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To Be Hokage 


Chapter 1: Conviction 


It has been eight years since the Kyuubi's rampage. The Fourth Hokage had sealed the Kyuubi into his newborn son, and his beautiful wife survived. Minato Namikaze got more and more peeved about dangers to his village and family and upped the training of all Ninjas. Chunin were trained until they were formidable enough to give low ranking jounins a run for their money. Jounins trained until they became low S rank in skill and previous S rank shinobi trained until they reached the equivalent of SS class. 

This select group of SS class shinobi compromised Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen Sautobi, also known as The Professor. Jiraiya of the Sannin, known spymaster of Konoha. Tsunade Senju of the Sannin, the legendary medic, was brought forcefully to the village to head the medics and Medical research. Kushina Uzumaki, the wife of Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze, trained just as hard when she was not tending Naruto.

The Uchihas and Hyuugas clans were given more power to monitor the village. Konoha has now become like a hornet's nest. 

Meanwhile, Minato had grown into a league of his own. After recuperating from the Kyubbi rampage, he upped his training, and within a year, he flashed to the masked man who had attacked Konoha. He neutralized him before he could blink. He came to know it was his old student Obito. This discovery strengthened his firm resolve even more, to protect the village, for he could feel unknown lingering darkness when he killed Obito. Disposing of Obito's body and salvaging Sharingan, he took off. To this day, he hadn't told anyone this secret.

Similarly, he destroyed multiple hideouts of Orochimaru, but that snake was damn slippery. He escaped each time. Unfortunately, Minato didn't have a tag on him. Danzo's root was also ripped out of his control and did covert missions for him. As for Danzo, he was placed as an elder on the Shinobi council. Danzo was quite happy at the changes in Minato. 

In these eight years, with the help of Fire Daimyo, he had Konoha forces run throughout the fire country. Smaller nations like grass providing militias to Konoha as payment for protection. These events, in turn, had tilted balance in five major villages who also had similarly militarised bit by bit.

Minato was a peaceful man, but after the events of the Kyuubi rampage, he felt that peace couldn't be achieved through talks, strength, and might matter along with the will to take action. He was doing this for his wife and son, whom he almost lost all those years ago. 

For the successful running of the village, He had created new leadership roles. He himself, who usually remained mainly outside the village across different locations in fire country, came back once or twice a month home was Field Hokage taking all militaristic decisions and strategies. 

Hiruzen was given the role of Hokage operations, and he looked after all paperwork, diplomatic and economic affairs of the village. 




Today was a special occasion. Minato and Kushina were outside Konoha Ninja Academy. This day being Naruto's first day at Konoha Ninja Academy, he was giddy chatting with his friends Sasuke, Kiba, and Shikamaru. Minato seeing crackling kids, felt as if he had achieved his goals. All the efforts in the field were for the safety of future generations. Everything had changed under his regime, but entry to the Shinobi academy was still 8. He had felt children should enjoy whatever childhood they have. However, the course of the academy was rehauled and revised yearly. 

Beside him, his beautiful wife, who had somehow gotten more beautiful in these years, was talking animatedly to Mikoto Uchiha and Hitomi Hyuga. They had come to see off their kids As well. From the corner of his eyes, he could see Kakashi shadowed by Itachi and Shishui in Anbu grabs watching kids. They were definitely here, Naruto and Sasuke, respectively. Kakashi was the personnel guard to Naruto until a few days ago, and Shisui and Itachi watched Sasuke for apparent reasons. 




"Minato, I am bored. "It has been two days since Naruto's first school day. He had a wonderful day with his wife after they came back, dropping Naruto from school. They had rigorous three hours Sex between them. For the first time since the birth of Naruto that they had this much fun usually, He was too busy with his duties, and when he was free, Kushina was busy attending to Naruto's needs or upping her training. 

Yesterday they again were involved in rigorous Sexual engagement. Minato didn't know how many times he came, but Kushina seemed to never back out. He wondered if Jiraiya sensei were here, he would have died of blood loss from their debauchery, or should he say Kushina's debauchery. He never knew his wife had so much pent-up frustration.

 Today he was scheduled to go back to his position near Earth country. Kushina from the morning had been repeating the exact same words. He was a patient man, but it was now getting on his nerves. "Why don't you visit your friends? They would be happy to see you," he tells her. 

"They would, but you know Mikoto and Hitomi both have clans even if they don't have kids to look after. They do some clan activities to keep them busy, and I can't barge in daily to disturb them, dattebane." 

Smiling at her verbal tic, he suddenly remembers Sandaime requiring help in running affairs. "You know what, Kushina, I have the perfect thing to keep you busy. Sandaime requires an Assistant of sorts, so if you are up for it, I can create an assistant or deputy to Hokage position for you." 

Hearing this, a full smile blossoms on her face which causes flutters across his stomach. Before he could do anything, he is jumped by Kushina, who kisses him. "You would do that? It was my dream to be Hokage, you know, even if it's an assistant or deputy now." 

Without further waiting, she tears clothes off him, and they have another session. As she is riding him, "Nah, Kushina, you really have become feisty these days. What's gotten to you? "

Kushina quickens the pace, cheeks getting red "Shut up, dattebane! You are never, home and when you are, Naruto is here. Let me have you."

That evening, the couple dressed in their standard Shinobi outfits show up at Hokage's office. In eight years, this too has changed. Now it contained a couple of grand sitting arrangements of powers for both Hokages. Though Minato hardly ever used his seat, that seat told everyone who visited that they were also dealing with him. 

Hiruzen looks up at the happy couple smoking through his trademark pipe. "Welcome, Yondaime and Kushina."

Minato's face falters a bit. "How many times I have told you to call me Minato, Sandaime-sama you not only my but all of Konoha's Guardian and my predecessor too. You don't have to call me that". 

Hiruzen grins, "It would be the same number of times that I have told you we are of equal position. In fact, technically, with Konoha being a military dictatorship, you are a step above. I am just your advisor and associate with the glorified rank of Hokage. "

Both men laugh out. Kushina sees interaction from the sidelines, and for the first time, she had seen such interaction between them. Getting out of the stupor, she greets Hiruzen in trademark style, "Hello Old Man, How's life holding up still not ready to kick the bucket yet? "

Minato coughs up, and Hiruzen has some proverbial ticks forming on his forehead. "I am fine too, Kushina, and unfortunately still not ready to kick the bucket as you say." pointing out to paperwork around him. "Though, as you see, if these are not done soon, I may get buried down here." 

Before Kushina could give any more rambunctious reply about their discussion, Minato interjects, "Actually, That's what I was here for. I understand you are looking for assistance here." He points out around the room, "I am grateful you have taken up this role when it was my responsibility, but as you know, not everyone can be assigned in this office."

As Hiruzen nods him to continue, "Kushina here is looking to be back into active duty, Now that Naruto's in the academy. So I pointed out her opportunity here, and she's enthusiastic about it I would – "

Before he could continue, Kushina interrupts, "Get straight to point Minato, Old Man, I want to work here to realize my dream of working as Hokage. Will you allow me to work here? "

Minato sighs internally, smiling at his wife's tactics. "So what do you think? ". He asks Hiruzen, who looks like he is in deep thought, breaking silence. He replies, "Are you sure, Kushina? This is typical office work with almost no shinobi actions. I have known you from childhood, and I don't know-" 

Seeing Kushina's hair flopping around, he controls his next words planning to escape erupting Kushina "I will be straight as you like it, will you quit if you get bored? Because that's kind of a job. There are no particular office hours, and it is quite a thankless job. Though it does have the perks of being admired by the whole village, but the responsibility is huge too. Knowing Minato, he has proposed your name not because you are his wife or are trustworthy but because he sees you here taking over this position after me. Shall I say when I retire or kick the bucket in your words?" He chuckled a bit. "Am I right, Minato? "

Kushina looks questioningly at her Husband. Minato sighs and speaks in a serious tone, "Yes, that's the plan, nothing can escape you, eh Sandaime sama. As you know, not everyone can be given this responsibility, and not everyone is eligible for this job. This is a question of our village's position and existence. I need someone dependable here who can look out for our Konoha from the inside while I decimate its threats from the outside. And I believe in you, Kushina. You can do this. Otherwise, I would have never pointed out if it wasn't in the village's best interests ". 

Hearing such patriotic and encouraging words from her Husband, no, her Hokage right now, Kushina couldn't help but be overwhelmed by emotions. She remembered why she fell in love with the idiot. Before coming here, it was just a job to pass around time, but hearing his clarification, she got motivated. Pumping her chest, "I am ready for anything, and this mean paperwork would never make me quit. I am serious. I will try to do my best within my abilities ". 

Both Minato and Hiruzen smile at her attitude. Hiruzen smiles. "Then it's settled. Welcome to your new position Kushina, Deputy to Hokage or, should I say, future Hokage." 

Kushina whoops and jumps at Minato, hugging him with full force. Leaving him gasping for breath as she released him, she jumped at unprepared Hiruzen, hugging him too as he gasped, "Too tight Kushina, If you don't release me right now, I would really kick the bucket." Though he internally was quite happy. Getting the feel of her soft breasts against his chest and the pleasant scent of shampoo from her hair. 

Kushina was rated one of the hottest Kunoichis in Konoha, if not in the whole of elemental Nations, and her beauty had only increased as time passed. The long luscious red mane of hairs reached below her knees as they were currently open. With body proportions of 95/56/88 (BWH), according to his arguably favorite student Jirriaya. He didn't know how he got them, but he wouldn't ever doubt them. Minato had gotten quite lucky to be with her. As far as he knew, she was part of the hidden fancies of many men, whether be civilians, Shinobi, or in some cases Kunoichis too. He still remembered her as a flat-chested tomboy running around after boys kicking their butts. Who knew she would become such a bombshell. 

He was broken from straying thoughts by Minato. "As Happy this occasion this is, Kushina, you would have to get trained up for this role. Not only knowing paperwork but way of dealing with nobles – "

before he could continue, Kushina interrupted him again, a sweat drop forming behind both males. "Don't be boring, Minato, it's a happy occasion, let's go for a Dinner party. I will learn as I do you know it dattebane! NOW, old man, you are coming with us. I can't let you die before I take over ." Without waiting for their reply, she's out. Both Men chuckled a bit. 

"Such a whirlwind! I don't know how you handle her, "Hiruzen mutters. 

At this, Minato chuckles, "I don't, or rather I don't dare. Now it's up to you to guide this "Whirlwind."

Hiruzen couldn't help but think upcoming days would really be hectic. Though He felt happy, at least the company would be more beautiful than his old secretary Hineko san. 


By the time both men reached Minato's place, Kushina had already gotten Naruto ready. Who was practically bouncing at her feet at the thought of an all-out eat Ramen session. 

The company soon joined Akemichi's premium restaurant handled directly by clan head Choza. Akemichis had the best restaurants in Konoha, and the good thing was they served all classes of people. Their restaurants were tiered accordingly. Choza greets them and immediately sets them in a private booth, perks of being village leader. 

Though Naruto is disappointed at not having exclusive all-out ramen eat session, there was food with noodles, so he is happy and stares wide-eyed at different dishes being served. 

They eat their food, have some drinks, and talk about other news across nations. As they go out, Naruto is offered Jerky by Choza. They split up with Hiruzen reminding Kushina to join him in the office by 9 am in morning. 

After they reach home, Tired Naruto quickly sleeps as Kushina tucks him in bed. After closing his room, she smirks in Minato's direction. Before he could understand, he is pulled by her into their bedroom. "I don't know when you will be back, based on my job description. Even though I don't know if we will get an opportunity, you know, "as Minato nods, they quickly strip each other and have another session. 

It's around early morning when Minato gets ready. Kushina quickly puts on a short knee-length gown. "Kushina, I would've to go. Forces would be waiting for me if I don't show up by sunrise, which is soon, by the way,  they may panic. Even with me flashing across to them, it will take me sometime ". 

Kushina nods and kisses him on the lips and grins, "I would be waiting for you, dattebane. " Minato nods at her. "Take care of yourself and Naruto. And all the best for the job. I have complete faith in you "as they bid goodbye, he flashes away. 

Kushina sighs. It's quite early, so she tries to sleep, but she can't do much with the excitement of her new job. Huffing, she goes to the washroom. After taking a relaxing soak comes out in her standard home outfit long green skirt and white sleeveless blouse. She cooks ramen for herself and Naruto with lots of vegetables and meat. Naruto was a picky eater but could eat anything as long as it was with ramen. Quickly getting Naruto ready, they have breakfast. She tells Naruto to do his best and not annoy his Anbu guards. Naruto grins at quarter to 8, Neko shows up to pick him up. Naruto hugs her, and she kisses his cheeks, much to his embarrassment. 

Kushina gets ready, putting on her regular Shinobi uniform. Dark blue form hugging pants with blue full sleeves jumper topped by green Jonin vest. Underneath, she wore mesh armor over her underwear. 

She reaches Hokage's office right 5 minutes before 9. Shinobis at the tower bow and greet her, already knowing of her new position. As she enters the office, She's surprised to see Hiruzen already busy at work. She sweatdropped at a scene that had been common since her childhood. She sometimes wondered if he did paperwork even in his sleep. 

He looks up and smiles at her "Ah Kushina, you are here, right on time too. Come on, let's get to the meeting chambers I had called Advisors, Jounin commander, Anbu Head, and of course clan heads about your position. You already know most of them. This is the formal introduction of you as Deputy Hokage or shall say their next to be boss."

Kushina smiled at this. "You didn't have to do that, old man." Hiruzen shakes his head "First thing Kushina, you would have to call me Hiruzen or Sandaime in front of them. It's ok to call me whatever you want in private. Secondly, we at Konoha follow the process, and this is your initiation to a new role. Due to your special circumstances, I know you were given free skip from boring classes that were political and Shinobi etiquettes during your academy days. But do try to learn now."

Kushina blushes a bit at those memories, all but demanding him to be exempted from those torturous lessons. She had been allowed because she was Jinchurikki. At that time, Everyone in power had agreed those lessons would be wasted on her. Instead, she was given her favorite lesson in kenjutsu and, of course, Fuinjutsu. 

"I'll try my best Old-Sandaime sama, now. Let's get this started". They quickly join chambers where all mentioned personnel are already seated. Hiruzen clears his throat as he takes a seat, with Kushina being offered a seat next to him. "Thanks for showing up on such short notice. As most of you already know, I would like to announce your next Hokage Operations formally and currently Deputy Hokage. Kushina Uzumaki." 

Kushina stands up and bows a bit, "Thank you, Sandaime-Sama, it's a pleasure to meet you all. Please treat me well I would be in your care." Hiruzen was surprised that she knew how to talk formally. Then again, he should believe in Minato. 

The same thoughts were ringing through lots of people there who had known her. They had a hard time believing Kushina behaved like this. Though her hanging breasts caught the attention of most men, they couldn't see much, but that didn't stop their thoughts from running wild. 

Finally, Tsume, the clan head of Inuzuka, broke the silence and congratulated her. Soon others followed. Tsume quickly hugs her and sets up a dinner party for her success, and new position as the meeting ends. She took responsibility for calling all their friends. Kushina readily agrees. 

Throughout the day, Hiruzen introduces her to various staff as they come in. She's also introduced to types of paperwork by some chunin named Daikoku, who stammered whenever she got close. Namely, mission assignment, another chunin handled payout slips but was busy today they only greeted once. 

Hiruzen showed him letters from Nobles and industrialists meant for top-tier management only. He also told her some important letters were meant for Hokages only. He encouraged her to learn slowly. 

As the day ends, Hiruzen tells her she doesn't necessarily have to wear the Shinobi outfit while working here. Advising her to wear anything formal. He also tells her she would receive her table in Hokage's office by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. 

Kushina reached home around 7, where Naruto greets her gleefully, telling her about pranks he pulled on senior bullies, much to her amusement. She gets him quickly ready for the party, much to his delight in having back-to-back parties. 

Today Inuzuka Matriarch had booked a buffet at another one of Akemichis. As Kushina reaches there, she's enveloped in hugs by Mikoto. "Congratulations, Kushi-chan, I knew you could do it. What wonderful news you would be an inspiration for all Kunoichis being the first female Kage". Soon she is greeted by Hitomi, who again congratulates her and wishes her well for the future. Similarly, Yoshino from Naras and other ladies congratulate her. 

They all have brought their kids along, much to the delight of the kids as they try on various sweets and foods under Choji Akimichi. Kids are under watch by respective handlers as ladies get busy in their chatter and drinks. 

Soon the party comes to an end. As the party comes to an end, guests leave one by one. Mikoto takes her to a side and whispers, "So found any handsome lad in the office? "Blush adorning her cheeks, she replies, "Mikoto, that's not what I am there for. Besides, I have Minato ".

Mikoto giggles a bit "it's not like I'm asking you to eat them. I just asked you about cute guys. You are the one with dirty thoughts."

Sighing in exasperation, she gets away from her Mikoto catches her hand. "I know you, Kushina, and we were in the same team right, so if you require any help with formal mumbo jumbo, as you used to call it back, then don't be afraid to ask for help. I know as a clan matriarch those can be a pain sometimes."

Smiling back at her friend, she hugs her, "I will hold you onto that." 

They bid goodbye. Kushina soon reaches their home thinking about what the future holds for her. As she sleeps that night, she has a dream with her face on Hokage mountain next to her Husband's with herself standing over her sculpture looking over the village. Little she knew what the future held for her. 





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