To Be Hokage

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To Be Hokage 


Chapter 2: Get... Set… Go? 


It's been a week since she joined Konoha in her official role as deputy Hokage. She got more understanding of the work of Kage. It wasn't as high profile hotshot as they made it out to be a brave, fearless leader protecting the Village. That definition could only be applied When the Village was under attack or peril. All other days, Normal days, it couldn't be anything other than glorified office work with paperwork and lots of paperwork. It never seemed to end. No matter how much she finished up the piles, they always remained fully stacked. Two days ago, Hiruzen had chuckled at her looking at the forlorn, lost look at those stacks.

Other than that, it had been a fun week. Even though learning about different processes hadn't been fun, Kushina understood how things worked. Moreover, Old Ma-no, Hiruzen she still was trying not to call him that, but he had told her usually her subordinates were to prepare reports for her in fundamental matters. It was higher level or top profile cases were those for which she had to apply her skill. He had not yet introduced her to those types, citing she needs to learn from bottom to upper level. 

Her shifts usually ended around 7 or 8 PM, a couple of times, and she had invited Hiruzen for dinner. He had joined them once when he had a light workload on Tuesday. Naruto was delighted to see his pseudo grandpa, with Hiruzen telling him some exciting stories about Shodaime that day. 

Usually, Hiruzen remained at the office till around 11 PM. She had offered him to stay, but he had declined her, citing she was still new to the job, and He would ease her into it slowly as she knows more and more about the job. Kushina didn't know why but she felt shudders running down her back on hearing his tone, and he chuckled like creepy Sannin Orochimaru. That thought came into her mind if all Sannin got quirks from him. Jiraiya, whom she had forbidden from entering her house without Minato, was a self-proclaimed super pervert. She still remembered when he had the gall to peep on Minato and her at their wedding night. So maybe he got perviness from Hiruzen. Orochimaru was a total psycho with creepiness knowing no bounds. Maybe he got it from the dark side of Hiruzen that she had a brief encounter with today. And finally, Tsunade, her somewhat distant cousin, was a drunkard and gambler. They said she got into gambling by Shodaime, but what about being drunk. She didn't know it for sure, but these three players had her hand in her present screwed, short-tempered self. Anyone living with those three would need psychological evaluation within a year, and poor Tsunade had to live most of her Kunoichi life with them. She shuddered at that imagination. 

On a Happy note, as she came out of the tower, citizens and shinobis bowed or greeted her while children, especially girls, looked at her in awe. Her status as deputy Hokage had become public knowledge, so now she had toppled Tsunade as the number one idol for young girls and kunoichis. They were setting her up on a pedestal, aiming to be like her. Some civilian ladies had a marked standard for beauty. 

As she reached home, she saw Anbu cat or Yugao as she knew her personally on guard duty. She notices her coming and bows a bit. As she nods at her, shouts of her son running with bellows of familiar masculine voices startles her a questioning look towards ANBU. "Kushina-sama, When I arrived for the evening shift, Naruto-kun and his friends were being attended by Jirriaya-sama. He told me ANBU Boar had been assigned to some other task confirmed by Boar on the radio. His friends left some time ago since then. He has been running wild after Naruto-kun in a game of tag". 

Nerves on Kushina's forehead almost seemed like they would burst open. The thoughts of the pervert alone around her pure son gave her chills. Reigning her temper, "Tell Boar to show up at 11morning in Hokage Tower '' as Cat nods, she went inside. Looking around, she found her son running around in a frog costume with Jiraiya too dressed in a similar costume after him. As soon as Naruto sees her, he launches towards her "Kaa-san, look what Gama-jichan brought me showcasing his costume and frog wallet in hands" Kushina snorts at the nickname and Jirriaya's mouth thins in irritation about the nickname. As she was a bit late today, she had bought Ramen for Dinner, not knowing Jiraiya was here today too. Seeing Ichiraku's packing, Naruto grabs towards it. Jiraiya interjects, "Naruto, you know already had quite a large quantity of snacks already with your friends earlier, you know you should control otherwise your belly would burst." Naruto pouts but doesn't stop opening the package. "It's ramen Gama-jichan, it's like not even there, and nothing bad happens when you have ramen." he ends while poking his tongue out.

As She sets a small dinner for three, she eyes Jirriaya suspiciously. They make small talk with Jirriaya congratulating her on promotion as Naruto goes to his room to seep. Kushina eyes Jiraiya. "Why are you here, Jiraiya? I had specifically told you not to be around Naruto unless Minato or I am around. I don't want him to be infected by pervertedness". Jiraiya chuckles at this. "You speak as if it's a disease, Kushina. You know everyone is a pervert to some degree, and I know even you are too. Besides, Naruto is my Godson, I will visit him whenever I want, and you never know what would happen to the poor boy if he's always under your protection. Someone has to show him to way men. As I - " 

He's unable to finish the sentence as he is forced to dodge a kunai thrown at his head." Wow sto-" 

Another kunai sails past his head. "Are you seriously trying to kill-" Another kunai, this time aimed at his family jewels which he barely dodges. 

"You have crossed the line, Jiraiya. You pervert it's not enough you tried to peep on Minato and me on the wedding night. I thought making you godfather to my son will give some sense of responsibility, but you threw it away too by vowing to make corrupted degenerate like you on his first birthday ". 

Jiraiya again dodges a kunai, which streaks past his cheeks, leaving a red cut line behind. He had almost forgotten about that incident where he was drunk, and he had made claims on Naruto's first birthday, which seems like Kushina hasn't. Feeling seriousness of the situation

"You need to calm down, Kushina. It was a joke and a bad one. I wouldn't even think of something like that." as she stops a bit and glares at him, He tries to soothe her with hand motions. 

"Besides, it wasn't just for Naruto I visited today. Aside from congratulating you on your new position. I came to give you this" He hands her a bingo book with a page marked. Surprisingly it contained her photo with a description.


Kushina Uzumaki 

 "S Rank Kunoichi from Konhagakure na sato, Current rank Kage. Wife of famed. " Konoha no Kiroi senko". 

Nickname:" Akai Chishio no Habanero."

Abilities :Fuinjutsu Master, Kenjutsu Master, Ninjuttsu specialist. 

Special abilities: Kongō Fūsa of famed the Uzumaki clan

Secret abilities: Maybe Jinchurikki of the Kyuubi 

Engagement Guidelines: engage in numbers and only under the command of another S Ranked Shinobi. 

Bounty: 100000000 Ryō Alive, 1000000 Ryō for Blood and DNA samples




A surprised gasp escapes her usually. A Kage has diplomatic immunity to bingo books. While a bit giddy at her new high award, she still looked at Jiraiya questioningly. "I am Kage now, why is my name still here?" 

Jiraiya shrugs. "Technically, you are Deputy to Kage, so they can still issue awards in your name to check Konoha. It's mainly their aim to have Konoha reluctant to send you out of Fire country. But the joke's is on them as I hardly see you doing any Shinobi mission at your position. "

As Kushina nods, Jiraiya continues," I would be submitting this to the Shinobi office about your status update in the bingo book. Other than that, I brought sake and want to have a customary drink with me? "He asks hopefully. 

Shaking her head in denial, "Never alone with you pervert. Besides, I have an early start tomorrow and would do better without headache."

Jiraiya hits back playfully, "You wound me Kushina, I have never imposed my myself on a lady the fact Jiraiya sama doesn't even need booze to charm ladies. My good looks and fame are enough." 

As They move, Jiraiya is outside the main door "Good night Jiraiya, thanks for offering, and while you are out, stay out of the perimeters of the property. I am activating special anti pervert seals for you. You have been warned!" 

Without waiting for a reply, she closed the door on his face. Kushina sighed. She didn't want to be forceful but did have any other method to deal with perverted Sannin. It was the only language he understood, and that's what Tsunade Had told her. After all, if you show him pity, next thing he would peep at her at the very first opportunity. 

Outside, Jiraiya feels a tingle of chakra passing through the ground. He quickly crosses the perimeter of the property. Damn, that woman didn't trust him one-second delay on his part, and he would be in a world of pain that no man in the universe would ever want. He still puked to the memory when he was caught by this seal scheme while trying to get out after successfully getting a glimpse of her towel-clad body in the private hot springs on the property. His mission of getting sizes was successful but at a very steep cost. He had been stranded and tortured the whole night by anti pervert seals. Which continuously zapped his privates with small lightning while chakra sealing and paralysis seal kept him from moving. His student released him the next day, whom he had told not to tell anyone about the incident. 

He had believed Kushina would have improved seal matrix miles better than the previous. She was a bit too imaginative in seals, but he couldn't deny the results. He wondered if he could reverse the situation and get Kushina caught in her own seals. While he watched from aside as she got handled by seals, he had few ideas, further pushing her at his mercy. Shaking his thoughts, Jirriaya disappointedly looks back at the property, sighing at the lost opportunity he moves towards the Medical wing. Maybe Tsunade would cheer him up. 

Soon after activating seals, Kushina, tired from the day, went to special hot springs that Minato had specially constructed in the basement of their residence. It was nothing large and expansive like one in the Uchiha compound or extravagant in the Hyuuga compound. It was warm and cosy and fit perfectly to her needs. She strips herself in the adjoining room to bathe. Quickly picking up a small towel from a set of towels that could barely hide her almost DD cup breasts, much less her voluptuous body, as she moves in the onsen area and quickly dipping herself in warm water. As she undoes her long hair from the bun, they splay around her body. A pleasured sigh escapes her as she dips and relaxes into the warm waters. Reminiscing thoughts about her job, she had a new task on the list. While not superficial about her outfits and wardrobes, she thought about updating her wardrobe according to her profile. She had to admit it gets a bit dull working in a shinobi outfit at a desk job. A new outfit would definitely give her a new identity among the sea of Shinobis outfits. She couldn't dawn Hokage's outfit, but this was the next best thing she could do. Noting down to contact Mikoto soon regarding an eventual shopping trip, she pulls herself up from onsen. 

Discarding the towel, the wet goddess walks into the bath area. She gracefully starts cleaning herself up by applying a bit of shampoo to her hair and soap to her body. Thinking of the past days, she couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment in her life. Her life was now more meaningful than her friends, who were entangled in a cycle of household management. Wherever they were, if Kunoichi retired, that's the natural end to her career. She couldn't help but feel lucky that she was married to Minato. Feeling a bit aroused at the thought of her husband, she remembered all the past sexual acts done by them here in the very same onsen.

As her fingers reach her supple breasts, her nipples stiffen from the attention. An unwavering suppressed moan escapes her mouth, relaxing a bit, leaning on the wall and her legs spread a bit. As one hand stimulates her right breast, her other hand reaches her lower well-striped mound and gently rubs her labia. Her ecstasy rises, so does her moans with occasional shouts of her husband's name. "uh ah ah Minato ah ahm…". Her fingers are now rapidly moving in out of her naturally wet slit. Within minutes she shudders as she cums from the act. Slowly collapsing down while still leaning on walls of the area, legs quivering and spread wide, with her bodily fluids coming out. If someone saw her now, no one would think of her as a dignified lady that appeared in public. 

As she comes into the real world from her ecstasy, standing up weakly, she quickly showers, cleaning her body from soap and fluids. Naked Kushina quickly comes out of the onsen back into the basement. Picking up a towel to dry herself, after being dried up as she ties the towel around her wet hair, she couldn't help but look at her reflection in the mirror. Searching for any wayward unwanted fat, as she turns herself around pinching her butts, not finding anything to complain, "You've still got Kushina," giggling at her lame joke. Opening the wardrobe, she quickly picks out a short green kimono style robe. Not bothering with underwear, she quickly puts the robe on. It was a tight fit, she had essentially not updated her sleeping outfits in the past few years, and she had grown a bit bustier. From around the upper C cup at Naruto's birth to almost DD cup now. Due to an increase in bust size, the already short robe barely reached her upper thighs. Reaching her bedroom, she quickly sprawls onto the bed with sleep beholding her soon. 




 On a sunny day in Konoha, She could hear sounds of drums and instruments everywhere. A huge crowd had gathered in front of Hokage Tower, and it was the official ceremony for the new Hokage's induction. Kushina was standing at the top of the tower. She was surrounded by elders from the council, Sandaime Hokage and, of course, her husband, Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze. 

As she moves to the podium, looking over an enthusiastic crowd who gave loud cheers on seeing her, "As Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, I will do what is required for the job to the best of my abilities. I will not back down against the interest of Konoha. I will lead Village to prosperity and pledge in the name of Will of Fire that-" 


Kushina jolts awake at the sound of the alarm, quickly shutting the abhorrent clock. "Ah, it's morning already. Stupid clock couldn't wait for two more minutes. My oath would've been completed, hmh.. What a start to the day." 

She stretched her hands up and yawned. Her gaze drops to her now open robe, which had slipped open in her sleep. She blushed a bit at wardrobe malfunction even though she's alone now. Closing it quickly and she moves into the adjoining washroom. 

As she comes out of the washroom dresses up in her Shinobi outfit. After waking Naruto up forcefully and doing a light workout in the backyard. She also corrected Naruto's kata forms and tried to teach him some of her katas, but she knew it would be a waste as Naruto was like her, he learned by doing, and right now, it was clear he was not totally into it. As an hour comes up to close mother and son duo quickly join the washroom. With Kushina clad in short towel washing off Naruto, he tries to avoid her unsuccessfully. 

"Kaa-chan, I am a big boy now I can bath myself, dattebayo." 

Kushina is giggling at his irritation. "Sure, my little Naru-chan is a big boy now. He can fight off big ninjas now. You can't even eat without spilling food. How can you bathe properly?" she replies, imitating his voice. 

Naruto huffs and makes a face and shouts, "it's different, Kaa-chan" Kushina seeing his adorable face, can't help herself and hugs him with his face between her breasts. "Naru-chan is so cute" as she releases him ", I am going out. You get ready for the academy, ok?" as he nods, she moves out to her room after a quick shower, she puts on her Shinobi outfit. 

Quickly cooking some breakfast for them. After having breakfast, as usual, Neko comes to pick up Naruto. Kushina conveys a message that she would also join today. 

As they reach Academy, Naruto runs towards Sasuke, who's accompanied by his elder brother Itachi. Kushina notices Itachi immediately. She honestly didn't know what to think of him. He's a prodigy for sure, to the likes of Kakashi and her Husband. But she didn't like how he grew up too fast for her tastes. 

She was broken out of her thoughts by Itachi's adolescent voice. "Kushina sama," he greets her. "Ah little Itachi-kun, it seemed like yesterday, when you used to visit me along with Mikoto with pocky in the mouth. You grew up so fast." 

She tries to pinch his cheeks, but Itachi, knowing her antics, quickly back paddles dodging her hands " Mou, you are trying so hard these days, you should try to relax Itachi." 

As she stops, he replies in a monotonous voice, "I can't do that, Kushina-sama, I came here to see off Sasuke. I have to go". Kushina stops him. "Before you go, can you ask Mikoto to come over to Hokage tower around 1 PM? Tell her it's about the shopping trip" Itachi nods and disappears. 

Kushina, turning back to the kids, now sees that quite a group has surrounded Naruto, and they are looking at her with admiration in their eyes. She could see Naruto's mouth moving but couldn't hear properly. He was probably boasting about her incredible mother. Moving towards kids. They all greet her and try to bow. She greets them back and stops them from bowing. Quickly bidding and hugging Naruto goodbye, much to his annoyance and amusement of his friends, she leaves for Hokage tower. 



As Kushina enters the office, she's surprised to see Hiruzen not here. Though she's a bit early today, Usually he was always here. She wondered if something happened . Greeting Daikoku and hidden Anbu at the corners, much to their irritation. She quickly sets her bag down and takes her seat. Her desk is coincidently placed in front of the big picture of her husband, much to her happiness. Looking at her family's picture that she had placed in the drawer as no personal items were allowed to be on top of the desk. 

Kushina, noticing Hiruzen's absence, quickly takes up the charge and calls up a meeting with the Taskforce present. Assigning the pending tasks to various channels. She quickly goes to the mission assignment office and looks over any critical pending task on the list, satisfied that everything is on track. She takes up a seat as various genins and chunins pour in with their respective teams and Senseis for assignment. 

It was an hour later when Kushina went back to her desk, and Sandaime entered the office. He nodded towards her. "It's good to see you, Kushina, finally taking charge over here. It relaxes these old muscles that Konoha can go on without him. My grandson Konohamaru was especially insistent today that I spend some time with him."

Kushina smiled and noticed that none of the chunins were currently in the room. "You can relax Old-man, I will make sure Konoha is taken care off."

She worked on some papers from the Merchant association of Konoha. An Anbu with a boar mask kneels in front of them. It's 11; at least he is right on time for his punishment. 

Raising her voice Authoritatively, "Boar, you were assigned watching over Uzumaki Naruto, but you left your position without formal authorization from Anbu commander or Hokage. How do you plead ?" 

Bowing his head down, "I plead guilty. I am ashamed that Jiraiya-Sama so easily tricked me."  

Nodding at him, "As punishment for your failure, you are suspended from Anbu for 14 days. For the duration of punishment, you would be doing at least eight D ranks mission daily without any pay." 

As Anbu nods and shunsins away, Hiruzen comments, "You know most of Anbu are used to Jiraiya's chaotic way of operation. I know he is not the best at ethics or following proper channels, but that's how he operates."

 Kushina sighs and replies, "Who's changing the pervert? I am changing our force's mode of operation. Anbu are the elites, and we can't afford them being duped by someone even if that someone is as skilled as Jiraiya."

 Hiruzen nods. "You raise a valid point Kushina, I will personally ask Jiraiya not to dupe our poor Shinobis again, but knowing him, it's better to train the forces." 




At a quarter past one, Kushina comes out of the tower not before informing Hiruzen that she would be busy this afternoon for office outfit shopping. As she comes out of the tower, she is enveloped in a hug by Mikoto. She was dressed in a lovely elegant knee-length skirt and a half-sleeve top. "Wow, Kushina, I can't believe you invited me for shopping, I believed you would definitely invite me, but I was thinking you would at least take a week or two more", sighing at her antics. "Yeah, yeah, you got me all figured out, dattebane. Come, let's eat first. I am starving." 

They join a nearby eatery with Kushina ordering a meal. At the same time, Mikoto picks some snacks, "So what prompted the change in opinion about the new outfit. Finally found someone cute in the office for you to tease, ah Kushina," she snorts at this. 

"It's nothing like that. These Shinobi clothes are too common. I feel like a common Shinobi in the office. You know I never bothered having a personal dress code as Kunoichi after becoming a jounin. Now that I am deputy Hokage, I feel that I should have something unique defining me at the office" Mikoto nods and hums a tune out. 

Soon the ladies finish eating and pay the bill. Mikoto catches her wrist, guiding her towards the commercial sector. Soon they pass the market area "Mikoto, where are we going? I think we left all the shops behind."

 Mikoto shushes her "Hush you. You are an elite now. We can't have you wear every day easily available outfits for you now. Given your newfound fame, there would be duplicates of them at every dress shop in Konoha within a week." 

Kushina nods and realizing the implication, " You are brilliant, Mikoto, so where are we going?" 

"We are going to my tailor or specifically Uchiha-clan tailors. You know we have a separate area in the Village. We have our little market, a small command centre. It's like living in a different village inside Konoha. At first, elders saw this as a sign of distrust towards Uchihas. But after Yondaimes's intervention and newfound charter giving more power to the clan, they were more than happy. "

Kushina places her hands on Mikoto's shoulders, " I'm sorry your clan had to go through this because I failed in my duty as Jinchūriki."

Shaking her head, Mikoto replies, " It's not your fault, never would have been. I am just glad things worked eventually. Even the elders are happy all away from the Village. To them, it's now a status symbol 'Uchihas are elite of elites, We don't ever mix up with common people, so we have our area'. "

Soon they reach clan gates where guards from military police greet and bow to both ladies. Mikoto quickly guided her to the Market area then to a medium-sized shop. There were several mannequins placed around with different kinds of dresses. Soon a black-haired lady joins them. She seemed in her early fifties "Mikoto, so glad to see you, I have your outfit ready -" she gasps a bit, seeing Kushina bowing to her. "It's finally good to see you, Kushina sama. I am Akemi Uchiha, the resident tailor and clothing specialist of the Uchiha clan. When Mikoto told me she would bring a friend over, she didn't tell me it was you. So what would you like?"

 Before Kushina could reply, Mikoto interjects," Kushina here is a bit of a dummy when it comes to fashion. What she would like is a complete wardrobe change. By complete, I mean complete ranging from casual shinobi clothes, workout clothes, home clothes and of course her outfit for the official post as deputy Hokage."

 As Kushina is about to speak up to stop her from adding to the list, Mikoto continues, "of course, she would also need complimentary underwear too."

Kushina was exasperated. "Mikoto, we only came here for the official dress. I didn't come here to become a dress-up doll for you."

A giggling Mikoto replies, "oh hush you. I have you now under my claws. You are not leaving until I am satisfied", she ends with a friendly mock. 

Soon they head over inside, where Kushina removes her Jounin vest. Akemi takes her measurements while commenting on her figure as her measurements are completed. 

Mikoto holds her hand. "Akemi-san, We will leave you with getting required outfits and designs here while I give Kushina a tour of the women's section." 

The pair soon reach out in a different section of the shop consisting of women's innerwear. Some mannequins were displaying some sheer nightwear with some over the top lingeries. Kushina was quickly shuffled into a change room. As Mikoto browsed through different selves, soon Mikoto joined with a bunch of bundles in her arms. The bundle consisted of various types of underwear that she usually saw in magazines only. 

"What, Kushina, strip fast and try them on? I have chosen them according to your size. Come on, give the lady a show." 

Kushina looks pointedly at Mikoto and smirks at her. "Are you seriously suggesting I strip and do a show for you? We aren't teenagers anymore, Mikoto. I am married, and you too are married. I don't think it's good for us and role play like we did in our teen years."

Mikoto sighs. "You are too serious, Kushina. You need to relax. I was staying here to give my opinion. You know, it is said how you dress directly affects your confidence. It's doubly true for well-fitted underwear. So don't be a prude and start testing. It's nothing I haven't seen before." 

Kushina sighs, She quickly pulls off the blue jumper top and mesh armour in a go. Her shinobi pants soon followed. As she is standing in her modest blue underwear in front of her best friend, she gets flashbacks of similar scenes from the past when they used to role-play. 

Her thoughts are interrupted by Mikoto's voice "You have grown even more voluptuous and beautiful Kushina, what do you even eat to put flesh in those globs, not a stretch of extra fat. You Uzumakis are really something hah?" 

Smirking back at her friend, "That and not leaving Shinobi training does wonders you know. I still think you should start reshaping your body, Mikoto. You were better shinobi than even your husband. I don't think it would take you more than a year to turn back your now soft body to Kunoichi." 

Mikoto shakes her head. "Nah, I retired knowing what's coming for me, Kushina. Besides being clan Matriarch is not so bad. Sure I miss adventures and heists of missions, but now I have you in Hokage tower for all gossips." she ends up giggling. 

"Come on, try these. I will check and point out faults if I find any" Kushina unclasps the hooks of her bra, slowly taking it off her shoulders. Her panties followed soon. 

Mikoto stares wide-eyed at her friend. A soft whistle escapes her lips, pointing out to her breasts, "They have even become more perkier than before, how do they even defy gravity at that size" she looks down at her chest, bit some wistful gazing. "You would have to share your secrets Kushina." 

Kushina ignores her and picks up the bundles brought in by Mikoto. One thing common in the bundle is they all are either colored black or white. After putting up the first set of bra and panties, she picks up all bras bought in and tries them on, much to Mikoto's complaints about trying the whole set together, but Kushina says it's a waste of time, so she would try all bras at once and then the panties. From full cup bras, demi cup bras to strapless bras. Some were sheer, and some were conservative. The material was one of the highest quality she had ever worn. Mikoto also had brought in some sports bras. Kushina found them well to her size. Even dressed in a sheer demi-cup bra where her breasts seemed like they would pop out any moment, she didn't feel uncomfortable. In between, she looks at Mikoto, who makes one or two comments about bras and occasions for their use. Once she had tested all of them, she moved towards panties. Kushina is surprised Mikoto didn't bring the whole shop in here. Even she knew there were different types of panties. She was comfortable with classic briefs and was happy to see them. There were also some seamless ones. The most she felt uncomfortable with was thongs. "Mikoto, Why do I need thongs for office?" Mikoto shakes her head. "There are some outfits Kushina, where you wouldn't like pantiylines showing up, besides in my personal opinion they are best. Comfortable and sexy just in one go. Imagine Minato watching you as you strip in front of him, I think even if he's not in moon he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off you."

Kushina nods and starts trying on new underwear. 




Meanwhile, at Hokage tower, Hiruzen gets a bit of free time hearing about Kushina's shopping. He couldn't help but try to track her using the telescopic technique in his crystal ball. He quickly finds her along with Mikoto Uchiha. He's surprised the pair isn't in the Konoha market area but moving towards the Uchiha clan area. As the pair enters the clan area, his vision from Crystal ball is cut. 

He curses Kushina for going to clan shop and for him missing out on this perfect voyeur opportunity. Hiruzen regrets telling clans about the way to avoid his clairvoyant technique. Which he had allowed them to use strictly in clan areas and public baths across Konoha. Puffing a ring of smoke, he sighs, "I would definitely get an opportunity soon, ah Jirriaya is rubbing off on me." Quickly targeting his technique to the academy, thoughts of peeping leave him as he observes new budding leaves of Konoha's future. 




Back in store with ladies, As Kushina bends over to pull new panties up her legs, unknowingly giving Mikoto quite a show. With each try-on and pose, Mikoto becomes more and more aroused. 

Controlling her expressions from showing on her face, she continues 

"You have become riper and riper with time, Kushina. It's hard to believe I can't find fault in any of these." as she points out underwear tried by her, "Your body rocks all these," pointing out to her already tried underwear. "Come on you haven't tried the thong yet, but with current flow it would be best out of lot." 

As Kushina tries the last one, the voice of Akemi catches their attention "Kushina-Sama, as you are already here I have brought in some outfits for you." 

Mikoto quickly goes out and brings in the clothes. There is quite a broad range of outfits from regular skirt suits in three different colors, a couple of Kimonos, a kimono suit, and some training clothes. Though They looked quite revealing to her

Quickly trying out various outfits, She finalized some of them rejecting short skirt business suits or one with slits. Mikoto clearly stated her disappointment. " You know, it will get working a lot smoother for you in the office wearing those outfits." 

Kushina sighed again, "You know, that's what I am not there for showing skin and all , my post has its own dignity. I can't have myself dress like a trap, can I ?" 

Mikoto shakes her head " you know,There's always next time.I am sure I would get you to take them next time."

They make a quick payment, Kushina murmurs to Mikoto, "Talk about shooting the budget, you always go overboard."

Mikoto chuckles. "You can always thanks me, and it's not like you can't afford this."

 The pair quickly make it outside the shop. Kushina checks the time. "It's almost closing time for Academy, want to quickly drop These bags and pick Naruto and Sasuke ?"

Mikoto humms "How about we have evening dinner here, It's been quite long since we had some dinner together. Fugaku is visiting Hi No Kuni capital as part of Konoha's delegation for some trade and services agreement, and you know how Itachi is since he joined ANBU. He's hardly home for dinner these days always busy out there in Night patrols along with Shisui, So What do you think?"

Kushina nods. "Seems like a good plan, it was getting a bit routine for me for the past week. I think Naruto would like it . Ok, Let's drop these bags at your home and pick the kids up."


 After dropping bags at Mikotos house, they quickly reach the academy, just in time too, as they hear the final bell ringing and gags of young shinobi hopefuls coming out of the academy. They notice none of their respective moms are here, but it's to be expected as it's mid-week.

Successfully finding their kids as they bid goodbye to their classmates. As the plan for evening breaks out, Naruto and Sasuke get into a race for who reaches out compound first, much to the exasperation of the ladies. ANBU on duty quickly follows kids.

Upon reaching the compound, they find both of them shouting and wrestling on grounds separating them.

 "Why are you fighting ?" Kushina asks. Naruto animatedly points at Sasuke, "He cheated, when he saw he couldn't keep up with me in race, he took a shortcut."

At this, Sasuke smirked," We are going to be ninja, cheating would be our job."

Mikoto playfully slaps behind Sasuke's head, "It's not good to cheat Sasuke,especially your friends.eben ninja have codes." 

Naruto beams at Sasuke's misfortune and gets slapped back in the head by Kushina, " And friends don't laugh at others misfortune, now you too shake hands and get freshen up and come for food." Both grumble and shake hands, and they enter the house.




It's evening, and after relaxing a bit, both friends cook up dinner. 

They talk about various exciting adventures of the past, "You remember Mikoto, When we took escort mission for some third son of some minor noble house in hot springs country, How that prick looked down on us-"

 Mikoto interjects, "Yes, Kushina I remember quite clearly too how you broke his arm trying to get handsy with Hitomi, almost causing a diplomatic incident. It was good that he was his third son of a minor noble house and he already had quite a ruined reputation. " 

Kushina was annoyed at being interrupted, "But I was right, the slimy bastard was looking down at Kunoichis and poor Hitomi would have fallen victim. You know how she is ?. And that bastard was looking at us like some escorts from the Red light district."

Mikoto sighs"it was a good thing, Hitomi and I were your teammates. Lots of people didn't want an incident with Hyuugas and Uchihas even if they didn't know your status. I shudder to think what would you have done without us," she said, chuckling at the end.

"Like you are one to talk, I just broke his arm.You planned to have him in some sadistic genjutsu and break him."

"And you ruined my plan, I had so much planned for him," Mikoto said, licking up her lips.

"You are as sadistic as ever," Kushina added. 

"Enough of this, we have some time on our hands. How about some drinks and soaking in onsen, while kids are away?" Mikoto purposes .




Meanwhile, with kids, both are middle of bickering 

"See my Kaa-san so kickass, Sasuke. She is gonna be replacing Ji-chan. It doesn't matter if your ni-san is soon to be Anbu captain. He already takes orders from Tou-san soon he would be taking orders from Kaa-san too, Ha Ha. He maybe good but he's leagues beyond my parents."

Sasuke seethes proud of Itachi and his accomplishments, not willing to back down " I don't know about Yondaime-sama but Itachi can defeat your Mom. He would never lose to a girl or Kunoichis . And Why are you so proud baka. It's not like their skills pass on to you." 

Naruto points fingers at Sasuke. "Hey, take that back, I am their son and my Kaa-san is teaching her advanced taijutsu style. Wanna test your so-called famous Uchiha style with me." 

"Bring it on Blonde, I will show how Itachi's teaching is way better than anything your Kaa-san can teach. I bet she got a job only at Yondaime insistence." 

Soon another fight breaks out between the two as they forget about all forms and start wrestling each other. 


"Ah, that hit the spot," Kushina sighs as she drinks sake from Saucer in Onsen. Slight red blush can be seen on her cheeks. Nearby, a very Naked Mikoto sits on the sidelines of onsen with her just legs dipping in the water, drinking from a saucer.

 "You said it, Kushina. I don't remember when I had such a relaxing atmosphere". As she pulls one of her legs up, giving Kushina a clear view of her folds between legs. 

"Mikoto, you need to sit carefully, what if kids or anyone come in here."  

Mikoto chuckled at her response, "No one will come here Kushina. This area is reserved for head if Uchihas only. And I hardly think Sasuke and Naruto have anything but the idea of visiting hot springs. And are you ashamed of me? Has my body gotten that hideous to look at?" she ended in a playful, hurt manner as she cups one of her D cup breasts in her palms.

 Kushina spluttered at the scene, dipping a bit deeper in water, unknowingly getting a bit bothered by the heat of the water, and watching her friend groping herself. 

"Mikoto-" she is again cut off by Mikoto, who now has entered waters and starts moving towards her "Oh Kushina, you have become so prude. When did that happen? We used to have so many wild moments in the past. These little things shouldn't bother you." 

Mikoto is now dipping close to Kushina, and their shoulders are almost touching. 

"It was in the past Mikoto and before Naruto. I am a mother now. I can't do those things freely. It's not appropriate." she moves a bit away but not too far, just keeping the skinship away. 

"Who says you can't have fun Kushina. Being a mother doesn't mean you have to change yourself. You still remember all the fun we had while I was pregnant with Itachi or even after his birth all the way till you got knocked over by your husband. You should take care of yourself." 

Kushina ponders over the words spoken by her friend, thinking if her words were correct. Her musings are cut short as she feels hands around her shoulders and her body turned towards Mikoto. "You look so stiff and stressed, Kushina. Let me help you. Just try to relax, you know I did training as a masseuse as a hobby, don't you? " without waiting for her approval, she takes position behind her and starts massaging her shoulders and muscles around the upper back. As her fingers trace slowly and deliberately on her back, Kushina lets out an uncontrolled sigh and relaxes, leaning a bit towards Mikoto as the Massaging continues with Mikoto using techniques of a professional masseuse. She ups the ante, pressing on various pressure points and nerves across her back. Her prior experience with Kushina telling her where to apply her touch for maximum results. Soon Kushina was like putty in her hands, unknowingly low moans escaping her mouth as she fully leaned on her. 

"You don't need to control your self Kushina. Let yourself out. Let your voice out, moan freely." with one hand, she presses forward on her lower back, while her other hand is slowly tracing her stomach moving upwards. A slow smile formed on Mikotos face at the success of her actions. 

Kushina was in bliss. The past week at a job, while not stressful, was still a transition from her daily schedule for the past eight years. Moreover, Kushina had been a bit sexually deprived in past years, with Minato getting busier and busier, his short monthly or bi-weekly visits hardly counted. In those days or two, he usually saw some matters with Sandaime, and after that, whatever time he had left was spent with their son. Moreover, sometimes Kushina was too busy on those days to have some free time with her husband. Kushina couldn't complain. She was pretty deviant for sex, live proof being her open relationship with Mikoto. She changed herself according to the situation, but unconsciously, her body became a craving for more and more. Case and point being her attacking Minato recently for sex whenever they had the opportunity. 

Now under Mikotos tender care, all those inhibitions were released. Eyes closed, her moan's volume increased. She suddenly gasped, and her eyes opened as she felt Mikotos hands on her breasts as they gently groped prodded their generous soft tissues. "Mikoto , Ah.. What are uhhh" another moan escapes her as her already stiffened nipple is nubbed and pulled gently by her friend. 

"Relax Kushina, let me enjoy too. I have been craving to do this since afternoon after getting an eyeful of these in-store. They have definitely got bigger and better." As she continues, Kushina's moans echo through the area. Mikoto soon changes her position from behind Kushina to coming to the side of her. With one hand supporting the back of her neck while the other stimulating her breasts and nipples. As Kushina leans forward to her touch, Mikoto quickly pulls her head, and soon her lips crashed on Kushina's own. Their breasts pressed together against each other, forming the fantasies of many men across Konoha come true. As Kushina's arms flay, Mikotos hands now hold her head as her tongue enters her mouth, entangling with Kushina's.

Kushina is broken out of bliss by a sudden kiss from Mikoto. she tries to struggle in vain as her body reluctantly participates in the act. She could feel her stiff nipples crashing against Mikoto's. She could feel how her pussy trembled as Mikotos legs brushed past her. Soon after a minute, they separate as she takes in the fresh air, her face red from excitement or mortification she didn't know. But her body was definitely hot and bothered.

Mikoto similarly takes air. "Wow, that's what I missed in these past years. You never know the value of something until it's lost . Right Kushina?"

Kushina, now a bit ready to reply, glares at her friend "Mikoto, What was that ? I can't do this. I can't believe I kissed you, that I cheated on Minato." 

She tries to move out of the onsen. Mikoto catches her wrist, "What are you talking about? I am relieving your stress, and it seems like you are holding a dam full of it and on the point of cheating on your husband. It was him that stole you from me, remember. That flaky yellow haired bastard took off with you literally while you were with me. So it's not cheating besides we used to have these sessions throughout your relationship with him until Naruto was born. It would have been cheating if I came into a relationship later, but your husband came between us so I could say you have been cheating on me all these years."

Kushina stuck beet red at this atrocious logic but couldn't argue as there was some truth to it. Mikoto continues, "So come on, Let's continue and finish this . I know you are craving for more" she pulls her towards the edges of the onsen area and helps her sit on the edge with legs dangling in the water. 

This time Mikoto, not bothering with any complexity in her actions, spread her legs, getting a closeup of well-shaved small red stripes on her pussy. With placing one hand on Kushina's breasts and a couple of fingers on her snatch. She feels Kushina's body shuddering at her actions. As her right hand again start stimulating her nipples, and the other hand starts stimulating her outer labia, Kushina moans, this time even louder. Soon Mikoto captures her mouth again, this time Kushina actively taking in part. Their hands start to explore each other. 

If any hot-blooded male had been there to witness their actions, he would have fulfilled his fantasy. The actions committed by these socially high-placed ladies were right out of Jirriayas books. 




Around Konoha onsen, A bored Jirriaya was lamenting his luck. He hadn't got any awesome peep today. All he got today was some old ladies around his sensei's age using the bath. He was still trying to get those images out of his head suddenly, he sneezed. "It's been long and torturous day, seems like I missed opportunity somewhere." 

Sighing on a bad day, he tries to sleep off, getting the dreaded scenes out of his mind.


Meanwhile, a relaxed and refreshed Kushina and Mikoto came out of the onsen. With Kushina borrowing Mikotos Kimono. After getting a simultaneous release, both of them had quickly washed each other off.

Of Course, Kushina was slightly perturbed by how things escalated so quickly but couldn't complain about the results. A feeling of satisfaction did rouse through her body. 

As the ladies come to the living area, they are greeted by sweaty and Muddy kids. Quickly usher them to bathe. 

As Naruto and Sasuke are in the washroom, they set up dinner. "We should definitely do this again, Kushina. I totally enjoyed today maybe we should invite Hitomi too next time, for old times sake." 

Kushina nods. "Yeah, we could do that, but I am not doing those things again, Mikoto. I think we both lost control today. I admit I enjoyed it but it's not right." 

Mikoto sighs. "Forget about right or wrong, Kushina, think about results. You can blame whatever you want, but you have relieved some stress, and I'm sure given your new post, your stress level is bound to increase. Besides thinking about doing it too poor Hitomi, I am sure that Hiashi prick can't come even close to satisfy her" she ends with a smirk. 

"Yeah, Hitomi definitely is a wild one, quite on the outside and practically wild when she gets going. I blame you for corrupting that pure soul." 

Mikoto giggles as she opens her mouth to say something, but she's interrupted by steps of kids running up to the dining room. They quickly set dinner with Naruto and Sasuke, bragging how they defeated each other in a spar, claiming using the techniques taught by Kushina and Itachi, respectively. While in reality, all they had done was wrestled all over mud claiming superiority of their teachers. 

Soon it's time for Kushina and Naruto to leave. Kushina seals off all her shopping in a storage scroll. They bid goodbye, Mikoto and Sasuke come to leave at the clan compound gates. Mikoto hugs Kushina. "Remember my offer, it's always open, so whenever you need my help, just notify me" she releases her not before groping her ass, much to Kushina's embarrassment. A couple of Military police personnel view the scene with amusement and a bit of jealousy. 

Kushina reluctantly nods" Thanks for help, today. Good night"


As Kushina lays on the bed, scenes of her actions with Mikoto repeat through her mind. She doesn't feel guilty as per ok maybe a bit guilty. 

As she thinks, "I don't why I did that, but Mikoto is right, I would have to find a way to release my frustration one way or another. But going to Mikoto, I can't approach her directly, can I? Stupid Mikoto, and her stupid logic, now her logic will definitely make me do things I don't have to. I was never good at self release. This is so frustrating, Minato please come home soon, I can't wait to see you again. Stupid Minato, He could come home daily if he wanted using Hirashin. But No, he decided he would stay with forces to be a role model. "

As Kushina loses herself to dreamland, her mind unconsciously tries to find logical reasons for acts. 




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