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To Be Hokage - Chapter 8: A Welcoming Feast.


Both women stood in silence as they looked at each other or, as in Kushina's case, trying very hard to focus her attention away from Tsunade's lower lips.

Finally, Tsunade acted as she pulled Luppy-san out, Kushina was broken out of the spell looked the other way, finally giving the blonde some privacy.

Tsunade pulled her panties up quickly, followed by pants, finally correcting her bra and shirt. She looked at Kushina, who had her back to her now.

"Kushina, What are you doing here? And barging in like that?" She enquired the redhead while barely keeping her temper in check.

Kushina turned her face still a bit red and spoke, "um, I came to meet you and talk about Karin, but Shizune told me you were resting so-so I thought I would surprise you, but then-" she started a bit sputtering at the end.

Tsunade sighed and cut her off. "That's so much like you, barging in unannounced breaking into locks. You still are as curious as ever. Thankfully it was just me here," she said in a teasing voice.

As Kushina's eyes rose at the implications of those words, she almost shouted, "But-but How was I supposed to know you were doing that ?"

Tsunade couldn't help but chuckle at the younger redhead. It seemed she was still a bit of a prude. "Well, now you know", she looked at still bit redhead ", Well why don't you go sit in the office and give me five minutes to clean and freshen up? I will join you there."

Kushina nodded as she made her way towards the main office while Tsunade entered the attached washroom.


Kushina took a chair and finally had time to come to terms with the scene that played before her eyes. She still has a hard time believing that she saw that. As she tried hard to take her thoughts away from Tsunade by thinking about other things.

Finally, ten minutes or so passed when she was joined by Tsunade. Kushina raised her eyes as she saw her. Tsunade had changed her outfit. Gone were the white shirt and pants. Instead, she now wore a pale yellow shirt with a maroon skirt that ended an inch or two above her knees.

As if reading her mind, Tsunade answered, "Well, after 'relaxing', I tend to take quick showers and change clothes. We live surrounded by shinobis, you know, and some have typically strong noses" she laughed.

Looking on as Kushina nodded, Tsunade took her seat and spoke, "What brought my little sister here." 

Kushina ignored the little sister mark and spoke, "Before we come to the purpose of my visit, I would like to know what were you doing there Onee-chan that too in the daytime."

Tsunade sighed she had been wishing to avoid the topic, but it seemed Kushina was not willing to sway away from that. She picked up a bottle of water and took a sip. Finally speaking, "Well, it looked like what I was doing. I was relaxing and getting a release Kushina."


Kushina was about to interrupt, but Tsunade continued, "Unlike you, I'm not married and don't have a guy to fulfil my needs. And besides, it's not like I can pick any Konoha male here just to get released. I have my reputation here, you know. So single ladies like us have to improvise." she said, focusing on the last word. As Kushina thought on her words, she continued, "As for the time of day, well, it's my schedule off, and I'm free to do what I want at that time. I live here in Kushina, here in this Konoha medical corps, seven days a week, twenty-four hours. I have no official rest hours, so I could be awake anytime at night. You should know you have taken up the post."

Kushina nodded and thought about Tsunade's position. She was alone as the head of the department that had no one to substitute for her. Every decision was to be taken by her without anyone to consult from. Kushina shuddered to be in her position. At least she had Sandaime to help her out, and He was overseeing her as she took time to get ready to hold the reins.

Kushina finally spoke up, "I understand now, sorry for questioning you like that, but " She was about to ask why she didn't get married? But stopped knowing the reason behind her remaining single. Instead, asked out another question " Was that one of Jiraiya's perverted rubbish books? I thought you hated perverts. How could you even enjoy his works ?"

Tsunade smiled at her accusation " Yes, that was the pervert's works. Despite how despicable he can be, I have to compliment his writing. He writes great erotic novels. Even though I despise his methods of getting his mood going, I can't say he's a bad writer. In fact, he's quite good. His works are among the best in that category."

Kushina was flashbagered by Tsunade's confessions about Jiraiya's work. 'Is it really that good ?'  she thought. Shaking her head from that weird thought about perverted Sannins books, she finally asked the question she had been waiting to ask " Um Tsunade-Oneechan ?" She said tentatively as Tsunade gripped in for the question to come. She knew that tone and words. It was used when Kushina wanted to ask something she was uncomfortable with.

Tsunade nods, so Kushina asks, "What was that thing you were using? I have seen Mikoto having something, but it's not the same"

Tsunade smiled. "Ah, you mean Luppy-san ?" At her questioning look, she continued, "Well, it's a rubber plastic toy that I found and brought in a small town. I think it was sold by wandering traders during the fair. funny thing, its original purpose was not that."  Tsunade laughed at her own joke

Kushina nodded then asked the real question that she meant to ask, "does the real thing go that big? didn't you feel any discomfort in fitting that in ?"

Tsunade chuckled at her and smirked, "Oho is little Kushina fed up with Minato ? is Minato-chan not that big ?" 

Kushina turned red "That's not it, I'm just asking after seeing you push that monstrosity in you ", she almost shouted.


Tsunade smiled and spoke. " Well, no need to get riled up. I'm just kidding. Yes, some men can grow up to 11 Inches from the medical perspective. As a medic, I can conform to that. So yes, the female body can typically take that much and some even more easily." She hid the fact she, in fact, had a 10-inch man inside her once. Continuing, she added, "Seeing as we can give birth to a baby which is much bigger, that shouldn't be a question, you know. " She absolutely enjoyed Kushina's slack Jawed, slightly horrored expression.

Seeing her expression, she smirked and continued, "Don't tell me you haven't tried something like that ?"

Kushina's face again turned a bit red. "It's not that, But I have never seen something that big being used" She spoke 'This turning out to be so embarrassing' she internally thought.


Before the conversation could go further, there was a knock on the doors. Tsunade pressed a button on her table to signal the visitor.

The door opened, and a very agitated Shizune entered the office. Kushina looked anywhere but at her face to prevent herself from laughing out loud.


"Tsunade-Sama, sorry I wasn't able to stop Kushina-sama from entering your office" She bowed to her Sensei.

Tsunade chuckled. "No need to apologise, Shizune. No harm was done. And I don't think there's anyone who can stop Kushina when she is in the mood." she ended while looking towards Kushina.

Kushina, thanking internally for a timely intervention, spoke, " Sorry Shizune, I just wanted to Tsunade-oneesan. I wanted to surprise her, you see."

Shizune nodded to both ladies as Tsunade spoke, " Why don't you bring little Karin here? I'm sure Kushina wants to speak about her."

Shizune nods and makes her way to leave as Kushina speaks, "So what do you think of Karin-chan ?"

Tsunade takes her seat and leans back in her chair " It's a tragic tale Kushina that I'm sure you know. She's certainly an Uzumaki, and I'm ninety percent sure of her activating adamantine chakra chains." 

A big smile blossomed on Kushina's face. "Really? So she really must be much closer to my family than I thought" As a bit of silence lingered, Kushina added, "So what happens now? I know she has some fascination with Iryo ninjutsu. Will you take her under your wing ?"

Tsunade ponders a bit, "Well, I will see when she's at least two or three years older if she has the same interest. But given her history, I won't be surprised if she continues to practice Iryo ninjutsu. She's natural here."

Kushina nods. "So you will not object if I adopt her and keep her with me at Uzumaki compound ?" she tentatively asked.

"Oh sage no, In fact, I am more than happy that you will be taking her in. Truthfully I don't think I can take care of a kid even if she's interested and quite advanced for her age in Iryo ninjutsu. " Tsunade spoke.

"Oh, Thank you, I was afraid I would have to compete for her guardianship with you," Kushina replied.

"Well, you have my blessings. I think we have done all the tests. She's perfectly fit and as ready as she will be. I will ask Shizune to prepare papers for her medical fitness by evening, then you can pick her up," Tsunade added.


Just as she finished, Shizune entered with young Karin. Tsunade smiled at the young girl as she bowed to her. 


"Karin-chan, I am sure you have met with Kushina here," Tsunade spoke while pointing at the redhead.

Kushina picked up from here. "As I said earlier, Karin-chan, I will be taking you with me, or should I say with my family. Soon I will have all the paperwork done, and you will be a member of my family. How about it ?"

Karin, by now, had enquired about Kushina from Shizune. She was surprised to find she was someone so high ranked and willing to take her. More importantly, she discovered that someone so powerful and beautiful was related to her. She had thought those red hairs might just be a coincidence, but Shizune San confirmed that she was related to her.


She just nodded and bowed to the older redhead as she listened to the invite. "Thank you, Kushina-sama."

"Oh, don't call me sama. You can call me Oba-san or oba-chan or Kaa-chan, but I will not force you."

The girl nodded

"So how about lunch with me? I'm sure you have been bored here in the hospital, no offence to you, Tsunade-Oneesan and Shizune", Kushina continued.


Shizune nodded " It's no problem, Kushina-sama" as Kushina made a face at the honorific, Shizune ignored and continued ", I'm sure Karin-chan can use some fresh air."


As Karin looked a bit conflicted, Tsunade added, "It's not like we are going anywhere, Karin. I'm sure Kushina would mind you visiting us here."


As Karin looks at Kushina for confirmation, "You are free to visit here anytime Karin-chan. How about after a quick lunch? I will drop you here and pick you up later ?"


Karin nodded. "Thanks, Kushina-sa, um Oba-sama", she corrected

Kushina smiled and laughed. "Guess you want to say goodbye to all the staff here as well, huh ?"

Karin nodded.


Kushina looked back, and Tsunade and Shizune bid farewell and took Karin's hand " Well, I am off, Shizune. I will drop her back soon."


With that, the redhead marched out of the office with Karin on her toe.

Tsunade sighed a relief " She hasn't changed a bit. Kami, how does Sensei deal with her now daily ?"

Meanwhile, Shizune just sweatdropped, ' You are the one to say Tsunade-Sama ?'



As the redhead duo walked out of the hospital to the village's streets. People double-taking and looking at the pair of them while throwing looks of surprise, a few of them discussing among themselves. 

'Who's the kid ?' one of them wondered.

' Did Kushina-sama have another child?' another asked

'Does Minato-sama know about this ?' another one thought out

' Did they have a secret child and hide her until now? She may be Naruto-sama's twin ' another one spoke out and so on the crowd spoke

To the general audience, the beautiful redhead dressed in a tight skirt suit was itself a scene adding to that a little redhead girl was doubly drawing their attention. If they Added black spectacles to Kushina's face, no one would tell them apart. They would look like perfect mother and daughter pair.

Kushina's eyes twitched as she heard some comments. It was good she didn't hear some outrageous ones. 

"Did Kushina-sama get banged by someone outside marriage and hide her child? Bringing it now that she is in power " One of no-name chunin spoke 

"I did hear about a mission she did ten years or so ago where everyone from the squad was killed by the enemy, and only Kushina-sama came back alive after a few days. She claimed her team got ambushed and split. She had to sneak her way out from behind the enemy lines. But who knows what happened" Another retired chunin spoke.

"Yeah, like I believe that she's fiercely powerful. But seeing that redhead girl does raise doubts. I think we should wait for official news, " A rational one spoke.


Meanwhile, Kushina, alongside Karin, smiled at shinobis greeting her. " So Karin-chan, What's your favourite food ?" she asked Karin, who was looking in wonder in Konoha's streets. Konoha was definitely bigger and better than Kusagakure, not that she had seen much there. She looked on in fascination as various shinobis bowed to Kushina-sama no her Oba-sama, she corrected. She had been trying to sense out everything around her using her sensing ability. Looking out in admiration with so many powerful chakra presence throughout her sensing range. With Oba-sama's chakra burning brightest among them, she even dwarfed the presence of that old pervert who brought her here, that old village leader and even Tsunade-sama. So lost in admiration of Kushina's chakra that  She almost missed the question asked by her.

" um I like okonomiyaki, Oba-sama" She replied shyly

Kushina made a face when hearing the name of the dish, but both continued walking. Kushina formed the way to a famous Dango shop where she was sure she would find the said dish.

Reaching Dango shop where the owner was surprised to see her, nevertheless bowed and welcomed her warmly Kushina ordered two okonomiyaki and took a seat. She saw that the shop was not that much occupied right now. Some shinobis present there bowed to her and looked at Karin with curious eyes.

As they were waiting for their order to be served, Kushina was surprised to see three new entrants that entered the restaurant.

The trio of Kurenai Anko and Yugao had made it to the Dango shop, or they were pulled into here by Anko. Both Kurenai and Yugao gave in, not willing to go on pestering war with the snake mistress.

Anko and Kurenai were High chunins working on getting their Jounin promotions while Yugao was enlisted to ANBU corps.

The trio of beautiful Kunoichis entered the Dango shop and almost instantly noted the presence of Kushina alongside a redheaded girl.

Kushina was currently a perfect idol for most of the Kunoichis in the village. The trio had felt lucky to have known her personally. After receiving a non-verbal nod from Kushina, they joined her.

Taking up their places as young Karin looked at beautiful ladies greeting Kushina.

Kushina, as if knowing the unasked question, spoke, "Girls, this is Karin, Uzumaki Karin. She was recently found by Konoha outside the fire country. And I thought it would be better if she's brought here to Konoha" She hid the fact of her real origins, just giving out necessary details. She was sure the same story would soon travel to the village as she saw some curious onlookers listening on to them.


The trio of Kunoichis got the hidden message and acted surprised. "Welcome to Konoha, Karin-chan ", looking at the wide-eyed girl as she heard Kushina's story. 


Kushina asked Kurenai and Anko about their lives as the trio ordered food. She mostly had daily contact with Yugao but not with the other two. Kurenai and Anko told her about their preparation for the Jounin promotions.

Soon as they were served, they talked about various topics, with Kurenai commenting on Kushina's perfect dressing sense and choices. Kushina thanked her while internally feeling a bit smug.

As they finished, they paid the shop owner, who tried to not take money from Kushina, saying, "Your visit here alone makes up for a small lunch" But Kushina refused his gentle offer and nevertheless paid him.


Reaching out, Kushina spoke to the trio, " It was a pleasure talking with you, Kurenai Anko", looking at the Kunoichis. "I will be more than willing to act as a sparring partner for you. If you need my assistance in training, my doors are always open." then, looking at Yugao, " You too, Yugao, you know most of my schedule and know where to find me."


"Hai Kushina-sama, but why us?", The three visibly stunned Kunoichis asked.


Kushina smiled and nodded back " Think nothing of it. You three are competent and talented enough. I would like to see more Powerful and proficient Kunoichis rise through the ranks and make it to the top. It's currently heavily dominated by males. let's show them what we Kunoichis can do ?"




Meanwhile, in the Hokage Tower, as it was lunchtime, Hiruzen, as usual, after having some lunch, was going through his crystal ball. Not finding anything interesting, he was just overlooking various areas of the village. That's when he stumbled on Kushina and Trio of beautiful Kunoichis outside the Dango shop. Getting curious, he focused his glass sphere on them.

As he heard Kushina finish up, "- Let's show what we Kunoichis can do ?"

He again focused on Kushina's face, which was looking hot and powerful

He chuckled. "Yes, Show what Kunoichis can do indeed. You shall show them soon, very soon. he he he"

A look of hunger developed on his face that many would find creepy

He laughed out loud in the end. If anyone saw him now, they would definitely think that he had finally lost it.



The trio again thanked her and bowed. Bidding her farewell, Kushina, alongside Karin, made her way towards the hospital. As she tried to ignore the whispering crowd


"Oba-sama", Karin spoke, getting her attention away from the crowd

"Yes, Karin-chan". She smiled at the girl.

"I have decided I will become as strong and respected as you. " Karin spoke with total confidence for the first time in her presence.

Kushina beamed at the young girl. "Of course, you will be Karin-chan, I will help you wherever I can. I think you and Naruto-kun will get along just fine."

Looking at her questioning expression, "Ah, I forgot to mention about Naruto-kun, he's my son and about your age. I'm sure he would be happy to see you."

They soon reached the Konoha Hospital, where she handed over to Shizune with the promise to collect her in the evening. with that, Kushina moved out, pondering what to do with her free time


 . Young Karin inside the hospital started to think in trepidation if this 'Naruto' would accept her or not. As Shizune took her to show how to work on injured animals.






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