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To Be Hokage - Chapter 13: Stoppp… doing that 


"Naruto! Naruto, Hey listen, Naruto," An irritated Sasuke called his friend out.

It was lunchtime at the academy. While all the other kids were either playing or eating their lunches, Naruto had pulled Sasuke aside for his pranking adventure. He had also tried to pull Karin into it, but the girl didn't want any of it. Naruto turned towards him as he tried to look for possible prank points." Ye Sasuke ?" he asked.

"Since you are coming to my place this evening, wanna see my cool new fireball jutsu ?" Sasuke asked. He had recently cast the fireball jutsu successfully. The trademark of their clan, though it wasn't as good as Tou-san or Itachi-niis, but Sasuke was happy that he had finally cast the Jutsu after rigorous training under his father for the past six months. He hadn't even told Naruto about it and wanted to see his face when he saw him cast the Jutsu.

"Wha- no, you don't know fireball Jutsu," Naruto commented while looking at his friend. 

"I know that now I know how to cast fireball jutsu, our signature move." Sasuke grinned back.

"Come on, show it now," Naruto protested.

"Can't here now, Tou-san asked me to do it in his, Kaa-chan, or Itachi-ni's presence only," Sasuke replied.

"No fair," Naruto shouted as they heard the bell, the telltale sign for recess to be over.





Kushina was sitting on her spot at the mission assignment desk, currently interacting with various shinobis and kunoichis coming for new missions. Nearby she saw Daisuke, the chunin who was assisting her today. She smiled as she noticed how hard he was trying not to stare at her when he thought she wasn't looking at him. Initially, she felt all that random staring odd and wanted to reiterate but later thought it was so bad. Besides, she didn't believe Daisuke could do anything. The poor guy could barely talk in her presence, let alone do anything to her.

As she stood up, taking a small tea break, she turned and smiled at her subordinates. "I will come back in a few. If anything is urgent, hold on until I'm back."

She didn't even look behind as she heard the "Yes Ma’am" chorus after her.


The subordinates looked at her retreating figure until she was out of doors, with Daisuke finally speaking up, "Damn, She's so hot it makes me nervous."


The other chunin from nearby chuckled, "Buck up, man, get hold of yourself." Ever since, she had stopped wearing pantyhose under the skirt. The men in the office paid more attention to her legs, especially when she moved, sat, or stood. The small slits on the various pencil skirts were in different spots.

Today it happened to be on the backside between the legs of her black skirt, so when she walked quickly, they got a glimpse of her thighs. It also helped that she was today wearing just a white-colored slim-fit blouse highlighting the shape of her breasts, which jiggled as she moved much to their hidden pleasure.


Back with Kushina, she was currently walking towards the jonin lounge, nodding and smiling to various shinobis that greeted her. She thought of the events in the morning today.

Today was the day of their supposed spar with the Sandaime, but she hadn't received any word from the Sandaime yesterday. Even when she asked him yesterday about timing, he told her he would intimate her. She had waited yesterday till evening and then till night waiting for the message from the Sandaime but received nothing. She had thought he had forgotten and planned to confront him and joke on him for backing out.

But this morning, She had dressed up and was just outside her compound gates with kids when a chunin came and told her Sandaime had arranged their workout in the evening. She had been a bit taken back. She had thought Sandaime would invite her in the morning like last time, but he had scheduled it for the evening. Since it was pretty short notice and she had no time to change as she had to accompany kids to the academy, She quickly went back inside, sealed her jonin uniform in a scroll, and placed it in her small office bag.

"Kaa-chan, Are you fighting with Jiji ?" Naruto asked as she returned to the gates.

She remained silent for a few seconds as kids looked at her before answering, "No, we are just working out, no fighting," she replied. Knowing if she told him the truth, he would ask to come, and she really didn't want him to insist on coming.

"Can I come? Can I? Can I ?" Naruto asked as he jumped up and down. She saw Karin too wanting to come, given her expressions.

"You can't, Naruto. Not today at least," She spoke with a sad smile. 'I don't know how the fight will go. I will take you once I decide what type of fight it is,' she thought.


After that, as they reached the academy gates, Kushina was pleasantly surprised to see her friends with their respective children.

"See, I told you, Kushina steals the morning show of being the most glamorous mom," Mikoto spoke as Kushina neared them. Sasuke and Naruto stopped a few steps behind as they formed a small hurdle with boys their age. While Karin stood on a side waiting for her girl gang, giving Hinata a stink eye, who was also standing nearby with some of her friends and were looking at their dear Kushina-sama.


Kushina laughed as she hugged her friends. "It was your idea for the office outfit, not mine," she spoke while turning to Mikoto.

"And I like it. One day we should dress similarly just to see the looks of people," she spoke while quietly giggling.

Ignoring her, Kushina spoke again, "It's good that I found you. I will be late with office work today. Can you watch kids today ?"

"Sure, No problem" Both Hitomi and  Mikoto spoke simultaneously and turned to each other and laughed.

"Well, they always go to your place. I'm sure Naruto-Kun and Karin-chan will love some time near me too," Hitomi complained.

"Ara, It's not like I forced him. Maybe because he likes me moreee." Mikoto teased 

Before they could escalate, Kushina interjected, "It's not like that Naruto comes to your place because of Sasuke-Kun, and you know that Miko-chan."

"True True," Hitomi spoke as she turned to look where Karin was standing. Few of her friends had come, and then towards her daughter, who had her own set of girls. "How about I take Karin-chan today. Hinata and her don't know each other 'well enough'. I would like to have a playdate. It will be a good start."

Kushina looked at the scene skeptically, knowing that, due to Naruto's influence, Karin had also developed a sort of childish anti-Hinata stand. "I'm not sure. Why not we call them and  ask them both." 

Hitomi nodded and called out to Hinata, and Kushina did the same with Karin while also calling Naruto.

Sasuke, too tagged along with Naruto.

Kushina spoke. "Naruto, as you know, I will be late today from work. So Mikoto has offered you take you," she said, looking at Mikoto, who nodded and smiled, then turned to Karin. "Karin, Hitomi has invited you to her house as you would get bored with boys-"

"Hey," Naruto shouted. Kushina looked at him a bit and laughed, turning to Karin, who had turned stiff and was looking at Hinata, who also had turned stiff, certainly the girls not liking the idea. Kushina looked at Hitomi, who smiled as she called both girls together to her. "Karin-chan, I was friends with Kushina, and now I would like to get to know you as well so would you like to come to my place after classes today?" she spoke.

Karin looks at Kushina and nods while bowing to Hyuga matriarch, "hai Hitomi-sama."

"So cute," Hitomi speaks.

"Karin got booked with the witch," Naruto shouted, looking towards Hinata, who pulled out her fists and shouted at him, "Baka-ruto."


A smile formed on Kushina's face as she remembered the small spat between the kids. Hoping Karin would somehow manage, she entered the jonin lounge. It was pretty vacant with only a few shinobis here. She saw Shikaku with some tea in front of him in his usual lazy self. He noticed her arrival and nodded at her. She was surprised to see complete Ino-Shika-Cho here. Inochi also looked up and gave her a bow, while Chouza bowed a bit while munching on some snacks.

Seeing no one here, she decided to join them with tea and some wagashi on a plate. She heard Shikaku mumbling something, which she guessed was definitely the word 'troublesome'.


"Ohayo, Nara-san, Yamanaka-san, and Akemichi-san," she spoke as she took a seat beside the Nara man. Whose eyes unconsciously moved to her legs, especially her skirt, which rode up as she sat.

"Ohayo, Uzumaki-san," the trio of veterans spoke.

"So what brought you all three infamous trios here" She spoke, as the Yamanaka clan head was usually stuck in the intelligence department. At the same time, the Akemichi clan head had his own things to do. It was usually Shikaku here in the shinobi office.

"Nothing, we wanted to meet this bum here pointing to Shikaku. Chouza can't come in the evening as he has to tend clan food business these days, and this bum is too lazy. Besides, his wife will not allow him out in the evenings," Inochi replied, chuckling while Shikaku muttered, "Troublesome."

"Oh, poor Shikaku. Yoshino not allowing you to roam free," Kushina teased. Being a jonin commander, the Nara clan head used to meet with Minato quite often when Minato was active as Hokage, so Kushina got to know him.

"Troublesome. She wants me to be a better role model for Shikamaru and spend time with him after I reach home." Shikaku answered

Kushina smiled and then turned to Inochi. "So Yamanaka-san, how are things in the Intelligence Department? I'm told you guys are facing challenges getting information out of some spy's head that was caught."

"Yeah, it's trouble, but we are used to it. Kumo has changed some seals in the prisoner's head. They have made it more volatile, so a misstep and person dies with brain turning to goo."


Kushina made a face as she heard that "Ugh, not at the time of eating," while looking oddly at Chouza, who continued eating as if he didn't hear about goo talk.

 After talking to the trio for a while, Kushina's tea finished. She stood up and bid them goodbye.

The friend's gaze immediately went to her, especially Shikaku and Inoichi.


As Kushina went away, Inochi was the first to comment, "Is it just me or she has become more assertive these days" then he looked and left, and right whispered, "and more sexier too."

Shikaku sighed. "She's become more troublesome than ever. Before, her actions and nature were enough. Now she is using that body of hers too. I don't know if she's doing that deliberately. She has become the most troublesome woman."

Munching on snacks and finally, the Akemichi clan head spoke, "Be careful if your wives get a whiff of this. You are perving on another woman, then there will be hell to pay" he, too, then smiled. "But yes, even I admit she has gotten more charismatic and attractive."

"Damn, what's wrong with us finding strong, assertive women sexier and hot" Inochi spoke.

"Huh! They are troublesome, so maybe we like trouble after all," the Jonin commander replied in his signature lazy drawl.



It was afternoon, and currently, Kushina was in her office looking out the window as rain poured on Konoha. By the looks of it, it was a passing rain shower. The weather was bound to be more pleasant now as it had grown hotter the last few days.

"A well-timed relief from the heat," Hiruzen spoke from his spot.

Turning back to the old man Kushina looked at him. It was the first time they had been in the same room since morning.

"You have been avoiding me old man," She spoke. 

"I haven't been avoiding you, Kushina, whatever gave you the idea," Hiruzen chuckled.

"Why didn't you tell me about the spar timings yesterday? Why just in the morning? Were you trying to bail out thinking I would back down ?" She fired rapid questions

Hiruzen processed her questions and smiled before answering, "Well, my schedule was not defined till this morning, and you know I don't have to bail out. Or have you forgotten about our spar last time where I -"

"No need to gloat. I will take my revenge," Kushina said while cutting him off and pointing her fingers at him.

"Ha ha, the mighty Uzumaki Kushina is embarrassed," Hiruzen taunted.

"I'm not embarrassed" she controlled her voice, then took her seat. "I know what you are trying to do. I will not get riled up that easily."

"Hoh, that's mature of you," Hiruzen spoke as he chuckled.

Kushina ignored him while opening a document before her 'Stupid old man. I will show you in the evening,' she thought out.

Come to think of it, she had loads of tasks today. After sitting at the mission assignments desk in the morning, she had gone to the finance department today, where they had given her the latest logistics cost from missions from Hot Spring country and mission from demon country where they were trying to get the deal with the leader of the country.

Kushina had also sent a message to Snow country, but that place seemed to have been closed for any deals except for some materials. She had a report from Kakashi's mission to that country. Where the previous Daimyo was killed by his brother.

The logistics team had given her long calculation sheets about various costs. She had to devise a strategy, given she had a limited budget. That's what she was looking at currently. The roughly hundred pages of the document gave her a mild headache. Shaking her head, she stood up while placing documents in her folder.

"I'm going to the archives old-man will see you in the evening" , and with that, she marched out the room.


As she turned like always these days, his gaze immediately lingered on her swinging ass. It had almost become a habit for him to look at her back whenever she moved out of the office. He had even asked no ANBUs to be in the room when She was in the room, citing he didn't need protection. Little did Anbus know what went in his mind these days.

He licked his lips as she disappeared from his sight. 'I can't wait for the evening to come soon,' he thought as he looked over at the time.





Around 7 in the evening, Kushina returned from submitting her work to the logistics department. Despite having a slight headache, she walked with skips in her steps as she made her way to the Hokage's office. The hallway was pretty empty given the time. A lone kunoichi was sitting at the reception desk who nodded at her.

She entered the room and saw Sandaime standing at the window and watching the setting sun across the horizon.

"I thought you left for home and backed down," she heard him speak with a hint of teasing.

"I am not leaving today without showing you who the boss is. Old-man," Kushina fired back.

"Ha ha, we shall see," Hiruzen chuckled, then looking at her, "Are you ready to leave ?"

"Hai, Which training grounds are we going to use? Give me some time to change," she asked, finally realising she would have to change before spar, and then looking at Sandaime, she couldn't see much more than anything under Hokage robes. "You are geared up?" she asked him.


"Ha ha, we will go to the Sarutobi compound, of course. No need to collect the audience by going to the training ground. As for changing, you can do that there in the compound." Hiruzen answered


Thinking for a bit, she nodded. 'It's better in private grounds than public training grounds' As they moved out, Kushina couldn't help but smirk and taunt, "You are afraid to lose in front of a crowd, aren't you ? Old-man," she teased, ignoring the gawking kunoichi sitting at the reception at such disrespect for Sandaime.


"Ha ha, you wish I am doing it to save your face. How would it look to everyone that the next Hokage candidate in her prime can't even beat the old Hokage." Hiruzen fired back, ignoring the kunoichi at the desk while internally swearing to spank Kushina.


"Well, next time, the location will be my compound grounds," Kushina spoke.

Hiruzen pondered for a bit before speaking, "Sure, we can do that but first beat me today" he ended with a taunt.

They had come outside on the main road of Konoha. The roads were slightly wet, and some small puddles were seen on the road. The rain had subsided an hour or so ago, and lights on streets were being lit up as daylight was slowly dimming. Smiling to the general public, the duo at the most powerful position in the village marched to the Sarutobi compounds.


The Sarutobi compound and Uzumaki compound were quite the opposite sides of the Hokage compound, so she was glad she brought a change of clothes. As they passed the edge of Aburame compound boundaries, Kushina greeted Shibi, who was with his son.

Soon they reached the Sarutobi clan compound’s gates. A couple of chunins were at the compound's gates. They were definitely from the clan. They bowed to Sandaime and then to her as well.

Sandaime greeted them with some pleasantries as he then proceeded to his house. Few people were roaming, and she saw some clan kids playing as well.

Reaching the main house, Kushina saw a beautiful brown-haired woman with a kid she identified as Konami-san, the daughter-in-law of old-man. She felt a little bad for her because the woman had lost her husband in the line of duty just a couple of years ago. She and her late husband had married late, so despite being later than Kushina, she had a young child.

The woman smiled at them as the kid ran towards his grandfather in his small steps. "Jiji, you are back."

“Ho, Konohamaru-kun, how are you ?” Sandaime spoke as he picked up the child.

"I'm great, Jiji," as he took candy from his grandfather.


Kushina looked at the scene and smiled. She returned the nod to Konami, who had approached them. "Konbanwa, Kushina-san," she spoke.

Kushina smiled and spoke, "Konbanwa, Konami-san, How are you ?"

"I'm fine. Not much to do these days except taking care of young Konohahamru-Kun." She smiled, looking at her child.

"I understand. How about if you are bored you can come to Hokage tower? I'm sure I will find a use for you. You were good in the intelligence department, right ?"


 "Hai, I was, and you are too kind. But right now, I want to take care of Konohamaru-Kun." Konami replied 

"Ha ha, I understand. Well, if you change your mind, you can contact me anytime," Kushina spoke.

 With that, they moved inside after small refreshments. Sandaime stood up. "Konami, Kushina, and I will be on the grounds if you need me for anything." Hiruzen knew Konami would be too busy tending Konohamaru, plus it was evening she would take over command in Kitchen for dinner preparations. Despite being only three individuals from the main house currently with Asuma being stationed in Firelord's court. The main house of Sarutobi still cooked food for more than twenty people on the daily basis, which included some clan members from branch houses who helped run this vast house.




 Kushina followed Sandaime to the Southern section of the house, where she remembered the location of his personal training grounds. Sandaime stopped and pointed her to some rooms across the lobby. "You can use one of those guest rooms for changing. I will see you on the grounds. You know where they are, right ?" he smirked and teased her.

"Of course, I know, you shitty old man," she fired back.

She quickly went inside a room and pulled the door to closing. The room was quite spacious with the tatami-matted floor. There were pictures of various locations from Konoha, one of them being the Hokage mountain from the gates. There was a small table with cushions for sitting along the corner, and she saw a mattress with a clean sheet. There was a cupboard too. On the other end, there was a window that looked out. She went to the window and pulled the curtains close. Looking on, she found another door that led to the attached washroom. There was another door which she found was for the lavatory. 'The room is definitely meant for guests coming to Konoha to meet with the old man.' she thought.


After discarding her high-heeled sandals, she entered the washroom. While it was not quite fancy, it was still relatively comfortable with all modern amenities. A bathtub at the corner with a shower attached to the wall so the user could use the tub or bath according to their wishes. There was a cabinet for bathing needs and a hanging bar where a clean white towel was placed.

There was a big mirror on one of the walls and quite a big window with translucent glass for daylight with blinders set open for daylight to come in. 


'I wonder if I too would have to create these kinds of guest rooms in my house too.' She thought, quickly shaking her head. So after using water to clean her face, she wiped it using the soft towel provided. She returned to the main room, opened her purse, and pulled the scroll with her jonin outfit. With quick hand seals, she unsealed her outfit. 

After the final look around the room and then at the windows, She started to undress, She was feeling a bit uneasy. She usually didn't change outside her home or at a friend's house. Rare occasions were being either with Mikoto or Hitomi. Even in her teen days, she rarely used public onsen in Konoha. As she undressed to her underwear and started to unhook her bra, her eyes landed on bindings that were alongside her jonin dress. 

'Do I really have to use bindings?' She thought.

'It's not that much of a serious fight. I think I can go without these today' So she stopped and readjusted her demi-cup bra and pulled on her blue jonin shirt. And then pulled her pants up as well. Picking up the vest, she entered the washroom and looked in the mirror. She turned three-sixty and threw a satisfied smile. With that done, she pulled her jonin vest and zipped it up.

Tying her in a ponytail, she placed her headband around her forehead. "Yep, I am ready, dattebane, " she said while looking at her reflection. With a final look in the mirror, she moved out of the washroom. Picking her work outfit, she sealed them in the scroll. After placing it in her bag, she quickly put on her shinobi sandals and moved out of the room.





When she reached the grounds, the grounds were illuminated by lights. As she stepped on the grass, she found it slightly wet, and there was slight wet ground in some places due to rain. She found the old man already there doing some stretching and warm-ups. He stopped and looked at her. "Do your warm-ups. We will start in ten minutes,," he spoke. 

"Are you sure, old man? Take your time like last time. You will not escape using time as an excuse this time," she taunted as she averted to warm up.

Hiruzen looked at her as she started her warm-ups and spoke, "If you remember correctly what happened last time, you would not be saying this. Seems like I will have to teach you again."

His internal thoughts ran wild as he saw her bending, giving him a full view of her shapely posterior 

She stopped and glared at him. "I will like to see you try. I will teach you a lesson that you will not forget despite your old age."

Hiruzen chuckled, "ho ho, is that a challenge ?" he pointed out.

Kushina visibly looked composed but internally was getting slowly pissed off. She finally spoke, "Ok, enough of this, let's start. Let me kick your ass." She slowly moved towards the center of the grounds.


Hiruzen also took a position where he made a motion to start, but Kushina didn't move, so he spoke, "So Tomato-chan rules are the same as last time. Show me what you can do ?"

Kushina's eyes twitched, but she didn't attack but fired back, "I'm not falling for the same trick again, old-man."

Hiruzen chuckled, much to her irritation, "oh, Tomato-Chan learned something. Was my lesson from last time successful?"

Kushina stood there trying to ignore his taunts, knowing it was his trap "it's not going to work. Can you stop it?" she spoke.

"Oh, it's not working, Tomato-Chan. I'm so sad, but I'm going to keep saying it. What are you going to do about it?" He taunted with a come hither motion.

Kushina finally had enough of it. Despite her mind saying to stop, she charged at the Sandaime. "I will make you eat dirt, you stupid old-man."

Running at high jonin speed, she was on the old-man in a jiffy, as she neared him she jumped in the air and threw a high heeled kick. If it had been any regular shinobi, they would have been hit by this move, but to Sandaime, he easily read her move. So when she kicked, he quickly stepped aside, and he immediately blocked her punch as she turned towards him. He grinned at her and jumped back as she stood at the pace he was standing now.

"Come on, fight me, old-man," she shouted, irritated at his dodging. When Hiruzen didn't say anything, she ran towards him again.

Hiruzen was so relaxed that despite Kushina moving at optimum shinobi speeds, he had time to notice that her breasts were jiggling quite spectacularly, and he openly ogled them in the guise of observing her movement. True to his observation, Kushina's breasts today were really jiggling more. The bra she wore was not made for these high-speed manoeuvres. And the demi-cup bra was really struggling to hold her sizable bust, which caused them to swing wildly and, in turn, caused the zipper of her jonin jacket to loosen and lower down a bit. Of course, she didn't notice this as her full attention was focused on her target. She really wanted to defeat the old man and wipe that stupid smile off his face. 


This time as she moved in close, she didn't move to kick but instead tried to grab his hands, but Hizruzen moved to the side while catching her hand. Then using her momentum, he pushed her, causing her to flip in the air uncontrollably. Kushina righted her position in the air but didn't have time to change her landing position.

'Splash' the sound of a body heading water echoed on the grounds. Kushina, despite having corrected her position, didn't have time to fix her position for landing splashed in a puddle of muddy water. Since she had landed on a knee, her one knee was now covered in wet mud and water while her face and body too were splashed with the same.

Her face contorted in anger. She knew old had deliberately thrown to the area with this muddy puddle and was proven right when she heard him chuckle. 

Hiruzen chuckled and spoke, "Ho, have some of that water. It will cool down your anger, tomato-chan".


Kushina stood up. "You stupid old man, you will pay for that." Despite her words, she didn't charge but slowly walked out and glared at Sandaime. If looks could kill, Hiruzen would have been dead already.

Hiruzen noticed she really was pissed but was controlling her anger, so he decided to change tactics, and for the first time, he moved towards the redhead.

So without giving her time to react, Hiruzen moved towards her at a surprising quick speed Kushina seemed to be taken aback by his move and inefficiently tried to block his punch. But Hiruzen fainted and rammed her straight  using his shoulder instead of throwing a punch. Kushina stood her ground, but the momentum of Hiruzen's body transferred to her. As a result, she skidded back. But she was careful this time, so she skidded over the muddy puddle, but despite that, some more mud again splashed on her face, body, and hair.


Hiruzen stood at his place while Kushina's anger rose again. "Now you have done it, old-man. You fight dirty. You have no honor in the spar." with that, she jumped in the air with the application of chakra. While in the air, she launched herself towards the dirty old-man.

Hiruzen's eyes widened as she jumped in the air, not at her move but at sight before him. Kushina had jumped in the air, but that hadn't caught his attention. Her green jonin vest had opened up completely. He could clearly see her jiggling mounds now covered under that standard blue Konoha shinobi shirt.


True to his sight, when Kushina jumped in the air, her chest or, in this case, breasts jiggled and moved so much that it caused the vest's zipper to completely move down and open up. Further unknown to her, one of her breasts had left the confines of her demi-cup bra. Further, she had gotten wet from being splashed by wet mud, so now the blue shirt was sticking to her skin. And so, a person could clearly see the shape of her breasts, especially the one that had left the confines of the bra. And Hiruzen could clearly see the shape of her right breast with the nipple at the top and everything.


He was so caught off guard by this delicious sight that he barely had time to up his guard, and he received the full force of her punch. When her fist connected with his forearms, he felt like his bones would break from the impact. He skidded back a few meters. He didn't have time to do anything as Kushina was again onto him. With a ridiculous show of strength, she grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him towards the puddles and muddy waters.


As he rocketed towards the ground, he corrected himself and let himself skid on mud. He stood up and grinned at her. 'I can't let her hit me with that insane strength again. My forearms will definitely bruise. I will have to take medic’s services tonight.' He thought.

"Bravo Tomato-chan Bravo," he commented as he stood up. "I didn't know you had it in you" He looked at Kushina, who still hadn't paid attention to her dress state jacket wide open. She was standing in a guard pose with both arms open and pointing towards him, making her breasts look more prominent.

"How did you like it, old man. Because this is just a start, and today you will eat dirt literally" with that, she jumped in the air again.

Hiruzen was ready this time around. Just as Kushina was in his range, he quickly stomped his foot in puddles causing mud to splash all around him, effectively blocking Kushina's vision of his position. Since she was already in motion, she didn't back out. Still, she moved through the splashing water and mud where Hiruzen had changed his position slightly, so when Kushina's arm reached within his range, he pulled her. Kushina tried to pull back, but her momentum carried her forward. The whole situation almost became deja vu to her from the first spar.

She bent over, falling in front of him, looking back in horror at the smirk on the old-man's face with his other hand coming down on her butt. "Don't you dare old-man. I will-"




She was cut off as a huge sound echoed on the training grounds. Her face turned red from anger and embarrassment as she saw Old-man's hand on her ass. It might be her imagination, but she felt his hand hold it a bit. 

"I told you I will punish you tom-a-to-chan," Hiruzen spoke slowly.

He didn't remove his hand immediately, and to her, it felt like an eternity, but it was really some seconds when his hand moved. She tried to free herself but was too late as another slap rang across the grounds. Hiruzen immediately backed away, leaving her knowing completely that mount Kushina was about to erupt.

"You are dead, you stupid old man," she shouted and then charged at him.

Hiruzen dodged quickly, reading her well-telegraphed moves. If she threw a left hook, he ducked. If she threw a kick, he jumped out of the way. The whole fight was happening in the wet, puddled area. They now were thoroughly soaked. While Kushina didn't care for her current state, it did turn on Hiruzen. 

Coincidentally now both of her breasts were out of her demi-cup bra under her shirt, the bra just acting as straps around her chest, the tight material of her shirt now wet and stuck to her skin, giving Hiruzen a clear view of the shape and size of her mounds. Oh, how he just wanted to grab them and kneed on them. And since Kushina was really close to him, he had a hard time focussing on her attacks as the jiggling mounds kept obstructing his focus.

The soar continued for ten to 20 minutes, with Kushina relentless in her attacks as they zipped across the training ground as Sandaime kept dodging her attempts to seriously harm him. And if he had to be honest with himself, she didn't give him much chance to counterattack despite being predictable, as she was too fast for him.

"Fight back, you pervert," she shouted.

Hiruzen couldn't help but chuckle. "I'm not a pervert, Tom-a-to-chan. I was just teaching you a lesson," he spoke as he dodged another punch.

"Shut it and stop dodging and take your punishment," she shouted back.

"Ha ha, Enma was right. You don't take spanking too kindly," he spoke

Her face turned red, remembering about the time when she tried to learn from the monkey king. He used to hit her butt using sticks "don't take that stupid monkey's name, you stupid old-man."

Her speed increased as Hiruzen entirely focussed his attention on dodging despite how hard it seemed while trying not to focus on her jiggling mounds.

As they continued for another ten minutes, Hiruzen finally found an opening. Despite her moves being somewhat random, he had caught hold of a pattern. Her right hook was always followed by a left knee kick aimed at his midsection. So when she threw her right hook, he was ready. He dodged her hand and caught her left foot at the knee. He grabbed her foot despite his hand feeling like being hit by a speeding train. He didn't give her any time to pull her leg, unbalancing her. She tried to pull her leg from his grip, and he released, causing her to fall to the ground on all four.

Before she could stand up again, he quickly got on top of both his legs on the sides of her waist and latched his hands around her neck in a chokehold.

"What are you doing old-man?" Kushina spoke as she tried to free her neck from his hold.

"Winning," Hiruzen answered.

As Kushina struggled, she tried to stand up, but Hiruzen quickly wrapped his legs around her waist. Leading her to fall on the wet, muddy grounds. Their bodies are now completely touching each other. He could feel the light lilac fragrance of shampoo from her hair as his nose reached her neck. He could feel the body heat radiating from her wet body. This was really hard for him as he found this situation quite intoxicating.

As she struggled, her ass started to rub against his crotch, which caused his member to harden. He felt her body stiffen a bit. She definitely felt that.

"Do you yield Kushina ?" he asked. 

"No, Never," Kushina spoke as she tried to pull his hands from her neck.

"Well, you will have to try harder. This Monkey grappling hold that our clan learned from our summons," he spoke, and then he flipped her with a show of power and skill. 

With himself on his back right underneath a struggling Kushina, who started flailing with her hands and legs to free herself from this grip.

"Leave me. You really are full of cheap tricks old-man. It was taijutsu sp-ar, not this," Kushina shouted as she tried to free herself more. In the process, she unconsciously started grinding her body against him, especially her ass against his crotch, much to Hiruzen's delight and trouble. Him being under her, his mouth quite close to her neck, 'oh, how much I want to suck on your neck and leave a mark,' he thought out.


"These moves are also included in taijutsu as well. You should know that." Hiruzen spoke as his member, now fully erect, poked on her ass as he adjusted his legs around her legs to stop her movement. "I will admit you are stronger than me in taijutsu, but I'm still better." he continued as he used the opportunity in her flailing to push one of his hands between her armpits to strengthen his lock.


Kushina's mind was overwhelmed as the situation turned from bad to worse for her. She couldn't use any of her ninjutsu or chakra chains without forfeiting the spar. She really wanted to win today, so as she struggled, she felt something poke her butt. First, she thought it might be Sandaime's hand, but realization soon struck as both of his were around her neck. Then that meant the thing that was poking her ass was something else. Her face turned red at the implication. She really didn't want to think about that. 'It can't be - this is not happening. Is that his dick?' she thought out.

 It was the first time in her life that she was in this kind of situation, and it was the first time she felt a dick that was not Minato's. 

'Why is it erect? Is the old man enjoying it ? 'the thoughts bubbled in her mind. With that, she didn't say anything, but she tried to change her body's position more, but it was tough. Sandaime had almost stuck to her body like a leech.

She struggled and managed to put her fingers then her hands successfully inside the stranglehold. She slowly started to push her arms to break it while trying to keep her attention away from the poking sensation on her ass.

It looked like she would be successful when the Sandaime struck. He deliberately loosened his hold to allow her arms to pass. That's when he released his grip over her neck as both of her hands went to her neck, leaving her chest open. 

"Old man-uak," a surprised squawk alongside air released from her mouth as Hiruzen's both hands tightly secured around her chest.

"Old-man, what are you doing? Have you no shame, you pervert?" She shouted as she felt his hands and fingers around her breasts. He wasn't groping, but this is highly inappropriate. If anyone saw this, what would they think?

"What does it look like? I am subjugating you? And it may appear perverse, but that's not my intention, to-mato-chan." he spoke while leaning onto her ear again and whiffing her scent.

As Kushina struggled with the new situation, Hiruzen was in a world of contention. He had thought of grabbing these mounds for past months, but today it was fulfilled. Even though it was not outsight groping, he could still feel the shape and size of these beautiful manifestations by nature. As Kushina tried to move, his hands felt a bit poking through her wet shirt, which he immediately identified as the tip of her nipples.

Now that he paid little attention, it seems Kushina had forgone the chest bindings that kunoichis usually wore and instead was wearing a bra that clearly malfunctioned. He grinned at his lucky stars. He had seen kunoichis fail using these modern breast holders instead of the bindings.

He deliberately tried to move his fingers in the guise of strengthening his hold. Like a jackpot, his fingers hit over her poking nipples from the wet fabric. He stopped his hand there, deliberately trying to take them between his fingers, which was hard considering they were still under her shinobi shirt.

 When his fingers touched her nipples, she stopped struggling for a bit as if to comprehend the situation. She finally realized her bra had failed, and now her nipples were hard from all wetness, and the old-man could feel them. If her face wasn't already beet red from the fight, this event now made her ready to burst into flames out of shame.

She didn't know if the old-man was trying to grope her or if it was a genuine technique as it was pretty successful in constricting her movement. She could hardly make much movement. The old man was ridiculously powerful. And now, with his thing poking her in the butt and her nipples constantly hitting his nigers it became quite difficult for her to concentrate. She didn't want to forfeit, but she didn't want things to escalate. Besides, she had to stop this now before old-man got any ideas.

Just as Hiruzen had one of her nipples in his fingers, Kushina gritted out, "I forfeit."

Hiruzen stopped. "What did you say, Tomato-chan?" he spoke teasingly while his hands still constricting her chest.

She again gritted out, "I forfeit old-man."

Hiruzen tightened his grip. "Say that again, Tom-ato-chan." He spoke again.

“ I forfeit sandaime-sama.” She spoke as if understanding his motive.

"Good lesson learned," Hiruzen released her.


Kushina slowly got up. As she stood, Hiruzen took a chance at the opportunity and again spanked her ass. She glared at the old man, ready to launch at him, when Hiruizen spoke, "Good work, rookie, you almost defeated me and forced me to use grappling moves."


"You are a pervert, you know that. In fact, I knew that but I never thought you would do that. That you will fall so low to win." she complained 'I really want to clobber him for his actions.'  But she controlled her anger, she had already forfeited and didn't want to argue with him further. He would definitely try to rile her again.


"I had already told you I would spank you. And I don't joke. Besides, you were asking to be spanked. We are ninjas. We use every trick in the book or outside the book. No move is dirty as long as our goals are achieved." Hiruzen spoke in teacher mode, which had Kushina unconsciously on the backfoot.

"I will try, but I will get back to you for today's event. I will not forget," Kushina shouted.

"Yes, that's the spirit. You are free to try on the next spar, that is, if you are still willing to take the challenge after two back-to-back losses," he taunted her.


"I'm not backing down until I beat you and make you eat dirt, you pervert" She pointed her fingers at him.

"Ha ha, I look forward to it. Send me the time and location for the next challenge. I will be there to teach you more" Hiruzen chuckled as he spoke.


"I will, and you shall see old-man" with that, she started to move back towards the compound. But she was stopped by the voice of Hiruzen, "you are forgetting something, Kushina ." He spoke.

She turned and looked at him questioningly, at which Hiruzen continued, "Our deal Kushina, give back my book. My precious."

Kushina stood there for a few seconds. She had completely forgotten about the deal, and the book was still in her bedroom. Looking at Sandaime, then pretending to think for a moment, she  spoke in an innocent tone, "What book ?" 

Hiruzen, if perturbed, didn't show it. "My Icha Icha first edition that you 'confiscated'" he spoke.

"Oh, that I burned it the same day when I confiscated it from you,old-man" she lied spectacularly despite what many would have thought of her. She was a prankster and instantly thought of a plan to get back at Sandaime. 'Stupid old man thinks he can get away by doing pervy things to me. You play dirty. I will also do him dirty. Besides, I kind of haven't finished that book yet' the thought ran in her mind.

"You are going back on our deal Kushina-chan" the old-man spoke, totally not believing her lie.


"What deal, old-man? We are shinobis old-man you said earlier we play dirty," she spoke.

Hiruzen couldn't help but laugh out loud at this reasoning, using his words back on him, "Well played, Kushina, Well played."


Kushina sent a smirk and turned away towards the compound. Hiruzen couldn't help but look at her swinging ass in those tight pants 'I can't believe I got to touch her, feel her and smell her so closely without any recuperation. She really has a fantastic body, better than I imagined. I would say it's totally worth it, even if the price for this was my precious book from Jiraiya's collection. And to think she really is flustered easily despite being kunoichi. Seems like being a Jinchūriki kept her protected from some of the nature of Kunoichi jobs. oh, the possibilities…' 




Kushina reached the room allocated to her and murmured, "What does old-man think of himself. Stupid old pervert. Serves him right. I will not return that book." Then she looked at herself. "I feel so dirty." The thoughts of his dick touching her arse came to her, "ew, stupid mind."


She was about to pick up her bag and leave when she looked at her current mud-covered wet state. 'I am fully wet and have to collect kids from Miokoto's and Hitomi's place.' Looking around, her eyes stuck towards  the washroom "guess I could have a shower and change back to office clothes."

Looking around the room and then at the closed curtains, she undressed again. Pulling her wet pants down and throwing them on the floor, she pulled her vest and then her shirt away from her body. The first thing she noticed was that her breasts were out of her demi-cup bra. "Stupid things couldn't even do their job properly." The thoughts from spar and Hiruzen's hands around her chest immediately came into her mind. 'He didn't feel them, did  he ?'

Shaking her head, she discarded her slightly wet underwear in a jiffy and quickly entered the washroom, closing the door behind her. she was about to turn the lights when she moved to the window she pulled the blinders. Not that she couldn't sense anyone, but she didn't want to take any chances.

Turning on the lights, her eyes immediately landed on the mirror and her own nude reflection. She saw slight red marks on her ribs from the side, definitely from Sandaime's tight hold as she turned her face immediately turned red at two huge red marks in the shape of a hand on her butt cheeks "That damn pervert he will pay for this." she slowly touched the bruised area, and it slightly stung. She slowly moved her hands to her breasts and then to her nipples. She noticed they were erect.

'Damn, the fight excitement and wetness made them hard.' she thought

'No, they are excited from all the touches,' the naughty voice in her head spoke. 

'Shut up,' The leading non-nonsense voice in her head shouted.


She released her hair from the ponytail and moved to stand under the shower as the cold water hit her body. She sighed in satisfaction. As she started to wash herself, a scene from the book came to her mind where Orihime took a shower after her voyeur on the couple on the beach. She slowly reached for her still hard nipples and, with one finger, started to pinch at them. 

'Am I really doing it outside my home?' the thought entered her mind. As one of her hands applied soap to her nether regions.

'This feels so different, like A new sense of excitement, 'the naughty voice spoke.

"Yesss," she spoke out as she slowly started to massage her butt, especially the bruised area. This 'yes' came out in a slightly sensual tone.

'Stop! What are you doing? Get clean and move out of here quickly,' the moral voice in her head shouted out.

Kushina stopped as if broken out of the spell 'was I really doing that in the old-man's place?' she shuddered. 'Minato should be home tomorrow. I'm really getting desperate, am I? Kami, I can't wait. 'She turned on the water to wash off the soap.





Meanwhile, Hiruzen, after taking a few minutes breather from the spar and having a quick replay of his success, made his way towards the compound. As he passed outside the guest quarters, he saw the washroom lights being turned on. A thought entered his mind as he channelled his inner Jiraiya. Sadly Kushina had pulled blinders too, so he couldn't even see her silhouette.

Not the person to give up so soon, he slowly entered the corridors of guest quarters and using the master key he entered the room that Kushina had taken as quietly as possible. Immediately upon entering, his eyes landed on her scattered clothes, specifically her underwear, which lay innocently on the mat alongside the rest of her jonin outfit. 'So she discarded all the clothes here. She must have taken a new set in the showers.'

 He absent-mindedly picked her bra first. The feel of soft black-colored material in his hands immediately gave him a hard-on. Reading the size, 'Jiraiya seems to have seen her as this is definitely as mentioned in his sketch'.

He brought the material to his nose, smelling them when he picks up her black panties' hmm, pretty fancy things, ' his inner voice comments on seeing the netted weaver pattern on them. They were wetter than her bra, signifying water seeped more into them. A smirk formed on his face at the remembrance of the scene of her falling on her ass on muddy water. 

He then brought them to his nose, noting the size, saving and savouring her scent. He heard a shower going inside the washroom, and the image of a nude Kushina prancing from this room to the washroom played in his mind. 'Fuck it, I can't control it.'

Taking his fully erect member out from his pants, he held it in his hands, using her panties to wrap around it, and then started to imagine the fight where Kushina was naked in his grasp. He envisioned using his hands to knead her breasts before sucking them while Kushina writhing in pleasure from each of his actions. As he started to rub his member, a slight pre-cum coated his hands and panties. 

That's when he heard a sensual faint 'Yesss' in Kushina's voice coming from the washroom.

Hiruzen had been around enough women to know what that meant. His already hard member became more excited as he increased the pace of his hands on his member.

'I can't believe she's masturbating here. This is golden. It means the fight turned her on. huh, who knew.'

He focussed his full attention on the washroom for any further sounds, but none came, but he didn't need those. The very effect of her sensual 'yess' and his wild imagination was at its climax as he couldn't stop and cummed.

He tried to avoid his juice falling on the panties. Still, He wasn't completely successful, so despite his best attempts, her panties were now lightly coated in his juices. He heard the shower stop and slight movement, meaning she would be out soon.

 He immediately cleaned himself and her panties for any visual signs of his white. Satisfied, no one could tell the difference visually as he was fortunate they were already wet from the spar. He paced her bra and panties as he had found them.

He hoped Kushina didn't smell them. 'I want to see her expression when she smells them, haha,' his evil inner voice spoke. Ignoring his voice, he slowly and quietly left the room and marched to his quarters. Though one part of his mind really wanted to see her expression.





Kushina quickly dries herself with the towel. Once dried, she covered herself in the same towel out of habit and came out of the washroom. Picking up her panties, shaking her head at their wetness, 'I have no choice better put wet underwear on than going out in wet and dirty clothes.' discarding the towel, she quickly puts them on. Doing the same with the bra. She finally takes the scroll out of her bag and unseals her work outfit. After putting on her dress, she returned to the washroom and checked herself in the mirror. Satisfied, she ties her still-wet hair into a neat bun and emerges.

After sealing her wet shinobi outfit in the scroll alongside the shinobi sandals, she puts on her high-heeled sandals.

Looking satisfied, she looks at the room and sees the wet towel. She takes it and places it back in the washroom. 'Today was a failure, but I vow to defeat the old man.' With that, she marches out of the room.


Walking to the main house, she sees the old-man sitting in his courtyard, talking to some clan members. Noticing her, he immediately stops talking and walks toward her with a big smile.

'Stupid old pervert, he is still high from his win. How much I would love to punch his stupid face.' Kushina thought, but the real reason for Hiruzen's smile was completely different. At the same time, he was still delighted at how the spar turned out. He was smugger about the event after where he used her panties to masturbate and heard her sensual voice thinking she was also masturbating.

As he came closer, Hiruzen couldn't deny she looked even more ravishing after the bath. Her hair was still wet and knowing what she did there, he wanted to have her here and now but stopped his thoughts.

"Ho Kushina-chan, how does the winning taste?" he spoke in a voice full of smugness and then continued, "Oh wait, you don't know how, haha."

"Shut it, you stupid old-man," not controlling her voice anymore, "Enjoy your victory, for this will be your last." with that, she marched out.

"Goodnight, Kushina-chan," Hiruzen spoke, ignoring her anger and being smugger that he got under her skin looking at her walking away with a natural sway of hips.

"Goodnight," she spoke without even turning back.

"Ah, what a successful day" He grinned. 'Yes, you know what will be more successful if we can make a custom guest room for her,' his inner voice called.

'Hmm,' he hummed as he took out his pipe and lit it up, busy with his thoughts.


Meanwhile, Kushina walked across Konoha road, totally unaware of events during her shower or how she was wearing wet panties covered in Hiruzen's cum. Though it was an odd experience for her walking with wet underwear, she could feel coolness over her nether regions caused by air blowing as she walked . She tried to ignore the bitterness of the loss and focus on dinner plans today and Minatos' arrival tomorrow. A sense of excitement began to refill her at the thought of her husband returning. She couldn't wait to get her hands on him.






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