed uncomfortably at the possibilities.

Naruto took one glance at his lit up screen and pecked Sasuke's cheek quickly. "I'm going to prepare lunch, all right?" he murmured and with another soft squeeze around Sasuke's wrist, he disappeared into the kitchen.

Sasuke stared at the vibrating phone for a moment longer and sighed, knowing that there was no way to get out of this. If he didn't accept the call now, Itachi would either keep calling him or would text him endlessly, trying to find out why Sasuke was refusing to reply.

"Hello?" He bent down to remove his shoes.

"Hey, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" Itachi asked, a tad concerned. "I didn't think you were in class, but I don't know your schedule that well."

"No, I don't have a class now. My next class is at two," Sasuke said and in spite of himself, he relaxed slightly. If there was something really wrong, Itachi wouldn't sound like that, he was sure.

"Oh good, how have you been?"

"You're calling me to ask me how I've been?" Sasuke asked amused and rose up, padding on bare feet to the living room where the fan was already whirling around, spreading some cool air.

"Yes, why not?" Itachi said lightly. "Just checking in on my little brother, especially with the heatwave currently going on in Japan."

"I'm fine, the heat sucks, but well, nothing that can be done about it," Sasuke replied and shrugged. "How are things on your end?"

"They're going fine. I should be able to visit everyone in December," Itachi told him and even through the phone, his smile was audible.

"That'd be great!" Sasuke said, pushing down the worry threatening to overwhelm him. He had no idea yet what he was going to do once Itachi was back in Japan, but it was still only July, so he had time to think of what he was going to do.

No reason to start worrying already.

They talked for a bit longer, Itachi updating him on his work across the ocean and Sasuke complaining about some of his classmates. The light-hearted tone of their conversation had Sasuke relaxing, letting himself enjoy the chatter without worrying about what Itachi might or might not know.

Right as Naruto briefly poked his head out of the kitchen to announce that lunch was ready, Itachi remarked, "Did something good happen today?"

"Hm? What are you talking about?" Sasuke questioned confused.

"You sound really happy," Itachi explained and chuckled. "Even when complaining about your classmates. So it made me wonder whether something good had happened."

The words were right on the tip of his tongue, desperately wanting to be unleashed. He wanted to tell Itachi all about the baby, about how Itachi would become an uncle somewhere around November, about the fact that they were expecting a boy. He wanted to tell him just how happy he was with their son, even if juggling their studies, their jobs and their baby might get difficult at times in the future, he didn't care, because he was just so damn happy now. He was happy and he wanted to tell his big brother all about it, wanted to send him pictures of the ultrasound, showing off proudly how well their baby was growing.

But he couldn't. He couldn't do any of those things, because Itachi didn't know. He didn't know that his younger brother was gay; he had no idea that Sasuke was together with his best friend nor had he any clue that Sasuke had been kicked out of the family for daring to love a man. He knew nothing of it and so Sasuke couldn't tell him. Because this wasn't a conversation to be had through a phone, one where he would have to confess to a lot of things while not being able to look at Itachi's face and trying to guess what he was thinking.

He would have to confess everything one day, he knew, a day that wouldn't be that far off into the future anymore, but he couldn't do it now. Not through the phone, when he had no idea what Itachi was thinking. Not with an entire ocean between them.

So, instead, he smiled and said, "A day with barely any classes makes every student happy."

His birthday fell on a Monday this year, which wasn't the best day of the week to have a birthday on, both he and Naruto agreed on. He and Naruto had a couple of classes, but Kakashi had given him the evening off, so that he could celebrate his birthday like he wanted.

Meaning he would get to enjoy his birthday at home with Naruto once his classes were over. Fortunately Naruto also knew better than to throw a party, because Sasuke was definitely not the party-type, not even for his birthday.

He woke up to the sensation of kisses being pressed to his shoulders and in his neck and he groaned sleepily, turning onto his side. The fan in the bedroom was buzzing softly at the foot of their bed, spreading a vague breeze around in a weak attempt to combat the lingering heat outside. The noise of traffic was faint, a background noise which was easily ignored, especially when he opened his eyes and looked straight into glittering blue ones.

"Hm, good morning," he muttered, stretching out underneath the thin summer blanket.

"Morning," Naruto smiled and pecked his nose. "Happy birthday."

"What's so happy about having a birthday on a Monday?" Sasuke grumbled, smiling when Naruto clucked his tongue and slapped his arm lightly.

"Come on now, it's only a couple of classes and you don't have a shift tonight, which means," Naruto pushed him flat on his back and straddled his hips, his thighs clamping down around Sasuke's, "that we can spend the entire evening together, doing whatever you want."

"Whatever I want, hm?" Sasuke echoed, sliding his hands across Naruto's rounded belly, feeling their son kick against his left thumb. "That's rather generous of you."

"I am a very generous person, you know," Naruto said haughtily before grinning and bending down to kiss Sasuke full on his mouth. "Wish I could blow you right now, but we don't have enough time for that." He sighed disappointedly, throwing a foul glare at the clock as if it was the clock's fault that he couldn't do what he wanted.

"You and your oral fixation," Sasuke snorted, smacking Naruto's arse.

"And who's benefitting from it, huh?" Naruto said unimpressed and after another kiss, they pulled away, getting ready for the day.

Even though this would be the first year that he wouldn't get to celebrate his birthday with his family, he wasn't that downhearted by it. It did sting that not even Mikoto sent him a text; somehow a small part of him had still been hoping that she would go against Fugaku long enough to wish him a happy birthday, but he really should have known better.

He was determined to not let it bother him much, however, focusing on the fact that he would spend his birthday with Naruto instead and that at least his older brother had thought to wish him a happy birthday through text. Karin, Suigetsu and Jugo ended up texting him a happy birthday, with Karin adding that they would have a gift ready for him at his next shift. She'd added a bunch of winking emojis and kisses, making Sasuke snort quietly when he read her message. Trust her to be even jokingly flirting through text.

He couldn't be out of his last class fast enough, wanting to get out of the stuffy room and back to the apartment where Naruto was waiting for him. The blond's classes should be finished by now as well, which meant they had the evening free to do whatever they wanted.

He noticed the unfamiliar pair of shoes discarded in the hallway the second he closed the door behind him, ready to take off his own shoes.

Furrowing his eyebrows, he called out, "Hey, Naruto, is Gaara visiting? I didn't know he was coming."

Naruto definitely would have said something if Gaara was planning on showing up today, so was this a surprise visit then? Maybe he had some gifts with him for the baby; he had said that he and his sister would be bringing over gifts soon.

"Erm, not exactly," was Naruto's strange response and that only made Sasuke's frown deeper.

Walking to the living room where Naruto's voice was coming from, Sasuke asked bemused, "Then who is vis-"

He shut up immediately and froze when his eyes locked onto the gaze of their visitor. Black eyes stared unreadably back at him.

"Hello, otouto," Itachi greeted him calmly. "Long time no see."

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