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To Be Hokage - Chapter 5 : Is it really necessary ?


It had been quite a restless night for Kushina. Whatever sleep she had managed to get was broken when she again woke up. Looking around, she saw it was still 4:25 AM. For the next few minutes, she again closed her eyes and tried to get some more sleep. But it seemed her sleep had been lost somewhere. Whenever she tried to empty her mind, it stayed to thoughts solely focused on the scheduled spar with Old man.

Her mind had been forming various scenarios of defeating him. Honestly, Kushina didn't remember when she had been this excited. The last time she felt like this was the day before her genin exams. After that, she never had to participate in the exam again. Being a shinobi at wartime had its perks, it seemed.

Along with her team, she was awarded the rank of chunin when they successfully defended the supply route of Konoha's forces during the second shinobi war. She was handed over the Jounin vest by the time war was over. This feeling of exhilaration and suspense was keeping her awake. The Last time she had sparred with Sandaime had been when she had been a bratty academy student. She still chuckled at the memory of her barging into his tower and demanding to have a fight. The old man didn't decline her but agreed to her demands, and the very next morning, she came to know the difference in power between them.

She was now a successful Kunoichi and couldn't wait to show the Old-man the difference between them. A little part of her brain telling her what would happen if she lost? 

Kushina quashed that voice and stood up as she knew there was no use in trying to sleep anymore. Besides looking at the clock again, it looked like it was about 5.

She switched on lights, quickly discarded her nightwear, and opened the wardrobe, looking for fresh workout clothes. She quickly finds a pair of tight grey leggings and one of her workout bras, Which was basically a red-colored conservative sports bra. 

Taking clothes in her right hand, she closed the wardrobe. Her eyes landed on her reflection from the full-length mirror on the wardrobe doors. Her long hair were skewed. Looking at her alabaster-skinned body, She noticed her nipples were still a bit red. As her left hand grasped her right breast slowly, her index finger reached the top of the breast and touched the tip of the nipple. She felt a slight sensation of current going through her body. "Yup, they are still tender" words escaped from her mouth.

Looking closely towards her lower lips,  she couldn't find anything odd, but as her left hand touched her labia, she felt the same sensation again. Similarly, As she touched some areas of her butt, she was assaulted by the same feelings, the jolts ran through her body. 'Seems like Hitomi was right. Despite my advanced healing, it's still tender."

Looking around the room, she found her discarded panties from last night. She quickly put on the clothes, and when she was done, she pulled out a blue full sleeves jumper with a red Uzumaki swirl in the center. Once done, she pulled her hair in a ponytail and did a final check before quickly going out to the backyard.

She started working out, noticing that it didn't find any more problems. In fact, stiffness around her joints, especially around her shoulders, was gone.

As the time flew by, Naruto joined her for daily workouts. After adjusting his forms for a bit and showing him the corrections, she came inside. After a quick shower, she dressed in her home clothes.

As it was already 7, she entered the kitchen. Looking around, she quickly made preparations for breakfast. Once the food was placed on the cooktop, she called in for Naruto, and she sent him to bathe. 

She sets up breakfast for the two of them. Soon Naruto joined her, and the Mother-son duo had breakfast with Naruto telling her about today's classes at the academy.

Soon Neko came to pick up Naruto. He whined to her to go with him to the academy as he wanted her to introduce him to his class. After promising him that she would visit soon, she bid him goodbye with kisses on his cheeks.

With that done, she again came back to her room. Quickly pulling out her Jounin uniform, she stripped to her underwear after pulling the tight pants up her legs. She started to put on the mesh armor. Feeling it quite tight around her breasts, she found something odd. She looked at her reflection and found the reason. She had her bra under mesh which would have been ok if she was doing some non-combat duties, but today was different, and she didn't want to leave anything that could Compromise her abilities today. Sighing, "not worn this for just three weeks, and it looks like I am forgetting how it's worn." 

She takes off her chain mesh armor and quickly undoes her bra. picking up the bindings, she carefully starts pulling them around her chest "ah Tsks.." As the edge of the binding wrap touches her sensitive nipples. With a few more Tsks escaping her mouth, she is soon done.

After putting on a Konoha jounin jacket over a black short-sleeved shirt, finally combing and tieing her in a ponytail, she finally puts Hitai ate on her forehead and ties her holster around her thighs.

with a final look into the mirror, she flexes her neck " Yup, I'm ready."




After sealing the compound gates, she moved towards the Sarutobi compound. Upon reaching there, the guards bowed to her as they took her to familiar training grounds personally used by Old-man and his family. Seeing the old man dressed in simple black training pants and a standard Konoha issued full-sleeved shirt. She felt a bit sheepish coming here dressed as if going to war. Old-man, through basic Katas, told her he was warming up. His eyes land on her, and he smiles. "Oh, Kushina-chan, you are here good-good. We will start whenever you are ready."

Kushina nods and starts doing basic warmups even though she doesn't need them but being in front of the old man gave her a sense of deja vu. It would be a lie if she said she wasn't somewhat nervous. 

While warming up, Kushina asked the question lingering on her mind since yesterday, "Hey Old-man, why did you lie to Fugaku and Hiashi ?"

Hiruzen stopped a bit from warming up and then looked at her. "Ah, you heard that ?" then chuckling, "It's as you think, I am growing old, so some of the prominent clans think they can ignore some of my orders if they are not essential. They see you already as a new Hokage instead. So I knew from the start Fugaku, and Hiashi wouldn't agree if even one of them declined, so I had to use your name. " As Kushina nodded, he added with a smirk, "It also helped that you knew their wives personally, and I'm told you can unleash angry housewives at my poor Shinobis."

Kushina's face became a bit red at this, and said, "Shikaku ?"

Hiruzen chuckled and nodded.




As both the participants were getting ready nearby, Jiraiya had taken a position on one of the trees. He had got a whiff of this spar between Sensei and Kushina last night and was ready with his famous notebook and pen. He didn't expect anything erotic here, but A man could dream and think, couldn't he? He was here for some inspiration and may turn those simple scenes into his erotic literature. He had seen Kushina in the Jonin outfit while the outfit didn't display much skin. It did showcase her shapely body, especially her ass, through those tight Shinobi pants. Upon seeing Kushina enter, he shrouded his presence further. The volatile redhead may just fulfill her promise from yesterday if she caught him here.

Honestly, Jiraiya was in a bit of a dilemma. Initially, he had no intention of getting that girl Karin since Orochimaru had his eyes on her. Jiraiya planned to use the girl to get to his long-estranged and now quite elusive teammate. After Minato's actions against the snake and destroying his bases across the fire country, Jiraiya had a tough time tracking Orochimaru.

Now that He had used Karin as bait to save himself from Kushina, he had no choice but to get her. He had sent a message to his agent in Kusagakure to keep an eye on the girl. But He was now thinking whether to get her personally or not. Though it wasn't like he had to be anywhere urgently, he still disliked following orders, especially if he could use that time to further his research.

For the past month, since Kushina was in office, He had daily tried to study seals on the Uzumaki compound. It wasn't just for his research purpose, but those seals were simply marvelous creations. If he could get past them without the key in use by 3-4 ANBUs or if they can recognize him the same way as Naruto, he would not only have first-line access to the prime piece of subject for his research, but it will also give him bragging rights In front of the seal mistress Kushina.



His thoughts were brought back to the present as he saw Kushina and Sensei standing in front of each other while forming a seal of reconciliation.

"So old-man, are you ready to get your ass whooped? " Kushina spoke with a smirk.

"We will see, Kushina, we will see. Now let's get started " Sandaime smiled and made gestures with his right hand.

"Aren't you forgetting something, old man? Where is that Old monkey partner of yours ?" Kushina spoke with his smirk

" I don't need him, Kushina, not at least today. If you can force me to call for him, then I will take it as my loss for today and remember it's only a taijutsu fight for today," Sandaime replied with a smile on his face.

"Eh, What do you mean by taijutsu only? Are you afraid that you can't match? This is blatant cheating. You are changing rules at the last moment," An Irritated Kushina spoke with her right foot stamping on the ground.

" It's as I said, this is taijutsu only spar. I never said it would be a full-out spar. It's you that assumed it" Hiruzen smirked in his reply upon seeing the angry, irritated face of his would-be successor. He added, "Maybe if you can beat me today, we will have a full-out spar next time. Or is it that the mighty Kushina-sama, the next Hokage, can't even beat this old man in Taijutsu" He taunted in the end.

"This is it. It's your funeral, old-man. Tell Tsunade-obasan to be ready to mend your broken parts," A riled-up Kushina exclaimed. If it had been anywhere, she wouldn't have been riled up so easily but given her relationship with Sandaime and little bout of nervousness today. She couldn't control herself and charged at the still smirking old-man.

She attacked at an impressive speed that most jonins of the village would find hard to follow. Soon thwacks of flesh hitting flesh could be heard around the training ground.

Hiruzen was totally on the back foot since the start of the fight. He had a bit of difficulty tracking her speed but using his experience and Kushina's anger, he could tell where the next kick or punch would come. But still knowing from where it's coming and actually blocking and dodging them were two different things. It seemed he made a good move calling for taijutsu only spar. He would hate to think what would have happened had this been a full-on abilities match. He was out of practice and badly mismatched against the chakra battery in front of him.

 Even Jiraiya, who was watching from his hidden position, was watching in awe at the redhead's speed. He had hoped to get to see some action like her shaking ass or swinging breasts, but up till now, everything seemed too fast. He had sweat pouring from his forehead 'Yup, I made a deal with the devil, given her speed and way Sensei is wincing after blocking or diverting her blows. It seems I personally would have to go and collect that girl. I hate to think what she would do at such speed with Ninjutsu and fuinjutsu allowed.'

Hiruzen ducked under Kushina's kick and then jumped back to create some distance between them. He saw Kushina stop at her place and grin at him " You aren't attacking, old-man, is it that you can't even fight back now. Better bow out now and save yourself some face," she said playfully. While unknowingly licking her lips, much to Sandaime's distraction.

Hiruzen chuckled, "It's not over until it's over, Kushina. It seems to me you have wasted all this energy and haven't landed even a punch at me . Is it that you can't even swing your arms properly and hit me at all " he taunted back.

"I will show you the swing," she charged at him. As the spar continued with Kushina aggressively trying to land a hit on Sandaime, all the while, Sandaime slowly moved around, anticipating Kushina's every move and countering them. Though he, too, could not find space to attack her.

"Stop dodging and stand still so that l can hit you, " Kushina spoke in between swings.

"Now, Now, why would I do that?" Sandaime chuckled, much to Kushina's irritation. Then seeing her irritated face, he spoke, "So you haven't changed a bit, Haha " He paused a bit as he dodged a swing. "What did they used to call you at the academy, little 'Tomato' right ?"

Kushina stopped and spoke, "What did you say ? old man. " glaring daggers at Sandaime.

Hiruzen chuckled a bit more and said, " I said they used to call you 'Tomato' right," with his face forming in a smirk.

Kushina burst up. "Now you have done it. I will give you the same treatment that I gave them" 

With that, she ran in a straight line towards Hiruzen, forgoing the use of complex maneuvers that she had been using until now. Had the taunt had come from someone else, she wouldn't have reacted like this, but her nervousness at the start then her anger at taijutsu only spar, which had only risen higher as the spar progressed with Taunts of Sandaime finally getting to her. 

So on reaching him, she swung her punch towards his face to wipe out that grin from his face. Her speed may have increased in this move, but Sandaime was an experienced player. As she reached close to him, she saw a smirk forming on his face as he moved out of her way at the last moment.

Kushina tried to stop herself, even tried to change the direction away from the old-man. But she couldn't as her momentum carried her forward. Giving ample amount of time and space for Hiruzen to act.


A thwacking sound was heard throughout the training region. It was as if time stopped for that moment, We see Kushina's body still in a forward motion with one hand extended in punching motion with the other hand on the sides. We see as her body is slightly bent forward with Hiruzen's right hand fully landing on her pert bottom,  in a quite loud spank.

Nearby Jiraiya nearly dropped from his hiding spot on the tree as his jaws dropped at the scene in front of him. Quickly controlling himself as he started to scribble in his notebook, 'I can't believe Sensei actually did that. He has balls of steel' He looked at the scene chuckling internally about a new scene for his next book.

Kushina's eyes widened in shock as a silent exclamation escaped her mouth. She lost the anger and excitement that had built up during the spar. Instead, she was bewildered and couldn't believe What had happened. She had a hard time believing that Old-man, No she corrected, the pervert of old man, would dare to do such a thing. Her face started to color red in both embarrassment and anger. As she felt His hand leave her bottom, she started to feel a tingling sensation on areas touched by his hand. Especially the areas that were already quite sensitive from yesterday's actions.


Hiruzen, meanwhile, couldn't believe that he actually touched her pert and quite shapely ass. He didn't know when, but he did get a glimpse of her shapely posterior through those tight Shinobi pants throughout the fight. It was as if it was begging to be spanked, and As the opportunity arose, his hand automatically moved and spanked her ass. The brief moment he held his hands on her butt, He felt the tightness as well as glutenous meat of her ass. He removed his hand before it went any further, even though he wanted to continue and start kneading that quite sexy ass.


As Kushina turned back, she saw Sandaime looking at her with a straight face. She moved towards him in fit to throw another punch while shouting, "What was that, you perverted old man ?"

Hiruzen, this time chuckled much again to her ire, "What was what? Kushina-chan," He spoke as he dodged another punch from her.

"You know what? How dare you slap my bu-, my butt?" Kushina shouted as he raised her legs for a high kick ignoring the tingling feeling as they moved from the muscles of her bottom to her lower back.

Hiruzen again smiled. "Oh that, I just saw an opportunity to teach a bratty student, and I took that by spanking her," He spoke out as he dodged her high kick.

"You? I am not a brat, you perverted old-man," she spoke as she jumped back to relax a bit from the tingling sensation. Taking a breath, she glared at Sandaime, who now looked a bit surprised at her sudden retreat.

Hiruzen, though a bit surprised by her sudden retreat, spoke as he took steps towards her. "If this had been a fight, it would have been long over Kushina. I just gave you a warning by slapping your butt. Guess you have learned a lesson, so shall we call it a day and my win ? or you still want to continue ?"

Kushina glared at him, " You just have touched me once. It's still not over." with that, she charged at him.

Hiruzen shakes his head and looks at the clock on the training post, which was showing the time as 9:05 AM now. "As you wish, but remember this time, if you can't land a hit on me in the next 10 minutes or I catch you again, it's my win. okay ?"

Kushina nods and throws another punch towards him. The fight goes on again for a few more minutes, with both sides at the stalemate. As time gets closer to the deadline, Kushina's efforts also become more and more intense. With more exertions, the chakra pathway temporarily opened in massage yesterday again started to act up, this time on her whole abdomen area, specifically around her lower lips and her asshole. A sudden deep sensation of tingling rises, specifically around her labia, which causes her to falter during the kick, making her lose balance and overrun Sandaime and, like last time, puts her vulnerable ass in front of grinning Sandaime. She barely reacted and pulled out her body, specifically her butt, from Sandaime's oncoming hand by rolling onto the ground. Creating some distance, she sits on one knee, unknowingly taking deep breaths. Her face is now flustered red from the sensations running from her core. She looked at Sandaime, who was still grinning at her.

Hiruzen spoke at flustered Kushina, thinking she red from embarrassment "ooh, I missed, seems like brat can learn after all."

Kushina looks at Hiruzen and scowls, then looks at the clock, which shows that she still had over two minutes in hand. As she stands up, the tingling sensation rises more. Looking at the grinning face of the old man and then at the clock, she sighs, "You win this time, old-man. I will definitely beat you next time and get revenge for today."

As they again did seal the reconciliation with Hiruzen chuckling, "Sure, Sure Kushina-chan, We will see next time. But now, as a condition of our bet, you will not argue with me on my 'stupid' methods, as you call them. But instead will follow and learn from them."

Kushina scowls and nods. Hiruzen smiles. "Good now, now no need to make this face. See, next time, we will play a different match."

Kushina wanted to argue but kept shut not only because of losing the bet but also due to the continuous tingling sensation in her lower lips. She smiled forcefully, it wasn't her fault that her face looked like scowling. At the same time, she was trying to control her expressions. Her face was already red and a bit sweaty, which thankfully could be said as a result of the spar.

Sandaime looks at her and smiles while inner Kushina was shouting, 'Release me - ' no that came wrong 'Dismiss this session, old-man.'

Finally, after it seemed like an eternity to her, which really was a few seconds, Sandaime spoke, "Good, you can go now, Kushina. Let's meet in the office and discuss the Hotsprings agreement later today" As she turned to leave, Sandaime added, "From next time you can change here in Sarutobi compound, no need to go all the way back to your house whenever we spar."

He didn't know if she heard him or not, but He chuckled as she disappeared from his sight.

Chuckling at the whirlwind of Kunoichi, he looked at his right hand. The hand from which he had smacked her ass.

He was stopped from thinking when he saw a presence in Training grounds. Looking up, he saw Jirraiya walking towards him with a wide grin on his face.

"So how was it? Sensei ," Jiraiya spoke in true reporter-like manners with the notebook in one hand and pen in the other hand.

Hiruzen's eyes twitched at his student's behavior. "I don't know what you are talking about?"

Jiraiya scowled at him. "Don't be stingy, Sensei. Please enlighten the world. How did it feel smacking Konoha's no, world's hottest ass."

Hiruzen brought his right hand up then smirked at Jiraiya. "It feels Exactly like How you imagined it " with that, he too left for inside with Jiraiya shouting behind him, "But that does not answer my question, stupid Sensei. How am I supposed to enlighten the world now ?".




Unaware of the conversation behind her, Kushina ran as fast as possible towards her compound. She needed to get rid of this sensation that was now slowly expanding towards her breasts.

As she reached her home, she quickly entered the house. Barely closing the main doors, she jumped through the stairs to the first floor and entered her room. Not even bothering to close the doors, she quickly discarded her Sandals holster and pants. She slowly pulled down her black panties, noticing a bit of wet mark where they touched her lower lips. After stepping out of them and throwing them across the room, she stands before the mirror bottomless, slowly spreads her legs, and she feels a cool, comforting sensation as the air hits her mound. Looking closely, she notices that her skin on the mound, specifically around her vagina, was red. She slowly traces her hand just like she did in the morning but this time quickly takes it back as she feels quite a big jolt "uh ah,'' a suppressed moan escapes her mouth.

Gritting her teeth, she turns around and is now surprised to see a huge red hand mark across her butt, With palm and fingers spread evenly across both of her cheeks. "That perverted bastard of old-man," She seethes.

She quickly discarded the rest of her clothing from her upper body, then slowly peeled off the bindings. Finally, as her breasts spring back into freedom, she sighs in relief, sees no visible change in them from morning apart from marks of bindings. 

Looking at her still red lower lips, she moves into the washroom after standing under cold showers. She relaxes a bit but feels no end to heat inside her core. She sits on the floor of the washroom, picking a handheld shower with one hand while her other hand slowly spreads her lower lips. Once her lips are spread enough, she pushes on the shower button.

"ooh aah," the moans escaped her mouth as the cold water touched her sensitive core from inside.

Pushing her finger inside to reach her core, the very spot that Hitomi had touched, her whole body shuddered in ecstasy.

After feeling relieved, she quickly came out of the showers with a towel wrapped around her body.




While Kushina worked on relieving herself, Sandaime had reached the office. His mind still replaying the events of spar while thinking if he could have pushed the redhead a  bit more.

A new stack of paperwork on his desk brought his attention to the present. He sighed. "Another week, Another new stack."

After a brief look over his schedule, he started working on the papers. Soon There was a knock on the doors, and he signaled for it to be opened. He caught sight of the very kunoichi that was in his mind from this morning. Today, the redhead was dressed in a navy blue skirt suit, with a white blouse and black stockings or pantyhose he could not confirm. 


"Hi, perverted old-man" were the first words spoken by her. He could see her glare pointed straight at his head.

For a moment, Hiruzen was at a loss at words after collecting his thoughts. He spoke calmly with a smile. "Good morning to you too, Kushina-chan. It seems you are still upset about morning spar." 


"You are right. I'm upset. You didn't have any right to treat me like that," Kushina spoke with an animated expression on her face.

Sandaime sighed, then adopted a serious face. "Would an enemy would have shown you the same courtesy ?" After waiting for a few seconds and receiving no reply, he continued, "We were at spar, I may have joked about opportunity during a spar, but it doesn't make it a lie. So what if I spanked you? The question is not that. The question is, how did I get past your defenses despite you having the upper hand throughout the spar ?"


Kushina now had her attention brought to how her defenses were breached. replaying the events of the spar, she knew she had blundered when she fell into word traps of Sandaime "You played with to dance to your tunes from the start."


Hiruzen smiles and nods. "Good next time, you will know not to be played by the enemy then ."


Kushina still was upset but not as much as she entered. "But was it really necessary to hit my bu- butt? "She still questioned with a stutter.

Hiruzen grins and nods. "Would you have got the message if I hadn't spanked you? you wouldn't have cared for it that much."

Kushina's mind ran on the words said by Sandaime, and she had to accept his logic grudgingly. Knowing herself, she wouldn't have thrown these many tantrums if he had just bypassed her defenses. But she still spoke, "I wouldn't allow you next time, old man. you may have caught me off guard once, but it would not happen again."


"haha, good then. I will continue to spank you like a little brat until you get the message," Sandaime spoke while laughing out loud.


With the atmosphere now more friendly, Sandaime added, "Good, now let's start with our work. We have limited time before we finalize the agreement points from our end for Hotsprings country." Pointing to stacks of files lying on Kushina's desk, he continued, "Bring them over here. I have asked for all my non-essential visits to be cut off from my schedule today."


As Kushina turns her back towards him and bends a bit forward on reaching her table, Hiruzen notices a small slit at the bottom of her skirt. Moving his gaze upwards of her ass, he further notices this particular skirt had a small zipper at the top near the waist, making him believe that it was supposed to be opened and closed from there. He licked his lips at the possibilities.


The day went on with Kushina and Sandaime working on finalizing the agreement. They called for various personnel involved whenever necessary.

Sandaime ogled at his beautiful co-worker whenever he got an opportunity. By the evening around seven, They got news from Fugaku and Hiashi that they would reach Konoha along with Hotsprinng's Daimyo by tomorrow afternoon."

Calling it a day, Sandaime dismissed her. "It seems we have gone through all the major points. We will further discuss the remaining points tomorrow."

Reaching home that day after having a quick dinner with Naruto and getting him to bed. The redhead entered her personal onsen after a long relaxing soak, where she almost slept. She came to her bedroom and slept quite peacefully.

She had vivid dreams where she defeated Sandaime and him, agreeing to every demand in office.




The next day when she joined Sandaime, they finalized the remaining points of the agreement. After Lunch, they received an update from Fugaku that they would reach the gates by 4 PM.

Sandaime dismissed Kushina telling her he would see her tomorrow in a meeting while he would welcome their 'kidnapped' guest.

Kushina spent the rest of the day going through all the points once again. With nothing else to do, she took early off. After picking up Naruto from the Academy, she took him to Ichiraku's, much to his joy.

After calling early, she laid down on the bed again, running the points of agreement in her mind. She didn't know when sleep came, but when her eyes opened next, it was 5:30  in the morning.


After her usual morning routine, Kushina got ready for the day. She took out a brand new black skirt suit. This suit was specifically designed for special occasions. The design was similar to her other suits, but it had Konoha's sign as an emblem over her breast pocket. And the skirt had a slightly longer slit on the right side that started from around three inches above the knee. Kushina wasn't bothered as she was wearing sheer pantyhose beneath.


Reaching the office as she entered, she was surprised to see Danzo there. After greetings, she finally took her seat and questioned him, "Danzo-san, What are you doing here today ?"

The old war hawk looked at her for a few moments before saying, "Ah, I was invited by Hiruzen. I am told there's a meeting with Daimyo of Hot Springs today."

Kushina looked at his face, discerning if he was telling the truth or not. She had been warned about this man from the day she had become jinchuriki. She had thought she wouldn't see more of him after Minato forced him to relish control of root to him. But it seemed like she was wrong. She couldn't draw any conclusions based on his words alone. It seemed like she would have to wait until the old man arrived.

The silence lingered for a bit more seconds. Before it could get any more awkward for the doors to the office to open, she was relieved to see Sandaime coming in . quickly standing up, she did a formal bow to Sandaime. "Good morning Sandaime-sama."

Hiruzen was surprised to see her odd behavior, but he didn't react. He just smiled in his usual manner and greeted back, "Good morning Kushina" then, looking towards his old friend, he continued, "Thank you for coming by on such short notice, Danzo."

Danzo nods "No need to thank me Hiruzen. Besides, this old man doesn't have much to do these days. I can at least come whenever needed by you."

Hiruzen looks at the only kunoichi in the room. "Kushina, the Daimyo would come at 1 PM. So I would like you to give Danzo a rundown of the agreement points. So if there is anything missed by Danzo or us has any suggestions, we can discuss them."

Kushina nods then looks at Danzo, picking up the agreement file. She stands up in front of men and starts, "The agreement between Konoha and Hot Springs village dates back to -"


As Kushina continued, Sandaime tuned her out. His thoughts on meeting with Daimyo the previous day. That man was quite upset. Well, he should be given they had kidnapped him, and moreover, Fugaku and Hiashi hadn't even allowed him to bring any of his associates or ministers with him. The man had questioned if this was the way Konoha treated her allies.

The meeting had been short, but Sandaime had been able to take control of the situation. He had answered him, while what Konoha did was not appropriate for allies. Still, given what he was about to do 'by aligning with Kumogakure,' Konoha's behavior was well within its boundaries. They were allies, yes, but if they did something that hampered Konoha's standing, Konoha would do 'whatever' necessary to maintain the status quo.

The Daimyo had stuttered at the mention of Kumogakure but then relented that he wasn't going to sign anything with them.

Hiruzen had told him to enjoy Konoha's hospitality while he was here. It didn't matter what he was about to do. What mattered was they would anyway renew the agreement tomorrow.


His thoughts came back to the present as he looked at Kushina still going on about the agreement and answering additional questions from Danzo. His thoughts took a sudden change in direction as he looked at her moving red lips. 'Wonder how would those feel. Would they feel better if I kissed and suckled on them? or would it feel better if they were around my ' his eyes went down between his legs as the very thought of redhead sucking on his member had given him semi-hard-on.

He shakes his head which causes Kushina to look in his direction and ask, "Did I say something wrong, Sandaime-sama ?"

Hiruzen looked a bit caught off guard at the sudden question as both Danzo and Kushina were looking in his direction. He again shakes his head "No, no, nothing wrong you continue, Kushina. I am just going through some probable conditions and possibilities. you can ignore me and focus on Danzo getting updated."

Kushina nods and continues while Danzo eyes him for a second before focusing his attention towards the redhead.

Hiruzen sighed a relief in his inner mind shouting, 'Probable conditions and possibilities? What the hell was that? '

Another voice came from inside. 'Probable conditions and possibilities about bending this hot piece. Probable possibilities of getting a taste of her lips and knowing what feels better. Us sucking on those lips or her sucking us'  It ended with a perverted chuckle.

Hiruzen controlled his thoughts and 'member' from further growing out of control. He suppressed the voices in his head. 'Damn, that Jiraiya had gone to Kusagakure yesterday. I would have got a temporary release from these thoughts if he hadn't. For whatever quirks he has, Jiraiya brings out the best girls that the village has to offer. '

Being a Hokage had its own downside and being a single old man over it was like adding pimples over the ulcer.

He couldn't publicly go to brothels, so he used Jiraiya's offer from time to time. He would secretly visit Jiraiya's home, and Jiraiya would bring over a woman. In return, he would ignore Kunoichis' complaints about Jirraiya if he got caught while peeping, whenever possible.

As Kushina finished her presentation, Danzo raised a few more interesting points.

They all discussed them, and soon it was around 12 PM. Hiruzen ended the meeting. "Ok, let's end this right now. Kushina, why don't you take a breather before the meeting. While Danzo and I have a relaxing smoke out on the roof. You are free to join us, of course."

Kushina scrunched her nose. "No thanks, Sandaime-sama, I am good. I will take a break."

Hiruzen nods at her, "Good, please be here by 12:45. We will be going together to the meeting room."

She nods, and after bowing to both the old men, she vanishes out of the door.

Danzou looked at her retreating form a bit. "Finally got yourself an eye candy at the office? Huh, Saru." spoke with a trademark straight face and ended with his nickname from Genin days.

Hiruzen looked at his friend and tried to keep his face straight, "I don't know what you are talking about ?" With that, he gives his old friend a cigar while leading towards the stairs to the roof.

Danzo chuckles. "You don't have to lie to me, Saru. I know your every expression. These kids may find you hard to read, but you are an open book for me. I know the look you were giving her, it was the very same look you used to give to beautiful ladies whenever you wanted to go after them."

Hiruzen sighs as they both reach the top of the tower between discussions. As he puffed a ring of smoke in the air, "I'm still unable to fool you, huh." 

Looking at Danzo, who released a puff of smoke in the air, Hiruzen speaks,  "I didn't want to look at her like that. She is married to Yondaime. Moreover, she is to be my next successor." Releasing another puff, "I know I shouldn't look at her like that, but you know how our life is, and having one look at her, I can't seem to control my thoughts these days."

Danzo looks at him, after another puff, he answers, "You know where I live. If you need any help in releasing frustration, you know where I live. You know I have my sources and my dungeon from my days as head of the root program is still a fully-fledged relaxation center for Shinobis. Just inform me whenever you require them, I will arrange something for you."

After getting a nod from Hiruzen, he continues, "You know, I hope you don't go after her. She's quite a find for Konoha, and it would be quite a loss if something happened to her under your 'care.'" He ended.

Hiruzen nods. "I know my duties, Danzo."

Their discussion then diverts to current border situations and political solutions for them.




Meanwhile, Kushina opted to have some light snacks and drinks for refreshments during the break. This was her first meeting with another village representative after becoming deputy Hokage. She may not appear visibly nervous, but her mind was. While sitting and enjoying snacks at the Shinobi canteen in the tower, she greeted everyone back with a pleasant smile. She even had a chat with some very excited genin kunoichis who were exploring the tower.


When Kushina returned, she found Sandaime bidding goodbye to creepy old-man Danzo. Once he was gone, Sandaime turned to her and signalled her to follow him. The room they were using today was meant specifically for these types of meetings. Following Sandaime to another corridor on the floor, they entered the room. The room was decently sized with a long mahogany Table with six plush leather chairs around it. She was surprised to see a whiteboard placed on the far side. As Sandaime took a seat opposite to the door, Kushina sat down on a chair adjacent to him. 

As if reading her thoughts, Sandaime spoke, "Relax, Kushina, take this like any regular meeting."

She nodded and smiled in gratitude towards him.

Soon a chunin came and informed them of Daimyo's arrival. A couple of chunins held the doors as the Daimyo entered. 

Kushina noticed. He was around a 40-45 year brown-skinned man. He appeared to be around the same height as Kakashi. He was today garbed in traditional bluish-black eboshi with floral patterns. His short hairs were well combed and appeared to be brownish-black in colour, with Gray mixed in between. While he wasn't as fit as Shinobis, he wasn't obese, too, as Kushina had imagined.


Sandaime stood up and walked towards the entrance to greet him, with Kushina following him. "Greetings Ryuki-dono, I formally welcome you to the Hokage Tower. "Then he points to Kushina, "Allow me to introduce you to my deputy and successor Uzumaki Kushina" Turning to Kushina, he adds, "This is Ryuki Ichinose, Current Daimyo of Hot Springs village."

Kushina bowed to Daimyo. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ryuki-san."


Ryuki Ichinose had come with a clear goal to the meeting that was to make the talks as difficult for Sandaime as possible. He had thought, 'If it's already decided that I have to sign the bloody agreement, then I might as well poke fun at that damned old Hokage.' But all his thoughts derailed when he got the sight of the beautiful redhead before him. His inner self imprints a full image of the redhead in his mind. Especially her figure that was on full display in those slim-fit clothes. He had known Konoha had chosen Sandaime's successor, but he hadn't known said successor was so breathtaking. Finally nodding at the bowed redhead, he spoke."It's good to meet you, Kushina-san. I hope we can establish a great 'relationship' between our villages."

With that, the trio took the seats with Kushina and Sandaime on one side and Daimyo on the other. With the introduction out of the way, Sandaime asks Kushina to Start with points of agreement. Having already done so Infront of stern-looking Danzo, she had quite an easy time repeating it Infront of the smiling face of Daimyo. 

Meanwhile, Ryuki kept smiling at the redhead as she spoke about various points. He paid semi-attention to the points on the files presented to him as his focus kept diverting to the redhead.

He is especially excited when during her presentation Kushina excuses herself and drinks water from a bottle, a few drops of water, specifically a couple of drops of water that spill and travel to her shirt, slowly moving via her very kissable neck. By the time the presentation ends, Ryuki notices that the agreement is not that bad. Konoha had kept most of the points from the previous treaty still alive. The only point of contention was the duration of the agreement, which Konoha this time had demanded for the next twenty years ironclad agreement with usual review after six months.

As Kushina takes her seat again, Ryuki finally speaks, "It appears you did quite a research, Kushina-san. Your points are well made and honestly beneficial to both parties." He gives Kushina a flirtatious smile.

"Thank you, Ryuki-san" Kushina smiles back and nods at him.


"My only point of disagreement is duration. Twenty years is too long, and with just two reviews a year, I am afraid it will give Konoha quite a free reign in my country. My people will accuse me of selling the country. So I would ask you to either decrease the duration to four years or increase the number of yearly reviews."


At this, Sandaime interjects, "I understand your concerns, Ryuki-san. However, we can shorten the agreement duration. But we can indeed increase the number of reviews. So what do you have in mind ?"


Ryuki again smiles. "I shall purpose a monthly review on ground reports with full quarterly reviews. And my other condition is given that we are allies, so we should alternate each review meeting hosting place between our countries. That way, people of my country would think it is Konoha bossing us around. "

Sandaime looks, thinking for a bit. "While you make good points, Ryuki-dono. We can't have monthly reviews. The best I can allow is having a full review in four months. As for the meeting place, it should be Konoha. The moving of Kage can be seen as a sign of aggression by other countries, given Yondaime-sama is already at the borders. Moreover, it will create a security nightmare for a small country like Hot Springs."

Ryuki contemplates for a few seconds as he sips some water. Meanwhile, Kushina pays her complete attention to byplay between the leaders, noticing how calm and collected Sandaime is.

After some silence, Ryuki answers, "While you make some great points, Hokage-dono, How about we reach a compromise. I agree to the full four months' meetings here in Konoha. But how about having ground reports meeting in between at hot springs. "At Sandaime's questioning look, he adds, "You don't have to visit yourself. A representative will do. It will greatly cool down some protests against me. And it will also allow representatives to see where the money from Konoha is invested upon." 

Sandaime contemplates for a few moments, "While you make some good points, but as you know, not anybody can just sign these agreements. Even if I don't come, the representative should be a popular shinobi and also be well versed with the agreement, and it can still cause some repercussions for you and your village."

At this, Ryuki chuckles, "There are risks everywhere Hokage-dono, Or is it Konoha's Hokage does think his Shinobis are competent enough to protect her and Her allies ?" 

There is no visible reaction on Sandaime's face, but Ryuki notices Kushina's eyes twitch. Smirking internally, he adds, "Or is the great Sandaime Hokage of Konoha doesn't even believing in the abilities of his successor. "He throws a smirk in Kushina's direction.

Before Sandaime could speak or stop her, Kushina raised her fist on the edge of the table. "Who are you calling incompetent, Ryuki-san" She speaks in a cold voice that sends shudders down Ryuki's back, but he keeps bravado and speaks while smirking internally. "Forgive me, Kushina-san, While I didn't want to speak against anyone or point fingers at anyone. I just spoke about what it looked like from my perspective."

Kushina cools down a bit and then looks at Sandaime, Who, for the first time in the meeting, sighs, and Kushina knows she had done something wrong. Sandaime speaks, "It's okay Ryuki-dono, Konoha agrees to your points. There will be a full review meeting every four months in Konoha. In between those, We will send a representative to Hot Springs country for ground reports."

Ryuki- smiles and nods. "Thank you, Hokage-dono. While it may seem a little unreasonable, how about we sign this agreement in Hotsprings. "As Sandaime raised his eyes. "The points are already drafted. You can put them on formal paper. I will sign them here. The signing ceremony in my country would be just for show. That way, it wouldn't seem like you have kidnapped and forced me to sign the agreement. In return, your representative doesn't have to come to the onsite meeting in two months. But you have to understand my dilemma. I was basically picked up by your shinobis and bought here ."

Sandaime pondered for a bit, then looked at Kushina, who, understanding the unasked question, nodded, "Well, I can agree to that term. But remember I will not be coming for this meeting, but Kushina here will come instead."

Daimyo grins, "I'm happy that we have come to an agreement. Once my people see Konoha's representative signing the agreement in my capital, they wouldn't think of me as weak."

As they shake hands with Ryuki holding her hands slightly longer, "I'm happy that a future Hokage is going to visit my country. My country would be honoured."

Kushina smiles. "It would be my pleasure to visit your country and formally seal this treaty."

Sandaime adds, "In honour of our new treaty, I formally invite you for dinner at Sarutobi compound. After dinner, you can sign the documents."

Ryuki nods. "It will be my pleasure. I hope that we depart tomorrow as early as possible. I don't know what my people would think in my abrupt absence, especially with dissenters there."

After this, Ryuki bids them farewell as he exits the room. With Chunin assigned to him taking him back to his hotel room.

Kushina looks at Sandaime and bows, "I'm sorry, Sandaime-sama, If I hadn't opened my mouth, we wouldn't have to deal with those onsite reviews."

Sandaime nods at her. "It's no harm done here Kushina, Now that I think of it, I think it is better that you can go and access the situation on the ground. But for the future, especially in meetings like these, do not get riled up so easily. It's the same concept as trash-talking in a fight but in a round way. I hope you can try to control your temper."

Kushina nods and then grins, "I will, Old-man."

 After looking at her watch, Kushina sighs. It's already 3:14 PM. She sighs as she follows Sandaime towards the office. "Kushina formulate the points and send them to the Alliances section. Tell them It's formal paperwork should be done by the end of the day."

Kushina quickly replies, "It's almost done. I just have to add new points that we agreed upon"

Sandaime smiles. "Good, after this, you can go home. You can skip formal dinner today and spend time with Naruto-Kun. you have to start early tomorrow, and It will be your first time leaving Naruto alone."

Kushina's eyes widened. She hadn't thought of that. Thinking of breaking news to her little boy gave her a small dread. This was the First time she would be away from him since his birth. With Minato leaving early and now her too, He might throw some tantrums. "Thank you, Sandaime-sama, I hadn't thought of that" She bows to Old-man.

Hiruzen smiles. "Tell Naruto-kun not to worry besides you would be back in 4 days. And it goes doubly for you, Keep your mind on task, leave Naruto to us, He wouldn't be alone apart from Uchihas he can come to me anytime."

Kushina smiles gratefully. "I will do that. I just request you to keep him away from Jiraiya. "

Hiruzen smiles. "You don't have to worry about Jiraiya this time. He has gone to Kusagakure. He had sent me a message about a personal task for you. Besides, you don't have to be so wary of him. He may be a pervert, but he knows his boundaries and how to act around impressionable kids."

Kushina is surprised by the news. "So he was telling the truth? And I can't help but worry for Naruto when he's with Jiraiya ."

Hiruzen chuckled. "Ha Ha, I understand. Coming to another point, I am assigning Kakashi and his team to be your protection detail. I will send the rest of the message with Kakashi."

Nodding at him, "Hai Thank you again, Old-man, I will send this and pick up Naruto from the Academy."


It was about an hour later when Kushina finally got free. After adding the required points to the file, she proceeded to the Alliances section. After explaining the new points and changes from the previous treaty, 


Coming back to the office, she updated and bid goodbye to Sandaime.




It was too late for her to pick up Naruto from the academy, so she directly reached home. Here she found Naruto and Sasuke along with some other kids of her fellow Konoha's top clan. She identified a few of them, like the one with fang marks on his cheeks as Tsume's son. One with a pineapple-like ponytail lying on the ground definitely seemed like Nara, so he was Yoshino's kid. Alongside him was a slightly fat kid with Akimichi markings, definitely making him Chouza's son.

The kids hadn't noticed her, but she saw Naruto Sasuke and Inuzuka kid arguing about something with Nara and Akemichi watching from the sidelines.

She decided to reveal her presence. As Naruto saw her, his eyes glinted as he ran towards her. Seeing him run, his friends too turned their attention towards her direction. She saw some of their eyes widen in surprise, especially the Inuzuka kid who also had mouths open.

"Kaa-san, Tell Sasuke-teme and Kiba-teme you are stronger than Hokage-jiji. There is no way that old man is stronger than you, right ?" Naruto shouted at her

She definitely would have agreed to her son if it had been a few days back. But at the mention of who is stronger, her mind unconsciously went to that day's reminder, specifically when Old-man had smacked her butt. 

Her hands formed in a fist as she felt a small bit of anger alongside shame built within her. Suppressing her feelings, she looked at kids who now all were looking at for an answer she spoke, "It doesn't matter who's stronger Naru-chan, What's more, important is that both Sandaime-sama and I are Konoha's loyal soldiers. We will do anything to protect and Safeguard our motherland."

The kids' eyes shined a bit at her small motivational speech. But Naruto whined, "But Kaa-chan, you didn't answer the question."

sighing internally at her son's persistence, "It all depends on the situation Naru-chan, We are shinobi. We don't fight face to face or straight out battle" she remembered how Sandaime had put limitations on spar ", But if it comes for the all-out spar, Remember this" her hands ruffled Naruto's hairs much to his annoyance "Your Kaa-chan wouldn't lose to anyone"


Naruto's face blossomed into a big smile, and he turned to his friends. "See, my Kaa-san is the strongest in Konoha."

Sasuke smirks and answers, "Yes, Naru-chan, We all agree."

Naruto's eyes twitched at the mention of the nickname. "What did you say, teme ?"

"Didn't you hear it for the first time? Naruuuu-chan, "the Inuzuka boy replied.

"Why you? That's it. "Naruto made way towards Sasuke and Kiba with full intention to brawl with them. The two culprits ran shouting 'Naru-chan' at him as they ran through the lawn with Naruto running after them.  

Kushina heard Nara kid saying 'troublesome' with Akemichi kid munching chips.

The evening came, Kushina had cooked Naruto's favourite items, which of course were three different kinds of Ramens. She still hadn't found a way to break the news of her mission to him.

"Wow, Kaa-chan, I didn't know you could cook these many types of Ramen, and it's not even my birthday", An excited Naruto was shouting as he gulped from a different bowl.

Kushina grinned at him. "You Kaa-chan is multi-talented Naru-chan."

At the mention of the aforementioned name, he scowled and looked at her with a frown "Kaa-chan, don't call me that. Now Sasuke-teme and Kiba-teme will tell everyone in the Academy."

Kushina feigned and fake hurt face. "Is Naru-chan ashamed of his mother now ?"

Naruto quickly shook his head. "No, that's not it. I'm proud of you, Kaa-chan. But don't call me that in front of my friends."

Kushina smiled at him, looking that he had finished up. She finally took courage. "Naruto, you now know that I'm deputy Hokage, right ?" Naruto nods his head, and she continues, "So I have responsibilities looking after the whole of Konoha."

Naruto smiles. "Hai Kaa-chan, You are like Tou-san now. "

She smiled at him. "Good just As your Tou-san has to remain posted outside the village for its people. I also have to travel to different parts of the world to look for our village's welfare."

Naruto seemed like he was understanding, but he stuck his brows. Kushina found his face amusing and she continued, "So now you see, I will have to go for the mission tomorrow outside the village." 

Naruto opened his mouth and shouted, looking quite excited, "That's great Kaa-chan, Where are you going ?"

She smiled at his enthusiasm. "I will be going to Hot Springs country, but the thing is, I will be away for the next 4-5 days."

Naruto's enthusiastic face dropped and a bit of gloom. "You will be gone for 4-5 days? What about me? can't I come with you? "

Her heart ached at his sad face. "No, Sochi, you can't come. But I promise I will bring you something from Hot springs country. "

As Naruto nods, still not speaking, "So how about When I return, I will start you Kenjutsu training."

A smile broke his face "Will you really? Last time I asked, you said I was too young, and it was dangerous."

Kushina smiled at him. "That was last time. you are a big boy now, right ?"

At Naruto's nod, she continues, "Good now, smile, big boys, don't cry. They can live a few days without their mama ."

And Naruto spoke, "I will show Kaa-san, I can live for a few days without you. "

Kushina beamed at him. "That's great, Sochi. I have already talked with Mikoto. You can live at the Uchiha compound for a few days."

Naruto whines, "But why can't I just live here? I am a big boy now, maybe Sasuke and I can stay here. "

Kushina chuckled at him. "You aren't that big to look after this big House. Maybe if you are on good behaviour in the Uchiha compound, I will think about it."

Soon the discussion ended, and Kushina quickly did the dishes with Naruto clinging onto her side. She was alerted by a presence at gates where an ANBU gave her a message from Sandaime.

The note said the scheduled departure was set at 7 AM.

After some time, when she took Naruto to bed, he asked her to sleep with him that night. Unable to ignore his simple request, she slept beside him, of course, in decent sleepwear.




The next morning Kushina woke at 4:30 AM, and after packing Naruto's supplies, she started packing up for her own trip.

Once done with the bath, she was struck in a dilemma on what to wear. After some thought, she quickly dawned her Jonin attire. Once done, she woke a whining Naruto. After getting him ready, the mother-son duo exited their house. Kushina looked back at the house while activating the seals. It had been years since she last left the house. The last time was during Naruto's birth. A bit of nostalgia struck her. After looking at the final te at the compound, she took Naruto's hand and started towards the Uchiha compound.

"You have to follow every order of Mikoto, okay, Naruto? "She was heard alongside a mumbling Naruto.

"Be wary of Jiraiya. Don't get too friendly with him. Okay, Naruto?" she was again heard saying.

"Hai Kaa-chan, Though why? He plays with my friends and me and sometimes even gives us treats ." A confused Naruto asked 

"Just follow your Kaa-chan's advice, Naruto. You will understand when you are older," Kushina replied.

"Hmph, you always say that. Mikoto-obsan is the same way. Maybe I should ask Gama-jichan," Naruto said after getting irritated.

Kushina looked his way. "Don't ask him, He. will lie to you and tell you some dumb stories. Just do as I say, okay?

"Hmph, I will", was his reply.

On reaching the Uchiha compound, They were greeted by Mikoto and Itachi. Mikoto hugged Kushina. "Oh, Kushina, look at you. Ready to bring some army down" She Chuckled at the end.

Kushina returned the hug. "Thank you for taking in Naruto on such short notice."

Mikoto smiles at her, "It's no problem, Naruto can come here anytime." she winked at Naruto, who looked a bit awkward and confused.

 Mikoto shakes her head "Nevermind" as she hears Kushina chuckle, much to Naruto's confusion, while Itachi looks on with a plain face.

Mikoto then turns to her son and spoke  “ Itachi-kun, take Naruto-kun to Sauske's room. I'm sure Naruto would like to wake his friend up."

Naruto turns giddy at the prospect of pranking on sleeping Sasuke; he picks Itachi's hand "let's go 'Tachi nii", much to the amusement of ladies.

As the boys are away, they hear Naruto saying, "Kaa-chan and Mikoto-obasan are weird sometimes. I don't understand their jokes. I know I am welcome here. Why did she wink at me ?"

Itachi silently shakes his head, having been the victim of Kushina's and Mikoto's teasing. He again thought If being oblivious to their behaviour was the solution to this problem.


Kushina pouted. "Mou, he didn't even hug me goodbye, and last night he was on the verge of tears."

Mikoto chuckled. "Well, at least he looks up to you. Give it a few years, ", Looking at her friend, who was still looking at her son.

"You don't need to worry about him. We will take care of him", She spoke.

"I know you will. But it's still my first time away from him for such a duration." Kushina spoke.

"Well enough about the grim situation. Tell me about your trip. I thought it was a diplomatic mission" she looked her up and down, "not that I complain. Why does it look like you are going to war rather than friendly talks? "Mikoto added.

Kushina looked at herself, then spoke, "It's not wrong, is it. ? Honestly, it's my first time visiting in my official capacity, and I was confused."


Mikoto shakes her head. "It's not wrong per se. Some may even like you in this." She pointed at her attire with a smirk ", but if you had dressed differently, it would have sent a different message. Next time you go Again, for such a meeting, call me beforehand, I will make sure you are dressed for the occasion. Honestly, Kushina, you have a lot to learn."


Kushina nodded. "Well, I can't do anything now besides this meeting is not that important. I will call you next time," then looking around, "Look, I have to go. " With that, she hugged her friend and left towards Konoha's main gates.




On reaching the gates, she found Kakashi and his team already there. They bowed to her upon noticing her presence. She nodded at them and simultaneously smiled at gate guards. Looking on the road, she saw a Royal looking Horse carriage. 'That's probably for Ryuki-san'. A couple of men standing beside it dressed in Yukata tops and pants. On their back, they had the emblem of Hotsprings country. 'Probably pilot and Daimyo's attendant', Kushina thought.

It was about seven that they saw the said Daimyo walking towards them with Sandaime.

As Sandaime reached their position, they all bowed to him. Daimyo looked at his escorts, specifically at the redhead and smiled at her, which she returned.

Finally, Sandaime spoke, "It was good meeting you, Ryuki-dono. I hope our agreement would create new opportunities for both of our nation's"

With that, both men shook hands. "I hope and wish the same"

He stepped up towards the carriage with a final nod then looked in Kushina's direction. "Kushina-san, Why don't you join me. It's a long journey. I am sure you will find ample time to walk beside the carriage."

Finding nothing wrong with the request, she nods at Kakashi and follows Daimyo inside.

As expected, the inside of the carriage was also quite luxurious. She decided on taking a seat on the opposite side of Daimyo with my back towards the pilot. The carriage driver closed the doors, and finally, they were on the way.

She looked out at the diminishing gates of Konoha. Her thoughts linger on her son. A cough drew her attention towards Daimyo, who smiled at her. "It's good to see you again Kushina-san, I hope my odd request didn't put you off the spot."

"It's nothing to worry Ryuki-san, I'm shinobi of Konoha, and we are always ready."

Ryuki smiled at her. "I was hoping to see you yesterday at dinner, but then Sandaime told me you had a son and had to make arrangements for him alongside preparing yourself for the trip."

She nodded and smiled. "Yes, it's my first time leaving my son behind for such a duration."

Ryuki nods. "Yes, kids, I understand. I was worried, too, when I left my firstborn behind for the first time. But I would have never guessed you had a child. You look nothing like it," he added with a smile.

Kushina now had a tint of red on her cheeks. "Thank you, Ryuki-san, But I think it's all due to our regular shinobi practice."

Ryuki smiled this time with more flirt in the mix. "You don't have to be modest, Kushina-san. I have seen lots of Kunoichis after motherhood. And I guarantee you that you are by far the most beautiful. And I am told you are quite a powerhouse too."

Kushina smiles and nods, finding his praises a bit awkward. Not many dared to flirt so openly with her. "Thank you, Ryuki-san, but as I said, it's all due to my training." Then she flashes him her ring deliberately. "And I thank my husband for allowing me to continue with my training regime despite having Naruto."

As if getting a message, Daimyo pulls back. "I didn't mean to offend you, and I was just laying out what I had seen, Kushina-san. I'm sorry if you think I offended you, "Ryuki said while internally cursing 'Tightass bitch'

Kushina now felt a bit bad and quickly smiled. "It's no trouble Ryuki-san".

After this, Ryuki was a bit cautious of flirting with her. However, he did talk about the opposition he faced in his country on Konoha's treaty. 

Being in a carriage meant they were travelling at a decent pace. After some hours, Daimyo decided for lunch. As they stop for lunch, he allows Kushina to exit first, getting a closer view of her tight and shapely ass in her shinobi pants. Oh, how he wanted to smack her there, controlling himself. He again internally curses himself for getting caught on by redhead in talks. While he had lunch with Kushina joining him, she wasn't surprised at the various cuisines being served to him by his attendant.

After lunch, Kushina opted to stay outside, asking Daimyo to take the rest. By the time the sun came down, they had crossed more than half of their journey.

After finding a place near a stream to set up a night camp, they stop and the Daimyo, then alongside one member of ANBU, goes to freshen up.

After releasing the horses to feed, the driver and attendant quickly started to set up a tent for Daimyo as the remaining ANBU helped them. At the same time, Kakashi and Kushina looked on from the sides.

"How much more do we have to travel to Kashi-kun? "She asked her Husband's student.

Kakashi looked at the redhead. "We still have around halfway. But if we start early in the morning tomorrow, we would reach Hotsprings capital just before the evening. Kushina-sama"

Kushina nods. "Seems like we have quite a time left." Some time passes, and she sees ANBU setting up a tent for her. Of course, it looked pale in comparison to Daimyo's grand one.

"Take proper rest and don't trouble yourself too much here" As she spoke, she saw Daimyo coming back from the stream. Kushina points at Kakashi while she disappears towards the stream.

After quickly freshening up, As she comes back to the campsite, she's informed by one of ANBU that Daimyo has invited her for dinner.


Closing on Daimyo's tent, she was hit by the aroma of spices. Looking towards, she saw an attendant that had introduced himself as Uraken, busy stirring the pot over the fire. Nearby she saw some freshly cut fish which definitely were picked up from the stream.

Looking around once more, she saw the silent pilot of the carriage attending the Horses. Now that she remembered, He hadn't even introduced himself.

She saw Daimyo sitting on a makeshift mattress upon entering the lavish tent. She was surprised to see him reading a book. as he noticed her, he smiled. "Kushina-san, Welcome to my temporary abode even if it's not something extraordinary."

Kushina raised her eyebrows at the term 'extraordinary'. This was beyond more than lavish in her books. But perhaps since Sandaime had 'kidnapped' him, he didn't get to prepare himself.

Nodding at him, she sits in a seiza position across from him. "Thank you for inviting me, Ryuki-san."

The attendant comes and arranges tea at the small table. 

 "You know Kushina-san, I am really happy that you decided to come as Konoha's representative, not any other person. I have a feeling that you and I can achieve so much more mutually," Daimyo spoke up as he poured tea for her.

Accepting the tea Kushina nodded, not actually paying much attention as Daimyo focused on the word 'mutually'. "It's my pleasure, Ryuki-san, And I believe even if it was someone else in my place, they too would have worked for achieving our goals."

As they talk about small points with Daimyo actually telling her, he had no intention of making a deal with Kumogakure. He had only sent them proposals to ease out civilian movement between borders to promote tourism in Hot springs country.

After a while, Kushina notices Daimyo eying her up. She was about to interrupt him, but he added, "I have noticed Kushina-san that you are stronger still wearing your Shinobi outfit. You could have changed into something relaxing. This is a diplomatic visit, after all. And I don't think anyone would have dared to attack here inside Fire country borders."

Kushina nodded. "A shinobi is always prepared for the worst Ryuki-san. As for me still, in the shinobi outfit, I guess I am more comfortable in it."

Daimyo nods. "Hmmm, I like that way of thinking, but it's my personal opinion. I thought you would have dressed in something more normal. seeing this is only an official mission ." he adds while thinking mentally 'and I would love to peel those clothes off you.'


Kushina, meanwhile, seemed to think on his words. At first, Mikoto and now him, she really felt a bit self-conscious about being dressed in a shinobi outfit. "I don't think I would be able to move so easily in those dresses. "Before this awkward topic could go on more soon, the attendant came with dinner.

After Dinner, Kushina bid daimyo goodnight even though he offered her sake.

The night passed quickly, and the next morning, even faster, Kushina had decided to have breakfast with her team. They started to move at 6 AM. So as the morning became noon, they entered Hotsprings borders. The Daimyo decided to forgo lunch as he wanted to reach his capital as soon as possible.

So it was between 5 and 6 in the evening that they reached Daimyo's place. Kushina did see various Konoha shinobis along the way, and some of them had even bowed to her after recognising her.

Kushina noticed Hot Springs had quite a mixed population. Since it was between the borders of Lightning and Fire country, there were people of all races here. She saw crowds filled with white, dark, and brown-skinned people in market areas. She was quite surprised by this racial diversity here.




The Daimyo was welcomed by his family members, who were all standing behind his wife. Upon sight of Konoha shinobis, they made a scowling face, clearly showing their dislike of the act pulled by them.

Then there was a line of ministers and nobles waiting to greet their leader. They also saw some crowd gather as the news of their leaders' comeback slowly dispersed outside. After Daimyo met everyone, He gathered everyone in the courtyard. "I thank Everyone for coming here. The concern shown by you has touched me. But rest assured, Konoha didn't do anything untoward against me. In fact, they have agreed to sign a long term treaty with our country." There was a brief pause as the audience muttered among themselves.

 "Not only this, To show their commitment towards our village. They have sent their next leader, aka Hokage candidate, to escort me back" He points at Kushina and her team though Kushina winces at being termed as the escort. 

As she steps forwards and waves a hand at the gathered crowd, Daimyo continues, "Please welcome the Next Hokage candidate, The very beautiful Uzumaki Kushina-san. We will be signing a new agreement tomorrow ."

The crowd cheered at the news. Their leader, who bought someone from such a high rank of mighty Konoha, was winning their books.

After guards had dispersed the crowd, Daimyo came to Kushina with a servant "Kushina-san, I formally welcome you to Hotsprings country." At her nod, he continues and points to the servant behind him, who was garbed in a knee-length kimono dress. "This is Akari, and she would take care of all your needs while you are here. "

Kushina nods. "Thank you, Ryuki-san."

Daimyo continues, "Please rest up tonight. We will sign papers tomorrow in an official ceremony." Looking at the attendant, "Akari, take Kushina-san to our guest apartments. Kindly take care of Kushina-san's every need."

"Hai Ryuki-sama " Looking at Kushina and her group, "Please follow me, Kushina-sama".

As Akari led them out of the palace, Kushina could feel that it was around the same size as Hyuga main branch house but more luxurious.

 Unique flowers surrounded the small pathway that they travelled, finally, on reaching the destination, the guest quarters, which were located around a few hundred metres from the palace. The guest quarters was a two-story building. She was assigned a single luxurious room on the top floor, while her protection detail was assigned two smaller rooms nearby.

"Please rest a bit Kushina-sama, Ryuki-sama has asked me to give you a tour of the palace before dinner."

Kushina raises her eyebrows, and asks "A tour? "

"Hai Kushina-sama, It's almost as if it's our unsaid ritual. We are to give new guests a tour of Daimyo-sama's luxurious palace." Akari answered.

"Okay, I will be ready, I guess," Kushina replies.

As the attendant leaves the room, Kushina lays down on the bed.

After taking a short nap, she quickly hits showers in the attached washroom. After quickly washing off the dust and grimes of travel, she dressed in a full-length floral Kimono. Mikoto had chosen this for her for formal events or special occasions.




Kushina followed Akari as she took her for the tour. They had already passed through gardens being almost sunset. She didn't see much, but according to Akari, it was best as far as she was concerned. The next point of her tour came to looking over a rock garden. It was beautifully lit, and Kushina couldn't help but admire the beautiful sculptures. There was also a steam oozing small hot spring in the centre, which created quite an atmosphere. There was also a rock gallery nearby which Kushina skipped having no interest in rock science.

"Kushina-sama, Next we will visit Daimyo-sama's super popular public baths. These are open to all residents of the capital. Don't worry. This one is closed at this time. Though some may be occupied." Akari said as she led her in through wooden barricades. They were hit by a wall of steam and fog mixed with some floral scents as soon as they entered.

Kushina cautiously took a step forward though she sensed some presence ahead, she ignored thinking that they were from other baths nearby. So as soon as Akari and she stepped out of the fogged area, Kushina's was shocked and rooted to the spot while a tint of red started to form on her cheeks.

The cause was the scene before her, she stood there near the entrance of a large bath area, but the problem was that the bath area wasn't empty as she was told. There were around 20-30 men in there, 20-30 nude men Kushina mentally corrected. Men of different ages, races and physiques. 

The Men, too, were stuck in silence. It would have been hardly a few seconds when she was broken from her stupor by the voice of a man. "I didn't know you could arrange for a female attendant here."

Broken out of her thoughts, Kushina bolted out of there in a red flash with Akari running behind her . she didn't hear the huge commotion that followed her exit. 

"Who was that ?" asked a man.

"I don't know, but did you look at her? She had fucking beautiful face with a killer body," Answered another.

"Hey, it seemed I saw her somewhere. I remember, wasn't that the redhead representative of Konoha ?" Another man spoke.

"Are you kidding? Why would she come here? These are public baths. Daimyo-sama would have assigned her special private ones," Another logical one replied.

"Whoever that was, she was a hell of a hot lady. Maybe she's one of Daimyo-sama's personal attendants. Ah, What I wouldn't to bang someone like that" Another spoke with a bit of desperation in his voice

"Hey, Keep your junk away from me, Have a cold bath or something. Seriously, it was one woman, albeit beautiful, but it wasn't like she was naked. Hurry up and clear this area. This area was meant to be closed at this time" A person spoke, seemingly in charge of this bath area.




Outside, Kushina ignores whatever apologies Akari was muttering. Her mind was still lurking to those men, especially the thing between their legs ' I had heard from Mikoto about different sizes, but I didn't know they grew that big. And seemingly they were in a flaccid state too'.

After a bit of controlling herself, she turned to her attendant, "Akari, let's cancel the tour for now. Come pick me up when it's dinner time. " She speaks to the attendant As they move back to her guest quarters. Reaching her destination, she enters her door before turning to Akari  " Forget about this incident and not a word to anyone, okay ?" She added a bit of killing intent behind her voice 

The poor attendant started sweating and bowed down. "Hai Kushina-sama, Again I'm really very sorry for the incident. I don't know how the men got there. It was supposed to be vacant. If you want, I can raise a complaint." 

Kushina shakes her head " I said not a word to anyone. Forget about the incident. Tell them you gave me a complete tour of the compound as planned if anyone asks. "

Akari bows "Hai Kushina-sama", and Kushina closes the doors.




Meanwhile, in Daimyo's palace, a man entered a quite a lavish room. He bowed to the person sitting on a throne-like chair. The person was none other than the current Daimyo and owner of this place. Ryuki looked at the man smiled at him. "So, how did go, Hosen ?"

The man now named Hosen raised his head and beamed at his leader. "It went as planned Daimyo-sama, She didn't know what hit her and bolted out of baths with a full red face ", he answered.

"Zehahaha ", Daimyo boomed ", That teach that tightass Konoha bitch", He spoke then imitating a female voice  ", I have husband Ryuki-san." 

looking again at his personal attendant, who also had keys to baths, he said, "Did she suspect anything? "

The man now grins. "I don't know about that, but she did indeed shock bolted out of there like there's no tomorrow."

"Haha, good job" Daimyo dismisses his servant.

' That will teach that Konoha bitch, showing me the finger and her wedding ring.'




After some time, Kushina arrived for dinner alongside her team. She had changed to a different coloured Kimono. Daimyo introduced her to eight to ten important members of his courts. Some were his ministers, and some were nobles.

After introducing her to his court members, he introduced her to his family, namely with his wife and teenage boys. His wife had the typical dark complexion of lightning country and was almost as tall as Daimyo himself. She looked around a decade younger than her husband, and it seemed as if she was married to Daimyo in her teens. 

Daimyo's older son seemed around 17-18 years old, and he, too, like his mother, had a dark complexion and had quite a physique as compared to his father. The younger son, though, seemed to match Daimyo's brownish complexion, and she couldn't say much about his physique as he seemed still young, around 14 years old.

Throughout the Dinner, She could feel Daimyo's wife trying to look down on her. she didn't understand what she did wrong, but it seemed the lady of the house didn't like her at all. Not that she cared much about. After signing the treaty tomorrow, she would leave immediately to Konoha.

The dinner was quite an affair, with Daimyo boasting to his ministers how much he fought for the rights of Hot springs country. Kushina was approached by a few noble house ladies asking her how she did it to command so many men under her. At first, she didn't understand the hidden innuendo behind it but looking at their faces, and she understood they were playing with her, so she replied in the heat of the moment, saying, 'Just as you control your husbands'. Which caused them to laugh, but she knew they didn't like her. 

After reaching her room as Kushina laid down for the night, she replayed the day's events, and Her mind again stopped at the sizes of men '. If some of them are that big in a flaccid state, I wonder what would be their size when fully erect. She tried to take her mind to other things like if things could have gone differently with ladies, but her thought again came to those dicks ' I'm married, and I belong to Minato' was her mantra as she finally fell asleep.




The next day, Kushina dressed in her office attire, namely A dark grey skirt suit with Konoha symbol on her breasts with sheer black pantyhose and black high heeled sandals. She reached the Daimyo's office, following Akari. Her caretaker and guide seemed Akari seemed skittish around her. The office was located in a different section of the compound. This area was easily accessible to the general public. Looking at surroundings, Kushina, for the first time, noticed that Daimyo's compound was really located at the centre of the capital.

She saw a good crowd gathered in front of the office. There were small flags in their hands with Konoha's insignia and Hot Springs symbol. Around the crowd, she saw some of Konoha's shinobi too. Some of them even bowed in her direction, which caused the crowd's attention to focus on her.

As the crowd parted to make way for her, she heard people talking

 "She's Konoha's representative? " 

"Wow, she's so beautiful."

"I can't believe someone so young will lead Konoha. She must really be strong."

"I want to move to Konoha."

She ignored the comments though internally, she felt proud. The corridors of the office too were decorated and with quiet fanfare. A very excited Daimyo greeted her.

"Kushina-san Welcome welcome, and As you see, my people are very excited about this new treaty. Let's not make people wait anymore, come on. Let's get to the rooftop." Upon reaching the rooftop, He waved to the crowd and received huge cheers. He asked her also to wave at the crowd, and as she did, she received a similar cheer. Kushina was a bit overwhelmed at the gesture.

"My fellow countrymen, today is a historic day that will pave the way for our bright future with Konohagakure. I officially sign this treaty for our bright future and progress that has been halted for the past eight years."

As the crowd cheered, Daimyo signed the document. It reached its peak as Kushina signed it, signifying the official closing of the deal. There were bursting crackers at some distance as some people also started dancing. It was quite a surprise for Kushina. She had dreamed of such an event for her future swearing-in ceremony.

After they came down, Daimyo offered her some tea and refreshments in the office. "Kushina-san, I have arranged a private dinner with you. Allow me to express gratitude on behalf of my country for this successful signing of the treaty ."

She was surprised. "You don't have to Ryuki-san. I'm more than overwhelmed by such a positive response. Besides, we did have dinner last night."

Daimyo shakes his head " That was just a formal event. Please allow me to show my appreciation and celebrate today's day."

Though she wanted to decline but her position as Konoha's representative, she couldn't straight away say no. She nodded, thinking it was just dinner. It wasn't like she had some emergency at home, so she may as well enjoy some time here.

Daimyo beamed at her, "I knew you wouldn't decline. Allow me " He claps his hands, and an attendant comes in with a package in his hands Ryuki picks up the package and hands it over to her " This is a small gift from Hotsprings country to you. It's a limited edition designer dress from 'Kazuki Kobayashi' Fire country's best dress designer."

Kushina is reluctant. "Ryuki-san, I can't accept this is too much."

Daimyo shakes his head. "Nonsense, It's for you, though. I didn't have enough time to arrange something better for you. But I hope you will accept it and I would really appreciate it if you could wear it for tonight's dinner."

Kushina raises an eyebrow at his request. "Do I really have to? You have already done too much. I can't accept this."

Daimyo, this time again, shakes his head. "Please accept it as a token of our new relationship. This is your first visit here, and I don't know when you will come here next time, so please accept it. And you don't have to wear it tonight, but it will really help me think that you are happy if you wear it ."


Kushina accepts the package, "Thank you Ryuki-san, Please don't bother with any more formalities. You have already done more than enough"

Daimyo laughs. "I am glad you accepted it." 

As Kushina bows and starts to come out of office doors, she almost collides with a big burly dark-skinned man. If Kushina had to guess, he was almost a head taller than Daimyo. The man, upon seeing her, seemed to hide his face though it was quite unsuccessful. She thought she had seen him somewhere. 

Before she could pay more attention to the man, Daimyo speaks, "Oh Yumeki, you are here" As Kushina looks at him ", Kushina-san, Allow me to introduce you to my head of security and my best friend Yumeki Satoru, He hadn't attended dinner yesterday."

Kushina nods and smiles at the man who maintains the plain face and gives her a small bow.

She moves out and doesn't notice as Yumeki's plain face distorts to that of a seething one.

Once outside, Kushina greets some Konoha shinobis waiting for her. She thanks them for doing their duty while remaining away from home. They all cheer for her, and some even give her letters containing the hardships and problems they face in the foreign land. Kushina promises to look into the problem.

She hands the package to Akari and makes her way towards her accommodation with her protection detail following her.




Yumeki Satoru, the Head of Daimyo's security, one of his close friends, was a well-respected man in the capital. He was a stern man with a no-nonsense reputation. Obtaining this position in Hotsprings country hadn't been no child's play. He had worked day and night to reach this position today.

But Yumeki wasn't on this post from the start. In fact, this wasn't even his birth name. He had been born as the third son from a noble family, A minor noble family but still had been noble.

He had grown in a life of luxury and power. He still remembered in his youth how he had used his family's name to take advantage of people in his family's land. He still remembered how there was no shortage of girls booze and money for him. His reputation had taken a hit, and people used to be wary of him. They used to call him the wayward salacious son of Noble. And he used to enjoy the fear his name brought in people's psyche.

He still remembered how often his father was upset whenever anyone complained about him. Or how some women or girls complained about him. His father had to suppress their voices using his money and power.

But that all changed almost fifteen years ago. He had gone to Konohagakure as a part of his father's entourage for some business with merchants. While his father returned immediately after his work was done, he decided to stay there and lurk in the strongest shinobi village. Personally, he stayed because he was attracted to Kunoichis. Their tight fit body had played havoc in his fantasies. He heard from some passerby in the red-light district that one could use Kunoichis in any way if they hired them.

Seemingly getting the idea, he had requested an escort mission back to his home with specific requirements of Kunoichis only. It had been quite a hassle to explain why he required Kunoichis only where he had lied at the mission desk. The mission assignment cost too had been almost four times the normal mission. 

But that seemingly had been worth it when he saw who was assigned to him. Oh, how could he forget those three bootylicious beauties. The chipper ravenette one Uchiha Mikoto, the shy Hyuga Hitomi and final Bombshell redhead Uzumaki Kushina.

He had counted lucky stars and thanked whatever God was there. So when the mission started, he tried to be friendly with them. They had spoken to him but snubbed his advances. As the mission was reaching its conclusion, he lost all patience and tried to get close to Hyuuga. But at that very moment, the feisty redhead had broken his hands.

He had sworn at them, telling them how he would make them his bitches, but everything had backfired. He didn't know they came from reputed clans. Given his already ruined reputation, his father had folded into pressure, and he was kicked out of the family. Not even his brothers tried to fight for him. All his friends who enjoyed with his money also ditched him. 

In one night, he had gone from Prince to a no-name beggar. People who didn't dare to raise their heads before him had openly mocked him. 

At that moment, when everyone had all but rejected him, he was found by Ryuki-sama. He was then the heir of Hotsprings country. Though they had met only once before, he gave him a roof to cover his head. He had understood his reasoning and agreed somewhat about his views on Kunoichis. He understood he had been dealt too harshly for a small mistake.


Yumeki, from a young age, was quite strong, and he had a very good physique. So at that time, Ryuki assigned him as his personal guard. It was Ryuki that gave him his new name, hence the new identity.

He had worked diligently under him, so when Ryuki-sama took his position as Daimyo after his father's death a decade ago, he had been added to security details for Daimyo.

He reached one of the highest and most respected posts here in Hot springs country through his hard work.

Throughout these years, he never had forgotten his humiliation brought upon by Konoha Kunoichis, especially that redhead that had broken his hand too. They had taken everything away from him. Because of them, he didn't have a family of his own until now.


 He had grown special dislikes towards Konoha shinobi and especially its Kunoichis. Though how much he wanted to fuck the shit out of them when he saw them roaming across here in the capital. He controlled his anger by taking it out in whore houses where he would ask the women to be specifically dressed as Kunoichis.

So when he came to know about the termination date of the treaty with Konoha. He had suggested looking for other alternatives, but it was for nothing. Konoha somehow had got a whiff of their plans, and Ryuki-sama was taken to Konoha.

When Ryuki-sama came back, he was happy, but he had got cold feet at the sight of that redhead.

He had tried to avoid getting introduced to the redhead, fearing she would recognise him and his hard-earned reputation would again meet the dust.

He had silently observed the redhead from the background internally seething at her progress. While he had fallen from grace, she had become more powerful, beautiful and was next in line to lead the most powerful shinobi village.

The next day he was standing outside Ryuki-sama's office. He had thought that redhead bitch had already left, but suddenly, the doors opened on his face by the very object of his hatred.

He had frozen to the spot dreading his future as the redhead was sure to get him booted out of his place here. He dreaded being on the roads again, and this time he didn't think anyone could do anything to help him.

He was surprised she didn't recognise him. Surprise turned into relief, and then relief turned into fury. 'How dare she? After ruining my life, she doesn't even recognise me. What am I ?'

He saw the departing redhead from the office, and his anger peaked. He quickly excused himself from Daimyo and walked towards his quarters, planning to drink and then release some anger in the training room.




After meeting some more shinobis at her temporary abode, enquiring them of the on-ground situation of various Konoha's projects. They had given her some files to look for, which she sealed thinking of looking into them back in Konoha, 

Kushina had lunch with her team. She updated them on the change of schedule.

Though Akari invited her for another tour of the compound, she declined. After having much needed time for herself, she rested a bit. 

By the time it was evening, she had started to get ready. She opened the package provided by Ryuki-san. It appeared to be an almost skin coloured sleeveless long gown dress on first look. Looking closely at the material, it was quite stretchy. She remembered seeing something similar in the Uchiha dress shop. Yes, they called these nude bodycon dresses. There were also matching high heeled sandals in the package.


Picking up the dress, she entered the washroom. When she came back out and looked at herself in the mirror, her face tinted a bit red at sight. As the name suggested, the bodycon dress hugged her body, showcasing her womanly figure. Starting from the top, it showed decent cleavage. The dress hugged her well-sized bosom. But she noticed as it hugged her toned stomach. It turned sheer, so if anyone focused, they could see her navel. It widened and turned opaque at her waist. From here, as it went down to her shins, it tapered down, hugging her hips and thighs.


Kushina had double thoughts about wearing this dress for dinner 'This kind of dress is meant for dates, and it's, not date is it? What would people, especially shinobi,  think of me going out in this? What if someone misinterpreted this as date and news reached back in Konoha worse to Minato? 'While one voice openly shouted this, there was another voice too. 'It's nothing but dinner, and it's not a date. If they see me, so what? I'm a grown woman who can wear anything. And my relationship with Minato is stronger than this. And this dinner is nothing more than to acknowledge Daimyo's request and celebrate the treaty between our villages.'


So without further thinking, she pulled her hair out of the ponytail and with a few hand signs, they were in their long flowing self that fanned out on her back and reached till her butt.

Finally pulling out the matching high heels that came with the outfit. With one look at the mirror, she marched towards the door.


When Kushina started to walk out of her room, she was first seen by Kakashi. She saw his eyes widening. "Ku-Kushina-sama" She heard a slight stutter in her voice.

Smiling at him, "I will come in an hour or two, Kashi-kun" with that, she moved out of the building where a rooted Kakashi looked on at her swaying hips. One of the female ANBU members coughed to get his attention.

Outside, Akari was waiting for her to take her to the restaurant booked by Daimyo. Upon seeing her, Akari bowed to her and spoke, "You look really, very beautiful, Kushina-sama."

Nodding at her, she smiled. "Thank you, Akari, lead the way to the restaurant."


Kushina followed the attendant as she led them towards the east of the main house. She didn't notice the glances thrown her way by servants and other people at the compound. Since the gown's colour matched almost to her skin's colour, the men just double-checked her out. Seemingly their eyes showed them something else for the first time. They were quite mesmerized by the sight of her body shape in this bodycon dress. Since Kushina didn't have special underwear, they could clearly see her panty lines under the dress. Similarly, they could see a hint of the bra at the top. Though they were disappointed that she was not nude under the tight skin like the dress, some of them could clearly imagine her naked.

 "Um, aren't we going to the restaurant?" Kushina pointed out to the main gates as they passed them. Smiling at her, Akari shakes her head. "We are going to a private restaurant that is specifically meant for Ryuki-sama and his guests. It was supposed to be on the list of places on our tour yesterday."

Kushina nodded while internally commenting, 'of course, he has a private restaurant.'


 They reached their destination soon. It was a simple building that had a small hoarding saying 'Eating Delights'. It was lit in rather simplistic styles as compared to things she had seen until now. Kushina was surprised to see it didn't appear to be as big as she had imagined, given the quirks of Daimyo.

Her musings were cut short as Daimyo came before her. "You look absolutely stunning Kushina-san, I'm happy that you decided to honour my gift." He said with a huge grin on his face.

"It's my pleasure, Ryuki-san, and I accepted this dress as a token of our new treaty" She spoke with a straight face while controlling the blush.

He led her to the only table present as they took seats. The restaurant attendants came and poured small sake for both of them. Kushina elegantly sips on the small cup.

 She listens to Daimyo "This restaurant was established by my father. It's a little bland compared to other areas, but I didn't have it in me to change this. He had gifted this small private restaurant to me when I started courting my wife. There was a time, you know, when I was shy to go on a public date with my fiance."

Kushina smiled at him. "That was so nice of your father. But I rather like this simplicity."

They continued to chat on different topics, with Ryuki trying to find a soft spot from where he could flirt with her. But so far, he hasn't found any success.

Soon the dinner was served, Kushina wasn't surprised at the different amount of dishes, and she was surprised it had some noodle dishes as well.

Ryuki may have caught her surprise, at which he chuckled, "We research our guests, and some of the Konoha shinobis told us their deputy Hokage is quite biased towards noodles dishes." 

Kushina nodded with a smile "well, you got me though I'm biassed towards them but not by much", She spoke as she gracefully took some dishes. "I think it may have been due to my proclamation in younger years when I used to say out Ramen as the food of the Gods", she ended with a chuckle.

Daimyo was looking closely at her or rather her cleavage, especially when she bent a little forward to pick up the dish.

Seeing he got his first break, Daimyo added, "Kushina-san, Why don't you stay here for one more day. Let me personally show you the different facilities of my capital. I hardly got time to 'entertain' you. I promise you would find time with me equally 'satisfying' . " he spoke with a suave grin.

Kushina looked at him for a few seconds as if dissecting his thoughts. "I'm sorry, Ryuki-san, My business here is over. And even if there were some unfinished work, it still would be highly improper of me to be seen with you like that regularly. Not only I'm the representative of Konoha, and you are the leader of this country" She pointed at herself and raised her ringed finger. "But I'm married too. "


Ryuki smiled at her. "It's okay, Kushina-san, I understand" While he cursed her internally, ' You stupid tight-ass bitch. Do you even know how much effort was put into today's events?'

The dinner ended soon after that. As Ryuki walked her back towards guest quarters, he noticed how his servants were knowingly smiling at him. He smiled back while internally a bit perturbed by his failure. They reached guest apartments. Kushina bowed to Daimyo, this time giving him a look down her valley. Ryuki seethed as he saw a hint of the bra. 'Of Course, she ruins this expensive dress by wearing those things under.'

Unknown to the thoughts going in her host's mind, Kushina speaks, "Thanks for dinner Ryuki-san, It was a pleasant experience."


Ryuki smiled and nodded " Thanks again for accepting my invite. Maybe we could do this again when you visit next time for the onsite assessment ? "  he probed her.

She smiled at him. "We will have to see who comes as representative next time, Ryuki-san."

Thinking quickly, he said, "It would be great for the relationship between our mutual Villages if you were to come as Konoha's representative, Kushina-san. Every time a representative is changed, they will have to start afresh understanding the treaty between our villages again. And to my knowledge, you know the treaty better than anyone I know."

Kushina smiled and nodded " Thank you, Ryuki-san, I hope so too, we will leave quite early tomorrow, and it would not be right to make you bid us farewell, so this is a goodbye." She bowed to him.

Daimyo couldn't do anything but say, "Thank you Kushina-san, Please give my regards to Sandaime-sama." He bowed her back.

 With a final nod, she walked towards guest apartments with an unconscious sway of her hips, leaving Daimyo a bit hung and dry. He looked at her as she walked away from his grasp.


When the night had started, Ryuki was sure that his plan would work. He had thought he could at least get her to stay here one day more then try to look for more opportunities to find what made her tick. But it seemed over that tight-ass bitch didn't even budge. His inner self was constantly shouting and cursing at her. He seethed and looked at now-closed doors thinking. 'I just need one opportunity, you bitch. By the time I'm done with you, your current self wouldn't even be able to identify you.'




The next morning at around four, Kushina and her team started their journey back towards Konoha. They planned to reach Konoha by sunset with no civilians to hinder their movements.


Meanwhile, in Konoha, a presence could be seen tinkering at seals of the Uzumaki compound "He He He, This is a golden opportunity to test out my new methods and skills...."






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