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To Be Hokage - Chapter 11: Going with the flow


"Ah ah oh Kami-Sama," a woman moaned as a man pounded her.

"Yeah, say who knows his way around?" The man gloated as he pushed her

"You ah, ah You are, You are the ah ah beast," The woman moaned out.

"Say it, say My name," the man asked as he pushed once again inside her while slapping her ass with one hand.

"You Jiraiyaah-Samah, you are the best ah  I had," The Woman moaned out

Jiraiya let out a bark of laughter. "Says a woman who a few hours back wasn't even ready to give a few seconds of her time to me" He spoke as he pounded again, this time grabbing her breasts. He smirked as he heard the woman moan out loud.


Jiraiya was currently out of Konoha. After a week of unsuccessful attempts at tempering seals on Uzumaki House, he decided to take a break. Maybe he would try his hands on seals with Kushina, not in the village. He had to control his urges to go to the Uzumaki compound at night, but he didn't as he was now wary of the live chakra sensor in the house. Karin, that eight-year-old brat, was a pretty powerful sensor, in his opinion, even better than anyone in the village. He had tested her sensing abilities during his games with naruto. Right now, the girl could sense anyone from small animals to humans within five hundred metres of her. And He was impressed by her despite being frustrated and unable to find a loop around her sensing skills. 

He had lowered his chakra level as low as possible, but she had still detected him. He had tried his cloaking technique with chakra suppression, but the girl had detected him. Prudent, he hadn't tried his other hiding techniques. Still, as far as he knew, the girl was skilled and knew his chakra signature, so he had decided it wasn't worth the risk to again peep on Kushina and besides, it seemed she had just started to trust him a little by allowing him access to the compound if not the house. So he had decided to retreat. He would try again if he could make any way forward.


Focusing his attention on the lady beneath her, he imagined her as the redhead that took up most of his perverted thought these days. He turned her on her stomach, and he pounded harder. Thinking about how he would fuck Kushina, he pulled up the lady's hair and leaned fully on her ignoring her moans. "Yeah, Just like that."

He had decided to drink after meeting with one of his informants here when he had caught sight of this lady. He had approached, but she had rejected him initially, but No one could blame Jiraiya. He was a try-hard man. He was thick-skinned both physically and metaphorically. So after some more tries, he had wooed her for some drinks, and the rest was history as now he had this lady under him.

"Ooh ah ah," She moaned as Jiraiya cum inside of her, her eyes rolled up in pleasure. Jiraiya sighed, despite being standoffish at the start, it seemed like every civilian woman was so easy to handle. As he lay beside her, his hand still playing with one of her breasts, he wondered how much Kushina would last and how it would feel to be inside her. Jiraiya had his quiet share of kunoichis, but none ever managed to outlast him.


He laid and sighed, remembering his teens when he used to do target Hotsprings to know more about the opposite sex, especially their bodies. So despite being beaten up by ladies several times and one time to his near-death by Tsunade, he had never given up on his research for the good of men all over the world.

So as he had grown, he had devised new ways to enhance his perversion and, ultimately, his research. From Developing new spy techniques that were originally aimed to hide him while he trespassed onsens. And given his targets were mostly kunoichis, his techniques became more sophisticated as the days passed.

It was a plus that the very same techniques helped him in his job as the spymaster.

He still remembered how he developed the Toad Flatness — Shadow Manipulation Technique. He had been fascinated by the Nara clan's mastery of over shadows and their perverted use, so he had developed his own version. Its original purpose was to hide in a woman's shadow as they went inside the onsen, and after some failure and beatings, his technique had been successful. It was worth hiding in a woman's shadow as they went inside the onsen, totally worth it when he saw them undressing in the changing room and sometimes accompanied by other ladies. It was a pervert's dream technique, and the jutsu couldn't be detected by your normal shinobis.

He had upgraded that technique so much that it was one of his primary arsenals when he went to unfriendly territories for spying.


Apart from developing spying techniques, he had developed several female-centric techniques, which he had evolved and mastered by trying on ladies from red-light districts across the elemental nations.

As he lay down, still somewhat unsatisfied, his thoughts wandered to the different kunoichis he had successfully banged. He had slept with quite kunoichis from different nations either willfully or in their lame seduction attempts to get secrets out of him. He still laughed at those naive ones. Foreign Kunoichis thought of his perverseness as weakness and decided to use themselves as the bait to catch him, poor ladies falling for his trap. Who thought being a perverted skilled ninja could pay so much.

 His thoughts rested on Tsunade being the hottest he had managed to get to sleep with him. He still remembered her being a bit drunk but didn't mind fulfilling one of his lifetime goals.

But now, the images of Kushina and her friends came to his mind. He smirked as the image of an almost nude Kushina came into his mind from his voyeur. He imagined himself as he touched her and her moans bringing joy to him. A little bit of guilt developed in his thoughts.

On the one hand, if Minato was like a son he never had, then that made Kushina, his daughter-in-law. He, by far, was not a moral man, but he still felt guilty for perving on her. But on the other side, his inner pervert asked him to focus on Kushina, relationship or morality be damned. It argued he couldn't leave her unexplored for the sake of 'Man-Kind .'Moreover, if Minato was like a son he never had, then working on Kushina made it even more kinkier for his inner perverted self. As the losing battle of morality continued, he let himself be claimed by sleep as he hugged the naked body of the woman beside him.






Meanwhile, in Konoha, Kushina was getting ready for the day. She looked at herself in the mirror as she tied her long hair into a bun. She was dressed in the new white pencil skirt and matching peplum top that Mikoto had made her buy during her last visit to the shopping spree. The peplum had red flowery origami, and the skirt had the same small origami flowers along the seams. This skirt felt incredibly tight, well tighter than her usual skirt and was about half an inch shorter than usual, not that she noticed.   Doing a quick turn around, she looked at herself and then winked at her image. "Let's go."

She turned and walked to her bedroom door when her eyes fell on the book she had seized from the old man. The Orange book lay inconspicuously on the nightstand beside her bed where she had placed it the previous night.

For a moment, she had thought about reading the book last night, but her inner voice had stopped her. She was curious about what was written in the book that made Tsunade-nee be lost in pleasure like that. And seeing the god-forsaken book in the hands of old-man, Kakashi only made her curious. 

She quickly shakes her head from lecherous thoughts and closes the door behind her. Coming downstairs, she moved to the main doors where Naruto and Karin were waiting for her. Smiling at them, she spoke, "Now listen here, Naru-chan, Be on your best behaviour today in the academy, okay?"

"I'm always on my best behaviour Kaa-chan" Naruto replied while looking at her pointedly. While Karin giggled from the side, Naruto turned and gave her the stink eye.

As they marched towards the academy, Kushina spoke, "You never know Naru-chan who's watching you, so be on your best behaviour today, okay?"

“Hai Kaa-chan,” Naruto said .






After dropping the kids to the academy, Kushina joined Hiruzen in the office. Today was a pretty busy schedule for them. 

Hiruzen had decided to introduce Kushina to Madam Shijimi, The wife of Land of Fire's Daimyo. Incidentally, Madam Shijimi spent a week in Konoha each month. After meeting with Madam Shijimi, they would meet the Ambassador of Fire court in Konoha. Usually, Ambassador would come to Hokage's office, but since this was Kushina's first introduction to him and more so ever, his office was located near Madam Shijimi's Home.

They had to go to the academy for the orientation class in the afternoon. Normally Kushina would have skipped but today was special as she would be visiting her Sochi's class. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he saw her.

Looking at Sandaime, he seemed to be dressed in his usual Red Hokage Robes. She then looked at herself again. She had discarded her blazer today as summer had started in Konoha. Feeling a bit tentative, she opened her mouth. "Um, Old-man, I'm dressed, okay? right ?" Kushina asked tentatively to Hiruzen.


As soon as Kushina had entered the office, Hiruzen's attention was immediately focused cent percent on the redhead. He noticed the change in attire immediately. It seemed she had discarded the blazer today, and the blouse had changed to a more stylish peplum top. Looking at the frills and designs, His attention was drawn in by how slim fit this attire seemed to be. The top didn't show much skin, but it did leave much to the imagination showing her curvaceous body. He could clearly see hints of a white bra underneath. As she breathed, The movement seemed to draw all of his attention. Moving down, he noticed she was wearing a matching white body-hugging skirt. He immediately noticed a slight change in length. It was not maybe an inch or less, but he noticed that he could clearly see previously covered areas around the knees. Moving his gaze down her smooth calves, he finally noticed she was wearing new white heeled boots as well. They were probably a bit higher than her usual ones as it not only made her look a bit taller but also highlighted her shapely butt more.

The skirt seemed a bit tight to fit the bootylicious bottom as he noticed the material riding a bit up when she walked in. But what drew his attention most was soft panty lines forming on the skirt. They may be light-colored, but he could clearly see their shape. It seems Kushina was a fan of regular briefs. He smiled, looking at her face as she looked around the office, turning and giving him a full three-sixty view of her new dress. He almost moved forward and grabbed those shapely glutes. This skirt really seemed to highlight her ass.

So busy in his gawking and thoughts, he almost missed her question.

For a moment, he thought he had misheard her. 'Is she really asking me to check her out ?' He thought his inner mind was speaking random commands inside his head. He controlled his expressions which seemed to form a full-on smirk. Trying not to be too much interested in her, he gave her a brief look over, not lasting more than ten seconds. He noted she had joined her hands in front of her. It seemed she really was tentative. His lecherous mind asked him to say, 'Yes, you look perfect bombshell but would be better out of it,' but the sense prevailed, "You look good, Kushina. It seems as if This poor old man has no fashion sense."

She smiled at him. "Thanks, Old-man, you don't need to dress. You have Hokage robes, and soon, those will be mine."

Well, it seemed his acceptance had erased all tentativeness, and she was back to herself. Looking at the clock, he picked up his Kage hat, put it on his head, and spoke, "Come on, Kushina, let's go, Madam Shijimi likes to talk a lot, and if we go late, then we will only get delayed more."

Kushina was surprised. "But I have just arrived here. Our appointment with her isn't until an hour later."

Hiruzen chuckled as he made his way towards the doors. "Haha, You don't know Madam Shijimi then. It doesn't matter what time we go, and she will make our stay there for at least two hours. That lady truly is the Gossip queen."

"Two hours? What will we do there that long? I have some tasks at the Archives," Kushina spoke, raising both of her arms in the air as she followed him.

"Well, you will have to cancel all your appointments and tasks today? didn't I tell you that ?" Hiruzen spoke, looking at her as they reached the reception desk.

Kushina barely controlled her voice levels looking at various chunins bowing to her and Old-man. "No, you didn't" If they were inside the office, she would have given him a full taste of her fury.

Hiruzen looked at her face and then laughed out loud, "Ha Ha ah, My bad, it seems this old man forgot to mention that"

Kushina seethed and quickly followed behind him, barely paying attention to the surroundings and seething at the old-man.

As the old Hokage and the beautiful Deputy walked out the main building towards the gate, various shinobis openly gawked at the redhead from behind. This skirt made her walk more sensual.

Among these were the trio of Haihuen, Shinsuke and Baicho. It was Shinsuke that had caught sight of her first when she had walked into the office compound. He had told his teammate about it, and they were planning eagerly to wait for her in the archives department.

They were out for some smoking time when they saw the Hokage and 'their' redhead marching out the office compound gates. 

"Damn, What an ass," Baicho spoke while whistling mildly.

The other two looked around in panic and took a respite breath as there was no one to hear them nearby.

"Yeah, I really love this new outfit. Is this her first time wearing it? It is, isn't it ?. Wonder how she would look without it," Shinsuke spoke.

Baicho laughed," yes, I can imagine it as I know that ass better than you."

At this, Haiuhuen interjected, "Stop daydreaming. Where are they going? If she's going with Hokage, it means they are going for some meeting and would unlikely be back till lunch. Which means she will not come to the archives today" He was the most logical one out of the three.

"No, don't say that. You don't know that. Our plan to watch her 'closely' in that dress will be ruined then, " Shinsuke almost whined out.

"Hehe," Baicho started to laugh out loud. His teammates looked at him weirdly as he started to laugh more hysterically with a lecherous grin on his face. "Ha Ha  Ha Ha"

"Have you finally lost it, Baicho ?" Shinsuke asked, raising his arms out.

Baicho stopped laughing and then looked at his teammates. "Are they really going for a 'meeting'? I'm sure old Hokage had enough of her prancing in the skirt in the office and has finally decided to take her on for a ride." he spoke with a lascivious voice and wiggling his eyes. Seeing his teammates make a face at him, he continued, "See how hard it is for us to control despite seeing her for mere minutes." as his teammates looked at him, he added, "Imagine being forced to work with that hot piece of ass working around you daily for hours."

Haihuem pondered for a bit "you seem to be onto something. But will Kushina-sama do that, and will Hokage-sama do that ?"

Baicho smirks. "Of course, Hokage-sama is tapping that ass. It's common in the upper echelons of shinobi to take services from Kunoichis. No matter how powerful Kushina-sama is in the end, she is kunoichi meant to serve us shinobis."

Shinsuke shook his head. "These are just your thoughts, we don't even have any proof if kunoichis actually do that."

Baicho shook his head. "Isn't it obvious, I mean, why would she change her outfit from shinobi clothes to a fucking skirt, and lately she has discarded that woeful pantyhose. She was trying to seduce Hokage-sama and finally succeeded. That skirt is really for easy access and serves no other purpose" He then closed his eyes as if playing the scene.

"As much as I would like to discuss this with you, I know I can't change much of your thought process. If she comes to the archives today, it's well and good; otherwise, it's our loss," Haihuen pointed out.

With that, the trio made their way towards the archives building, with Shinsuke looking towards the main gates with a wistful expression.






Outside the gates, Kushina followed Hiruzen towards the west of the Village. This area consisted of mainly high-class civilians and generally non-clan Shinobis from higher ranks. The homes were better than that available to the general populace, and it seemed fitting Madam Shijimi was allocated a place here. The area was near Hokage mountain and surrounded by shinobi houses, so it seemed one of the safest areas in the Village.

In the end, around a kilometre from Hokage's office stood a triple-story luxurious Mansion.

A couple of chunins were standing at the gates. As soon as they noticed them, they bowed to them.

A maid noticed them as she quickly went inside. The old Hokage and Kushina moved towards the main entrance while Kushina looked at well-maintained lawns and flowers. 

Entering the home as the doors were opened by a couple of maids dressed in elegant Kimonos. 

After removing their footwear, The duo was quickly guided to a large drawing room that showcased all the luxury of belonging to high-class nobles. From a full-on elegant painting on the wall and roof to various artefacts decorating the furniture. High-quality Tatami mat floor and two built-in fusuma with Ranma's.A couple of maids were standing at the corners.

They arrived at the seating place in front of the alcove(tokonoma). A low table surrounded by cushions was placed for seating. And there stood Madam Shijimi. She was a plump brown-haired woman bearing a huge smile dressed in what seemed a really expensive Kimono. Wearing 

pink lipstick, pink nail polish, and purple eyeshadow. In her hands was a brown cat who seemed not very happy and wanted anywhere but here. She had seen that cat a few times in past months as genins were assigned to catch it.


"Sandaime-dono, You finally arrived here. "The lady bellowed with a massive grin as she did a small courtesy to Sandaime.

Hiruzen then laughed out, "Haha, you know How busy the leader's job can be, Madam Shijimi."

Kushina wasn't sure how to speak to the merchant woman as she looked towards her. Fortunately for her, the woman spoke, "And you must be famous Uzumaki Kushina, the red death and the future leader of this beautiful village."


Kushina smiled and bowed to the lady. "It's nice to meet you, Madam Shijimi."


The lady bellowed a bit, "No need for such formalities with me. You can call me by my name. I'm sure we will meet regularly given our positions. and We are, after all, basically the same age."


Kushina sucked a breath at the implication the lady was vain, she was at least a decade older, if not more, but she just smiled and answered, "hai Shijimi-san."

Shigemi nodded to her and then looked towards Hiruzen, "come, let's take the seat" they quickly seated down with Kushina sitting in a seiza position. 


"So Sandaime-done, Now you are here, you will stay for lunch, right ?" She asked in a sweet yet firm voice that accepted no answer other than yes

Sandaime nodded. "I would, Shijimi-san, but we have a meeting scheduled with Motono-san later," he answered calmly.


Motono Hiroshi Kushina noted was the name of the ambassador of fire Daimyo in Konoha as she looked at Shijimi-san for her reply.


"Really? Oh, don't be such a spoilsport," she smiled, placing hands in front of her lips. "I'm sure Hiro-Nii will come here for lunch. I will invite him, and you can meet him here" at Kushina's pointed look, she answered, "You see, Motono Hiroshi, as Sandaime-dono already knows, is my cousin from the maternal side. He is also one of the esteemed members of my husband's court. Seeing a post requirement for ambassador in Konoha, he was selected for the position." she finished proudly as if selection involved pure abilities.


She then started to talk about various family members and how all of them were at high positions across the fire country and some even across the borders of the fire country. 


While Kushina was listening to Daimyo's wife or looking as if she was paying attention, Hiruzen's eyes lowered and fell on Kushina's lower body. The tight skirt seems to have ridden a bit more than usual as she was sitting in a seiza position. And as her attention was so focused on the talk, she seemed to have forgotten to adjust it properly. He could easily see her mid-thighs where there was a skirt's slit. He almost wanted to jump and touch her smooth skin. He looked back up reluctantly as the lady continued her rapping.


"So, where was I? Yes, you should have lunch here, I insist. I will send someone to get Hiro-nii. You can talk with him here," She ended.


Meanwhile, Kushina had a minor headache. This lady really could talk. And she had lots to talk about small things. Her attention focussed on the cat in her lap as it seemed to be irritated by its owner.


"Sure, if Motono-san comes here, we can be here," Sandaime answered.


"Perfect," Shijimi beamed, she then clapped, and the maids from the corner came forward. She asked one of them to prepare the tea and asked another to send a message to the ambassador's office.


Looking at Kushina, she smiled and spoke, "So, I'm told you used to belong to Uzushiogakure and came to Konoha when you were young. Is that true? I'm told Uzushio was a wonderful place to be."


Kushina nodded and smiled, remembering her birthplace. "Hai, Shijimi-san, it was a beautiful place. We had whirlpools surrounding the islands. It was really a mesmerising sight I still remember-"






After Two Hours 


Kushina couldn't believe they were still here at Shijimi-san's house for more than two hours. Of course, they had some tea and snacks and were given a short tour of the compound after that. Whatever image she had for lady Shizimi before the meeting had evaporated. The lady couldn't stop running her mouth, telling vain stories about her hometown. She even had the gall to ask her to come to her for any tips, especially for the make-up of all things. She even commented on her current outfit being too vain. At least the cat, Tora, had managed to escape from her bosom though few maids were sent to bring it back. The old man had ditched the tour and sent her alone with the lady. He was smoking his pipe somewhere on the balcony.


They were currently in gardens with Shijimi telling her the prices of various plants and where they were imported from. As they were walking, a maid came and called for Shijimi.

“Shijimi-sama , Hiroshi-sama has arrived”

Nodding at the maid, she dismisses her and looks at Kushina. "Well, it seems we have to go." With that, she turned back towards the mansion.


Kushina sighed for well-timed relief as she didn't know how much more she could listen to her. Following Shijimi back to the house, she led her to the dining hall, and as with the previous room, this room too spoke of nothing but luxury. In the middle of the room, she noticed old-man talking with a middle-aged, round, portly Mongoloid man. He was about the same height as her, with a slightly balding head with a mix of silver and brown hairs. 


Upon noticing the ladies, both men stopped talking and looked toward them. Kushina noticed the Ambassador had immediately looked in her direction. He had grey eyes, and they almost gleamed; she felt something off but ignored it. Approaching them, Hiruzen introduced Kushina. " Motono-san, this is Uzumaki Kushina, my Deputy and Konoha's Future Hokage," turning to Kushina. He pointed at the Ambassador, "Kushina, this is Motono Hiroshi-san, he's Ambassador from Fire daimyo's court in Konoha. He facilitates all our requests to daimyo-dono and his court on fastrack".


Kushina bowed a bit and smiled at him as the Ambassador smiled at her. "It's nice to meet you, Motono-san."  

The Ambassador also smiled and nodded at her. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Uzumaki-san. You are looking very beautiful and gorgeous ."

Kushina didn't know what to say, she controlled her blush and spoke, "Thank you, Motono-san."

Before the Ambassador could speak more, Madam Shijimi interrupted, "Hiro-nii, how are you? How come you don't visit me these days, and where is Akashi-Kun?"

The Ambassador seems to grimace a bit upon hearing this Akashi's name. "You know how busy my work is, and I did visit you last week. And about Akashi, you know how he is. He is out hunting today with some locals." 

Seeing a questioning look on Kushina's face, Shijimi spoke. "Akashi is mine and Hiro-Nii's nephew. He has taken upon Hiro-nii as his master, learning politics and diplomacy from him. After all, he will work in fire court one day," she spoke with a pride-filled in her voice.


With that, talks got thrown to general topics, and Hiruzen asked for ambassador updates from the fire daimyo's court.

Soon the food was arranged on the low diner table as they took seats, and the Ambassador took a seat on Kushina's side. 

"So Kushina-san,  I can call you that, right" he got her attention, and she nodded despite not being comfortable with him using her first name. "You were a housewife until sometime back. How are you dealing with the new responsibilities?"

Kushina controlled herself from giving a quirky reply, "It is great, to be honest. I like the challenges this new position is offering me."

He smiled at her and replied, "I hope so because Fire country and Konoha walk hand in hand, and as long as I am here in Konoha, we will definitely have 'challenges' cut out for us" he ended by focusing on word challenges which Kushina paid no mind.

He tried to talk with her in small talk but wasn't very successful in engaging her. 'Haughty bitch ’ he spoke in his mind and then sneakingly looked over her body once more,  especially her thighs and hips whose shape he could clearly see through the tight white skirt 'Hot Haughty Bitch’ He corrected.

By the time they were done with lunch and some after 'discussions,' it was already about the time for Kushina and Hiruzen to show up at the academy.

"Thanks for lunch, Shijimi-san," Hiruzen spoke.

"It was my pleasure to have you. Honestly, you should come here often." Then, looking at Kushina, she continued, "Now that you know me, you are also welcome here any time."

"Thank you for lunch, Shijimi-san. Yeah, I will take up your generous offer," Kushina spoke while bowing slightly. She was about to speak to the Ambassador, but he spoke first, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Kushina-san. If you need my services, my office is open for you."

"Thank you, Motono-san" with that, Hiruzen also bid goodbye, and they both marched out of the compound gates nodding at the shinobi guards.

As they left, Shijimi and the Ambassador stood on the balcony seeing their retreat with Hiroshi's sole focus on Kushina. 

Shijimi coughed to get his attention, "Don't tell me you too are attracted to that red headed bimbo, Hiro-nii."

Hiroshi sputtered for a bit. "No, not at all. What gave you the idea ?"

"Don't think as if I didn't notice how you were eying her the whole time. I saw it, and don't you dare deny it. I don't know what's so special about her? It's her clothes, right ?" As Hiroshi remained silent, she continued, "Yes, it's definitely clothes, prancing in those tight clothes that they call fashion these days, but in reality, she's nothing but slut. A real high-class lady wouldn't be caught wearing those even in sleep. I'm sure she hides her ugly face and body behind some shinobi technique. There's no way that's all real," she harrumphed at the end.

"You are getting the wrong idea, Shiji-chan" Hiroshi raised both arms as if in surrender.

"Well, I hope you are telling the truth, Don't forget you have family back in our hometown. And you are here as an ambassador. I know kunoichis, and I'm hundred percent sure Hiruzen has installed her to get Konoha upper hand in deals and agreements."


"I'm not a novice, Shiji-chan. I know my job. You don't have to worry about that," Hiroshi cleared to his cousin and wife of the Fire lord. Though the reality was just the opposite, He had heard and seen pictures of Kushina when she picked up the deputy Hokage and seen in the office once when he was meeting with Sandaime. But seeing her up close was really different. 


"Well, I hope you are telling the truth. I have seen kunoichis causing men to fall and then destroy everything from position, reputation, wealth to the family."






Kushina and Hiruzen reached the academy just in time for their scheduled orientation class. A huge smile had blossomed on Kushina’s face at the thought of surprising her son.

Entering the academy, they were greeted by a couple of chunins Named Iruka Umino and Mizuki. They were responsible for this year's young batch.

Both shinobis immediately bowed, greeted them, and led them to the orientation room. Like last time, children were sitting there. There was a crackle of voices as they neared the room. Kushina could clearly make out the loud voice of Naruto in the group of the voices. 

As they entered, the class quieted, and all the children stood up, greeting them. Kushina noticed some older students at the back. They were probably final-year students. Before she could ponder more on that, a familiar loud voice called her in surprise, "Kaa-chan! "


She almost wanted to burst out laughing at the look on his face. With eyes wide open, jaws almost dropping, and students looking at him. With Sasuke-Kun on his left and Karin-chan on his right, they looked surprised equally. As the class started to chatter again, some laughed at Naruto's outburst.

She smiled and nodded at Naruto, almost wanting to tease him, but she didn't do it in front of the whole class.

Iruka, the brown-haired one with a scar across his nose, coughed. "Students, silence! It's our pleasure to have Sandaime-sama and Kushina-sama here. Now I hope you listen carefully to what they say, okay ? " the students vigorously nodded. He continued, " To seniors " He looked at students at the back, "I'm happy you have shown interest in this orientation again despite having a free period."

With that, he vacated the podium for Sandaime. Like last time old-man talked about being a shinobi and the will of fire, albeit telling it via a different story. She watched the class as some of the students were raptly listening to the old man. Like one pinky, some were rather bored as she looked at the faces of Sasuke and some children from clan heads. Oh, one was sleeping, that was definitely a Nara. Looking at Naruto, who was also looking in her direction, it seemed he, too, was both bored by speech and equally restless. She smiled at him and pointed at Sandaime to listen. He pouted and looked away.

Like last time she saw students, especially females, looking at her with star-struck expressions. One of those she noticed was Hitomi’s daughter Hinata. Her eyes turned to the back row of seniors who were listening and bit murmuring angst themselves while some of them too were looking in her direction, she smiled at them, causing some of them to look away. After not long, Sandaime called her name for speech, and there was clapping as she approached, and he stepped back. She marched towards the podium with more grace and confidence than last time and started her speech, “Hello lovely young shinobis and kunoichis -”

Meanwhile, at the back of the class, a young Kiba Inuzuka sat. He was late to enter the room as he had gone to the toilet. As a result, all his friends were somewhere in front while he was stuck in the back rows. He was just a row ahead of some senior boys. Well, it was good in his opinion, as the speech by Hokage seemed dull. He had thought he would showcase some cool jutsus. He was surprised to see Naruto’s mom coming with Hokage and laughed out loud when he heard Naruto call to her. As Naruto’s mom came to the podium, there was huge applause, and he clapped too.  

As she started her speech, he heard a murmur and whisperings from behind, and He focussed his attention on that.

“See, I told you it was totally worth it. She looks even hotter than when she first came for orientation last month. ” a boy whispered. 

“You said the same in past weeks too, but she didn’t come to those orientations.” a snarky voice whispered. After being quiet for a moment, it added, “but yeah, regardless, it’s worth it. She is totally a MILF.”

“Not a MILF but The MILF. She’s MILF of MILFs” a third voice whispered.

“Shh, keep your voice down. She has a son here,” The first voice whispered back.

“That's so hot, Though I bet he doesn’t even know what a MILF she is ?”  a fourth voice added.

“Keep your voice down. If anyone hears us, we will be doomed. ” the first voice replied.


Kiba was perplexed at their discussion and looked at Naruto’s mom. She wasn’t burning or on fire, so she couldn’t be hot. And what was this MILF thing? His attention went back to Naruto’s mom, who was still speaking about her academy days or something. He kept wondering what his seniors were talking about. As Kushina’s speech ended, there was huge applause, and she turned back to her place besides Hokage-sama.

Then Iruka sensei came and dismissed class, so he turned back towards the seniors, but they were all out of class, and he heard his name being called. Turning around, he saw Choji and Shikamaru waving at him,  Keeping MILF thing back on his mind. Maybe he could ask those seniors later as he walked toward his friends.


As Kushina’s speech ended and the chunin, Iruka, dismissed the students, Naruto immediately ran towards her with Karin not behind and Sasuke choosing to stay back. Sandaime talked to the Chunins with the rest of the students forming small groups, and Most of the Senior years left the classroom. However, she saw some little kunoichis looking at her with a forlorn expression.

“Kaa-chan, why didn’t you tell me ?” Naruto asks with a cute irritated pout

“I told you to be on your best behaviour, Naru-chan,” Kushina replied in a teasing tone to which Karin standing besides Naruto giggled.

“Not here, Kaa-chan, and you never told me you were coming. Otherwise, I would have taken a seat on the front row,” Naruto spoke as Kushina giggled more.

“Come on, introduce me to your classmates, they are looking to meet with me,”  Kushina spoke while pointing to a bunch of girls and a few boys looking in their direction.

Naruto turned and saw the girls and turned back to her, frowning a bit. “They are nobodies, and they are in Hinata witch’s gang, so don’t meet them. I will introduce to you my friends,” he spoke while pulling on her arms.

“I’m a future leader of this Village, Naruto, and they are your classmates.” She pulled his arms and started towards the girls' group. “Now come on, introduce me to everyone. Maybe one of them is my future daughter-in-law.” she teased at the end.

“Kaa-chan! ” Naruto sputtered a bit red as now both Karin and Kushina giggled. 


With that, Naruto started to introduce girls to Kushina. She already knew the ones from clans, like Hinata being the daughter of Hitomi and Ino being the daughter of Inochi. But she especially enjoyed it when she saw him grudgingly introduce Hinata. After introductions, she gives girls tips on becoming good kunoichis.


After meeting the girls, she met with Naruto's friends. She had already seen most of them, but Naruto also introduced her to a few non-clan children. 

As she saw Sandaime moving out, She bid them goodbye, not noticing a questioning look on Kiba’s face as he looked at her.






After the session at the academy, Kushina and Sandaime walked back to the office.

"So it was a fun day, wasn't it, Kushina-chan?" Sandaime asks with a hint of teasing in his voice

She glared at him "you knew, It would be like this, wouldn't you ?" Hiruzen just laughs at her exclamation.

"That lady, Madam Shijimi, didn't seem to trust me and looked down on me. She can be so self-centered," Kushina complained.


"Haha Yeah, That's the word I would use, but you will find most of the civilian noblewomen like her, and Madam Shijimi is the vainest among them," Hiruzen bellowed out.

"Well, Next time, I'm only meeting her if it's almost necessary," Kushina pointed out with a pout.

"Ha Ha, don't be too harsh on her. She means well, just not the way we can understand. Besides, you will be the leader here in Konoha, and you would have to meet her as long as daimyo is on his seat." Hiruzen pointed out

"I guess, But I'm avoiding her as much as I can," she said, and Hiruzen laughed.

She then sighed. "I couldn't do a single thing today, and I still have the minor headache from the meeting ."

"Well, today's lesson as a leader is 'Be prepared for the unexpected '." as she nods, he adds, "Also, I should tell you that I received a note from Minato today. He should be back in the next three-four days."

A huge smile blossomed on her face. "Really, That's the best news of the day."


A pang of jealousy rose in his chest at her reaction to hearing Minato's name. He quickly quashed those feelings and started to work on the pile of documents before him while Kushina looked at the time and sighed as it was too late to visit the archives department now.

So she opens a few documents pertaining to recent clan affairs between Inuzukas and Naras.





After the dinner with the kids and putting them to sleep, Kushina was in her room lying on her bed as she replayed the day's events. She thought of words and 'advice' told by Madam Shijimi. She laughed at her suggestion to come to her for makeup tips. Then she thought of the Ambassador. He seemed okay, even if trying to be too friendly with her.

She smiled at the news of Minato coming back home. She hoped that he would just flash into the bedroom and take her here and now. As she turned on a bit, her eyes fell on the seized oranged book. Her hand unconsciously went for the book, but she stopped.

'No, Kushina, don't pick it up,' A voice said in her head.

'I'm just curious, and It's just a book,' another voice said.

'You know what it is. No need to dirty your hands with that thing,' The first voice replied

'Don't be ridiculous, and it's just a book,' the second voice added.


Kushina turned back from the book, quashing the inner voices. 'I really wonder why people read it, though?'


With that, she slept in, entering the realm of Morpheus and meeting her beloved husband in dreamland.







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